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Back Wars

Back Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by MDickie located at Tower House Lucy Tower Street Lincoln LN1 1XW UK. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The AI is braindead, weapons are op, the enemies take 2 years to choose where to go, it takes 5 years to get up, 12 to acualy kill a ything and ads aleays appewr at tje end and are always obnoxious
its a good game but in the campaign i was playing but then all of a sudden it starts doing its own thing which really pisses me off because i wanna play not watch what is going on. so yu should fix that other than that its a good game
It so cool i love it but you need to make new games maybe like a star wars kind that will be good i play all yout games and they are great and can you like bring new guns mini guns mine bombs and blasters and new machine gun thanks
It's a good fun game, but there's one really annoying problem, It's way too easy to switch sides, that is a problem because you are bound to at least hit someone once/kill someone and an ally is going to ask, "Are you still on our side?" and you could pick yes or no, but you could by mistake hit the no button and be thrown on the other team, all i ask is that you add a second option saying "are you sure?" if you pressed no, now i would specify why i want this added but i can't write anymore.
Game is good but there is a whole lot of adds, i finish one, add of a minute saying oh win twenty k and all o dat, remove the adssssss
This is nice game. But when we fight with opponent, animals attack on me and others. This is not fair. So please improve this game.
Quality game I really enjoyed it, only negative is it won't let me restore a purchase but that's probably my problem
Although its fun, I stoped playing after 15 mins because i couldn't rage anymore. There's bugs, the gameplay seems sluggish and the reinforcements occasionally appear more on the enemy side wich kills all of my hope to defend or conquering a territory. The game needs serious improvement. I'm not playing it until this is fixed!
The worst game you have ever made . constant ads not to mention the unfair matches you make us have to fight. seriously rocket launchers against bows? was you drunk during development ? seems your delusional trashy game pissed off a lot of people but what do you expect when you make the past GUARANTEED to lose AND THATS ALL WE CAN BE IF WE DONT PAY , Pathetic and money hungry that's a new low for you craziest thing is I'm a FAN of your games too smh you have gone down hill . deleting this game🀷
I like it, but it would be so much better if you could create your own character for free, if you don't mind doin that then I'd definitely give you 5 stars.
I got to admit that I liked this game at first but then when I purchased the full version I didn't like it anymore. And the reason why is because when I would edit all my characters only a few would have different weapons when I go into campaign. Also when I would edit there skills after I get off the app the skills would start back all over again to where they were.
Stop talking. The game is definitely challenging. Stop talking. Definitely keeps you on your toes when everything is against you. Stop talking! Even the animals will make a bee line to fight you and no one else. Stop talking! You're never safe, not even through dialogue. STOP TALKING!! Also, the chatter is.... tolerable.
Game is great, what ruins it is a combination of 30 second un skippible ads and how unfair the game is. SORRY BUT I JUST HAVE TO LEAVE A REALLY BAD REVIEW
I have given only 3 stars becoz animals in this game attack us for no reason and beat us to death . And lying for 30 seconds there on the ground dosen't make any sense and when the zombie bites us we can't even push it and then bites us to death within seconds . And if i am in past team and if i snatch a gun from the present people the character that i am controlling keeps seeing the gun he has for 3 seconds and within 3 seconds the enemy kills us with a rocket launcher . Please update this .
(Without the usage of in-app purchasing) The game is ill-favored towards the player, slow, and unvaried.
I like this game but, there is some errors. Here is the reasons: 1. Slightly ignorous AI's because the AI will just ignore the battle like walking away and stays at the spot. 2. How do bows become the strongest weapon? I mean, it is like it destroys limbs. 3. The Zombies, how can they eat our brains so quickly but, your game, Extra Lives, those zombies eat brains slowly than the zombies in Back Wars. And Last: Why Zombies ALWAYS steal our weapons? Please change those features I commented.
i dont like this game because you have fight against people who have guns. tanks. rockets along with scientists who have first aid kits. it makes it pretty unfair since my companions and i only have melee weapons. involving animals who attack you.during battle there are glitches and the game lags.
If you get knocked down it takes forever to stand up I'm not gonna play This game again and there are to many ads
I played this game before and its great. Its just perfect but its kinda hard to get up when an enemy knocks you down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
I like the idea of this game alot, and the whole plot, but you can't even play it. For me whenever I try i can do one battle and then the go back machine rope thing breaks and chooses it for me without my knowledge.
Very fun game I can't stop I would love though if you make the detection of a hit a little more easy on the player some times it's hard to hit a enemy when I have to aline myself so much but other than that a amazing game I love it!
1: People will start diolauge with you at random times in battle, causing you to die, have your weapon stolen, an enemy getting up, ect. 2: Enemies will be able dodge your attacks with ease, because the aiming and hit detection is at times random, and other times just bad. 3: You are severly underpowered, facing enemies that have far superior firepower. This is fine, if it didnt try to make you payso you could be on the side with good weapons. I dont have room for it all, so dont get the game
This would be a 5 star review but there are two reasons it's not #1 is the computer takes to long to make a move and #2 is when an enemy grabs me and throws me, my character runs of off the screen and I automatically flee.
