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Is a Board game developed by HEROZ, Inc. located at 東京都港区芝5-31-17 PMO田町2F. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Heroz decides what the bet is WITH YOUR MONEY. You have no choice in the matter..and you dont have the option of denying a match based on Herozs bet WITH YOUR MONEY. Biggest rip-off in the app store. Heroz should be prosecuted for fraud and racketeering! HEROZ IS RUNNING A RACKETERRING OPERATION!
Completely unstable. I've lost so many matches to 'disconnect' and I'm on wifi in my house. And I'm a premium member for a year so I feel like I got ripped off. Furthermore I think the dice are suspect in quite a few matches. Do not pay for this. I wish I could get a refund.
Good app, definitely rigged though, but not terribly, the lower rated players get helped.Every backgammon app I have played has been rigged to some degree.Also, the # of times that doubles are rolled in some games is very unrealistic, I have played in games where doubles were rolled 4 out of 5 turns, that is unfair.Has great extra features, like a tool that analyzes your play.If you reach a rating of 1600 or better, the computer will grade in real-time every move you make. Catchy opening music
I often lose a game that I was winning, getting a statement from Backgammon Ace that the connection was lost, which causes me to lose money!
DO NOT GIVE THIS DEVELOPER MONEY Even if you want to look past the against-the-odds rolls your opponents will get and that the winner seems predetermined. The constant disconnects will cost you real money if you pay. I just lost $100,000 in chips because of a disconnect. This game will force disconnect at least 20% of the time. The same amount the game takes from you every time you start a new game. AVOID THIS GAME USING REAL MONEY. Your disingenuous reply doesn't address the disconnects you hacks. I just lost a game on my last roll, double game, on a disconnect. My opponent left because she had already lost. At least the third time this exact scenario has happened. AVOID THIS GAME.
Too many cheats and false disconnects! Almost three years later and still the same. The "person" I am playing now managed to reset their move time after running it down. Then after running it down a second time and not moving it ran down all the way but was still going! Good app spoilt by cheats that are never stopped
Very disappointed. I don't believe Mochy was or is sponsored by this low quality game. Let alone the 6 game limit per day and the useless training bots which can't play against a monkey the servers are very unstable. I get disconnected while having a perfect internet connection. I was literally winning a gammon/backgammon for a quarter of my chips (49k) checking my connection which was always on and got disconnected. And this has happened both while in Denmark and Cyprus. I'm sitting 4meters from my router.
These ppl that pay to play, who spend 100 $'s to buy coins, are all allowed to cheat! Opponent rolls a 4/2 and moves a 4/3. Hows that possible? Opponent is losing game and all of a sudden theres a bad internet connention. The only good backgammon game in the play store has to be ruined by ppl that are born cheaters. Liars and cheaters.
Nice app..but there is no tournament and chatting with players is disabled..main chat room is needed i think..also cheating tool like paying ace points and receiving best move is a way of cheating! It's not fair
Every game I play is with a cheater. Every single game! A cheater. They know how to screw the algorithms and cheat. And backgammon ace let's them!!
Do not understand low rating. If you play 6 games or less a day this is the best app. Over 6 cost money. Good to excellent players. Review games and see your mistakes. Games are not rigged. They show dice distribution. And as far as cheaters, I don't cheat and I have made it to the top in rating more than once. Bad players making excuses for always losing.
For crying out loud will you upgrade your damn servers. It's absurd how long it can take to get a game, and there's always a very high risk of getting disconnected during the game. You make enough money from us all - sort it out.
Says i disconnected a few times now. So lost match. Im in uk with good broadband so disconnect is not correct.
Unfortunately, THE PROGRAMMERS set the game up to win at ALL COST so a beginner trying to learn the game have a hard time winning or learning how to score against the game. If the game is losing, it will block you if there is one space open on it side it will block you until ALL OF HIS MEN ARE IN SCORING position and then it may allow you back on board. I have rolled seven times straight and couldn't move until it has taken ALL of my singles pieces out of commission. My rating is actually ZERO.
Down the pipes. This app used to be great, but now, it is way too easy for players to disconnect when they are about to lose and avoid the loss and save the chips. And can anyone explain how players with 13 and 14 error rates have won 70% of their games? Also, there's a phenomenon where these players will double you before they've even rolled dice, and then get a great roll... funny that...
The game keep freezing. Disconnect you in the middle of the game and etc... with some upgrading it can be 5 star game. Please do something mochy
UNFAIR DICE UNLESS THEY'RE GETTING YOUR MONEY! It's a good app to learn the game but outside of learning.... I've been playing this game and 2 other bg. games for months now and sometimes I "think" the other two are rigged so you'll have to buy more tokens. But I know "Ace" tells the dice what to land on. F that bs app..
