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Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up

Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ONESOFT located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Played level 135 for over a hundred times, max all the options on the most current available ship possible, and still can't get passed that level. What do you want me to do? Buy a new ship for $50? Isn't that too greedy and too much too ask? Come on guys! This game is supposed to be fun and not stressful. You're getting tons of negative reviews already about this. When will you guys listen?
Kinda bullet hell but also progression elements. I'm not really a fan of the progression side. Also like everything else, a ton of Ads
Dont bother. It offers ads but they dont load most of the time, game play is confusing and every level has a boss. Building up the ship doesnt improve play at all. Its not a fun game once yoy get to the 2nd ship. Not worth your time.
Super Fun.....BUT....I REEEEEALLY wish there was an option to remove the ads, or have a pay version. I'm getting tired of being excited to play, only to quit cuz of the ads. Now, I do like that you can upgrade your planes, that there are a ton of in-game power-ups, and that it's not so difficult that you can't advance. The Bosses are pretty cool, and keep you guessing. It's sorts like asteroids...but better. I'd definitely recommend this game.
deleting this game. havent been able to pass a level in months AND it keeps crashing. dont waste your time.
I like the game but you seem to get punished for upgrading and buying a new ship. Balance is off. when I upgrade, I can barely get passed the 2nd formation and with max weapon, it barely clears it. It cost too much to upgrade the magnet. You lose all upgrades when you get a new ship so it's almost pointless to get one when the ship you upgraded before is more powerful. The developers need to make some changes to make the game more enjoyable.
Best ball shooter game in my opinion. I know people have said its impossible to win past certain levels without spending money, but I hit level 150 without spending real money. I would have to grind it out for a day or so, but that's not a big deal. I ended up being able to upgrade every ship available. My only issue is there's not more levels. Please do an update soon adding more levels & maybe a couple more ships. Great game!
I like the game, and understand the need for ads, but these 30 sec. "Fair" ads everytime I want to do something is killing the game for me. I don't mind the 15 sec ones, just these really long ads over and over suck. Sad because the game itself is fun.
The gameplay is great, until you reach the third wave of asteroids on the higher difficulty levels (+40), when it comes down to luck and if you can get a multiplier or an increase in your gun strength. All of this is assuming you have the top rated ship for that level. Overall the game seems to do this, to push sales of the stronger ships onto people out of desperation.
not that great. game is okay. fun for a bit, but extremely repetitive. bosses are a huge plus. doesn't send you to the store to rate the game unless you mark high score in game. level 20 is isanely harder than the rest of the levels. forcing you to grind heavily. no thanks, im done. was a pretty good game until then.
The game is great. The only complaint I have is that the revives don't work at all. I'll watch the ad that it gives me to the end and still it gives no revives. This problem is also contributes to my missions. Out of the 3 missions I was given from when I started playing, 2 of them are relating to revives. So, if this revive problem could be fixed, the game would be much better.
I've tried other shooters like this before, but this one is remarkably excellent! Nothing shoots at you, which makes this much easier than other similar games. It's just a bunch of falling colored balls, each of them requiring a certain number of shots to destroy, which is clearly indicated on the ball. Lots of powerups, coins, gold, and bonuses to collect. The graphics are simple, but lovely, and the colors are mindblowing. Great for kids and adults, so I highly suggest getting this game! FUN!
Was a lot of fun in the begining, that I buyed the no Ads version. But the game start to get unbeatable at levels 25 and above, the ship, even in full upgrade, is too weak to reach the end of the level. You will need a lot of luck, to gain some weapons upgrade in game to reach the end of the level. I'm stuck now near level 50, where I could upgrade the ship, but at level 46, 47 it's impossible for current ship. And there is no way to unlock a powerfull ship without paying, and they are expensive
would be a 4 if the game showed some kind of consistency. I'll play through a level and have a tough time with the boss four or five times in a row and then the next time I'll kill the boss in under 5 seconds with a less powered ship. makes no sense. and clicking on revive almost always results in a game over and no revive given. very frustrating when halfway through a boss.
