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Backgammon King Online - Free Social Board Game

Backgammon King Online - Free Social Board Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Orodragon located at PO Box 59, Kiryat Ono. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love playing backgammon but this game controls the dice, you go on winning streaks than losing streaks. Not real fun when you know who's going to win by the 3ed move.
Its so rigged its not funny , if you dont spend money you don't win and its funny that since I started telling others my opinion in the message area I've gone from a 50//50 win ratio with 800000 points to not winning anything and down to 125000 points even though I play regularly and have done for over a year . Maybe I have to relearn how to play I guess 🤣
I re-installed this game 3 times. There is definitely a pattern. First whatever you do, you win almost impossible to lose. 2nd phase is you achieve almost 70% winning average and start playing in Moscow room then you start losing till you spend all your coins. All 3 times same pattern...so avoid, games are fixed dices are rigged. I believe whoever read this comment will experience almost the same pattern. Last time I played the opponent had 5 times double in a row when collecting odds: 7776 to 1
I am getting Application Error The connection to the server was unsuccessful .(file :///android_asset/www/index.html) while loading the app
I love the gameplay... Dice roles seem off at times but can live with that... What I can't live with is the "Reconnecting" issue. Have lost over 1 million in games I was sure to win due to this issue... Happens while on wifi and while using my mobile data. Even then, I have 5 bars signal strength on both... Please get back to me. Will change rating when this is resolved.
I've been trying backgammon games and this is so far the neatest one. The focus is mostly on the game, more than on promotions, flashy ads, events and other BS that doesn't belong with the lovely game that is backgammon. Still i'd have liked to see less pop-ups (not everyone uses Facebook).. and an option to make the game direction fixed, it hurts your head to keep adapting to the rotations. Also it would suck if others are right and the dice are rigged, i admit certain opponents luck seem fishy
I like the game, but it decides the winner. You are not rolling the dice, they are and will work against you if they want you to lose....
Still slow on the moves . Please developers I'm trying to help you guys get better but the last time I had this app installed it was rubbish and slow . Still the same . Why press so much . Like as though you need two hands to move the pips . The game is good but sadly this issue needs to be improved badly .
One of the worst controlled algorithms ever! The statistical significance is in no way free of bias! Frustrating as hell.
Dice socks! It's not following random patterns at all! I counted it! Either in favor of me (in early stage of the game) or against me (when I got more stars)! In real world, the distribution of probabilities is perfectly normal over the course of large number of games played but with this app that is obviously skewed! :| It was so rigged that I uninstalled it!
I have learnt to not take this app seriously as the dice rolls are not a true reflection to 'real' throws. I have knocked this app in the past but I still play it, there is a pattern that sometimes you can pick up on. The challenge for me is to get the better of the dice throw software! However, the game layout is simple, easy to use and fun as long as you realise the dice rolls will be your downfall no matter how far ahead you are. Last game 3 opponents counters in my home board and one on the
It is a good program, it has created interesting features, but only sometimes its automatic movements make me lose the game.
Don't be tempted to spend any money on chips because the moment you do you are telling the developer you are willing to spend. The only way they can get you to spend more is to make you lose.....and that's exactly what they do.
My first 150 games I won 68% which is about right a little low now I'm lucky to win a third of my games the rolling is just so humorous makes me laugh if they have two covered I have no chance of getting out three covered takes me four or five turns if they say their algorithm is fair it is a complete joke
The most unfair game one could play. Not even a single dice is random. Winner is pre determined by the app. Total waste of time. I understand you want to make money by this app but you could have at least applied a half random dice throw system
It is really a shame to ruin such a beautiful game. It is almost criminal because backgammon has such a history that ruining it in this way is not acceptable. At first, I did not believe the reviews of people complaining about dices so I kept track of all my dice calls across my matches and when you plot it you have a "beautiful" skewed distribution from what you would predict by chance. Beside finding new players, you developers ruined the experience to play with friends as well. Shame on you..
Honesty is the best policy BUT this is NOT the policy this software follows.I can vividly see this when I play against Iraqi people.It always scores in favor of them.In fact these dice keep rolling and what pops up is always to make them(iraqi poeple) win.in some situation that they are loser an unexpected double of lowest possible probability makes them winner.I have experienced it alot.another weak point is that you can not decline to play with somebody without losing your coins
There are some kind of errors in chat room and even full of errors to calculate while the other player logicaly will lose as gammon or not .
