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Backgammon Plus

Backgammon Plus for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Zynga located at 699 8th Street, San Francisco. CA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the dice algorithm is completely not random. you'll go 10 to 15 games in a row of not being able to lose and then you'll go 20 to 25 games in a row absolutely not being able to win a game no matter what
Incredibly poor algorithm for dice. It's obvious the game picks a winner nearly every game. I am not saying this as a poor sport because many times I am the player that is selected to win. If the dice rolls were truly random I would give it 5 stars because everything else is very nice. Just a shame it's not fair. THEY MUST OF ASLO RIGGED THE REVIEWS BECAUSE ALMOST EVERY ONE I JUST READ WAS 1 STAR.
WORST BACKGAMMON GAME ON HERE Meant to be random dice but there is something that makes Turkish players being favoured. Lost count how many times the dice has thrown repeatedly to get opponents out of trouble but does not work other way round. Better backgammon games out there. This is poor and definitely agree with what others say about it being rugged. I too have mathematical experience and what happens in this game is just unrealistic. Zynga should be ashamed to claim what they claim
There seems to be constant connection errors that prevent me from even getting into a match. I also agree that there is something wrong with the outcome of dice roll, seems biased for any opponent. I would suggest you look elsewhere for a backgammon app!
It tricks you. I tells you to play 100 games to claim 10,000 coins, but once you reach it, the option to claim your coins disappears. WHY DO NOT GIVE THE COINS YOU PROMISED ONCE NUMBER OF WINS ARE MET? This is the third time I have reached a milestone forncoins, only to bot be able to collect before the deadline!!!
constantly saying problem with connection when I have fiber and no other app gives me error I return I loose most of my money. seems like they want me to.loose it all so.i can buy credit. deleting it now
I have had bad experiences with this game. mainly they dont keep track of your chips right. for the whole day I got notifications, you got 200 chips ready to redeem, 300, 400 ready and by the time I was on the fifth one my whole chip count went to 0. this happened 2 or 3 times in total so I uninstalled the game. look for a different one because this one sucks
Thank You for the replay. SO WE ALL KNOW WHAT IS ALL ABOUT. MONEY MONEY MONEY AND MONEY. PERIOD THEY WON'T RESPOND TO YOUR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. If you spend money then you will win???. Do not play as the software is cheating, wants you to buy chips. Don't buy chips as will make you loose again and again. Will offer you discount to buy chips. There is other backgammon games to consider.
Stopped getting my card collection. So uninstalled & reinstalled. Some foreign language thing pops up & can no longer play. Not about to click on it! Please fix this problem! I can't because of the foreign language thing won't go away & I will not click k on it!
BS....false advertising..it quite clearly says "play anywhere, any time"...this is rubbish as I wanted a game I could play on holiday,but could not connect in flight mode.. so no you cant play anywhere or any time.
Been using this app for 3 years on Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) successfully. Bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and found bug in app where Samsung keyboard appears but immediately disappears making it impossible to enter a bet in Create A Table. Had to return Tab A7.
It is well developed game but the game is rigged and you can not trust the mechanism. You the dice numbers that are impossible in real life. I have teory about the Turkish developer but will not speculate. Good game but don't put your money on it
game cheats. you can see the dice change. they see you will buy chips then stack the odds against you.
not worth your time.. in fact you won't able to win unless you log in with your fb account.. 24 consequential blocked dice? congratulations developers..
It's the worst backgammon game I have ever seen. It gives you stupid rolls when you win too much to make you lose... IT IS THE BAD GAME EVER..
it's OK but 75% of the time the system's A.I. sets you up to lose near the end with the perfect roll for the opponent. no changes, A.I. still sets you up to lose.
The dice are fixed in such a way that keeps you wanting to play more, either it gives you an impossible winning streak or an impossible losing streak. I wish it was just fair. The winner and loser is decided on the first throw
The dice rolling engine is terrible. In over the last 23 games not once did I get any doubles. Where as the other players got so many.
Expect an avalanche of ads and popups AND your game play being held hostage (and required) to login to Face(Plant)Book before you get to roll the dice and play. Unbelievable hoop jumping through nonsense!! P.S. Don't waste your time downloading it. UNINSTALLED gladly.
