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Bad Eggs Online 2

Bad Eggs Online 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Bad Viking located at 85 Wellstead Way, Hedge End, SO30 2BH. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its incredibly fun along with that i can play at school so i would rate ot more because i can play with freinds but ima just say you should download it
There are much more WORMS copy that does better than this. For 1 reason, is not a cash grab game. If u play games like annedieds on Google play store, it also has better controls than this, and the best thing is, weapons r not limited to stuff u can only get from REAL MONEY. like there r NO way of making credits in this game OTHER THAN buying it, not leveling up or einni g a game. Jus you're cash grab
This game brings back 6 year old nostalgic memories. I don't care about what anyone says just that I used to play this game when I was little and would have so much fun. My favourite bit would be when you received free currency at Christmas omg the memories
Love this game soo much! I've been riding for 3years now and I wish you guys could add more eggs and more secret eggs!
I love this game so much I play it all the time. It's super addictive in a good way also the gtafics are hilarious πŸ˜‚
!Don't download or spend $, do not put in your email and password I've had my email stolen by the developers of this game they then posted my password on YouTube, also trolling and kid's are real! Trust me I had a maxed out account with everything all gone, if you run into,any yousef hbo.haseem, banana, burgaboy, etc. DELETE GAME, I'm currently in contact with Google play and online authorities to get this scam taken down! Trashiest people play this garbage game don't waste time,Arab trolling fr
1. Game hang. 2. No action on hackers. 3. Mis fire between game even after good network. 4. They asking you money. 5. Hackers kickout the good palyer. 6. No action taken on hackers after even report and post on facebook. 7. Once you play good hacker kick you out. Overall please dont ruin your time... Try somthing else. I report several times on facebook and messenger but no one reply or took any action.... I think owner of this app is weeder.
The game is good but i think i was hacked it said my account was on somewhere else and when i played i couldnt move and i got kicked cause it said it was on somewhere else PLS CREATE SOMETHING THAT PROTECTS THE ACCOUNT LIKE YOU CANNOT OPEN THE ACCOUNT WITHOUT ACCESS TO YOUR PHONE
This Game Is Excellent! I Love It, I Was Just Wondering If You Guys Would Keep Updating It! Or Atleast Let The Levels Go Higher, I Maxed Out And It Sucks Now. Please Keep Updating.
i like this game alot, but im wondering if yall can make a new dragon, colored yellow, that takes 45 damage physical, and update this game with new packs and eggs, will be so much fun, and i miss when this game gave away credits for free :(
You guys really need to consider updating and keeping it going, I love the game and have personally reached out with suggestions, great potential here just don't let it die.
It is a very cool and fun game but it won't let me sign on i think you should be able to play the game without signing on
A really fun and addicting game I got hooked to it once I started playing, I wish there was an easier way to get credits though, If it was a little easier I would rate this 5 Stars because everything els is alright
Really, really good game. I've been playing it sinces the days of Windows vista or 7. Please put this on Switch
20 free credits (read this before you give bad rating). The 20 free credits are given to you when you win a game on January 20th, not today. You have to wait until the 20th then win a game.
It's a great game, but could use some updates. It's the same since release still. Perhaps adding a lobby function, more maps, perhaps maps that don't crumb away in a few rounds. The community is very poor also, if you're new, skilled players always leave.
amazing game so far been playing on pc but since flash player stopped supporting online games i came too pc although you cant do the cheats like the pc anymore its still fun and youve got a non toxic community and there are players who have been playing for years overall 11/10 coz its still a great game
Always lags...im not hanging around for lag to finish,so I quit game.NOW I'VE LOST REP...NOT REALLY FAIR IS IT!!!!!
Why can't you add friends without having to join the same game first? That way you can only add random people and not the actual people you want to play with, since private games only allows to invite friends that have already been added. Very stupid.
The only problem I have with the game is I keep getting people whos levels are twice as high as mine. There should be ranked matches.
Get rid of the play to win the play to win things, it makes the game a lot less enjoyable and very irritating to play with other people
This game is good, that is not why I am writing a bad review, this review is for the players. The players in this game are basically bullies, and there is no way to block or report people. If you are a beginner be ready to receive harsh criticism and have a hard time finding a lobby that wont leave. Please add a way to report players that bully, cheat, or harass people.
Fun game, very nostalgic its a lot like the original on pc but you cant search up friends but other than thay and the so.etimes annoying fan base its a great game!
