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Bad 2 Bad: Extinction

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DAWINSTONE located at 1307ho, 29, Dongil-ro 203ga-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really like this game but please can u add guns from the game like stick warefare blood strike, elite killer , cover fire etc. Please update this game it's so relaxing game for me and add more characters and game modes . Also please allow to buy characters and weapons with the game money or diamond because i got lots of themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜† Please update it really like and love this game really appreciate with this game . Thank youπŸ™πŸ™
This game is very fun and cool I like the graphics and animations to those characters and it's very addicting but I have some suggestion on you're game like add some more characters or epic skins like in casual boys outfit or girls outfit not only more camo's to look more cool and very fun you're game and add some weapons skins with more details and textures to look more gorgeous to you're character but plss don't all of you're updates more in real money purchase but you're game is actuallygreat
Nice game, can actually help you kill time. As for bugs, I found some. - When inside a building, a teammate sometimes starts teleporting or worst, they freeze. - M82 cannot mount scopes. I found x2s and x4s but cannot equip them on an M82. - Viewing ads can sometimes cause your device to freeze after playing for an hour or so. - not sure if a bug or designed by choice, attachment still takes 1 slot even after equipping them to a gun. Would be nice if they don't take a slot after attaching them. Other than that, the game is fun.
Amazing game guys. Really. I mean in order to get more money just watch a few 30 second add at your own will. Instead of like most games where there is an ad every loading screen. You guys did awesome. Just gotta say, maybe let my characters level up too? Don't get me wrong, I do like the gun proficiency system.
this is an awsome game!! l love the story and the 2d animation. The 1 thing I love most about this game is you DO NOT need to grind hard as much as other games like this. This is game is a great game.
A really fun and addicting game. I just started yesterday, and I'm already enjoying it. The graphics is perfect, and I love you the developer make the animals as soldiers, that's interesting. At first, it's a struggle because your all alone. But, you know what you can get the free 10k golds when you turn on your internet connection. Also the 2019 coins as the 2019 reward for enjoying the game, I really really recommend this to everyone, action, team AIs, Zombies, Good storyline, attachments, etc
Despite playing the game for a week, I have to make this review, cause this game IS GOLDEN. The gameplay is great and its pretty simple plus this game is addicting which makes it a great time killer. And what makes this game special is that ads wont appear out of no where when you open your Internet, you can still watch ads but its optional, if you want more money tho. The only drawback is the money you gain, you need to grind a lot to get money but overall its a great game to play. Keep it up!
Love the game, unfortunately since the game deleted my save data I lost all my save data. Still the game is great, unique and the developers actually care about their players. Play the game and you'll definitely enjoy it!
This game is really killed it, damn. I enjoyed every single story of it. To the point, I admire Bagheera amd Cate. The game is easy, yet fascinating. The storyline, guns, game mechanics too. I'd be very excited if you guys choose to create it's next part, (despite the fact we knew some of those disasters are kinda irl) . No hesitation, I'm just saying.
it still doing the black object on the enemies, base, house/hotel, weapon sometime, doors, shop and citizens too and the performance is fine but little lag when more enemy come all around us, and maybe fix it a little more please oh and one more thing, it still stop the game when it freezes by it self. And fix it and i may rate five star as i say before, thank you ^w^ and there may be some bug still need to be fix from the game.
I will admit. I do not really like offline games. But this game a has a ton of elements in it that make up for my slight disliking for offline games. 10/10. βœ‹πŸ™‚πŸ‘Œ
Why my items in backpack have lost? i store it and some item like shield and other gun (Legendary+) it's gone, i'm really dissapointed about it after updating the game..
This game is fantastic whenever you don't have wifi boom it's offline the game is my fav out of the other b2b game that one isn't as good as this one personally if it was up to me and I had enough money to spare I'd buy some stuff!
this is NOT CUTE AT ALL, well aside from animal with gears.. hands down to the dev. 1. controls are great 2. plenty resources 4. grinding is acceptable. 5. not pay to win. worth to download. i'll keep this one in my library😊 would i buy in game credits? YES.
The game is very fun i really do love there games but this one takes the cake i love the stroy line and i just love the people that you get to play with. The one thing i really love about the game is that the animals can talk i really love that and they act like people its so freaking cute. I have noting bad to really say about the game its really the best good job creator.