Adds ,adds and adds it's all about the ad every time add pops up a video ad I can't remove it I have to wait for it to finish first before I can and that is not fair because it pops up every single time I finish again it's after 6 there I mean you can put that I never said make it a bit before we can skip it I don't know what it wrong or is it my voice you can fix it please operate this ad I will rage this game 504 because I can't so fix it that's if you want me to change my description
I kind of hoped we would be fighting for a kingdom against other kingdoms.. and we will be living as a soldier or knight or a commander or something like that.. but hey this works too.. all your games are great!!
In the middle of a battle, someone will pop off with some useless information forcing me to zoom in on them and lose control. It doesnt even pause the game, letting enemies get the upper hand all because your team won't shut up. After the match, you should be looking for weapons and bones. Instead, you sit around shaking hands and hugging the entire time. It's infuriating. The animals are completely random and will seemingly target you no matter what. As for it being hard, it's not that hard
Horrible,why does it take so long for the character to get up,why are the animals always attacking us for no reason,that's why I lose most of the time,I definitely do not recommend you download this stupid game,its definitely a waste of data.
Fun game, but after every single battle there is a ad. and during the game the pop up bubbles of the people will do nothing useful it literally will make you lose battles because it stops the fight for you while the other side whoops your ass. also if you accidentally hit I'm no longer it changes what side your on and I almost had the whole world and it put me on the future team instead of mine with 2 territories. it's the little stuff that kills this game.
The MDickie games used ti be fun but now you can barely play it because it has so much ads. And when the ad finishes it just automatically opens the play store and that is annoying. Also the guns are way too powerful in this game. I always lose to the people with guns. And you tske forever to stand up and that is a problem
Well, when I first started this game I thought it was going to be like supercity but this is completely different. I am not saying it's bad I am saying that it's really good. You made characters related to the country they live in like I saw mahatma Gandhi in India and some other characters as well. I thought it was going to be an endless game but no there was a target that you had to achieve that is world peace either as past or present (depending on the side you choose). The animals made me angry as they only attacked you when you had very low health which resulted in your death. This game had two plot twists (kind of) the first when the future humans came to the past and second when the zombies crawled out of Earth. It kept the game interesting as you had new enemies to defeat. I would like to say that it's a great game and I'm glad I played it.
I love this game so much ive been playing for a long time but all i want you to do is upgrade something for exame give us 30 people instead of 20.but the rest of it is fine even the ads are a bit annoying please take them away from the game.keep up the good work.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The past,present, and the future are quite best but if you want to command your army is quite difficult so therefore,l would like to use the controll very easy.Thank you.
Hey I think you should make a game about the military where your character of your choice and you fight to take over different locations and you can choose your country to fight for
This game is unbalanced to a point of unplayibility. It's not fun losing over and over again...I love MDickie games, but this game should be avoided.
This is a good game but sometime is kinda hard. PLS do more update. The more you update the better :)
It is very amazing game but only one thing that is the past cannot drive any tank ,car , bike, so we are requested you that next time if release this type of games you better keep everybody can drive any vechical.
I've just finished it. The ending is so sad and heartwarming I would definetely want a part 2! My best warriors are from Japan he's a Ninja and he has slain tons of enemies but most of them are zombies and he has also fought in Antartica. I want to see my troops celebrate but the screen fades to black and goes back to the map. Download it now it's fun and very challenging took me 2 days to finish.
Matt you have to play your games. They are so good but there are so many things you would realize need to be fixed if you played them for more than a few hours. For example, the text bubbles that pop up and pause your character while your getting murdered. If I make a friend in the game I have to kill them because otherwise I'm going to be trying to fight and they are just going to bear hug me so someone can kill me like a true "friend". Or even things like the animals and pants. 2 much 4 1 post
How to ride tank step 1:mess with your team 2:attack more your teamate wait until they say something step 3:ride the tank step 4:This step is tomorrow Thank you for reading my rate
I want to like this one, but it's hard to. The AI cheats, never misses a shot, and can rapidly attack nonstop. On top on that, animals like to exclusively target the player at any given moment, and theres never a fight without them around. Sometimes, the AI gets superhuman strength and manages to over power you at the dumbest times. It's a great concept, but the bugs really make it hard to enjoy.
The enemys take forever to choose, are basically undetured by bullets, and are able to knock you down and don't give you a chance to get back up and fight.
Clearly whoever wins is completely biased towards the enemy. In my first battle, I had 6 units and the Present had 5. I nearly killed one, but I let him join me, so i thought we had this one in the bag. But apparently not, because they immediately received 2 reinforcements, and then started killing my units at a rapid rate somehow. Thank god i didnt buy the upgrade. The reinforcements are just stupid. The units they have should be the units they have.
Im dissapointed first in the character when i steal weapons on enemy it would say something before he can move again and it's too slow when standing up again but in enemies they are all strong and fast it looks like Mdickie does not wants us to win
A very good game but u can do better on the graphics u might add a little more fun n countries in it finished playingthe game up to 5 times
The run button at times activates the attack and it results in different movements that are undesired.
