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Baby Balloons pop

Baby Balloons pop for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by AppQuiz located at Mazarredo,69 3Βͺ Bilbao CP 48009 Bizkaia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game for children but WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TO STOP ALL OF THE ADD AND POPUPS ????πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” NOT COOL!!!
Sucks... If you want to spend your time watching ads and dodging them in between watching your, baby swipe off the app because it is so easy to do! then go ahead and install it totally a waste of time
Great games just needs a lock on screen that I can control. That way when he is ready to navigate the app I can remove the lock so my son would not hit the home button
Love the update. It made it educational and more fun. The classic was great, but this is so much better and my toddler doesn't get bored with it as fast.
All my son has to do is hear me open the app and he looks up at me with his arms out and says pop pop. Amazing game for child development
Good graphics and sounds, but too much ads everywhere that baby taps by mistake. There are other apps with balloon popping that are free and are of equally high quality.
Had to purchase the ad free version as the ads were becoming intolerable! Also there is no way to lock the game so my niece routinely exits the game by pressing my home button! Others games I have allow me to lock the screen, even the free versions. Please do something about this soon.
Love the app, but my baby keeps selecting the ads and when I try to pay to remove the ads it says runtime error and my whole phone turns off...... For that reason we just aren't able to use this app.
I'm letting my baby play this game. But an ad will pop up and he pushes the ad and now he's not playing the game anymore. I'm going to have to delete this until he get older maybe.
Terrible advertisements!!! Placed in perfect area for the kids to hit. Uninstalling the app totally worthless now!!
I don't know why they would constantly leave an ad on the bottom of the screen on a CHILDS game. My 1 yo is constantly hitting it. I spend more time backing out of the add than him getting to play.
wish there was a way to "lock" the game so my todler cant get out of the app but other than that my baby loves it
This baby game it's really really cool I got that sat for my brother my baby brother but he really liked it a little bit so he like this so so so so so much because he loved it I fell in love with it and isn't his tablet I can download it in my phone😍😍😍😍😍
Ads on baby apps are annoying and frustrating ☹️. My kid can't play the game cuz ads keeps changing the screen.. what is ads doing on a app for small kids anyway? Very bad decision...
My little loved this game up until the recent update. It used to be that you tap the screen and random colored balloons would pop up and stay on screen until you pop them. Now, you preselect shapes, colors, numbers and the balloons go flying up from bottom to top and my one year old is supposed to pop them in the brief time they zip across the screen? He's lost all interest in what was my savior app. Bring back the old version. I also paid to remove ads and since the update, the ads are back!
Great fun and educational. Would be good if there was a setting to slow down the speed of the balloons as our son has cerebral palsy and struggle to co ordinates his eye sight and hand movements in time to pop the correct balloon. Otherwise, I would highly recommend it.
My toddler loves classic mode. Pay for no ads or turn off data. Some people just aren't above the IQ required for this game.
Ads, ads, ads An ad after every round of games. An ad after at the bottom of the page the entire time
Why are there ads in a baby game?! Its a cute game and she likes it but she also clicked the add 6x in the last 2 minutes. I have to keep taking the phone and she is getting frustrated with it. Over all its a waste of time and annoying.
Piece of trash. Ads sit at the bottom and my kid hits it every few seconds with it covering the balloons he is popping. Total trash app that is a waste of time. I'm not paying to remove ads when there are free games that are less frustrating trash than this app. Uninstalling. F- app
I don't understand why there are adds on a child's game??? the point is to distract them I shouldn't have to check on my daughter every 5 minutes to see where the game lead her
to the maker of this game .. i would like to thank you .. my baby is now more familiar with colors, shape, numbers, leters .. she is just 9month old but because of this game she now know what are she clicking on .. who ever the maker is thank you .. more power .. just wanted more improvment with graphics .. thats all no other else .. more bright with colors and more baloons emotions faces emotions 🀣🀣 .. again my baby love this game .. so much make this a top review so other people knows ..
Why are the darn ADS on an app for a toddler?!?!? The baby cant play for handing me the phone to remove an ad!!! Sad and soon as I find a better app, you're deleted!
