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Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Raw Fury located at Karlbergsvagen 26a 11327 Stockholm Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The first error: not reloading what I play offline and online, thinking that when I play offline everything is saved. When I re-enter online, it did not save. The second error: crashes when entering the game, unable to press play. Advise everyone to read reviews and should not spend money to buy junk games like this.
I really enjoyed playing the game. I wanted to get the app when it was first available. The game play is straightforward, easy learning curve.
Simple and straightforward strategy game at its best. No p2w or base building energy timers. One of my favorites ❤
This game shows how you don't need flashy gameplay, complicated mechanics, or high-end graphics to make a fun and entertaining games. I recommend you get it. The five dollars are worth it. Just warning you all though. This game tends to slow down by the end of the game and this is only made worse if you have multiple save files(in my case I only had two). If you delete most of your save files and keep one, your game will speed up significantly.
The game took me about 5 hours to finish, which felt about right for this game. The game makes you think and be tactical to make your troops effective and keep them safe. There are multiple difficulty options so it should be too easy/hard for most people. My only suggestion to the devs would be to perhaps have the availability to play through the game again with your upgraded troops at a harder difficulty. Overall I really enjoyed it, and it was the best mobile game I've played in about a year.
I love this game! It is amazing. There are some lag spikes and such but it's a mobile game. The only thing in my opinion would be cross platform multiplayer. Say... Each player gets 2 commanders?
Nice attempt at what could be a fun game, but it just CANNOT save your games correctly. I've yet to get very far at all because of bugs and glitches with my games. Once it loaded me at the correct place, but it took all my upgrades away, so I was dead in the water. Other times it just crashed my file and deleted it. Another I reached a check point, died, attempted to reload at the check point I reached, but it took me back to the previous point so I lost all of my progress. Terrible.
This game is so fun and even though the graphics are super simplistic, they look amazing. The minimalistic soundscape is great too. Runs like a dream even on my crappy phone. I highly recommend this game
Awesome but not enough. I would be willing to pay for another campaign, or something. I played through the. Campaign twice and want more. Amazing game. Maybe a survival mode... Or a mode that allows more than 4 units. Just an incredible game. I'm excited to. See more.
Great strategy game, lots of stuff to unlock. It will keep you busy for a long time and it can be quite hard for challenging seeking players.
I love the game i lobe the grafics style i love the fighting i love the upgrades but thr should make it to where you can change some ones role but its ok if you dont cuz i can livr with out its a you can press start its just that you have to wait a little bit the screen will get a little brighter when you can press start but only problem is it takr long to load.
This is a really good RTS if you are more into puzzles than stressful RTS. There are some roguelike elements as well, but you can turn them off if you like. But the game itself is really good, the way you need to match troops against certain foes, and also positioning them correctly. And as you progress in the game, that becomes more and more important and more difficult to pull off.
This is an actual good game. It is a good strategy game that is a lot of fun. My only wish is that they add more to it. Maybe even let the player be the raiders in a different mode. It's still a lot of fun. I mainly enjoyed it cause i don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on it to win and no ads. If you hate this game than your bad at adjusting to different foes. I really like the late game when it gets more challenging. And again if any creators see this. Please add more. It ended so fast.
More charcter types pls maby a catapult that can shoot boats down as they come in but moves and reloads slow and is bad at hand to hand combat. It needs at least something new if a game isnt updated it simply becomes boring.
One of the most fun games I have played in a long time. I am very picky with what I download, and even more picky with what I will pay for. This is worth every penny and just great all around. Love the gameplay, the art, the strategy. Such a good game!
Great game until it doesn't allow you to play it. As others have stated, there's a bug where you get stuck at the load screen and you're not allowed to continue your saved game. Of course this issue doesn't stop the devs from charging you $5 for the privilege of downloading the app. Would be nice to get some premium bug fixes for the premium price. Edit: after a quick Google search, it appears this issue isn't exclusive to mobile. It's happening on PC and Switch platforms also. Yikes.
I absolutely loved this game. It's an adorable and fairly challenging micro-RTS game that's well worth your money. Tons of customization and nuances. It works so well on my Galaxy Note 10 with the stylus. My only issue is that my 8bitdo n30 pro 2 controller does not work for this game at all even if controller support is available. I won't knock points off it just because it's a very fun game. Please fix the controller issue 😁
Doesn't save progress, played for around 3 hours, got various achievements on Google play, returned a couple days later to find all on game progress was gone, nothing in codex, no save slots, happens every single time. Waste of time until that's fixed.
