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Axolotl Pet

Axolotl Pet for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by mozukuapp. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it :) Axolotls are so cute, easy to take care of. Not sure why everyone complains about so many adds, I hardly get any. I think a tank customization option would be a neat thing to add. I also think it would be so much more satisfying and soothing if when you clean the tank you could do it with your finger and watch the gunk get wiped away. Not much to the app, but that's what makes it so great :)
Theres a cartoon version of this game, but I recommend that you get this one because the Axolotl is so realistic...But... The Axolotl can... π˜Ώπ™žπ™š- But if you take care of it, it won't! Also, people who complain about that feature, stop. Just stop. It's a fake pet that's supposed to be realistic, if you can't handle the death of something not real, get off the internet.
Great game . if i had a child i give this game to them and tell them to keep the pet alive for a month then we will see . but the reson i broght it down one star is the adds there is at least one add when ever i go into menu but other than that i have no problems but still i perefer to have the real thing. πŸ’— Sorry if its to long or unreadible
I love this app. I've had it for over 300 days on two devices simultaneously. It is one of my favorite things. I love how realistic it is in the sense that you have to pay it attention. Axies are illegal in my state, so it's the closest thing I'll have to an actual axolotl.
You take care of an axolotl. It explains it right there. Very good art, and even though theres not much to do, it's still funny to watch. I recommend this game!
It's fun but there is really nothing to do on it. I will rate it 5 stars once it has more features. Besides that I love the axolotl it is so cute I think it's so satisfying but like I said I will rate 5 stars once it has more features
Its fun but not much too do i mean if you want just a pet too look at then this game is fit for you but i like more intoractive games but its fine i would say sure if you want it get it but only if you like these kind of games but for me its okay.
Omg! Such a good game ! I have a real Axolotl and the real one is pretty much just like the virtual one on this app .I also really like the fact that you can name your Axolotl and pick which one you want . One other thing is that they look so real! My real Axolotl is a whiteish cream colored Axolotl and I chose the same kind for my virtual pet and it almost looks like the real thing ! 😍
Its so cute! It's like having your own actual Axolotl, and it grows like a normal animal so it's not like a pretend animal much at all. You can give it a name, feed it, clean it's aquarium and watch it grow! You can pick colours from black, white and another colour I can't remember but it's so cool! Mine who I called Jasmine is getting so big! If your a person who likes responsibility,animals but also like to be lazy on the phone then this is the game for you!
This game is very relaxing. It's also a great simulation of having a pet you have to feed them, clean there cage, and you can take photos of them!right now me and my pet Goldie are living happily together (kinda -.- )
I love it. Its like a real pet; gets hungry every day, tank needs cleaned, and takes a while to grow. It it also very calming to look at and the music makes it even better.
They shouldn't be able to die, or there should at least be an option to make it so they can't. I had to uninstall this because other reviewers mentioned they could die. I'm lucky I read that so I could uninstall before anything terrible happened. It's messed up that you don't even mention it in the description. I never play pet sims where they can die, and especially would be upset to play and have my axlotl die because I just lost one of my real pets so I would hate to see more animal death.
I love this and it's almost exactly how it would be if u had a real one but why can't you have more at once,have levels or even change the stuff in the tank
This game is awesome! You get to keep a digital axolotl and feed him. You can also clean the tank if the tank gets dirty. The only thing I wish could happen was if you have friends and your playing this game with them, then I wish you could connect screens together and get the axolotls to swim across the screen to the other screen. I also wish you could get more axolotls too. Thank you for creating this awesome game!
Very good game I'd recommend to anyone really, my friend has recently lost her axolotl and she is not getting on well.. but I told her about this game and she now has a copper axolotl and has named it peach. I'm addicted. She's addicted too. Very good game this has been developed well, the graphics are amazing and it is actually like owning a real axolotl but on your phone! Download this game, you will not regret it.
