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Backgammon Free for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by AI Factory Limited located at 23 The Avenue, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4EN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
These AI factory games are great! The interface is clean and the game is fun, best backgammon on the play store in my opinion. The only game that never leaves my phone.
Level 5, the cube at 64, win by a Gammon and I don't earn 128 points? (I have screenshots showing earning 2 points) This is a follow up to a Backgammon with the cube at 64 and I don't earn 192 points? something is wrong... UPDATE TO DEVELOPER The cube was owned by the software at 64. It lost the round by a Gammon and incorrectly awarded me 2 points, instead of 128 points. Had a Backgammon against the software w cube at 64 and had the same issue.
Nice simple game. Ads are super long and loud but otherwise it's pretty good. One or two player options. I like that it doesn't set a time limit like most others. Would be nice to be able to play against other people online though hence 4* not 5.
Overall gameplay is good. After over 9000 rolls and a few hundred games all on level 5, I have determined that the computer definitely has first move and doubles as an advantage to overcome. The doubles are especially frequent after the cube is doubled or the CPU is down on points for the game. Other than that, it's a great way to play when one has downtime
It is impossible to win when CPU gets continuous doubles and starts EVERY GAME, not to mention the exact dice when taking off!! You SUCK...no more of games from your company...and don't EVEN say it's computerized rolls because out of 50 games, the same thing over and over..SAddddddddddd..have you ever played backgammon? I don't think so. Out of 100 games the CPU went first 82 times....wrong. And your doubles counts are off, WAY off. I've counted games , which I do all the time, and many times
I've played this version for a few months now. I enjoy the visual design and playability. However, I'm very confident the ai chance of getting the right roll at the right time increases the further you go up the difficulty. Not random rolls, such a shame.
This game cheats. So obvious that the difference between level one and five hs that the computer gives poor roles for itself at level 1 and exceptionally "lucky" roles in level 5. Its fun otherwise.
Despite their "our-computer-doesnt-cheat" disclaimer, I absolutely think it does. It seems more than coincidental that the computer can roll out (consistently I might add) on the one open inner court spot you have, but not only roll out, but also roll the requisite number to hit the only available guy you have open. The odds of such repeated success are in the millions. Its as BS as my FIL claiming its all in "positive mental attitude." Its called cheating.
I think it's fixed, computer gets way to many high doubles and the auto take off doesn't do it the best way
The game play is flawless. A five star rating should be earned. However, there is a significant change in computer game play while in expert mode. Sometimes it plays without much strategy and sometimes it cannot lose getting all necessary rolls to win. And while I enjoy the ever changing strategy swings, it, nevertheless makes it very frustrating at times.
After playing 53 games, it is obvious the dice rolls are not random at the highest level and are rigged in favor of the cpu. The player's doubles rolls are mostly granted only when they can't be used. The cpu uncannily throws a double just in the nick of time to bear off a win.
Do not use this app. You will not win!! It is staggering how loaded the dice are. CPU is never blocked, you always will be (even if you only have 1 blocked & CPU has 5 blocked). CPU needs a 6, it will get a 6. The lesson from this game is NEVER play with cheats.
This app totally cheats. When you are winning, it ALWAYS rolls to land exactly on your single piece. And it CONSISTANTLY rolls way more doubles for itself than for you... twice to three times as many doubles for itself than for you per game... just about every game. It HATES to lose!!! I STILL win 19 out of every 20 games... even with its cheating... so it's both very fun and very frustrating. Cheaters s_ck. :) I've played this game hundreds of times. uninstalled and reinstalled. It cheats
I do really like this game but I'm playing CPU 5 and I am sure the dice are not landing randomly. 7th round in and every single round the CPU has gotten more than 2x and as many as 4x (yes) the number of doubles as I have, no exaggeration. Otherwise, the CPU almost always gets nice tidy even rolls while I'm scrambling to not leave any single stones. That *could* be attributed to a difference in skill level, but the CPU's incredible luck with doubles? Come on. It's good exercise, though.
Cheater AI!!! It always comes up with the right dice number to remove my pieces. It can't be that random?!?! I played 10 games in a row and as always the Game AI gets the perfect numbers to remove my pieces in the next move. Useless game.
Really fun, enjoy it on all my devices. Only thing is when you put it on higher levels it seems to be favored to getting exact rolls of what it needs to win. I know developers explained in detail it doesn't do that but if you play as many rounds as I have you do see a pattern. I still love game. I just play it on lower levels and do more aggressive attacking and let it take my pieces and then beat it once all my pieces are on his side. Higher levels it rolls what it needs to win.
Both the game UI and memory management are good, I personally like the way the ads. are shown which not that intrusive and does distracted the game . However the dice roll are basied you can text this fact by using a dice roll app to play the game and compare the total sum of roll at the end of the game. So overall good app with a baised game engine
The dice is in favour of the virtual player, so many double throws. Last two plays 8/2 and 7/0 doubles for CPU. Interestingly doubles are thrown as default by CPU at the stage of collection.
That one pupop ad between games is ruining the experience, way too many ads, you need to wait until you can close it and continue paying, too frustrating, I'm uninstalling :(
I was excited to relearn how to play this game after several decades of not playing. As many games as I have played in just the last couple of weeks has me convinced that the system is rigged against the user. Even in its games, Google seems to apply it's liberal beliefs in its own favor.
It cheats too often. Hits my blots more frequently than statistically it should. Very rarely allows me to hit blots near end game. Prevents me from entering more frequently than statistics would suggest, but computer enters nearly every time! Then if computer gets behind bearing off it throws numerous doubles. Degree of difficulty should be renamed cheat level. If it really is random then all I can say is I am really unlucky! Typically the computer wins 5 out of 6 of first throws.