It is a very very very very good game . I often played it many times by installing it in different mobiles . I like the graphics ,weapons and even the characters. This is the bestest game of mt. dickie
Isn't it SO fun when, instead of simply using the item which could make or break the fight, your idiot character stops and stares at for 5 minutes it as someone just walks over and hits you to the ground, putting a nice dent in your skull. Fun game otherwise but this stupid feature can lose a fight so many times.
This is a great game but when someone discovers a weapon they hold it as if there being hypnotized which makes the opposite team kill you when your doing that and sometimes the screen gets so tiny it's like a bread crumb when I win a battle your teammates revolts on you and kills you which is very unfair
Not a bad game. It could have been better if the animals were not like everywhere and were attacking me when fighting. Your games are fun like school days, hard times, extra lives, ect but this one could have been better.
Worst MDickie ever. Where so I even begin. The AI is atrocious considering that they move so much and in such weird ways to so when I try to shoot them once they stand still for half a second, they completely dodge it because they just move up at the last second. The animals were a cool concept at first until you have tigers chasing only you and killing you. The controls are awful. But my favorite is that they literally made the game pay to win and it's a single player game. Still love MDickie.
Absolutely terrible! I love MDickie games but you literally cannot progress in the game without upgrading! There is no way to defeat someone with a gun as a past unit because the bullets deal like half health and they keep shooting you so you cant get near them, beware the machine guns. Not only that but there are ads after every battle that you can't even skip! Needs some serious fixing.
I just beat the game! It was hard but I still managed to do it though. Please add more opponents, it's boring if only four groups were just fighting repeatedly.
Features in the game such as animals and rocks make it quite difficult to move and fight.....also areas of sea and air battle will make the game cooler..... And probably high rating.
This game will make your blood boil, you are immediately at a dis advantage the enemy players are far more superior than you are and they over powered weapons like RPGs and machine guns while we get spears and sticks!
At a certain point you no longer have control over the battles as the countries decide where to gather and who to attack on their own. Was fun up until then.
its is fun but so annoying because when you finish fighting the present and it is so hard with thier weapons it will come next the future and it's even harder because thier weapons ones they shoot your dead and they are so strong even in one country they are 20 with thier weapons while only 10 of past is allowed to attack and as usually they win so bad
I like the game but sometime the enemy clans keep switching they doesn't attack and they always talking Can you make skip button i tired to tap it fix it NOW
i kill the zombies did the game over?. showing world peace.if u answer i will give 5 🌟. also i like the game.and important mdickle don't reply our comments that's the reason i give one star.
Awesome game , its even better if you buy editor mode. Its fun to create other characters and control them.
Good better best so nice please give some new updates make more characters and make new weapons and this midicike all games are good and nice not came any complain that super city and this is very much liked I have to 10 stars but it have 5 stars only make more new games and build it to much more so it look good to play I love it so much that when ever I free I play this game only because it's so nice
Would love to see some new things added like a more longer campaign and a sandbox mode where u can make your army and give them the weapons you what them to have.
No tutorial, and i dont even know what character i am and what side im on. Theres no ability to skip the annoying commentary, too.
This game is awesome. I love it. But if you could remove and put on your helmet or anything like a shirt it would be amazing. But otherwise The game is good. Can't wait for your newest it looks cool
Awesome game but it needs some update. Yes,but there is another problem there should be a local battle for regions such as Africans vs knights etc where we can fight each other but the game is realistic with a very good graphic.
The enimies for some reason kill your whole team in the span of 10 seconds then you just get spamed by a gun or something and lose all the ads i encountered was 30 seconds and took me to playstore with out even clicking anything the gameplay is not bad its just frustrating so if you get really mad really fast I wouldnt reccomend this game.
This was an amazing game than the creators just got money hungry and put ads for every round you lose or finish.
Game where people with sticks get blown up by rocket lanchers and MENA is just israel, arabia and egypt. 10/10 Though adds are annoying af
This game is fantastic. Wish there were more games like this. We could also do without the whole upgrade system though, it is what you do with all your games and it bugs me that I don't get a full version or complete experience. It reminds me of EA. But I do enjoy it to a certain extent. Thank goodness it's not online because I love offline games because I can play them whilst travelling keep up the hard work. Sorry for long review!! 😁😁😁
Ive been an MDickie fan since the early 2000s but this game is poor. Great idea but the AI is awful and the odds are massiveky against the player.