Great graphics cute axolotol. TONS OF ADDS I can't interact with my digital friend unless I feed or clean.
Its a cute little relaxing game and I really enjoy it,I was playing it the other day and my freind looked over my shoulder and asked me what it was,now were both hooked on it πŸ˜‚β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ‘
The app is great the axolotl is adorabul but i wish there were more playing options like you could ad decorations to its cage or have more then one axovlotl that you could Buy it with in-game coins that your axolotl makes daily depending on the game! I love this app even if ive had it for one day! I defently recomend this to you!!! Oh and also add breeding and rare types that you can buy or get by breeding! I saw this on another comment credit to that idea!
It's an okay game but.when you feed it the same food have the same axolotl and push a button to clean it gets really boring i like some repetitive games but this one is not so great
Played this game just over 1yr. Grew my axlotl into a lil beast. Sadly after 378 days my virtual pet has passed away. The game is simple and basic - you feed and you clean. Would be fun to customize the background or a more in depth method to clean for a more interactive experience.
Yesterday I gave axolotl food and cleaned the tank, but when I opened the app today all my progress was reset, i was at over 1000 days and now i'm back to day 1. Is there anything I can do to fix this.
This game is so cute and fun. Although, it would be nice if there were more features than just 'feed' and 'clean' Also, more colours would be cool. At the moment there is gold, black and albino but I'd really love to see more in the future. All in all, it's fun and addictive and interesting to see how big it can grow. My friends and I have 4 devices with this app all together and we've all really enjoyed it!
Giving 1 star only because it won't let me give ZERO. This is a cute, relaxing, enjoyable pet game AND THEN IT KILLS YOUR PET! Don't tell me "What did you expect, you fell ill and didn't 'feed' your 'pet' for 2days." My real, living axolotl eats only every 3 or so days and can comfortably fast for over a week. So the "death" is needless, wrecks the game, & doesn't even have the questionable virtue of being realistic. Don't download this awful game or anyothergames from this designer. .
The Axolotl is so cute and I love mine three types you can choose from purple gold and pink it is so good I recommend downloading it but only if you're up for a responsibility you have to feed it every four days and clean its aquarium once a week you have to take good care of it if you don't your Axolotl will die so take good care download it it is so good
I honestly love this game. It's really soothing to play and the music is great! I enjoy this game a lot but if you like games were you play or something, I don't suggest this game because it's meant to be calm and relaxing.
It's a cute axolotl game but it takes awhile to grow it. It would be awesome if there was an option to pet too.
A super amazing and cute game, you can choose the color of your axolotl, yellow, white, or black. I chose a black axolotl. Super cute I reccomend downloading it.Dont forget to feed you axolotl everyday and clean its cage once a week. The only downside is that you cant play with them or anything like that, so I open the app everyday to clean his cage and feed him and then I play a different game, next day do the same exact thing.
It's pretty good I wish it was more interactive though and there's way too many ads so like maybe something other than ads can make it money so like can you like make cosmetics or something also make it so you can play with it
I love this game beacouse the axolotl is very cute and u need to take care of it and u can even feed her and clean her cage and change her name! I love this game!!! And he can grow very big!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜
It's a good game only down side is that you can't really interact with the axolotl and it's a bit sad when why die if thy die but it's a fun game
I loved it. I felt like I had a responsibility to look after this little guy. I loved it little smile and the graphics were great. I just wished for the cleaning you could actually clean it and not just press a button and it's then clean. I also think their should be an option to play a little game with it and it has a happiness chart and when the happiness is on a low % then you can play with it.
Decent but many bugs Nice little game does what I want it to on very basic level, but there are at least 3 buttons on the main game screen that do not function at all seems to be zero coding behind them? Those being the photo, main menu, and show appreciation buttons. Obviously if you want to use any of these that's an issue. You can still feed and clean Axolotl without problem. Basic functionally for an idle pet style game. Approx 2 mins per day I'd say. Daily updates about his growth though!
