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Auto Chess War

Auto Chess War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Phoenix Mobile located at 7-1-1938 huan qiu zhong xin No.1700 tianfu Avenue north, Gaoxin/Wuhou district, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing game but the reason it dont deserve a 5 star is because of the mages. Its too op. Please make it balance.
Nice graphics and cartoony feel compared to some of the other auto-chess games. The matching system is clear and easy to follow. Lot's of spelling mistakes though. Adventure mode is short and easy. Endless mode starts off challenging but once you have a couple of 3* then its easy. AI progressively becomes easier at high levels with them not building 3* or getting match bonuses. Eventually AI has more opponents but are low level. Game lags at wave 50 and gets slower from then onwards on my S10+
It's pretty, I seem to be winning - and I haven't a clue how or why. There seems neither rhyme nor reason to this game. Which seems a shame because, utter confusion aside, it seems this should be great. As is, uninstalled in mild bewilderment.
Honestly, being able to play Auto Chess offline is really great, but what's really pissing me off is that i cant seem to rotate the game, It just stays how it is and that's just a huge setback for such a nice game. I hope y'all do something about this.
from i started playing this Game i really Love it. but recently, they change something on stores on their , selling the heroes . im playing this game a long time but this last updates, km already starting to unlike this game.
Devs pls add some notification such as red dots on something new appeared in game. It's my day - 30 on playing and find it nice on the graphic, i like the endless mode
Like so many rogue-based games, the calibrating of the bosses are disappointing...stuck at chapter 26 because the boss, about 5 times the strongest enemy in resistance only, is ADDED to the enemies that are also stronger...it's really not fun and unrealistic. I go from beating the opposition easily to not having a single chance, so yeah, poor calibration there. The concept is great, though, I always want to play again but now I'll uninstall it because it'snot fun anymore :(
Happy with the gameplay. Its still desperatly needs updates, but all and all it has a promising foundation to build upon. I'm hoping it doesnt go P2W in the future. (Edit) my only nit-pic. Maybe the devs could implement some sort of Daily Log In bonus to keep us "wanting" to log in daily. Apart from that i have no issues. Good work devs.
i just downloaded this game and it's work fine while offline! Great game thanks developer! I hope you won't listen to the other's comment that make it online! I love offline games because i don't often get internet so please!!!
I really love this game but there is a few thing you need to improve : - add more hero and more race it will make this game more WOW - make an online battle, it will interesting for many people -add some skin and board -add some event -make your hero name more be this game identity *ex: either use "bat" better you naming it with batsy or any nickname so your character more be feel originality
I rather play this auto chess than other auto chess games. But it still need new content, mode and hero for more strategic play.
It's fun but how they give coins is so low,it should be higher as you progress through the match,and the legendary chance is so low aswell
-1 Star for receiving the minimum amount of gold from battles so we cannot recruit the needed units without sacrificing others AND, -1 Star for having ONLY 8 cards in the Battle Deck!The random card choices give us scraps most of the time,making battles unreasonably hard;fighting enemy 3 Stars cards with our 1 - 2 Stars isn't what the Art of War suggests!!On the positive side,the game is playable,has some interesting card skills,& can be enjoyable if the player receives the needed cards on time!
Like the game, still playing. Playable offline which is a positive option. Very challenging. In my experience in the other Auto Chess Games I played, it was easier to collect the same pieces and upgrade to three stars. So far I didn't even win the adventure mode!
Haven't played the game for 2 weeks now. Still waiting for new updates :) really fun though, very good at time burning.
Overall, too inconsistent to be fun. Some runs you can build up your base income to +10. Other times you're just screwed. Since each run takes so long its a big waste of time for a bad run. Game play is not bad, though balance is not ideal. Items are a bit "meh". Faction power spikes don't feel very big. It's 99% solo play, so there is little incentive to be the best or upgrade the most powerful units to be better than someone, which can be good or bad depending on the player. Progress is slow
I really love this game but when I update it to the latest version I can't update it. Why? Could someone help and fix this I just want to play this game again plsss
I, too, have no idea how this game has such low reviews. It's not the typical pvp-focused autobattler which makes it way more enjoyable than the mainstream games in the genre for me. I would be perfectly fine never touching TFT again hahaha. Keep up the good work!