I really hate the direction this game went towards. The war and battle mechanics sound good in writing, but its long, boring, and barely enjoyable. And once you finally think you won, the future soldiers pop in and kill everyone without any possibility of winning unless youre practically a god. Besides the difficulty to even beat it all, its just so tedious. Hard Time and School Days were great titles, had a lot of freedom, you made your own character and led your own life. In this, you play as everyone. Again, sounds great on paper, but it just adds complications and another layer of difficulty. I know the dev was just trying to take a turn in a new direction, but its a bad step. The games made by MDickie were mainly enjoyed by its simplicity. Take away the simplicity, and you get... THIS. Sure, its a well coded, well made game, but it needs to be simplified and the future characters are far too OP. They should- no.. NEED to be nerfed. All in all, decent game, but its stripped of its simplicity, and causes it to lose its fun and charm.
hi mcdickie ive just thought of a cool game idea, A wild West theme! i mean u already have horses and stuff like that i think it would be cool and on the map u could have a stable for the horces and the cafΓ© could be named saloon on the map and for teams it could be like loners or cowboys or liek the name of cowboy gangs with also villagers and city people and even a law team
I like this game,y'all gamers should too. There should only be a way to skip the dialogues .... other than that I'm struggling to see negatives in this game.
I love this game. Only thing that would make it better is the ability to live like on School Days and other places. And then we are the leader and lead troops to battle. I am also experiencing a bit of a glitch. Sometimes when I first get on the game, it will start freaking out and randomly sending troops to places. Hope you can fix that. I think your next game should be one where we are living during medieval times and there are Royals, Knights, Commoners, and Rebels. It's just an idea. Can't wait to see your next game though!
Ok does anyone want to explain to me what the hell i have to do to play. Because apparently, every time i enter the game im stuck on this map where some of it is green and some of it is red. so basically im stuck on this map and i cant actually play the game.
Hey Matt, the game is pretty good but can you please take out the big animals like the tigers, horse, and the deer because most of the time, they just run up to you and kill you. I was playing earlier and i lost because of the tiger. Or can you make them not attack please. Thank you :).
the thing that ruins this game is that the people in the present allways win sure you can get a win here and there but then the game makes you foght people with rocket launchers and all you have is a stick and a rock and to play as the present you have to pay would give 0 stars do not get this game unless you want to feel pain
I was enjoying this game until a little shocking moment happened, once I took out Mexico, we had 2 more countries in South America to take out, but then the game switched the campaign to present, then Idk what I was controlling, then a 0 military Brazil attacked a human in Mexico to make it back to the present, this bug made me reset all my progress
I mean it was fun at first but seems everytime I get close to winning my ai teammates wanna start a dialog with me that ends up getting me killed while I still posses my wee little bow and arrow to his rocket launcher. Unfortunately that wasn't the breaking point mine was the fact I have to see a Ice T ad everytime I lose or win I've played previous games from these guys don't remember it being this bad. All in all could be a good game but can't see paying 3 dollars for it to be.
I love the controls, its awesome but the fact that when you go pass someone, they hit you or try to kill you for no reason bothers me. I wish it wasnt like that.
change the zombie mechanics or fix the ally CPU to target the zombies head since this seems to be the only way to kill them. Im also the past which makes killing the zombies harder. change how zombies die please
I love this game of all time and my favorite it looks like WW2 and look like a civil war and get some territories and like that this is a good game for getting more lands
An ad every second. I was also hoping for more than just two factions. Wanted to play as africa and conquer the world as africans with their newfound firepower. Apparently I can only be the present or past...
The game is garbage,and to many 30 sec ads that are not skippable,also they always have a "upgrade pass" which is overpriced and can't experience the full game without it
It's a really nice game but it has some animals and when you are fighting they come and hit you😑😑😑😑and some times your friends hit you
After every battle there is an ad that you can't skip. Please remove 50% of the ads and the game for me would be 4 stars.
The game is great, but what I hate the most is the chats are to much, if there is a way to skip the chats also hugs and handshake then this game deserves 5 stars.
The game is good but i only rate it 4 star because it usually shows useless ad improve it and i will give it 5 star
It is a good game there is only one problem and that is the ads or comes for every battle which is very annoying 😑 so please fix the game
All of your games need alot of the same work but they have great potential. In Back Wars alot of the time the future AI are very overpowered and controls can act slow.
Great game but I have one thing to say. Everytime I finish the first battle, it just makes me go into a battle and it makes me start clicking everything without me touching anything. So if you could please fix this I'd be happy to download the game back
It sucks, wouldn't let me choose a country because it tapped randomly throughout the screen, good gameplay if it let me play
It's a Great game, it's so cool, Challenging, Offline, and Cool Combat Weaopns, I also like the Interaction of the A.I vs. You, The Reason why i voted 4 stars is The game is Not fair, I tried to Conquer China that day and We are 4 vs. 4, The weaopns we have is Cane, Axe, and Thor's Hammer, While The modern day Opponents have Guns, And Rocket launchers. I also Think that If your An Medieval knight or Even a 1989 Soldier, You can ride the tank, While the modern day can, Please fix This I enjoy it.
Wow,this game is so unbalanced. First off its not fair that only the present get guns, second the guns are too overpowered and its hard to steal them. In the next update please let the past get guns too. I really like playing Super City but this game needs more improvement!
Not consistent at all, sadly. I'm a fan of MDickie's games but recently, things have gone downhill. This game has potential, but it's ruined by the constant bugs and glitches. Usually, after each battle an ad plays (which is already annoying), but then the game tends to glitch out after the ad, choosing land to venture to by itself and the controls not responding. It's quite annoying, and I'm forced to close and open the app until it responds. Quite a shame.