Like others have said, this game is fixed. I have seen opposing players get 7 or 8 doubles in a row. ZYNGA will say its random but mathematical probabilities are against that. update.... What a Joke. Leave a bad review and your game stats go to $h1T. Virtually impossible to win a game once they black ball you because of a negative review.
dice is terrible. it is not random at all. in the end will definitely loose what ever you do and get crazy because of dice. Dice will find a time to make you loose in the end. and will make sure tou get double more when you are waiting to enter. terrrriiiibbbblllleee. the worst dice i have seen
fun game, but the dice randomness is terrible. I have gotten the same exact dude roll 3-5 times in the same game one after another in the same dice order and have had it that every time i moved a piece so it is by itself the dice for my opponent allows them to take out my piece and put 2 pieces in it it happens every single time!!!!
I am going to uninstall this game. I lost 10 games in a row where all my challengers get doubles. I had several games where they got 5 or more doubles and I got absolutely none. This game is fixed somehow and I am tired of losing all my points to where I don't even have enough to play. It is very frustrating and that is not how you should feel when playing.
Overall 2 Stars as the game often plays as though the computer picks the winner. While winning your opponent throws that = Statically impossible roll - hits 3 doubles while racing to come off or it takes you 4 rolls w 3 open spots to get back into play. Frustrating app with a lot of "garbage games" not reflective of a player's skills. You're either on a winning or losing streak without much back / forth. Obviously this backgammon app wants you spend a few $ on coins...
omg so rigged. dont lie and so its not. 4x in a row double so i lose? 3 open and i get blocked 5x? bye makes sense why im losing. the gm is from turkey 🙄
will give away the game to the opponent when you're clearly out playing them, and it will conveniently disconnect from a game you're winning.
Decent game BUT, trust me, believe the tons of reviews saying the dice rolls are off. I've played around 50 games and there's definitely a pattern of lopsided and low odd rolls. Don't care how much they say it's random, it most certainly is not. And it's totally geared towards making you purchase more tokens. Oh, and if I'm PAYING for the app then why the heck are there so many ADs?!? I'll definitely be removing this app.
very weird rules. set up strange. you can double a bet once you are guaranteed to win and they opponent has to do it??? does not make sense. install a different game
opponents get 4 doubles in a row. but all u get is 1. 2 for 5 games in a row. they just want your money
The BEST backgammon app by far, tried many, this wins hands down. Wish they had more pre loaded phrases so don't need to type. But otherwise it's brilliant!
Problems with this game. 1. When a game is finished, they skim away the points and back them for a bonus. But once the players leave, the banked points are taken by the site. Yes you get free points to play, but some people who want a lot to play with are charged real money. 2. Often the game makes moves for the player as if those are the only possible moves when in fact better moves exist. 3. After rolling the dice, the player should not be allowed to us the Doubling Cube, but here it is allowed. Not real backgammon. 4. Some players abandon leaving you sitting tbere till the turn times out. The site dies nothing to stop this. I think they avoid getting gammoned by doing this. It is also a way for the bad sport looser to get back at the winner. It is obvious they don't care about this game and the player. This is not backgammon. It is a way of scaming players who buy points to play. They bets are chosen by the site and offered to players. The ammount of the bets are always a number that's too complicated for anyone to want to remember and calculate. I belive this done intentionally in order to hide the skimming. Scam!!!
Recently updated to show so many ads it drives you nuts. Deleted. Not returning. Plenty of backgammon apps to chose from.
Love the game... unfortunately there are a bunch of men that act like little babies and once they start losing they quit the game...but if they are winning they talk smack to u
Firstly teach your developers there is a random generator that can provide a fair game, not a scenario. Secondly we don't have to see your stupid sexual ads
game is nice but plz set some rules for those who leave the tables and other players need to wait 2 minutes to start a new game.it is annoying
So, this game is rigged. I have had multiple times where the other player rolled back to back doubles. most recently four sets in a row. done with the game.
There are several serious issues. Players can select to play the doubling dice at any time, not just before their own roll, so they can roll, get superb dice then offer a double before playing. When you are offered a double the message obscures the whole board so you cannot check your position before making a fully informed decision. Worse, no matter how reliable your wi-fi signal is, there are multiple time-outs which usully results in losing from winning positions. Takes the fun out of playing
Played LOB Backgammon and they are so rigged. I really like this game. Thank you, SORRY I was so wrong, just as bad as LOB Backgammon after playing a couple days.