Ohhhhhh finally I find a very awesome offline chess games In play store......but I can't give 5 star for now but I hope that more monsters and hero cards will be released on next update more levels more and more I'm just looking forward for more exciting featured for this game because I really love this game ❤️
Decent game, very fun and addicting. First auto battle game I've played but I have a few concerns. One is the balance of the game. Guard is too over powered. The high cost characters arent that impactful and are genuinely quite weak in comparison to other characters. I seem to be going for the same over powered set up each time as other factions are pretty weak or are hard to gain the bonuses for. A larger character pool is needed. Nerfs are needed for some characters. Minor tweaks for 5*
3 stars for now. The game seems fun and entertaining from the first couple of levels I have played. The only problem is that my low-end device crashes starting from the 3rd round of adventure and it keeps crashing thereafter. I hope the developer would add a low quality setting or optimize the game for folks with low-end devices like myself so we could also enjoy a wonderful game.
Quick loading. Easy menus. Appears to offer a permanent VIP for not much money. Nice music. Cool characters. Fun-in-level team building. An endless mode lets you play as much as you want, and you get rewards from it. Legible on a small screen. Runs smooth and fast on my outdated phone. I deleted it when I found out my ranged character will camp on spikes and get themsleves killed. If you can live with that, this is great stuff.
This game is something that i can't complement with words. I mean, just 6 person and such an incredible game! I am enjoying this game for a long time and it never gets boring. I am one of the happiest players of this game. However there are some bugs, like when you have a 1* hero in battle, the same in your preparation area, and same at store, middle of the battle when you buy the hero, it doesn't level up my in-battle hero afterwards of that battle. But overall 100/100 game❤️
Love this game but it is pretty confusing when it comes to fates. My favorite part would be the survival which is brutal on higher levels. The problem I'm having is that there's little amount of characters to choose from in each fates so you don't have much choices. It's not really a problem since all or most of them are good.
Great game, great mechanis, great characters. It's fun to play and quite easy to get the hang of. I have only 2 complaints: first is that the game doesn't explai itself very well, so the more "advanced" mechanics are hard to understand so you'll be guessing most of it. Second is that the game gets very repetitive in terms of build options; you'll have a set of characters that you like and you will end up always using them because there is no real need to change. Still a great game, though.
I don't like blasphemic words like gear descriptions: "Hand of God" and " Spear of destiny" ("...weapon used by God"), even if fiction based.
Auto chess in upgradable grinding game. Perfect offline game. Just that i cant buy the summoners because you need hefty amount of gems. But its great game.
I wasn't a fan of these type of games, but Auto Chess War changed my perspective 360°! I really recommend this game, I had a lot of fun playing this game!
Hey devs this is the best auto chess that I ever played everything is cool mostly the character design I love it honestly .I'll recommend this to my friends thats all I can do to support all of you devs ahahahah❤❤❤❤❤❤
i really Enjoy the game because it was offline and its like RPG because you need to upgrade the heroes even though when you're in level 110 in endless mode the enemies are much more stronger and it's so hard to bit. but still a very nice game👌
The game is good, I really like it. But I give this game 1 star because I love playing as the Summoner class. However, the developer deprived me of this opportunity and offers them only to buy for real money, without the possibility of polishing them in a game way. No buddy, that won't work. This is not a criticism, but an exclusively subjective opinion from what he saw in this game.
Addicting and challenging. One of the best strategic offline games for me. I hope there are more kind of board in the hard mode because all the board challenge is the same unlike in the easy mode. I gave 5 stars to support the developer of this game to develop more features in this game.
Interface feels clunky. Characters aren't original feeling. View seems too faraway. Gameplay is fine though.
I'll give on 3-star because Its sometimes lagging to and the opponent is only black and i cant see, so please fixed this problem and i'll give 5-Star and to recommend this game to my friends,tnx
Very nice game but the characters are a little ugly NO OFFENSE that's my only concern thank you kindly
One of the best responses of developers. Thank you for the update. I just had noticed these bugs: 1) pieces who failed to acquire a target are just running around in circles eventhough if one of your pieces dies, it still fails to search for an optimal target and run in circle until it dies. 2) If a lag occurs, projectile attacks seems to follow an awkward algorithm. It visually floats but has a delay before actually hitting and another delay before damage calculation.