The game is very interesting and fun. Although I have a few issues. Sometimes my team mate attacks me for no reason at all then kills me. Another thing is when I try to grab my team mate to save him he ends up kicking me over him. Also the dialogue sometimes onky stops me from doing anything causing my enemy to be able to beat me up which can ne frustrating.
Compared to the previous games, this game has a very interesting story and gameplay. The AI for the conquest may not be very smart, but the fun part is truly the battles between the troops and the randomised civil war that happens. Slow down conquest to fight against Future troops with an easier chance of winning.
I like the concept. only thing i would change is the ability to delete characters and start from scatch before you start the game
It's completely unfair it's a one shot kill from pistol against you and it takes a hundred shots when you have the pistol they have rocket launchers that have infinite ammo when they have the and two shots when you have them and the spam them you can have twenty units they can have three and still win i like other mdicke games but this one is by far the worst would rate in the 0 stars but for some reason you can't so I guess 1 star
i downloaded it yesterday at,finished the campaign today,its very interesting,but u could add more of the people variety to make it better n fun to play,Mdickie is very interesting producer that listen to fans idea,keep up the goodwork broπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
Good concept but badly executed. Battles are boring and don't vary ,hard to win as enemy's are quite overpowered. One good thing is it is a follow up to the zombie game by the same company. I would only play it if you have played the zombie game otherwise pretty bad πŸ‘Ž.
It's a good game I've played the campaign quite a few times but what I hate is the ads also its become that after a fight on the loading screen the game just exits out? I have to reopen it. Also I hate it when the characters say stuff while you're fighting causing your character to get killed. I've played mdicke games for a while now though so I'm used to the strange style and the way characters act
It was a trash experience. You get a text mid battle and it zooms in on the guy so u cant even defend yourself. The other army is op and there is this mechanic where the enemy can attack u but you need to wait 5 minutes of seizure to actually make it choose a place to attack. (Worst game ever)
TIis is the worst game I have ever seen. I tried to install and they are showing Free up Space, Free up Space. I thought "Ok, I will remove some apps. But when I press continue, they are showing again Continue. Then the worst thing in this game is when I pressed Past, It is going low people. And when I press Present, It is becoming higher.I disliked it πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘….
Your games are so good it has got a lot of things to interact with. As you know graphics don't matter much in the game i hope you make lots of such games in these graphics and 2d only i have played every game you have ever made.
Your ideas are really brilliant and really attractive. Not only this game but every game of yours is totally amazing
The campaign doesn't play if you start it u will only see maps and nothing more if u exist the map u have cut the campaign mode . Try to fix this so that I will edit my feedback thanks . Or if u can tell me what to do to start the game I will appreciate it
Dont get me wrong it's good, but I think its dumb that you can't choose the present. They're way to OP and it's almost impossible to win as the past. It'd be cool if the past had something going for them. Like powers or something similar to where they're from so it's more balanced. I got in a match where there were 4 people with rocket launchers and a machine gun while we had leaves and bones. MAKE THE PAST MORE POWERFUL. That's why I'm giving this a 3. It's way to hard.
Make hit box better, the present basically has aimbot so they hit the tiny hit box (I think its in the neck somewhere) at long range with a gun. It's too hard
I have many complaints in this game (1) attacked by animals main reason (2) shooting problem aiming point missed and bullets touches somewhere etc... Please replace that things
I should rate it 3 stars but I'm rateing it 4 because the game play is really creative. But there are 2 problems. 1st and most obvious: The Adds. If your lucky, you might not get a single add while playing this game but if your that mass majority that gets adds, then hope you like a Mistplay add every TURN. Although this isn't the reason that I'm not rateing this 5 stars. Because it can be easily fixed with the odd off switch of Wi-Fi. 2nd: The speech quotes (Can't describe due to word spase)
Overall its a great hame but half the time im in a 1 vs 7 with a guy that has no hands and is almost dead versing guns and rockets but other than that its a great and fun game
Amazing, I went though this so quick because of how good it was. But i do wish there was more after world peace or that we get to have our own campaign customized by us.
Their greed for money just like EA and other companies. The fights are unfair. The present has rocket launchers, tanks, guns. Ik it's the present yea we have all this tech but you cant win a single battle with the past. And dont even get me started on the targeting.
This game is so good then bad! The present has good wepons the past have bad bad wepons and the animals always attack me only this game the rest like super city extra lives ..ect there good..If you get grabbed your gonna lose the battle sometimesAgain the animals only attack me never attack the other team AND IT HAS LOADSS OF ADDS!
Very good game and awesome but there are two problems 1 wild animals beat you some times and 2 is after you win in front of early man then they become hitec
I agree with Anthy Gazalez that the game became a little less intertanining than usual but other than good game πŸ˜‰ nice wonderful πŸ‘Œ you can install the game it's not bad 😁 feel free to install the games πŸ˜‰
the game is good but not enough, the enemy took too much time to decide where to invade, i spent about 5hous to complete one game, and even i won nothing came out, no even a congratulation signπŸ˜‚
Cool game, could be far better without friendly fire or at least have an option to turn it off. Who would WANT to screw up their own team? And also, in 3d games, I get it, but it's WAY harder to not hit your teammates in a 2d world, so PLEASE TAKE OUT FRIENDLY FIRE. it's so frustrating
Make it 3d or improve this game i lost got frustrated many times. Only 1 charecter of my team which i play remains many times Ai balence should be made good.
