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Backpacker™ - Trivia Travels

Backpacker™ - Trivia Travels for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by WeAreQiiwi Interactive AB located at Stora Torget 3 44130 Alingsås. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is indeed knowledgable. But it gets really on my nerves when most of the 'job' questions are about the US. People around the world are playing this game and you expect to know all the info about US? And US is the ONLY country in the world to use miles and farenheights. Try using kilometers and degree celsius instead. People around the world will then enjoy the game better. I would definitely not recommend this game to anyone. This game is literally horrible.
I am loving this game! I'm so horrible at geography and this game is very educational. It has maps, locational trivia (all kinds of trivia really), goals to meet, if you get a question wrong it will ask you again later which is so helpful in retaining knowledge. My only grievance is i wish there was a way to include friends and maybe help eachother get goals or give gifts or earn coins or something cooperative like that.
Not as good anymore. Used to like this game there's still lots of kinks to work out, game is constantly having to reload which is extremely annoying. Job wheel thingy is AWFUL, rubbish, trying to complete a job chain is completely impossible now because of not being able to pick your own jobs.
I discovered this game recently and I gotta say I love it. Super fun awesome graphics and interesting information. Being in the travel industry and not working because of circumstances it gives joy to travel in this game
Really pissed off with the new upgrade. It's horrible!! And glitchy!!! And no more passport and newspaper, so you can't pick the jobs you want to do, you have to spin for it. What have you done to this once amazing super fun engrossing learning game!!!!!!!!
It's a fun way to learn about the world, however tbe game has some glitches that need fixed, i.e. pictures aren't always available when asked about in questions, some questions go faster than can reasonably be answered and I've lost bucks when tge game froze and I hit the button more than once to make it worked. Otherwise it's ok! Now with the new update I'm not as happy with the game.
giving 4 stars even though it's the best game I've played on android. bp tickets get sometimes too hard to collect and i have to stay in a city after i complete everything except for a landmark. this issue just took up a few in game days, since there's nothing else than that landmark to do, i rarely play just to get enough bp tickets to complete the landmark
I used to love the old "Backpacker" PC games and this game brings back some wonderful memories. It's cute and quirky and entertaining. The only negative is that the trivia questions are so ridiculously USA centric - regardless of where in the world the player is in the game - that I have to wonder if the authors have heard the breaking news that internet and mobile phones actually exist outside of North America. (No really, they do, I swear)
The concept has a special appeal to me but unfortunately it constantly loses internet connection while playing, which in turn causes me to lose energy points and also games with others. It sometimes even loses touch responsiveness. Was really looking forward to enjoying a good trivia game but this has lead to an absolutely infuriating experience after just 1 week of playing.
Really? You had an upgrade after my review and I had such high hopes. But no, 3/5 questions are still about flags! What happened to the original great trivia game that I recommended to my friends??? Just lazy. Yet the interesting questions still exist in weekend quests and jobs. But try to get 20 questions in a row to get through Barcelona without knowing the flag of Navu? Not going to happen! Update: the excessive flag questions seem to have gone. 2020/08/08 Nope, they're back...
great game so far I've visited 4 places its not too hard and not to many ads im learning lots about other countries and the mini games are fun
I like the game and I like the concept but it is 80% about America, the presidents, the states, the fotballers, the flags...Isn't this a world wide game? Frustrating after asking who played what game of American fotball for what team in the 1920 after the election of what president. I'd like more generalizations of worldwide questions. Same in the jobs.
Use to love this game! No passport now, dumb spinner to get jobs without seeing your history for the jobs, creators are more greedy asking to pay for jobs unavailable that day, no more visual (passport) to see city progress... most ridiculous update ever. Incredible game with learning aspects but now completely ruined. Looking for a better game now!
Game and format is fun but it's apparent the questions have been written by someone for whom English is a second language. Some of the questions are way too specific and you would have to be an expert just to pass the beginner level, for example there was a question about how long a certain drug stays in your system, who would know that, with 80 to 90% pass rate required it's nigh on impossible to pass first time. Was fun for two days then deleted. Ps, over£120 to play this game for a year!!!
Mostly the game play is fine, though some questions are a little odd or only tangentially related to the subject, but they also provide no way to report bugs and there is currently a major one in the event they're running which is extremely frustrating.
Played this game on Facebook & I loved it. I learned things about the places you travel to in the game in didnt know before. GREAT GAME GLAD TO SEE IT ON ANDROID! GREAT GREAT WAY TO LEARN SOME HISTORY OF EACH PLACE YOU VISIT
Have been playing for almost a year now and really appreciate this game still. Got my mom in to it too. Great trivia game with a geographical twist.
It used to be a great game. Educational, easy to navigate, nice looking UI. Now it's trash. Don't bother. The stupid job wheel, the loss of the passport, no use for tickets that I spent so much to upgrade my guitar for. After I finish Advent, I'm uninstalling.