Damn, with this kind of game, you would wish they won't abandon this one. It's beautiful and I hope the content updates will not just stop suddenly. I'm ready to pay for what's coming.
Decent game I like it of course it comes with a few problems like one of my squad mates staring off into space when an enemy is right their face but besides from that this is an really enjoyable game
A bit odd to begin with, but once you get into it, it really grows on you. Not your average run of the mill cash grab. I haven't hit any pay walls yet, so I'd definitely recommend this one.
has been like 4 updates since y'all crash this beautiful game, can u do it better, pls? i really don't want to uninstall
I love this game. Its a great game for wasting time and its very addictive. My favorite part about B2B is the story line and how it continues. Another grate thing is the game doesn't shove a hole load of adds in your face. I hope to see this game get evan better.
A real enjoyment in playing this game. I have played many games but this is one of a kind really like that there is no ads only optional
Original: 7/20/19 Edit: 8/5/19 I first had a bit of a joke review, but after reading some of the negative reviews i got a bit ticked off 1. The prices are indeed a bit high, but its all cosmetic anyways 2. The Squad AI isnt phenomenal, but most of the time you can work around its issues. Unless you suck. Bosses with XM5.56mm are a bit OP against your squad tho 3. For people complaining it takes too long to kill an enemy - go to an easier area then, or use the correct weapon class...(for raids)
This is a well balanced game, nice selection of weapons and the gameplay is enjoyable. No pvp or lootboxes AFAIK and it's that kind of game that has ads that can give you little boosts but it's not shoving them in your face, just a "hey if you want a lil something extra..." thing. Controls can be optimized but I'm not complaining, I would recommend a 'focus attack' function.
I really love this game the story is very interesting and but theres one problem maybe more theres no hyenas soldier to pick and other animals soldier(goats, dogs soldiers and others) that are zombies, enemies, civilians plz people of the game make this hyena,goats,dogs soldiers come to life
this game has so many problems. after the new update i was unable to deploy my squad. then the devs released an update, now I'm unable to finish my missions. which means after completing the missions i go to my helicopter to get back to base and a loading screen appears and it just stays there and the game crashes after a while. PATHETIC is the word for this game. I'm so angry that i spent money on this useless game. it is not even worthy of a single star.
GREAT GAME! here comes the but it crashes ALOT .... i play a full mossion 10 to 20 mins worth of play time down the drain when i finnish and it gose to load to main screen and crashes i lose all the cash and items i have worked for on the lvl.... FIX THIS FOR 5 STARS.
critic 1_ can u put and option to change the hud layout and also an option to change the transperancy of the layout buttons...that would be really cool. and above all that loved this game...amazing art works..and gameplay.i m gonna recommend it to my friends.
Nice game, but there is still a couple of bugs. Like my A.I. allies not moving sometimes after reloading, and some tankers not moving, not getting daily rewards, and the likes. Overall a pretty neat game, I just wish there was more attachments with attributes that add at least 15% accuracy. Oh yeah, you should increase the range of the enemy targeting ability of A.I. allies.
Highly pay to win, awful pricing. This is yet another game ruined by daft prices in the shop. Graphics are okay, UI is messy, your character can only shoot horizontally which would be fine in a 2d scroller, but not here. Why can't developers just make a good game that has fair prices anymore? $8.99 NZD for a skin? I would be feeling cheated if I paid that for the game. What a waste of effort by your team to ruin and gouge your game by greed and stupidity.
I have played this game now for nearly a week and I am now (while I am writing this) 70% into the Underdog area (3rd stage). While yes the controls are a bit clunky and the automated shooting style is not really my thing, it is still a great game. About balanced enemys......the 'Armored Underdog' really slowed my process! I was able to finish all missions before he or she arrived. So be warned you will have to change your stradegy and how you equip your crew. This is not a pay to win game (yet).
the game looks beautiful but the controls were wonky and lacked a lot of depth. you move around by dragging your finger across the screen and aside from a reload button, dodge button, and a couple of powers you can pop off theres little action you can take your character automatically shoots and the fire pattern (with the first gun atleast) was infuriatingly slow. its a problem to the point that i would have kept playing and rated 5 stars if i could have my own button to shoot
The game throws everything at you at once. When i say that, what i mean is it doesnt bother by slowly telling you everything like merchant or the mecanics
please fix the attachments drop rates because I only get scopes and grips in my gameplay. besides that everything is awesome! please fix it or maybe take a look at it I really love this game.
