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Avatar Factory

Avatar Factory for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by qmStudio. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It needs the option to change the skin colour to green or something and i can't seem to get a gray colour for the shirt. Also, could you make an option to turn off sound. Plus, when i open it, it keeps crashing. Please fix this 030
This is so cool if you watch aphmue you can make all sorts of characters like if kewichen had a kid with zan (if you have not seen love love peridice you won't understand) you can make it and this game has every thing! (You can also make boys.Don't worry nothing bad in this game).
The graphics are adorable, and this game is good, rather than the fact that some assets were stolen AND the 5 second horribly clipped loop of coffee shop music.
This app is super adorable, but I wish I had more colours to choose from. The hair and the clothes always look weird when I try to change the colour. Also, please let us change the position of the hands and items (I'd love to not block the little guys on the shoulder with the character's hand 😅)
There are quite a few options, but I can't get over the bad animation style. Looks amateurish. Eyes are distorted and such. If they could improve the animation, I could give it 4 stars.
This game is exactly what I wanted! Tons of options, great art, and easy controls. I highly recommend! I do agree that the art looks just like rinmaru anime avatar creator, but I think that's a good this, as I literally was looking for that game for my phone. And also, color pallet hard to use
Gee, I didn't know Rinmaru made a mobile game. I recognise those two twin tails from anywhere. Would have been 5 stars if you used your own assets.
Many elements of this game look like they were taken from an original game on RinmaruGames's website. That's not okay. A lot of hair, eyes, hands, and accessories look like they were stolen or traced. Please don't steal art. Also there's no button to turn off sound, which would be nice.
Used to love this app but now too many glitchy ads. Can't seem to save, share or look at photos without an ad that stops the app from working and lose everything. Colour wheel also needs fixing so we can use darker colours and different shades of grey. Fix the glitches and I'll rate 5 star.
I really like the game and I think this is mostly on the galaxy s5. It's so cool like Animae. But it crashes half way though and I'm not happy DX. Please can you fix it for people with the problem.
There are so many dresses but only few things are nice. Whenever I change color it turns into something weird.All Things must be improved. Along with hairstyles. But it's very nice. This is a small game so u can keep mini games. Edit: very bad.
It's crazy that I have to delete this app because all of a sudden there are porn ads popping up. This used to be a fun game for my anime obsessed 8yr old, but now I'm so disgusted that he was exposed to that. You guys need to do better. It was never like this before. Smh.
I loved the game! It's a great anime drawing experience for me! There's just one thing... The inappropriate ads. As soon as I skipped the intro, and tapped play, there was this stupid ad that was called "iFunny" and I have encountered this ad before. This picture of the ad had 2 couches together that looked like a teen's "plump" butt. Please block all inappropriate ads to better the experience for new consumers. Thanx! 🤗 hugs for you ! 😅
You know, I love this app so much because it lets me do my own avatar in an anime version. Well, the thing is, whenever I save it, its not in the gallery and when I click the button Photos to view the avatars that I made, it always says "Unfortunately, Avatar Factory has stopped" and then when I open it again, it goes back to the avatar where is an example or you call the start. So whenever I save it, I'll just do a screenshot and crop it so that it will be saved in the gallery. Please fix this... Thanks!
My saved creations would get lost after a while. Like they would suddenly be gone and not saved. Also the color wheel is great but I wish there was more colors. Or the wheel can be more accurate. How can blue suddenly be green? It should be a blue green. I want that so I could make Miku and a range of other colors for other characters.
It has a lot of variety. If you scroll down, there's actually more than just long haired pony tails. You can also make short hair by choosing just the "bangs" and no extensions. I actually made Natsu (male) from Fairytail. This app is awesome. So far, only crashed twice.
It's really good and I love all the features but they're just one thing... McCullers are kind of glitchy... But other than that it's amazing! I love girly dress up games so I would like this one! Can you fix the bug with the colors? That would be good this is one of my favorite games in the universe I like making characters from different animes like Pretty Cure and medical princess Sky of a really good animes that I like let me know if you heard of any of them they're really good and I really enjoyed them XXX kissies well see you later I guess
I'm scared. The satanic eyes are creepy. I have this app on my tablet so I took a picture on my phone to text it to my friend. The character that I was taking a picture of had the Satan eyes and when I took the picture it went crazy. I flipped out and it was pretty hilarious. Please tell me this isn't possessed. It's fine if no one believes me but it still is pretty creepy but funny.
I love this app, a lot. Its really easy to make characters and I can always find the right back ground too. My one problem is if I had an option to turn off the music so I can listen to my own? Other then that it's great!
Everything it's great except that it keeps crashing every time I try to finish the last few details.then I have to restart. So maybe you can either the crashing bug, is even you exit it leaves off from where you were before. Otherwise it's amazing!
I enjoy making my own avatar but my first and only avatar is an attack on titan one and they don't have the proper accessories needed. I think it would be cool as well top add a full body screen to customize het full body. Please add attack on titan thing's add I will be truly happy.
I would give the app 5 stars but you can't save the avatars! 😡 Also,you can't give the avatars freckles😭 and when you change the colour of the clothes/hair etc it looks WEIRD. 😒Please please fix this!
I Would Like To be abili to Create guys... sounds weird but come on what if I want to make my friends... I ONLY have guy Friends so please can u add that in the game It Could make this a cooler game not saying that it is not cool but
It would be nice to have more accurate colors. I also noticed that there seem to be a lot of similar apps like this one & others on the Google Play Store (which is kind of odd seeing as how their basically the same just with slight differences). Anyway I like that there are more options for just about everything since the last time I downloaded and checked out this app.
I like making magical characters with wings and such, so wide varieties of styles are great. I liked this game, although the colours being incorrect slightly bothered me. If there were a few more of everything and accurate showings of the colour, I would happily give 5 stars.
This is the best app EVER!! Though they should make it that you can make it into your own video. That would be cool, but I know that would take ALOT more programing, so I like it just the way it is. :D
I really love this app, so many choices, very cool graphics, etc. But the app keeps crashing in the middle of creating the avatarand it gets pretty frusterating. Also some of the hairs are better graphics then others and it looks weird if i try to put two together that i like but one is more developed than the other
I play a good amount of dress up games to tell you this is one of the worse ones. It was extremely boring, but I think that has something to do with the five second looped piece of music which was irritating. The selection is most definitely not wide and there's something about the art style I really don't like.