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ASTROKINGS: Spaceship Wars & Space Strategy

ASTROKINGS: Spaceship Wars & Space Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Tilting Point located at 521 5th Avenue New York, NY 10175. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good graphics and play experience. I would suggest to make cross over not only with manga/anime based story but also science fiction like Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, The Expanse, etc.
Good game, great concept. The only let down is the price of some of the packs, the prices are utterly ludicrous for some items! Good events the current LOTGH has been a good event, if only the wanted posters dropped easier! New flagships seem to be decent too! Maybe a bit more variation in flags would be good and make the game a more interesting prospect.. a new weapons type maybe?! Overall if your prepared to either spend huge sums of money or your prepared to wait it out & grow great game!
Games good, apart from the usual, players who spend loads get the goods. One thing really.ly needs looking at, the equipment crafting and the stupid not getting level you try to create, you use all, t4 stuff and get a crapy t2 piece of equipment,, it sucks!!
I really do like the gameplay of it, I kinda wish they had the ships you use other then the flagship looks different but other then that it's fun!
could be great game, but upgrade drop rates are terrible, and everything is gambling and money orientated - only rich kids with nothing better to do can compete with >$\£90 packs that give HUGE advantage - the only way to avoid destruction is keep shields up 24/7 and grow painfully slowly - you still won't be competitive. Prove Yourself Event needs to be renamed LvL 40 Days, because only people lvl 40+ can mine or attack, everyone else has to hide for 48hrs. Spoiled by greed and money, a shame.
Boring, tap this tap that, not much else involved. It's your typical mobile base builder with long timers. While I have played many of these games, this one is one of the worst. Pros: Nothing. It's not even fun. So many griefers. -1* Cons: Graphics = meh Sound = yuck U.I = gross -1* Pay to Win = Of course. Pay Walls = YES! the dumbest form too. Want more fleets? Pay money for TEMPORARY fleet slots. -1* Want to search for pirates or resources, get 20 searches free per day then PAY MONEY! -1*
Slightly disappointed that the full rewards are locked behind a pay wall. The new heroes drop rates are really, really low. After 250 tickets I have only 5 DNA of the hero I wanted. The wanted pirate drop rate is also absurdly low. Unless you grind 24/7 you are not gonna get any value out of farming event pirates at all. Other than that the event is pretty decent with good rewards even if you just farm the rift daily.
Typical MMO game, strategy is the same, build up as much as you can as fast as you can until the newbie bubble pops, join a large alliance so you can continue to grow quickly and avoid getting hit by bigger players. When you hit the paywall, make your decision. Overall gameplay can be clunky and the buttons can be non-responsive at times but it is visually attractive and not hard to get into. It doesn't stand out against other MMOs though - it is still farm, build, kill during KE and repeat.
It says update to latest version but when i check there are no updates....what nonsense I restarted the game, restaed my phone...then i trued reinstalling it... Still thwre was no update in play stire... after 2 hrs.... I tried reinstalling ...now there was an update The game has been steadily improving and im happy so far with game...
I absolutely adore the game for its collaboration events with LOGH (would love to see one with Space Battleship Yamato). However, I am not pleased with the drop rates for legend heroes, especially considering you are collecting individual DNA to eventually combine into your desired character 99% of the time. Not even a package dealing, unless it is related to a character in particular, can guarantee you better odds, really. No matter what, you will still be grinding. A lot. I don't like this.
Nothing has changed, especially event-wise. The majority of the rewards go to those who spend the most $$$. The new heroes are great...except I've spent 200 legendary recruitment passes and only got 2DNA of the 10 needed to actually get the damn heroes. You can't even buy the DNAs from the store until you've recruited from the random boxes. For the new Flagships, the drop rate is horrendous for the new blueprints and other parts needed to actually level the things. Dimension Rift is good.
this is very easy developing game. build time are modestly long, lots of ways to get diamond a parts from buying them. but then again i am still new to the game. Adding Galactic heroes mothership made me played this game again. The thing is getting them is quiet hard. Hopefully you make it easy to get them.
The game is kinda fun, but it's to the point that the only way to get higher in level is to either spend money to purchase extra gems and buffs, or wait forever to complete upgrades and such. The Halloween special event and others had tasks and things that were unachievable and impossible for low level players unless you payed money. Also, the fact that it's next to impossible to defend against higher level attacking, makes the game almost not worth playing.
