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Avatar: Pandora Rising™- Build and Battle Strategy

Avatar: Pandora Rising™- Build and Battle Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
New review 1star to 3 star: Gameplay was great got no problems, it's worth a try to play for anyone that's curious. Had to uninstall cuz it was taking a toll on me mentally.
The gameplay of the game is good. Kindly fix some isssue when trying to connect on the game. Getting combat service error and the game crash most of the time during event. I hope you can also change the sacred domination event. Give other alliances to win some of the site or give limit other alliance to get other site.
Edited:The latest patch has made a paywall so large.To put this in perspective: they are selling healing speed ups for 10$ which were free before the patch. Talent kits used to upgrade your player were free before through Pvp. They removed this and are selling it for 100$. You need 3 of these just to level up the player on a single talent. After paying 300$ on it, it wouldnt impact your overall power that much. Alternative is to grind it for 1 month. Before patch it could be done for free in1day
This game has been fantastic. But the developers are killing the game. I wouldnt recommend this for anyone atm bc you will get merged to a titan server and you will be food for the players that pay to win. Its not fun anymore.
Great game. However, it is not released worldwide, so I get stuck with alot of players that speak a language I dont understand. Any plans to release it across the world would be great so more english players can join...
Loving the new update bringing back the set up that we F2P can catch up to P2W players!! 💙 Long live Eywa!! Grind on pandorians!!!
scopely destroyed this game. if you asked 6-9 months ago i would have said this was the greatest game ever. foxnext designed this game and it was awesome. SCOPELY took over and makes it worse with every update all they do is change it constantly so no matter what you work on becomes pointless in future updates. dont waste your time playing and definitely dont spend money because whatever you buy theyll just change.
The game itself has evolved for the past 6 seasons. One thing is for sure that updates are done to make sure "its a fair game". Alot of playes quit the game, but not me. Whatever change devs make, each individual should be flexible to adjust. I hope new players are enjoying the game as the new update is as CLOSE as to the best version of the game when it was released. Devs should also take notes on noticing old time players trying to get into new servers as it spoils the fun out of the game.
Very well thought out game for this genre. The real time combat really makes this game shine. Plenty of room for new gameplay to evolve. The Devs seem to be wanting to improve the game experience. I have not spent any money on this game as of yet and am doing very well and can compete. Very impressed with Avatar from a long time gamer. Keep up the good work.
This game is great but dying. Too many players quitting because they are bored especially if there are spenders or all top players merge in one alliance, they will be the alliance will enjoy this game that is why many players quitting the game. I miss the time there are a lot of active alliances but now its too few and I meet no new players. I been playing this game for one year already but not straight. I hope this game will do something to have new players.
The game is really good. lots of things to do. Like most online games, things are easy at the beginning and upgrades don't take too long. Of course that changes as you progress as is expected. With the most recent update, something got kind of broken. When you rally against the player's towers and the first attacker is not successful at destroying them outright, when the second player goes in the towers are back to full health!! What's the point of rallying if you can't wear them down?
Love the game but seems like its dying slowly with the new annoucement no more in game purchased and no more server merge and no more new player they annoucing a slow death to this wonderful game
So far so good, I like how the tutorials are clear and easy to understand. Graphics wise I'm loving it so far, but there are some slight hiccups on my phone with a Kirin 990 since I'm on a Mate 30 Pro 5G, probably some optimization issues but I trust the developers that they'll roll out some updates for this. Overall it's great, not far from the game since I just started but I can tell that I'm going to enjoy this game :)
The game is getting worst. I love the gameplay and graphics are improving. But the worst scenario is there is a lot of bugs unfixed. My loading screen is getting worst, last time I am always stuck at 60% loading screen. Then now, I am stuck at Scopely loading screen. My internet was stable, and this keep happening to me. And it always forcing close my app. I am tired of waiting for this game to improve!
I have been playing this game for several months now. However, recently I cant play for more than 5 minutes without the game crashing. I suspect there is a memory leak somewhere. Please, fix this problem so that I can play properly!
I liked the game, but there's one small problem and that's the game oftenly exits or crash; even though my data connection is strong. I don't know what's wrong exactly wether the game has an issue or maybe something. I just hope that your thechnical support can help not only me but also players who are experiencing this kind of problem. I hope you do something about this.
This was a great and entertaining game until Scopely came along and messed everything up with updates and price tags. It should not take a whole season to save up the required improved and advanced soldier kits needed to upgrade ONE (1) commander talent. I understand there was a need to fix looting bases so that people couldn't one or two hit a base and steal all the persons credits/woodsprites however you guys have almost eliminated base raiding. Fix the game please!
The recent update has ruined ever being able to upgrade anything because it has been made near impossible. Certainly not going to ever spend another cent on this game. With so many bad reviews lately you would think the developers would figure out what a major mistake they made.