Don't bother!!! It's amazing how often the other person gets exactly the dice roll that they need. At least Vegas lets people win every once in a while to keep them interested
there is so much glitch on this app, it stuck in the middle of the game and dont let me have any moves or roll the dice and annoncing I lost while I was much a head of my apponents, I love Backgammon and I was so happy to find this app but I tryed it in last 4 days and it is doing the same thing, I am deleting the app, so disappointed
I'm not sure if it's the game design or hackers, but the random dice does not seem very random at all.🤔
since when should you have to pay every time you play? Its getting ridiculous on here. I'll go back to my home board game & play with my own family & friends.
I have revised my previous post of 2stars to 5stars as I love the simplicity of the graphics and set out .I have been playing for a while now and you have improved play but you get lots of cheating which is annoying.That said I am hooked ,well done to the designer
Overall I'm impressed with this app although I have had some frustrating experiences which suggest the odds are skewed in favour of those who spend money. I recently played 100 consecutive days and surprise surprise i won 5000 on the spin wheel when routinely it defaults to 100. What really annoys me though is that players who are losing can simply time out to protect their ratings - i was just winning a gammon and missed out on a bonus under one of the quest challenges as a result .
I was banned from chatting because of swearing, but some jerk called me a c*** and I guess that's ok...rude people on this site I give it -10 rating
this backgammon app is truely by far one of the best , yet I think like anything there is a room for improvements . I love this game please let it be all random .
the dice algorithm is completely not random. you'll go 10 to 15 games in a row of not being able to lose and then you'll go 20 games in a row not being able to win a game no matter what.....game outcomes are blatantly predetermined most of the time....probably to get u to make purchases on app
Every time opponent is losing they wait for time to run out, it is really annoying, after 3 games installed the app.
It is more accurate to call it "Fantasy Backgammon." But if you simply adjust your expectations, to see that it's not fully random, you will play it and enjoy it as I have. During certain blocks of time the game seem rigged or maybe it's getting hacked. To avoid losing chips I just leave the game during those "rigged" times (25% I estimate). Played this app for 5 years, kept deleting it when I got angry but keep reinstalling it. Never paid for chips. It has mostly been lots of fun.
Stay away. There are so many things are not like real backgammon. It is easy to pick up all the things manipulated in the software that make the game feel 100% not real BG. Let alone you are playing (so many times) and suddenly in the middle of the game with 100 pips to go and the game ends and is given to the opponent. With plenty of time on the clock and a solid 4g full signal or even connected to comcast wifi.
On collect chips board i was spposed to get $50000 after achiving 500 wine . l kept checking my wining scors after each time that I wan .until the wining board showed 499/500 . and eventually, I did win 500th game .So I was so excited and expecting to see 500/500 green butten to be ready there for me to touch it and get mega mega $50000 coins ! Wrong , it disappeared in to the thin air nothing ! Did anybody elss experinced the same thing? I hoppe that it will be added to my coins.if not no more.
this app sucks. been playing BG for 40 years with probably 80 percent win. When the opponent can only win if he gets triple sixes, triple five's, and triple fours all in a row....and then gets them.... you know something is wrong..... as it happens constantly when you are 80% sure of winning the game.
After trying almost all Backgammon games on Android, this one is same as all others... No random dice played in this one too :) You can be a Backgammon champ, if the soft decide it's your turn to lose, you'll lose, even with a big lead. Uninstalling this one as well... :( ---> Edit after publisher response: "Dice are randomly generated...", bla, bla, bla... They just copy-paste the same response to any bad review on this game, like other Backgammon game publisher on the Play Store... LOL
Good game all though matching opponents are not always well chosen. I am leaving now as getting fed up by always being chatted up in Turkish or terrible English.
