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Bacon – The Game

Bacon – The Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Philipp Stollenmayer located at Vorm Erle 3 64560 Riedstadt. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It seems like when i try to throw it low it goes high and when i try to throw it high it goes low i broke my phone at this i smashed it on a table but they dont ask for any permissions and their are not any ads and it is funny it is addictive and i enjoy it overall good game :edit BACON!
It's ok, like in one of the levels, it states that some levels are super easy, and others are rage indusing. I found this to be true. I like the idea, but there are some problems with it that could easily be avoided. Like when the bacon comes out on the hand, sometimes it spazzes out and makes it impossible to use that piece. I'm not saying it's a bad game, but I'm not saying it an amazing game ither.
Just fun n simple, yea there's a decent bit of ads but they aren't too frequent and are always skippable or you can go into settings and there's an option to just make them banner ads which I appreciate. Funny game, good but frustrating way to pass time.
Really good game. One think I would add though is a "dark mode" option, which would basically change the background to a dark brown or any other dark colour (I'd appreciate it for my midnight game night XD)
I am really happy about this game! My sister and I had a good laugh about it. The only reason why it gets 4 stars instead of 5 stars is that there is only a certain amount of levels. After a few days of concentrated bacon flipping, the fun was all over. A message to the developer; please add a new level everday! It would be hard, but it would be more popular if you did. (:
Life changing Truly a beautiful game, the bacon can be cooked to perfection, the objects to toss it on are various and joy inducing. Simple, minimal, perfection.
omg this game is so good i loveeee it jk i hate it jk i like it but im not aesthetic so ya its pretty fun and epic and cool
Best game I've ever played. Honestly playing this has been a life changing experience. If you haven't downloaded this game, then you need to seriously reevaluate your life.
Although this game is hard but it is fun to play, I wish they made the same game but different types of food. Other than that its a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
So, basically 220 levels... and then starts "bonus levels"... And so far I've completed Bonus Level 46 and keeps on going? This is mpre annoying that your ads. Although I chose the option for the ads to be displayed at the bottom, game never crashes, guves you the freedom to play and play with no interruptions but come one... Too many bonus levels. If you wanted to keep the game, you could have put more designs instead of chat bubbles to make it (pfff sure) "interesting".
Too many ads. Game is designed to milk ad money. Lots of extremely easy levels in sequence to get the user hooked, then game throws you a level that requires extreme precision (a lot of attempts) -- every few failures a big ad shows up.
Help me. I can't stop. It's an endless loop of flipping bacon onto silly things. It's insanity. It's mad. It's mentally draining. But yet I always return. I've lost 7 girlfriends in total due to this game. I got a therapist for this and she left without a trace a day after seeing me. This game drives me crazy. I scratch my neck until it bleeds while I'm just flipping bacon onto a picture of the Mona Lisa. They know I hid that body under the floor boards. They hear the heartbeat. I can't do this.
This game is amazing! You can spend hours playing it! Great for road trips and fun to play with friends!
It's really fun and even though their is no point to it for some reason it's still interesting and fun I really recommend this game I can say it nice to play whenever ur just bored
I like I unlocked the endless chat leavels but when I Completeld the level it keeps on teleporting me back to level 60 pls fix this
I see other people saying there's to many ads but there dumb because you can play this game without wifi or anything i would say its 5 🌟 hope this is helpful 😃
Honestly, hilarious, creative, and a great time killer! I wasn't expecting this game to be this much fun. Pleasantly surprised, especially by that classical song at the end of each level! Cracks me up each time, well done on that. It can be a bit frustrating at times, when the bacon simply doesn't want to land on the target, but what's a good game without a little challenge, eh? Marvelous work, love it.
This is seriously bad like some levels are literally impossible so we have to watch an add to skip it so they get more money that's not ok
Would be fun if it didn't lag so much. Everytime the border ad changes, it stutters just enough that it messes up your timing. Fix lag and will be 5 stars
It's a very fun game Very creative, I have never seen another game which is all about throwing bacon onto our into stuff... There is also alot of levels when you think 'why am I playing this?' because it is so weird, but every time I think this, I start another level and forget about it. Good job Philipp Stollenmayer! Overall very fun game and I highly recommend it.
