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Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone

Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by RV AppStudios located at 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #5467 Las Vegas, NV 89107. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
we only just got this app but I think my daughter likes it and I might love it. she always wants to play with my phone, now there is a safe and fun space for her to do that. thank you for the so far great app.
My son loves this game every time he sees the lucas character (which is also his name (: ) he just starts smiling really big lol he loves every part of it especially the first words
My 2yr old loves this game. And I love that she can't back out accidentally, you have to hold the X and drag it across the top of the screen before it will back out. Great feature for tap happy fingers, lol! She loves the fruit smash. Great spacing for lil hands, speed is just slow enough for her to be able to get all the fruit. And she loves the lil bear that pops up to cheer her on.
My 2 year old son LOVES the balloon popping, instrument playing,, and firework games. Its very toddler friendly, its slow enough for him to be able to play and understand whats happening. Highly suggest getting this app!
Very cute game and interesting for my little guy. I had a criticism before about one of the activities and the dev updated it shortly thereafter with a resolution. It has a good number of activities for a free app and is easy for a baby to engage with.
My 3 month old loves this app. we can play it for a few minutes to distract her from colic and its improving her motor skills. it was fun watching her learn that hitting the buttons makes music and now her aim is great. the music sounds good, the colors are bright and the boundaries of buttons distinct. I love that she cant accidentally back out of the game we are playing and that there are no ads, paid options or settings she can hit.looking forward to using more parts of this app as she grows.
Very cute game and interesting for my little guy but as the last person pointed out, it's way too easy to switch instruments when playing music. I would appreciate an option to lock to one instrument so that your baby/toddler doesn't accidentally switch.
My 10 month old baby loves this. She gets super excited whenever she hears lucas and ruby. This is what keeps her occupied and still when i change her diaper lol.☺️
Fun for my 5mo old. Just started using this with my 5mo old. It catches her attention. She loves the fireworks and touching the screen to play instruments. I love the Sing Rhymes but I wish it would play a story for each song with pop up words like sing along songs do rather than just having the one picture while playing the song with no pop up words. I can tell my baby is extremely entertained with sing along songs which I play on youtube. Add this and the app is complete. Thanks!
Great multi-activity learning app. My sister's grandchild enjoys cycling through the different activities and then spends a bit more time on a particular activity she wishes to explore more. I recommend this app for toddlers, especially since they can use it offline. A big thank you to the developers for making a good quality app available without ads for free.
Hi, every time my son plays this game another game breaks on it. Music room hasn't worked in over a month (says it's locked, I hold the lock it doesn't unlock), first words went down next (never loads), etc. Do you still update this game. Tried to reinstall and clearing cache. Update 2/20/21: I reached out to you via email SAME DAY and you still haven't gotten back. Update 2/27/21: Still no response. Real nice!
downloaded this game for my 2yr old niece and she loves it! 😊the variety of the games is perfect for the motor skills a young developing minds! with no ads love it!
Sadly this game is flawed. It is technically fine but just to note that in no English speaking nation is the animal wolf pronounced woof or wuff. The L is not silent.
I want to commend everyone for making this kind of app very educational and user friendly. I highly recommend this to all parents. Kudos!
I love this app, specially the lock so the child can't accidentally click out of the game. I wish they made a version of this app in Spanish. I can't find anything like this with the Spanish flashcards.
This is just an amazing app. My baby is 18months and he already knows things in the house, animals, and hums a lot of rhymes. I can't thank you enough.
My 9 month old loves this !! She is getting to be so focused and able to do a lot on the game. If you have a baby ranging from 7 months or up ( maybe even younger ) you need this game !
Good app. Would be great if the First Words section would allow parents to add words manually by selecting a picture and recording the audio for the word.
I love this app. The music room is my favorite. I really wish that the different instruments weren't on top though. My 7 month old loves playing with it but if she grabs the phone it constantly switches the instrument. It'd be cool if it was just like one button in a corner that expanded to the options across the top when pressed. Just an ideaπŸ€ͺ
my daughter loves this app. this is one of the few games I found that work well for babies under 12 months. her favorite games are the balloon pop/ fruit smash one and the fireworks. she also likes the first words part. I wish there was a way to screen lock things so I could hand her the game and walk away for a few minutes and not worry about her opening other apps. I also hope you add more games.