I had this app years ago on an older phone. After trying a couple of newer Backgammon apps and being totally disappointed with both lag/freezing & control issues I came back to this. This is an amazing app that's leaps above the rest!!! Control movements are flawless and simple. The new (to me) ability to auto complete once your past a certain point & to stop it at any point is great. And they've kept the option to undo as many goes as you want. Needs higher difficulty and more rounds though.
It's like it use to be. Playing Backgammon with my best friend! She was so amazing. 10 years older than I. So I play it between us, even though you have no Blue chips, I can say this. She would have sent you to looney ben until you changed the color added. Nobody can replace her in my โค๏ธ love you Candice, still miss you so much!
CPU gets too many ideal rolls. Comes from someone with background in statistics. Well for what's worth, I've been playing backgammon for 40 years and I know exactly what the probability of rolling a specific pair or numbers. I use this information to place tiles on the points, leave blots and choose whether to play an agressive or caution game. None of this matters when the game routinely rolls dice pairs with impossilbly low probabilities.
cool ,auto bear off convenient,nice format,one of the best if not the best! After 2 years of using this game,I swear that: it is a fair game.it is a game with amazing designs and possibilities.I learn back gammon with an Iranian in Thailand,and this game respect all the rules of the Perses who invent it! And it is not in favor of the computer,if seems so sometimes,it is as the same in favor of you,players!
Just one small crib: it would be better to have the match score visible at all times. Helps with both cubing decisions and checker play. Also it seems to me that even at the highest level the computer's hitting policies are quite timid. It has a tendency to run to the ace point; and at times, inexplicably, to make a low home board point when it could make a higher one.
28-SEP-2020: I stand by my review --------- The dice algorithm is flawed, period. Best example: the frequency with which the algorithm produces the same roll twice in a row is significantly higher than chance. Play a decent number of games (50 or more), and for each game count the # of rolls and the # of times the same roll occurred twice in a row - prove it to yourself. Then delete the app - if the game you're playing doesn't use an algorithm that acts like real dice do, it's not worth playing.
I've played hundreds of games of backgammon using real dice and this game conveniently rolls just what is needed at just the right time. I've played this app for 30 or 40 games and it's always the same. The computer gets behind and magically rolls just what is needed. I've read their explanation of AI and their justification for the magic, but it sure seems like BS. If it happened once in a while like in real life, okay but to be as consistent as it is...well it's rigged.
If you intend to play against the computer/Droid don't bother. It is extremely one sided with the Droid winning every single game. I just want to play and relax but it would be nice to win at least 1. **update to the developer comment. ** You imply that my level of play is lower than the level I was playing. Lol. Your gaming system is designed to favor the system period. I uninstalled the app and frankly any further comment will be tiresome.
I like playing the game, but the "random" rolls by the computer are NO WAY random!!! I've played dice in real life. I KNOW what random looks like. I've played hundreds of your games. I win some/ lose some and that's acceptable. The game is FUN, but I can anticipate the computer's rolls. Wanted to bring it to your attention because I was thinking the problem was an algorithm or something; the computer rolls are NOT random, but my rolls are. Would like it to be fair, but I understand it's business
Nice "equal" game up until level 3, but then the "Cpu" gets too lucky too often (or, I'm the most unlucky guy on earth) ๐Ÿ˜ฑ But worse are the adds (after each game). They stop the media player (not pause, but stops) so you have to toggle to media player, restart media player and toggle back to the game. Fair point a free app has got adds, but this toggling is seriously annoying.
The game is a good simulation of the board game. (Yes, you can use your own dice, then it's not a simulation). If you use the computer version, realize that the rolls are not precisely random, computers cannot generate TRULY random numbers ... but they can get close enough for a game, any game. Just chill and enjoy. I do.
Probably the worst backgammon game ever. If you start on a low level the computer makes ridiculously foolish moves. As you increase the level the computer uses the 'smart' moves, which is good. But after playing 20 games it was obvious that the dice roll algorithm is stacked against you. Very poorly done.
Sure feels like the AI gets that double 6 whenever it wants. Also uses a weirdly large amount of data.
It literally gives it's mood away by speeding up on it's moves that miraculously will hit you no matter how many times you undo and move another counter, or moves it's counter to a place that it is illogical and vulnerable and feasible for you to hit and yet you don't. And Hey Presto! It's next throw protects it's previous ridiculous move. Why? Because the CPU KNOWS what your next throw is and what it's next throw will be. Start a new game and close for a while. It takes a chill pill then
there are a few issues. the game doesn't stop itself losing a double or a treble when it's still possible to do so. It will also accept a double when it's obviously probably going to lose. sometimes it will expose 3 or 4 pieces in it's home quarter when opponent is on the bar. it's a reasonable player but pretty easy to beat.
I've dropped from 5 stars to 2 for the same reason others give for low ratings. This game cheats, and repeating the same reply about the testing proving fairness, blah, blah won't convince me otherwise. Whether it's the level 5 CPU getting the exact roll it needs in most situations, including getting off the bar to the only available space in one roll, while it'll take me ten to do the same, or the doubles and opening moves issues others have mentioned, the frequency is WAY beyond random.
I played this game years ago and have just reinstalled it. The dice do seem to favor the computer (level 5). I just can't seem to get a lucky break while the computer gets one right after the other. I may delete this game again! I'd they'd just fix this, I think everything else is well done.
