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Backgammon Mighty

Backgammon Mighty for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Tough Pixels. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I looked at several I Really like this one...no money involved, no coins is awesome...i have a problem though playing the computer, it WONT LET ME MOVE, outta the last two spaces especially, which totally makes me lose! All pieces needs to be available at all times, to make it great! Hope to see the up grade!
Game is horrible. Always hits your open piece with perfect rolls. Rolls the most doubles I've ever seen is this type on game. Once you hit the comp single piece it rolls the open space almost every time. Do not recommend this game at all.
The AI concedes the game once it becomes clear that you are winning. At first it's OK, but after awhile it starts to wear on you because it rarely grants you the minute joy of making the winning play. Then whenever you lose it says in teeny tiny letters "You lose" as if you are are not sufficiently aware that you were left with half of your checkers on the board. When you do win it says "You win" in the same tiny letters as if mocking your meaningless win as far as the universe is concerned.
Advantage: Dice seems to be random Disadvantages: *No double score. *No communication whatsoever with opponent. *Opponent changes after each game.
No nonsense. So many backgammon apps that offer multiplayer are clickbate-in-app-purchase nightmares where you have to slog through 5 or more screens just to play. This isn't one of those, and that makes it stand out. Unfortunate for the community, but fortunate for this app and for those that find it. My only complaint is that they don't have a one tap move system. You actually have to drag pieces. But it's worth it.
Hilarious game, the opponent can constantly get out when 5 lanes are blocked. Watching it hit impossible combinations is funny
Dice throw is rigged, makes game boring, will try a different app. Shame as I liked the way the board was set out and the way you move the pieces.
Great game. You need to be careful on your moves if using a small screen as the game can misinterpret the location and there is no "undo" option. Otherwise a 5!
No nonsense. So many backgammon apps that offer multiplayer are clickbate-in-app-purchase nightmares where you have to slog through 5 or more screens just to play. This isn't one of those, and that makes it stand out. My only complaint brings this from a 5-star rating to a 4: There needs to be a confirm move button. So many times the game grabs the wrong piece or pops it in the wrong place and you are stuck with a move you didn't intend. Fix this please.
I am so happy to have opportunity to announce that in my opinion the Backgammon Mighti is the best amusement for every body.
I think that it cheats sometimes! Lol. And in an effort to be competitive gives itself unlikely opportunitys too. That said, I'm still ahead!
Great interface. Like others mentioned, the computer has a way of rolling exactly what it needs game after game. Deleting ap for a fairer honest ap
Kept this game installed for a day. Dice rolls are not random at all. At any point you have a single marker the computer roll always seem to land on it. I did a test and kept doing it, even when it didn't make sense and the computer landed on it each time. After I did that I decided to uninstall it.
Dice is preset in favor of the computer all the time. Have been playing for over a year and it never fails. But otherwise a good app and no hassles at all.
Its an OK game but can get annoying when I can predict what the computer gets when they roll the dice. Can feel like its cheating
Quick and easy to use but no doubling function and request for confirmation or undo on your second move will be a huge improvement.
The dice convienantly role exact numbers that the game needs on a continous basis. That much coincidence is not possible. Plus it only happens for the compyter, not for the player. Other than that its a good game. The dice ain't so bad that the player can't win. I can still beat the computer.
I suppose the AI doesn't like to lose. When odds are in your favor multiple doubles will be drawn by the opponent. Weird! It happens quite often. I will try another app.
I really like the compition in this app , I have tried many before & it wasn't as copmpetitive as this one So thank you for making it possiple , keep up the good work .
Great game I read there may be option to undo move baddly needed as on phone easy to move wrong, some chat would be nice but not a deal killer but being able to play 3 games with an opponent rather than 1 would be nice sort of a tie breaker, also if you win you get 90 points but why dosent opponent lose points small for a lose but double say for dropping out it sucks when they do that not great. Can you post what scoring is i know 90 win but is there (should ) be some points if lose tokens home?
Well, since my hard hitting and at times very brutally matter-of-fact language that I used to show my displeasure at the programmer(s) of their rather primitive programming skills, I have found that this game has since being fine tuned to a much better standard,,,thank u guys and I apologise for my verbosity in the past,,,u know guys I give credit where it's due, thanks again fellows, well done,great game again, J.😀👍
The game has no sence.. if you have chance to win either opponent AI or player gets doubles twice a roll.. and this happens always without a miss.. what are the odds for that?!?!?.. game sucks.. go with better algoritham.. till then - unnunstall !!