This game is so bad it used to be good all because of adds they are so repettive and stupid guys find a new game this using worth Yr time (I know I suck at framer)
The quest 'get Max hp 7 times in game' doesn't work at all. My ship is maxed out, so I collide to take damage, then get power ups back up to the max hp, but the counter on the quest stays at 0/7.
old version worked for quite a while . then had issues with what you stated to have fixed in latest version. installed and uninstalled 4 times due to no fix for the issues you stated you fixed. let me know when they are really fixed. enjoyed the game a lot til issues started. tried again, worked for a while, then the same old problem. Don't say it is fixed when it is not. thanks. Same old issues. I don't know what bugs you say you fixed, apparently not the more important ones. frustrating
game is decent but the bobus rewards videis constantly fail to load and keep missing iyt in the extra resiyrces
This game is uhh... okay but it is like it copied ball blasts check out But WARNING TURN WIFI OFF anaways i like the game im only 9 so enjoy the game turn wifi off it works for me pls understand lots of reviews say To many ads right im nearlly the only one that knows what i am talking about so go turn wifi off got okay this reivew is long i type alot but it is good without wifi so Go for it
Well I love this but sometimes there is like this ball and it was black?! So I defeated it and then it revive so plz fix it
It is a good game. For time pass My mother love this game but automaticly it's money gone -10,00,0000 trillions in minus for a long months we played this game and Its money is going to come normal It is a bug please fix it Edit:- It's have lot of bug. I can't delete it because my mother loves this game it is a reason. Now it block don't come. It automatically remove from my device and we don't go above 512 level
The game play is addicting and exciting, but the new aircrafts and upgrades are too spread out and take too long to acheive w/o $$$. Lastly, they put adds on the gaming screen blocking necessary info during game play. That's automatic uninstall in my book. Whoever made that call @ abi (the developer) has as many brain cells as this review has stars!
been enjoying this game for sometime now. However, now I am at level 66 with the ship "Pitcher" max out! Unable to pass this level no matter what I do!? first two phases are passable but third wave, impossible to pass to get to the boss. Next lvl up for ship is to pass level 70. so yeah like many others have said, game is unbalanced!! I guess they do that so you will spend $$ to buy better ships once at higher levels. Shame cause game was a good time passer when I was on break at work.
banner ads block score and progress bar with new update. also at higher levels it's pretty much impossible to pass them and no one is gonna pay $50 for the next upgraded ship just to be stuck in the same place but at 15 levels higher
Don't like it at all. The videos never work to continue the game. This game costs a fortune to upgrade and when upgrading the ship I don't see any difference. Also the levels start out way to fast for the ship and bullets provided you die every time. There are much better games like this out there I suggest another game.
I enjoy the game however, this game is illogical 1 your ship is so damn weak, you can fire thousands of rounds in seconds at the opponent ship and it's strength slowly diminish away sometimes it will take 5 to 10 minutes of constant shooting at your enemy to defeat it, but 1 of your opponent bullets hit your ship either you lose a significant amount of power or your ship get destroyed. Last, you can purchase a power ship,but can't buy defense shields or other defense apparatus you NEED.
would be 5 star if not for that it gets impossible at level 79. unless you pay $29.99 for the next ship it is not beatable. Tried over 100 times. not even close. The ship you can use needs to be able to level up more. But I'm sure that's how they want it. Anyone willing to play until level 79 will pay right? WRONG
the gameplay is good: your average invasion arcade shooter with a twist. if it weren't for the fact that i can't play for more than 5 minutes without the app crashing, it would be getting 5 stars... but it keeps crashing every few minutes, such as when i try to watch an add to revive, or when i click out of an add that plays automatically, or sometimes just at random
I really love this game I've had it on my phone for almost a year and it just seems to be getting worse and worse I can't even get my videos they all fail so I can get my bonus points and it's making it harder to beat levels so I don't know maybe you guys should really fix all the bugs
too many ads, much more so than other apps. crashes alot. I mean an ad, every time you die or change screens.