Thank you so much for this app! It keeps my 11 month old pretty entertained and is helping her with learning how to use her fingers more precisely.
this is the best game ever for babies i love it so much, it keeps Ezra busy and he knows hes doing a great job. hes only 1 years old and i know the possibilities for him are endless. thank u so much for creating this game😊
My daughter absolutely loves this app! She can identify the intro from across the room and loves all the different instruments to play with.
We definitely recommend this appπŸ‘. My 2 year old daughter loves it❀️❀️. The fact that this is FREE, is so helpful. Thanks to the developer and to all that involved. God bless you all!
Our baby loves this app! The design is beautiful and he enjoys all the games, especially the animal phone.
Best I have found for infant. Lots of variety and well crafted. Only issues i have is the musical instrument picker should be lockable. He mostly hits that. Also it doeant respond to multitouch; If he has a hand on the screen and doesnt lift it no other touches register.
My 14month old son loves this app. Helps keep him happy and still for a few minutes when needed. He tries to press the buttons as required by the game rather than just banging the screen like he used too. Locks screen so he can't exit game accidentally too. Would definitely recommend.
Good game for child's I like it my small brother is 11month old and it can say zebra lion and other animals name and learned some abc
Amazing πŸ‘ game my little sister loves this she never game the phone cut if this game she is obssed with this thank you for making my sister 😊 happier then ever
I like that there aren't ads, and the games are simple enough for a toddler. My only complaint involves errors with grammar and pronunciation. In American English, the correct past tense form of "spell" is "spelled," not "spelt." The app uses "spelt." Also the "r" in "bear" and the "l" in wolf aren't pronounced in the app.
So great. I love that my daughter can play it when needed and it is easy educational and does not have any adds or purchases she can accidentally click.
It has so many game options I can always find something to keep my niece entertain and she's only 14 months!
Thank You So Much for giving Todays children, Our Grandchildren the ability to learn without being bombarded by Ads and giving it as A FREE APP at that. "May God Bless All Those Involved"
My 9 month old loves this game so much especially the intro. When he hears hi, I'm Lucas or Ruby he gets excited. It's the cutest thing ever! 😭❀️
Perfect for littles! My daughter is only 16 months but she sees us on our phones and wants to be able to use them as well. It's so hard to be able to find one without ads or purchases to distract from the actual app. It also makes you drag the x across the screen to leave the current game so she's not leaving the game on accident! It has a couple really simple modes that my daughter can do perfectly without being overwhelmed and it makes her so happy. Seriously can't recommend it enough!
I want to give this 5 stars, my 9 month old daughter loved it immediately. But I can't use interaction control while in the app it says and she can leave the app in no time. The "accessibility" settings you have (a back button) was figured out in moments and doesn't stop her from leaving and getting into everything else on my phone. *No I'm not going to spend my time emailing you this exact same response. My review is still the same. Each phone has their own locks, let us use them instead*
It's really good, and I know this is a nitpick, but could you make a British English language setting? I don't mind the American voices at all, but when it's a young child learning how to say words it would be better if the app we closer in pronunciation to the people she is around more often, if that makes sense? This goes for the other apps well, the shapes one for example. Apart from that the apps are all fantastic!
I love this app. No ads. I love that the baby can't close out accidentally. The creators of this app must have kids bc this app is perfect.
Update: After digging through the other reviews I found where the developer had already addressed this same issue. I did as they said and it works great again. The developer did reach out to help, but I had already fixed the issue. So it's a 5 star review for the app and costumer service. It's super easy and clean. It used to be 5 stars but now I can't access the songs in the song time l tune rhyme section. I had previously downloaded all of them. That's my boys favorite part.
This app is very good for diverse learners. Im using this for my granddaughter. She is always happy when she sees we about to play with this app. Thanks.
Baby Games is an awesome app. We have a 2 year old son who has fallen in love with the phone animal game. The variety of games are perfect for him. We play together and he is learning as we play. Very educational. I recommend this app for any one with children, especially 2 years old when they are learning and exploring so much. Thank you, Sincerely and grateful, Christopher, Lori, and Xopher.
Very good game my brother is 4 years old and its perfect for him he enjoyed it soooo much but you can add more rymhes like ba ba black sheep , pat a cake and more. Please proceed that.
