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Ayakashi & Sweets | Otome Game

Ayakashi & Sweets | Otome Game for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by CLARITY STUDIO located at 東京都新宿区新宿5-11-4 東新宿龍生堂ビル8F. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would love it more if I could read it for free it not that 4 bucks is much but I'd love to read it without ads and without only be able to read 2 chapters when u guys change it I'll read it fully ^-^
This game just will not download not matter what I do, I even tried contacting them through email to try and figure it out its been forever and still no reply....
I can't open it when it's on the downloading files, I tried it in my other phone but the same thing happens, I didn't get the chance to play this game.
Very disappointed to discover that you have to pay for the main story for each character. The price per story isn't terrible, but it's more than I'm willing to spend on something that may only take me an hour to read. If we were told how long the stories are - how many chapters in each - I would be more likely to spend the money on it. The free preview chapters are pretty good so I would like to read the rest.
It's such a shame I wasted like 3 hours waiting for the download at the beginning and that the rest of the story has to be paid for. The character development is heat along with the graphics, it makes we want to find out how MC died and her previous memories.
This game is pay to play but its honestly not even that expensive. Each character follows the trope a little bit but there are subtly plot twists sprinkled throughout and you also get to learn more about the Mc's past throughout the route. It's got a really good plot so far ( I've only done Akatsuki's route) and is honestly just a solid otome game. That said the Mc is, as always, a bit of a pushover but she's sweet and each of the guys are pretty fleshed out. (Spoiler!) I was a bit disappointed with Akatsuki's route as his rage and violent tendencies are a bit uncontrolled and the Mc is even scared of him at those points. I was expecting the game to address that and have him learn to control his rage and not be so unnecessarily violent but it never resolved that... That's the only reason why I'm giving this game only 4 stars instead of 5
I wanted to read the whole story but it only gives 2 free episodes and if you want to read the whole story you have to buy it.
Well, you need to pay money just to read the main story which isn't exactly my thing.. But I read the free episodes they were ok I guess.
Beautiful and fun stories. Nicely done sprites and CGs. I love the lore and stories. I LOVE that this is a pay per route option as I love to read a route all in one sitting. The prices are very reasonable for the length and quality of each route.
I just wanted to say how much I love this game! The graphics are stunning and the story line is great. I've already purchase all the routes and sequel but somehow I can't read the 'best end' and sequel. Idk what I did wrong. Pls help
It looks promising...but i was just reading the reviews and well...i (and some other people)can't pay for the chapters...can you make a little effort and make it free...
I couldn't even start playing the game🙄. It never finished loading😡😡. I uninstalled it and installed again but with the same result😡😩.
A total must-play! The stories are catchy & definitely not boring. I'm glad I played this! Thank you to the devs! You guys are amazing! 😍
I think the pricing for the story's is too high because you only get 14-16 eps. The storyline is okay, though I've only read mike's so far.
A lil heads up so no one complains, this game requires us to buy the main story, I didn't buy it bcs I don't have any money for it, but I will most DEFINITELY recommend this! Even reading the first free chapter(?) Really got me hooked and I can assure u the game has high potential. Wish I had money to buy them chapters tho haha
won´t work on Android Version 5.0 ONLY BLACK SCREEN WITH SOUNDS also the download time is way to long and it consumes to much KB an is not like others Apps where you can save it on the extern and not intern storage only....please REPAIR it !!!!
The story is too short, not too interesting but at a reasonable level for this kind of game on mobile phone. Moreover, this game is overpriced. I can buy a full game longer and better than this on steam with half the price for all routes of this game.
i really think the only thing wrong with this is the download but other then that the gameplay and the graphic are really great i wish i could erase me memorie just to play this game again !
I purchased the main story but i did not get it but my money was taken how do i get a refund or the story that i bought i can not find the technical complaints option
I rated it 4 stars..i mean its pretty fun but..I don't really like the way that we need to pay to read the whole story..its unfair..I cant read the whole story because my mom wouldnt let me buy it..I will rate it 5 stars if the purchase to read the whole story is gone..
