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Bad Game

Bad Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by DaniDevStuff. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game the only reason I found the game was because of YouTube, I really would like an update. Maybe like a customizer, so like hats and glasses or suits. Also maybe add in game modes and achievements. Thanks, hope you see this.oh and also I unlocked all of the locked items.
epic game the graphics are super good and the gameplay and the plot is 100x better than games such as GTA V... The controls are super good and I have fallen in love with the main character. 10/10 game
The best game I've seen so far, amazingly addictive gameplay and doesn't play a single ad unless you choose to play one for a reward! The only thing is, it can get boring after a while, but even when it does, I find myself unable to stop playing.
Dani, even though you made the base of this game in 30 minutes it is still much better than most mobile games available. Please never stop making games.
Bad game (That was sarcasm. This is surprisingly well made, it's simple and addicting, great to play for a short while when you're feeling bored, or if you're a passenger during a long drive)
Install it now its very fun when U start go and die than hit shop than hit back than hit settings than turn on good graphics and u will love the game so much
I can't believe your friends didnt like it. I spent 2 hours grinding it. It is very fun and didn't find any bugs. Good job for 30 minutes!
Despite the name, this is honestly my personal favorite free mobile game, just due to how simple, and addictive it is
I love this game it is so amazing the music is perfect and I love the overall game!I think Dani should make more games in the future
This very fun. Its easy to be a pro in this game perhaps there's almost no ads in this game. The controls is very easy to get use to it. And there is no payment in this game. Good Job to Dani. You are favourite game developer youtuber :).
Honestly love the game, not saying this cause of the channel, its simple but entertaining, making you want to get enough cash to buy the lazer rope :D
I like this game it took me a while to get used to it and there's some bugs in the game (I think they are bugs lol) I like dani dev and his YouTube channel Dani keep up the good work dani. Lol
Hi Dani! I love playing your games, Karlson 3d and im waiting on steam and multiplayer & full ver. Very very good game, Keep it up the good work Dani! Thank you very much.
Bad GAME? GOOD GAME really I mean the idea of the square that can swing by ropes doesn't sound appealing but when you play it you find out that its amazing for example the controls are kinda funny but really good! And in addition you can also upgrade your cube to do cool and insane stuff! Play this now really at first I thought people were joking about this game but I played it and look at me now, giving it a five star rating PLAY IT NOW now now -nmc unknown person
Ok I know there are people saying it took more than a week to make this game but it literally took him 30 mins. It's a great game tho the control's are easy and not sloppy, the game has very few ads, and the scoring system is nice and not ptw. Great job dani! Ps. I drink lots of milk to make you happy. I know the war is over but still orange juice is 'CRINGE'. @W.ANIMATIONS
I can't really control the game well. Most of the time I just die. I still love the concept and if you see this Dani, sorry I'm talking bad stuff about a really great game...
It is fun but the reason it doesn't get a 5 stars is because it doesn't tell you what the thing you just got dose or how to use it
Bad Game? more like GOOD GAME. its really fun and challenging. and its also silly too. I would play this game if im bored of Roblox. But this game almost has no ads. Recommend playing this 👌👌👌
This game was made by a Youtuber called Dani. He makes awesome videos and he made this game for a video idea. He is also making a game called Karlson, which is among the 40 most wishlisted games on steam. His content is really good and he makes exelent games (sorry my spelling isn't perfect)
Amazing! I wish they were more blocks tho like maybe make the max height even higher? And maybe make a new game mode where you need certain points to continue? Or a race mode idk I want a different background too maybe make it 5% easier to get coins? I love everything about the game I just feel like different backgrounds and game modes would be fun :']
Dani is one of my favorite developers and I really like this game, it's pretty fun and you can play anytime, it's easy to learn and easy to play. Thanks Dani - Ethan
Great game, fun and addicting, my only problem is that when you reach Level 100, it puts you back to Level 0 and you can't gain any more levels. I got every powerup and customization for my rectangle with a high score if 15 million. Awesome game!