Can you make more Colours? But the colors have to be what they look like in real life πŸ˜€ plssssssssssss Great Job its relaxing and heart-throbbing when mine died 😭 STILL ITS THE PERFECT GAME FOR ME!!!❀️❀️❀️
I absolutely love this app. Simplistic, relaxing, and easy to use. My Axolotl is about 160 days old now. I like to fall asleep with the music in the background. There are 5 different BGMs, but 1 and 5 are my favorite ones. I could play them for hours. I actually have this app on my backup phone, but for some reason I cant post reviews from that one.
It seems cute but every time I try to take a picture of it or try to to the menu, it doesn't do anything!!!! Im so hurt!!! 😑😑😑😑
Its cute and stuff but i wish the axolotl would do more, in real life their pretty playful. You should also be able to customize the tank so it doesn't look so, ya know, boreing. The axolotl should also be able to move around the tank more, hes just in one area. They kinda like to hide in little caves and plants sometimes too. I may not have a real axolotl but ik how to take care of them and what they do.
It's a interesting app for a Pet companion. I will give it that. I really would like to do more with the Animal. Then just tapping the screen to see it move. If you know what I mean.
Cute game there just really isnt that much to do, you can press two buttons and make it move about but that's it so I'd prefer it if there was more
I am going to get a axolotl soon, but I can't wait! Now I recommend you this app! I have my own copper/gold axolotl! But please, add more colors and the feature you can have more!
The game is pretty relaxing, but could use some upgrades: make the axolotl swimming animation smoother with an animated turning instead of suddenly facing to a different direction; add more animations, like doing a back flip or something; add a few minigames, a recommendation would be a ring game, no rewards, just a simple game of an axolotl going through rings; lastly, the AI could use some more work. great app overall.
I really like it. It's really cute and I do like it but I wish there were more things to do. Like cleaning the tank with your finger. Or playing mini games to get coins and then use coins to get tank decorations. It's a fun virtual pet but tamagotchi is better :)
Adorable!! Ads are infrequent, and graphics are smooth and super cute! Available in several languages, too! I
My daughter loved this app and her axolotl, till he died today without warning, now she's devastated. We didn't see anywhere in the info where it said your axolotl might die. Very unfair, especially on a child.
It is just amazing.my axa.(axalotle in short)is just so cute that I want a axalotle in real life.also, sometimes I press a button but it wont work,please fix it and I will put five stars,so yeah.the game is cool and my axalotle is so small it looks like it's hached from a axa. egg.who ever made this game thank you for making it is cool now I think that I will have a dream about axalotles.❀️❀️❀️
This is my fav game. You can use it for soothing background music, the Axolotl is just so friggin cute when it waves it's little hands and spins arouund like it's laughing, you can feed it and clean it, and when you dont clean it for a while it looks like the cage is dirty, you can watch it grow, and overall just an amazing app for people who cant expirience the feeling of owning one of these cute guys in real life. 5 stars, 100% amazing, lOvE iT!!!!!
I love the concept and it's really cute but the two things I have wrong with this is that it's kind of boring I'd like it if we could like decorate the tank and when you're on watch mode you can't zoom in to actually see the pet
Great app. I just wish I could have multiple axolotls. Or maybe give him different types of food. Also like breeding system. But that might never be a thing cause i have seen a lot of people saying the same thing for years.
In its simplicity, it creates a game that not only is calming, but simply finds a place in you where you feel obligated to care for the little axolotl
This app is fun and something you can do just for a couple minutes everyday. I wish that there were games that you could play with your Axolotl that way there will be more stuff to do. It is really adorable but it doesn't grow very fast no matter how much you feed it in a day I don't even know if it grows. I only had it for about a week.
It could use some more variety like maybe the ability to decorate the tank but it's a fun game. It's very relaxing but it would be cool if you could change the sound track.