Could be a great app if if the dice weren't rigged. Love everything about it except for that. Typical scenarios; You are way ahead so you double...opponent takes the rediculous double only to maraculously roll double 6's...double 6's...double 5's...double 5's while I roll 2,1's and 3,1's. Or... You are off the board and you role multiple doubles, but they are the only numbers you can't use. Waaaaaay too many doubles in this app.Yes, it happens once in a while in real life but not all the time. It happens so often that it has become predictable.The higher rating you get the worse the roles become. Also I have kept tract of my opening role record. I now win it about 25% of the time. I once lost 16 opening roles in a row. At times, it takes the fun out of it. I use it for private games that you can create and play with friends. The crazy dice happen less for that, but do still get way too many doubles.
Not fun at all... the dice isn't fair at all.. .. the dice are controlled by the cpu..i have read some other reviews and other players have complained about the same thing and the creator of the game always assures that it is... total BS... if you get someone that has more starts than you, then your chance of winning is very low... the more stars they have than you, the worst.. let's say you have 20 stars and you get someone with 25+, you will almost never win.... you have like 1% chance...
I find that the dice are fair/unpredictable. Level of.play is above average. Great stats with world/country of origin rankings. Looks great on my phone. And the chat options and better that any other backgammon app I've gotten from Play Store.
Yes,yes.you will not be able to stop playing, and yes sometimes the Game is not on your side. Love this Game 😎😎😎😎😎
Played one game. Computer got six doubles in a row. I got none and bumped to the bar 4 times. End game.
Dice are rigged. I get it: for new players to enjoy the game you have to add big swings to make it interesting for them. Good on you. Anyone who has rolled dice before and has an ounce of common sense can see right through it. It's no fun whe someone else is making your luck.
Nice graphics, 2 complaints is everytime you land on the spine, and your opponent has the 6 blocked, you will roll double 6's. Second, every time you have to leave a man uncovered, your opponent will roll the exact number to take you off, but when they have one open & you take them off if it sets them up to take you off
One of the better backgammon games, although flawed in a couple of ways. (1) the dice are so fixed it seems the winner is predetermined before the game starts, if the opposition gets straight doubles in the first few rolls it's best to leave the game. (2) Some players can double the stake, not sure how maybe they're using IOS.
Timing too short, makes games really rushed. Dice are definitely not remotely random, as far as I can tell they favour whoever has the most points, so someone with a higher rank/more "stars" always wins. Utterly infuriating; winning isn't a real victory and losing is inevitable when matched with someone who's played more games.
How comes that when I leave the game I lose at least 3 times more coins having the x1 as multiplier, but when someone else leaves I get only the normal amount according to the multiplier???
Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Very disturbing and frustrating game .Each role depends on how the opponent play. So there is no random dice at all for both side. Your rigged dice is unacceptable nightmare.
Required to accept increased bet or loose the game and your money. Players often wait too long to increase that bet also. Can't play just enjoy the game.
Do not install The game is not randomly giving dices. Just as an example i have went second 27 times in a row. Impossible. Lets not talk about how the dices go. I play this game since o was 10. 30 years experience..please developers dont cheat our time for some ad revenue. Ps edit review to edit stats. In a day around 60-70 games i went first twice xd. And same goes for dices. Ps2: the game will wind you down slowly to buy coins, no way mate for backgamon :) Uninstalled.
The worst site to play! Definitely seems rigged. No matter how you play..if you are winning, the other side always wins! It's ridiculous.i made the mistake of buying credits to continue playing, and the more I bought, the more I lost!! Beware...
This is the worst backgammon game I've ever played!!! It has the players going in the wrong direction for starters. Can't change any settings. Good luck moving the pieces where you want. This game is a disgrace!!!
App developer is based in Israel so if your buying the fake coins that's where your sending your money just a FYI...... If your not buying coins and not sharing your wins on Facebook good luck! You will get some short win streaks but they will follow with very long losing skids. It's insane how rigged the dice are. It's not even remotely trying to hide it. The majority of players on this app has a win percentage below 50% so if you like losing to people that don't even know the basics its 4 U
It is completely stupid game, the dice are not random and when choses to lose, all the days you keeps losing even to level 5 while you are over 70. It is completely unfair and lost of time to play. I am uninstalling it.
