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ASTRONEST - The Beginning

ASTRONEST - The Beginning for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by AN Games Co., Ltd located at 401, U Space2 A, 670 Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been playing this game for a while. At the beginning when I was saving up my crystals I eventually spent them and then lost my planets because of where the sell option was placed. I sent in a request for help but never heard anything back. So I still give this game 3 stars. But I still do play it I just don't and won't spend money on it anymore. Maybe if I had heard something but hey whatever. I lost to Paradise planets in basically two thousand crystals which was six months worth of game t
Major improvements have been made. The cruisers are just not given a specific area of over compensation (too balanced stats), so they are not as competitive with Motherships (res), Destroyers (eva), and Battleships (att). Also, special heroes (in codex) should be able to be gotten after introduction like the unique and honour store heroes are.
Ok game but it takes very long to upgrade your plant and it gets very expensive after level 20 at that point you get stacked buy very hi love players that take the fun out of the game
*update* So it turns out there was a server merge that I wasn't aware of being away from the game so long. There was a grace period to update all accounts prior to it in 2020. I'll raise the score up to 4 stars in light of this and leave part of my old statement below. What happen to my game file? I had a lot of money put into this and it's been a year or two since I left. Now after connecting my Google account I'm starting from scratch.
Game itself is interesting, but when only AP is left. Most of the time when after use all AP, I don't have things to do. And adjust fleet type, weapon type is so annoying.
A preety great game. But i keep having problem with when it has connection issue while I'm upgrading facilities on my plabets.If it reconnects durning upgrading my game stops and the only way to solve is restarting the game.
Everything consumes energy. Want to upgrade a building? Costs money, resources and energy... Want to fight other people? Costs energy? Want to refill your fleet? Costs money, resources and energy.. Story? Costs energy.. Bah... What a stupid way to design your game.
Save your stupid little event items like the gold keys, lock boxes, eggs & mojito drinks. Once an event is over, they're virtually useless. Instead, reward your daily devoted players with actual items they need & can use quickly & easily, like Scout ticket (including Special Scout Tickets) & or AP Recovery's. THOSE every player needs daily. ALSO: at least provide a place to refund the unused event items. If players earn them & can't use them, then they should be able to trade them for things.
Great game marred by poor company decisions. I stopped playing for about 15 months due to RL and came back to a deleted account. Apparently all the servers merged and if you weren't around to specify which server should be kept, all of them are gone. All that time and money, poof. Gone. Put in a customer "service" ticket, but apparently they don't have backups of their servers from the merge that occurred less than a year ago. Disgraceful.
Its a pretty nice game played it for a few years but how do u log back into ur old account. I havent played this game in well over a year and i tried logging in with my google play since thats what i saved stuff with, but it keeps directing me to a new game and to the side selection screen. I just wanna access my old acc man
Still good after years have past many new heroes, skills and abilities... new features... keep it up...
Please incorporate an option to level a planet up by more than one at a time. Also please add a display of required resources and calculated xp. In the event any of the requirements are not met prompt appropriate measures. Ie ap recorvery or minerals. In the event all conditions are met add a redundancy prompt allowing the user to insure they don't accidentally spend resources without consent.
A bit slow, as you have to log in every day a couple of months only gathering stuff from daily log ins if you want to be competitive.
Thoroughly enjoy it. If you use ure head and be smart you can be in top 50 without having spent a dime. It takes time but even after some time and some luck you can be a force to contend with. Excellent game.
Very responsive support. Needs improvement: 1. Graphics 2. Link to social media Good: 1. Good events 2. Good strategy game that you really have to think and spend your resources wisely
Since the server merge, war is unplayable. I only get matched up with opponents that are impossible to beat. The war power rating system is screwed and means nothing when a player with a mostly white power rating bar can easily kick my ass, repeatedly. When the war system does its random opponent select, I only get 2 opponent options to choose from instead of the usual 3 opponents, and no matter how often I refresh, the same players who are too high for me to beat are shown. Done with this game.
a great game, but i think itd be more fun if there were no time limit in battle where you've to eliminate all enemy fleets to win. coz its kinda silly if you destroy almost all of the fleet and your fleet still in full intact, but then the time is up and you ended up losing the battle. my suggestion is u could erase the time limit, or make it more longer, or you could make the final result as a "draw" if the enemy fleet hadnt been eliminated completely. but overall its a fun n enjoying game.
It's sad to see my 4 year old account gone. Good thing I didn't spend any money on this game. Used to be great, spent many hours playing this game. But now I lost my account, you deserve a three star now.
I've had this game for ages, and it's a very fun game. It has competitive elements, and world building elements (literally). It's ok to go dormant for a while and pick back up easily. I'd say maybe a ship visual update, or perhaps even a new type of weapon/ship would be cool!