If I had written the program for this game,I would be embarrassed to admit it. This game cheats to the point of being ridiculous. If I have a chip by itself,the game rolls exactly what it needs to bump it off every single time,without exception. The amount of doubles it rolls is unbelievable. The company that puts this game out denies this,but just play this game for awhile and you'll know what I say is true. Shame on you !! Really? Have you played your own game or simply computer tested it ?
The saying, You get what you pay for; in NO way applies here!! I love playing the computer and my friend once in a while. This version is really great! Thank you for creating this backgammon for androids. 9-5-2020. Still loving and playing the game. Read a few other reviews; yes, computer cheats at times, but I am playing at level 5 and feel the computer sharpens my game. If I lose, I just start another game and say "oh well" and continue on playing. I win at least 75% of the games, I'm happy!
So many people whining about cheating on the dice rolls. Doesn't bother me because I have resorted to cheating right back. Until the app began to play intrusive 15 to 30 second ads that you can't get rid of, I would have rated it a 4 or 5. I just play on airplane mode now. No ads at all now.๐Ÿ˜‰
Fun to play. Aesthetically pleasing. No interruptive commercials halting game play, instead small Banner on the upper left side which can be distracting a little which is why it gets a four and not a five.
Very good graphics and player options are seriously diminished by poor game-play setup and lopsided AI advantage via multiple high doubles and rolls specifically targeting human player's pieces in order to assure an AI victory. In other words, the game cheats outrageously in favor of AI. This game's only practical use is for practicing rolls against overwhelming odds. Two stars for graphic quality (among the best available) and absolutely zero stars in all other categories.
I love to play backgammon. But in the real world it IS next to impossible to roll 4 straight in a row.
I'm playing against the computer at level 4. I can't tell you how many times I've pretty much got to the point where I am sure to win and then get several unnecessary doubles. But the opponent's doubles come at the beginning of the game where it makes a huge difference on the path to winning. All this makes it look like we have fairly even amounts of doubles and dice. Additionally, every time i have a piece without protection the opponent rolls the exact amount to take me out. coincidence?
Fun! Great game to distract from stress! It isn't fancy. It's simply backgammon! Plays smooth. Offline. There are settings for difficulty. You can choose how many matches there are to win the game! I have a little challenge against the CPU on the low difficulty setting. There is also an option for auto play once the players chips have cleared each other on the board. Saves a lot of simple back and forth dice rolls! I enjoyed the simplicity!
I disagree completely because this happens 90% of the time. Also, it limits your moves. I can make a five point move at home to avoid it from being taken which negates the six point move however, the game will not allow it, forcing me to take the six point move then the five points move this gettin captured. The point being that there are a lot of bugs to work out and you should focus on that.
The computer is set up to cheat each step higher the more it cheats. This is just my personal opinion but if you play the game you'll see what I'm talking about. By the game cheating the higher you go that's makes it want to be played longer there more adds can be shown. The more adds the more money is made.
Love playing Backgammon and this looks great but like another reviewer has mentioned, this game on the high levels doesn't play fair. I've felt this for a few days now but the game I've just played has confirmed it to me and I have now deleted the game because of it. CPU has got all his pieces round, taking my one last piece off the board on the way round, fair enough. I was in with a chance to get back on the board with his 6 slot empty but every single time I roll I get a double one
This is a simple app with all you could want for the basic features of backgammon. The app is decent overall, but it only gets 4 stars because the app occasionally crashes.
The highest difficulty level 5 is biased against player. If you leave a pip uncovered 9 times out of 10 the computer will role exactly the right number against you. It just becomes unrealistic as the AI seems to always hit the exact role that beats you. You can only win when A) you make just perfectly logical moves and the game plays out where just because you started first you win with the AI having the last two pips left. Frustrating. It's good to learn the basics but it's unrealistic game.
I learned Backgammon on an actual cork game board with real playing pieces made out of marble, when I was 10. Quite a while back. I've tried several apps, but this one is by far the best! It's not childish like many others are. I've been using this app for maybe 3 years now I think. Excellent! Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚
clearly a cheater. Approximately all dices are in its own favor. Re: Nope! This is not a matter of probability consideration in cpu's moves. Does rolling consecutive doubles at the end of the games have anything to do with clever playing? Instead of cheating, try to improve playing tactics and intelligence not to lose after all this mess. Re: CPU doubles is always more than mine in stats.
I'd have really enjoyed this if the game wasn't stacked in favour of the computer. I'm really good at backgammon but how are you supposed to win if the other side get the exact score they need and doubles too. I know the makers say it's randomised but the odds are too stacked against the player for that to be true. It makes the game boring and predictable.
Very nice app, but the CPU opponent is pretty weak. I had never played backgammon before and in the 30 rounds I have played so far I have beat the CPU on level 4 slightly over half the time. The CPU also makes weird blunders like leaving a piece behind and thus gifting the opponent a gammon, or even a backgammon. This can also happen to yourself if you make the mistake of trusting the Auto Bear Off feature. Hopefully these issues will be addressed in a future update.
This game cheats like trump's accountant...it gets many doubles per game, while I'm lucky to get one or two, and if I get sent back, it takes me 3, 4, 5 rolls to get put, while the game takes 1 turn...everytime...uninstalled
Best free backgammon app in the store. A couple of things, firstly it could be improved by alternate rules option (I learnt with a version of the rules whereby there were a maximum of 5 counters to a pointer allowed and no option to double once all counters were in the home sector and bearing off could begin , for example). Secondly, playing the advanced level game seems to increase the amount of luck the Cpu has and frequently deal player 1 rubbish dice. Challenge often turns to frustration.