It's nice to have a pet you don't have to take care of much. But I would like to have a choice of decor for the tank. Update: it took away my pet and started me over. It gave me a note but I didn't pay much attention to it. It either said it got too big for the tank or it died. It was about 5 inches last time I was on it. What happened?
You no what would be really cool is if you studied a Axolotl`s movement then uploaded it in to the game... otherwise I think the game is awesome it is like you have your very own Axolotl
Why I rated it 3 stars is because I got this game for my daughter whos peg axolotl died and I thought " Oh this is a game the pet won't die!" And then a week later she came crying her eyes out telling me her new pet axolotl died.
I got this game for the pure reason that axolotls are my favorite animal. And I'm glad I did. My axolotl is now almost 2 months old, and it's so calming to feed her and watch her swim around the tank. I also like that it isn't too time consuming (you don't have to wait for them to sleep, go to the supplies store, or anything) Just feed, clean the tank, and watch her swim around. Simple. Soothing. Beautiful.
My axolotl died. Please make a feature so you can revive him. Until that, my rating is still one star. Very sad game. My axolotl was very big and it died without warning. Please make this game more child friendly. Axolotls are supposed to live to up to 15 years or less and mine in the game lived up to about a month. Fix this.
it won't go off a black screen *update* it still won't go off of a black loading screen and I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it over and over and it won't fix it. please help
There was no much to do, it could have some option to decorate the tank or something but it's good and pretty
It's good and fun it is like your pet in real life but it's in the screen and I rate this a 5 over 5 and I keep playing it
I've been playing this game to see how it's like raising a real axolotl and to see if I want one or if I am good at taking care of them and it's very realistic because the pet isn't like the ones in those other games it doesn't speak English it doesn't wear clothes and it doesn't have any hair choice therfore it's realistic and it's a good way to test if you want that pet or not or if you are capable of taking care of one so I really like this game because it's like it's a REAL axolotl
Well it's good but the only thing you do is feed the axolotl and clean it and photo it and it's boring I wish you added a few more things like you can play mini games with the axoltotl but anyway it's not bad πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ€ πŸ˜€πŸ€ πŸ˜€πŸ€ πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž
I LOVE my little Sethie (my Axoloti). It makes me have to set aside time each hectic, disorganized day and hear the soothing music and take time to feed and play with him. It has a positive affect and sometimes things around or helps me to slow down & think. I will remember where I put something I was looking for or just take a second to smile. It's definitely one of those, "Stop and smell the roses." I love that it tells how much he's grown each day & forward to what he will become.
It is nice i like a a bit i just think the numbers and hunger levle is to big for the screen but i like every thing alse its fine \^V^/ 🦎🐟
It's great though I've only been playing for like 5 minutes. Only problem is the ads that harass me with every action I perform. Also it would be great if you can let us raise families of Axolotls as well as customize our aquarium. Maybe improve the little ones' AI to be a bit more natural. If you've ever heard of a YouTube channel called AntsCanada you might know what I'm getting at.
I really like it its very realaxing and i love how it looks its so cute now i want a axolotl! But i might get it in afew years time but i love it thank you for making this app thanks and byee!🀩 edit: these critical reveiws are so dumb lol they say thery're dauhther/son would be crying because it will die EVERYONE DIES EVEN ANIMALS HE OR SHE SOULD'VE TAKEN CARE OF IT like if you want a animal take care of it or it will die so stop acting dumb and thinking animals live forever they don't:l
Nice rendition of an axolotl. I wish this game had a few more options, such as different foods to feed the pet; plants, hammocks, hides, ramps, etc. that the player could add to the tank; and toys the player could give the pet.
I love this! Such a simple and cute game.I have a suggestion,make a game about taking care of lizards or geckos please : ) they're also my fav
I cannot over emphasize the value of this game. This is a very special app. My axolotl Branchy brings me much joy and kills about 20 seconds of each day. He is growing very big. Soon I will have to get a bigger phone to house him. **Update** I am very sad to announce that I went on holiday and forgot about Branchy and he died. I don't have the heart to create another one. Don't make the mistake I did. Feed your axolotl.