Nice game, very quick plays and ok if you are not worried about rankings. Have been playing for a few weeks and dice not random, currently have 10% of first move, fewer doubles especially when in a winning position.
I really like playing backgammon. But I don't likewhen people know they dot the game and double what they win. Ilike it when they double at the begining of the game.
It used to be a fair game but it's not worth playing anymore. There is no random dice, this make the experience of playing the game no longer enjoyable. Unless the developer will correct this issue you should look for something else...
I originally gave this game 5 stars because the gameplay is great and I like how it marks your progress and gives you national and international ratings. However, I'm knocking two stars off because it seems play is very lopsided. I can't imagine the game itself has any reason to torpedo me, but it gets frustrating after dozens and dozens of games to watch your opponent get just the rolls they seem to need, while getting horrible rolls yourself.
Should have left the scoring the way it was.since last week it hasn't been as good. Also a good feature would have been to be able to setup a tournament amongst your friendship group. If this could be done this would be great.
The most stupid backgammon game on the market. It plays normaly a few games, then you lose no matter what, in order to buy coins. Don't installll!! It's a totally waste of time and it makes you really angry. It has nothing to do with knowing how to play. It's just another mess in order to sell. Don't install!!!!! It's full of boots. Totally waste of time
Could be a great app if if the dice weren't rigged. Love everything about it except for that. Tipacal sanario; opponents take rediculous doubles only to maraculously roll multiple doubles 6's while I roll 2,1's. Yes it happens once in a while in real life but not all the time. I've refused to make online purchases and made it to $2,500,000 multiple times only to go on crazy losing streaks. Way too many doubles in this app.
Even though I find that obvious favoritism is shown to certain people I continue to play because I never want to be LABELED A QUITER. We all win and lose, there is strategy to this game, but even the greatest strategy is at the mercy of the DICE.
I changed my review to positive. I play the exact same way and lose 6 million one week and the following week win 19 million. It's fun playing with the variability but very frustrating at times. The dice are so fixed and predictable and unfair. If you get knocked out good luck getting back in. If you try and run you'll get hit no matter what dice they need. Too predictable. They fix the dice to create more exciting games but totally unfair.
4yrs playing this app. Convinced there are some accts picked to win some that lose chosen by developers. Starts out fair then slowly goes toward a 50% win acct. At least for myself i couldnt get ahead no matter what. Always no getting in when on the board out gunned as for doubles and if if not mistaken it seems they manipulate your rolls but how do you prove it? And you cant resign your acct which really pisses me off! That and zero customer service!
My family and I have been backgammon players for 30+yrs, and the game is very addictive. But I must say, the dice seem to go in favor of selective countries. Also, when I took your advice and signed in on your FB page, my 100,000+ coins were erased along with the level I achieved. With that said, I would give a rating of 2 stars, hopefully until the quirks could be rectified..
I have changed my mind about this game. The dice are not random, but what I've discovered over time is the better you play and avoid mistakes the more you will win. Seems when I make silly mistakes the game makes me pay for it, but also am rewarded when I play smart and make less mistakes. So instead of complaining I concentrated on playing better and having better success. Would have gave 5 stars if dice were 100% random, but it is still a good game.
Uninstalling this app! First of all I lost 90% of my money I had, second my level went from 38 to 29 and finally the last games I played were against a bot that always wins.
Worst game ever! The game is rigged. There is no way for your opponent to have consistenly perfect rolls.
I have to edit my first comment aftet about 8 month playing. At the beggining every thig was normal.i had chance time to time for wining but after a while i had not even one chance for wining and i lost all the games ridiculously. Let me inform you that I have enough experience in this game because of long time playing in real wolrd but this is very ridiculous and strange app game that i have ever seen. I higly recommand not to install the game. it will only nerves you.
It is good and free! Also in other games you lose your points fast and you have to pay money to continue, here you have many points and I don't think you have to pay
It worked great at first, then unless you buy coins the dice completely stop being fair. I didn't believe the other reviews at first, but they were correct. It is a shame cause the interface look and feel are great
So rigged! Don't waste your time. First I couldn't lose. Then, anytime I was winning I got the infamous "reconnect button". Nothing wrong with my internet. I was able to do everything else on my phone except play this game. I'm done with this stupidity!
