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Bad 2 Bad: Delta

Bad 2 Bad: Delta for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by DAWINSTONE located at 1307ho, 29, Dongil-ro 203ga-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
ok I downloaded the game and its really nice I like how the characters and bad guys can talk when your fighting keep up the good work.
hello dawinstone,great game loved the controls and the art style along with the animal characters.already unlucked all the heroes and beaten all campaigns and would like an exact release date on bad2bad extinction? by the way keep up the good work and good luck!Edit:hey any exact release dates I was told late November but I just want to know when,keep it up!
this game is great but there is some bug in it. at stage 17-18 i can't proceed forward because of the screen always freeze. so i still stuck in that same particular level for hours. please fix it
i really like this game after go to school come back home and i play it everyday i finish the chapters i buyed msg. beo and msg. dail i promise download this
this new update is terrible, it hangs any how. pls do something about it. i really love dis game, plssssss fix it
The gameplay is very unique, and was actually pretty fun. I liked that there was so much story that kept being told. Unlike the sequel that was repetitive and hardly told any story after long grinding. Controls and all were good, I do wish there was more customization and strategy. Mostly hop around and hold the shoot button while tapping cards. Fighting Donald Trump at the end felt insulting to the great President. So change who it the boss is. "Make human race great again." Lol...
It is a awesome game that i am still currently playing awesome storyline to the game so far and even better setup
I started playing the secong game first so i was confused. Dosn't make difference, i love this game.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž
Very fun and addicting game, only downfall I think is that this is very short (story mode) in my opinion. But the gameplay is fun, story so far is very good, and I love the fact that you fought a Donald Trump lookalike lol! Great game overall.
This is a lovely game. I have a request for the developer the you make great game and keep making but please make a 3d game I know it is hard but please try it.🍸🌹🌹🍸🌹🌹🍸 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 🍸🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🍸 🍸🍸🌹🌹🌹🍸🍸 🍸🍸🍸🌹🍸🍸🍸 🍸🍸🍸🌹🍸🍸🍸 🍸🎁😊❀☺🎁🍸
Not very strategic. Ads after each game is kind of excessive. Controls are awkwardly placed for the amount of tapping you need to do right next to it, which mean to stop firing if you go to activate anything. at the end of the day I like the style of game. But this one just isn't particularly fun.
this is a great game but their was something wrong with the game i feel like the story could of been better somehow. Beo story mode was a let down because (we the players) were hoping to know why beo betrayed them but instead it completely ignore that. alpha mode could have been better the story could of been switch were Delta squad was captured and alpha was the one that had to save them. beside that the gameplay is awesome and so is the graphics . i hope you take the time to read this.
I think the game could be better, maybe add story/side quest with a plot n twist so the game wouldnt be too repetitive n add some char development with active/passive skill n upgradeable weapon/gear/armor. the graphic is okay
Amazing its just that the backups die easily even when heroes cards comes as backup besides its amazing. Am about to download extinctionπŸ‘πŸ‘
A fun side scrolling shooter that lets you call in support units like soldiers, tanks and helicopters. This game does contain ads, but that is expected in a free to play, and as far as I have seen, all content appears to be unlockable without spending money. Ads can be permanently removed with a small, one time purchase.
I love the character designs hfdjdjejc althought the English seems to have some mistakes or distortion (?) but yeah, overall it's really good OwO
cant play at all. as soon as i click start game my battery magically drops to 0%. no other app i jave does this and each time i try it crashes my phone even at 100% battery life. sucks since this looked like fun
This a great game l ve been playing this for a month and the game is great but my mother uninstalled the game and my progress was also lost but I got my progress back when I installed and played again . There should be more modes because after completing the mode: alpha there no modes but the game is super awesome I love the game
While I start the game and when I finishes loading the screen goes black and it goes out of the game by it self please fix it please .I have played this game before and it is grate now that I can't play is I'm soon say :)
Fun and easy to pick up. Lots of micro-managing with the in game money, which can be confusing at first since cash in this game is done in a weird way. But what I hate is you cant afford any of the new characters. At least not one within the first several hours. they give you some free "Backup Heros" and 1 actual free scripted hero but even with all the "watch 30 sec videos for a very small cash amount that will take forever to add up to anything", you may never be able to afford but a single one
this is a very wonderful game , it full of action . what I like about this game is that characters are animal and as you play the game you discover different animals and the gets more as you unlock more stages
The game is very good and the graphics are amazing I like the game very much because it's very easy to play.