Daily log in is broken with special log in still active but has ended early and before you used to get 100 crystals every 10 days or so is down to 1 crystal. It's the same with the special scout tickets. It makes it impossible for free to play players to actually build up enough to attempt for a special hero. Told there is new update coming in a few days. If things aren't drastically improved, I'll uninstall the game again.
The algorithms are bad, the chance of getting anything worth are slim at best. This is a pay to play game. Even the special event are bad takes up all your time for minimal results. Here are additional problems; 1 from level 20 and up LO are need but at 33% divided into 7 to 8 that droppes to around 6%. Plus the rate at which C B hreoes are poor. Thanks for lstening.
One of the best phone games I've ever played. Support team came thru for me in a huge way... They were able to transfer my account from apples game center to the Android Google one. I thought I lost all progress and invested time/$$$ I had invested on that crappy little iPhone 6. But a few messages on Facebook messenger later, I'm playing on the new Android. I will admit the RNG can be frustrating at times but their support team earned them the 5 stars.
For me this game is great now thay fixed the lag and errs it's great there are updates every week with new events game seems to get updates too unlike most games of this age which don't so it's nice to see and no ads in the game which is a bouns and no in-game ads trying to get u to pay for things this is a free game which u can buy add ons if u want but it's not in use face like other games controls are smooth and great details in the game if u learn how to play the game then u can do ok!
The game is fun, but the Heros do not work as advertised; if the game says they do something 70% of the time it's closer to half that, just enough so we don't notice. I sent 4 videos proving the Heros were doing this and instead of fixing the problem they ask for more videos...smh. it's a waste of resources. I wouldn't mind if the game were free but it's $20 a pop and I've invested over $280 playing the game. So if you want your money's worth, don't spend any money on this game.
Came back after a 3 year pause. Game is what I remember. It is energy based, but you acquire so much you could play the game as long as you need to each day. There is real strategy in deciding how your fleets are designed to go against the current threat you face. Resource allocation is balanced.
I used to love playing Astronest on my Amazon Fire tablet and even linked my astronest account with my Google Play account..I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to reinstall the game to play on my old account, but come to find out the account is still linked but the game data must not have been able to survive the year or two I was away..Meaning My account remained linked but my "game save data" is nonexistent...
I LOVE THIS GAME! This game never crashes for me and it is very easy to keep on leveling and unlocking new things to do. I really like the auto battle feature because it allows me to do other things in life while I am gaining materials and loot from battle. I have no problems with this game so I give this game 5 stars.
This company just proved why none of us should spend money on phone games. At any time they can yank it all away and leave you with nothing. I played 2 years on Vega. Game with great potential but annoying flaws. Made suggestions & thought they would improve. Soon saw money was the goal: UI problems & tedious gameplay never changed. Left after reaching top 50. Came back after 5 months hoping for change to find my account gone. Support says we deleted it, sorry. Think before you spend more $$$
I enjoy this game alot actually. It's simple, easy to learn and overall interesting when it comes to probability. My main concern probably would be during "war." It may be discouraging to newer commanders when being attacked by someone 20 levels higher and wiping you out completely. Just a thought, I'm sure some have thought the same. Thank you, and looking forward to the new update.
This used to be an excellent game - UNTIL you allowed hackers & spammers in. They have no intention of actually playing, only going to Chat & spouting off racist & homophobic language. There ARE occasionally kids who play this game - the last thing they need to see is a sick comment by some pedophile. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. Instead of installing monthly gimmicks, clean up your act. Allow a way for actual serious players like myself to report these sickos, & then get your act together.
game plays itself in combat. no true gameplay to this. build and watch. no real play to it. better mmorpg's in space. try Starship Battle, or Nova Empire, or Star Fleet Commander (early access)... every other one i played had this game beat by everything. trust me. lol. wont be surprised if my review gets deleted. this game has nothing original or better. lol.
I immediately uninstalled after download because they asked for real private personal information, their customer agreement is very poor for the customer (read the whole thing you may be shocked), and their responses to others reviews/public service are bland and touchy feely with no substance. DOWNLOAD WITH CAUTION this is a game for LAWYERS!
The was awesome until the Merger i lost all my data I've played this game for long time yrs just an FYI and to lose everything was just too much sadly but it's been months since I just can't find myself getting back into this game
While Astronest is a fantastic game (!!!) it's their customer support that really sets them apart. My device failed utterly more than a month ago and I was playing with a guest account :-( so I thought I'd lost everything BUT Dany Adrian with Astronest Support somehow got everything back for me and did it literally in minutes just before maintenance - AMAZING! These guys are incredible and I cannot recommend their game and their service highly enough!