Great game as I'm playing, but I wish I had more control with what I can do with my squad and especialy the survivors that you rescue when doing missions. It is a shame when you're completing a threat elimination submission, gathered 4 survivors when moving through the floors, just to have them perish within the Miniboss fight. Also a group reload option like holding down the button would be nice instead of having to wait for yourself to finish reloading then the rest reload afterwards.
Spend 20 minutes in a mission and the game crashes at the end, so you lose your rewards. Ads require 3 in a row watched for max rewards. Crashes on 2 seconds left on last video, no rewards. Worst of all is the pricing, wowow youd need to be rich to play this game. $13 for one character, yikes. Sad part is the game itself is only fun for a few hours tops. Avoid this game at all costs, literally.
This game is AWESOME! Been playing your game after I download it, Yeah I’m addicted lmao. Great graphics, AI’s, mechanics, gun modifiers, characters graphics, reload animations, and Storyline is pretty great too! I’ve master everything! I’m still at Green Zone <50%>(WD), still finishing sub-missions for Gear Packages.
This is a great little game with no apps to sully your gaming. This could be a great PC platform game if it was expanded upon; I'm pretty sure I could be convinced to buy such a creature. The nature of the missions can become a little repetitive but it's a straightforward mobile shoot'em up with some strategy and upgrade options that should provide hours of enjoyment. Nice work!
I enjoy the definate Tom Clancy's Breakpoint feel to the game as in your squad ,the weapons/attachments camouflage etc.The characters are refreshing not your generic soldiers but a cool assortment of.. hmm let's call them manimals? The sound effects are great. Controls, you can pick full manual firing with fixed joystick or a kind of semi auto control that fires for you when aiming ,you can only fire left or right and movement is kind of awkward 5 stars if it was twin stick full 360 firing.
Love the platform, the "Better sequel" was way better than i thought, the gameplay was awsome, the story's pacing was excellent, And you can understand it without playing the original, but still continue's from the original!!!
I thoroughly enjoy playing this game, great time killer, awesome that I can play this offline. great graphics, unique customization, only down fall, the completetion bosses are too overpowered and need to be nerfed, itll start turning into a game where you buy to win which sucks. please continue the way your going, but do something about the difficulty, its a bit overkill.
I really like the game and story is pretty good too, just needs some more minor tweaks in my opinion. Now that its more open and from a birds eye view maybe incorporate shooting front and back, and better flashlights for night😁 besides that I really enjoy this game
Never have I played a game this fun honestly... Its really enjoyable as well as well crafted... The inventory system is amazing and all the guns and the different variants of gear and equipment are great addition... The art style is.... Different... To say the least but very well executed... Love the play style and tactics involved... There could be so much more to this game... And I wish there was more than 500 characters I could put... Because I have alot of great things to say about this game
It's a phone game so I wasnt expecting much, as i got further into it i turned off the semi auto control and have been enjoying it significantly more, makes you feel more in control. I like the setting and think that this is definitely a diamond in the rough amongst the monotony of phone games I've tried and is so far the only game to hold my attention for more than a week.
One of the best free app games I've ever came across. The art is amazing, the story is nice, and the gameplay is great! There are no forced ads, which is something I can respect alot, ads only appear when you want extra currency, etc. My data initially got reset from a bug but I quickly got it back. You can counter this by going into the settings and saving after a operation. I'd be happy to download another game these people are working on!
Superb storyline ,perfect graphics ,good game features and maintenance. Waiting for the next game storyline. I hope the next game play be FPS or TPS shooter game.
Great game. Highly recommend if you like this sorte of thing. I do think the AI and combat could use a bit a tweeking. But thats just me.
One of thoughs mobile games that are actually fun and no ads unless you want to watch them. A lot of micro transactions though
Everything is so cool it's even better than b2b delta and tango but i would like to suggest something before the next update. May the leader and the companions of the be able to search and drive cars. Also the grahpics need to be updated but it's still really good.
dear developer. the sniper very useless in this game because always play slow with squad. it really soo difficult to kill a single enemy using any sniper rifles it take 5 to 10 shots per bullet. please make the sniper rifle useable for this game and please reduce 5 to 10 per shot to 2 to 4 shot, im boring using assault rifles all time.