I have three small grandchildren and all three have greatly enjoyed this app right along with their parents and myself it has held their attention while they are learning the entire time. Hands-down best baby game out there.
My 1 year old daughter loves this app. I love the different "games" she can play. They have a broad range of instruments, a cellphone and even fireworks, where you tap on the screen to make fireworks! It's nice that they also make it so your child can't easily close out of the game. They have it so you click and slide the close button across the top of the screen. The graphics and sounds are wonderful!
great for the littles, love that the exit button requires a sliding motion so my toddler can't exit the app as easily. lol
This is a great App. I'm not a mum yet but I want to keep myself updated so as to give my babies the very best form of Education
We love this! We love how there are so many simple options for baby to play with, it's surprisingly interactive, and it locks the screen so that the parent needs to slide the exit button to the other side of the screen to unlock! Although it's very animated, it simulates to depict realistic items. Great job!
Well made, mostly great UI for little hands, but the look on my kid's face when ruby or lucas introduce themselves on start up is priceless. That happiness is my happiness. Edit: make an app where ruby and lucas just chat and respond to pokes and prods and she will be happier than anything.
I just downloaded this app to entertain my 10 month old busy while I did some household chores and he loved the songs and fireworks.. we are learning more about it tomorrow, but so far he is having fun on mommy's phone and is distracted long enough for me to get things accomplished! Great app πŸ‘
There's something missing.. this app is almost perfect, only thing missing is coloring. Add coloring, simple, one color pictures, like on the baby's first words part, the pictures should be available to color. Also I would recommend a simple little reward program, like stickers or toys you can collect for successfully completing tasks or missions. But overall, great work.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you. These games for infants are educational and entertaining, without ads or In-App purchasing. Congratulations the thinking of the children, parents and grandparents.
My cousin lives it! He likes to play with our phones and this is great! He can't buy anything, accidentally leave, and the choices are great! I also enjoy how he can't change the settings because there is a number lock, but if a child has this on their phone or tablet they easily could! This is awesome for my cousin that I have now and I am sure it is going to be for ones on the way! Thank you so much for this great app!!
The best kids app I found on playstore. Really helpful and my kid loves all apps. There are 10 such apps by developer and all are add free and really amazing. A honest review ☺️ Just a request. If you can add a Play pause button in first word so that let child guess and then Lucas or ruby say it..means child gets time to identify the object. Thanx ..
I LOVE this app. My baby is only about 6 mo, but it's productive screentime for when we just need a little break/down time! I find us having so much fun together. Colorful, repetitive without annoyance and some of the other apps are multilingual!! I cannot say enough good things.
this App make me feel that it is focusing on truely helping Kids learn . The app is very well make that it even put some paid apps to shame and they also understand what kids want at their age . So 5 stars very good job , very impressive apps .
Finally a game my 1 year old can play that doesn't have ads for her to click and no purchases to make. This is educational, well made, and truly free - thank you!
I think the flashcards are the best part of this app. He hears it, sees it, and then looks at me while I show him how to say it. In my opinion it's helped tremendously. He does call objects/things out when he sees it, and I know some words were picked up from us using these flashcards. I hope the developers expand in that area!
My son like this app very much, thank you. He like the music, the nursery rhymes but it freezes. I have to download it twice, because he likes the popping and its keeps him busy.
AWESOME! we have a 9 month old and he absolutely loves this game. I love how it teaches by making learning fun. Much KUDOS to the creator of this. Best thing since sliced bread.
we have not been given a chance to play before prompted to rate the app before were able to start playing so i Will return and rate once we are able to actually play with the app!
My grandson is only one & he was really enjoying playing along! Popping the balloons playing the instruments and calling the animals. He didn't want to give me back my phone. I believe we have a quick learner here! It's a great attention getter and learning tool for the little ones! My older one likes it too!
It's a fun simple game for young kids. However it doesn't give a icon on my phone to click so I have to look it up in the app store each time he wants to play. No other app has had this problem.
My nephew LOVES this app he has learned songs and is starting to learn how to play instruments. THANK YOU for making a well rounded app for babies and toddlers.
This is HANDS DOWN the best app I've found for my baby. It has it where the baby can't close the app out accidentally and you can just hand them the phone and let them sit in ur lap and talk and play with them as they press the buttons they want and it makes them feel like it's their own personal toy. It's just AWESOME!!! IT has words, music, sounds, pictures, etc... Everything needed to get a start on your child's learning process... AND DID THEY MENTION ITS FREE!! PLEASE DONT MISS OUT!!!
