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Backgammon Legends Online

Backgammon Legends Online for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Ahoy Games located at Bukowinska 2 02-703 Warszawa Poland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This "game" is so predictable. Its a complete joke . Thing that are too coincidental happen too commonly here . Its worse than a casino . I don't like it and think they really need to work on their programming.
Fair dice????? What a joke. I have NEVER played a game that is more unfair. My opponent rolls doubles 3 to 1 and even higher during the roll off, whether doubled or not. I wanted to like this game and played it regularly for a couple of weeks, but do not waste your time-- unless you like to have a game won and have it ridiculously taken away.
I came back to the game to recheck the dice rolls. It's impossible for this to be random. It gives players very low probibility rollls at crunch moments to allow them to win the game. My guess is so you are encouraged to buy coins to continue. I'll be deleting the app permenantly as a result. Anyone who makes a truly random dice game would dominate in this market.
The seal of fair dice that this game prominently displays on its loading screen is, in all fairness (pun intended), a big joke. Visuals are undoubtedly very impressive, and so are the sounds. But I am still to wrap my head around the fact that the dice are truly fair and random. In every game, there are at least 2-3 doubles reserved for each player. I can't help but believe that these doubles are preprogrammed to be rolled in crunch situations to make the game more interesting and exciting.
This game has beautiful graphics, gameplay, controls and looks like the best in its genre , but is so, so corrupt. Everything revolves around making you lose all your free coins, so that you buy the in-game coins. The dice rolls are so fixed, it's unbelievable. When it wants you to lose, you'll lose. Total amateurs winning games, despite making mistake after mistake. Opponents rolling the (1 out of 6 chance) number, 5 or more times in a row, granting a totally unrealistic win. Avoid!!!
It is hardly random, far far to many perfect rolls happen and an open piece is almost always found by the opponents dice. Nonsense the dice are specifically fixed to manipulate you to buy more coins do not tell me it's simple bad luck this is statistically ally impossible
The dice is really unfair. It's not possible that the opponent has the exact dice he needs every time. Also the game freezes for no reason and you cannot make a move. Really frustrating. Games are supposed to be fun!
I would assume there is further work to be done on the "fair dice" running in this game. You can play safe and often the dice roll you to the only point of vulnerability, at which point you are hit by your opponent as they roll a low probability combination, the only one that can hit you almost every time. You can be winning by miles and the opponent magically rolls multiple doubles in a row when you are both at the point of taking markers out. Happens too frequently to be coincidence.
Game cheats. How can someone with only 40 coins offer doubling in a 15k game. Cheating bots. Your reply is ridiculous. If you don't have enough coins you can't double. Ot literally says not enough coins but your cheating bots can have 400 coins and double a 15k game. Your game cheats to get you to purchase coins. SCAM!!!
The 1☆ posts about this game are true. There is no fair play despite what the developer says. They have bots which win all the time. Your W/L ratio will be between 10% to 30%. There is no support, they put the blame squarely on you. They have so much encryption that God/Allah couldn't hack them. The ratio to roll doubles I.R.L. is 16.6%. In this app, it is closer to 63.4%. There is no fair dice play. When you win, the developer STEALS part of your money. Fraud Game. Game Uninstalled Forever.
Don't waste your time with this app. It's starts off with realistic rolls. Then you will get bombarded with requests to buy chips once you start losing. It has a flaw. When your opponent doubles and you hit double it will take out more chips than the opponent is showing left. I got timed out with game crashing and lost my chips winning the game. Emailed them and they don't really care to reply to your concerns. It's a setup for you to buy chips ultimately. I'm not and I deleted!!!
Rigged. Convenient rolls and frequent double rolls tend to be thrown by players with a high win ratio. Multiple times I've thrown, and other players have thrown the same roll 3 times in a row (probability of ~ 1 in 7800). The dice generator algorithm needs to be reassessed.
Terrible game. Love backgammon. You're always paired with someone that is 2 or 3 times more rated then you, which gives them a HUGE advantage. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, ALL THESE APPS DO THAT. When I have a 10 start and get put against people with 30, 40,50 stars you have no chance in winning. You only get doubles when they put you back and you can't move. But they can get out the first roll. Really SUCKS
Paid but still get ads for "deals". House gets part of your winnings so you will pay eventually to play. I lost 8 consecutive first rolls. Usually lose first rolls 80% of time. Fair dice are only fair to paid players. Uninstalling.