I'm begging you to stay away from this game. There are so many mistakes by the developers that cost you progress. If you bring it up to support they pretty much blow you off. You can also spend months building a character and they will just change his power for no reason. It's like buying a v8 truck and they sneak in your garage and put in a 4 cylinder.
Games of this type are a dime a dozen. It needs to have more to truly stand out. Don't just stick to the basic recipe of "build, gather, battle", add something actually new. For what it is, it's a good game though, and the graphics are great.
Game is almost a year in partial release yet every update seems a new version of the game... getting worse each time... Unfair gameplay like if a player from old servers (those with Jake/Quart) lie low for a month you will end up with the new player next merge since you only based it on season score. Every update is like slowing the players progress. which is not good for players who just started. Please fix the oil and mushroom shortage...
Last update ruined game over half of my avatars require a day to heal . all will heal in weeks . Game is improving.
I have absolutely no idea why this game does not have higher score ratings. I think it's absolutely awesome! Super fun and a great different play style than most other rpg's. I definitely recommend that you try it out.
Enjoying the ability to play both Campaigns. Auto alliance feature is a good idea. By far the best game in its category. Ability to rotate structures would be nice.
Unplayable, everything works fine and game is fun but when I left the game and came back again all buttons do not work I cannot go to the village or anything! Please fix this.
the game really lags a lot now,i cant even play it after the latest mini update,before it it lags a lot,and goes crappy you can say its a seconds per frame game,it ruins the game for me,i tried talking to the support,they only said that they'll optimize the game and didng refund all my lost items or what i could've defended from raid,they'll say they'll work on optimizing the game to make it smoother but the new update made broke it and made it basically unplayable,i want to raite it 0
Its a fun game but if you dont have a good device the game runs atroshishly. Its a fun game but things get a little grindy which is expected but it does not run properly. The framerate can tank at a solid 1 sometimes. This needs to be fixed.
Definetly worth a 5 star in terms of gameplay, although there is a glaring issue that NEEDS to be fixed. This game simply takes up too much of my cpu power, and as a result, even trying to hit the home button will make my phone completley unresponsive, and that brings it down to a 3 star alone. For suggestions, make the battle timer 3 mins instead of 2, its simply not long enough, and stop forcing my music to not play, thats really uncool, the music thing brings this to a 2 star.
Great game keen as to play but keeps saying error occurred so it restarts. Rather annoying.and yet still have to restart.
Fun so far. Kinda mix of command and conquer with card type games. Graphics lack a bit but make up for it in game play. I like how you can switch between factions as almost everyone wants to try both worlds. Vs is quite fun aswell. It's worth checking out if you liked the movie or rts type games. Shout out to the programmers. Update: still going strong and I love how there are no ads I hope they stick to this. Gameplay is fun and definitely worth playing if your fan if movie or c&c😎
I like the game but there is too much of a money grab game to evolve and be at better levels or it takes forever, at the beginning when I played I evoked pretty well without spending money then I lost my account and wrote u guys and u never got back to me so I had to start all over witch pissed me off, I can't join. My old group because it's a different world and you don't offer world jumps , so I'm on a slow server group and I'm not liking it ........
I really like the game and the concept of the real time game play. HOWEVER, it is very much geared towards pay to win. Yes, you can still grow without buying packs etc., but it is sooo painfully slow that your left behind the rest of the players. Also, for what you are charged for the packs it's disappointing how little you get.
Creator I need your help Whenever I login into the game it keeps stopping at 60% I can't play the game can you fix my problem please so I can play again. Edit: I've waited every 10min and still 60% please creator I can't wait no longer It's literally not letting me play.
I just wanna say that I urge you to ignore the reviews saying this game is ruined, you can go check when they were made. This is all old news, all of the issues have been solved and despite how bad one or two updates were the game gets better every week. One of the things I adore about this game is the alliance system which is unlike any game Ive seen before. Out of the many build and battle games out there this game is the one I will stick with. Props to the devs for adapting so well!
Need to fix game bug...i watch the replay this morning i find out that the attackers main tower was destroyed by my troops so how come he/she was declared the winner my three tower is still standing..it happens in my farm.. disappointed..i already reported this to the game support
Worst update to this day... 100% pay to play. I have to save for a entite season to get 1 commander upgrade... Maybe...
Ok, I'll just summarize this For players reading this the game is pay to win and for me it's not worth the investment. For the developer you have a great idea of gameplay, but something will kill this game eventually. I can't summarize it all in just 500 characters, but if you are willing to have some suggestions reply to this review together with your email.
The game lately have become Pay to win. Even the events where you get rewards are becoming pay to win. Just a week after the event the difference between spenders and non-spenders is great. You get only few rewards for grinding a 24 hours event.