I've had my pet axolotl for a year now and its almost 25cm. i enjoy the game alot! only gripe is that the interaction with it is kinda limited. that being said, i enjoy that the game doesnt take to much time to play out of my day. juat feed and clean the tank daily, bur if you miss a day no biggie cause you can go a couple and they wont parrish. download the game and relax! **EDIT** after 25CM my pet got a new bigger tank!
Ok this game is rather simple and nice but I really wish wait no NEED them to add more things to do like edit the tank or something ^^
At my point of view,this game is amazing! If you are the type of people who prefers to do lots of stuff with your game like buying things or whatever, I reccomend you NOT to download this. This game is for people who like to just sit down peacefully and watch the axolotl swim around ocasionally. All you have to do is feed it every 4 days and clean the tank once a week. You also have 3 selections of axolotls at the start of the game. I hope my review was useful to you!πŸ˜„
I love this game! It does get a little boring. Maybe you can add minigames that give coins to customise your axolotls tank. Thanks.
While it isn't the most exciting app, it is nice to have a digital pet axolotl... Such cool creatures! It can be nice to watch it every now and then. I like the fact that it is interactive, when you touch the screen the axolotl will go to that point! The bad point is that some features don't work, like taking a picture.... Otherwise I would give 5 stars.
I love it but she had pasted away today because a year never fed it didn't know had this so I was upset which I would need to reinstall which it's Ok. Loved her.
Great!but?well.......theres not anything to do,exept:stare and watch for very long,can you update it so you can interact with the axolotl more?can you make a update where theres different genders for axolotls and be able to put more than one in pne tank?can you add baby axolotls too? Thanks!(if you do)
I enjoy visiting my personal Axelotl a couple times a day to simply feed, watch activity or watch a 5 second ad to clean my virtual aquarium. It gives the feeling of having a sea creature without the real work of keeping the environment just right and having to run to a petstore for exotic Axelotl food or supplies. Thank you for daily fun without hassle and thank you for the size upgrade once my "over a year old" virtual friend outgrew his old aquarium. I recommend this easy app!
I really like it, my Axolotol is named Charlie and he is almost 5cm long. It is super relaxing and I enjoy it. The only thing I dislike is the ads, but what can you do about thay.
This is a very good game it's a relaxing music game and a digital pet game which is so good and you should totally download it it's the best thing ever on the earth it's so so so good Please download. You have to download it it's so good and relaxing and it'll make you have a better day even if you're playing a really scary game while you're playing this on a different thing it's a crazy cool game you should definitely download it please please please please please download it
Play is a little bit slow, but I do like growing my axolotl. I wish I could have another one so he can have a friend in his tank!
As a youtuber i rate this four stars becouse its soothing its relaxing and its SO CUTE!!! But for such a CUTE game there should be more to do all you can do is feed clean and show love to the CUTEST GAME EVER ps @FALLONS LIFE
Amazing. Baby. Soft. Ive had him for 2 years.10/10 would raise again. A suggestion though: Some more interactive options like petting or something similar
I love this app i cant get i real pet so i love this its just like taking care of a real pet and you have to keep checking up on it throughout the day
I really wish you could decorate the tank or interact with the axolotls more, but it's a decent game. Kinda boring though...