Yeah totally fair... When playing against higher level players or users that spent money you have no chance of winning like 0.001% of winning. You always get the worst possible dice for the situation almost every time. While they get the best dice every time. And doubles? They get a lot while the only doubles you get is when you dont sit.
Guys, you did the best backgammon game and destroyed the whole gameplay experience with algorythmic strategies. This is not backgammon. There is no point of playing this game from the moment the dice are not based on pure luck.
They are truly random dice I don't think so. At least not when an opponent can you get 5 doubles in a row. I'm uninstalling and will not install any more games from your company. Please respond to my post . Not sure how google rated this game over a 3 AT MOST I guess some money is exchanged someplace. I guess that you didn't like my review or maybe you just didn't want to answer my post! I got the response I thought at least you could use a person to reply instead of a bot!
I agree with all the bad reviews, I gave 1 star because there is no option of ZERO stars. I installed so far about 10 different backgammon games , all of them I had to Uninstall including this one right now. I agree with all of my fellow players with everything they are saying about this game . Rigged of course, if you dont make a purchase you'll get crappy dice, most of the time you play with the computer, oh by the way dear developer where is the ALBANIAN flag , all of the games have them
Despite what it says about fair rolls, it's not true. It's almost impossible to win even on easy mode. The computer somehow always rolls enough to block you, knock you off or keep you from being able to move
It's a joke Dice are fair, but rigged. Don't bother with this game if you want to play actual backgammon. The 'perfect roll' happens too often not to be a product of a flaw in the 'fair dice' algorithm... sometimes it helps you.... sometimes it doesn't... If you play the game enough, you can predict the fortunate/unfortunate 'random' outcomes
I wish i could give this game negative stars. Ever since i put a bad review i lose like crazy. "Fair dice" indeed. I am deleting this app. And i am a good player and have a great record but suddnly cant win since i put a bad review. Also they always have the same comment "its fair dice, please give us a better review". I rather spend my money on other apps that actually care about the costumer. And the piggy bank which makes you earn less money is just for you to buy those coins.
Unfair dice , For sure bots. Dice cannot be true random.Dicr are generated with a “pseudorandom” algorithm so the results appear random, even though they aren’t.Those algorithms are not suitable for applications where it is important that the numbers are really unpredictable, such as data encryption and gambling.
Worst dice ever, I invest money and is 4 days playing a lot and I haven't trhow correct dice!!! doubles comes only when I'm block and always will come what you don't need, no clue how it works with the dice but I'm disappointed maybe some people got lucky, no fun hope others have luck, money wasted
This game is fantastic i love it soo much the chat and fast response it soo amazing, buh we need to be able to switch time limit settings, i play with my collegue at office and you might have some thing urgent to do u dont want to lose the game, this is the only star left for full star
This is the 2nd time the wheel was not working for me to spin, PISSED!! WANT MY DAMN [email protected]&Then have the nerve to ask me to buy some for $.99. Also game is rigged when about to win with 3 chips left to opponents 4 the dice rolls a double for the opponent to win..woww! How ironic..smdhh
The dice ain't fair. Boards of 2500 and above only make you lose games & coins to ridiculous rolls. Lost 7 out of 8 games on the 2500 board. Same with the tournament. Play on high boards & start losing coins. Don't reply that the dice is fair because it isn't. Enough experience to write this review. Don't justify what is not true. All these board games dice is the same - RIGGED
full of ads, if you dont pay no chance to win, you will roll only bad dice in order to lose a.s.a.p, high rank players or bots will aways win , swotching to other games which to not implement AI algoritms to pay pay pay more...
I once loved this game and now I can almost predict the next dice roll. I had 68000 points and as each new game defaults to the highest possible bet, whilst watching TV I realised moments later I'd bet $60000. As if I'd do that! Am going to uninstall once remaining credits finish and will take all my friends to another backgammon app.
A dycotomy, played as guest and a FB user. After I registered mainly males of high playing crew, before a mix and always lovely looking ladies, or mostly. I learnt to play with the best, as soon as I registered on FB I got put up against the best. I agree with the chap below or on top, about bias. In response to your question: What is good about your app 1. It does not interfere with drop down menus 2. It's fast 3. The dice rolls are intelligent, this is not good.