It's an amazing, fun game. The graphics are fine, not bad. The game focuses little on the story but the gameplay is fun. The music is fine too. However, the gameplay is repetitive and feels a bit stale as the player goes through the levels. The gameplay is the same and doesn't really change. Instead, it would be interesting if the gameplay changes in certain levels and if the game focuses more on the story, balancing between it and the gameplay. It would be astonishing if there are unique surprises in the sequel. All in all, this is an amazing game and it is a must-be-played game by everyone.
this game is awesome on it's own. done playing tho you can finish this in less that 5hrs if you're aiming for the story base because of the extinction. nevertheless, I love it guys. good job. keep it up.
Can you add a police part like say for all men 2000 coins to to buy so there's a big war zone and no other person can stop it so you get 4 slots to have hero's and better forces that you name.
It simple but interesting and unique shooter game, even though it feel strange using B coin as army fund. Also, this game really need an update! Its already a good game but u can still make it more better! At least make hero and equipment can change their design. It's more cool like that!
This game is the best offline game I have ever played Good graphics and controls,nice story and characters really cool.So,I would give it a five star.😍😍When you guys will release the third sequel of this game ? Please release it soon.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
[Updated Review] Hi! I got a great request, make a Campaign Mode, the mission is to rescue a Comrade in Mission 1, and you need to be stealthy. Mission 2 might be the Character and the rescued Comrade is on an helicopter, dodging rockets and attacking enemy fighters. Mission 3 should be hard and a bit long, like 1 hour or it depends how long the players will finish it, your friend got injured cause the fighters destroyed the copter and crashed landed in a jungle, good thing the pilot is alive, the player must protect the pilot and the injured friend, while getting chased by enemies, needs a GPS for the Allies can detect you. I got more ideas, feel free to ask me, I'm just gonna think more stuff. [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
The game is awesome . It is a tough long journey but the game is very good. I wonder if there will be Kilo Mode l. Please update the game very soon.
Nice ofline game in world. Best graphics and good controls. πŸ˜πŸ˜βœ”βœ”100 % take 5 stars ⭐ I wish please add play with friends online mode.
Wow, this game is lit. I love this game, and the interesting part is when you can deploy more commandos to cover for you. I give this game a very big thumbs πŸ‘ up.
Well I installed this game 2days prior to this review,,I'm a real hardcore console gamer Battlefield,gears of war,,n I honestly got nothing but great things,vibes n ton of fun with this game,,it reminded me of the short military animal animae (CatShit),,I loved to see more options for customizing,more weapons variety,more grimey looking graphics,better war type sound effects,and a crouch/prone opt,,with few more animals and some insects will be really awesome,with more vehicles for a river or sea stage,,a snow stage,desert stage and some dynamic weather effects,and opt to switch weapons,a demolition hero,and rocket launcher opt also,,just my ideas of what make it perfect,,it's unique hardcore militant addictive and just excitingly beautiful to play,,great job,,now make my wishes come true,thanks alot,,already showed my friends at the gym!!!
the game is fun like you can level up things and get animals as you go on the battle so 5 star rating
awesome game, the idea of animals as soldiers is awesome. If you like games like the original metal slug and megaman then this game is for you. I only wish there was a little bit more customization(a.e. colors, guns, and gear) but overall this game is awesome. I would also suggest another game in the series B2B Extinction.
Why in the h*LL do you have Trump as the main boss? I play video games to escape politics I don't play to join into your sick twisted game. I am a Republican and this is just said. For the record this game is horrible you really did turn it into a cash grab. IT'S a shame because the first one blow my mind i Loved the fact that you got to control a unit in a hostile territory surrounded by zombies and terrorists. But this game shows that your company gave up on what Us The People wanted.
This game is amazing whoever is reading this review download the game now or else you will be missing a great chance at lots of amazing fun I love the easy and hard choices you can pick the graphics are awesome I just love it.
bad 2 bad is awesome. i love platformer shooter games. this reminds me of metal slug a little bit but other then that great job and maybe update the b2b series like add a new character or more missions or like a double xp week that would be cool.
