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Attack on Titan TACTICS

Attack on Titan TACTICS for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by DeNA Co., Ltd. located at 東京都渋谷区渋谷2-21-1 渋谷ヒカリエ. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good strategy game. However the gameplay can be very limiting. I was hoping to play with my friends at Japan and Europe but I can't add those because of location restrictions. Also since the gameplay it's limited it'd be good to have an option where you could send and receive items from your comrades daily and exchange characters. Please developers look into those. Thank you.
I've really enjoyed this game for the time that I've had it, which isn't much! The graphics are pretty solid for a mobile app like this and I'm throughly impressed. The controls are easy to understand, nothing too tasking but nothing too simple either. The gameplay is really enjoyable and eventful. Always keeps you on your toes! I really hate to see this game go, I'm genuinely gonna miss it ^^
The game is fun and I'm actually enjoying it a lot, but... In order to awaken units you need many dupes and that already destroys the game for me. This is the worst mechanic in games and this one sadly has it. Also the timebound battles needs a change for the 4* characters which is pretty damn bad. They are only available for one hour a day, really? You expect people to keep up with a one hour schedule for this? Absurd. It should be 24 hrs too or 12 hrs minimum. Items for proficiency should be1/2
I like the strategies in game! But I wish it was more strategic based instead of leveling up the character to get stronger based (where it doesn't matter if you are doing the first mission or the last as long as you have a sound-proof strategy you will win (of course with the right types of troops))! I also want an endless mode to see how long we could survive!!!!!
I saw a few ads for this game and let me tell you, it's worth it! Theres not to many ads (honestly I can remember if I even saw an ad on here), and the game play is quite good! Apart from the initial game play, the smaller part of the game are good too. The gacha for example (though a bit irritating from time to time) has different events for things like New Years, and characters birthdays. All in all it a good game, and if you like Attack on Titan, I would recommend it.
Fun game, but a few problems, a lot of space is required and my phone doesn't have a lot of space to work with, my other phone which has more space can't run it because of a error message. Game wise: Good controls I would prefer the support units to not have to be placed directly onto the Titan, because it's difficult to do, rather place it in a radius of the the Titan so it will target it once it's in that Titan radius. All in all a fun game, but still needs some work.
Good gameplay, unfortunately, the low rating is due to material drop rates. 2x Story mode drops means nothing when higher proficiency materials can ONLY be obtained on hard mode which, personally at least, has a garbage drop-rate for me. I've logged in for a week now, trying to max out my first unit, and I've dropped the material (hard mode) once out of 21 tries. Hard mode has a clear cap of 3 per day, there's no reason to further punish players by implementing such low drop rates for materials, even those that require 50 will take a minimum of 17 days should they change the drop rates to 100%, which they won't because then who would play this game? Events are boring and re-skinned. The only incentive to log in is to auto-clear for proficiency materials and as I ranted earlier, you're not likely going to get any drops. Good gameplay but the devs need to give their players a reason to play the game. The subreddit is filled with people quitting albeit for difference reasons (Mainly gacha rates and bad events). I'm sure they're aware of the rate complaints so it would be nice if the devs can take the proficiency material drop-rates into account, especially when 2x drop rate means jack, as I said, the 3 clear limit should be punishment enough.
So I'll start with it's a Gacha Game through and through. If you're an Attack on Titan fan there is definitely some nostalgia to be had here. The combat is easy to do but seems like there is a good learning curve in terms of effective unit employment so that's definitely a plus. The character designs are good, but the graphics aren't as good as I was hoping. The developers are putting a lot of effort in from what I can tell which is a plus. Overall it's a fun game but not groundbreaking.
Good Anime series. Most of all good tactics features for this game in general. Why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because the game has limited play time, energy which I strongly disagree with. I am proud that the inventory is unlimted. I wish for more full game content in the future of mobile gaming. I strongly disagree with limited features and monotizations and also microtransactions that takes from the whole experience.
Initially this game was so much fun and I actually, enjoyed it seeing all the characters from the series and their special abilities. The game was unique in my eyes. However, after getting farther into the game. Things only just got tedious and not so much fun. Pull rates are pretty low for any 5 star character, enhancement materials required time and dedication too much so i believe and constant downloads. Worst of all though, connection errors and failure loging in after recent update was it.
The game is good, and the drop rate isn't that bad. I was actually blessed with relatively good drop rates. The reason why I'm rating this game low is because the power creep is insane, for the last three sets they release a character that blows the all the other sets out of the water. Kind of a shame since I put some pocket change in the game hoping it would be good
Exelent quality of life and the game is fun. They give tons of free stamina everyday. Sadly it stops there. The drop rates are terrible. Less than 1% for a 5 star especially a focused one is absurd. Gems are hard to come by which makes summoning harder since you need copies to really progress. Stamina consuption is horrible. Base 50 stam but hard modes cost 16 stam to clear once so 3 clears and youre done for a few hours.. Umm okay. Cut stam usage across the board by half devs game will be good.