It is good and you can make easily millions of points. I also like the dice, it is more normal than other similar apps. Another good thing not many ads. Actually only one ad the day if you want extra points(money)
This is the bad game I have seen until now... very very bad and its really depend on your level and make you crazy..
At first, I loved it and rated as 5 out of 5. But now I'm going to change my review. Although in the new version, you can still play free of charge, however no matter how good you are it won't let you to win much. Then you got angry, sad, even mad and there you are! You start paying money and buying coins! I didn't buy yet but I'm so mad. Right now I'm at level 62 among EXPERTS. But shortly after gaining some coins, the losing starts! you start losing to some novice players at level 2 or 3 who has no clue at all. Doesn't know most basic and standard moves; like when got 6-6 or 6-1 at the begining of the game! That's why I change my review to SUCKS!
Like any other backgammon app you win at the beginning then the name of the game is selling coins or credits... I get that concept but it would be nice if a developer made a true random game. They are adiment they do but this and all other backgammon apps show me otherwise
Lost multiple big stake games due to the game not working properly, the new update doesn't work, you this platform gives a bad name to the game of backgammon
Great game play, though it is still difficult to play outdoors due to the background colour contrast. Black chips don't show up too well on the dark brown board. I would also like the ability to report a small minority of players who immediately try to put you off by launching nasty verbal abuse. The randomness of the dice must also be a bit suspect judging by how I have suddenly become an awful player and plummeted in the rankings and lost most of my game money.
I have been playing this game for only 4 months. I can say the app is well designed and I enjoyed playing online. However, 2 issues I noticed: (correct me if I'm wrong) 1) I felt the dice is rigged so that it gives preferential treatment to one player at the expense of the other like for example giving him/her doubles at the appropriate time and the other player gets low dice like 2-1, 5-1, etc. 2) I felt I played at times with a robot who cannot lose. I am going to switch to another app.
Great interface and excellent game structure, but they handicap and manipulate the dice just like most of the online backgammon apps.
I have been playing this game for only few months. Started first with the regular games then switched to 'cup'. Climbed up to 16M then fell 2 M, 3 M. 1) The dice is rigged so that it gives preferential treatment to one player at the expense of the other like for example giving him/her doubles at the appropriate time and the other player gets low dice like 2-1, 5-1, etc. 2) I felt I played at times with a robot who cannot lose. This app, although well designed, is not enjoyable to play, too bad!
One of the worst game ever i played backgamen all my life but this game its decided who wins before u roll the dice in who wins no matter how good u play .its ok for the person that wants to pass some time but not if u want to compete.
if you are even slightly familiar with the theory of relativity, you should not install this game. the dice algorithm is completely dishonest. do not install this game if you do not want to smash your phone against the wall!
Dice is rigged. Terrible application, not random dice. Can predict most times opponent's dice. It is even worse than my comment above. Since my comment dice much worse. Developers very good, since very difficult to achieve such biased play. Thumbs up 👍 to the developers.
Realy nice app. And better to add cabability for giving real rewards to high level users. thank you so much BACKGOMMON TEAM.
This game is totally rigged...it doesn't matter how good your tactics are the game will rig the dice against you. Player's get 3 double sixes in a row. Could be good but is totally fixed. Game is a scam...do not buy!!
Very very bad, the option of raising bet let the players ask for it only to let you lose and they win the coins, they don't want to play, they want to collect coins only so l uninstalled the game.
I changed my review to positive. I play the exact same way and lose 6 million one week and the following week win 19 million. It's fun playing with the variability but very frustrating at times. The dice are so fixed and predictable and unfair. If you get knocked out good luck getting back in. If you try and run you'll get hit no matter what dice they need. Too predictable. They fix the dice to create streaks and more exciting games but totally unfair.
Frequent game loss due to disconnection... Reconnection to the game is a waste of time... Does not work well for older phone systems like note 3, 4, Etc... Some type of nonsense about request for security denied????
I've been playing several games a day for over a week and have also noticed games where my opponent would get 5-7 sets of doubles every game. It's not bias, I don't take the dice personally but i just played a game where they got 3 sets of 5's in the first six rolls. I've kept track and have never gotten more than four doubles a game.