It's not fun so dont download the only reason its 2 stars is because of the cartoonish touch it has but other then that the opponents are outrageously unbeatable
Good game. I like who came up with the idea of Past vs Present. Only problem is that there is too many ads. And a bit glitchy. Mdickie Games do you think you could make a 3D version of the game.
As much as there are very high attributes to this game, there are many glaring faults as well. This game is designed to be against the player. At times I can't see my player, and before I know it he runs out and gives up. My team retreats. Sometimes my team member runs away from the fight without asking my permission. The opponent's seem too powerful, with no difficulty level options. So marks for the game play, thought behind this idea, and marks on making a comprehensive game. But.....
Best game I ever played. The present, the future, zombies are the best. The best game by MDickie. It was little bit difficult to fight future. And the animals so much helped me. It was difficult kill tiger but I managed. Awesome game and I will recommend it to everyone
The game itself was fun but there were ads after every battle, the enemies would attack n you have no way of countering that attack, after the ads has ended it just took me to the playstore right away, it was laggy when I wanted to do a big battle of 8v8 or more.
This game is alright to me, even though others will disagree. The controls to me are fine, as well as graphics and the camera. Though, the down point is when dealing with present and future teams. They have no mercy on you (obviously) and have better weapons. Some actually bad points are the A.I stealing your stuff in dialogues (which happens in Super City, I forgot to mention that) and animals like to attack everyone. But, you can shut off animals in the settings.
Useless i hated... why when im in battlefield, others in game chating with me and battle 5 or more sec getting stop??? I saved my life from enemy and i puted in ground... someone from my team came and chating with me that sword is mine give it back!!! After chat get over in 5 sec my enemy was standing. Omg delete all chating and massege in sotry mode (when all is in combat)
bad its slow laggy and takes up space i use to play your games but since your "improvements" all of them became so slow and laggy that it broke my phone i dont know why you decided to make this game laggy but you did and you need to fix the bugs until then i wont play this or any other game you make
The game is good and i think it needs an update like after the zombie apocalypse next alien invasion next mad scientist who had been collecting the alien genes and DNA and they have mutated the animals and the animals in the game are now have strong muscles and mixed with other animals and. I have just dominated the world with the past just steal the weapons and shootπŸ”«
I thought it was great, it's 2021 like if you don't want advertisements turn off the wifi. My only problem was how the animals specifically target me instead of the enemy. Fun game ⭐
when I got this game it was good but now it is so bad I uninstalled because it is to damn hard ime taking Britain and my character has a stick and my aponent(s) have tanks, all sorts of guns it it just to unfair
Nice game.But bad war.When we start the war.The graphic always change to bad.Why????.Pls fix that.I cant enjoy the war if the graphic bad when we start.πŸ€•πŸ€•πŸ€•
Ok there's a couple of problems I really think is annoying about this game. 1st the animals are annoying. Also when somebody is talking and I'm in a middle of a GOT DAME FIGHT I LITERALLY GET HIT. IS THERE LIKE ANOTHER WAY WERE I CAN STILL FIGHT WHILE THE CHARACTER IS TALKING. I just have so much issues with the animal's. Also please FIX IT I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT. Thank you
This game really sucks because why can't you just have and option to play as a solider like I'm over dying because I'm getting shot by rocket launchers and guns.
Holy s*** this is one if the worst games you have ever made this retarded past people always bring sword to a dang gun fight also get rid of the animals cuz they either get in the way or attack you(This is the worst game you have ever madr best to delete or put an easy medium or had mode on)
Completely pay to win garbage don't download it it will just waste your time If you hit opponent 10 times he will still get up but if you got a hit one time you will never get up
I love him so much but the reason I give it 4 stars and it's because the Bears bears never get off of you they always attack you how to get 5 stars if you wouldn't had the Bears if you could remove the bears from the game that'll be great
This such a games which is unbelievable first there will be the common human and space wars super wars world wars and zombie war then can keep update of 2021 corona war toooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Just finished a campaign of this, and I had a good time for half of it! Played as the Past, never switched sides, and while it took a little getting used to the tech gap, eventually I was smartly defeating the Present with few if any losses. I then found out there's the future. The future is heavily armoured, better teched, and will spawn with 10 in some random territories you took over. Ok, took me a while of adjusting, but their weapons arent necessarily better, but they are beefier. Then came the zombies. This took me more than half my playtime - not because they were better, but because the AI and mechanics aren't fit. Zombies can grapple you and bite you from within the range of most melee weapons. When biting you, you cannot escape manually - maybe its stat based? Your AI cannot free you, because they dont know how. This bite can take you from 100 to 0. People die quicker when downed by a zombie. They can only be killed by head damage; and you cannot guarantee head damage by using melee weapons OR ranged. You have higher chance with ranged, but even if you aim right, sometimes they just get damaged and their head isnt killed. Sometimes they have head armour.