Love this app. However, when I lose my internet connection during a game it can be a disaster. I can be ahead and winning games when I lose my internet connection. If i dont reconnect, within the given time, I lose the game and my bet. I've lost a lot of my chips from lost internet connections ...Not Good 😟
Mostly brilliant but two bugs are: Doubles for a first move Forced moves which aren't forced when bearing off
why do so many backgammon games have rigged dice? the probability of these rolls is impossible. it is designed to make you buy coins. dont fall for it. YES i did experience an issue. when,a player is a head by 50+ moves and the "person" losing asks to double, it raises red flags. Then when the dice "happen" to roll the only roll that can leave you vunerable AND then the other "player" rolls doubles multiple times to win. and it happens 4 games in a row... it is called a SCAM.
this has got to be the most cheating game ever ever every time I play if I open a man they immediately get the one number that they need but they can have five or six men open I get none of the numbers to get them on and best believe if I get them on they come right off if they get me on they can only have the ones blocked up I will roll double ones three times in a row is there a glitch that someone is taking advantage of or does this game really suck that bad
It's fun but most of the people seem to cheat. Either that or the game is cheating. There is no way that many people are that lucky. Good for passing time but that's it.
not free, you have to buy credits update: I have been informed that although it is indeed not free, you can give them all your Facebook information for some chips
I've played this game for about a week or two now. It freezes every single time I use it. Most often when I hit "play" and it tells me I dont have enough coins. If I exit out of the pop up the game always freezes. If I hit buy coins it never does. I mostly get doubles when I cant make any moves with them. I've never had such a hard time winning compared to other games I've played in the past. Really dislike this apps version.
Disappointing App as the game plays like the computer picks the winner. While ahead your opponent throws that = Statically improbable roll - 3 doubles in a row while racing to come off or it'll take you 4 rolls w 3 open spaces to get back into play. Frustrating app with a lot of "garbage games" not reflective of a player's skills. After reading previous reviews many players complained about the same experience not found with live dice...App Goal = "Spend Money Buy Coins."
just downloaded the game and couldn't even play not enough chips had to watch a ad to get chips or buy them why would I buy chips if I dont even get a chance to play to see if I like it deleted!
The dice is rigged to make you lose and spend money on the game. In the begining it will let you win some, but then crush you completly to make you miss all the money you have earned. There are some annoying bugs and lags in the game. When you build a game on greediness and profit, you get a bad experience like this. Stay away if you want to enjoy a good game.
I'm tired of people using cheats on the game n the support staff needs to do something about it b4 they lose mist of their players that play honestly.do not down load this app because they allow users to get away with cheat codes while playing so they get the perfect roll needed everytime. the company does nothing about it either .players have even admitted to using them.
have found this back gammon app. to be honest simply the best of them all. great easy graphics, easy to play and lots if fun. plus factor can communicate with other players, by not only using emoticon, though a way to text writing it's truly awesome, actually pure awesomeness
loved this for years but it's become so unreliable, disconnecting, paying the wrong player, crashing etc. cant be bothered any more.
Blooming nightmare to ply with your friends. Spent ages figuing out how the toggles worked in the settings and then once we got it you had to buy chops to play, so we did and now its not showing me or her the join button anymore. Feel like we were cheated out our money. Shouldn't be that difficult
Glad to read I am not the only 1 that feels this game is rigged! Thought it may have just been me but seeing others have had the same experience, its safe to say the dice are definitely not random. Very frustrating! Not to mention I keep getting notifications saying I have unlocked an achievement but still don't receive my prize. What's the point?!
Although this game is very good, the probability of some of the dice rolls are ridiculous... I have seen doubles being rolled 3 times in a row on many games that I have played. This has never happened when I've played the game using real dice. I believe there is a problem with the random-number-generator-dice-program that this game uses.
Ridiculous! Don't waste your time. No chance to win. Your opponent always gets right dices to sent you out and big doubles as much as possible to win.
awful why is it so tiny on iPad?? it should fill out entire screen! also words in Turkish even though I have it set to english!! terrible!
its ok i like the game but not lossing every game even in the beginning stage and i been playing this game since a young girl i know i can win at least 1 or 2 its just a little unfare to me but its a fun game other then that
found a glitch in the game. I had all my pieces in my point number 2 and my opponent was sitting on my point 1. I rolled a 5 and a 1. I moved one into home using the 5 but couldn't use the one as I was blocked. I tried multiple times but it just wouldn't recognize I was blocked so I lost the game. Also I think there needs to be a language option as I receive all kinds of messages in Arabic.