Best game for time in 30 mins. But u can't change the graphics in phone it will look the same and for PC and phone it is very like umm.. ez but in tablet it is hard at.
its very simple, but also super fun. its the best time-waster game, but also it is definetly a time waster. just grapling around trying to destroy the other cubes
I know it's called Bad Game for comedy, but this game is actually amazing. You swing over lava like Spider-Man with amazing controls, and you can customise how you look to your heart's content. Loved my time here.
I saw the video and got the game, this is the only actually good game with no ads. Your videos are very funny lol. I saw the making of this.
I love this game, and to think it's originally made in 30 minutes, just wow. Dani you're very talented stay safe hit billy, and beat you wi-
Simple, elegant, and effective. All you need is one finger to play. This game can be a great time waster, and also strangely quite addictive as well. This is one of those rare physics-based game that actually uses its linear mechanic to its fullest effect. Overall, definitely NOT a "bad game".
This game... Great, I suppose. Everyone understands that this game's published name is: Bad Game. That was made for comedic reasoning. However, this is a actual good game. Even though it took more than a week and a few extra days. Still a great game, nonetheless. Controls: Not sloppy, works but only if you target at the correct timing. Realism: You're Spiderman in a Nutshell, all realism is out the window Gameplay: This is based off of a Endless Platform game. Graphics: No words, five stars
This game is strangely addicting to play, this is easy and simple. I really like how the game was made and how you can play it. 5/5 Stars, I really suggest playing it!
No shady business practices Just a genuinely free game that is fun and addicting. It doesnt ask too much of the player It doesnt use push notifications to tempt you to come back to the game once you stop playing for 5 minutes. Basically any aspect I would consider to be from a bad game is not present. Theres a few bugs and there isnt much content but I cant be upset and I cant even really ask for them to be fixed because the price is free with no extra purchases and no intrusive ads
The physics, buttery smoothness and fast pace make this a lot of fun. It's easy once you get the hang of it. Great soundtrack.
It is a simple and fun game I really recommend that you play it is very addictive. also there is like no ads and also the controls feel very smooth. so great job.
I've been a subscriber on his first few vids and I love seeing him evolve from 2D games from full 3D releases (Karlson) this game is good but it's really close to balls
The title is a lie. I came in to the Play Store to get a bad game from Dani, the YouTube sensation. Unfortunately, I got scammed into getting a game that is actualy good. It was addicting and fun to play while I was waiting for something. The upgrades are fun. I don't know if you can see it, but I uninstalled the game because I have all the upgrades and after a certain amount of time it gets kinda borring and repetitive. I definitely don't expect this kind of quality from Nintendo. -1/5 IGN
This is the worst game ever even thinking about it makes me fell sick but hey the game says that its a bad game but this is good game for a bad game (also for those who really hate the game try to make a game in 30 minutes and we will see who is better) 5 stars because the game is terrible
This game is a masterpiece and even arguably one of the best causal mobile games ever. You do NOT get bombarded by ads every few seconds. In fact ads are very rare! The game is not paid to win and the scoring system is fair. It's very fun to play and does not require a lot of time to understand. The graphics are very good and the controls are very easy to understand. Overall I'm very pleased with the game, big ups to the dev!
Its not a really bad game when you think about it. Although the graphics are bad, I still had fun. Good game!
It's LITERALLY THE title. 0/10. Marmite/Milk. F#$@ THIS GAME! P.S. This is a joke, I like the game. It's funny, ragey, unique, and it's a great game overall. I would recommend this 2,000 times the amount of games in the GMTK Game Jam 2020.1. Hope you enjoy it!
Fun to play and easy to do gymnastics. And to those orange gang members , if you watched the video then you would know that the bad graphics is a filter. And if it doesn't open on your phone , the problem is your phone. Other than that , Dani should really update this since it's addictive Edit : To change the graphics ; go to shop , press back , and find the options button.