One day they took more money than what the price says. Do not subscribe to this game or you will get ripped off.
I am cancelling my subscription you took more money from me than I agreed to pay...I then tried contacting your support team to fix the situation and haven't heard anything in a week...I am real disappointed I've played this games for about a year I've spent money numerous times and I think it's real shady to try and sneak money out of someone's account...DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE GAME....I will be reporting this to google idk what good it will do but I'll try
even though the graphics and the heroes are good but can you pls adjust the deck because i cant make my own deck for my strategy
The game is good and I really like it. But, the problem is I lost my account and it is so hard to get in touch with the developers. Please to something about the games access to google play cause I know that I am not the only one who had this problem. This game has gread potential so don't waste it. Also, please increase the gold or cards earned in endless mode. Just think about it. You spend almost an hour to reach 100 lvl in endless and you get only 400 max gold? And just a bit cards?
This games is really good , offline and nice graphics , but the thing is when will this game next update .Im playing this game for a year now and I want to play it more but theres nothing new please update it .Please please please this game will surely be popular.
Could not get my account save (15 days game play) back but it okey the game is good and i will play it again but make sure that we can keep our gameplay save in the next update
This is like chess rush but offline! I love the gameplay and there is endless mode that you can play as long as you have hp. And let me clear out the negative reviews that there is energy/stamina system to play. Well the developers are so kind that they remove it in there previous update now we can play and enjoy the game as long as we want! And there are no force ads! You can watch ads to gain advantage! This game is the best and dont get carried out by the low rating! People make mistakes!
My units suddenly stop moving after the he killed a units. Chapters are impossible to achieve a 3stars. Some of my units are not moving during battle.
There is a bug when you purchase holy sword. After the carrier of that item dies, all units stop from moving. Please fix it immediately.
The game gets boring after a while, manly because of the do I get lucky yes or no, if no well I guess I'll die, yes ill destroy and have fun for a little bit, what if you could meet a chartiria that can give characters that way. But this comes with auto chess, people like it because it's mostly random.
By far the most satisfying auto chess game in which we could play offline and it doesn't bombard ads or money transactions just to complete the game, yet because the devs stop updating this game and me being able to complete all the levels, does not need this game anymore, such a waste indeed this game could have been much better. Edit: To think that the Devs updated the game with a hard mode content! (っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ
Update this game please.. put some more heroes, items and skins.. and please rebalance the game and items when equipped..
A very good game i found then waiting for more heroes card to the future update looking forward for more feartures.
A unique twist on the auto chess genre by being distinctly single player instead of a competitive multiplayer game. The game shares some 3D models with other games I've seen on the Google Play store which makes me wonder if there's just free Unity assets being used, and the microtransactions are a bit overpriced in my opinion, but the game itself is fun and shockingly generous with its handouts, and unit synergies are well balanced. Would recommend!
Additive! I can play in whole day! 4 * I'll give 5 once they add some heroes like nuker or with special skills like Tydal waves, falling rocks, warp hole epecs. I mean o can't wait for the improvements 😁😁😁
Auto chess but based around a solo campaign. Gets around the problem many multi player versions have by allowing you to pick it up and put it down at your convenience. No forced 30min games. The auto chess tactics are as challenging as usual, trying to balance your small income to buy troops, upgrades, equipment and levels. You need to have complimentary troop types and plot your path through the many events.
Why does the icon is different .. the icon I have here is the unity icon ..please fix this on the next update .. so far the game experince is good .. but the only problemI've encountered is the icon of the game
I wish they have some graphics rating and shadows disabled and able button but entirely i like it..please.....because my cellphone cant hold the shadows its crash and lag ...
Best strategy game ever. I thought at first that this is like a regular chess but it's not. It's way better. Nice graphics as well.
suggestion : 1.Pls makes the buff icon on top left corner clickable, its kinda annoying to reread each buff effect from hero detail. 2.Pls makes a 'paying feature' to skip ads, like when we click ads by choice then we will just get the reward without watching video. basically, something like monthly premium pass. At its current feature it should be 3*, but i gave u 5 anyway to encourage you so can work faster on on-progress features :) I will update my review after each new update.