Honestly, I love the game. Got 5 people at my work to stay playing it. And i would happily give it a 5 star of it wasn't for the fact that the game runs worse than the banner ads at the bottom of the screen. First 50 or so levels worked fine. The next hundred after that have all suffered from crippling frame lag. For the devs: I'm on an lg g6 with nothing else running and brighness at a minimum. Unfortunately it is the game its self because the ads don't lag either. Edit 1: the frame rate is much worse with ads with the "shimmer/shine" on the install button
So much depth. The story was immaculate, Impactful. The physics could be tweaked but other then that.. amazing, outstanding. The art is just simply better then most console games out there today. I cannot praise this game enough. Well done. And have I told you about the story? The journey Mr. Bacon went through was so emotional. Inspiring. It inspired me to never give up. And when your falling down just teleport your way back onto the frying pan and bounce yourself back up. A true journey. 15/10
it releives all me stress wen i hit that stick of bacon up in the air onto the iffle tower on level 6ix 9ine and it just make me feel prideful and happy to be on earth serving the Lord. My friend gibby steve (aka. young dezz) inspired me to play this game and told me about the stress it relieves off of me. I hope to inspire people to play this game like gibby steve inspired me. shoutout to all my bacon players to keep up the good work and bake that bacon with a oak tree wooden skillet. peace!!
Love this game, although some of the levels can be very tricky to work with, the graphics have the flash look to them, or atleast to me they remind me of flash games If your looking for a game to preoccupy yourself with, this would be an amazing choice
The current status of the mobile market has caused me to overlook this gem of a game. It's perfect! The gameplay is simple, the concept is original, it's actually enjoyable, it's clever in everything it does, there are no disruptive ads, and there are no in-app purchases. The game is also honest to its players as a result of having zero in-app purchases for them to mindlessly spend away on. I salute you in your app-making endeavors and hope to see more from you soon.
It is a great game, but there is one problem. Once I got to the bonus levels, every time I would finish one, it would go back to 44 every time
Pros: This is a pretty fun game. I really enjoy a good problem solving esque game, and this was one of em. I loved playing this for the time I had it until I later deleted it for these reasons. Cons: It was very laggy. I couldn't enjoy the game because it kept freezing up. Another huge problem was this one ad. I usually never get mad at ads, but this one was placed at the bottom, where most people tap because we have a habit of typing at the bottom of their phones. I almost always accidentally got sent to a site during my time playing. These hassles made me not want to play anymore, thus making me want to uninstall the app. I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy the app, but I hope this gave you an idea of the app. Thank you for your time. 😅~Emma
This game is...amazing... It's just the right amount of difficult. Some levels would make me rage but the game is so stupid (in a good way) that it's just amazing. And there I'd a skip button which is good. The only suggestion I have is to add different sound effects when the bacon hits different objects
The game is filled with funny and unique ideas, as well as a grand sense of humor, which all have the special quality to keep you wanting more. The level difficulty doesn't seem to be organized, which I find to be quite enjoyable, as it has a slight surprise to it. The graphics are cute and the controls are easy. The game interacts with your phone, e.g.: The battery level, which I thought was an amazing feature. I highly recommend this to everyone. Great job, Philipp Stollenmayer! :)
This game is one of the best! It's a great time killer but some of the levels are pretty difficult but overall not to many ads like most games and its really fun! Hope this review helps! I really reccomend playing this!
This game is great, because all the levels are unique example level 52 your battery is the level. the more battery you have the more bigger the game battery is. What I'm saying this is a great game.