One star is 1 too much. Installed it again and now have no doubt that it is rigged dice controlled by the app. Zynga engineers admitted rigging games on forums. Lots of cheats playing, not sure if they are developers or employees or have access to the dice rolls. Check the 6-4 mystery roll. Stay away. Uninstall.
bad game, countdown ruins the experience, cant play with friends easily or invite them at all. Just looking for another one.
very bad application, turn after turn the pertner get 5 or 6 double and i got 0 zero. you are cheats now opponent got 4 times 6double, 2 times 5 double ,4double in 1 tplay and i got 6double one time and 4 double 1time. becouse i mnot turkish. you are cheaters
MY experience using this app is that I'll buy a few tokens and have an incredible run of good luck, winning games and making rolls that defy all chance, I'll get emboldened to make moves I wouldn't usually make, but still my good luck persists. My luck quotient is too high statistically when I'm winning! Then as my bankroll shrinks over time, my runs of good luck get shorter and shorter and the shrill ads to buy tokens, continues. If I designed this app to make money that is exactly how I'd do. Design it to keep me playing and to keep me buying. My conclusion is that is not as the developers keep telling me an entirely neutral platform. And if it wasn't what would they say?
DO NOT INSTALL DO NOT INSTALL DO NOT INSTALL spyware spyware spyware spyware spyware spyware BEWARE. Now when I start BP it wont load unless I allow it permission to have my fb friendlist. BEWARE DO NOT INSTALL DO NOT INSTALL DO NOT INSTALL spyware spyware spyware spyware spyware spyware
very poor quality graphics (the counters don't even sit over the points). Unistalled after first game.
A agree with some other negative reviews that the randomization is off. (In the last game I played I got 5 doubles early on and 3 ace-duece in a row later). But the zenophobic comments about the opponents is way off and rude. Also, there were other aspects of the game I enjoyed like the game play. However, I'll be looking for another app.
Fun game. I like playing actual players and not a machine. The dice odds do not mirror real life.The odds favor Eastern European players.
Plagued by a total lack of control, no explanation of game/match setup or the 'betting'(?) system, horrible random and repeating main screen pop-up adds, no cube, no match point options, and my favorite, a propensity to always throw you out of a game with a "connection error" 2-3 rolls before you're finished bearing off - but only when you would have won. Uninstalled. Don't waste your time. I had fun on a Zynga Poker app once, don't fall for the developer name.
Can not control how how to move pieces at times. The dice rolls are not fair rolls. Very unbalanced game.
Playing real people is much better than AI games...though the need for tokens can sometimes be annoying, the added incentive to bet and make wagers keeps things very interesting.
The ads are getting out of control. I understand the commercial concept behind of the system, but too much ads reduces the experience quality.
"This app will use your facebook account to gather your profile picture, email address and friends list" Really? Why? Lazy multiplayer programming, paid for by data gathering. Avoid.
I just started. Played and was beating a lvl 173 player. Then it said my connection was bad, waited 5 mins. Left the game with a loss. My stats say I have 2 loses. Oddly enough I never lost any games.
Tones of people who are so rude, not moving just too make the game slow and painful, you should be able to have a timer on recuest, so people don't waste life waiting for rude and moronic people.
Overall is okay although there is no way to submit a complaint other than thru the suggestion tab and even when you do you get no response. Today is the second day in a row when i'm winning a game for a lot of coins that their system disconnects while in the game. Players will let the timer run out so that they don't lose the higher end of the bet. Sometimes you win a game and if you play games back to back and win your winnings don't all show in your coin count. Too many fixes that need to be made. Also when you lose a straight game you lose more coins than the minimum bet you placed.
Fixed games - after playing for almost a week I've discovered the pattern that everytime I lose which is 75% of the time the last three to four spins for the opponent are doubles. This is extremely evident that it is a fixed game guys! For this reason I will be deleting the app and panning you across the board. Thank you for wasting my time and ruining a fun game for me! Perhaps make it fair by changing your programming something so it's not fixed for the "opponents" that are really just bots.
I prefer not to provide my email so i posted here instead ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game play is good...HOWEVER, I reached 100 wins where i doubled or gammoned the opponent and was supposed to be awarded 10,000 chips as the reward but it never happened! The challenge simply vanished!!!