Games good, need to be abke to adjust the screen tho, or if there was a way to invite your friends to play like doing hambo challenge etc would be good when playing on mobile as cant seem to find away
this game is really fun and awesome because you get to pick tons of cool skins and also get lots of strong weapons.
its kinda bad because you get people that have 10 prestiges as ur opponent and it makes it really unfair and also add more ways to get credits and add more secrets
one of the best out there. it really takes skill, and there is no cheating. you are good if you are skilled. its fair. been playing PC since idk 2013
Bad Viking I love this game. I been playing since beo1 been out on the computer. So fun. I know everyone is saying in the comments about the tokens for the dlc weapons. It's not hard to win with people that have them. This is a strategy game so of course you can a person with all the weapons but you have to know what your doing. I am able to beat prestige people with only the free weapons. That's why I love the game. You guys make it more competitive. But I was wondering if you can add the tokens for special events like halloween, 4th of July because this year on 4th of July you guys didn't do a giveaway about winning one game in a certain time frame. Overall excellent game keep doing what you do.
Everything is nice but it would be more awesome if you make a clan war system and ranking, we want to have official clan wars and such like that.
I think its a good game but it needs updates, it gets boring after playing there should be holiday updates.
well honestly the collaboration system needs to be resolved for phone because i was trying to touch user name, but it automatically when to login and then said the username and password is not correct in which i understand, but every time i touch for putting my username it goes to login button.
Why my chat is blocked without any reason. Every time i can see that negative res. Player can do chat but I do not able to chat. What you guys want should i leave to the game or this is the way of earning. One question to everyone. Why we play the games. - for refresh the mind. But u guys block the everything how can a person can if light. Just one thing if you guys don't have any manner to run a app please remove the free accounts straight away said give me money or else don't install the game.
Nice I Have Play This Game More Then 3 Years Ago...So Keep It Up And Update More & Gift Credit For F2P...I Love So Much This GameπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ
Game is not responsive to touch..when click on login button. It is doing nothing. After several attempt i managed to click button. After login whole is is not working because screen is not accepting any touch input. Is this a webview or java game?. Mobile phone is Huawei mate 10 lite
Very fun game! This is the best game of its kind that I've found. Many different weapons, costumes, and badges to win. Multiple unique levels to play in. This is a multiplayer game and is currently very active with many players, so no need for long waiting to find an opponent. This is NOT a game you have to pay to win, the paid weapons are cool but there are many weapons and costumes you can win for free, it just takes some practice and leveling-up and you can be quite competitive even with the opponents who have bought the extra paid weapons. Not only that, but each day you're given a free spin with a chance to win one free shot of a paid weapon, which can be saved up. Also free credits are sometimes given away for holidays and stuff, which can be used to unlock more levels, weapons, eggshells, etc. This is probably one of my all-time favourite games on the Play store and I highly recommend it!
Downloaded expecting a clone of Worms. Got super disappointed by the game mechanics, graphics and playability. Spend 5 bucks and buy the original.
I can't join a game with my friends. There's no "join a friend" option, there's no code for games to put in, please fix this.
It appears the only way to get weapons is by buying game credits with money. If there is another way to get credits then I don't see it. This is the definition of a pay to win game. But if you don't mind shelling out cash then it's a good game.
I can't play the game because have way through the game it freezes and then goes back to normal can you fix this issue bad Viking
so you hit yourself even if your aim is off the ground if you have negitive Rep you can't chat that's stupid because in a 1v1v1 or a 1v1v1v1 people team in chat and no one can stop them this is the last time i am playing this game and also if a weapon hits another player and then it hits you what a lagging game fix your dumb game
The game is so fun however there is one disapointement. There are loads of weapons to buy with real money and I dont use any real money for game funds so I kinda annoy myself playing any of my own weapons. It would be cool if the Developpers could let us try weapons before actually buying the packs. The game itself is superb and the controls are fantastic both for mobile and PC platforms. The game is very well organised and the shells you collect/buy have funny things when you tap/hold on them.
Enjoy playing in the rare event that I'm playing. This game is too much like baseball. Waiting to bat forever and a day then hoping not to screw up what could be the best 3 seconds of the game if you swing it right.
its fun and it comes with 20 free credits u can play with your friends vs them and level up get shells when u upgrade get weapons when you gain levels its a great game
I used to play dis it was a great game i tried to log in and then its says it was the wrong user name when my friend tht has me added had the exact same user
I hate how people who pay to win can only report u and I can't say anything because of that ban from chatting, so all u can do is just there through whole game while people talk smack to you the while u play the game...
good game only 3 rateing because needs more weapons and more maps also needs a offline mode and wish i didn't have to pay to get cash for maps and weapons u don't pay in worms
The game has funny graphics and is all around cool, but there are two problems 1. People are insulting each other if they miss it gets pretty bad. But i l know you cant control that 2. Is the pay to win feature, there is so little weapons to unlock without paying I caved and bought a google play card. 5$ gave me 10 different weapons
Quite a fun game overall. Millons of skilled eggs to fry lol. I have played this game going on for 2 years now and love it.
