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Avatar Factory 2

Avatar Factory 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by qmStudio. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The app serves its purpose well, but check the permissions it requires to run. Some are distinctly not for the purpose of the app, including Microphone (to record audio) and SMS (read your text messages). Be careful with what information you're willing to give over for such an app.
This is so fun. You can make a cute outfit. BUT there is ONE problem in this game. It CRASHED! when I want to make something like I want to add a blush in the face, then when I want to go back to the home menu, it says unfornately, avatar factory 2 has stopped. Please try again. I try try and try again but it still like that. PLEASE fix this then I will resume my playing and rate 5 stars.
When I first found this game and installed it, it was perfect. Everything worked perfectly. But now, the only flaw is that it always says that the game isn't working when I try to set the character I made as my wallpaper. If you fix this bug, I'll rate it five stars, like I had intended to in the first place.
I hate this game because it always kick me out even tomorrow it kick me out dont download this app boooooooooo
The only body you get to use looks like some 4'7 8 year old. We need to design the height and curviness because not every girl is built with the body of a skinny 8 year old. We also need more natural hair colours. And more clothes options.
I really loved the app but I dont know why it is always error when i started. Please please fix it and i will install it again. I downloade and it always did the same thing
I cant make my guy ocs with this 😒 i cant make any guys also it keeps having a problem it sometimes will close itself when i dont it to. Once this is fixed I'll probably give it a 5 star.
This game does exactly what I needed it to do and more! However it crashes a whole bunch! Also it'd be nice if there was an option to change poses, height, weight, and more color choices!
Its OK...pretty boring overall. Maybe if I could move the body in some manner it would be better but she is just kinda...there...
I don't understand why so much space is needed. Some people like me don't have much phone storage. Can you lower the storage space needed I can't download anything else and this is the only thing I've downloaded.
Avatar Factory 2, while giving a good impression on the anime dress-up style game, is not a game in the first place. The "game" is really just dress up your anime girl, take a photo, and save it to your gallery. You have lots of choices to choose from from clothes to the hair (even the color of the hair) as well as the shoes she's wearing. You can even set up the background and you have the perfect setup for your virtual anime girl. The only problem with this game is, it gets boring and repetitive after a while. I only recommend it if you are a fan of anime or a teenage girl.
This is an amazing app! The reason I'm only rating 4 stars is because of 1 the colors are weird and make some of the clothes ΓΌber neon and there isn't even a black. You should add in a color wheel to fix this. 2 is every time I save a photo an add pops up. 3 is there should be diffrent body types (muscular male, muscular female, skinny male, skinny female, etc. etc.) And 4, we should be able to choose a pose/position for our characters. Great game otherwise!
You don't have many choices regarding clothing,hair,wings,and pets i would add a lion pet because alot of pepole like lions and more hair options or more black and the color black because i cant get any matching black outfits and thats good for a demon or frankly a reguler person but otherwise this is a great app
Albeit it crashes a lot, but once youre playing its immense fun! Tho ive only just downloaded, so we'll see how it plays out.. tho added poses and maybe boy avatars would be great ✌
It is awesome for something you can do on your phone. I just wish that there was a white or black option for hair or a option to select a specific color. My only complaint!
While there are many items to choose from, many of them aren't thought out very well. My first time around, it was already obvious that the two pieces I choose for my hair (bangs and longer hair) were drawn differently and looked way too odd together. And while there are different colors avaliable for every piece, the original color of the pieces fight with your chosen color - which usually resulted in weird neon colors that downed out the piece's artwork.
It keeps saying Unfortunately Avatar Factory 2 has stopped working. I can't make the head at all. Fix this and I'll give it a better rating
This app is really disappointing to me (it's difficult to describe though). More options for everything in each category & different colors (since not everyone likes the same colors), a way to make colors more accurate/create different colors, different body types. I do like the backgrounds & the option of importing a background from elsewhere though.
Avatar factory is better. Background can be even more better. U must keep hand expressions also. Not that fun. Boring. Doesn't have many things which Avatar factory have. And can't choose face.
its very limited , and when you make your character brown skinned it looks off like something is wrong also you cant pick many shoes or colors and the body type like someone else said is like a little girl body also it asks to be able to record and take pictures for no reason and you have to agree otherwise it will keep asking and you can't use the app until you agree , you dont need to be able to do that you're just an avatar app!
I love how it has the full body veiw thing but it dose not have white to chose as a hair color lol could you maybe add that or a color wheal and a way to darken and lighten the costom color if you could please add that I think it would add a lot more fun to this already fun app
With everyone else how come it say unfortunately avatar factory 2 is (something)? U neee to fix it! I got frustrated cause of that
Unlike others there is no colour weel so u can't make things black white or any colour you want really you only have a small selection of dull colours. Apart from that it's really amazing just let down by the colour choices. Could include tails to make it better too. Much love for this app as options are mannyy for everything else. X
I actually thought that this game was gonna suck but it's not that bad you can even put your avatar as wallpaper 😟 πŸ‘Œ but the only thing I'm going to complain about is there is to many adds I think the creator should fix this other than that it is OK so I give it five 🌟 's
I really like that there are so many choices for the avatar, especially with skin color, allowing for a much wider range of character designs. I would love it if there were a way to create custom clothing for these digital dollies, but I am unsure of how difficult that would be to implement. In any case, I am having fun with this!
It's really good!!!!!! But when ever an add comes up the game says that it isn't working then logs me out. (T_T)
It could be great but there needs to be more choices, and we should be able to make more than 1 avatar at a time. Boy characters too. There should also be a body choice. Because all the bodies look like they belong to little girls. And, how come we can't create our own hair color? There isn't even the color black!
It's amazing it's just when I go to look at my avatars I saved it said that it's not working right now. I would give 5 but it really bothers me.
I love this app alot. Because the dresses ppl! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜— keep on making more kawaii anime games :)) lol I made an eleven from stranger things xDD
my rating says nothing about the actual quality of the app, it does however, say i have a nostalgic connection to it.
Its fun but I want more edits with the colors , maybe boy avatars, need gestures or maybe put some things from cutie avatar maker (all of them more likely)and fix the overwrite because when I do overwrite and edit again it returns to the original also can we save the avatars in the gallery cause I want it too