Excellent game. Good graphics and straightforward development of your planets/fleets. Heroes and Research give plenty of options. Really enjoying my second day of playing.
This game is a solid game. How do I describe it??... if you have the time (years) to dedicate to this game then, yes without paying a penny you can be the best/top player of the game. Me my self I've been playing it off and on over the past 2 years, so I can say with certainty that you dont have to pay money to enjoy the game and eventually become a force in the game to recon with, but the fact that you do have to be that patient with the game to make progress kinda sucks. but over all I do like coming back to the game so I'd say its a solid play. Just dont expect any crazy fast progress unless you're willing to pay money. I hate that aspect, but the developers gotta make money some how...
The first 3 years was awesome. Since then, development and gameplay intuitiveness stagnated. Developers are also not very good when communicating about events. This is one of the reasons i could think off why players leave. Thise players are regular paying customers. AN has succumbed to the dark side.
I like the game, but I need a refund on an in-game purchase. i purchased a 19.99 package, but the game glitched and shut off, while google told me the purchase succeeded. i logged back into the game, but none of the purchased items were in my inventory. i checked the market. same package still available. i figured it might just be a glitch, so I clicked it and clicked purchase again. I got the crystals and Items, but a $19.99 package cost me $42 and some odd cents. help me fix this?
Came back after months, now my account is lost. It was connected to Google. Neither I see the server selection. I liked the game till this moment.
Astronest is slow. Using android 9.0 Huawei P20 pro. Also crashes at times. The screen will freeze when it crashes. I tried those steps before this message. Thanks but still it does crash at times and tends to be slow. As I already posted i tried those steps and more. All other games run smooth but yours is slow.
Had this game for a few years and built up an impressive nation and sank a few hundred into it because I enjoyed the game but them I try to play again not knowing of a server merge and now all my work is go with no way of recovery. They NEVER BOTHER TO LET ME KNOW. I never received any type of notification that my data would be gone unless I went in game and transferred my data to the new server. They never bothered to transfer user automatically. Don't bother with this game.
In the wolrd of pocket games, i've not come across one that offers as much as what Astronest does. Constantly changing and improving. The game has obviously had its good points and bad points but in 4 years of playing it, i've experienced mostly good customer serivce whenever problems have occured. Highly recommended.
its a really nice concept of a game, but it is really unpolished. The transitions dialouge seem really forced, and the U.I. is not entirely user friendly. The research aspect seems super rushed and its very hard to actually get any research done, especially when the game says that i have 167 research available, but in the actual research U.I. it says i only have 53 research.
Really good, really fun, lots of options and lots to do and lots of flexibility, HOWEVER, game gets REALLY grindy at level 20+, because the cost of supplies and cosmets and research points get to be kind of insane. I haven't spent any money on this, but was thinking about it at one point, though now in a quick glance at how much it'd cost to pay to keep things progressing smoothly, I realize the out-of-pocket costs would be insane, which preemptively keeps me from opening my wallet. -_-
Game was fun...been playing for years. Fun up till now. Recently it seems pvp matching has changed. Support says its based on nation level which is maxed out at 110. So a newer player who will eventually catches up to nation level 110 can get attacked n bashed by a top no 1 player over n over again. After being attacked, a miserable 1 hour shield is given. So there goes one of your long time players. Uninstalled. Bye
I have returned here multiple times. It is rare that I give a positive review these days. But this game is awesome. the only problem is, if you want to be competitive, you have to be very patient in collecting all the dailies and deals, before starting to level up your nation. Especially important if you're microspender or free player. Solid 4/5, it's fairly balanced, just a bit too slow for my liking.
Game is pretty good but after collecting 10 master scout tickets to get the "guaranteed" master hero I was let down by getting no such thing. Why would you take the short cut and pay for the tickets if even that is not a sure thing. Glad I only collected them instead otherwise I would be really upset with such empty promises.
Several years of playing with account linked to google play just to have it all vanish. Just a casual player but logged in within the last month, deeply disappointed. Uninstalling and never play again.
Game has made major improvements over the last months. I highly recommend to others as a great science strategy game. Thanks to the developer/s.
This is a strategy & tactical space game that is fun to play. It can be complicated, but if one is focused then you are already getting something from this game. It's not perfect and things within it do change, so one must stay focused by committing to a strategy for crafts and personnel. And that is when the changes you make get real interesting. Sometimes what you may believe is not reality. And that concept is a challenge within itself. All considered, this games gives your mind a workout
This game is ok, their customer support is almost as fast as they are deleting your profile. And unfortunatly thats the only thing going for them as their customer support responds but wont actually resolve any of your issues.
Better than years ago... great improvement, I just hope you could make unlimited retries on the first S rank hero so we could pick the hero we like...