I used to play this all the time years ago, but was sad when I forgot my account, and my pc broke. I forgot about the game altogether, but now, scrolling through the play store, I find it, and it brings back great memories.
This game needs more attention, if you are looking for a "Worms" like game, then this is your best bet as of now.
I like the game but there are to many scammers and toxic people and it takes a while to lvl up without pro. And i wish you could change your password without a email because i forgot my email and i got hacked.
Worst game when being balanced in weapons and levels. Game only wants me to but more stuff, don't get the game waist of time and money.
This game takes me waaaaaaay back, I used to love it when I was little, and I still do, it's so funny, and playing with friends is so much fun, I will never get bored of it.
I really enjoy this game. I played it a ton back in highschool and it is very addictive. The style and format is easy and fun. What I really don't like is the fact that people can just buy so many things that it makes it very hard to win against them and is very frustrating. There should be a way to unlock new weapons and shells so people who play the game without paying are able smash eggs. The daily weapon wheel is very nice and I'd like to see some other method that give us things, anything.
Very great game but I would like it more if there was music while you're batteling because it's very awkward just staring at your phone when its silent then you hear another beep-boop for the next turn
I played this game on PC 6+ years ago, well, the 1st one, and this game has changed so much, I had an old account from pc with gear and prestige, but something happened and had to start over, nonetheless, a month in and I'm already lvl 80+ and I'm still just as in love with the game as I was, could do with some bug fixing, but honestly for a game with no ads and amazing gameplay if you have the skill, theres not much complaining on my part. 10 stars, Bad Viking.
The game is amazing to play online with friends it is cool for a strategy type battle game so I really recommend it
I don't know what happened, but I've had this app for years and it was perfect. However, yesterday when I tried to log in it said the link couldn't be trusted. I ignored and still logged in, and my phone started vibrating and making random sounds. I instantly deleted the app and now I'm here. I love the game, but don't know if I should reinstall the is app.
I like it alot but when you shoot and the clock clicks 30 more seconds needs to be fix other than that 5 stars all day.
For some reason there is no "Join Friend" option in the play tab. It's exclusive to PC users. I have no way to join friends and it's very inconvenient.
This game is fun I would give it a 5star but I gave it 4casue you can't play with friends and the grafics are ok
It is a good game but I always lose connection and can't play anymore half of my losses is because of this problem.
it's like bad eggs but there is no moving option and u can't see the whole map meaning if an egg went to the bottom it would be hard to spot them. I suggest that they add a move option and shrink the screen size so u can see the entire map
good game only 3 rateing because needs more weapons and more maps also needs a offline mode and wish i didn't have to pay to get cash for maps and weapons u don't pay in worms its getting very boring do the same thing over and over need something to spice it up make fun like offline mode for a start maby add proper playlist music like techno bass rap rnb u no just something was good but same thing =boring
Sorry, but this would be a 5 star... Excellent game but there is a bug, once i temporarily lose connection it takes super long to connect and I miss like 5 of my turns before I do, my point being: there should only be some pauses between turns for the player to reconnect, because when I even do reconnect it will be stuck on the reconnecting screen and I'll miss my turns which angers me. Please fix.
ive seen this game in store for a while and my baby brother practically begged me everyday to play it with him. i thought this game loooked very boring. I have played this game with my little brother for a year or two now and it is very fun, keep up the good work btw.
sucks just sucks and you pay to much for a pack and you just level up and up and dont receive anything.
I would say it is a great game but for me mobile controls are wonky so I usually prefer computer or PC
Why the hell isn't there cross platform?? This game's been out longer than Fortnite and still doesn't have crossplay tf?? This game would be so much better if there was cross play smhh😐😐
Great game, used to play it in 2015-2016, but still pretty sad to see it not update, give the game a try, dont mind the toxicity, oe harrasment.
Totally unbalanced game. Say if your a starter and you dont know how to play but then a you got high ranks that keep killing you and you cant really do anything. Make this a more balanced game or im not changing.