I Can't the Adds when a ad pop up and when it is done it Send me to the Google Store. I love your game's but this one is the worse
It's a great game and I've already played it. But I think I won't be playing anymore, lest I got my blood high againπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. It's just always difficult to get up whenever the enemies knock u down. But don't get me wrong its a good game.
I enjoyed this game a lot and finished it almost twice, but there is one minor problem that maybe you could fix. It's a timeline problem; The game is set in 1000 AD and the Aztecs are already around. The Aztec civilization didn't rise till the 14th century. You could just change it to other mesoamerican civilizations but not Mayan which collapsed 100 years earlier from the game.
Now this is some game and not just this all of ur games r da best. It would be great if u people will make a game on wars(world war 2,etc). This game too guves an experienc of war but still one more game wont make thw diffrence.. And foe the controls the combat gets difficult to use please update them. Rest is best.
A good game but it just doesn't work good u have to pay to have fair battles because u have bows and swords and the other team has guns and tanks and bombs and the only way to make weapons even is if u pay 2 dollars
Would have been enjoyable if not for the INSANE ammount of stupid game mechanics. like dialouge, youre in the middle of a crucial part and then suddenly someone on your team says something, the view goes over to them and when it pans back, youre on the ground dying. Please make an option to turn off dialouge. Also, you can be pushed out of the map by animals which will make you loose the battle. There are many other things that need to be fixed as well.
This Is definitely his worst game but it is not as bad as others are rating it. The main issue the game has performance issues even on 3v3 matches and minimal graphics settings it still gets awful stutter and can fell unplayable. There is also a problem where you teammates will start talking to you which gives the enemy time to get up and start fighting back. It is still fun and hallarious but I would of loved to see the performance issues be ironed out before he retired
This game is good and very funny and very addictive. But I can't choose the war map because it lags very much. So developer should fix this problem
This game wouldnt have been great no matter what mdickie did to try and make the game better. The future has an even more advanced set of weapons than the past which already puts you at a higher disadvantage than before. I also would like to know why the future even cares about what goes on because in the end they still advanced. This game lacks logic which really isnt a surprise considering how mdickie isnt a professional. I'll never be a fan of mdickie games due to his lack of skills.
When i go to battle and finish it, I want to battle again but then it randomly selects other areas and places and messing up my progress!!
I've seen other reviews about your controls and other problems are in your games I believe that they're perfect because I can run through them smoothly but if you happen to develop a Naruto based game you'll attract a lot more players.
This game has little to no reason to be on the app store. It's not good enough. When a character picks up a gun it waves it in the air for way too long and that is what could be the deciding factor between winning and losing also the animals constantly rushing into you or other ppl on your team. Another problem is when your character trips and lays on the ground for 3 minutes
Its a nice game but the animals always attack me suddenly,i cant get up for 2 minutes after being attacked,i cant attack for 5 sec when i get a weapon from the future and also there is no way i can defeat the super future people with normal weapon. So i only give one star. Please fix all the disadvantage.
I'm really fun until the stupid nonsense ads it is so annoy to me pls remove this long ads so I can play this good game
I am giving 2 stars.. but l find many things irritating, 1) When we play as past the present aren't choosing any region they just keep touching and sending people to other regions... 2)Lots of annoying dialogues, u should remove unwanted dialogues from the game... 3)increase the health meter, l am easily dying.. 4)sometimes my teammates doesn't do anything they just roam here and there 4) game become laggy and glitchy sometimes Anyway good game u should fix the bugs etc... Thank you .....😈😈😈
This game was sort of good but what happens was that first it's the past then the future and now zombies what happen was that there was to many and they all kill you and they kill the rest of your teammates and they take to long to get up when they are hit so I think that some of those things I said should be fixed
Another fantastic slice and dice,love the tank,love the big rock thrower and whatever it is that will be coming up next,just started as a new recruit,love the slaughter,love the screams,love the missing limbs cant get enoth of it.Another Epic game;and everybody body said,"hura,HURA"!
Okay so I love this game, but why the hell aren't you updating any of the other games like supercity with these new items and clothes. Like I want a spear in Supercity, or the new beard with the moustache, or the cool ass armor that you've added. Please update your old games as you make new cool ones. Also the ads are annoying af but I get you want that money
hands down on of the best games from mdickie Had a blast of 3hours just doing strategies for the (spoiler) of to effectively kill zombies and futures. Good game! Tad bit annoying with zombie fights lasting litteraly 10 minutes. Tip use the stone shooters you can play 1 v 10 zombies and still win
I think after beat future the game end but the zombie are coming!! How i want to finish the game it take a lot of fight.from easy opponent to harder one.
Good game but whenever a past person picks up a weapon they shake it and say stuff like exploding arrows but during the time they say that they get attacked and lose the weapon or die and the animals shouldnt be able to kill you which annoys me when they do and f2p should be able to play as future but overall good game.
