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Attack on Giants: Giant Slayer

Attack on Giants: Giant Slayer for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Nagastudio located at 76 rue Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is awesome but the reasone I gave it 4 stars cause u should add a function in the game that a manual hit that if he click fast not in the hit circle wile infront of giant he must just cut his part that is infront of him plz add this plz I will give 5 star when the update is added otherwise the game is awesome
Actually a pretty decent game that took inspiration from attack on titan. Although it's kinda hard knowing when to let go to attack it's pretty fun and a great game overall
I found this game to be a blast. One thing I noticed is that there seems to be no sound. In the trailer they showed a type of boss fight where you tap really fast and spin but I haven't encountered this yet and I'm on almost level 300😅. Just wondering if that was coming in a future update. Other than that this game totally rocks
Fun little game but buying the no ads does basically nothing. You still get littered with ads. +1 buddy? Ad. More keys? Ad. Unlock this skin? Ad. Why did I pay for no ads then????
This game is a bomb! Every other Aot games aren't very good. And I hope there will be better improvements in the future!!! :)
Fun when it works half of the time you can't see the boost and the game will randomly crash. But it still is fun (When it works)
Very cool, but the thing that can't make this a perfect 5 is the controls, you tap to gain height and to move, and so you end up missing some rings that you probably could have actually hit, so that is my only complaint
Idk what i expected the game has no sound what so ever unless your in a add, the controls are pretty sloppy and the lag makes this thing look like 5 pictures switching. the second level of the tutorial shows you the only thing your doing in this game and you don't even need to play it to be honest you can just evade everything you can't lose. if i can't lose and there's no challenge why don't i just go read the manga or watch the anime???
Fix the control, fix the game play, add some more features, level and sound . And the game will be more fun
It keeps goitching to where the menu won't show and I can't get to new swords. It happened yesterday too, don't get the game its a bunch of bots saying its good.
Great but please make the boss have teammate you need to rescue and make it harder and the rescue people part of the game dosent come that often. Brilliant game though, keep it up.
It's pretth boring, all the levels are almost exactly the same.. There could be a lot more variety to make it more interesting.. It is, however, adicting.. Like all these types of games 😥
I personally like the game but the only problem is that it is difficult to move, to go up and down to be exact. When I finish getting a giant there is another right in front, but I cannot do anything just because I can't go high enough, another reccomendation is the items, something I would like is actually ODM gear
It's an on game but it just the ripppof of attack kntitan part that gets me and adding to that it doesn't even say its a fan game of Aot and the ads are annoying but it is amobe game so...
The thing is I like the game but when I am playing it doesn't show the circles to go through and when I try to click something it just spasses out again and I can't touch it so I think you guys gotta fix it
It's a really good game and I play it whenever I get bored but could you make fighting the giants a bit harder,example:you can only cut a certain part of the giants
i think this game is really cool and good but the only reason I give it a 4 star is because there is slot of ads
A good game but in the add it says "Can you reach captain levi" I know this is just a marketing strategy but at least add a levi outfit Other than that great game Edit: didnt realise there was already an aot skin so no perfect game :)
This game is so fun and challenging but in the add it showed a big boss that you click a bunch to beat but I`m on level 10 and I still haven`t encountered it yet😂please add this in the future...
This game is EPIC though it has a lot of ads, if u turn of ur WiFi it will be better and its very realistic to the attack on titan anime, and this game would be the BEST if they had sounds effects or music. GREAT JOB!!
It's not bad although I wish there was an attack on titan skin since this game is basically attack on titan also I wish there was a way to lose instead of just traveling from one point to another, also I think itd be cool to have 3d maneuvering in the game with spawning titans
The danger like he won't flying past it this game is fun but not fun at the same time So if you like it you can play if you don't like it then you don't have to play at all and look your girls it's not good to play if you're thinking about downloading it don't download it cuz I'm a girl right now I'm doing this for my brother his name is Raiden him cuz he is begging me to do it let him know so yeah
It's a fun little game, but there's literally nothing at stake. It's fun to fly as fast as you can and try to navigate the rings, but there's no penalty if you don't. I suppose that's not a bad thing if you're just wanting to play around, but there's very little inventive if you're looking for a goal. All in all, it's pretty darn fun though!
