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Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game

Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Angles Game Studio located at Melbourne, VIC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Complete rip-off of Mr. Autofire and more poorly done. Watching ads after completing a stage COULD NOT be more annoying.
It's an almost exact rip-off clone of Mr. Autofire with different graphics and slightly worse controls. There's certainly no innovation here.
not particularly good, a laggy game with bad hit detection, which is very concerning since its a bullet hell game. bad anti consumer design with an energy system, making it so you can only play a match every ~40 minutes, a very pay to play type game, since to play it you have to buy energy. to improve the game just remove the energy system, make the game more responsive and if you dont want to remove the energy system let us decide to spend our coins either on more energy or a better upgrade
Downloaded the game and went to play and wouldnt you know it there is no way to move the character or do anything. Completely unplayable
Good but it's just a less refined copy of Mr. Autofire. Edit *face palm*. Seriously you're just happy that I played the game.
Nothing has changed this game has not improved at all.still keeps shuting down,so i removed it for the 3rd time
The game becomes super laggy after you get to many projectiles on the screen which means you can't progress past a certain point in the game because it becomes unplayable.
Shocking, all you've done is reskin Mr. Autofire. Embarassing, pathetic and probably illegal. How do you get away with this? Edit - you're not welcome, in the slightest.
Still wondering what "You heal for more" means, also you might want to look up the definition of Invincible. This is strikingly similar to Mr Autofire, any relation?
Fun game, but holy hell are there a ton of ads. I had 5 ads pop up in the first 10 floors of the first stage! Unskippable, and way too pervasive. Going back to Mr. Autofire, beaten it 10 ways from Sunday, but at least I don't have to watch ads in a run if I don't want to, and even when I do, it's for extra abilities for the run, NOT MANDATORY!
This game is dreadful, the controls are laggy and unresponsive, the game is a identical copy of Mr.Autofire with different skins. The skills are named the same, the sound effects are the same, the heroes have exactly the same abilities and wording and they even have the god awful battle pass with exclusive weapons behind a pay wall. The Animations and graphics are the only thing that different. The reviews have also been falsified, the same reviews appear multiple times under "A Google User"
How many times do you have to beat world 4 to move onto world 5? I will play again when your game works right
Aside from all the ads this is a great game. Way better that some of the other options that are available in this platform.
Need to be able to access your loot setup sooner and the lock On system is to jumpy and doesn't always lock on to the best/closest target
Game upgrades for weapons and armor literally none existent no materials given and random ad video plays once ad finishes and you return to game it freezes and you have to close game and clear app history then reload very time consuming If these glitches weren't there game would be fun very disappointing at this point
Just made my second purchase and did not receive it, this now makes two purchases I have not received so now shame on me I guess huh...
I was enjoying this game all be it with a few minor glitches however it now seems to have stopped working altogether I just get a black screen with a message saying wave 1 of 4 starting in 3s but nothing ever starts. Issue still there after uninstall and reinstall as well as closing the app and restarting. Disappointed!
Pretty much an exact copy of mr. Autofire but with more ads. Got an ad the second I cleared the 10th floor.
Obviously a direct ripoff of Mr. Autofire, BUT you can't set the joystick to lock in place, so good luck controlling your character on a larger screen. 3 stars because MAF is 5 stars and this is THE SAME GAME but only a 1 star version since the other already exists.
Game lags heavily when upgraded attack shoots too many shots. You swear you were playing something from the 90's when lagging.
Terrible copy of Mr. Auto Fire. Literally all they did was change up the artwork. Controls are garbage, full of bugs, save yourself the headache and go download the original Mr Auto Fire.
2/6/21 edit... Working on new phone now w/o crashing!! Love the look... Only problem now is its acting up on old phone now... Love the game tho!! Edit - able to play on my older phone... Love it... Still upset i can't play on my galaxy note20 tho!! Was never able to get the game to even open... Glitched from minute 1... Fix & I will try again!!
I was looking for another game like Mr Autofire and here I am. This one has more appealing characters, animations, and visuals. EDIT: Okay, I kinda got used to the joystick already, but still, I sure hope that this game has more things to offer than Mr Autofire. More FUN perks to choose from, a DEEPER equipment system. Don't just clone without NEW innovations, please. Thank you.
Would love to try it but it will not work for me. Ive tried deleting and reinstalling but never gets past the blue loading screen...
I like this game as much as Mr. Autofire, which people are saying this game ripped off. I'm glad they are similar so I can play both!
Love the game, I just can't get to play world 5 even though I already completed the 4 previous worlds.. I still is locked saying complete the previous world to unlock. Plz fix
Offered newcomers pack for 1.99, paid for it, said "receipt invalid" tried again, same thing. Charged me twice and I received nothing. Also, a bad ripoff of Mr. Autofire.
Idk what happened to your game but it won't load anymore. It stays at a black screen saying that it will load.
Love the game but im going back to auto dire because this game is full of bugs i randomly get trapped in barriers when i am doing good do not download if u value your time
The big ice turtle in event are bug..just how many hp did those thing had? Keep shooting for 5 minutes and they don't die. Please fix it asap.
Why the hell the navigation panel moves here and there. In original auto fire there is an option to stop it. Its annoying. Please stop it..
Straight Mr. Autofire clone, better looking but worse in every single other regard. Balance, controls, level design, gameplay are all noticeably weaker. If the devs are going to copy someone else's work this closely, they should at least get the basics right.
Lacks delay between hits, would me nice at least 0.5 seconds of invulnerability after being hit, and also lags in the char info menu, would be perfect some options to lower graphics for low phone users. Great game otherwise!
The game could be good if the devs actually cared about the game.. I love the idea.. I was hoping it would be like mr. autofire but better.. with more levels, weapons but unfortunately it's not and you can tell.. also the game keeps crashing after they force you to watch an ad during a level.. this game is a joke. And it makes me sad cuz I think this style of 2d shooter could become very successful. Game gets it update but still crashes.. update.. the game is getting better with new update..
Not great. Needs work. Takes to long to level up , some of the the upgrades work sometimes or not at all. Like bouncy walls only bounce sometimes, and homing shots do not home in at all. The gun shoots way to slow and sometimes when your jumping around it stops shooting all together. And the little dude runs funny. 😁 Mr Auto Fire is way way better. Games aren't fun when you can't kill anything and die all the time. I gave 2 stars for a good try....
Game play is a carbon copy of mr autofire. Sometimes you dont get level clear or ad bonuses. Poorly made copy of the mr autofire game
Awesome game. Once you reach a level 3 player and everything unlocks the game is unbelievably fun. I play for hours each day and have the most fun. Its better than any other game out there.
Fun game!! I was supposed to be in bed along time ago... Work comes early, and yet im up in the wee hours of the morning addicted to this game!!
I tried to give this have a chance, until it started giving me ads in the middle of playing. Other games I've played like this one don't do that. You want a better experience without the ads, go play Mr. Autofire instead. Mr. Autofire has multiple characters, several different types of items and no ads breaking up your game play.
Its literally the same game as mr autofire but with many more ads. Just download mr autofire and you wont have to deal with it
In the next update, can you add a 7 days attendance reward? Just like "cyber dead" cuz it took forever to upgrade if I play offline.