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Avalon Legends Solitaire

Avalon Legends Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Anawiki Games located at ul. Czarnieckiego 3a/9 73-110 Stargard Szczeciński Poland . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You need to tell ppl it cost to have this game, if you was up front and honest I would have bought both but you wasn't, so uninstalling both games, and I will not download any more of your games,
I can't afford to buy this game until next month and it is refusing to let me continue playing with out buying it. Why all of a sudden can't I keep on playing. I'm disabled with M.S. and have a hard time paying on a game I love. I might have to delete this game from my phone and iPad until I can come up with the money. I love this game.
I use to love this game, have played it for many years. What I don't remember it doing and is doing now is the cards are flashing letting me know to play that card. It takes all the challenge out of the game. If I can't figure this out I will delete it and find something that allows my brain and only my brain to figure it out.
I installed the paid version, love it. But card size is small, I really have eyes pain 😩. Please increase the size for cards and other icons. Then 5 stars.
Love this app, cool graphics. Enjoyed it enough to download Avalon Legends.:-) Do agree with everyone else though should have been up front about short trail and then the need to purchase. Bit sneeky!!!
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You get a big 0 from me now. After reading reviews I now see what you do. Entice people to download- it's a great game- and Say there's 200 games but in actuality, a person gets 25 games and then has to BUY the game to keep playing. You guys are cheats. No different than any other scammer out there, scamming the public. Shame on you!
Cute. I think half of what I like is the armosphere. Relaxing for destressing. And come on people- sure it's a marketin trick, but maybe these people want to get paid for the time they took to program a game. They know everybody expects free stuff without considering the work that went into creating these little time wasters.
Nice game,smooth play.But when choosing a wild card,sometimes it'll pick the wrong 1 even if you pick the correct 1 you wanted. Also, the cards need to be bigger. Especially for the Note8. Hard to see they are small.
I paid for this game and am still locked out.Apparantly when you switch phones from Apple to Android your money is different. Unhappy.
For such a good game, i find it is unfair and the makers are not playing fairly. I purchased this game only to find out that it is an impossible to get a run with cards, I am a expert solitaire player and have been playing the game for years. But this is impossible to do without purchasing more even when you have purchased. And i will inform Google play of this matter. D O Not​ Purchase... Be advised
to confusing on trying to going you have to buy something or it wont let you keep playing. i dont get it.
It's not free you only get to play a couple of games then you have to purchase you should be honest and tell that you have to purchase let people know it's a demo it's sad because I really liked the game will not buy because you are not honest
It's a good solitaire game....not sure it's worth the 6 bucks to unlock it (which they don't mention until you've played the free levels) but I've enjoyed playing. My issues are that once you rebuild everything and purchase all of the magic artifacts, it's literally just the solitaire. I built and bought everything before I was even half finished with the game. The magic artifacts which help you in the game were not well thought out either. There are a couple that work against each other and actually make it more difficult but once you buy them you can't turn them off and only use the ones that you want, except for maybe one or two, so you're stuck trying to work around competing artifacts. All in all, it's a good game but I'm not sure I would pay the same price for it again.
Would be a great game if was not a demo. Getting into a good roll &all of a sudden you must buy before you can continue. That sucks. Also only accepts us cellular . What about all the other service's?
I like playing this game however I have to use magnifying glasses to play it. The cards are way too small to see them and that makes playing the game very hard and frustrating for me to really enjoy playing it.
A solitaire game is to go on forever,not, ur games. They are all beautifully done,BUT,you charge to keep playing,NOPE not gonna pay U to Play ur FREE GAMES. I'm in bed 24-7=365,73yo,on SS,degenerative disc disease,ok,but,right in the heart of ur game.STOP! have to pay. have played 3-4 of ur games.awesome pics,graphics fun,i love ur games,i just cant afford them,so,i move on to ones i can play forever.Sorry .Ur Legends 2 game,first part was fun,bought it..built the lil town/etc. up,but,nothing now
But every 1 don't purchase I did and after playing off and on went to a screen that kept saying pay unlock the game. Now it's locked I'm so mad it's a good solitary game I mean I have enjoyed playing it allot now this. It is not fair I my cash back hasn't happened yet
I would have rated 5 stars if it was actually free or less than $2 to unlock. To allow only a few hands played free then requiring $4.99 to continue is a major ripoff. There are tons of free games to play that I enjoy so paying this price is really not an option sorry.
Great for strategy and passing time. I loved this game on PC and love it now on android. However when I reached the end on the pc it allowed me to keep going to collect all the cards. This one did not seem to have this option. I had to start over and lost all the cards I collected. The pc version also let me sell back power up items but this does not. I would have liked to be able to do this. And finally the pc version had an endless non story line game I miss. Otherwise I like this game.
When you say a game is FREE, it should be FREE. And if you're only allowed to play a few levels, then have to PAY, it should say so in the description! Uninstalled!
Bought the full game and played for a bit then was returned to the home screen in a never ending loop of "purchase game"...."game unlocked" and cannot get it to play anymore :-( UPDATE : contacted the developer and he was SO quickly to respond, addressed the issue and investigated it. I've downloaded the updates and we'll see how it goes. Very impressed with how he took care of addressing issues.
OMG However it is a much more game than I can say I've been stuck on it for a long time and it is a very addictive game. Are you going to make a number 2 please hurry.
Got so fare then it say you had to pay I started to love the game but now you had to pay I do_not have a card so what do you do now I will have to give up I will not give it 4 *😭
It was fun. Took me about 5-7 days to finish it. Now what? Delete the app. Need more levels. I love solitaire games. Will keep an eye out for more levels on this game.
Fun game until it cuts you off mid level. Have to buy game to continue. There are a lot of games just like this out there that are totally free. Uninstalling
Definitely not up to the standard of the developers other games, try Seven Seas instead. Disappointed I paid for this based on how much I enjoyed SS, but it's nowhere near as good. I was thinking about buying AL2, but now I probably won't.
I was really enjoying this til came up with purchase full game to continue!! Didn't say that when I installed. The game ain't good enough to pay £4 for believe me.
I would like to complete the level before I purchased this app. I really enjoyed it up until the cut off.
Hard to say why this game is so appealing, but I love its simplicity and the way it speaks to you... the whole Avalon connection just makes it special, like Glastonbury is ... and I don't mean the festival :-)