Pay to win game -Worst customer service ever -Slow progress 1-Don't download if you don't have at least 12k dollars to spend on this game 2-Don't contact the customer service as it is useless They are lying to convince you that any problem is your problem only 3-the game is full of bugs-Conclusion don't play this game ever No it is not solved it is being worst, and the update proved my point of view You made the progress slower than before, items more expensive Nothing of what you promised done
In game purchases are a trap you buy currency and they allow flaws in the game to steal from you. When you bring it up to them they do not address it they play it off as your fault, citing you need to be more cautious then ban you for inappropriate chat when you call them thieves etc. Completely ignore the fact that they stole from customers. Anyone on the fence about spending for this game. They don't deserve it. Implement a prompt for ap spending to stop this an easy fix they wont do it.
Keeps kicking me out. Keeps freezing. Lots of errors. Can't switch between world map and settlement. That all in less than 30 minutes of playing
Game has improved greatly from previous updates. Larger maps and commander based skills that determine rare resource collection rather than the resource levels would improve fairness. Large alliances can still starve smaller alliances of the resources needed to grow. Raiding would pick up and make for even more battling. Good game though, I recommend it.
Review Update: the game update made it worse i'm on the brink of quitting this game, why did you nerf everything, for example the supply shelter from 80k woodsprite protected to 7k only, and the recovery pool, the list goes on!
Great game but lots of crashes. Devs are working on this and it is improving. New updates have been great. PTP is very expensive for little value... would spend money if I felt it actually was worth it
Very well thought out game for this genre. The real time combat really makes this game shine. Plenty of room for new gameplay to evolve. The Devs seem to be wanting to improve the game experience. I have not spent any money on this game as of yet and am doing very well and can compete. Very impressed with Avatar from a long time gamer. Keep up the good work. 😀🇨🇦😀
Very good game, but the longer you play the more the devs pull the rug from under you. Yes it's in beta, but no I don't feel like losing my progress or having it altered all the time.
The game is really good, IF you can get on...I'm not sure what happened, but I can no longer get on the game through Wi-Fi! I've tried everything from restarting my phone to uninstalling and reinstalling. It didn't do any good. Every other game and app on my phone works fine with Wi-Fi, Avatar however is only working with data. At the time of this post, I had very little data left and too many days before my plan resets and now I've essentially have been forced to stop playing for a week!!!
It use to be a really good game, the graphics are great BUT the last few updates they keep changing our game play. It has ruined the game, many has quit and stop player. The game crash a lot and has lots bugs. They do not care about your feed backs. New players will never catch up, even if you spend money you still can't catch up. Don't waste you time. AND NO they dont put similar power player in the same server. I was under 1 mill power and I was with ppl close to 20 mill. Its a lie.
I would normally get bored by games after a while but not by this it's fun ,and has good grafics I know it doesn't look to reall but it's a game my only things are I wish we could do is, go for banche rides, have more music, and I don't know about any one else but I have good Wi-Fi but it glitches bad and iget kicked of a lot but I love it a lot it's fun try it
This game really S**** the last 5 updates really bad , the developers only care about money making they dont care about the time and effort you spent on a hero like tsutey . Pls guys if you are new to this game dont play this game I guarantee you this game is only about cash .
I played for a few months. Got to lvl 17. Then the devs started changing the game. Things just started costing more. Every update, everything just cost a bit more. Or took a little longer. It used to be fun but they broke the game in their quest for microtransactions and increasing the cost of structures and characters via in game farming currency or real money. The game is fun until lvl 15 or so then the grind starts and every update it keeps getting worse. Don't waste your time or money here.
After this update The game being so boring No power balance, No fun in any battles, Slow upgrade, Super Weak RDA army, Everything lead you to pay to win Stupid game for the worst developers ever If there is someone want to play this game don't choose RDA ever, super weak commanders, super weak units aganist NA'VI This game for NA'VI only
Adjusting my review again. The most recent update murdered the playability and flow of the game. This update was so blatantly driven by monitary gain that it made the game more than un-fun to play, its become an abysmal chore. We went from being to play, on a fairly consistent basis, to now having upgrades absurdly out of reach, combat destroyed due to healing times being more than obnoxious,and the change to base building values,made so many long term players feel like theyve waste their time.
Pretty good game if you're a fan of the Avatar series and if you're not a fan still it's a great game. The balence is good and for a mobile game I'm not complaining
You killed the game with the last updates. People are quitting. It was a fun game before. Now, it's a daily grind for basically everything... need to spend money or we'll get too little to no progress at all. Not worth playing now.
This game started off great and then every update the developers made it less enjoyable. Taking away things and making it much longer to unlock characters. Now making it impossible to save money to upgrade unless you play 24/7. Unless these changes are reversed, this hame is officially ruined!