What a joke!!! The app is great but when you take off for the DISCONNECT, limited games, very high price and small number of players apsolutely NOTHING is left. Install this app if you are beginner and want to learn about BG but if you are advanced it is just frustration all the way. Dear owners of this app please fix this problems and let the BG community to grow. We all know that you are about money, but if you are losing the players than No Money. Fix it and everyone will be happy including you. Thanks in advance Backgammon Community
It's a cheating site, don't play games here,I payed a diamond monthly subscription and then i payed for a gold subscription but they didn't gave me that,I am still basic member,
Clumsy, overloaded graphics, frequent disconnects, built in cheating (by getting the best move hint), unusable UI, crazy battery usage, very expensive, tricking you into spending money by offering 'free' chips
Played this game for a while and stopped came back to it and now I am in installing, first why should I loose money for refusing to double, 90 percent of the time I did not receive credit for the videos I watched, you only get 6 plays a day, the server is constantly disconnecting, I will be looking for a new backgammon game that plays fair and doesn't cheat their customers
Overpriced. Disconnects and steals your coins often. What's up with the banker's fee? There's gotta be something better out there.
player Thinker disconnects when loosing. Japan flag win 98 percent of the time. Rigged game. Do NOT PAY TO PLAY! BURN YOUR MONEY FIRST
I used to love this game, been playing for years. But seems like every time I am doing well, my next opponent opponent is Blue, Green Or Red Ape and lose. Or I just play them. I will be forfeiting everytime I play them until it stops or I will uninstall the game.
Many times when I am obviously going to win, especially when my opponent is from Japan, the game will end and YOU LOSE pops up on the screen. Neither one of us gets credit for the win and no change in our stats. I don't know how these players do this but in my opinion it is cheating and extremely annoying and poor gamemanship. Now the cheaters are mostly from Iran.
Best Backgammon GUI, even better than XGammon. I don't get why so much bad reviews. The only downside is the amount of chips but it's OK if you play as an intermediate player. If not, practice mode it's nice too! Still, can get better.
Great app, the best bg app of the many that I have used, a very fair game. Every bg app that I have played has been rigged at least a bit, so, this app is also rigged a bit: there have been too many times when my opponent got very lucky rolls. Also, the # of times that doubles are rolled in some games is very unrealistic, I have played in games where doubles were rolled 4 out of 5 turns, that is unfair. Has great extra features, like a tool that analyzes your play, which are available for a fee.
Worst app of the game EVER!! Buggy, clearly make you lose, even if you are going to win, it disconnects you to make you lose again! AVOID!!!
loved this game been playing years. It's my go to game its exciting ,I would give 10 stars but it puts me up for 1400 to 3000 then disconnect on its own & I lose my money.Its happening everyday havent received any help or compensation from company, I am aggravated & disappointed. I feel like Ive been BACKGAMMONED! when THE board turns RED YOU ALWAYS LOSE very true they got 5 dbles they put me on board right after dble up they 50 points behind i rolled 1 & 2 on die Biggest rip off
This game is really good and I would love to pay for the full version if it wasn't so rediciously overpriced. And also the app gets disconnected very often. At least one in five games. And I have a very reliable and good speed internet (living in Sweden). It's very annoying when your about to win with the double cube on 2 or 4 with a gammon and all of a sudden you loose due to "disconnection". Fix these problems and you'll definitely deserve a five star from me!
I have been playing this game well over a year and I loved the old version. I just updated to the new version and saw the new upgrades I think they are cool but there is no way I'm paying that much money that is ridiculous! How about putting out something we as fans of this wonderful game can afford. I'm updating this from August I'm sorry to say I haven't played one game since I payed 7 and it's not worth the price. You really should consider decreased prices. And no banker fee.
I hate this game anymore!! Everyone cheats and the game owners dont care about it. They cheat many ways. I hate iy. Very frustrating!!
I so do not enjoy myself playing these cheaters. The game advertises "millions of players." I get the same "selected" few challengers. I used to play all day long. Now, I'll lose $500. just so not to play a selected opponent due to their being known to cheat or allow the clock to run down 3 minutes before they roll the die.. Like "Uda" or "Kei o." Why do ppl not go into settings and block playing with the money. I will not play against the computer. No.
This is the best backgammon game on the internet to day, Now that being said, IF.... It were not biasted against anyone that is not Japanese! Now I know that this sounds like sour grapes... But it's not. Other players have seen for them self's that this statement is ture so if you want to play the best backgammon game on the internet just be prepared to be more then a little disappointed.
why so many disconnect and network error? what is going on with this game? network error has been coming up all day? is this issue getting fixed or is anyone even managing this app? I would like a response from someone. I paid to play this game haven't been able to play it for 2 days? are you going to give me any money back for all the disconnects and all the network error where I can't play a game
So many bugs in the app. Extremely slow. Keeps disconnecting you. Clearly the servers, app, etc. is not up to the task. Yet, last update was back in 2016!
I played Mochy and won. :D I am a FTP player and my rating is usually over 1600, varying by chance and luck. I once lost all my chips, but daily bonus got me back in for my 6 games. I turned off the APE robots to just play money games with Jacoby. Dice seem fair. Cheaters disconnect me to force me to lose, so only 4 stars. P.S. Do not use automove as the AI is shockingly terrible for your bearoff.