It's a pretty fun game, only reason i give it four star is that it's one heck of a grind to advance to other areas after the first region.
Evreything about is outstanding but for me I wanted a mission for a specific Attachment of the weapon, than keep repeating to get the right one. But its still a best game for me, keep it up!! ☣☣☣
This is one of the best games ive played on IOS. It doesnt crash, isnt laggy, and absolutely amazing! Mix that with the fact that it has anthro characters, and has pretty vood graphics for an IOS game!
Very engaging gameplay and highly addictive. The combat, although simple, keeps you on your toes and is enjoyable enough to burn out the time during breaks at work. Very fun idea and can keep you engaged for hours with all there is to do. Having randomly generated levels promises a new experience every time you jump into a level and with so much loot to find you'll never be stuck with "nothing to do". Plus, who doesn't love commando animals?? If you don't then there's no hope for you.
constant game crashing ads wont always work which then inturn freezes the game somtimes you wont get your mission rewards .... and the list goes on it highly aggravates me to even try and play becuase of this the only thing iv found slighty decent is the story πŸ˜‘ wich i can barely play due to crashes id really like to play this when the bugs are fixed so please hurry and fix them
I give it 4 stars because every thing is so expenseve and can you add a more team slots instead of just 4. If u do that i will give it 5 stars. Also could u make it to where the survivors have pistles and could u add enemy camps you can raid in all the levels
Nice Game, the only thing is that money so hard to if you dont pay real money. but grinding your way is really quite fun actually since the game is not redundant. for now since its still to early to tell. πŸ‘βœ¨
This game is pure gold. It has excellent controls that you can easily memorise, an excellent tutorial that you can understand, excellent graphics, etc. Also, i have never ever seen a furry war game before.The storylines is actually unique too. It reminds me of the furries and anti furries fighting lol. Very recommended for people who loves squad fighting games.Great job on making this game dawinstone.
Very nice game. The English translation could use some improvement. This is not a pay to win game as I've beaten about 75% percent of it without much difficulty. (Edit) I've beaten the main story. Now I'm waiting for the sequel.
play this a while back on my old phone. after getting this one had to start a new game but I was very surprised and how much it updated. since then really enjoying this as a good time waster. keep up the good work guys
I'd give 5 stars, but the game could be easier to understand. 1:Needs a general inventory. To see your inventory, you must go into a combatant's equipment or the trader. 2:There's no easy way to compare firearms. 3:Does placing a backpack in storage or on a combatant do the same thing? I could write an essay on what this game did right, but the biggest things: Very little ads, & you activate them to get something. The tactics are a nice feature, & the guns are named & modifiable properly.
Best game ever,but its not thaf easy to get a suitable gun for another level completion and please,when in an operstion (Rico) and some other character use to leave the fire front and will stay by the side of the buildings without shooting and the combat use to leave the leader to shoot unneccessary WD or PB.but this is the best game i recomend you to download it
I say that the game is perfect, gameplay and the controls. The only thing I dont like is when your loading in or out of a game, it crashes.
Had issues, but Dawinstone was able to patch things up and fixed it with updates. Great game to play during the pandemic and it's fun trying to collect rarities of different weapons and gear. Thank you Dawinstone for the update, now I can play again.
I love this game 😍, Anybody can be the leader and anybody can use any gun to fight, I love the players and partners, and the gadgets, I bought a gadget that collects coin automatically but it isn't collecting coins automatically and I wasted 35 germs, not cool 😑, that's y give it 4 stars.
I've been playing other zombie games but it's not my type πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ but this... Damn cool man! It has units and a drone, this deserves to have a five stars,but.. Can you make the units five cuase I like five units and one drone that Will be awesome please 😦😦😦😦😦😒
I really love this game but I wish you could attack at all angles not just to your left and right but other than that super good game
I enjoy playing this game. Its quick and simple, but after the last update it just keeps on crashing. Lost alot of progress, even though i save the game after every mission. would give it 5 stars, but this issue really sucks. please fix.