I love the stories, but as of a few days ago my purchases don't work on the sequels I bought. The kitsune character's was bought a long time ago, was the only sequel to work and rest of them that I bought a few days ago gave me an error message about it not being viewable. Their support has not reached back out, though I sent the email asking for troubleshooting. Edit 3/8: I Refunded Sequels, Edit 3/11 No email response still, just a note here Edit10/31Works if best end achieved I found out..
I tried to download the app, but it kept saying I couldn't and said to get help trouble shooting. So I went through with the process, and it's still not letting me download it! I really wanted to try the game too. 😭
I loved it but I'm sad because you have to pay for the main story .But I loved that we get to see it in a different language 💙💜
ok i like ot but the loading is to long so please fix that problem but i like when you tap the screen glitter pops out
Its the best , the story is great but ´~` i wish i had money to buy the full story, wait so do that mean i can't finish it????.......🤧 oh well. ☺ but if i had the money u would support you guys forever :3 hehe
It's really a sweet game ..I loved the story since I like to read about Ayakashi , Although you have to pay for the main story , But it doesn't take that much of money compare to other games .
I really liked what I could see of the game but since you really can't access the rest of the story without paying I wish ypu could just buy the game instead. Or have it not listed as "in app purchases" so you don't ho through the trouble of a very long download to find out you have to pay for it. But if you have the money I'm sure it's a great game!
an hour and a half after starting the app for the first time on a stable wifi connection and it is still downloading the initial start up files. sorry not to get to the full game but im bored now. removing from my device. might come back if you sort out your patching issues
It won't download, all I keep getting is an error message and I've tried multiple things in attempt to fix the problem
This game actually surprised me with its great quality, and I strongly support the format they use of pay-per-route- they're the perfect price! Please note, this game is actually quite adult (for me, this is a plus) and may have some triggers for some (captivity/kidnapping, codependency, and forced intimacy to name what I've seen so far). This aside, I love the stories, art, and music. It's also potentially a great way to study Japanese. I'd love to see more from this developer!
you have to pay to get the story but, totally worth it. its such a cute game ugh 💖💖 Mike is so adorable. also great story development.
What's with the low reviews? This is THE BEST otome i've ever played. Perfect CG, wonderful in-atmosphere music, very distincitve stories for each bachelor... which i didn't find an ANY free otome games. Price = quality. Please, don't rate this masterpiece low if you're the one who are too stingy and poor and disregard the entire wholesome content of the game.
You guys are really talented! The art is great, the story and the characters are really well done, and i had a lot of fun changing the language! I will keep an eye out for your next projects
This app refuses to install on my tablet. I've not had this trouble with any other apps. Help please!
I love this game ❤❤ BUT it's to bad that it dos't got more free levels 💔 This game is good for pepol how can pay mony for more levels 😡 But papol like me ho are from iran can't pay that mony it to bad 😢 Thats way i give 4 stars to the game 😊 but i love this game a lot 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟
I couldn't afford to buy any of the routes, but from what I could tell it's just amazing. The graphics are amazing and the story is so interactive and you can feel what the heroine feels. I do hope I can purchase a route next time.
Its a very sweet game! I really love all the character, but the most i like is mike! The rest of the character are very cute too! Please make more game like this! I'm proud of you clarity studio!
I'm really interested in this game but it won't install on my phone (galaxy note 8). I've tried all the trouble-shooting suggestions and nothing is working. I'm guessing the app isn't compatible with my firmware? I'll put it on my app wishlist and try again in the future.
I don't understand why the files are continually saying "Error"....Why won't it load?! I really want to play 😕
amazing characters love the back stories. The art work was fantastic over all my money was well spent.❤
SCAM! I paid for multiple stories and after a while the game just stopped loading! I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I can't access my old account! WASTE OF MONEY.
The story line is da best! I really love it. It just you have to pay for all of the main story. Why dont you just put his app for pay in playstore so the process wont take long.