It's a great game but you should update it to where when you max out on every thing there is a new stage like add levels or something
I can see why some people would rate this game a three or a four but anything below that is unreasonable. Very fun short little experience. I feel like this game is not ment to be kept sadly I find no reply value out of it after the upgrades but still very fun little experince
This game is absolutely amazing. it's fun and works well on mobile and the progression feels amazing. My favourite dani game by a lot
This is an amazing game! Totally recommend it I haven't even seen an ad yet other than the optional ones and it's not a very hard game so it's pretty relaxing 🙂🙂🙂
Bro this is the awesome game . Try to making other game better then this game. God bless you to make this type of game. And i am also a subscriber of your YouTube Channel.
Idk what to say... Played this game several hours and recommended to all my friends. This game deserves 7 stars, its just awesome. Controls are so smooth and kinda relaxing, colors are good. Dani, I hope this is not your best and u can make much better games, because this is awesome. Thanks for readin ;)
This game is actually great and also because this game ot me thinking I'm gonna make some background for it (Dani, please make this canon). You are a sentient cube of a race of other sentient cubes at war with sentient spheres (Dani, I'm trying your games to gether whether you like it or not) and after geting an injury in the ware of shapes you decide to go visit the ancient ruins of your ancestors and you stumble upon an ancient training area. In this area you smash blocks and inside the boxes
Honestly. It's a really good game. It takes some time to get used to it. But the only reason I put 4 stars is because after a while some of the upgrades become to over powered and prevents you from getting far. Plus the spawn point in near the lava. *you touch it you die* but other then that. I recommend this game.
Fun game, i just wish there was more content, and more upgrades, as i have already gotten all of them.
Good game, simple concept, simple graphics yet gorgeous and best of all no in-app purchases. Love you Dani keep up the good work. From chocolate milk gang.
Surprisingly above average game, fun and simple. Deserves 6 stars. An oasis in a desert of crappy company rip offs.
This is such a bad game. Absolutely terrible, I mean come on. Like who wants to have fully customizable characters, endless gameplay that I did *not* get sucked into for almost 3 hours, and don't get me started on the terrible upgrades like who wants bullets and lazers shooting everywhere raking in tons of points? I certainly didn't. Bad game I will not tell my friends how bad the game is becuae it is so bad. Bad Game
I liked this game but at the start I was like huh then when I found out how to play it was very fun and I liked it pretty good game also I like how I played for an hour and didn't even see this app is different because it does not spam with adds and it was fun I liked it
This game is fun and I dont know why,the graphics are actually quite good for a mobile game,there are only optional ads,and the controls are simple.
This game is great. The funniest thing to happen is how many runs got ended due to shooting the block i was swinging from
This game is great, the overall gameplay is good, small amounts of adds needed, The fact you can level up by watching like a 10 second add is just great, the music is a straight up bop, absolutely 10/10
This is a spectacular peice of art developed by a true legend. I personally believe that this is the single most best mobile game in existence and should be written in the history books.
I watch your youtube videos. I saw this one and tried it. It is actually not that bad. It is addicting and really fun. The only problem is that the screen should be bigger. As big as ur MUM!!! haha funni :) wow that was really cool wow that was really cool wow that was really cool wow that was really cool rick rolled
This is a very nice game, easy to control. I just wish that they should have different shape characters.
This is the true essence of mobile games. It's fun, casual, and most importantly, you don't get bombarded with ads every second. And watching an ad is completely optional, and it comes with increasing rewards every time you watch one. This is one of the best mobile games that I've played in years. Truly remarkable.
This game is cool but there is one thing when you upgrade the bullets thing so it shoots random bullets to break some blocks near thr problem it break the block that your grappled at and you fall and because there is no near blocks you cant grapple to amything so you fall in lava please fix it
repetitive but addicting,top tier upgrades are green boi,health(of course)and bullets,decent upgrades are thicc,and laser rope which isnt too good unless you cut 1 or 2 green hollow blocks or the block you are roped to,mediocre upgrades are multiplier,cash boi which only gives you like 5k,and the rope one which i honestly dont know what it does
Kinda saddening, thinking a game that took one person half an hour to make is more entertaining than all of the "top" free mobile games, this is a prime example of what a mobile game should be like. Keep up the good work, dev.