Trash, just trash. Apparently a sword into a guys spine isn't as affective as a baton, sure he had my shield but I hit him from behind, along with the 7 or more hits at the guy on the ground. Plus you can't play as the present instantly UNLESS you would give a company that don't make games anymore your money. The game has worse gameplay than Roblox back in 2006, when it was released. I was hoping it would be WAY BETTER than it actually was. I would give it 1.5 stars if I could but sadly not this
The game is really fun and great I really would download it and it doesn't take up much space it's just when u be the past and try to pick up a weapon from the future or present you stare at it for like 3 seconds and the enemy always hits u also now u have to upgrade to get all the extra really good features that would make me give it over a 5 but really good recommended game
Present can kill one of your guys in like 10 seconds and then it'd take one of the pasts like 3 whole minutes. Highly unbalanced!
your game is ok but it have a lot of ads sometimes its when my turn is next and he npc are useless they sits there watching other npcs and me kill the enemies pls do something about it
I've been waiting for this one. A 2D version of World War Alpha for moblie, and must I say it is pretty entertaining. It's a fun game, battle to the death between armies and conquering territories with Tanks, Catapults, a variety of ranged and melee weapons and more. This game was exactly what I wanted and more on the side. Another one of your titles that stood out to me.
Is very fun game and if you want to play any team past, future or present without paying just attack your teammates and when they ask you who side you are just say you arent on their side anymore and you'll become opposite team.
It put you in auto and it messes up your porgress the game good and all but the ads suck hlad the game is ads and u cant pay to get rid of them
Averages at least one ad for every five minutes of gameplay. Luckily you can get around this by turning off your wifi or restarting the game after every battle.
This game was AMAZING!!! Mat Dickie you are a legend thank you so much for these games that are actually worth playing. This game was kinda hard at first but then I got the hang of it and practiced by doing battles. Overall and in conclusion DOWNLOAD THE GAME YO YOU WON'T REGRET IT.(this is not an add this game is great.)
love it! I have a problem though, I literally just paid 2.99 for the upgrade; I was then able to edit certain troops and I could edit the knights but now I can't?
People saying that past us hard and rate 3 stars why they rate 3 stars they are dumb it's their problem I dominated world peace using past it needs skill so dont rate less stars but who the f is talking about ads like this game is totally playable offline why internet on just to get ads Ads are a punishment for people that play offline games with internet on
The game is amazing, the controls, the way it plays, everything, but you need to do something about the animals. The battle started and while a teammate was talking, I was being pushed towards the enemy with assault rifles, causing me to be gunned down and lose the region. I was in the South Africa region being pushed by a tiger.
Back wars have potential but the controls and endless dialogue holds this game back. add a feature to remove all dialogue during the campaign and I'll bump the rating up to a 4
So fun but once you beat it its stupid. And a game that you can be in a school and in prison will be fun (in the same game). Like you can be in school or work at the docter.
OMG this game is the best. My little brother deleted it but now that I have it I'm gonna enjoy it. You get to fight like an actual war. I love all m dickie games ialso have super city, school days, wrestling revolution and many more. I LOVE THIS GAME.
it's really cool... i thought that i just killed all the past people but then come the twist, future people come over there with laser guns and all that... it was really cool and you may get addicted to this game...
Just for people experiencing this; It goes around to random countries because that's the present plotting their next attack. Quite straightforward since it says it at the top but sure.
I like the concept ofthe game, it is pretty cool, but the lag is holding me back from the fun, please fix this issue, it may just be my device but if it is the game my overall request is to fix this. This game is worthy of 5 stars, but lag and movements keep it from being that way.
This game is good but the only reason is there is not toughest and big villains I you put some big villains in this game in campaign and in the battle mod put some new career god carrer
It's a very nice game very challenging and cool game but the zombies are too weak like they can't use guns to kill us to kill our team and walks too slow so I think the zombies should be little hard and the people who came from future are too strong if future and zombies fought a war then the people of future can win very easily I have tried it . I won very easily and I think there should be more characters like aliens,if someone came like them then I will enjoy it more and will give 5 stars
Great game! Although it still needs some changes. I don't like when one of my team mates keep getting in front of me and I hit them. Anyways it's a great game the graphics are good byeeeee!
kind of a fan if the mcdickie games, not this one though, it tends to lag really bad even on the smallet battles, there isnt much consistency either but it has good potential to be better. if you coulf fix the lag and make it more open worldish or maybe even turn it into a vs type deal. i dont know but i would like to see it turn into somethjng better than what it is. either way good luck to you 😊
Would rate higher but the characters won't shut the hell up during battles. It takes 10 seconds for them to speak and in the meantime wounded enemies wake up and strip your weapon. Im kinda over it.
I liked it. I've liked all your games, Matt. I've been with since Flash Stuntz for PC. I think what I dislike about this isn't even a real dislike. It's the untapped potential. I feel like there's so much more that could be done here, like opening up campaign customization wider, where you could put faction vs faction within an era, knights vs Vikings for a campaign, I mean. I think that would be amazing. That being said, I don't regret paying for it.