So crooked it's not fun. 95% of the time, opponent goes first. About 75% of time opponent gets doubles, hits the exact number to hit me or get started. Meanwhile I roll the blocked numbers over and over. Here's the thing, I think it's set up to make Americans lose their money. Set up to make you buy and buy!
"CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF MODERN DAY, RACKETEERING!" After more the 50 years of play on a actual back gammon board.. with real die!" I can honestly say the die throws here are unrealistic.I have never in all the years of play.. seen the kind of doubbles that are thrown here, The question is.. in this day and age can a computer be programmed to cheat? Absolutely -) But judge for yourself.. And then leave a honest appropreate review reflecting your experence.( MY SUGGESTION..PLAY HERE FREE ONLY)
Absolutely the worst backgammon out there. Opponent rolled 17 doubles in 1 game. Thought it was a fluke, so played again. They then rolled 18 doubles the next game. Completely unfair game play.
Fair dice is BS. I played a lot of games (probably lost 60-70%). Almost every time my opponent needed a certain number they got it (especially if I asked for a double). I realize this can happen sometimes but the percentage on this game was ridiculous.
Very well designed! I purchased some coins to remove the ads. This is fair for the developers to earn some money. But, please, do not pop up the promotions after purchase. Stop this. It is annoying. If somebody wants to buy more, he can click the appropriate icon!
Yep the fair dice is definitely rigged despite what the company says about fair play. I've literally called what numbers are going to be rolled at certain crunch times of the game on more than 20 occasion. Low and behold those numbers are rolled. The annoying thing is this is the best game app for backgammon. I can take losing but only when I know that I've lost the game and not the app giving the opposition a chance to come back. Uninstalled
Avoid this app like the plague. The most biased algorithm in history, favouring players with higher ranking, more coins and certain regions. Also, algorithm favours those who purchased coins hence you are forced to spend cash in order to continue playing the game. In addition, there are too many unbeatable bots you'll be playing against, as algorithm is biased beyond belief. If you happen to start strong, your opponent with higher ranking will most certainly be given 3 or 4 doubles at crucial times to make sure you lose the game. Uninstalled.
I've been playing this game for a month and it has a very beautiful design and really good features, but there are some issues I have to mention here: In the game description its written "Fair and truly random dice rolls!", But no it is not fair at all. For Example, there is one open area that I can sit my checker and I roll the dice multiple times but the checker can't sit until the opponent collect all his checkers in his home then my checker sits. This happened to me multiple times. Another example: when my opponent and I are collecting our checkers and for example, I have 8 and my opponent has 10 checkers left then he rolls the dice and gets double 5, then I roll the dice if I don't get doubles then the next turn when I roll 99.99% it will be double. So I played the game a lot and I gonna tell you I'm playing backgammon for years. You have to fix the Dice rolling. Maybe you wanted to make it more enjoyable but it isn't. Please balance it. The next thing is when I spectate my friend's game when he bets on 30000 coins it shows me he bets on 100000. So please fix this bug. And the last point is you have to include google play games. So many of my friends don't have Facebook and they don't play this game because of that. I'd give it 3 stars.
Terrible programmed rolls ...cheat bots...etc. you would be a fool to spend on real $ here. Check my stats...I lost 30 of the last 35 games...previously I was 55 45 lmao farce!!! And since my bad review worse yet!!! Lmao. Shove this fake game fools. Still horrific rolls...everyday for 4 days. I will uninstall and come back as a different person..guaranteed good rolls then while you try to suck me into paying l.mao. ***** I cannot lose...10 15 games in a row..and then BAM I cannot win 20 inarow!
Excellent backgammon game. Superior to "Lord of the Boards" backgammon in that (a) the house takes a smaller rake for wins; (b) allows automatic dice rolls; (c) doubling cube allows you to double up to 6 times, just like "real" backgammon. Lord of the Boards limits the number of doubles allowed depending on the table. No rhyme or reason for that. Also, doubling cube is on left, dice roll on right -- Lord of Boards has them next to each other allowing for occasional accidental doubling.
I am writing after playing more than 2weeks. Dice not fair. Game will be decided by app earlier who wants to win. If app decided to win you will win even you are in a situation to loose. If app decided to kick you will loose even you are in a situation to win. It will give Dice on that basis only.