Design and features are good But, it is not fun to play as the dice are rigged and controlled to make win or loose according to some conditions, it is also very addictive and frustrating at times Basically it is not fair game, and this can be very annoying
Dice are controlled, so you can predict what is coming. It would be really great if the dice were truly random.
Hi. Must fix a bug. When clicking to write a message to opponent. The screen freezes and not be able to continue playing. Actually the display screen shifts up . I tried to reboot and uninstall and reinstall but still the same. Please have a look and fix.. otherwise it is a good game. I will give 4 stars until bug is fixed.
The algorithm is setup for you to win at first, then lose. I don't mind losing , but it's not mathematically possible to lose like I have been losing. Save yourself some frustration and play another game.
Game is not too bad but after opponent raises bet why are my only options accepting or folding the game? So many people raise bet as soon as game starts and it is frustrating
I was very happy playing here and was fair . but now its not espicially when you are play with a person with 4 Geast number or when you are playing a person who is from spain . sometimes i fell i am playing with camputer not a person . sometime the game goes on faver . sometime the game is B/ S.
Most of the times that you are almost winner, dice will changes the game to make you lose. Even few minutes after game you can't believe that. Giving 5 double to your opponent means the result has been set before.
Dice are rigged! Did really well for awhile and then huge losing streak. I can't even win if I am way ahead. I want to ask my opponents if they did any purchasing because I wont. It seems after you are hooked you have to purchase to win, if not you are just a frustrated player enduring loss after loss. Beautiful interface though.
Nice game. Plays well. Minimal ads. Nice to play against people from all around the world. I'm getting to know a lot more flags.
Brillaint being able to play friends and fun for fun but not if u want to play as a challenge, dice is not fair at all. You spend half the time throughing so many doubles no one could possiable challenge u and the rest of the time it's the opposite. You can't ever seem to through double 6 unless it's blocked. Wish they would listen to the reviews and sort it out
This game is a joke. The best players average 54%. Not a real experience. If you're looking to test your game, this is not the one. It will bring you down so you buy their chips. Very disappointed, cause the concept isn't bad.
Do not install this game. Dices are not random at all. So rigged. As you start winning and collect some coins, it makes you lose. Not worth it.
There is no option for a zero rating. NO SKILL REQUIRE8D, This site is totally run by algorithms. I am a 63% player on multiple sites and lose ten games in a row on this site no matter how tight play the game. there is always that miracle roll that wins the game for the other player or 4 doubles in a row at the end of the game. This site is for the brain dead idiots that don't win proper games.
Love this game best online Backgammon by far decent double cube Have added this. Dice are rigged the computer chooses who will win and that's it. Also some players are Bots. No way a human could play the rolls that fast. Shame as I really enjoyed it to start with. It is trying to make you buy coins. So it Goodbye from me
Opponents roles are manipulated (doubles 4x in row, or half of all roles) . Fun when first started but as your level increases, it becomes totally unfair and rigged. Will be uninstalling
No matter how hard you try no matter what your skill level is the computer will kick your butt. A very unfair game you got to keep trying. Very frustrating. The game really does suck. Some people use very foul and abusive language in the chat.
With all due respect! It is high time that the consumer gets what they pay for! Google and all and the apps they sponser all buy sell and exchange every aspect of the way we use the internet. So why can't we get a fair game on any of these platforms? You already paid with your information! But that's not enough, they want your credit card to!" There's nothing realistic about the die rolls here. I have played backgammon for over fifty years, and have never scene someone get every roll they need!"
Thrilling. Thank you very much for this excellent game. It is the one that requires most thinking among all games. Your integrity and reliability makes it the ultimate world cup. The Game Points awarded shows how sophisticated and accurate you are. We the Iraqies have been the number one contestants on page one of the Leader Board.
It's very nice and handy play game. But after a while of playing having 12000000 points suddenly it stopped. Nothing to play this is awful.
Clearly not random. Joke of an app. I agree with the multiple reviews of fixed dice rolls. As soon as you win a bit of money the losing starts. Totally designed to make you spend money on coin packages.
Dices number is not random ,they adjust it to your level score which raises as more games you paly believing you will finally buy points with real money .So the more you play dices will give you sometimes 3 double in a raw lol ....