The AI rapidly outclasses everything you can get even watching every ad. The only way to progress is get incredibly lucky and stack gold. Your unit selection doesn't seem to matter. AI spams abilities while you sit and watch your units refuse to use them even at full energy. With some heavy rebalancing and tweaks to the AI progression this could be pretty good instead of just ok at best. Edit 10/11/19: Revisted this and there has definitely been some rebalancing and a lot of QoL updates.
Great game, why 4stars? Please consider adding some camera rotation or zoom effect at the battle field, then is it possible if you add the PHANTOM ASSASSIN skin in DOTA2 as the Dark Elf then we can buy it Golds? Just a skin or any DOTA2 skins to add then this game will be the TOP GAME ! Please consider this and your game will blow-up ! Anyways great game ! Hope to see more skins and content soon, keep it offline !
The UI can be improved otherwise great game advertisement are also optional definitely not pay to win
Great game, fun to play, the downsite is the login bonus claim is kinda bugged, didnt get the skin and the hero that they provided in the 7 day login, oh and one advice, you should implement the miney interest while in battlefield by tapping the money display, its kinda hard for calculating the interest if you are new in the game
I am gonna make a 5 star but some things in the game are judt not good, like the sfx and the way they shout hooray in the end of the fight, but a lot of things are good, but please make a dplit screen multiplayer of this game so that me and my friends can play together in my phone and make this game offline always, i know that lots of players sre gonna like this game.
Nice initiative by the devs... Offline auto chess is an excellent time killer . Would be great with more summoners. One thing I find problematic is that the ranged heroes sometimes do not attack the opponent when they are out of range (even when it is possible to get closer). Please fix it ASAP. Good work and good luck
Potentially great game. This game could be better if it have 60fps mode. Current fps is too choppy to be enjoyable. And no, its not my phone. I have 8 ram and 810 snapdragon chipset
Super fun but I wish there was a mode where you can play against people it's just endless and adventure mode
This game is quiet higher quality than other autochess games on playstore there are some spelling mistakes but thats not what matters i just want new adventures, maps and a feature where we will able to experiment combination and powers of the cards we have acquired through letting them fight each other in an organized formation
Don't waste ur time after the first day its cool until u log back in then it never matches u up Uninstaller and the developer should delete this game asap
was a perfect game for me, when suddenly i can't seem to access the adventure mode, what happened? is this a bug? please help, i can only play endless mode now edit. it's fixed now, great game kantotan
I absolutely LOVE this game!!!! I have paid for each addition to it so far. Only complaints, not everything is translated to english and the gear synthesis doesn't work. I wonder if possible to do if there were some sort of guild battles, something on a grand scale where players have to work together to make an army of some sort. The most impressive game I have played on mobile thus far! It is exactly what I was looking for in an auto chess/strategy type game. Keep it up please!!!
The log in menu has a problem with authentication with Google Play games please fix this. My Google Play Games is working properly and updated also it's working in my other apps. Please fix the migration. I am afraid if i can't backup my heroes. I bought 3 times and the back up is also not working because it needs to be log in please immidiately fix this. I am working hard for my Money to support your game, so in return do as a favor. I haven't seen any reply to my problem.
Slay the Spire meets Auto Chess. Very fun single player game. A wider variety of units and gear would be great though.
Nice try but work on below : *Remove vulgar ADs *Add more levels *Work on uneven fights, like some times You keeps on hitting weak soldier but there power never redces, blocks are empty but soldier fights on Traps only.
It's a very good game...the only suggestion I have is make an item looting round every 4-5 stages in endless mode
The game is nice, cool, amazing and worthy of 5 stars rating if to be rated: addictive, strategic, stylised online/offline game, though it need some update and development. I hope the game developers won't forget adding more heroes and equipments.
I really like this game. I've played a lot of mobile auto chess games, and this takes the cake easily because of the offline mode. Which believe it or not is sometimes an issue for me. I couldn't "log in" but I'm attempting a reinstall. Will definitely throw money at this. Great game devs!
