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Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5v5

Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5v5 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by COFA Games located at 2544 Gateway Road, Suite 201 Carlsbad, CA, 92009. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can you please make this game offline because I am poor and I want game like this but offline please.
I love this game although it does need a little work and more heroes and less lag but anyways have a good day byee
NO TOUCH CONTROLS = NOT A MOBA EPIC WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE. New Update: Look at the id*ot that replies to me with a copy and paste answer from COFA Games. What a helpful reply without resolving the issue many players want TOUCH controls option on IOS/Android.
The entire premise of upgrading a hero outside of the battle arena reaks pay to win. Controls are sloppy at best, graphics are unique but lack quality. Character design for the grandma wasnt very engaging. Low key cash grab.
So many issues. First it wouldn't let me attack during the tutorial so I had to reinstall the game, it wouldn't let me go past Match #2 so I had to wait a whole day, it keeps crashing and telling me I have connection issues when I don't, I joined a game and it shows the map but no characters &, you can't tap anything. The games very short, lack of characters. Uninstalled./:
This game was awesome! But the only thing why I gave it one star is, its just freaking dumb when it was searching other player. I've waited 15-25 minutes before I got into the game and its sucks. And thats why I need to UNINSTALL this kind of dumb app. But I hope Your going to fix it guysπŸ‘
Just download this game, went inside, and there's a training for you . And not even 5min the game crash and stuck .
i like the game and the graphics are good , the controls are easy , and I like the 5V5 / PVP games , BUT STILL WANT TO BEING BACK THE OFFLINE PLEASE GIVE ME A RESPONSE OR BRING BACK THE OFFLINE PLEASE!!!!!!
It red bars alot. Even on wifi im not even gunna dare try it on normal data. It never use to spike in ping like it does now it goes from 15 ping to n insta 100+ all the time till there is a fix to this stays 3 stars
Interesting MOBA, definitely weird as advertised which is part of the fun. They are making changes to make it better and I like playing it because it isn't the same old MOBA. Quick games, and lots to learn that is different. I wish there were more instructions about it, and I don't feel like there s a laning phase at all, which is actually kind of fun. We'll see how it changes and develops, so far so good.
Games was ok, not great, then I ran into the pay to win people for an hr....and deleted the game..wouldn't recommend this game to anyone
Finally I am deleting because Although I have 4G fast connection, it lagging very much, or else game is good.
Yup I give 5 stars because is so much fun and I can't wait for it to be a good friend to my bffs.......
Grewt game but I noticed that there is lack of voice command of voice over of the hero. It is much fun if you put heroes voice like the other moba game.
I like the game but you guys removed offline node and i cant play the game in offline anymore i feel sad pls add offline mode again
Laggy, no reconnect, p2w annoying to login. It's also full of bugs where you glitch into the ground and can't move or game acts spazzy and closes, & bots. Sometimes your heroes first skill can't be upgraded or used. Sometimes only 1 of your 3 plants show on your hotbar in game. Sometimes Globetrotting Amy can move while using Beam of Light. Game is dead. It's fun if you can get past it, spent many hours on it :D
Really nice concept where its not just static moba like all others in market you could actually strategize and play i would appreciate the match making like all other mobas where you would pick your hero after you find the match also need to fix some issues to make the gameplay smooth. Overall i really like the concept of this game.
This could be better. There is a problem of loging in and its hard to understand what is happening. I am givin 1 star as i didnt get satified will give a 5 star in the future if the problems are fixed
Sorry but I find that after this update the game is causing so much lag as my capping is fine so I cannot give it a 5star..
- The attack buttons are too packed in the corner. It makes it harder for people like me with long thumbs and a small phone - Fog of War would be nice - More skills for heroes - Some skill descriptions are missing - Give more rewards (free season 1 skin etc.) as early as now to keep more players invested These are the things i observed and I hope you guys consoder this. This game is pretty decent. Kinda excited to see how this game improves. Great concept, a fresh feel for MOBAs. KEEP IT UP!
Make the currency easier to get and add something to a character because characters mainly have 2 skills and this can be boring. Add something more to the uniqueness of a character. Not a simple combo or doodad but skill combinations to think about
Devs i really like this game but please bring back the offline mode so we can still play this without internet connection.thank you for considering my suggestion and also one more thing add more heroes
Uninstalled on the third day, and the only reason is the game force you to quit the current match instantly when losing or very weak internet connection unlike most of the games that tells you (trying to connect to the server)
Very nice game really entertaining but I hope we could also play it offline mode like when were in places were theres no wifi and we like to play the game...PLEASE..