It's a very simple and easy game to play once you get the hang of it. It's so fun that even after all the level ups are purchased I'm still playing. I also really enjoy the feature that turns down the graphics
Even though the game was simple it was fun and I couldn't stop playing. But when I started making progress with power ups the game started to lag more and more until I pretty much couldn't play
Seriously, $68 to "retry?" The nerve! LOL This game is hilarious! Not sure how good I can be, my skills are lacking. So simple, yet so complex.
Excellent game, very addicting and the blazer rope is pretty op. My only negative is the colours are too expensive. Unless the most expensive makes you fly or something, lower the price. Other than that, great game! :)
My experiance was great, but kind of reminded me of balls. It was a suprise that they are made my the same developer. Whoever made this game must have some sort of talent. Although i thought it was boring at time. I would like to see more options for customization. But in all, 5 out of 5 stars.
This game is so fun but I think you need an update for the store because it only has a little and I almost beat the whole thing in an hour but still it's so dumb but so addicting
10/10 Masterpiece, you can tell Dani put hours of his precious time into this wonderful game, the controls are fluid, the graphics are as crispy as chicken, and the gameplay is enough to make everyone happy, theres even a THICC costume!
A really Bad Game, found the game really fun to play, the controls were were responsive, the ui and graphics looked great. 10/10 would recommend
I know you dont want to ever see this game again dani but there's a small bug that would be easy to fix. Whenever you respawn the cube you play as is rotated slightly instead of flat with white platform. And I want you to add faces/masks/hats, and particles for the lava pls
Ironically, this is one of the most legitimately entertaining games I have ever played. I installed it about a month ago and have not stopped playing. The graphics are surprisingly beautiful, the gameplay is smooth and easy to understand, and the scoring is fair. I have never felt that there are too many ads or that the game is to hard. Compliments to the devs.
The game is good. The upgrade is fun but when you get the bullet upgrade and you left it on the base. The bullets will shoot all the surrounding platform making it impossible to move or do anything in the game except quitting. You should put a pause button to end the game and still get the point or to exit the game instead of me forcefully closing it. Overall a great game.
Its actually a really fun game! It really helps your reactions in gaming and really can help your brain train! Not a bad game. Good job Dani!
Bad game why, this is the best game that could probobly ever exist and as as soon as I first joined I'm like 'this game is awesome but I don't know what to do' and every time I see a yellow square or money square I say let's gettem Bois but just a minor disclaimer the money systems a bit weird and I don't understand it but if you know how it works then can you tell me pls yours truely Oliver Hurley
Great game but one complaint. If at the beginning the bullets shoot all the boxes around me, I don't have anything to grab and back button doesn't take me to restart/options so I have to kill the game and start again
This is so cool, it's pretty ironic though, but the graphics are like 8×8 pixels, so 1 star lost, but overall, this is awesome.
Instead of getting a bad game I get a good game wow how the tables have turned. (I like the game a LOT and that block with the upgrade was looking kind of THICK. This was a good game 5/5 game but I wanted a bad game not a good one)
This game is amazing ! The swinging is spectacular,the upgrades are very helpful and it's made by by a single person DANI. And he currently working on a great game called Karlson ! You can check it on steam.
Absolutely amazing! Great and simple graphics, sfx and the game is just fun. Maybe some haptic feedback would be cool too but nonetheless, the game is great.
This is best game. I'm addicted to it and it is also developed by my favourite game developer. But I need some updates because I have lot of money but nothing to spend on.