I'm not spending money just so that my child can't click on a advertisement page in the middle of her screen when shes playing... this is a ridiculous attempt at money grab app....make new features we would want to buy instead! Make it for us and not about you.
Good game for toddlers. My 1.5 year old loves the animals game. It's impossible to lose. I paid to remove adverts because he played it frequently and it's really annoying (for me) when their game is interrupted and I have to close the advert for them.
Great little game but would like to have the home button in the top Corner mood because the kid keeps hitting it and exiting out of the game and the ads suck
Our little one loves this aap so much rather than watching YouTube now she wants to pop balloons. And she is not only playing but also learning and memorising numbers , ABC, colours so we are happy .
My children love the game. The original balloon page is perfect for my one year old while my two year old loves popping thr colors and shapes.
I downloaded this because my son likes to pop balloons and then more would appear with bubbles and he loved it now he hates it its more older kids now why did you change it you should have just made a new app..
having adverts on a baby app is a very bad idea. my baby nearly signed me up for home rental service! without the add this would be a playable game for babies
my 2 year old really likes this but i purchased the no ads option before because they interrupted the game and with the new updates (which are great) i am getting ads and interruptions again
The app is fun and educational for toddlers but the constant ads for inappropriate things is very upsetting. I'm constantly taking the phonE away before she tries to buy a car, get a mortgage or buy ' industrial and pharmaceutical pressure valve struts' I would mind if the ads were for sponsored kids shows or other related apps, I get it ads are expected in free apps but these ads dont belong.
This game is so cute! My baby sister loves this game so much! πŸ’« It's like heaven for her to play it like popping balloons and other more fun stuff in the game
Why would you put adds on a game for toddles that only seem to want to poke on the last thimg that saws up on the screen?
After removing the ads my baby is now able to play this game and really loves it. A great learning app for kids.
Make a setting to remove the patronising voice lady. Kinda annoying. Also, seems to be crashing on Pixel 5 Android 11. Launch any second game and it exits out
My kid is Constantly screaming bc every time she plays the game stupid ads pop up and she can't get out of them
I hate all the ads and how you have to pay just to make it ad free. Anything to make a buck and off of a child's game no less. So lame. Also, it'd be nice to have a lock option so my son CAN'T access anything else or send people texts or call random people.
My baby cannot play your stupid game because of all the ad pop-ups how she supposed to play a game if everything she does goes to an ad pop up for adults I might add F-ing stupid!
what happened. My daughter liked the original version better. the update is cute but you could have kept the original game as an option. its too complicated now for babies.
My 9 year old brother got a sensory over load, he was doing a letter and it popped not recommended for disabled kids with autism and sensory attacks! It was even loud for me!
I don't mind that they put ads but they need to make them baby proof. My son of 1 year keeps installing the apps from the ads. The gameplay is otherwise good. Maybe put the ads when choosing a game type so the parent can see it. Then the child can play without the risk of installing a app from the ads.
The developer puts adverts on the baby play screen, how bad is that! Yes I have purchased to remove adverts, because the app is good, however the implementation of ads is awful, hence the score
Good game for special needs child! But, would be nice to have a way to lock the screen. Take the Home icon off the screen.
Nice app, but ads? Really? Especially for other apps/games that babies/kids could very easily install accidentally!
Too many ads. Just wanted a game my baby can press the screen without opening apps she shouldn't but then random ads come up and I have to take my phone away
Crashes when selecting a level to play - Pixel 3 XL. Works great on my wife's phone, daughter loves it.
why would you have ads on a child's game and then charge for ads to be removed .... I am an app dev. and because of the company's instability of concern of children. I thank you all for giving me the sight to build a game for children, instead of a company focused on profit. Thank you ... Uninstalled
Superb to keep my toddler busy. Although I would like if you could improve the voiceover. Maybe add a more clear pronunciation of letters numbers and etc. Maybe add a British accent option as well.
My one year old loves that he has a game to play like daddy and big sister! I put it on and he giggles and has such a big smile on his face!