Hats off to Dev's a sweet and nice game . Dnt go on noob reviews of lag , glitches etc as they are bit common for new game atleast we shld give space to Dev's and tell them instead of giving 1 stars
Wow, are you sopose to make me fall asleep, cause this game does it well.. Nice graphics boring everything else! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I like the game is fun,,but the reason I give one star ,,i play 2-3days after I download the game then I decided to buy a character that I like,,,,then when I log in again,,, I start on the beginning , all the thing that I buy is gone😭😭😭
Seems like a cash grab honestly, the isn't very balanced the UI doesn't really work well, for instance the skill and auto attack range circle doesn't show the real range of your abilities, just doesn't seem like they put much work into the game
it was quite nice...i love this game bt nt mch.....m facing a problem sometimes while starting this games....so hop u keep trying developing others features also..thank you
I have played many moba games in my life but this one is such a unique one ,the heroes are super cute lol... I love this game.
If u have an okay - okay internet connection the game won't work. My ping was always high and so I assume to be able to play this game you need a very strong internet connection or else you won't be able to play. You will be there in a match you wil board your plane but u won't land and your plane will move upto enemy base..
Nice game i love it... Good and nice graphics.. Good tutorial and many more .. Just more update and this game will be popular in the future... This game has a potential to became best game... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This game is not that good but im gonna put 5stars maybe it's gonna be popular in the future πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ
Exactly what I was looking for, happy to pay some.money to help the developers improve an already stellar game. Keep up the good workπŸ‘
This game is the worst im always getting killed because the skills damage is so weak and there is a glitch where u cant see where youre target when youre gonna use skills and the graphics are so bad and when i lag i can still walk but it comes back and back it makes me soooo dizzy i hate this game
first day playing and i love it so far. Characters are refreshing and unique enough from all the other MOBAS out there. lovely whimsical aesthetics
I am installing with a good impression because you are interacting with the players as they shared their response I hope you will continue it and I even hope that you have solved the problems they shared I will share my response again after using the game.
This game is really fun to play the heroes powers and combos are on point, he only thing is for them t bump up the graphics
Fix it ffs ypur fast to take people money but not to fix server issues fix the game or refund my money simples
A quirky game with quite a learning curve. If you want some new experience in Moba then this one is great for you. For lovers of traditional moba this game will be a little overwhelming in start.
I love this game. Hopefully we'll get to see a bigger roster of heroes with more complex and unique abilities and cooler designs in the future
Love this game! It's what a moba should be. I'd give it 5 stars if they had more characters but otherwise it's great!
Is this a glitch or something I think the tutorial when I choose marksman when I was doing the 1st skill I thinks it's a bug?? There's like invisible barriers And its tutorial won't it tell me where to go when I was doing the first skill
Worst Game! Uninstalled it immediately. SOOOOOOO LAAAAAAAG! Fix your servers, optimize your servers, FIX YOUR LAGGING ISSUES! I can't even play the game because it lags so much! Such a waste of time installing this game.
The game is really awesome, but it automatically turned off when I try to start the game or have been playing or I finished the game, it's so annoying, I really hate this this make me uninstall tha game😫😫😫,
Like the game alot. Very different in art and some different mechanics but it all fit together well in moba.gave 3 stars because game needs more heroes.
50 50, I'm still learning the game. Although I'm a online gamer but I'm still trying to understand the game of how it works. First time to play this game
Game is funny, nice and fun. The problem is:the enemies are bots, u can see ur enemies on the map (which is unfair and the enemies can see u and ur team) and the bomb is confusing. Pls PLS change the problems
As a LoL veteran I can say that this game is awesome. It brings some new elements to the game while making it fun to play, and 0% toxic players unlike LoL 😎😎
Its got a nice theme, but equipping items outside of the match with upgradable gear is straight up pay-to-win, MOBAs are meant to be balanced out of game for a reason.
It's cute and has potential but I see a lot of stuff that don't make sense that could be bugs. Played 3 games so far and I get a lot of frame drop and the game stutters incredibly for me, making it not a good experience.
I love this idea!! Like a fast pace wacky af moba!!! I'm going to keep playing for now!! Although I have had some slight connection issues!! Can't wait to see how yall expand the roster!!
Really fun MOBA! As a jungler main, I really like the expansive objective options and the hang glider mechanic is a neat feature. So far I've had a couple game crashes at key moments without reconnectability which is important to smooth out for ranked mode down the line, etc. So far really liking it and want to see where it goes from here! Cheers!
Mobile legend is ban in India ..so playing it ..it's different then any other moba ..very unique ..I recommend all to give a try ..
The game is good, but alredy all day i cant start battle? Is just spinning with animation in vilige, but is nor loging me in game?
Decided to reinstall, and it's even worse..I had ALL BARS, then I join a game and my ping is all over the place. It spawned me in the lava, each time I died due to the lava I was out right back in the lava. Then it kicked me from the game...