I was looking at danis games and spotted this and I love it no ads you swing about hitting pink bricks and can cuztomize your blue thing and can upgrade stuff it's a ten star game
So far this is the best android game I've played for a while, I don't normally do this but I sent it to lots of people , I'd like to see more upgrades and new things to spice up the game , I searched for similar games like this but couldn't find any so I would love the dev to add more things , thanks for this awesome game
This game is actually good I dont understand why it's called bad, it's a simple but fan game just rope around the area and complete levels and upgrade but it's not just easy simple it's hard simple like you'll even struggle a bit throught level 1. This game is hard but its fun
I downloaded the app and I've been playing it for ages and then eventually on YouTube I found this guy called Dani. And then I started watching his videos. And then I saw the video where he made this. And wow, you can't tell its a "30 minute game" its amazing and smooth to play with no ads just fun endless gameplay.
Really awesome game, it's really fun and addictive. Especially when you max out the power ups, it's really overpowerd.
I came from your YouTube video okay I played for a few minutes and I'm already good at it is fun trust me like I got a good score on my third fourth try and it is good and also trust me this this is not fake like you can see the writing five stars
Amazing and time consuming game, it doesn't have that many ads at all and you can tell Dani at least tried.
This game is worthy of 6 stars. With controls smoother than butter; gameplay to keep you entertained your whole life long and graphics to rival Shadow of the tomb raider, 'Bad Game' is clearly worthy of the title "Best game" and the title was clearly an autocorrect mistake: the only mistake made by this game dev, Dani. And is it just me or are the reviews lookin' kinda... THICC!!! Very cool Dani, very cool.
Truly the pinnacle of mobile gaming, no ads, simple yet fun gameplay and easy on your phone, if I could I would give it 6 out of 5 stars
This is a great game but you should add more upgrades or a super upgrade on max level. For health you could have a shelf which has 3 hits on the big red blocks, and for bullets you should add 1 piercing bullet circle for every 5 or 10 regular ones which go through 3 blocks of any kind. Hopefully you take this into thought.
Love the game, its addicting and makes me smile. I know the graphics are specially implemented but its still a bit annoying to miss out on explosions and bullet hells where you barely make it out alive. The grappling is usefull if you know how to use it, however, if you have bullets active, might as well not move (jk). 10/10 would recommend, thanks for the amazing game, Dani!
Thanks to our man Dani to make this absolute terrificly perfect masterpiece. After 1 month playing, finally I can buy the most OP item in the game and thus i am considered a god in this game. This game is so fun and the ads doesn't show up except if you click on one
Well, I did not know that this game was made from Dani, and he tried to make the game bad, idk if my previous review is there, but great job Dani! Maybe with more characters, ropes, and upgrades this game will be great!
I love this game I've been playing it for over a week and I haven't seen one single add not to mention it's addictive but it could use a pause button besides that good job dani
This game. This game is the most interested in a mobile game ive been in a while. Great time passer, fun, realistic, easy (but not too easy) pretty much no ads. This game is supperior to any app you can find on this page
Love the game can't bileve only took 30 mins you no those games which bombarded you with ads every level I hate them best retro arcade offline game ever 10 /10 love it retro graphics add a touch and it is fun altogether
Very Simple and fun. a simple game with very THICC cubes. HAHAHAHA I enjoyed it so much its a game that puts my mind at ease!!
I completed this game in a month Cuz it's very addictive I know that it's a never ending game but i buyed everything in the game and for me there is nothing to spend my money on so it's not worth playing anymore but before this it was a awesome game Must download And drink your milk, hit the sack, frick you Billy and smash like and subscribe or I smash you (Hi dani)
Okay, don't let the name fool you. This game is actually really good. It's simple but addictive. It's dumb but fun. The momentum physics are stunning. The only thing that I would like to see a change to is the upgrade system. At first glance a few items would seem useful, but later on it feels like nothing changes. All I want to have added is a description of what the upgrades will do, but it's not a big deal. Have fun playing, it's worth it.
Very weird but fun game. Plus I learned some strategies while playing! Very simple for beginners so you should check this out!Edit: It does not save your payments in game so Dani please fix this