I've been really liking this game, playing it whenever i have spare time. I managed to get to level #100 in 3 days, but the levels seemed to get too hard to continue (without watching an ad to skip). The Food Pyramid i thought was impossible! I got my bacon on the point of the pyramid, and it stayed there for about 3 seconds but the photograph wouldn't appear. My bacon then slid off so i skipped it. Then straight after is the level called The Remote That Is Always Too Far Away, and that's where i gave up. I could have obviously skipped the level but i don't like doing that. It's a fun, simple, funny game that i probably took too far, but i've definitely enjoyed it :)
All in all I thought this game was fun. Some of the levels are difficult, but some are easy. But isn't that every game usually? That's what makes this game fun. To see what everyday thing you get to chuck bacon on,lol. Got to have some skill to kill it in the skillet 😂 UPDATE the last two bonus screens the maker of the game says he wasn't able to clear the last two. Well I cleared them. It is possible. Takes time, but it is possible. Fun tho.
Level1 put the bacon on the burger. Me: ok pretty good . Level2 put the bacon on the ketchup. Me: did I hear that right? Level3 put the bacon on the dog. Me: ok?......
This app is very fun I love playing it , some are hard but some are easy You should play it now is very fun !!!
I absolutely love this game! I also like how the ads are short so I can play away and not waste my time watching ads.
Bacon was a really fun time killer except for the power outlet level which seems almost impossible to beat, i h jave skipped it and when i got to the endless chat i went back to complete it but i can never seem to do it. Also i love the visual details and eggs in the game. Hint: in the bae-can level tap the button that usaully would release the gas and a small doodle of a stick figure will appear next to the souz pan. It can't help you win the game but i like it.
Other than the cashgrab levels, which are impossible to pass, and just make you watch ads, is quite enjoyable.
While the game was fun when I first opened it, opening it a second time just caused it to lag greatly. And now it just lags all the time. Dont know if it's the animated ads like someone else said or if this is just a minor problem that can easily be fixed. Either way, please try to get it fixed asap. The lag does make the game harder for people to play.
Developers like voodoo and so should really take note on how much love and care games should have. Simple, yet beautiful and creative. As good as bacon.
I love this game. it's strangely addicting and funny. I just have one question, where is all the bacon I've dropped?? 🤔 I would love to see a bacon counter added. Update- I've officially beat the bacon and run out of things to throw bacon on. 😢 I need more things to throw bacon on!
I love this game! I made a comment 2 years ago saying the game sucks, today I was playing again and found that same comment of mine on Level 14 (An Honest Review) with my old username and everything (AlvinDelgado26) - I still can't believe it LMFAO😭😭
I love this game, its so simple, weird, and challenging that its perfect for me and my friends, as well as whenever im bored
Too many ads. Even when playing on airplane mode to avoid them, ads of the dev's other games pop up IN THE MIDDLE of the level. Dude, just no. That's absolutely obnoxious. The game itself is kinda fun/funny and absolutely pointless, so it's OK to kill some time with. Some levels are too hard and you get annoyed. Would have rated higher if not for the obnoxious intrusive ads.
Love this game to bits. It's a great bit of fun when your bored but even on my OnePlus 6 I notice slowdown whenever you hit the piece of bacon with enough force to stretch it. I've also noticed that a new ad popping up causes slowdown too. A little optimization and this game would be a hugely deserved 5 star. Everything else is wonderful. The humour, the level design (even though it may be brutally difficult at times) and the simple mechanics. Great game, I would sincerely recommend it.
I normally don't leave reviews, but this game is too good not to leave a review! If the app was just a picture of a piece of bacon it would still be five stars. I only don't agree on level #25, bacon should not be thrown into a toilet.
So I loved this game on 2019 and yeah- after i got a new phone I just for got avbout this game and now I finaly found this again and decided to donwload it back. This game is funny, simple and fun! It's also a good game to kill time with. I suggest people to play this game!! :)
This game is fun if you are bored if your on the bus going home this is the game to play iys so fun and weard 😁😁😁10/10
Very fun little game. One thumb tap to flick some bacon onto various things, but it does get hard. Luckily this game didnt fall into the pitfall mistake most games make, that when you fail you get a "game over, retry?" screen. Quick games like this don't benefit from that style of failure, instead as soon as you lose the bacon a hand comes from off the screen eager to drop more bacon for you! The ads are the small ones that sit at the bottom of the screen and don't pop up fullscreen every five seconds, so that's nice. Lots of people rating this poorly because it's "laggy and hard". I honestly have no idea how this game could even lag a phone, a Nokia brick could run this. As for difficulty, if you rate a game poorly because youre not patient enough or good enough then that's your problem, not the game.
fantastic game honestly. there is nothing bad about this game and bacon would probably taste delicious. the chandelier level was pretty frustrating and i had to skip it.