Its good... But I have a pixel, and the ads keep restarting the game, and you have a lot of ads setup everywhere. I dont mind watching the ads to get the extra gold or to revive, but it's impossible to do so currently. Please fix cause I'm really enjoying the game.
updated the game and now it crashes after loading. uninstalled meh.. its ok for a shooter but videos rarely load so good luck completing missions or doubling your gold. you would think the devs would want the advertising to work but i guess not.
Difficulty curve is far too steep and designed to get you to pay. Ads everywhere. Some do go away if you give them money, but to get anywhere you have to view ads or invest twice the time. Despite this, levels past about 60 become unreal and I can only attribute victory to blind luck. I cant even see some of the stuff hitting me now; its that fast. Great waste of a couple weeks but the replay value wears thin fast.
This is the best game ever every time when you play this game and you exit and you play this game again it gives you a lot of coins this game is a hack
While the first 10 or so levels are kinda fun, your success becomes dependent on one of two things by the time you hit level 20. You either need to grind gold for hours to make your ship very powerful to melt the enemies before they obliterate you, or you have to just play and get very lucky to now have enemies spawn in a way that makes it impossible to not get hit. Past level 20, your survival becomes entirely RNG. Basically, don't play this game unless you only want to play to level 20.
I'm on mission 512, and there seems to be a bug. When I start the mission, no enemies fall. I can't play the game now.
sorry. I had given it 4 stars, but now with the New banner ads blocking your score, and the now invisible balls with bonuses on them, I'm done. way to screw up a good game, idiots. don't waste your time or money. Greedy idiots have over advertised to the point they actually block game play with unreliable ads. screw yourselves, greedy goofs.
Game itself is promising but sadly let down by greedy devs. Turned from a good game to an adfest with 30 second game in between. Don't mind the option to watch an ad but it borders on the ridiculous. You die, it asks if you want to watch an ad to revive. Even if you say no, it shows you an ad anyway and you miss out on a revive too. Seems to be an ad on every other page so if you dont want to spend your time waiting around, avoid this game. Its a shame devs because otherwise a decent game
It used to such a fun game to pass time on. Now it takes forever just to pass one level and the cost for upgrading your magnet is way too much! And any upgrades you make on your ship doesn't seem to do much in actual gameplay. Instead of helping me calm down and relax, this game ended up giving me more stress than necessary.
this game WAS so good for a while. now at a certain point during levels the ship keep loosing life like if you get hit even if you are not, this killing you slowly so you can't reach further. plus, levels are getting so hard that it is impossible to go further without buying another ship with real money! I hate that! what is the point of calling it a free game if you can't reach the end without paying? HUGE dissapointment.
I have played now for over 170 days straight. before I was getting millions every log in, now only 300k, with option to watch ad for 2x. endless mode was fun, but then it was removed. even though I've worked my way to level 160, the next ship would cost me £60... lost a star simply because everytime I check what's been updated all I see is "bug fixes". been lots of changes since I started, mainly towards getting people to spend more money or watch more ads. Shame, as I really enjoyed this game.
I really do like the game. However, a majority of the time my ability to double my gold reward fails. Since you are selling advertizing, I do not understand why this is a issue.
The Game is Pretty Good,but there is no option to save the Game on play service. if i change the device then i will lost my rank.
It's December 3rd and revive still doesn't work after another update... Playing with "Swarm" and revive STILL doesn't work. It ends the game each time with that ship. Also, it kills off the multiplier video. And with today's update, rewards for achievements have degraded in value 75% and it now take twice as long to unlock them. Your "update" took the game backwards by slowing progress down. Stupid choice.
I think this game is rigged! I started off loving this game, every time I get close to the boss there is a ball that comes out of nowhere and when I try to revive, it won't let me do it I have to start all over again! I have over 160 million in coins and cannot use them because I'm stuck on level 90,this game is a waste of time and I bet I'm not the only one who is going through the same thing, you guys need to fix this, I'm leaving this game alone and spend my time on Fast lane & toon blast.