The game itself is great, not any ads, the in app purchases don't really give you anything when you pay at higher levels so its hard to pay to win without dropping thousands of dollars. The loading of the game itself can be very long, using a new galaxy s 10 and it can sometimes be a full minute or longer. Half the time when the game says I'm going to be attacked I join halfway through a battle before the battle fully loads. If loading times improve I will give 5 stars.
I had given thus a 5 star previous, however due to constant game glitches and failed combats, down to 3. I love the gameplay, just wish it were stable.
Absolutely unfair treatment they only listened and reply to the player/s who's PAY to WIN if not all your efforts and messages you sent will be useless. Like in my case they asked for my details and I can't sent a recent receipt coz I'm not a pay to win player but after that no response at all and when I follow up it says the case was closed...WOW VERY UNPROFESSIONAL... All my hard work and sleepless night especially during sse coz I don't wanna miss every single battle are wasted for nothing.
I've spent money on this game, and the packs in the store aren't in the right shards. I contacted support to get my refund of gems back from the misleading scam pack of stojack shards. I use stojack coins and gems to open the pack and mind you it says guaranteed atleast 8 shards and I get alihatar shards out of a stojack pack. And the event is use stojack to attack and i did it and got the coins spent 6k coins thinking maybe the bug is gone and still alihatar shards out of a guaranteed stojack.
This game has too many flaws. You should be able to shield your rss. Navi and RDA Outpost AI should be reworked. Sacred Site events mechanics should be revamped (trees should all stop at the same time, no overtime, limited amount of trees per alliance, etc.). I'm taking off 3 stars until you make it EVEN between whales, dolphins and f2p.
Scopely has ruined this game .... if this update doesnt fix the issues ...I wouldn't recommend this to anyone anymore
I beg you. DO NOT GET THIS GAME. This was an incredible game. Recent changes have 100 percent ruined it. Everything is 5 times more expensive for less product. They went and changed every detail of the game so you need to pay money. If you dont you can sit idle for days unable to play. Out of the hundreds of complaints about hundreds of different things, you get one answer. Like a robot answer. Please stay clear of this game. Save yourself tons of stress
The development team ruined the game at the last update. They said they promote more combat, then ruined the resources needed to heal and fight. They took out major ways to get kits and turned them into a stupid thing. Basically need a overall change in the development team. These people don't know at all what they are doing
Edited: from 1 to 3 stars. Game has updated to balance out the disparity between free and pay to play players. Though this is the case, there are a lot of bugs to be fixed. Improvements include how the merging system works - more often than not you get pitted with alliances larger than your own and you will be stuck with them for a month stunting your growth.
Fun at the beginning but kinda lost interest when 1 strong clan controls all the resources and unobtaniums of the map, plus you don't want to bother with the in game drama and toxicity in chat. For now I'll just come by 5minutes of my time to check for future updates.
Nothing new. Not too much excitement. 60 days for new season and nothings changes?? Really?? Common! Poor game!
I just started playing, but it seems really good at the moment its got a decent story includes many of the movies characters, and is very enjoyable to play. If there was one thing I could add it would be the thanator, it might be in the game but I didn't see it as a unit option.
The game itself is great, really great, not any ads, the in app purchases don't really give you anything when you pay for them at high levels which makes it hard to pay to win, but the main issue is how hard it is to increase your base buildings. two main resources that are made at your base are nearly impossible to get enough of. 90% of clan donation requests are the permalloy and plastic filaments (rda clan). It takes a week of saving to upgrade one building. Why play if you can't upgrade?
-Stupid shuffle as usual -Nothing new in the updates -Long seasons more than 3 month each -Expensive items, you need fortune to be able playing this stupid game This game became really silly i will uninstall it right way Bye for good developers
I opened a new ticket but it's useless coz they always replied the case was closed, and now I know why it was permanently banned, for the accusation of having a multiple accounts even I only have 1 account and it's because someone working from scopley, she did everything just to get rid of me coz she can't beat me and the can't take the mid if I am there, unprofessional using your connection just to get rid of some players because you CANT BEAT THEM? SHAMEFUL, you know who exactly you are Ms S
Well if you start this game choose only RDA cause developers nerf Navi 4 time in a row. So this game only favor one faction and is RDA. This new version of the game doesn't reflect the movie. All your favorite characters in the game is not as strong as new and unknown characters. If you're a pay to win choose RDA you won't regret it, so please enjoy the game. May this help you with your decision. Plz don't buy with $$$ in shop dailies deals, you will get more and free in-game events.
I like the game, it's fun and challenging but can you pls add more troops and and improve the graphics and adding the thanator would be awesome. But there is a problem, Bigger players farm on the lower players
Really!!? Nothings new!?? No improvement! A bad bad game. 60 days before new season but no excitement to come couz there is no special event or to be excitement!!