Love the game. BUT right am not happy with it. Finishing up the last couple of cities and had to hold to Mexico for the statue to sell in Dubai. To travel in the global view over 57000 so an collecting money. For the pass 5 days it has been available in the travel centerand globalview for just over 16000 so I collect enough to travel there and now it's not available and the global view price has gone back up to the 57000. Not a happy backpacker right now.
Cool game. Would give 5 stars if it wasn't for the America bias in some of the job categories. For example, who outside the US know about US sportscasters? No one. Changing down to three stars now I've played the game more. You spend so much time trying to get enough tickets it takes some of the fun out of the game. I know it's designed this way to make you spend real money but still.
Was a good game, now it sucks. the graphics look they are for 5 year olds. The wheel for jobs is the worse thing that happened to this game. You would be able to pick which job you wanted to do, now you are forced to play whatever comes up on the wheel. I will no longer play this game unless they change it back. Don't download this game, it is horrible.
It's a nice game, funny and easy to play. It's easy to gain energy and to make money. The only issues are the jobs, where the questions regard for the most part facts, people, items, events etc. based on US general history or common knowledge. It's a bit annoying because it's difficult to get several of the diplomas.
Amazing yet infuriating. Love this game and it's great for increasing your gk but it's so infuriating that we can't get enough tickets! Barely get a couple of tickets after each task and yet each sight demands 4+ tickets!!! And you have to get all answers correct to finish the sight so you end up visiting there multiple times. Each time spending so many tickets. Change this aspect of the game to make it more user friendly.
Interesting and informative but nearly all questions are for an North American audience. Seems like the question maker forgott all about the rest of the world. Which is a bit strange for a Backpacker game
Well, I did love this game. The updates make it ridiculous! Now you push a button and you travel to the place! Before it was realistic you had options to travel just like in real life and you had to wait until city's popped up (now that was annoying)but instead of taking out days of our city not showing up on the travel board they took out the authenticity of the backpacking game with little touches like that and the passport.
It is a fun game for the beginner/younger people. It has more historical questions based on cities landmarks, sites, and buildings. This is a great learning tool. I probably would have enjoyed it more, but I am in Archaeology, so the information base in this game is common knowledge to me.
When started the concept and looks was very nice. Looked forward to playing. However, had to restart 4 times within the first half hour as it crashed and many time when I will click on the landmarks to play there was no response. The times it worked it was mostly US based question but I guess this is a US backpacker game. In overall, I don't think this game is playable since it has stability issues.
I had given the game 5 stars but since I decided to go premiim I haven't had what was promised. I am supposed to get more daily rewards but have nt had any since I started to pay and thats the main thing with premium. Also it says watch an add after diploma to get 25 % more money but it never does usually only 20 coins or so . I tried to complain via messenger and get a standard we ll get back to you etc but nothing. I am paying for this but i will stop soon if I don't get what I paid for.
A great travel experience for the entire family but especially for school ages. Has country/city sites and trivia, job trivia, money management, travel booking, etc.
Guys I swear that I do not understand why you ruined a perfectly working game. The new interface is slow and the design is for 4 years old. Also some.pics ( like the ff button when you are robbed) are at a low res, and some pic are incomplete or overlaping themselfs. It is/was a culture game with a nice interface you do not need to make it cartoon-ish. I understand that the new social mentality force you to make it in such a manner that everyone can win but..that's the trick, not everyone should. I want the old version back
Good game, but since the update there are way too many ads. Also why do you now have to watch an ad before sleeping on the street? That seems like a really unfair addition. I know ads are how the game is paid for, but that is just a really mean addition to the game.
This game was fun earlier. But after the big update it become unrealistic. Please atleast bring back the passport and different travel modes (bus,air,train etc.) to choose. After the update, there are less choices. The old newspaper was better than the spin wheel to get a job.
Best travel trivia game imo. Love the fact that you get to "travel the world" and learn about other cities. Awesome to collect souvenirs. I've only got a few cities left. Hopefully the devs add another city soon. Great game.
I was very happy intil the Harry potter quiz gave me wrong for answering there are seven books in the series wich is actually correct. There are 8 movies and 7 books and the question asked for books nit movies. Developers should really fact check.
It is a very interesting game? Some of the questions are way to difficult but it is nice to learn new things? My question for you are Why there so many questions about USA? Is the game mainly for American?
Hey, i just started this game. I love the concept!! Turns out, I didn't know much about Rome. Hahaha. I think this game is good for kids as well, so long you guys dont mess about with too much ads etc. Good job!! I'll keep playing for now
I've played this game since 2017. I got frustrated and uninstalled it after getting robbed while sleeping on the street for almost $7000, and I had protection. I wouldnt have done it had i not had protection! That is really maddening when it takes such a long time to grind for money AND tickets in this game if you can avoid buying it. It just isn't worth my time anymore
Love the game...I don't know where to request support. My map of Cape Town never loads and always has a wifi signal as the . Leaving and returning to the city does not reload maps.There is some glitchy things that happen- a window that wont go away, I have to try leaving screens because the window x button isnt working... how do I resolve these issues....esp the loading of the map for Cape Town...originally visited and my wifi connection got lost...giv8ng me the same error with good connection.