Its a surprise, well done. Needs polish but devs definetly on the right track. I see constant updates and that is good. The arcade feeling is great. UI sometimes a bit crowded or resets after some comands, but is pretty intuitive and easy to get used to. The loot mecanic is really useful for grinding and a great option to get rid of excess loot. Most importantly, it is fun. More variarity with weapons, mods, how rooms and environment works, and exploration could be made. As a PC gamer πŸ’ͺ gg
This game is has a decent content, doesnt crash which is fine, it doesnt crash and most of fall,its not pissing me off pretty fair business model, overall dis game is pretty damn good for me! ^^ 8.10/10
A very fun game I especially like the buttons and I like how you can recruit other members to your team and basically go on missions it's a really fun adventure game and I like it
One of the best games I've played in a long time that could keep me successfully hooked. There seems to be a story but it's the Level Progressing and the Gear collection that'll keep you hooked for a pretty long time. Get prepared to watch endless ads but it's worth it if you get the gear. Prices are quite expensive else I would've bought some stuff. You'll get some quality stuff but that would mean you'll have to keep playing for months. Hope it's worth for that long..
Very nice game, the graphic is average but I like the style. Text have to be review as sometimes it's too small and hard to read, plus some info aren't that clear. My opinion the game is worth to be played 4/5
I was unsure about the game at first but turned out to be more fun, I will admit all the stuff they give you at the start does throw the difficulty off but other then that really fun shooter that requires planning and luck
The game is very cool. I just finished playing the other version today and i think playing this one is a lot cooler, but my problem is the with the darkness which closes in early. If it could be extended i will be glad.
This game is unbelievable. Superb graphics and like games so much like this. I play this game daily. Lastly there is a request this game is completed with everything but still if there can be a multiplayer mode or a different app for this as I only want a shooting game from you. You make veryyyyyyyyyy amazing games. Please we need more to stay entertained in lockdown.
It's extremely repetitive but not bad at all. I really wish you had more freedom to attack, since the AI isn't always the best at choosing targets (attacking a normal enemy instead of the boss), but overall I enjoy the game.
This game is awesome and it has the best gaming prepositional effort and it could be even better if it had multiplayer mode then it would be lit up like a rocket and one more this is I don't understand why the player can't move facing all directions like diagonally up and down but only horizontally
Really fun game I like when they make the animals soldiers and there's one thing I can ask tho in first you play the game it let's you guide to the main task or target but when you progress more in the game does it not guide you to the main target or task? Pls answer me devs I'm a new player and confused
Overall a really fun, creative take on a old genre of games. Seroiusly the amount of different features and weapons, and how the progression is set up. i would give 5 stars but I have consistently ran into a game breaking bug, alot of objects on screen turn to black blocks, even the background, structures, weapons, characters. everything but the hud can be affected and gets worse. if this changes, I will definitely rate 5 out of 5.
Overall, it's fantastic; very engaging, cool graphics, smooth animations, optional ads, etc. This game very fun, would very much recommend.
I really like the game but... I do have some recommendations, firstly can you make it so instead of attacking in one dimension you can atack in two dimensions, second can you make it so I can reload one team member instead of all three at once, and third and last can you make it so I can select a priority target that my team will atack first... other than that it's a really good game I like the animation and the graphics.
i have been very patient for over a week now and ive uninstalled to solve issue but no difference. after every mission the game crashes and i lose my progress. was a great game untill this problem occurred.
This game is a very good game and is needs more players, the game DOESENT give out many pop up ads than most games designed well the game is definitely worth a try! Just wish there are extra gold bonus for completing all tasks in one run. The game in my opinion deserved it's editors choice
The game is fun but user interface is too small for me to press a single button and the attacking is badly oriented to control because sometime you need to line up your shot and not fire a shot. Please fix.
Hello Developers, I Actually Love this game but there's one thing that you should fix, when i play and enter a building i sometimes see that there's some black stuff there and the characters/enemies appear to be black as well so i think its best if you could fix it. But I really enjoy the game still. Thank you.
it's a really fun loot game! you start with a decent weapon and its really easy to get gold, and it's not a pay to win. you only pay for cosmetics and you can find rare weapons so its not like you have to pay for them. over all it's a fun simple game.
This is a very fun game and i really recommend it to everyone else that likes intense squad fighting games. I have played this game for over a year and you even get free rewards for getting in the game! Its my favorite game. :D
EDIT 07/Aug/2019 - getting stuck in the loading screen more often now (before & after the mission). Team UI is still unresponsive, like sitting ducks and doesnt fight back under enemy fire. The update did not fix the previous issues. still at 1 star until these are fixed.