Although I cannot prove it, it is a little too funny how the CPU always gets the rolls it needs to bump the opponent. The odds of 4 dice coming up 3 times in a row leads one to believe that the program is fixed. Find a better app.
I have downloaded most of your games and enjoy all of them, but some of them kick me out after I hit the 'Play' button to enter the game. I then have to close the game and re-enter; sometimes multiple times, before I actually get in. I'm running Android on a Samsung. Please fix bug and I'll give 5 stars. Thanks for all the great games
Love backgammon as a game but this AI is formatted with "if/then" algorithm... example, if you have one piece open on the board and the computer has a piece off the board and the only option is for the dice to roll a 2 to get on and a 5 to knock you off, it will roll it every time... the odds are astronomical, yet it happens all the time
This game is full of patterns and obvious rolls of the dice. If you sit in a #6 spot, I can almost guarantee the CPUs next roll will have a 6. It rolls 3-4 sets of doubles in a row at the end of game when peeling off the discs. At the end if you are sitting at the high end of the points, you will roll 1 and 2. If you need to get around the board quickly, you will roll 1and 2 while the CPU rolls doubles. After playing for a few weeks you can see patterns and project the next roll.
At Levels 3, 4 and 5, the Cpu consistently rolls about 6% more doubles than the opponent--measured over 1000+ games. (Any casino would love those odds!) While this may not seem like much, it makes a huge difference, especially during casting off, and it correlates directly with winning 6% more games. I know you dispute this and claim to have tested it a million times, but facts are facts. This dice roller is consistently biased.
This game cheats. The developer will no doubt respond and say something like, "Oh, we assure you that the game does not cheat." but don't believe them. After hearing that, I did a statistical analysis of the game play the it most certainly does cheat. The computer will almost always (82% of the time) roll the exact amount to bump the human player while the human will be able to land on the computer's pieces only 24% of the time. 91% of the time, the computer will get to go first. Coming off the bar is equally as slanted (Computer can come off 78% of the time and the human can come off on 39%). Whatever "random number generator" these developers use is certainly mis-named. I'm not sure why they are so adamant in defending it... perhaps they made a bad choice and can't accept that fact. But, in the end, the numbers don't lie... This game cheats on an almost professional level... Note: these numbers are for the lowest setting... it's gets worse as the level increases... Edit: They responded just as I predicted, saying that the dice rolls will average out over time. My results came from ~4500 games. I seriously doubt this will change significantly over time. They are LIARS.
I've been playing this game almost since it started. I've had it on many phones and at least 3 different tablets. I have played on different levels and have never seen any signs of nonrandom rolls. I have played over 330 games on my current tablet and am ahead on every stat. 550 on my phone and most in my favor. I learned that I should play at a lower level since the AI plays better than I do. I like to win so I'm 1 level lower than I could be. To me the AI just plays strategy better higher up.
Intermediate player. I found it very good. Fast. Easy to play. Built in help if you need it. I tried a couple other backgammon games but so far this is the best.
Like many other apps, it cheats on the dice rolls. It claims not to, but there are too many incredible coincidences in the cpu's favor for it not to be cheating. Apparently they can't figure out how to make the AI play better, so they make it "more advanced" by cheating.
If this game is certified, then that certification is worthless! I've never seen a true "random" anything like this. Just to see how ridiculous it is, I've kept doing new games and currently, the computer has won the opening roll the last 39 games in a row (and counting)! There is no possible way that should ever happen if actual randomizing code is used!
The gameplay is reasonable but if you play at level 5 then the cheating quickly becomes very obvious.
Good, in a few ways. Not sure about multi-player but if you play against the CPU, expect to learn the meaning of futility. As a former software developer, with some games like backgammon, the developers of this game couldn't write a real randomization routine if it was handed to them. Expect the CPU to beat you for first move, highest roll goes first, EVERYTIME you roll a 5 &6. Doubles? The CPU will get more doubles in one game than the player gets in multiple games. Try a different game.
To all those who suggest the game cheats...grow up and learn to play! I'm playing level 5 and after playing 200 games, the computer has 81wins vs me at 119. We have exactly the same number of first rolls, it has 10 more doubles than me. I have significantly more points. Btw, even at level 5, the computer makes mistakes. 3 cheers to the developers, A great game!!
I really like the graphics and the way the pieces move in this game. I am a beginning player. What I'm frustrated with is how the computer wins starting dice roll consistently (out of 15 games I got 4. game got 11) and also computer rolls doubles 30% more PLUS computer rolls double 5s and 6s at strategic times (bearing off) where my doubles are typically 1s and 2s. I'm going to try a different game. I have taken screenshots of the statistics page to gather these facts.
If the rolls were truly random, it would cheat for me as much as it cheats for CPU, especially when you play a double. The app is written to cheat in order to make the levels harder. Then they fib about it! Do not reply! Got your number.
Very good game. The thing to look out for is the dice total at the end of each round. The doubles and starting first do even out eventually over time although in my case the doubles and starting first are in my favour. I am playing on the hardest setting.
Only difference between levels are that level 5 gives CPU all the rolls it needs to get off bar or or hit your stones. Also, hit the undo button after your move, and the next roll the cpu gets will always be the same, no matter how many times you hit the undo button. So much for random. Developer will say it is random or certified, but it is total BS. Don't purchase this app. Heck delete the free one.