Updated on 05/01/2021 The new LOTGH event is good. You can strengthen your fleet with what you’ve earned but the drop rate for the heroes is low as well as for the event wanted posters. 22/01/2020 Overall good strategy game, the events are interesting and diverse. I enjoy them a lot even is I am not in the top rankings. I also like how the developers are looking for more and different ways to make the game more balanced. Tenebris was a good try but unsuccessful, because it benefits the strongest. I hope in the future the game will be more balanced and AN won't push players away.
The new LOTGH event is good repsonse to players feedback. That said, the drop rate of event heros via ticket drawing is still too low, and the path to obtain both heros via event rift missions is impossible without paying.
This game is EXTREMELY P2W. I'm a CC16, which isn't very high, and nearly everything that higher level players can achieve is locked through a paywall, like having construction of a critical building being done in a reasonable amount of time. I like the gameplay, even though I have a few plans that go in pretty much the opposite way of the dev's intent. To the devs, if you really read and care about this review, respond with something that isn't like "Thanks, Commander. We'll fix it right away."
Experience in the game has been terrible. Played for about two months. The game itself is ok. But the money hungry company has made this game nearly impossible to be extremely strong unless you become a whale for them and dish out ALOT of money. Terrible design when 1 player can destroy the #1 ranked alliance of 60 members by themselves. And there are multiple people in each server like this. Impossible game to enjoy and grow when 60 members can't defend themselves against 1 player.
I downloaded the game and went to open it there is a large download on first opening it get to about 50 or so mb downloaded before disconnecting and when you reconnect only 1 or 2mb have been downloaded. If I can get it downloaded I will change my review
I like it... but it's too overwhelming with information that I don't know how to start or where to go properly and what exactly to aim for. But overall really good because at least there's steady progress and lots to think about. Just not beginner friendly.
One of the best strategic games so far, I like the collaboration event, legend of the galactic heroes, when I first joined the game, the people were asking to make this event again. I didn't know the reason till you made it again and I played it
Great idea for a game. Planetary shields not very common, costs for purchasing even basic resources way to high and the events loot are so small I wondered why your team even bothered to include them. Was a bit of a slap in the face. Needs improvement. Also you need to set limits for players being able to attack each other, a lvl 4 should not have to worry bout a level 21 or higher pillaging them to near zero resources.
Saw an ad for LOGH crossover but the event has already passed, but the ad is still up. Its a facebook waiting game, nothing spectacular
Been playing this for almost a year, been enjoying it. You really need to get into a clan (Federation) as it makes a world of difference in terms of protection. The game has grindy elements once you get your admin building over level 20, it also has pay to win to some degree, BUT it is countered by the game providing resources to you if you get attacked by someone higher level than you. You can also move your planet ar around to get away from active federations if you want to go solo.
Been playing for a little while. Game has a lot of con's, few pro's. Well I'll go with the short list the pro's; takes your money easily. Con's; graphics are sub-par, communication between allies non-existent, navigating through your base, you keep on getting caught and moves to a different spot than what you were going for. I have a big just launching game, frezzes at 2% to 4%. If I hit back space game will show normal load to 100% then plays. Game will lose connection often! More2cum
This game is awesome! Only played a few minutes but the visuals are great, the game guides you through the first few levels. You can actually choose to be a peaceful or despotic leader (unlike most games). Three things i would change: 1. Make the home screen alittle less confusing with a clear button for settings/game support. 2. Let players post progress/screenshots to instagram. 3. Let players choose the look of thier fleet maybe from 6 different looks.
Worst experience! i have purchase their event shop top up store but didn't receive the item that i bought. I emailed but too many process so heck with this game! You can take my money, i dont care anymore! For you guys thinking about downloading this game, forget it! Its a scam, you wont enjoy the game, the costumer service sucks! All in all a waste of time and money!
The game itselfmis fun, though as of late, the update seems flawed. In the sense that it is telling me I'm using an outdated version, yet when I proceed to update, it takes me to the game itself and not the update, to which it cycles back around to tell me of the outdated version. Thanks.
Its a very good game so far I'm happy. Let's be frank here if I pay for extras I want them right away not when you feel like giving me my in app purchases at your convenience. People if you are planning to pay for power ups be careful these people take your money quickly but deliver slowly.
As usual. After maintenance the update fails to load and I spend the next 30 minutes uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Just to have it say I'm not using the latest version. 15 minutes after maintenance ended as still no good.