Well, this game is very good and exciting but can you fix the holy sword item because everytime my heroes died(equiped with holy sword) the game suddenly stop
great game, good controls, lots of fun. Expected it to be a "play once" kinda game, but I keep coming back so I can play the endless mode. 9.5/10 only because I wish it had more units lol - though it does have quite a few. Dev's also seem to care about feedback! Definitely an app worth supporting.
Giving this game 5 stars because your team deserves praise for making an awesome game. But, I have questions. 1. How does damage type affect my playstyle? (Earth, Flame, Frost, Lightning, Poison, Normal) 2. How is magic intensity different from spell power? Or is magic intensity the same as spell power? 3. If the text description on "ATK" is pink/purple, does it mean it is magic damage? Is orange physical damage? 4. Why are some of the items exclusive to certain units? (Soul Blade to Reaper)
It's an auto chess for 7days of happy play. Then it's the slog again. Not recommend beyond it. Pay to win is fine but pay to annihilate is not a game then. Concept is good. Adventure is fine. Get better 👍
Nice game I like because can playing offline thank you . I hope more successful .welcome all new 😍
By far the most satisfying auto chess game in which we could play offline and it doesn't bombard ads or money transactions just to complete the game, yet because the devs stop updating this game and me being able to complete all the levels, does not need this game anymore, such a waste indeed this game could have been much better.
Why are the ratings so low?! I've played this game and it's definitely 5* worthy! And it's offline too! So you can play it whenever / wherever you want! I really like the "Slay the Spire" adventure type Auto Chess w/ cards to unlock & create a deck format. It makes it unique from all the other Auto Chess I've played. I hope you keep updating the game, kudos to the developers!
imbalanced, pick Goblins and u win ads have a huge impact in gameplay. Love the concept of Auto Chess Puzzler plus PVP option but this Ads game is trash
Don't download this game. This game will only irritate you. Chapters of this game are impossible to beat. This game irritates me.
It's awesome and very time consuming but you need to add more cards to make it more exciting and I'll rate it 5 stars
Great fun and dangerously hard to get away from. Has some cool cross synergies and the new update is pretty good as well. Forgot to backup, had to start over tho i was at stage 30 at about lvl 8. Not even mad. Some strategies are...khm... can go to infinite, but ill let you figure it out ;) New shooter synergy is way more boring though. Missiles on crit were fascinating to watch.
It is alright, could be fun but especially with endless you are limited by only being able to have 8 cards, building 3* cards you need 9 cards so just losing and refreshing to find a copy lol otherwise just a game to pass the time
The game is truly awesome, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys war games. Although I do hope you improve its maybe make a match last longer, allow the option to zoom in on the bored so we can see the action better and give the game a better name, it's to good to be called Auto chess
What wrong with game server... Why I feel like hard to make my account auto login. I need get all daily reward but even I have good Wi-Fi this game still slow to login my account. I'm tired play endless mode, the high stage I get like 100 stage,.and the game become so much lag..then auto force close. And can you guys fix the range attack hero, not sure bug or not, but they just like stuck something(not move) if some melee character block the road.
Its annoying stuff which is not rotate while flip my phone for my comfort. Its fix in a particular direction.
I just had an issue with this game which made me angry, The last time I played, My account was lvl 13 and I have so many golds and gems, but after the update, everything changed, I lost my account, back to lvl 1 and every card I just earned as well as my golds and gems were all lost, please help me with this issue becuase even restore data won't help me.
Latest update still didn't address the problems this game had. 1) Adventure is not balanced. Either you get really lucky or you get absolutely wrecked because your enemy has better, stronger units than you. 2) Too little income on adventure mode. The current difficulty is managable only if you have more income per turn. 3) Items are very weak. Higher level items are so terrible because the value increase is so little and not worth it. Survival mode should have better item per lvl drops in late.
Edit: my progress just vanished before claiming 7th day login. Uninstalled. Seriously, time consuming and later on gets easily boring with 0 variety but forced one way strategy.
I give 4 star and thats a good rating for me. I like the game, but it's nice to improve the game such as more skill effects, more battle effects.! And it's nice also to add animations during battle. That would be savage.! BTW,. i love that I can play it in offline. I will suggest this game to my friends.