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Backgammon Stars, Tavla

Backgammon Stars, Tavla for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Dgton located at 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The first layer of Backgammon Star game is well designed, the moment you login..you can see all the information and instructions clearly, no need to navigate from one checkbox to another
The programmer did an amazing job. Great game. Lots of fun. Seems to have occasional glitch with server. I lost 20k twice which was blamed on my network, however I was streaming and no glitches with it. So not sure what happened. Very addictive. Do wish could win more coins every 6 hours.
An entertaining game. Quite an addiction and easy to move up the levels if you have understood the trick of playing it. Very enjoyable.
The game started off well before I discovered that dice always get rolled against you once you get stuck: - doubles get rolled not in your favour when you are trying to get in - once you are "uncovered", you get beaten exactly then And such similar unpleasant experience. Few of my friends, who I got hooked up on this game, experience exactly the same and stopped playing. If not fixed, guess better to look for a new app.
Boring ads after every game, even the app is not starting without ads. Double the bet option should be available in the beginning, otherwise you dont know how much you loose. Dices are not random. The rest is a practical backgammon game. Her oyun arasında reklam bayıyor. Program reklam izlettirmeden açılmıyor. Bahisi katlama da sonuç belli olunca kullanılıyor. Bir kaç elden sonra x2 kullanım dışı kalmalı. Zarlar rastgele değil. Gerisi bildiğimiz pratik tavla oyunu.
The game has a great interface, I have been playing the Backgammon Stars game for a very long time now. Glitches do occur but those are rare situations
It is a great backgammon game. Fun to play with a real person. Just started playing it so far it works well, lots of fun maybe addicting
seems my 1st review was deleted. game sucks. every person you play is lvl 20+ and has the best luck % ever. they roll lots of doubles and numbers they need and you role low numbers and alost never the number you need. once you bust you balls and get a good set up, the tides change and oppenent rolls what he needs. then proceeds to double you up which then makes you either accept his double up or forfite game. i posted a review 10 mins ago and then went and played 1 more game. same situation. FU!
I don't know if I am inherently the most unlucky man alive but I only win one out of ten games. And I used to be a master at this game...on a board. I have to wonder about the dice rolls given by the game.
Dices are jerks, many things are in-game purchase but all around its iteresting game for ones who dont tilt too much unlike me..
Shity game. My "opponents" were the luckiest players in the world. I lost 20 consecutive games in a row. I was blocked in any position. After you accept a double, just can not win. You will be a loser. The dices are "dirty". Don't recommend!
Very bad game because it is very clear that I am playing with computer who controls the dice and the managers of the game are cheating because it happens many times when i start to win the game they freez it and i lost ...and sometimes double score ... i am asking the play store managers to delete this game from the list because it is a shame . After all this they banned me because i said so 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Looks great, plays great, this is a fantastic Backgammon Stars game and I love it, irrespective of whether I win or lose!
Graphics are rather kindergarten. No pip count. Doesn't show how many doubles. Chat is only available AFTER the game, not during. Doesn't make sense. Despite numerous suggestions for improvement, they've just replied "can't please everyone". Clearly they have no intention of making this a world class app. It's a fun game and not as ruthless as Backgammon Live.
I had never before strategised so much for a game, it's nice and a challenging game,thank you for creating such a wonderful game Backgammon ❤❤
VERIFIED NOT RANDOM DICE !!! Cheating Terrible Not Random Dice Rolls !!!!! Lots of glitches taking all your coins away when you get to a high level.This game looks good graphics wise, but the dice roll is not random. 1 Star Game or Less !!!! This game sucks !!! 🤯
I love playing backgammon but I was getting frustrated with the cheating on the other backgammon apps. So I went in search for a game with a real random dice generator and a game that isn't constantly shoving ads in your face and here i am although I've only been enjoying this game for a couple days it has everything i was searching for in a backgammon game. So if your sick and tied of those other stingy cheating backgammon games online come and play Backgammon Stars, Talva by Cem Ozturk. Hope 2 c Ü there.
I understand there are ads but FFS!!! Do they honestly need to be 1min long??? NO ONE IS BUYING AN APP GETTING PISSED OFF HAVING TO SIT THROUGH 1MIN ADS AFTER EVERY GOD DAMN GAME! How difficult is it to get advertisers to lessen ads. Apart from this the board and points need to be more defined. Appindia has better graphics but their algorithms cheat repeatedly eg. opponents rolling sometimes more than 6 doubles per game and perfect rolls every time to hit you. This game seems more fair
I personally think that it's a good game over all....if we talk about the syntax and the maintenance it's literally the best
This is an awesome game, first one I've ever taken the time to write a review about. It's really addicting too, but a good way to relax . 100% would recommend. 👍
Please cancel this dirty game. Their owners created a previous game and it was canceled without regard to the efforts of the participants. In this game, they control the gain and loss of the players in a dirty and exploitative way.