Ap crashing since last update. Very disappointing. Also find it upsetting that I can't play my friends. The coin concept only keeps me from playing more. I don't understand why anyone would ever pay to buy coins? The game makes you wager more the more you have. Very annoying. Get rid of the stupid coins, let us play our friends and fix the glitch in the latest update that makes the ap crash.
Gameplay is good. There appears to be a bias in terms of doubles thrown for higher levels. On two separate occasions when I was winning a game the connection dropped and I lost stake money.
The dice is not always random. The game engine will give an advantage to the winner based the win $ loss ratio. The programming company has to make you loss to push you to buy coins to continue playing.
This game is definitely rigged. I kept coming back and playing because I love Backgammon but I just can't deal with the cheating anymore. At first I thought I just kept having a streak of bad luck but it became obvious that it's completely one sided most games. Uninstalling.
Possibly the most rigged backgammon application that exists. These so called Developers should be ashamed of themselves. Its pathetically obvious that this game does not have random dice as they would like us to believe. The rolls are prescripted. All algorithms can be manipulated. Thats how Casinos make their money. This game should be banned and taken off for download until such time the so called Developers put out a disclaimer or come up with a game that actually does have random dice.
some buttons are too close together. I'm frequently trying to press one button and another is triggered. buttons should be better spaced apart. Also everything's in Turkish even though my language preference is set to English. edit i uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the app is in English now. just the ads are Turkish, which doesn't bother me.
you have to buy game money to keep playing, so if you lose and dont have enough for table buy in, you need to pay! Not a very realistic ratio in dice either. i rolled 3 doubles in a row, snd they other guy did 2 in a row earlier.
Doesn't use a true "live" PRNG. uses a preprogrammed series of rolls for each player randomly or maybe not so randomly. odds totally go out the window with this app. However, it has an easy to use platform with plenty of players, and doesn't crash or glitch terribly often.
If you don't buy coins, you're gonna lose a lot of games you should have won. Rolling 1's and opponent doubling like mad. Ridiculously lopsided like the other pay games. They give you coins then best you to death.
The only option I would suggest would be to be able to move the dice to the other side of the board. As well as better synking of translator apps .
A bit biassed I feel. The luck of opponents is phenomenal whilst ones own luck is abysmal. If I threw the dice though, I would probably do the same. Entertaining nevertheless. Many happy hours on the loo playing. I wouldnt play with real money though!
This is a "Fremium" piece of junk. The whole user interface is designed to sell you game coins and there is no computer player feature. Removed from my device.
Instructions are needed. The should not have to guess. A chip knocked off the board. How do you get it back in play?
Ok, i was skeptical when i read the reviews about rigged results, sore losers maybe? now i'm about 800 games in and i must admit, this app is rigged to encourage you to lose and buy credits. Crazy dice like 3 or 4 high doubles in a row like 10000 to 1 odds of happening, has happened multiple times. It's rigged. Connections get dropped, winnings and bonuses dont get paid, you get pushed into gambling 10 to 50% of your credits per game. Avoid.
The app is fixed. Uninstalling this game it's very poor and obviously fixed so that higher scoring players rolls are always what they need. I would not recommend this app.
It would be a better app if the dice threw random numbers. When you can predict the toss more times than not, something is wrong and when the rolls consistently favor the player with less chips, it is unseemly. Perhaps it is just a bad algorithm. Shame, it could be a nice game. There are no dice in the world that roll with this consistency. The number of posts stating this should be eye opening; but you keep with the party-line. To everyone else, the dice are rigged.
Dices are rigged so that u buy chips. too many doubles for some opponents. unrealistic odds...not sure what is going on? maybe I am unlucky or simply can't play. Just played a game the dud had a double like every other throw like there is no tommorow I never got destroyed like this in real life with real dices. No easy way to money manage with incremental tables either. No worries there is always uninstall:)
if you lose to many times you have to buy coins to keep playing. not free actualy. p.s.: I complained about the coin sistem not the dice that always help the opponent when im winning :))). but i get the automatic bot response about randomly generated dice :))
Completely rigged. The game freezes after i make a move until my clock runs down to 0 and i lose. This game is a waste of time and deserves 0 stars if it was possible.