It was hard, but good, until it got dumbed down. Now it is just too easy. And the revive ads have quit working, which means I have a mission I can't complete. Making it too easy, ruins the fun and challenge. Edit: took 2 stars away. still no revive ads, no armored enemies at all on levels 94-130, and it isn't registering upgrades. So now I have 3 tasks I have to pay to remove, if I want to continue. Guessing I'm going to uninstall and hope one day they fix it.
Hi editors. i am a continous player but i cant win the level 86 it has become so hard that how hard i try i cant win and ship is fully upgraded plz take a look and adjust the level of difficulty...
The ads make the game bug out, on top of getting more invasive with each new update. Currently unplayable because ads prevent registration of level completion.
It's a fun game to pass time. I read all reviews before DL. Ppl complain about commercials???!! It's a FREE game...the commercials help pay for the game , like most games now. ABI is a company that I play another game on and so far can't complain about this one.
It was fun at first, until level 85. Up till then I was struggling and only managed to win by the skin of neck. But its practically impossible. Everything on my ship is maxed but I'm not dealing enough damage to the damn balls especially close to end of level and I am not buying a damn ship with real money because you're greedy. $20 or more for 1 bloody ship. I even saw you wanted $50 for 1 shameless cash grab.
Great, addicting game. But there is a big problem where a banner ad in game covers part of the UI during gameplay.
If you do get hit, there are not enough invincibility frames to recover safely. It's a lot easier to die this way. Lately, i've been experiencing problems with the ads. I can't load a video to double coins, but when i try to do anything else, a video loads fine. This game is just bad. I would give 0 stars if i could.
It's not bad, and it's something I could play on the bus, but I definitely found the difficulty really fluctuated a lot, with some bosses far more difficult than others. Definitely there are bugs though. Watching an ad to revive often didn't work, as after the ad it just flashed the game for a second then said I was still dead. At level 80, it just repeats again and again, and never goes to 81. Is that the last level? Did I win the game? Who knows?
Fun, but I'm at level 162 and I lost all my weapons. I can only get the basic cyan laser, cyan rotor. I can't get buzz saw, hand of god, yellow/red laser/rotor anymore.
just hit level 50. the game starts to bug here. got a notification that I was among .01 percent of players to beat the level.once I beat a boss, the time keeps going, and the rewards freeze at 0 for everything. I cant continue in any way. to progress I have to restart the game. the bonus level was really cool though. I'd like to see more bonus levels added in, maybe a bit earlier in the game.
I was SO close to beating the boss when I died and was given the option to watch a video for special revival. Watched the video but once I returned to the game it wouldn't let me play, did the same thing when trying to double up on my coins 😡 So much for the "fixed bugs"...
New ships are weaker than the previous ships upgraded versions, so you get stuck & progress becomes extremely tedious. New ships need to start off more advanced or you're backtracking in progress. Also, too many 30 second adds... Like constantly. Necessary, I know, but make them shorter if there are going to be so many. Little advancement for effort, and full of adds. No thanks. Could have been a good game.
i used to love this game...but now i cannot watch videos for bonus points. so i am stuck. game sucks they always say tgey fix the bugs but it stays tge same.
Pretty fun game, but I've encountered a weird bug. 1 hour in, ads sometimes failed to load, making revives only sometimes work. 3 hours in, they stopped running entirely, making revives impossible. Since some challenges are things along the lines of "revive 3 times", this is really annoying, as my only option is to skip the challenge by purchasing it. Not sure what caused this, but if it's fixed, I would rate 4 stars.