Its really simple and good but the only downside is that it takes sooooooooooooooooo long to load. Please fix this. I literally had to wait 40 minutes for it to load up into my campaign. I really love the commander part of the game.The grunts they make when you press them. The upgrades feel satisfying. Its very well made. Just do fix the loading problem.
Been watching the Last Kingdom on Netflix and became Addicted to medieval warfare. This game is perfect for Vikings and Knights matches and very addictive and yet not too complex. Perfect find!
It's alot of fun, pretty much a tower defense but with more strategy. I see people are having save issues where their save files aren't there or the game isn't saving. I'd recommend not hitting the return to menu button, instead, when you're done playing just hit the home button on your phone and close it that way. When you come back to the game your save should be there. If you die or lose you have to start over. My saves are always there and I can always pick up where i left off.
Like many others, this game was awesome for a day until my game got stuck on loading screen forever no matter what i do. Made new game, after a time the same problem happend. Reached out to Devs, we will see what they say about it. 1 of 5 until resolved. Game itself is awesome until this happens.
A great game, beautiful graphics and controls. More levels would be great but that's just me wanting more. A great distraction from 2020 🙈
Amazing game! Very easy to pick up. I thought it was simplistic at first but there is a lot of nuance to it. Units utilize a sort of rock/paper/scissors power structure (shields defeat archers, archers defeat swordsmen, pikes defeat shields, etc). There are also cool downs for different units and upgrades to make them stronger. Overall a well constructed fun game with awesome graphics.
Saving progress never worked. Have to restart each time. Going through the beginning levels growing armies becomes tedious. After a few levels, the only challenge is the clunky controls.
Beautiful graphics and elegantly minimal mechanics, but microing your units precisely enough to be effective is frustrating. Overall this game was good but not great value.
Fun game. Decent upgrades, but not very diverse. Not overly difficult for the sake of balance. Several times I switched apps and when I came back to the game it didn't resume from where I left off. Then when I finally made it to a checkpoint and later returned to the game, it keeps failing to load the game.
Really awesome rogue-like + RTS game, but not one you have to love RTS's to get into. Feels and looks really great and the mechanics feel very well thought out. Also a lot of replay value. It's one I find myself leaving for a bit and then coming back to again again. Matches are reasonably short too, so good game for on the go. Personally I think it's one of the best mobile rogue-likes around.
It's a nice game. Doesn't develop so much. Upgrades in the game are pricey and money hard to earn. The game itself is quite challenging. It's ok. A good game.
Fantastic game, but now my 5 star became a 1 because no save games stay on my device. Once I close the game I have to restart a whole new campaign. Will not play the game like this.
Also different enemy masks.Really fun game. A 3d map, like bumpy and a bigger map with several islands, mountains, desserts, forrests, rain sleet hail and snow, Maybe some horse troops.Also knights riding jerraffes, seals, lions, or other animals.
Great at First Starts off amazing, it really is a great game. However once you get deeper in the game the giant archers show up and really ruin the game. Most units have a counter however these units don't making them pretty game breaking. They have ridiculous range, high damage, and knockback. Something that might help is to balance that unit or at least add a feature that allows comat to slow (like it does when a unit is selected)or can be pause so you can see whats going on and how to react
Game is incredible, super fun and brutal. My one little problem is that sometimes I'll get stuck in an infinite loading screen. Besides that, one of the best games you could get on your phone.
Doesn't actually save your game between sessions, so unless you want to play through the whole thing in one sitting, avoid.
02/21 Edit: I wish I could give a lower rating. Emailed contact to report the save game bug, and got no response for several weeks after many follow-ups. Does anyone actually work there? Save files broken. As others have commented, there is a common but that renders your saves and the whole game unplayable. Reconsider paying for this game until a fix is released.
Excellent game that translates to mobile quite well. Very pleased overall. Just wish it ran on my tablet!
You SERIOUSLY need to fix the save issues. I have lost 50% on 2 different files. Might have something to do with starting offline, but that needs fixed. I am 57% in and clouds block my way. I can't get through.