If you enjoy backgammon DON'T download this rubbish. There must be a more honest computer program around. Still the crappiest backgammon available, predictable and regardless of all reasons, the game is loaded, far to many "convenient" rolls and perfect starts, played enough backgammon to know this doesn't happen this often. Still a dog game.
I've tried this game periodically. Dice appears to favor CPU. Shame. 05Sep20- i truly don't understand how the dice are certified (non bias) when if I rolled the same combinations in the same order a human would question my rolls by asking if the dice were loaded or tricked. 06Sep20: what are the odds of rolling 3 sets of ones in four rolls? During be same turns CPU was getting 6,5,4s. 08Sep20- Level 4 favors CPU...nearly impossible rolls for CPU. I'm giving up trying / believing that it's fair.
this is quite a reasonable game. the biggest drawback is that the hardest level is only an intermediate level player at best. the doubling strategy of the game is also fairly rudimentary. some of the reviews suggest that the dice are not random but this is nonsense. there is nothing wrong with the dice rolls.
Overall it's a good app. There are some problems like heating up my phone, 'random' rolls for the CPU not seeming random and the lag due to the constant banner app. But I've been playing this game for about 6 years and it is one of the best backgammon apps I've found. Yes it does seem rigged sometimes but you can just laugh instead of getting annoyed! And the last point is that it is FREE!!!!!
I have played over 5,000 games on this app, at the top level, and there is no doubt that dice rolls are not random: (1) too many doubles (2) cpu throws friendly dice when getting ready to bear off, or bearing off. (3) If you start bearing off at the same time as the cpu, you will lose that game 80% (4) cpu gets back off the bar straight away abou 80% of the time no matter how many spots are available (5) there has been a pattern formed where the cpu wins about every 7th or 8th game
What's new with this app? To be honest the full page ads at the end of the game are the only thing that's really new. And I mean full screen ads that are horrible and very hard to close. I understand the necessity for ads but this is way way too much.
I enjoy the game mainly for how smooth and quick the game play is, and easy it is to make my own moves. Most of the other backgammon games make you tap the top most pip to move. I like being able to just hit the stack anywhere to move one. I must agree on the dice rolls. It may be deemed fair, but it still requires an algorithm to execute. I have played hundreds, if not thousands of games. I always choose 15 game matches. Better than 90% of the time the CPU has more doubles.
I find it to be a great game and true to form. No cheats by the CPU have been observed on my part from playing. Fair and square here, Folks.
This game is unfair to the players when 2 are playing the game. In real life playing, one person can not hit every single roll with the exact number they need to take off a disk each time. Also, doubles 4 or 5 times in a row as well as having 9 doubles to the other persons zero doubles. The programmers should fix this problem
Great game for wiling away spare time. Quick to load, keeps good stats and ads aren't intrusive. Only gets 4 stars because it never opens clean on the first go. Also, not to sound like an ass, but the hardest setting to play against isn't quite hard enough - if the dice fall evenly then you'll probably win. But they don't always do that! Look out just after you give or accept a double cube - the computer will get what it needs 8/10 times.
Solid game! I know the game doesn't cheat, but every time I play on the hardest difficulty I've learned you can NEVER leave a single piece uncovered or it will be jumped immediately. CPU is relentless and always seems to get the perfect rolls. Again, I know the rolls are random, but you might as well be a rock for how easily the LVL 5 CPU beats you.
Level 1 and 2 are ok, but anything above this and the game cheats. I've played 3 games and in each it was never less than 60pts ahead in the dice rolls and 6-7 to 1 for the doubles. One game I was 40 behind after 4 dice rolls. Rediculous
Good game but the computer rolls are really not fair. It cheats. The computer will wait for you to move as well as it always wins the first dice rolls. Computer literally wins almost 10/10 times from levels 2 to 5.
This game learns what moved you like which is fine but then adjusts the dice to screw you. Problem is if you play the game as much as I do and as long you can pick up on these patterns.Also, as you're frawingyoff manually the cpiu has a habit of taking off the wrong stone so y have to hit redo to fix it. NOT worth the aggravation.
Please stop saying dice rolls are random. They are not. There are alot of us saying they are not and 1 of you saying they are. Out of my last 3 games cpu got 6 doubles each game while I got 1 and it was double 1's. Ready to hang it up. There are ads, but not the annoying ads that don't go away. Need to add that I figured how to win more than not. Might be called cheating but...just saying it feels good. When they roll and get you out just hit undo and replay your move and stay on the board.
Backgammon has always been a fun game to me but playing against a live person is more challenging and fun. This game is fun for beginners to learn strategies without the stress of being rushed by an opponent. Kinda boring but i still love the game.
The ads are minimal and not intrusive. My only complaint is that the board and pieces are very small for these old eyes and big fingers. There is a lot of wasted space to the sides of the board. Maybe move the scores vertical and on one side of the board and the same with the ad on the other side (vertical) of the board. Then the board and pieces coukd be enlarged. Bigger board and larger ad. Win win for players and developer! Oh, and add online play?
I also win many games at level 4. But having said that I can clearly see this application's AI is rigged to go beyond normal statistical odds to flush the potential of winning by the human player, using a slush fund of interrupting data that causes the AI to override the normal odds of getting doubles over and over again at the end of games. Do I really need to win so badly that I would lie about my experience with the application? What are the odds?
This game is so rigged. The first week you win your fair share of games but after that, your opponent always manages to roll doubles and win. Even if you are way ahead, he rolls high numbers and you roll small numbers then bam, he rolls doubles. Been playing this game for 40 years. This is fake.