Amazing,adicctive I just beat the green zone queen,I love the art work,mechanical properties of the game and the dialog and the action and the cutseens and might I ad the AI is nothing like I've ever seen before,in all my years of gaming this takes the cake. I mean you guys already have the most prestigious app achievement in all of the app store so you people that made this great game thank you for your amazing effort and pure dedication and sheer will to pull through and make this game bye!
Good game. only one problem with it, when combining weapons 9/10 times you'll get a grenade launcher or a pistol. And it's repeated over and no matter what the luck percentage is.
really good game, but every time I use it, it will crash and not work. This problem started a mouth or two ago and it has just got to a point were I can't play a match without it crashing on the loading screan. So I can't get money to get gear and I can't play in general, can you, as the creator or creators please fix this. I really like the game, this is the only problem so I don't want to delete the game for it.
I like the game my only problem is I'm so unlucky in this game. When I turn it in Attack orientation it'll go in enemies even you're hacking, reviving or planting that's my only problem in attack orientation. In defense orientation same like in attack even you're doing something it'll move on itself when you get damage it'll automatically collect the med or armor. But when I turned off the semi-control I can't shoot while walking backwards, please make an option for at least on leader.
it was a good game until the recent update and now it just keeps crashing. I even uninstalled n reinstalled again and it still keeps crashing as soon as I try go to whatever map or place
A simple, fun game with likeable graphics and overall solid controls, if not a teeny bit wonky at times. It has a few issues, yes, like AI freezing on occasion, and abusing the roll / charge buttons to move away from doors and objectives like a hacking target without cancelling the timer, but it's still a very solid experience.
Updates are great except for when you do them every 2 or 3 days! And I see no change in the game for me. Now P2W! So to answer YOUR QUESTION about why I don't want to update so much which is what now u asked me. NO I DON'T THINK IT IS GOOD FOR SPACE!!! GET IT!! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN READY TO RELEASE THE GAME BEFORE did. It was no doubt on purpose. Now the game has become P2W. And it wasn't even that great in the first place. I have all kinds of things that needed fixing but none of that was done
Great game with amazing mechanics and fun customization options that never feel like they are locked from the player via adds, in-app purchases, and so on. Also has a desent story and interesting characters that you may or may not become attached to over time.
Everything went smoothly until I started this app and it take me to the main menu as always and then it started to kick me out saying "B2B Extinction keeps stopping" (*Much apply*) πŸ‘
Fun game and you can get gold coins easly and It is not like other games it doesn't have glitches and stuff and challenges the gammer besides it is not a waste of time and money
yes!! good game. but game is hard... but still good game i love it! but i. rate 4 stars because there is some bad things i dont like in game sorry. its so hard to make moneys in this game. every stuffs backpack and vests are so expensive... pls make little chep😁 but the good thing is i can play without internet so i can play anywhere i think game need some update... good! ps this is my first time write reviews so if i say rude im sorry
A really good game, but there are a lot of bug, weaponsmiths are unfair, raids are 3 times harder than the real thing if you don't have the weapons needed and there's a lot of bugs in Winter zone including the low durability vest glitch
pretty fun game! Unfortunately the game crashed and I lost a few hours of progress. Started recently so its a major setback. I'll increase my stars if this type of bug is prevented, or if it just doesn't happen again. Edit: Started using the manual save, so that should stop me from losing progress from crashing.
Could be better. The game itself is fun. Reminds me of a pc game which the name escapes me. Making guns is nice, 100gp, not bad. But to combine them, 90% success and 4/5 it fails? Really? Fix that. And no auto gold collect.... Really? Come on.
Pretty engaging, good graphics, simple gameplay loop, as usual shop items very expensive for real cash but you don't "need" to buy them.
Op game,but things are expensive oh my God they are so expensive you need to fix the combination rate the completing WD and everything like that they take super long time the characters are so expensive you can just buy like normal characters you can buy everything
It is a super fun game, it challenge's the knowlage of tactic's that you have with rapid zombies on top of you, i love the game play but the problem with the game is that the lore is... well empty, we get the part wear the human's make the zombie virus and threw it on the uhhh furries, I like to think that this game has ties to B.N.A on Netflix, but the lore is empty add some emotion to the game maybe like Rico killing his wife and child because they were zombies other than that the game is good