Well, this WAS a 5 star review, but something's messed up. All of my saved games are perpetually stuck on the loading screen. They don't freeze or crash, the just eternally say 'generating islands' and never get any further than that. The gameplay is great, but it's hard to enjoy when you can't ever get to it. Boo. 👎
Tad bit pricy for the repetitive gameplay but it's good and brings back memories of watching it on YouTube.
Have hit an unfortunate bug that effectively renders the game unplayable, which is unfortunate given it is otherwise a very fun game. Gets stuck in an endless loading screen (while the game is "generating islands") for saved games of difficulty "normal" or higher. A quick search reveals this is a very common bug. Will be seeking a refund.
It NEEDS replay value, if I complete the campaign the end should some stacking bonus for the new game. It's hard (but ez). I like the unit animations, to me that react to environmental happenings like real warriors would. The special abilities were meh and hard to execute (in 4 campaigns I'm yet to really nail a plunging attacking). I'd like to see this game with some pay to win purchasables and a REWARD for getting to the end
Oof This Game IS LIT!!! Various types of enemies, Strategizing, Suspenseful And many More!!! Oh my GOD This game is probably the best game ever. . . But The PROBLEM is it loads too long, it takes like 10 to 20 Minutes But thats just me you guys decide if you solve those problems sooooo yeah this is my rating
A really great challenging game. Definitely worth the money. I feel it could use some more variety in abilities and troop type. But that's not an issue and more of a wish on my part.
Great strategy game, you have to change your positions on the spot and make last second decisions or else you lose. It's very cool and the trait system is especially unique.
I regret buying this game. $5 is too much for a game that is so frustrating at times. It has A LOT of potential, great graphics and gameplay, but difficulty scales exponentially. The final map has been impossible to beat in my experience. Codex has no information about how skills, items or traits actually work. There is no info whatsoever about the enemies, the fact that Brutes are so f** powerful, and show up out of nowhere, make it impossible to prepare. Some combo of enemies are just stupid.
A bit pricy for what is a very basic and repetitive game with no real story. Just endlessly expand and defend islands by positioning various units around small maps. Very easy to pick up, very simple mechanics. It's a good game.
My save game appears to have been deleted? I had reached a checkpoint and restarted from it and now my game is gone? Otherwise the game is pretty good. Could use more units for the player to strategically use.
Terrible. Won't load my saved games on day 2. Freezes on loading islands and I have to restart. Waste of $$$ don't buy you have been warned
I have to say that the game look really nice and the game animation is done really well. My gripe comes from the fact that there is no tutorial to show you what to do. I got 2 levels in an realized I didn't know how to progress. If a Tut could be added I think this would improve the game experience.
I don't have time to start the game over every time I play it. I've played it from the beginning so many times now. I can't devote multiple hours straight to progress through any game, especially a game on a mobile device with a battery for power. Why does it even mention that I'm starting a "new game" when I have no other choice?
Great game...when it works. I can usually play once every time I restart my phone. After that, the start button won't work but the exit button will. Fix that and this will be a 5 star.
Definitely not worth $5. Great concept and enjoyable game play (for the most part). Though it gets rather frustrating in later levels that feel more luck based than actual skill based. This is even more apparent when the enemies are all stronger than your mostly maxed troops on top if the enemies getting access to stupidly powerful troop types that you don't get. But if you can get while it's on sale than I'd say get it.
Bad North has no right to be as good as it is. The developers deserve your money, and if you play it, you will know why. The strategy this game has takes a simple rock paper scissors premise of combat to another level, literally! Worth every penny!
NOT WORTH SPENDING MONEY UNTIL BUG IS FIXED. It's a really nice game and addictive but have to start from the beginning every time which makes it very frustrating. Need to fix asap and will happily edit my review at that point
Best game ever. good graphics and I just love those little soldiers . I love the creative way they made the game. a big variety of units only for the bad guys . but very cool islands. but maybe the developer should ad more units for the good guys. over all great game !
An interesting take on unit squad-style RTS games with nice graphics. I think I would enjoy it more on a tablet as it feels a bit tiny on a phone screen.
This game was well made! Supper fun. One of the few mobile games I finished completely. They nailed the mechanics and controls of the game. Also loved the one time purchase.
Initially it seemed quite unbeatable, but give it a chance. It becomes very interesting and enjoyable after you get the hang of it. Beautiful simple game that is well worth the price. Only wish they had a bit more of playable types.
Fun game but as others have said it has a frustrating bug that freezes and won't let you go past start. Even a phone restart won't fix it. Hopefully the developer does something.