Perfect App Sitting here with my 6 no old niece and we are having a blast with this app. So many entertaining things to do. Very age appropriate for all baby younglings. And the app locking features are great. Great UI. Highly recommend.
one of the best toddler games i have found. my 18 month old loves it. there are 5 different games for her to mess around with and she is never kicked out because of the slide to exit feature. also there are no ads for her to click on.
Love Love this app!! My grandson started playing the games at 18 months. After the 1st couple of days he was able to pop balloons by himself. (His 1st word was balloon!!) He now can navigate the entire app by himself at 22 months old. The First Words are AMAZING!! His vocabulary and recognition grow each week. He plays everyday without fail. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. 😁
Thank you for making this app! I play with my 12M on here, and he really likes Lucas! He's not verbal yet but when he sees this character on the screen he actively tries. Any hope of getting more interactive games with him in it for smaller babies?
Superbbbbbb App.. My 2 year old just loved the call the animal phone feature. I like your intention of this app. Truly this is one of the bestest app on the play store. Thanks for keeping it free. Appreciate it..!!
this app is absolutely excellent babies take a good time playing with it it is really educational well done for this baby game
The music room is our favorite, but there needs to be a way to lock i the screen to an instrument because it constantly switches when my child touches anywhere near the top of the screen which is super frustrating. Also, on the first screen when it says "Hi, I'm Lucas" or "Hi, I'm Ruby", the "it's spelt", with a hard T erks me every time. I know overseas it's "spelt", but here in the US it should be "spelled". lol Drives me nuts. Mostly, please fix the music room so it wont switch so easy.
My daughter absolutely loves this app. She goes to the music section all the time. I like the real pictures you have for first words. NO confusion to be had there. Thank you for your hard work.
Great app for my almost 2 yrs old boy. We limit the usage of this game but while he plays with it I love that he can't back up but God bless his intelligence, he learned how to switch games! Lol Love that is ad-free game. Enjoy it folks while it's free.
My 12-month old son is really happy with this game. He loves popping balloons, listening to the nursery rhymes, and playing around with all these fidgets. Much better than that toy baby piano I was planning on ordering for him. I'm very satisfied, and surprised this didn't contain a ton of ads and in-app purchases like most unfortunately do. This impressed me. This keeps my infant occupied and entertained, wherever we go!
My daughter is obsessed with Lucas and Ruby, she lights up when she hears "Hello, my name is..." and waddles closer every time she thinks she heard their voices, but games she doesn't really care for. Do you have more games with those characters? Maybe in future there could be spelling with Ruby or Lucas :)
Well this game is really cool and i think this is the best game for a toodler. And all the things are very good i just liked this toodler game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
it's amazing app. My daughter is just loving it. I am thankful to you and your team. It's way better than watching useless cartoons with no output. Kids can learn,explore and enjoy with each feature you provide. once again thanks a lot.
Loved this app. The main thing that I liked most kids can not come out from app without letting me know.
My 15 month old has been playing with this app a few months. She lights up as soon as she hears Ruby or Lucas. I wish there was a way to hide the lock button in the music room because sometimes she gets fixated on the lock button and will just press it over and over. Its also really easy for her to exit out of the app and start messing with my phone.
best baby-todler game that you can get for free and with no ads.A very well thought out game my kids love it.thank you very much
Best for kids . My little brother have learnt so much from this app . Its all free . I love this . Thank u so for this app .
You guys rock!!! Thanks to you for making this app free! my kid enjoys and learn a lot and fast every one of your apps. he could operate it when he's 18months. thank you for this
I'll put on an instrument for my son to play with, and lock the screen on that instrument. But within a few seconds the lock is off and all that happens is he switches from one instrument to the next with out leaving, or really doing anything at all. It's just too easy for a baby to unlock screens and insturments with random hand jestures and movements, rendering the app completely useless.
Simply wonderful. My 5 month old loves it! Even better that it's ad free ... in my opinion, ads don't belong on anything baby related! So thank you for this great app!
very good baby app has all you need in one app with no ads at all just wish i could turn off phone pull down
Love this app already. Very colourful and visually appealing for my 2yo son. I love all the options and that you can change the pace as well as download everything for free for a wider array of options. I already love the company and their mission to give wonderful educational apps, ad free and without any in app purchases whatsoever! I wish I found this sooner instead of having to go through all the "free" educational apps that have ads that a little one can easily click. Highly recommend.