Dice are not random. For whatever reason the winner is decided before the game starts. At critical times in the game I can predict the dice roll 80% of the time. I keep a record, and it becomes obvious who wins. Don't know why its set up that way, but I prefer random dice rolls. These are not. Just keeps getting worse, its so obvious that the dice are not random. Its a shame, could have been a great game.
Well, I'm sure my last review was viewed. Back now weeks later to update. What everyone is saying about dice.... 150 percent CORRECT! Its fun, and lets you enjoy winning, until you reach level 20, 25. 60 games I played, then the losing does not stop. Doesn't matter how "PERFECT" you roll. It goes quickly downhill mid game. The (ya) app, then makes you lose and I mean QUICK. Winning at 75-76% and bam. Can't buy a win. Before 8 games go on, 63 or less. Never enough characters to finish. Need a boo
I hate this game. Total garbage, and it cheats too obviously. This app makes the game so hard win when it's really not. Most of the opponents can't even play the game, but of inconsistency in the dice and the favoritisome. You will never win half the game's you should
Good to start with but I can't help feeling the dice aren't fair. Too often the most convenient throw comes up for you or your opponent. If you can reliably guess the next time it ain't right.
Never go first. Only get doubles when trapped and cant get in. If they have 2 spots covered it takes three or four rolls to get in. If I have five spots covered they get in first roll. I played this game lots for over a month. It sucks unless you like to be a loser! There are much better Backgammon apps. Dont waist energy on this one.
So lovely, but in the last version, when i try to type some messages in my group, the screen goes crazy and i most exit the game and enter again, its aweful. My phone is samsung galaxy s6 tho
I play this with men in my family since I was 5.my dad is a chess player if he'd knew im playing against rigged devices like casino feems I wouldn't be eating at the same table with him ever again.two stars for being just less bad than all the other ive tried spent over £30 they must be in India or China by now.
There is no option for a zero rating. NO SKILL REQUIRED, This site is totally run by algorithms. I am a 63% player on multiple sites and lose ten games in a row on this site no matter how tight I play the game. there is always that miracle roll that wins the game for the other player or 4 doubles in a row at the end of the game. This site is for the brain dead idiots that don't win proper games.
The best backgammon app in the store for sure, yet it lacks stability and improved connection, I lost countless games due to connection issues, today can't connect at all for some reason as all my other games are ok the spinner is good (If it won't dance in landscape mode lol, ok to spin, hard to press collect, this spinner need to be fixed) In my humble opinion, with slight overall improvements, this game can be rated as The no 1 backgammon online game
Bad RNG. I don't think it's rigged to generate dice for or against a player per se, but the weird streaks that happen regularly despite being a very low probability are a sign of either a poor quality RNG code, or, even worse, intentional rigging of the outcome "to keep things interesting" for a player. Bad design. Either way, RNG is bad. I know this for a fact as this isn't the only backgammon software I play, and the other ones don't feel non-random at all.
By far the best backgammon game I have found, no glitches, no ads, the rolls seem fair (though at times unbalanced but it seems so for and against so that is just dice.) Good aoo
Very fun, I like and enjoy this app. I myself want more chatting with Players I meet in the game, Auto roll on forced moves happens too fast.
After a rocky start but come to realize that backgammon came is the best backgammon app for Android. I still believe the dice has something to do with seniority people cuz they always get the rose. But I play it everyday hoping to win everyday thanks Beckham and King.
The app chooses the winner before the game starts. No matter how you play. If you are chosen to be the winner it rolls the dice in your favor. If not you will wonder how your rival gets exactly what he needs. Just waste of time.
The game is fixed. Opponents get exactly the roles they need in the lowest of odds situation way too often. Its a shame, because the game is drawn well.
One of the fairest backgammon apps there is. Excessive doubles are rolled, but both sides usually get close to an equal number of doubles. Lucky rolls are also very common, but again, both sides usually benefit equally. No doubt though, the dice are definitely rigged, but nevertheless, this is the fairest backgammon app that I have ever played.
Very unfair The opponent had the 14 secs countdown during qualification first leg on my first cup and nothing happened. Instead I count 7 more seconds of the record and the opponent got pair of 4 on last round from pair of 2. Totally unfair. Don't download it unless you are not interested on cup/tournament sections. The opponent had 36 stars and I had 5. It was clear they pushing the people with high rank. I literally wasted 60 minutes to archive 5 stars.