Very fun. I've played a lot on this platform and have developed a reasonable understanding of how backgammon should be played. I wish the levels got higher. To those who think the ai cheats... Read about confirmation bias, or roll your own dice.
I enjoy learning the game. I do find the double bias of the CPU amusing. There is no need but it is amusing.
The longer you play CPU'S roll of the dice gets luckilyer +they will even move your men. Hoping you won't notice. Keep this in mind their 2nd trick on CPU next roll they have hit your man as you wonder how your man got there in the1st.place. other than that it's not a bad game just pay close attention if CPU lets you win in the 1st. place
Have you noticed, when the AI needs to roll a 1 to cover your islated single chip, it almost ALWAYS does? The same goes for a 6 or 12 or any other number needed to cover your single chip. So, play defensively and when possible never, never, never isolate a single chip. The AI WILL nail it. I enjoy the game, it's a challenge to defeat an AI that is, I can't help but believe, rigged at level 5. Yep, I've read the strategy explanation for this phenomenon. Really not buying it.
This is my 2nd favorite game, 2nd only to Canasta! I enjoy the more intelligent play the computer uses for my competition! I am 83, but it takes game like these, that helps me to focus on a smart play! Thank you so much for a great, realistic play that is fun, as well as competition! Try it! You might be surprised!
The worst backgammon game ever. The "harder" single player levels simply means the app cheats more & rolls exactly what it needs every time. Same stock answer. HOW CAN WE ALL BE WRONG??? Another abnormality is how many times the application makes the game finish with just one piece left. Just thought I'd try it again before I uninstall the app. CPU rolled 5 doubles in a row when bearing off.
Awesome game. Love the fact that the dice is random. It is pretty common for people who are not experienced with this game to blame the dice. This is a partially luck based game but if you play consistently good you will win most times even at the hardest difficulty. Some people talking about reporting the company which tested the dice roll. Get a life.
If the dice rolls are random, why do you need different levels? That's because they're not random. Always putting my pips in a bad position, getting doubles at the beginning and end of every game, making impossible dice rolls to capture my open pips, sometimes getting 4 or 5 doubles in a row, it's not hard to figure out. From what I've seen, you get a lot of negative comments about your game. Time to fix it
I play this all the time; for the most part, it's great. But I will mention 2 things that bother me. I wish the computer player would bear off properly rather than just keep piling the pieces up on the last few points. And the way I learned to play is that, during a match, the loser of the round automatically rolls first in the next round. Other than that, it's great. I never have problems with the app not responding or anything and the ads are quite minimal and reasonable.
Doubles are rigged ! Dice favors the computer player . Looking for better backgammon . I don't believe it . My doubles are when I'm on the bar and can't move ...your doubles are like 9 rolls which moves you in faster . I'm saying play your game see how it plays you !
Despite the company feeling the need to address this in the actual FAQ section, the game is rigged in favor of the computer. I like the game and it has helped me to learn the basics of the game, but the AI will roll 8 doubles in one round to the player's 1. Now, the company can claim it's all based on fair play, but 8 to 1 is simply ridiculous. Game is good. Play is good. Just dont think you are going to get a fair deal. It isnt, and no amount of the programmers claiming it is will ever be true
This app has a lot of great functions and is easy to use however I have never known an app to blatantly cheat so much. In the top level you can guarantee it will roll the right score to catch you particularly just after it offers a double. And how many other games roll four doubles in the bear off to catch up and win!!! If the developers make it fair it will be a great game.
There is no way this game isn't rigged. I play competitively, and the CPU hits the roll they specifically need far more than the average. I can basically predict what their roll will be before they roll. And the stats are not correct. The CPU wins the first roll 8 out of 10 times, but the stats say 50/50. No way.
I would consider myself a pretty experienced backgammon player having played for over 30 years. The ai on the hardest level will get rolls that will make you go crazy. I've finally figured out how to beat the ai the majority of the time, but it's not how I'd beat an experienced player. After getting frustrated with the ai rolls when both players are in each others' home boards, I counted them. Out of 20 games, the ai had significantly more advantageous rolls 18 times.
Good game, been playing for a while. CPU can be predictable with dice, especially when you are open, you know you'll be hit and rolling 3 doubles to bear off, when behind! However, on the whole, CPU tactics are basic, reliant on big dice rolls, so players could win the majority of games.
The computer gives its self better dice so it wins more often . In spite of what you say I have been keeping my own stats in game five
Despite the cut and paste replies of not rigged dice the assertion has simply not been born out by the games I have played. It's not the frequency of the doubles but also the amazing one in 36 chance rolls that occur so often! And the frankly remarkable squence of "random" rolls that come at just the right time! The more I play the more obvious such programming becomes. At this point it is wholly farcical to claim the dice are not rigged. Cue standard response below.... as expected ๐Ÿ˜†
This is a very good game and it works well. I originally gave it four stars but had to dock major points because the ads became progressively more intrusive. A full-page thing would constantly pop up on me just as I am clicking on the board so it opens my browser and I have to fight it. I had the game for a few days and uninstalled it.
The AI Factory backgammon dice rolls are NOT random, they are heavily biased in CPU's favor. Almost each time one of your pieces are open, the CPU gets a kill roll of the dice. However when one of the CPU's pieces is exposed, you hardly get a kill roll. Additionally, when evenly matched or, you are better positioned in the inner table, the CPU gets multiple "doubles" in the dice roll and wins.