Well, I can't review this game because it won't start on my device. I have a Sonim XP8. I've re-installed, restarted my phone, etc. It just fails to start. I guess I'll try something else.
better than most but still with the impossible dice rolls - and no Zynga, people who've played backgammon know the difference between randomly generated rolls.
Dear Zynga: It is impossible for there to be doubles on the opening roll of the game. in live backgammon, the opening roll is based on the combination of one die from each player. The color die with the higher value plays that as the opening roll. If the dice are tied, the players re-roll until one is higher. You need to fix this flaw as it is putting the player going second at a massive disadvantage, especially against 6-6.
Stars = 1...Disappointed as the game plays as though the computer picks the winner. While winning your opponent throws that = Statically improbable roll - Hits 3 doubles in a row while coming off or It takes you 4 rolls w 3 open spaces to get back into play. Frustrating app with a lot of "garbage games" not reflective of a player's skills. After reading previous reviews many players experienced the same not found with live dice..."App Goal = Buy Coins."
Annoying amount of adds... Also the game is set to English but all adds are in Turkish... Complete waste of time... Bad grafics and handling on top of that... Bye bye
wow. I was chatting with somebody and complementing, with i quote"well played". Now i am locked out of chat do to and i quote " do to you are swaring or insulting you cant chat. really wow WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY
It was good at first but then you start noticing some things then i would play the other person would quit and i didnt win the hand it would show me with less money not even break even again and getting disconnected way to much it was ok at first but its gotton bad . Its a cool game but to many bugs and to many suspecious moves .. uninstalled today ill try another one
I was just unable to move any pieces after all my pieces were moved into the home. I was unable to clear them from the board and time ran out. Please fix.
Laughable!!! If anyone finds a better backgammon let me know! This one is not good! Rolling 5 and 6 doubles in a row is not realistic!
app made, that if u play agains player with much more higher level, his dice chances much more higher!!! and i played few hundred times. that's just ridiculous clear unfair algorithm create. waste of the time.
I also feel the dice aren't random. zynga should post and certify their dice code. In my opinion the game punishes risk taking and rewards players that share their social profiles and purchase chips. Not a game for grinders or those who don't want to buy chips. Edit: OK maybe it's random then your ransom number generator favors those with Facebook registered accounts. I just played a game where my opponent literally got 10 doubles mostly 55 and 66 and I got only two doubles and 55 and a 22.
UNINSTALLED. Gave it 3 stars though because there is some good work there, the graphics and sound are good, the overall looks and feel are nice and close to the real feeling of the actual board game. However, i lost couple games because i could not remove my pieces from the board!... i would have won but the game is set to make you loose if more than 30 secondes or so pass. Rules or manual DO NOT EXIST. I KNOW BACKGAMMON, i just don't know this game.Support told me i need to open the app on PC...
Pretty clearly rigged. It's very easy to guess what the next role for you or your opponent will be. Also, if the dice are truly random, why is that either me or my opponent will get 4-5 doubles in a row when it's race to the finish? This happens far too frequently for it to be a coincidence.
totally rigged don't bother playing .like all backgammon games the dice are rigged to help higher ranked players and players who make purchases
This game is so blatantly fixed that it is outrageous. As a statistician, I'm well aware of probabilities regarding rolls of the dice but the rolls you get with this game are anything but random. If you make a wrong move, your opponent will get the exact roll it needs to punish you.
Hi, I like it but there's something wrong ,I've noticed when the date is slow I lost a lot of points, if you can fix this problem I'll appreciate that, thanks
This site is a HUUUUUGE fkng scam....huge scam. Ex...I played 5 games today. My opponents rolled dbl 6's 1st roll every time, rolled exactly what they needed to peg me and rolled exactly what they needed to win the game. I've been playing big for 20 yrs...never seen such a scam in my life. Any 5 star reviews are total BS.
With new update there are some serious bugs that cause game issues. you dont always win or loose by skill and luck. sometimes both you and your opponent can occupy the same space, or you dont move or you move six times on a double roll rather than 4.