Had to remove it. They placed ads right where a toddler plays so.they wont play for more than 2 seconds. Cant even test it properly. Im good
You guys are losers putting all these ads in a game for small children. Like what's wrong with you. Google should be ashamed... smh
uses no mobile data, occupied for 2 hours!! no in app purchases that the baby might click onπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
It's for baby's bit the ads are deliberately placed where they need to and will touch. Don't download.
Great for young toddlers, my 4 year old was much too old for this game and was bored easily. Good game though!
I was about to buy this app, because at first it was really good for babies, it had a hidden button to exit so a baby couldn't close it and open something else. Also the screen was horizontal, it was easier for the babies to grab the cellphone or tablet. After the update they added more games (it's cool) but now my baby can't play anything because she closes the app unintentionally, also its difficult for her to grab the tablet vertically, its too heavy, when it was horizontal it was much easier
This app is okay but they put the ad where it is Definitely going to be pushed by a little one so what's the point....
So far so good, it is very easy for a kid to play and have fun with, even I do play, it is a wonderful game, keep it up
my 9 month is enjoying this app. I paid to remove ads and am happy I got to test it first before I bought it. I would like to request a simple feature. please HIDE the home screen. you can add a hidden home button feature under settings. it's not needed. we can just use the back button on the tablet/iphone/android. I am not sure why when my baby plays with the game it constantly freezes. I cannot reproduce. I belive fixing the home screen lock will help flush this bug out.
Pop up adds on a baby game??? Really guys. Come on now, that's just idiotic. Defeats the whole purpose. My baby can't find and hit that tiny little x to close the add.
Helped calm fussy baby niece on the car ride home. Nothing complicated about it, just tap and something fun happens. Perfect for a one year old.
Keep the baby occupied when parents are busy with different things. Can be very helpful but unfortunately babies can still click on the ads and mess up the whole entire game.
My two year old LOVED it to say the least. She caught on right away and is learning fast. I highly recommend this app. I wish I could give ten stars.
Finally decided to purchase the app and once I did the only selection that will work is the classic. I can't get the other balloon games to work. If I select them, it exits the game.
why so many ads...its a baby/toddler game..and you have pay to block ads to keep your kids from clicking them.
My son is 1 loves this game but he always ends clicking the bs ads, this game is completely pointless to get for your kids unless you want a bunch of random other aps downloaded
My son loves this game and I even spent $3.99 to remove the ads but the past couple of days he can't play it because once we open it and choose which category he wants to play the game automatically closes. Fix this bug so my son can enjoy the game again.
Are you kidding me? Touch ads in a kids game saa is about babies touching the screen?? This ruins this app! Both from a game experience and a mechanical standpoint. How many times will my 11month son touch the stupid add and ruin his balloon game experience. And while you're at it, turn the home button into a slide to unlock option, like in mouse touch for cats.
what is wrong with you? why the hell would you put ads that pop up every two minutes on a game for babies touching the screen? baby has fun for two minutes playing with balloons and then stupid ad comes up and baby touches that and play store opens up and no more fun for baby. terrible. and my wi-fi is off too. just terrible. burn in hell. may Satan eat your soul.
Is this for me or my Grandson? We are having a ball. Eye & hand coordination. Learn shapes, colors, numbers, abc's & others. Learn to follow directions & understanding clearly told directions with a nice sounding voice. Calms the child. There is a hand a child can follow to show visually what to do. They can follow the hand to produce results. MEMORY emphasized! To Grandma, NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EDUCATION. But, (always a 'but' ) this is day 1.System problems, not yet.HIGHLY RECOMMED
I downloaded this game when my grandbaby was 6 mos he's now 14 mos and has almost mastered every challenge. Great game.
My baby girl loves this game. But I don't like the ads. Not a game for baby's where they can click on ads that they don't understand. It's a quick way to get a virus on your phone!
My 6 month old loves this and it's really good for his dexterity and hand eye coordination best off getting the full version to get rid of the adds as he was sometimes pressing them and getting frustrated