Over , and over and over and over ,I have my opponent beat clearly and they double their bet and go on to dice doubles after doubles. My last game they hit 3 double 6's in 4 turns. Cheating bastards
this is so rigged, team dice is set to win 90% of the time with the developers bots, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! game sux
I have given 5 stars initially but now reduce to 1. We cannot skip the ads after each game which is a lot annoying and preprogrammed dices are not fair. Soon I'll be deleting my account.
Great game. Easy to pass time with. I like the fact that I don't get stuck on one level. Will definitely continue playing it.
Great game!! Its nice to play with random throws and against different levels! Easily get coins to keep playong without spending.
I really like the diverse selection of backgammon games!! It's like opening mind to new possibilities!Something new to learn
this site has a nice set up BUT each game ánd the dice are totally programmed leading to the most extreme and frustrating situations. Such a pity... i lóve backgammon but this is too ridiculous! Why not real random dice ??? plz let me know!
Pay to win game with full of bot/fake accounts. Dices are fully programmed, Also sound effects are not original, probably infringing intellectual property rights. Dice and game crashing several times. And they are organizing tournaments lol, overall bad game removing.
If the internet connection is lost or if their server goes down you lose your game AND you lose twice as many coins. Not fair!
I have never played another backgammon game with this bad fixed dice. If you might lose all your coins, the fixed dice will make you lose them all so you might purchase and let them make money
fun game. good interface and always someone to play with. used not to have ads, now it has way too much of thdm. quite a shame.
A really well-executed game and I like the theme. It takes a lot to come up with this kind of stuff, I like the fact that the guideline appears quickly when you want to learn how to play the game. Good job Backgammon Team!
I give this 5 stars for only 1 reason. In my experience so far, It has the best random number generators of any backgammon game I have found. And that makes all the difference in fairness, not the tyranny of A.I. exploring itself arbitrarily.
You can't use this with one finger to slide into another piece . Very slow and very mundane at pressing so many times . Worst graphics ever devised . Why do we have to press the top stone ? So perdantic
once the game determines you will lose the opponent will get doubles from start to finish. or for example if you need a certain number like let's say 4 you can go rolling 8-9 rolls and not get that number and by that time its game over. this just isn't the case in a real backgammon game. theres more wrong with this game but I just cant be bothered to go through it all
This game cheats to get you to buy more coins. I had 700,000 coins lost it all and never won more than a few games in three days!!!!! Every time player asked to double bet it got double 5s or 6s. RIGGED. No way i lost almost every game in three days!!!!!!! Dont waste your time. You say I won many games lol. That's why I went from 700,000 to nothing in 3 days. Just another app to get people to want to buy to play. I have even played a game with someone who had the same name as the developer.
They have some very good colors of dice, however they are available at a cost! Just a suggestion - if you could make them free depending upon the coins earned
For beginners the beginner level is good to start with. It starts easily and then quickly picks up! Great App!
The game froze and I lost 20,000 coins. I would like them back please. I tried your support team and it wont let me in
Losing streaks way out number win streaks. Over a large enough data set as well. Seems fair though but strategy with coin games play lower levels until you have about a 20 to 1 risk ratio on your stack. Then one might better the 4 to 6 games losing in a row. 500 games played.
too slow players . no blocking option . fake dise computer rolling and it taks over your game . the most worse backgammon ever . 90% of the players are fake that's why they dont have the blocking option . tables are from 1k jumping to 10k and you are not aloud to choose the 1k table after you reach 100k yet players with millions can still play with you in the 10k !!! what a waste full of rubbish game hh! blocked my account cause I wrote my opinion!!wish Google store choose more profisional comp.
Awful experience. 30 years playing backgammon, this is insane. Opponent's dice is hilariously lucky, when I only get bad ones :/
I like the game, but I have a hard time believing the games is NOT bias to those who buy chips. Do I believe that any company would program around a randon generator....no, I think its way to hard to do that.. my belief is that many random generated numbers can come up..and the one that hurts.. will appear on the screen,.What I do do not understand is that Google management has no auditors reading comments..I have 3.6 million witout buying, i feel experienced enough to change my rating down.
not too bad overall and only occasionally does it feel rigged. however I was playing a game and the server kept dropping out, i was moving in real time my end then the game informed me i had lost and handed 17500 over to my opponent, not great.
I've been playing backgammon for 30 years now and it's hard to believe the dice result in this game is absolutely random! Rare situations happen so often in this game! In general the interface is great! Good job guys!
Backgammon gives a good opportunity to earn coins by inviting friends, it's a good incentive since the coins are futher useful in the game!
As a beginner I am finding this game a bit difficult, but like the concept of the game. It stimulates the brain!
i tried many backgammon games before. this is just one of them. one of the 'cheeting for the money' game. i really don't understand this world.
Love this game... Wish i could sync my cell phone with my tablet Facebook acount. I have to play different accounts on them.