It could be enjoyable but the dices aren't just fair when you play with bot, dices shouldn't be the case for determining the game's level, you base the difficulty of the game on the AI
Game cheats miserably!..computer opponent hits more doubles on the dice than the human player... uninstalled it!
It's been both fun & disappointing at times. Didn't know it was tied into HEARTS , but that's ok. Would like to change my handle, if possible.
Trojan Horse? This what happened. Im atarting a new game and its my rivals first time. He roles the dice, when the role isnt pleasing he roles it again. Then one more time. I immediately closed this game down. <5*. Its not fixed, its a Trojan horse. Get rid of this game on your phone,pc NOW, these guys are thieves!
The game has better strategy than another I played. There is no doubling dice, which is a major let down. It also doesn't realize that it can save a point by moving out of the opposition home area before the point of no return, so to speak. You cannot switch colors. Although the strategy is a little better it lacks innovation
Can't move the chequers. You can select them but can't move them to the any of the available points. Uninstalled.
The game is fun and awsume i rate 10 out of 10 100 % persent fun fun fun 👭👫🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙊🙊🙊🤓🤓🤓🤓
I really enjoyed this game except that there seem to be two different version that look identical and when you open them one you are playing offline or online against yourself or a bot and the other the board turns and you actually have another real person randomly chosen by you or chosen from my friends I can't find that one anymore this is the only one I can find and I don't like playing by myself because it really isn't random but it's very nice pretty and easy to use so many happy hours!
Very competitive game. I also learned some strategies. Computer tends to make risky attacks in its Home quarter and leave itself vulnerable for little gain. It also tends to concede when it has a slight chance of victory.
No matter playing parter/computer game is Rigged!!! If you are leading and make it to home 1st...all of sudden the other player hits doubles..not once but maybe twice or 3x..while your rolles get less. This is especially true when you are playing someone with a higher score than you and you are winning. Don't know if the algorithm is set up for this. Or the developer just wants to be a ***k. Don't mind losing when it's fair. But this is definitely rigged. But then again it's a Gamble.
This game is rigged against the player in favor of the computer.the player always has to roll the dice many times to get back in.the computer gets perfect results when rolling the 1st time.
I love to play the game if the dice were actually random. Funny how the computer always seems to get exactly what it needs!
Somehow I lost menu to play an opponent. Now only play against computer. I do not see any way to fix this. Also no doubling menu option.
Of all the BG games I have tried, the dice in this are the truest. Simple board and sound of rolling dice give a genuine game feel. Time to reverse moves is too short. Really miss the doubling dice. Overall - the best BG game available.
Not really impressed. I want an ai that is hard. That can swap things up, every roll it made, i knew what its move would be. It is great for beginners to intermediate. So its good to teach.
ok the options aren't there. Graphics? Aren't there either. what there is (from what I've witnessed) are 100% random dice. NO ADDS. Players with above average experience level. L O V E T H I S. If you just want to see how good you game really is, this is where you play.
Fun, realistic. Would like to play live opponents but choosing this option leaves your email account vunerable to hackers. This happened so I just play against the computer. Eventually I tweeked settings to allow live opponents but something changed in April 2020. Now its you against the computer. What happened to playing against live opponents?
mighty funny to me that the computer more often than not will roll the exact numbers needed, while you keep struggling. Settings have to be set to the easiest before you have even the slightest chance of winning. Pure frustration to say the least. I play this game to relax, but find it difficult with this one.
almost the perfect backgammon game. needs the ability to turn turn off the arrow hints and change the colour piece you want to play with.
Great backgammon game with simple, attractive layout. One personal caveat: I wish it had the optional of manual dice rolling for my dice (and both, for full manual rolling) as I'd like to play the game out on one of my physical sets. I'd pay for that option.
You do not have to buy coins or anything. This is straight up fair backgammon. Thats all you have to know. There are no tournaments, no additional ways to play the game for variety. Just straight up backgammon.
This game would be very cool if the system does not cheat on the dice. It is pretty clear. If the computer is losing the game and have almost block the way out, he always will get the perfect numbers to be out and wining. The doubles seems ridiculously easy to get when the app is behind. And if you change the difficulty, the strategy is completely silly, sounding like you are playing against a 3 year old very lucky kid. Don't lose your time. You gonna get mad.
Little word of advice: don't trust 90% of the reviews for backgammon games that say the dice are unfair or rigged. They're not, the easiest thing for a computer to do is make a random dice roll. I would say this game has fair dice. One real problem I have with this game is that there are three levels of difficulty, and the hardest one is not that hard. If you're a good backgammon player this game may not be much of a challenge for you. 2nd problem is the interface. Its ugly. Very small dice.