People are saying this game is boring but i don't think so all though it could be changed a bit, You could add character customizion, You could add a facebook login, You could add free roam. But other then that great game also i have a samsung galaxy J2 Pro so I'm not complaining about the graphics.
dawinstone thanks for making this such a peaceful society beatiful very excellent game i love it please will you make multiplayer mode it would be nice if u dont make it also no problem but thank you for making a very good game if you put multiplayer mode it will be nice thank you may god bless you
This is a really good game I would recommend to install this game. This game is totally free of ads if you turn on your Internet connection. Well great gameπŸ‘πŸ‘β˜Ίβ˜Ί
Damn cool game, was looking for a game like this but then I stumbled on B2B:Delta, I got it played it and in love with the game, great sound effects to make you feel like your actually in a battle zone and storyline was great just wish there was more of big story for BEO SHEPARD but otherwise 5 stars for you guys and pls consider making another one that maybe continues off this story pls. biggest regards
Loved the game and idea of animals as soldiers since some people use animals as code names or the video game Metal gear Solid also like the ending twist.
This game is amazing with good graphics, great storyline, and filled with thrills!!! Keep up!!! Also, on the game B2B Extinction, it won"t let me download it. :-D P.S, could you please give us more money when we complete missions? That would be great. :-P
A great and easy to learn game that also appeals to a furry like me, as you don't get many games like that. The main reason why I give this game 4 stars instead of 5: I actually paid the small price to remove ads, and yet I'm still getting ads! I'm not sure if it only gets rid of certain other ads or if it's just bugging out. I need confirmation before I keep or adjust my rate.
Update. Extinction had release to Thai store today. Thanks so much. -_-------------------- Is Extinction possible to service in Asia or Thailand store with English language? I had seen the news English had launch for some store. (Thailand still noy seen Extinction.
So, this is a very well built and designed game... but the writing and grammar and really something you need a LOT of work on. Bad grammar sucks the player out of the experience and makes you look lazy. Sorry but It's the truth and to all the people giving nothing but "omg this is so good! best game EVAR!!", you are not helping by giving no criticism that the creator can use to make a better game.
oh my gosh easy controls. i like how they use animals as military soldiers. its not like any other military game i ever played. its better than all of the military games. and when i say all i mean all
best....game ..... ever! I recommend dis game.....dis is the 3rd best game ever dat I have played....DOWNLOAD NOWWWW
Solid game reminds alot of those old flash games back in the day my only gripes with the game so far is that the price for new heros seems kinda steep I've already got three of them up to level ten and I'm on working on the alpha levels also how come the hunt mode says it's infinite yet ends immidiately after you best beo be nice if we're changed to actually be infinite like it says
I downloaded b2b :delta also B2B : extinction . I'm going to play them in chronological order . I'm praying for future add ons to the game. Like. A. B2B : 3
I love this game I just downloaded and have been playing for a little while and it's just as good as bad 2 bad extinction. I love the game please keep making more like these two games
I love this game! So cool man this game is the MOST BEAUTIFUL GAME IN MY LIFE thanks for creating this app keep it up!πŸ˜€
this game is so boring! sides roll staged based. shoot, reload, shoot, watch ads for gold, level up your heroes and your soldiers... the music is bad and it loops, you cannot customize anything in this game. i rather play cover front. to be fair, i played until stage 6 and i can't take it anymore...this game is so dull and boring.
very awesome game. graphics are good but could be slightly better. it'd be nice if you could customize your weapons and equipment. but over all a very good game. I'd leave 5 stars if you could add that in
It's a very great game Keep it up Please whoever reading this review download it to experience great combatπŸ‘πŸ‘
The story is amazing and the character design is really nice. The gameplay is easy to understand and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a high quality game. :)
This game is awesome, great story, I love the graphics, and the battles. I just finished the Delta Campaign, I can't wait to play Beo's campaign (I'm not sure if the name is correct), and the Alpha Campaign where you will use different characters. I want to play next is Bad 2 Bad: Extinction after completing this game. That's all and THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME GAME!!! I rated it 5 stars and I recommend this game for those who love to play strategic games.
It's a really fun and easy game and all around fun to play that in the animals that are really cute and to add to that the action it is really nice as well all in all 10 out of 10!!!
*PERFECTION* i changed my mind...but hopefully make it a bit easier.....and will it have a multiplayer mode someday?? *hopefully XD*
The game is real nice and relaxing is ok but the gun I think they reduce the time space at which the gun takes to reload.. other than that I love the game...
I just love the vehicles and heros and weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