These people seem to know exactly what all parents have ever thought when handing their phone to their kids. Easy for the kids to get themselves into but not out of, parent locks where you need them. These apps are easily the best ones I've ever found for young kids and parents alike.
love the app. my 1 year old son and daughter definitely build their motor skills playing the balloon pop. thanks for the x button being a slide button, so the kids won't close the app accidentally.
Thank you for all your efforts! Its so rare to find as free content and then to have it be of such a high quality is even rarer. Love this app and so does my 2 year old. Thank you thank you thank you.
LOVE THIS GAME. It is absoly6 fantastic for my 11 month old. I can actually keep her occupied through an entire change with this! she gets so excited when she hears Ruby or Lucas say hi when the app is loading! The only issue I have is that the game will freeze but not crash. Music will continue to play but the picture is frozen. Since I pin the game I can't just close the app. I have to restart my phone in order to make my phone work again.
Great games for the younger screen user. My just-turned 2yo loves these games. No in screen purchases, parent secured settings area, great overall!
she has so much fun with the games and learning. The child lock is the best so she cant accidentally exit the app too!
How much I appreciate your mission and the app you have developed, it won't be enough. Everything about the app is just beyond perfection. You could have earned thousands of dollars if you have made it a paid one but, instead, you made it free and just wanted to make sure each parent with a kid has an access to your content. Gotta share it everywhere. Thanks a lot.
This is, by far, the best game for babies and toddlers, EVER. The fact that it's free and has no ads is amazing alone but it's all the best games in one app and it works GREAT. I can't thank you enough for everything you are doing, the mission statement has made me an official supporter of this company. I will be buying other apps to support the cause. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much!!!
Granddaughter absolutely loves this, just wondering if problem on phone part we can't seem to get more rhymes on it. Just Twinkle Twinkle it says download in progress try later.
This is a awesome game my baby enjoys this game so much and also really loves the fireworks and music. Totally reccomend getting this game! Awesome job and great for kids.
I think the app is fantastic. Exactly what I've been looking for. The fact there are no Ads helps me leave the kids enjoying themselves without any worry. Definitely a 5 star..
i couldn't ask for a better learning app for my 1 year old daughter its great and shes learning quite well
Great attention grabber. My son does end up out of the app very easily though. Maybe disable Home buttons while in use or something
My one year old loves this app! Every time the introduction comes on, he laughs, and it's perfect for his level of familiarity with the phone.
Very nicely done.juat if the musical instrument selection bar could be hidden after sleecting an instrument and brought back it will be perfect.
Daughter loves this app. She goes absolutely ballistic when she hears the words "Hi! I'm Lucas!" She is a late talker, but has recently learned many words from this app. *Some constructive feedback:* There are a couple mispronounced words in the "first words" game, but you can remove them in the settings menu. Also, some of the words are specific to British English. Would be nice if there was an option to switch to American English.
Buggy issues are gone. Odd issue where Lucas was riding his horse in every game. Pretty decent app. My kid seems to like it. The kid still can get out of the screen despite not knowing what he's interacting with, still too small for anything besides balloon pop and fireworks so far. A better screen lock would be awesome.
Wonderful app! Lots of great activities and I LOVE that there are no ads. However, it will be useless if I can't pin the app. My son just taps and ends up out of the app and into my phone, other apps, settings, and messaging random people. There needs to be a way to pin the app so he can't click out of it. Otherwise I can't even use it.
Fun baby app, my kid loves it, no in app purchases or ads so it's good. Only thing that could make it even better would be if it could lock on screen so it needs a code to exit it.
My son who's 1yr 2 months loves this game/app he's actually has learned a few words from the game already. Also the balloon popping improves his movements better. Love this app.
Good work, great app, leagues ahead of everything else! Suggested improvements; 1.English speaker (as opposed to American), 2.main screen matches device orientation (start screen does, but then turns 180 degrees for main screen), 3.disable device side gestures (e.g. camera from left, application doc from bottom). BTW we're happy to help with any quality assurance / beta testing of future updates. Thanks again for putting a smile on my little one's face πŸ™‚