From what little I've been able to play, it's an interesting game that kinda goes along the story of the anime/Manga. But I've yet to get much into it due to the app force closing itself just about every time it starts to load a battle. Like I get to the team selection of a mission and accept my desired, then accept the loss of action points, see the 3 titans moving on black background loading the battle, and bam, I'm looking at my phone's home screen. Then I get fed up and play something else
I really like this game. The graphics on the titans are not so good so please fix that. I've also been done with the game for quite a few months now so can you PLEASE and I mean PLEASE add season 2 and 3 in story mode. There are versions of characters from seasons 2 and 3 so why not add it to story mode so those characters can feel more in place. I also feel like you should add more complex gameplay and things to do.
The game it self can be fun and I enjoy collecting favorite characters. However i have a few complaints. First of all there are a few base functions that are very poorly if at all explained. Second. The premium currency for the gacha system is fairly expensive in compairison to some other games while having no guarantied highest tier units. I would say this game is worth playing casually but until it gets more established and adjusts the currency rates / the drop rates ill never put in money.
The game was fun overall and it has pluses such as lots of free stamina and skip tickets. However, it also has a lot of negatives. Poor drop rates, excessive amounts of materials required to power up characters. Nearly impossible to awaken a 5 star character without spending tons of money or getting lucky with gacha pulls as it requires multiple duplicates per character to limit break before awakening is even an option. Done for now. I'll check back sometime later, hopefully things change.
Good game except for one big problem! Bugs are stopping this game from reaching its true potential and it's increasingly obvious that the devs have put thought into the Gacha section with the age restriction (unlike some other companies like EA etc) the main bugs I've noticed are the inability to connect with the play store, not being able to complete chapter 2 lvl 6 because it would always freeze in the middle somewhere, and the facial expression of cadet "Caz" is horrifying pls fix thanks
Attack on Titan TACTICS is a step in the right direction for the franchise on mobile but we should demand more. The game itself is pretty simple, you have an HQ at the bottom of the screen and can summon units up to a certain proximity away to do battle with the titans who come from the top of the screen. Prior to battle you choose your team of characters you've unlocked through gacha. Once you reach a point in the game where you're not strong enough to proceed you're time gated until reset.
Good start so far. Comes with great features like Auto and skipping. The drop rates for rare characters aren't that great but they provide some good units for free. My only problem is the crashes I've experienced. I'm sure it'll get patched soon but it's annoying to have happen this frequently.
Interesting gameplay style(strategy and action). Voice acting straight right of the anime (full voiced story in Japanese). Gacha system is balanced in my opinion (got a few 5 star characters in a couple of pulls). Beautifully made artworks and designs, no lagging or bugs so far. They put a lot of effort into the game, story-wise all the same. Loving it so far!
So far the game has been good but as with most gatchas it's unforgiving. Drop rates is low and gem are hard to come by. You must be extremely lucky to get what you want. The game and voice overs are great but not enough content to keep you going, although to be fair it just release. Overall release more interesting content and improve the gacha other than that great work and hope for the best :D
GREAT reroll feature, and the gameplay seems kind of fun, but I found it to be sadly shallow, as there are very little variety between missions, with equally shallow characters (they all feel cookie-cutter). Additionally, the gameplay is so well tuned that the auto feature is TOO GOOD, as it is mostly unnecessary to even play the game. Idk, they have done a great job making a gacha game, not a tactics or rpg game. It's an excellent MOBILE game, but is not sufficient to retain my attention. :(
There's a lot of extra stuff that's confusing and I don't get why is there. I wish there was a first person game where you flew through the sky, had to shoot the gear at the right time, work with the team, and fought the titans IN FIRST PERSON. This game is like every other war fighting placement app but with AOT themes and I wished it didn't sink that low. Also with that much downloading for nonanimated scenes we've all seen is nonsense.
It might've been a good game, if I could play it that is. The game barely loads before popping up a bubble that says I have a communication error. I have good internet, I know that, but no matter what internet I switch to, I get the same text bubble. The sad thing is I cant even get the bubble to stop loading up long enough to look at the customer support.
As a massive fan of attack on titan, I jumped for joy when I found this game. The graphics seemed great for a tower defense type game. But there are some issues with the gacha, you will always get some of the same characters in premium, but I felt that the game was pretty good. It offered competitive game play with others. Sadly, the game didn't cover all of the lore of the anime and manga. Nevertheless I would recommend this game if you like attack on titan, anime, tower defense, and a fun app.
It's a really fun game, if you're into the type of game. Personally, I find it very addictive and highly enjoy more AOT content. I look forward to more chances to obtain cards of my favourite characters. The events are also really fun and I love to watch the character episodes. There are some extremely funny ones and precious ones from what I've collected so far. However, it has an issue of crashing mid-battle. If there's too much going on in the battle(i.e. there's too many Titans or players on the field), or during the cut scene where the boss appears, it will just freeze and/or exit out of the game completely. This makes it difficult to do most events on the higher difficulty levels, because of the number of animations going on. It crashing and having to start the battle from the beginning is a good way to make someone bored of the game because they can't progress. It may just be my mobile device. Though, this is supposed to be a mobile game, so crashing on any device docks it points in my book.