Not bad, but it cheats on the higher skill levels. And I guess I should specify my definition of cheating includes manipulating the luck factor such that advantageous rolls appear more or less often. other reviews mentioned doubles, but also consider the timing of such. higher levels tend toward doubles during bear-off for the cpu. this can be seen easily by using your own dice; your win percentage will quickly adjust to that of skill level 3.
Have enjoyed this app for many years. However, the rolls are no longer "random." They can't be. Time and time again, the most likely roll needed by the computer opponent is what the generator will roll for the opponent about 7 out of 10 times. It's just too coincidental. While sitting on the bar and the opponent has 2 or 3 points blocked, you will get a roll to come off the bar for one of the 3 or 4 open points about 1 out of 3-4 times. Sorry, that can't be random either. Deleting the app today.
Been having a lot of fun with this game. Remembered playing a lot when I was younger and now all those memories are coming back. Easy to play and the graphics are exceptional. After a long day nothing better than kicking back with a cup of tea and rolling the dice!
I used to play this a lot. Ads were there but not too bad. I looked at a few ads. Now it's the obnoxious long play ads over and over again. You LOST a fan with these stupid long play ads.
I love this backgammon game!! This is the best one I've come across!! Thank you so much to the creators!!
Decent to play, but at any difficulty above a level 2 the A.I. will give itself doubles anywhere from 2-7 times per match. Edit: Contrary to what they respond, as I keep track of the last 10 games, single player, level 5 difficulty, the C.P.U. received doubles 4 times per match, always with 2 doubles being in the bear off stage. Every game. I had 3 of those matches with 0 doubles, 3 with 2 doubles, and the remainder with 1 double. In game Stats do not match my handwritten ones.
Good game but computer player somehow gets a disproportionate number of doubles and seems to always throw the numbers they need. Would be much better if the dice were actually random (expecting the standard response from developers to that comment, but stats don't lie!) and games were won and lost with skill/game play.
the dice rolls are controlled, not random. if you pick the highest difficulty level it is even more obvious. I played the other night, the cpu got 8 doubles, I got 1. and amazing how when you have everything blocked off except only one possible roll will hit you, the cpu will magically get that roll. completely fixed, garbage app.Update: if what you say is true then how do you explain the cup getting 8 doubles in 1 game and me getting 1 ? that's statistically impossible....
This game is not worth installing. The game is rigged. If you play against levels 4 or 5, you will lose 99 times out of a hundred. Many times the opposing player will roll double 6's, 4 or 5 times in a row!!!! Impossible!!! The dice rolls are controlled by the opposition!!!!
Used to think this game was almost perfect (aside from cpu bear-off issues that other reviewers have mentioned) but the latest update has had the annoying effect of forcing me to change the direction I customarily play in. I like to start in the upper right hand corner of the board and can't do that anymore. The cpu does and I can't change it. What's up with that? UPDATED after developer response: Thank you so much. Your reply solved my problem. Appreciate your help๐Ÿ˜Š BTW dice are random๐Ÿ˜‰
I like the game, but I find it interesting that the opposing player frequently gets double rolls. In one game I counted of my opposing player getting five double rolls in a game.
Good game but weighted in favour of the CPU. The number of times I've been pipped at the post because the CPU throws 4 sixes, fives or fours. I know the developers have nothing to again from this but its disheartening to consistently lose in this way and makes you wonder whether there are not better versions of Backgammon out there.
Love the game. Nothing more to say. No frills. Just a basic version of this ancient game. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Everything about the game is fair and square, even after reading the negative reviews, the bots DO NOT have power over the player. The dice is always random (I played 3 games on the hardest difficulty and 2 out of those 3 I had more doubles than the bot) but the bot is not. I would say it's almost like playing with a real person. I rate the game 5/5 stars, it should gain the seal of fair dice!
For now I will ignore the elephant in the room which is the whole issue of "favorable rolls for CPU", and just focus on the AI. The auto bear-off option makes very bad choices - more than a couple of times I turned it on and put my phone away for a second, only to come back to a 3 point loss because the AI chose to leave a checker in the opponent's zone rather than just moving it out. The built-in conditional statements, and responses to specific scenarios definitely need a big improvement.
You claim not rigged. I kept a running status over 50 games. Stats would say I had 4 doubles when I had 2. When I did get 4 or 5 doubles 2 or 3 would always be when on bar and can not get out. CPU almost Always gets roll needed to hit. Also stats claim 50/50 on opening rolls. Actual was CPU 32 me 18. You give same response to every review claiming issues.
I like the app but it very obviously cheats with dice throws and is NOT random in that it nearly always hits the precise dice combination to edge the odds in it's favour. The only way I can beat it is to try to anticipate it's cheating dice throws. Another minus point is that some ads have started to appear that have no countdown to allow it to be ended ready for the next game. I am forced to reboot the 'phone to clear the advert.
The app is pretty decent at all levels, while I disagree with the way the AI moves men across the board when it's reached the point of a "race"... This app is very well made and very good to both learn the game and refine yourself. The A.I. will leave a man in the opposing home board while trying to being all other men in and will do this up to the point of making the game a backgammon instead of just a gammon. Dice are fair...1/36 chance of getting the "magic roll"...statistics...
Great, basic, and works well. The difficulty scales nicely but the hardest difficulty is too predictable and conservative once you get the hang of the rules and game strategies.
Good game for casually playing, AI is generally a good player to play against especially at the more challenging level. Sometimes can be frustrating when you allow it to automatically play for you after a certain point and it makes silly moves which can sometimes be crucial to you winning or losing.