In my opinion, the game has nothing wrong with it, it even feels like im in attack ln titan, k really love the beast titan reference at the end of some levels, i think its a really good game in general.
It just feels like a rip off attack on titan. At fist I thought it was some sort of fan game but I couldn't find anywhere it saying that so I feel like it is a rip off 1 star because it was glitchy and wasn't even fun
Fun little game but if you watch an add so you can buy get a skin or get diamondd yiu bacicly get nothing
It's actually pretty cool but it would've been better if they made the Titan attack you or that you can pass it or that you have to aime at the neck but it's quit fun the swinging is great
The game is good but after a while it gets boring the reason I keep playing is the boss levels so I think the next update should add a practice mode where you can keep killing giants as much as you like and a boss mode where you only kill bosses. P.S Please add music.
Very great game with alot of potential. The gameplay is fun and addicting, but there's no real story or point to the game, at the moment, it's just a fly-in-circle simulator with a couple added things. The skins do not match well either, I can barely make 2 sets look good and they only barely match in color, and if they have the swords from attack on titan why not add the ODM gear and paradis soldier. Overall great game just hope the game can meet its potential. Can't wait to see how it evolves!
I'd like to suggest collaborating with attack on Titan this game is just like it and keep the good work.
The ads don't work anytime when I watch an ad for a sword or a rope it does not work it's still says 0 pls fix that thx
Really great except for the fact that I could do literally nothing and beat a level. This game has great potential and I think if you made it a little more challenging it would be more fun and worth 5 stars
Literally just an attack on titan ripoff I mean it's not even that hard to see like it's not fun at all if you want to play a good attack on titan game play the official ones not this one. I'm not suprised this hasnt been taken down because of how much a ripoff this actually is even if it's a "parody" its still a garbage game with no effort put into it. Never play this game no where close to being as good as the official ones
I like the latest update but now I can't swipe down,we need that because you can't control the swing properly and please add more monsters and make the map longer and one more request is please add more hits on the boss fights to make it more fun to play
First i must address the gameplay, i literally beat multiple levels by doing nothing, on the titan "bonus" levels you wont even be slowed down. Also if you wanted to make an AOT game, make it an AOT game, not an "aog" game. Plus you added other anime characters and items such as naruto, dragon ball, kill la kill, and heck, Actual aot characters. However, i do like boring fun, so this game gets 2 stars from the most non-legitimate reviewer ever
This game is really fun but the reason why I rate it 4 stars is the lack of variety in levels and no sound effects while playing which I would definitely recommend.
Great game I love how fast u go and the way u kill titans but it needs and up and down controll because if u hit a boost u will miss out on killing a titan wich is the one I want to do and it could some music like guren no yumiya and sasageyo other than that great game absolutely love it
Its realy fun but some times i hate it the level 17 is hard now So you can beat level 17 Oh i forgot 22 is demomic is realy realy hard
This game is gitting very boring all of the levels are the same I hope they will make the game more challenging.
I wish the levels were a little more difficult and you could get eaten or choose how to kill the titans, but other than its great, there aren't too many ads and I actually enjoy it
I havent played it but the review will go ip until i do but one thing about this game its based of attack on titan right well you slash the titans anywhere in this game well the fact is in the anime to kill a titan you have to slash them in the back of their neck to actuly kill a titan so please make that a feature instead it being slashi the titan an anywhere thanks
I have also watched the anime attack on Titans this game about that anime. I like this game but please update it and put armored titan, colossal titan, beast titan, war hammer titan, jaw titan, cart titan and founding titan. And make it a bit like we can only kill titans by hitting them on their back of neck. And please make them looking real.
Could be a little better by adding more custom,custom blades,make the game harder by being able to die by the giant with an animation, Make the rings smaller and make the levels harder and have some titans run at you other than that this game is fun but can get very repetitive I beg of the creator to polish this game it has sooooo much potential on being fun
The game is frickin crazy. Look pls can you make the game public so you can play with friends, and more slices for the giants and 1 more thing with the boss can we do a spin attack and make the boss bigger and plsss bring back the among us skins pls. And pls can we get an edit version of Boku no sensou and sasageyo so it's no copyright.
This game is really bad,has no sound and the controls are also really bad.Plus,it is just a rip-off from Attack On Titan.(I recommend you watch the anime)