Also different enemy masks.Really fun game. Axe warriors. A 3d map, like bumpy and a bigger map with several islands, mountains, desserts, forrests, rain sleet hail and snow, Maybe some horse troops.Also knights riding jerraffes, seals, lions, or other animals.
Awesome game! The simplicity and strategy of playing this game is lots of fun and challenging at times!
This game has so much more potential than what is currently here, yet the devs don't seem to be aware of that. It needs bug fixes and some new content(even paid dlc would be good) because at the moment the best things about Bad North are the atmosphere and soundtrack. This is meant to be a game not a movie so see to it.
I'm really disappointed that this games experience is awsome but it's full of bugs and crashes specially freezes, the game lags even though the phone is capable of running it.. the first phases seems fine but while in progression the game became sluggish or laggy.. it's unplayable.. FIX THIS DEV DONT LET THIS GAME DIE ITS A MASTERPIECE!! Or else.. i will do some drastic measures to refund my money or worst..
Sort of slow, but fun. The first couple of menus may take a while to load...a long while, but once you're in, the game runs fine. If not faster loading times, some sort of indicator would be nice. Please fix Two Crowns...sluggish...really want to play.
I love this game but I'm very frustrated with it at the moment, because all of a sudden I can't log in to the game. I am stuck at the screen that has the title and the start button and it won't allow me to press the start button, or more rather, it doesn't do anything when I push the start button, I will give this five stars whenever I am able to actually log in. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and the whole lot so if it could be fixed, I would be more than happy to give a good review.
Very good until late game, when it becomes extremely frustrating. Partly because it was so good earlier, you expect it to keep being that. But once the big vikings show up, it stops making any sense: your guys just get going about all over the place and you have to react very fast, but it's so easy to select the wrong group. I found many of the late battles almost random - just repeat several times until you get through, without it being exactly clear why. It's a different, frustrating game.
Worth every penny, I do wish there were more character upgrades as it does get repetitive rather quickly with only 3 units. The pikeman doesn't even seem worth using to me at all as the swordsman just has better damage and defense, and although archers are good enough i end up just using swordsman constantly. Not sure what all the technical issues people are complaining about are, as I haven't personally had any problems besides a lack of variety to keep things from getting old. Overall great.
Great game! Would definitely recommend. Genuinely surprised there are still cell phone games worth playing! Best cell game I've played in quite some time.Thanks! As mentioned in another player's review, the only addition I can think of is after game completion having the option to replay from the beginning using your endgame upgraded troops.
One of the finest games I've ever played. Great graphics, nice music, easy controls, and can be easy or difficult depending on what you choose. Worth the couple dollars I spent
Save your money, and play the console version if possible. Lost my save after playing once, and that's enough for me to give a bad review, and hopefully get a refund. Console version= 5 Stars Mobile version= 0 stars
Great game, until it stops loading. I've been going strong, getting the hang of the simple, but nuanced, gameplay. 👍 Until it just keeps spinning when I try to reload my game. I tried clearing the app cache as some others have noted, but to no avail. Major bummer 👎
Lots of fun with nice graphics. The touch controls are perfect and easy to handle. I hope they come up with more levels or a sequel.
This is an addictive game. The graphic is simple, yet attractive. I only complain the campaign system, which can delete our progress after there ia no turn. Seriously, after upgrading the commanders?
Love the game. My one complaint is that while the horde defending is fun there aren't any actual bosses. Not even a viking chieftan. Add bosses for the checkpoint islands and a big final boss for the last stand island and I'll bump my review to 5 stars.
Basically an intriguing game. It's a bit frustrating though having to start from zero if your leaders die. Nobody who is at a certain gameplay level wants to start all over again.
Can you please fix the saving thing? Do i have to play from the start every time I come back? I didn't fail or die .. and I exited using the in-game button .. but why do I still lose my progress?
Potentially a 5 star but the constant save errors are too much to deal with. Sick of re-doing the same levels with no idea when it's going to just crash for no reason. 1 star.
Entertaining but hardly any depth. Very repetitive and interest burns out fast. Definitely not worth more than $2.
Great game but borderline unplayable due to a couple of big bugs, the first being that sometimes the game wont even allow me to press the start button upon loading the game. The second bug being that the game doesnt save my progress properly. 2 stars until those bugs are fixed, then I'd be happy to make it a 5 star game.