I thought this was going to be a fairly game, but is rigged, the AI gets the "perfect" combination when is losing, also, when I double, most of the time, it's almost impossible to capture their chips, but when I have 2 or 3 chips alone, oh yeah, it captures all my chips. When I capture them, no matter if I do it 2 or more times, the cpu gets out in the 1st or 2nd throw, and guess what?!...with a double!. So developers, if for you, this is random, then you don't know nothing about developing.
I play level 5, and the game is often won in the computer's favor. I took screenshots of the computer rolling doubles 9 times to my 2, or 7 to my one. They are usually rolled in the final bearing stage to ensure the CPU's win. That's frustrating when you actually played the game with strategy, and the computer still beats you in the end due to dice rolls in its favor. Update 6/19/19: The dice are now doubling in my favor. I don't want that. I just want a fair game.
30 second advert as soon as you open app. If you want a quick game of backgammon forget this app. Ads are not skipable after 5 seconds. Full 30 second ad before you can even start to play
Love it! It's fair with rolls which means that you can you can actually win. Very few ads and they get your attention but are quick so doesn't turn you off. Finally, a great game they you want to keep playing and told so many people to download. Keep up with your great work.
Now I am not a sore loser. However, if I remember correctly, it seems like every single game, these things happen: - opponent gets very unlikely exact-hit rolls. Like, too often, too precise. - When we start bearing off in a race, opponent gets doubles, almost without fail, right when we both start bearing off. I still play, and it might be the difficulty setting that controls the luck of the dice. But it should really only control the strategy of the opponent. Still realistic.
You can keep telling me the dice are random but at level 5, I can predict the roll 9 times out of 10 when there is an unprotected piece. What you don't say is how many rolls you do behind the scenes until you get a combination advantageous to you. You can go through hundreds of rolls while I get one or do you choose my rolls too. When I double the CPU, I can predict the roll 10 out of 10. Try to be a little more subtle.
Good up to a point. Graphics are smooth and fast, expert mode plays well. Doesn't cheat, I've played multiple thousand games, stats bear out ramdom, I get as many doubles and first dice rolls as the CPU Bear off by the CPU is poor, CPU gives away backgammon needlessly, CPU also takes bad doubles too often. Overall the best backgammon app I've found. If you think it cheats you need to practice more and learn a bit more about probability.
User vs dices and cpu.. dices are not random, it's a lie!! don't download this app, believe me.. if not, try it, and play 10 or 15 games.. first matches you will win doesn't matter how good you're playing, then mostly the dices change against the user. One star for the graphics, smooth and pleasant!!!
I have so far only gone up to level 4 because I needed to re-learn the game. At L1 the CPU game was derisive. At L2 for the 1st couple of games it seemed cheating was going on but then not because I started winning more than I lost. Same again at L3. At L4 the CPU really starts playing with strategy, but I win more than I lose. L5 could be interesting. The only thing that seems dodgy is that my opponent wins the start at least 3 or 4 times more often than me.
If you don't trust the digital dice, you can choose the "Manual dice" option in the settings and use real world dice. If you think the higher level opponent just gets better dice think again; it plays smart. Try beating a skilled human player and if you lose 9/10 times maybe you'll be convinced that it's a very skillful game and it requires knowledge of the odds. After ten years, still a great game, thank you AI Factory!
This game can be a lot of fun & I enjoy playing it most of the time. There are times, however, when it seems to turn the table against you. The opponent gets every roll in his favor (ie: continuous doubles) and I get none plus my rolls are not favorable. Thus he wins the game even when I was way ahead. Otherwise, it can be relatively fun to play.
It's a decent game all the wayq1 until the majority of the doubles I roll only come when I'm stuck on the bar. That's when I get doubles I can't use and that's how they say in the stats that I got doubles. Isn't fair that the computer gets them when it needs them. If that's fixed I may increase the # if stars from the 3 I give now.upgraded to 4 stars as developer responded and the dice seem more fair. I'm happy with the reply. Thanks. 4 stars now maybe 5 later.
On hardest level there are an unrealistic number of statistical improbabilates that favor the opponent. Especially when trying to get off the bar for the player (hard), or getting off the bar for opponent (easy). I suppose that's necessary to make the game challenging though. Adds are long and tedious. The ability to "roll your own dice" is interesting, though having the "game" roll the dice makes the games wonderfully quick. Having a history of game results is cool.
It's a very good version of Backgammon - the strength of the AI isn't that high though. In a first-to-15 game against the hardest level, I win roughly half the time. It'd be good to have one or two more levels. The current AI particularly struggles against aggressive play, and is easily tricked into suboptimal doubling.
This game does cheat even if u deny it. When playing one player.My opponent always get tons of doubles thru out the game. Its impossible for board to always give doubles to just the opponent in this game,randomly do I get any doubles. Been playing this for years& it never changes. When it happens for that length of time no way something isnt affecting it. They get tons of them when pieces get home& r removing them off board, even when they are way behind me. To much to be coincidental forsure
I would love to play against the person who programmed this game, I wnould quickly empty his or hers wallet, Could you please develope a more challenging programme- Absolutely no challenge what so ever.
Addictive!!! Most people would believe this is an old person game but I'm 22 with an active social life, significant other and a job and I will play this constantly in my free time!
I have played a phenomenal amount of real backgammon, weeks long winning steaks. Yes, weird little patterns pop up now and again but NEVER would I have said I could PREDICT a roll, much less many rolls, in a single game. I OFTEN PREDICT rolls in your game. But go ahead. I really don't care what anyone else says because I don't know them or whether they've tested you for real. I have and I am saying SimplyBG manages to have what you have not, a truly random roll generator. Defensive much?