Aside from some performance issues which may be because of my cheap phone, the game is enjoyable. Able to play anywhere from minutes to hours. As an anime only fan, this game relives some of the show and gives more information about things not shown in the anime. Overall great game.
Good game. Drop rates are truly trash. It wouldn't be so bad If the awakening for each character didn't require so many souls. But they do. And if you manage to get a 5 star (which I only did in the unlimited banner) you'll rarely rarely... rarely have that same drop. Plus, the gems are over expensive, especially at the trash drop. You could spend 20 on 300 gems (roughly) and only get 3 star heros on the banners. Again... good game. But don't waste your money until they up the rates.
The reviews the pull system are correct. The 5* pull rate is listed at 3%, the featured unit is 0.75%, at around $30 usd per 10pull, paying players are going to be hurting. Very intense grind shortly into the game, about the 6th stage chap 3. Perspective: free featured Eren, evolve to 5 star, will take 9600 event medals, @1 week in (rank ~12) you can earn 80-100/day, will take appx months to evolve Eren
The game is really fun, im a huge fan of the anime so I enjoy it a lot. My only problem is the data transfering, it dosen't give you your password unless you link it with a twitter or facebook account which I don't have or want. So if I decide to unistall the game it won't save my game data. They should allow you to have your password at any time. But great game.
Amazing, then horrible. Was loving this game then the first update sense launch came out 10 minutes ago. I downloaded and it erased all of my data, I lucked out and had received 3 LevI squad members. I worked hard at this game and just got crapped on, thanks... Really would have loved to leave good review but unless this can be fixed I am done, no matter how much fun I was having. Please fix so I can rate 5 stars thanks.
The game itself is a lot of fun, but it has to be one of the worst money grabs on mobile. Its Gacha system (how you summon new characters) has the worst drop rate of any game I've ever seen. Not to mention the items needed to summon cost far more than most games; roughly $15-$20 for a multi summon, which has a terrible drop rate. I've never spent $120 at one time on a game and literally got nothing until now. $500ish total and have gotten at least a five star 4 times. You need deep pockets.
This game could be really fun if they tweaked some features. 1. The leveling gets really tedious as soon as it hits 20. Once you're done with chapter 4, might as well quit or start spending money. 2. The auto battle feature should have the option to allow special skills or not. 3. There should be an optimize team option. 4. Characters should have tiers so we don't waste resources leveling up weak characters. 5. Allow players to choose which Titan to attack so they're all not chasing after abnorm
Great game, fun mechanics. Super enjoyable as f2p. Until my second event.. now that I have two events worth of missions the mission page takes forever to load. There is a receive all button, but you can only get 100 things at a time and I guess I have more then 120 because I struggled with receiving individual mission rewards 20 times and I still can't use receive all. Give me a take 10 button.. or even a receive 100 and lose the rest. This whole situation just makes me not want to play anymore
On one hand, I'm not going to miss the proficiency grind. Even Humanity in Chains for the 3DS has better material rates. On the other hand, everything else was spot on, and its a shame we barely had a year with this. This was, to my knowledge, the first and only OFFICIAL gacha of the franchise, making side stories that no other media can. Obviously no game is perfect, but filling the Titan-sized void this game leaves will be an expedition and a half.
A Steady Grind. I've been playing consistently for 4 to 5 months and I can vouch for this game, it is a decently made game with enough content for a beginner to be able to play for a couple month and still have something new to do. Grinding for 5 & 6 star units is long but worth it. Missions can get a little repetitive but it's not a big deal to me. Im a free to play player and the game is still super fun.
I had played this since launch until the end and had a top tier account. I still miss it pretty much every day. I wish it had continued. I was willing to play for years more. Just wanted to come and pay my respects now. It truly deserved 5 stars for everything, right until the end.
Game is awesome. I just think think that it's sorta hard on Deployment Power (stamina) when you have to use it for daily entries of Exp, Evolution, and Gold. Drop rates are quite low... so you'll use a lot just trying to farm, then bam. That's it. Come back later after it refills. Lol. Drop rate is pretty crappy too. Suffer with me as you try to farm for mats. That's my only gripe; other than that, game is great!!!
At first you grow fast and the game is fun, but after a month even a slight upgrade for a single character takes a week, it gets repetitive, the events are often open just for one hour at very odd times, not very user friendly for Western audiences. Fully upgrading a character to 6* requires a ridiculous amount of resources, so you either spend hundreds or play this for 10 years. Sometimes you have to Target a specific enemy and your character fails to do it, it was fun for a while. Time to move
The game is surprisingly well put together. There is a bunch of different characters most of which you'll get right off the bat. The leveling system is a bit confusing at first but once youre used to it, it gets easier to understand. The Abilities are interesting and the Titans are funny looking but definitely hard to beat at first. All in all ill give it 4 stars. The story could use some updating and add ons but not bad over all. Its a wondefully put together.
I really enjoyed the game. In the few month I played it I was always and excited determined to play and always entertained. I am sadden by the sudden (at least to me) game ending,especially after all the hard work and hours I put into it. But it was a very great game! Hopefully we can get another AOT Game like this in the future!