This app is so sweet and relaxing πŸ’• I suffer from anxiety and migraines and with the light down on my phone the motion and colors are so gentle that I can use it to relax! The axolotl is adorable πŸ’•
I feel like there should be more options on what to do with it but the game is really cute and calming. I like the music in the background as well. Edit: It would be nice if we could decorate the tank ourselfs because then it would feel more realistic and fun. I would recommend this to my family and friends. Overall I love this game. YOU KILLED MY AXOLOTL BECAUSE I DIDNT FEED IT!? I WAS GROUNDED!!!!!! THIS ISNT FAIR!!!!! I WANT TEACUP BACK!!! (that's what I named it)
Amazing Game! I'm Getting A Real Axolotl Soon,So I Thought..Why Not Get An App For Training? This Is The Perfect Game For That! The Pet Is Super Cute And Realistic!β™₯️ This Is The BEST Axolotl Game I've Tested! I Wish The Best For The Creators Of This Game! My Axolotl Has Grown So Big, He/She Is Still VERY Adorable And He/She Will Always Be! If you're getting an Axolotl soon or just want to know what it's like to have one this is the app for you! This game is what I call hard work!!β™₯️
I had an axolotl for like 200+ days, when I went to check on it today it had me pick a new one but I thought it was a glitch so I closed out the app and reopened it and now I have no axolotl but all of the settings like the size of it are reset and its acting like I have one but the tank thing is empty? What happened to my first one :c
Cute game. It reminds me of that DS game where you take care of the puppies. I wish there was more to do but you also dont do much with axolotls so.. graphics are pretty good. I like the asthetic it gives off.
Amazing game. I have spent 150 days with my axolotl Darko and he is 11cm. Really cute game, love it! Edit: 300 days and I still love this game. Darko is now 20cm (nearly 21) and I love him. There should be a few ways to interact more with him than just feeding and cleaning him, maybe a minigame or something. Other than that, still 5 stars.
Really cute game and for me i love axolotls so I really like it, but the reason I gave it 3 stars is because there is not much to do but if u like to stare at axolotls I recommend it to you.πŸ™ƒ
I had to give four stars because you can only have one pet I wish I could have two or three for friends besides that it's a great pet game
I write this at around the 150 day mark for my axolotl Jeremy. I honestly appreciate the lack of notifications as it provides a true sense of independence in caring for your pet. The ability to change the song that plays is nice since the default song is kind of grating, my song of choice being bgm 5. I never thought I could hold such a simple concept in such high regard.
Fun it help's me learn how to take care of my Axolotl. Also the gameplay was good and the graphics are excellent! The controls are great the Axolotl goes wherever I tap he goes to the there. Same with the food. :) :) love the game!!!!
The music is so relaxing and the axolotl is extremely cute. We should've been able to pet him but he's still pretty awesome. You don't even need wifi to play it. Overall this is my favorite game
Its very fun feeding it and taking care of it, but one thing thats boring is that theres nothing else to do, if u could add like faster days to it, i think people would love it and do like emotes and voice, people would really love to see that thing laugh and talk in its language :D
It was super life like I think it is perfect looks just like real axolotl I just wish I could feed it different food like worms or fish bc that's what it would eat in real life (they also eat pellets) it would be helpful to make it yawn bc that's the cutest thing they do.
It's cute but u cannot buy anything new for it,cannot have mate or babies,all old stuff repeating. Nothing exciting but only it's size will be bigger. Even no new tricks after it grown up.
This is the best pet app I've ever had. It's like taking care of a real Axolotl! GREAT APP. I would 100 percent recommend!
Uodate: I now see the last game update was in 2018...so Im guessing nothing new is coming anytime soon :( too bad. I have had this downloaded for literally five minutes and am already in love with this cute little guy! I agree with other reviews that there should be more you can do. The game is relaxing and I am excited to watch him grow. Really enjoy the background music as well. Just add more interative options and it will be an easy five star!
It's nice, but it's super simple. You can watch your pet grow and feed them, but that's it. I wish there was more things to do like being able to decorate the tank. There's also only three choices in terms of style for your pet. I truly hope they add more than that.
I really like this game it's relaxing and fun I wish there was a bit more to it but it's a good game definitely recommend getting it
Please make it so you have the option to have your pet not be able to die. I think that alot of people would love that feature in the game. Including me (: