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Azeroth(defense strategy)

Azeroth(defense strategy) for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ShardsStudio located at nan an Jingdu huayuan 10-1-1802, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
What happened to this game? It was a lot fun back then now it's so hard to obtain diamonds and some hero skills change. And heroes still needs to be paid wow. And what happened to the event for free hero it's not working anymore. This was a great game back then but now meh so boring.
To many sprites are stolen directly from the kingdom rush series. overall good game, but i cannot support blatant plagiarism. change the sprites you stole and i might forgive you.
This game seemed really cool at first. Then quickly you start to realize that the only way to progress past a certain point unless you spend money. It's ridiculously stupid. You can fly through the first couple just fine then all of a sudden you can't even scratch the boss of the level. It's disappointing. That's about it
I used to play this a lot, but today it's still the same. I really like how you play the game, it's just thatno updates ever since. It's hard to get diamonds, you earn very little of them. Unless you pay HAHSH, updating this game can increase the potential of it.
omg this game is several step to being perfect but too bad the dev is coward to take the risk for this pontential game. 1.Diamond is hard to get yet the upgrade cost too much 2.Magic system is corupt in the first place each game only give us 1 diamond and in game spell cost around 20 diamonds and hero upgrade cost 10 diamonds and above 3.Unit system is unfair swarm of enemy coming and like our troops is not that many and enemy has op spell that hurn and curse our healer is stupid also
I've finally found you, I think it's a great concept fantasy game. as great as Ironhide's tower defense. I played this once couple years ago but lost it, try to search it but found none, I think it's name was "sacred" and then "garr". I hope the developer keep creating another great fantasy games.
Theee gameee was rhe bessssttt ittsss gooood but for more thrill can you please add more troops? And heroes and stages/levels? Its the best
Crash after few second. I launch the game. Get to main menu.Wait for a 10 second maybe more, the game frozed then crashed. I turn on Connection, relaunch the game, wait till several minutes (no crash), play few stages (still not crash). I think this game need Internet for some reason. Please fix it to play fully offline.
So I just started playing and I really like the game , nice graphics and good gameplay but I have a problem with dealing with the Ice Dragons and the Necromancers (skeletons w purple robes) anyone know how to deal with these? Think they are really strong, maybe they need a nerf in range.
This is is pretty fun and excited , but later on it get oretty hard ans i recommended the developer ade more achievement and dailly reward and also maybe special event since it would be better. Maybe a online pvp 1v1 since bith side can send trope. It just a recomemded but i think i would help the game to get better
Very good for this offline game.this game is top item good game like online game.but onething is not so good that is there are not unlimited stage it should be unlimited stage like other games like farm heroes.please develope the game stage and heroes powers.
I Like this app but some heroes are need to buy a real money....please can you give another heroes that not need to buy real money please....and give daily reward for more exciting games. And can you add a wifi or hotspot for friends
Awful, no strategy you just send random soldiers until the boss comes to your base and your boss kills it for you, allied healers are stupid, the hero keeps getting himself killed even though I tell him to run back, the enemy swarm is unrelenting. They get cool demons and spells that obliterate my army and we get weak units. And why do the spells cost gems?
Interesting game style...however I can tell a lot of these sprites are made by kingdom rush. So uh, yea don't do plagiarisim then maybe you could get 4 or even 5 stars.
Very good game, it has some mistakes in it, but they can be fixed quite easily, the developers mixed world of warcraft and kingdom rush into one game, they stole the art style because it looks awesome, what matters is the gameplay, and it's good, I think it's a good thing they made this type of game, because kingdom rush and wow companys never got the idea to make one, and these guys did, don't hate the game just because they made sth that's related (the game got removed and added again)
This is an AMAZING game! I WAS LOOKING FOR IT AND I FINALLY FOUND IT! idc if its in Chinese the game is Amazing and Im so happy to find it on the play store!!! Thank you Shards Game!
this game is really good... but i think you should Nerf the enemy elite skeleton archers... they shoot poison Arrow from afar and can one shot my mage,archers,Priest, and my other backline troops, and the poison debuff burn is so annoying... more annoying than ice dragon, and other units... even more annoying than boss itself
It's an amazing game that I love and will keep trying to play but I'm not even half way through the game and I'm using max level units but can't win and a max level hero that dies in two seconds I use the highest health unit in the game and depending how lucky I am they could die in 5 seconds and I'm doing it on normal its a amazing game but I am 90% sure that you can't beat the game
A complete ripoff from the kingdom rush series. Even your studio logo resembles theirs. This should be removed from the playstore.
The English translation is terrible. Hardly understandable. Graphics are ok at best and a good deal of the sprites are directly plagarized from Kingdom Rush games.
love this game i finished it,got Captain Daylin but i found a description bug in the evil mage hero overall this is a great game :D also can you please decrease heroes cost? i found the heroes to be incredibly expensive for a hero :/
Love this because of warcraft but at some point it becomes impossible to win...enemies just wreck you lol It could also use more heroes that cost diamonds rather than money, it really messes with you.
It's a fun and challenging game! I love the graphics and love the gameplay. The heroes are also very unique. The only thing that would help is that the ice dragons are overpowered and hope you can nerf it. Overall, I LOVE this game and will share it to others. :)
How has this game not gotten taken down for copyright infringement. Strait up took the characters and spell icons directly from World of Warcraft, then took everything else from kingdom rush. Even the loading for their company is the same as Ironhide's.
In this update I experience sometimes when i'm playing offline the game suddenly crash and game stopped. Also, the diamonds are hard to earn. The enemy air troops like dragon is hard to kill because it has a high hp and have massive damage so its hard to win in that level. The graphics and controls are ok, but please fix the info of every details of heroes, heroes skill, and troops because its not complete. And for the other heroes, i wish that we can buy them using diamonds. Thanks for the game
Gameplay is good, however the grammar/wording is absolutely atrocious, this is a copy of the ever so popular kingdom rush series adding some aspects of world of Warcraft, it would be 5 stars and a fantastic and fun game if it weren't for the super bad spelling and grammar errors. Other than that, the gameplay is good.
Leave it to the asians to rip off WoW...the hero names are flipping hilarious. Storm king!? Get it? Because its Varian, the previous king of STORMwind the human capital of the eastern kingdom. Oh and Dark ranger for Sylvanas and Lich King for Arthas. Bloody fantastic. Just as fantastic as the reviews missing this fact. Hey devs, Activision Blizzard are terrifying when it comes to their property. So you are playing with fel fire here because ActBlizz are jerks.
Its a great change of strategy to the tower defense formula. Your army on the left and the enemy on the right. You have options of which soldiers to send in on the bottom left. Swordsman, Archers and Orcs. Each costing you gold. My only gripe with the game is it looks so much like Kingdom Rush. The map. The art style. It would have been nice to see them find their own style to their game but its still a cool mix of RTS and TD. Id recommend it to any one who likes either genre.
Its a fun and addictive game however most of the things in it are imported from kingdom rush just make new characters/maps instead of copying then the game would be amazing
Decent early on, but it gets repetative and predictable fast. Basic strategy is involved, but no room for more complex strategies. A rip off of the kingdom rush style of art and graphic design.
I wish this game had a lot more sound effects but I love this game non the less I hope y'all make another just like this one but with sound effects and being able to create your own hero
This game got the contents from world of warcraft, now there are alot of constructive criticism i can give, but I'll point out the important ones only, 1. It lacks scenarios, I'd appreciate if there are atleast a backstory of every character. 2. It severely lacks units, on world of warcraft there are many human factions and different units, but all i see is the azeroth faction, and you lack heroes, like tyrande and malfurion. 3. Try to add side missions to get bonus gems other than achievements
Horribly unbalanced, by level 7 it is absolutley impossible i even paid money. Will not be playing this game again
Been playing it for a few days and found the best strategy is just mass mage and priest then mage hero. However diamonds are so little unless you watch like 10 videos to upgrade the only 3 units. Then ur screwed unless u managed to do achievements.. If you don't mass mage priest your basically shooting your self in the foot as you won't be out aoeing or out massing the enemys insane amount power. Poor frame rate once you start the mass mage imbalance unless ur moving the camera constantly.