I have been playing backgammon for decades. This game is fun however, the CU relies on doubles mainly to win. The amount of doubles is way out from the norm. Games with 10, 11 doubles! Even 6-8 is too many. Also, when the CU doubles you it gets a double roll 98% of the time. After being hit the amount of rolls to get back on board is too many for the player, not the CU. If the game was played normally, I would win.
after update cant login with facebook. i am a user since 2012 and never had any problems until the last update normally i am auto logged in using facebook but now i get a popup saying 'there is a problem with your connection' Update: it is working fine now
Several times it has said I have no connection and kicked me out of the game causing me to lose, yet I have a connection and other apps connect fine when this happens. Deleting, no reason to keep playing or buy chips when losing is often beyond my control...
All I wanted is to play a game with a friend and it keeps asking me to buy coins to do that seriously!!!!
Nice to have a backgammon app that allows you to play against others but it doesn't appear to settle bets properly; e.g. after winning 4 games, one a gammon & one a backgammon, I was credited with only 2 bets. Since chat is limited to predefined phrases, it would be nice if the app translated to your selected language.
This game sucks. the dice rolls are so off balance it's frightening. doubles are rampant in this game. I strongly suggest not downloading this one and going to another one. update. I don't believe that. there is nothing random about the doubles that come out of the dice rolls in this game. if they truly are random, you guys have cheat programs all over this game. I'm out.
Disappointing App as the game plays like the computer picks the winner. While ahead your opponent throws that = Statically improbable roll - 3 doubles in a row while racing to come off or it'll take you 4 rolls w 3 open spaces to get back into play. Frustrating app with a lot of "garbage games" not reflective of a player's skills. After reading previous reviews many players complained about the same experiences not found w live dice. Not difficult to figure out why this App is rated under a 4.0.
This game is rigged for sure, you win and you go far but all of sudden you start losing and that's when they start asking you to buy coins and if you don't then there is no winning and you keep staying at some low level. The players type in some foreign language and they insist on talking to you while you are playing. I was not impressed at all.
This game is so blatantly fixed that it is outrageous. As a statistician, I'm well aware of probabilities regarding rolls of the dice but the rolls you get with this game are anything but random. If you make a wrong move, your opponent will get the exact roll it needs to punish you. Update: I have now played over 12000 games of this app and the cheating and rigging have gotten worse. It is blatant and Zynga has the nerve to say the rolls are random. Complete BS. This game is fixed. Beware.
bad connection, slow servers. it's stuck on "no connection"! I don't have such problems with other games
Clicked play now, got a spinning coin saying loading and nothing happened, tried three more times, gave up. Failed!
i don't experience it within the game..it only says it won't connect I dont see a suggestions button to click.......I have had and played this game for years. I have never had problems until now. I have a new phone Samsung S10..... it seems to have problems connecting with the internet. Now sure what the issue is.... Game always says there are internet connecting issues. Pooo...
After the ad plays i cant exit the screen??? No x to click on!!!! No choice but to uninstall the game on my tablet. Poor choice of the X click button placement
This game is absolutely terrible! More than half the games half a disproportionate number of high doubles for one side and not the other. I thought it was randomized, but obviously there is something in the system to allow the weaker players to win. Far more than half the game I played, the other player would get something like three double 5's, and a double 6, while I got one double 1, and 1 double 6. You just simply can't possibly win that way!
dices are really trying to fail you and spend an enormous energy for this purpose. the algorithm is sided for both you and the opponent. this is beyond statistical science
Love the game... the language isn't in English which is frustrating. And I don'tlike how the timer is setup to time out when a player misses their turn. It gives them an additional 90 seconds to play while you wait.
This game is the most frustrating I have ever played. The algorithms seem to be in favor of players on high levels. Multi doubles, perfect rolls, and poor rools for opposition, always come through. The set up of the game is great, but the bias is horrible. I have pkayed this game all my life and rarly get out played. Problem here is you can't beat the dice. Unfortunately this set up is not skill based, and it's bias knows no limits. Random number generator, riiiggghhtt...
this game is broken. it allowed my opponent ti make an illegal move. then it gave me a countdown timer, but my movr was already complete. it then timed me out causing me to lose the game and my money.
I've been playing for a while and the dice are rigged. I block columns 2 to 6 and knocked the guys chip of 6 times and everytime he rolls a 1 straight away. millions to 1 odds. also the opponent seems to get many doubles every game so it's impossible to win. I play real backgammon and these types of dice rolls never happen in real life.