It's so fun and I don't know why I deleted this game before but it's amazing you can control if you want to watch ads or just see the below!!!👍😀
The game itself is fine, but I wish the adds would be before or after a level, rather than just popping up mid game, kinda frustrating.
Good simplistic game. Shame it has to be ruined by intrusive ads. Back in my day there were no annoying ads that pull you out of your experience.
Help I hate this game but I can't stop playing it. The levels are so difficult I throw my phone at the wall on a regular basis, I sometimes break out into a shouting raving rants in public places, and the neighbors have called the cops on me for the noises coming from my home. I have two choices continue to flip bacon or commit suicide by disemboweling my self in a bath tub filled with ice
It took me a bit under 10000 bacons to beat the game. That last level made my will waiver but I perserved through the anguish and now have ascended. Not a single skip was used.
Great game would recommend to anyone. Love the fact that it's about bacon. So few adds they're early popping up distracting me from the game play.
The game is really fun. Like, really, really fun. But the thing is, like pretty much everyone else who has left a review on this game, I have the same problem; the app becomes severely laggy every time an ad shows up (which isn't that often, compared to a lot of other apps, but it's still pretty infuriating to have this kind of lag and slowness in a game once every 3 minutes or something). This really hinders the user experience. It's just bad optimization. Fix this and it's a definite 5 star game!
This is my fav game not many ads evry level is poaible and i realy enjoy this game defently worth installing. I would recomend this to a freind ir someone.
I've had this app before, i finished it. But the next time i installed it, it won't even let me use the pan. Very disappointed.
It's all right. A good time waster. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to actually improve at the game. I have discovered various techniques to launch the bacon at different trajectories. However, most of the time the bacon doesn't actually work. It is very inconsistent. Sometimes it caves in in itself on a pan launch that other times would make it go flying. The whole game is just find a good technique to use for the current level and then praying the bacon actually works how it is supposed to.
Everything in this game screams lazy, every drawing is garbage and could be made better from a 3 year old, and the only good drawings are ripped straight from google. But who cares since you got your paycheck! I feel like most of the playtested levels were just "yeah it looks possible." instead of actually being tested. The controls dont respond well, and it feels liks rng whether my shot will make it. Remove this app or make it actually good, just putting bacon in it doesn't make it any better.
I love it but it would be great if a replay option was added after every item. I find myself replaying the same thing over and over to get the perfect picture, replay after every one would make that easier and faster. Also maybe a menu to look back, one that you dont gotta scroll through one at a time. Other that that great game I can't wait to give it 5 stars when a replay option is added
I got this game with a low expectation thinking it was gonna be some stupid game that with no meaning, don't get me wrong this game has no meaning but, it's interesting and rather fun and the music that comes on when you complete a level is great. I will continue to play this game for a long while!!! GUCCI JOB on this GUCCI game!!!
Good game for some reason I wrote the comment that is in the game my gamergate thing is krazyreaper17496 so sorry for that it was years ago omggggg thinking about this. I'm famoussssssss thank you soooooo much for putting me in this game I am sooooo thankful :):):):):):):)::))::)
This is a great app, not many ads and the controls are easy. It's not laggy at all though based on the device you have, like if it's older it may be laggy. It helps pass time and it's quite funny. Only thing is that some levels are easy and some are very hard but you can skip levels by watching an ad
BEST GAME EVEEEEEEER!!!!! Just the ads are frustrating. But theres not that many so 5 staaaaars!!!!! I highly recommend this game!! Download it nooooow!!
Guys if you see this you have to download it it fun at i love this game i play it all the time but sometime it hard wich some games are so it fine
This is the best game I think I have ever played. The only thing is their is just too many ads. Every time I get to flip a piece of bacon, it lags because of the ads. Please remove them I'll give you a 5 star ;)