Bro it is literally impossible to get coins and late level ships cost millions. login bonus is only 100k and even beating a level only nets you 100k. To get the next ship i would have to grind for hours but i cant do that if i keep winning levels and progressing because then it gets harder so i have to suicide to the boss. Fix the economy please
It's fine to start with but your upgrades are not registering and wasting a lot of money. Levels get harder but there isn't enough upgrades and plus all these stupid ads ruin the experience and you have no real protection against all the higher numbers don't waste your time play this game
Words can not describe how much i hate this game. The gameplay quality is bad, and the quality of the advertisements is even worse. Choosing to watch an ad will either give you an ad without an award or won't load the ad, but will immediately give one to you when you try to go to the menu. It's infuriating. Plus, the gameplay is terrible, you can't get hit even once because there's not enough invinciblity frames the game has. Don't waste your megabytes on this game, it's absolutely disgusting.
It is a good game. For time pass My mother love this game but automaticly it's money gone -10,00,0000 trillions in minus for a long months we played this game and Its money is going to come normal It is a bug please fix it
I'm totaly disgusted that I havent had a response to email i sent. As I was horrified to recieve mail from google play saying I'd purchased a big bundle pk for £49.99. which i didnt do!! No one in there right mind would as you can get free coins and once you unlock the last space ship and max hp no need for coins. I not only want a refund but I also would like to know how this happened!!
Interesting experience but a few parts are a bit unintuitive/user unfriendly: There is no confirmation when you select to leave a level you're playing. I hit it on the pause menu during a boss fight and lost the progress in the level. The way the gold shoots out from enemies when destroyed makes it seem at first like it will auto collect at the bottom of the screen but they don't, you have to fly into them before they run themselves off the screen.
I would give this game 5 stars but unfortunately the ads have moved to the top so I can't see my score or I can't us my coins to power up ship's so I'll give score when this glitch is fixed .
I would give it 5stars but it seems since last update it has NOT let me watch videos (yes I am on Wifi) and it also doesn't let me fill the Get max hp 7 times even though I do. Fix it or I will uninstall it.
Love this game but been trying to get past thor level for weeks, I'm finding it impossible and I'm definately not spending money to get to another level. Will be deleting game
Well i play arcade hunter there are some issues too but to be honest both games are most likely the best casual games you can find, well technically the arcade hunter isnt really casual but this is.... i recommend despide the issues.
I call myself upgrading this game. i messed up real bad. the bullets are so damb weak they cant bust the bubbles. Come to unfortunately i need to purchase a more powerful weapon for $69 dollars. These greedy idiots, damb i could understand a charge of $2 or 3 dollars. This is suppose to be a fun game not a get rich quick scam. until they cut the price of the apps down in the low 10s collum i'm done with this bullcrap.
Im updating my review after playing for a while: the game started out great, but after progressing to a certain point the game stops letting you progress. The power ups delivered during gameplay stop coming. I can make it to the level boss without hitting a single thing, but my shooting power is so low from no power ups available that it's not worth shooting the boss for the next five minutes just to destroy him. The power ups were delivered consistently during the lower levels, but not further in the game and it forced you to simply replay the same level twenty times to try beating it. It has stopped being fun and is simply monotonous now. If no update comes soon, I'll be uninstalling it. It's quickly turning in to a cash grab to progress
The only thing I can complain about is when you are offering an ad to revive and I tap yes, it gives me an ad then terminates the game with out giving me the Revival. When I say no thanks it gives me the ad and revives my ship. Also I have a quad core 3gb ram V20 LG phone, and your app is really choppy and slow. Other than that it's pretty good
Game is as good as any arcade styled game. You need to watch the videos(a ton) to double coins to upgrade your ship and to revive your ship once each level. You NEED the vids and now they are failing to load. I have missed 500K or more by failure to load. It's been 2 days, FIX IT ALREADY!
Otherwise decent game ruined by having to watch 30 sec ads every 2 minutes. Ease up on the ads a little bit, and I'd keep playing.
Enjoyed it while it lasted, but the game wouldn't load the boss for level 90. I got to him 3 times, and was left flying in an empty sky, forced to restart the level. 3 strikes and it was uninstalled. Also didn't always revive when I should have, which really sucks when you die on a boss you worked your ass off to get to.
I love the game and enjoy with my son. There isn't any updates as I'm on 266 achievements and can't seem to go forward. Kindly resolve.