The designs are not really up to date but they don't give you sore eyes to look at, like some games. I appreciate the fact tht it is 2D rather than most games out there that are 3D. Cool feature is that you can actually chat with the other player. Since I play as a guest I can't comment on the topic of "adding friends" that you make via the game. The game can be a bit wonky n glitchy at times of collection but rarely in an on going game. Now for the most questioned question, is it rigged?...
Worst app. Its created to make some users loss what ever kills they have. Means that the algorithms used will work against your movements . That will bother users becuase its not randomly pick dice.
Anyone who thinks this isnt rigged must not play BG too often. I've played BG for years and no way the pattern of wins and losses emulate real games. Get too far ahead in points you find yourself losing to rolls that keep you hovering around the same stage. I'm convinced to make you spend money which is after all is the point. I play backgammon on level five from AI Backgammon. They are so confident in their dice, they even allow using your own dice as an option for true sceptics.
this game is a rip-off I paid money for 50,000 coins or whatever I've one probably 10 matches and I'm down to like 33000 out of all them losses your machine keep saying I'm not connected so I lose I'm reporting you and your your outfit and I want my money I want double though. f****** a bunch of f******loser. this is shenanigans
I have to give this 1 star. My first game i played the other person rolled doubles 7 times and ne not even once. I quite and uninstalled. Seems rigged
It's a really good app Unlike other backgammon online apps this doesn't have ads and that's super cool. But i think it needs some really good changes. For example the tables variety isn't enough at all. The app should put more risks on player but because the lack off tables(the maximum is 100k)you don't see lots of uphills and downhills like you should in a gamble base game and that's one of the main attractions of this game. Optional music would be great but it's not that important. (ihadmore)
I am so sick of the loophole that allows losers to leave the game when they are losing and backed into a corner and instead of being backgammoned or gammoned depriving the winner of the points they should rightfully be getting.
Dont waste your time with this app. Gameplay is corrupt and predetermined. You will win alot to begin with, then they will make sure you lose all the coins in the hope you buy some. To say the dice rolls are unrealistic would be a immense understatement, especially towards the end of matches where you're "opponent" (BOT) will continually hit doubles!
The board and dice are easy to read and use. The graphics are great. Too bad the undo button is on a timer. A backgammon is x4, not x3. This is the best backgammon app I've tried. I wish the player level icon was a little bit bigger; the number is a bit small to read easily.
Everyone says the dice are rigged, so what, so you have two types of challenges one to play smart second to programs mind and take either advantage of it or challenge it too.
Fast and straight forward game. Good programming. (There are four types of backgammon that I know of; ie three more types of games to be included here if and when you decide).
At 1st I thought it was free of cheating, but clearly the higher you are the more money you've paid. Unrealistic dice throws.
I've never lost so many times in my life combined it's always a lopsided in favor my opponent especially when playing guests they heavily favor to entice for signing up. It is a challenging game to win on good side but ridiculously frustrating at the same time. The most frustrating part is the addiction or how personal it becomes. For that I have to give this game 5 stars
i actually like backgammon. and this app is good but there is this one thing. since i ranked up there are sooo damn many unlikely rolls. people are rolling perfectly so the block me and throw me out. all hacker and cheater. Dont let people play as "guests" its mostly cheaters!!!! Edit: last fkn second this **** gets 2 times double 6 and once double 5 fk this! Edit2: just did 2 games and the people INSTATLY do their moves!! I'm about to win with some last pieces and this MF ROLLS PAIRS 4 TIMES!!
Been only playing for a short time but find it odd that every person I've played seems to get multiple double of 5 and 6 where I get very few, if any. Don't give me the BS that it's random, I don't believe it. So if you like to loose then download this game. I for one tried it, and now am deleting it. Oh and if you don 't believe me about the dice, read the other reviews, seems I'm not the only one with this complaint. I'm going to try the other backgammon games, hopefully they are fairer.
Good app but definitely not fair dice. Many games are won with the opponent rolling 3-5 doubles in a row. If you don't mind losing by miraculous dice rolls over and over again keep playing this game
No matter how hard you try no matter what your skill level is the computer will kick your butt. A very unfair game you got to keep trying. Very frustrating. The game really does suck. Some people use very foul and abusive language in the chat. Don't spend any money on this app, totally set up to screw 😤 you!