Love the collaboration. I had not even heard of Legends of the Galactic Heroes until this. It encouraged me to check out the anime.
I trully like this game. Its perfect for multi taskers like me Its relaxing and a treat. I usually study,watch a flic or movie and play a waiting game like this. What can make this game better. No demanding file transfer Better graphics a greater mapping or area zoom out And a greater degree of pvp cause this is astrokings.
Bad bad bad unless you pay you have no chance at playing now game is totally stuffed and will be dead soon fully
This game is constantly changing and I like how the game has events and how people can work together. The LOTGH is a good addition.
Hi Guys, yes the p2w is rediculous... Translate the dollar value in my country South Africa and you're taking half a salary away from a minimum wage person. I think this make a it unfair to most people. Translate the cost and it is half the rent money for a game. Games are supposed to be fun. Should you decide that it's not worth dropping the price then maybe the waiting time could be adjusted or a special mission with perks for players who can't afford to pay? Updates always a problem! Why?
It's a korean game so you can expect massive favoritism in the p2w department in terms of taxes. $89 pack in the US is half or a third of the cost in korea. Almost every galaxy server is owned by a korean if that doesnt tell you anything. As of late, devs have become far more money driven, as if they're getting ready to pull the plug for their next money sink. Interesting game, but if you aren't living in korea then it's an extremely painful grind for f2p. You will get curbstomped by KR players.
This game is full of fun and excitement Specially collaboration Event helpful for planet growth and overall great experience!!! New flagship is very good.
I have been playing Astrokings since the start of the year, around 288 days now, I am addicted to the fun, the events, the collaboration and friendship. I especially love the most recent collaboration event "ASTROKINGS x LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES" ... Rewards for an entire host of activities are endless. What makes this game special is the fact that the Dev cares for the players and game play, interruptions are rewarded and communicated. Thanks AN Games for an amazing even yet again and a great game, yes after all this time I still play daily . Galaxy - G18 Federation - ACE Name - Vaga
Update.. The developers are exceptionally greedy. If your galaxy doesn't spend money then you are merged with a high spending galaxy which will either force you to quit the game or spend a ridiculous amount of money. Thanks for completely ruining what was a good game. You won't be getting anymore of my money. The G22 - G18 merge was a disaster. The amount of players you've lost because of the Korean dictatorship is awful.
If you don't constantly play, upgrading higher buildings becomes impossible with lack of dark matter and thorium
Beautiful game graphically. Cool units to work with. Strong pay 2 win influence. No PVP restriction. Constant crashing. (I own a 2 month old Android 11 phone) Did I mention the heavily influenced pay 2 win culture with this game? Overall, it's a game to pass some time with but don't get dedicated to it because no matter what the devs say you'll hit a huge pay wall. Once you engage in PVP combat and lose everything it's extremely hard to bounce back even with paying.
Hey this game keeps crashing or it's 5 stars hands down I love this game and everything about it the graphics are off the charts and the game play is every bit of the screenshots look how a game should be I just wish it wouldn't crash
Endless updates and Bug fixes that don't seem to fix anything as well as p2w players that don't allow anyone else to grow or enjoy the game. Regardless of what galaxy you end up in. If you're going to play a game that you want to enjoy or that you've decided you will actually spend your hard-earned money on, look elsewhere. It is abundantly clear that the developers of this game don't care at all about the people that play their game.
Never got to play since I was stuck on an update server reconnect-disconnected loop; uninstalling since from the reviews it's pay to win,no cryptocurrency system incorporated and ultimately not worth my time. Cute intro video though,peace
Can y'all fix this game? I tried refreshing the game and I even installed and uninstalled this game 3 times, and it STILL WONT LOAD THE GAME UP. I've played and put alot of money into this game ever since it first came out so please fix this immediately, it's ruining the game
Please ensure game platform can accept fed related treaties/agreement to prevent abusive players raiding other feds. Some feds are not growing because other players/feds become rogue and attack everyone. Other players are now quitting because other players are abusing inspite of inter/intra fed rules. Please do something about it. This game has now become stressful instead of being enjoyable because game platform currently allows abusive players. Thanks
It's somewhat ok. Astronest, The New Beginning is far more balanced. Here however, one mistake can cost you the whole account. Focusing on research and staying as small as possible doesn't work. Fast growth also doesn't work. Your only option becomes spending ton of crystals on shields. Becomes less of a RTS and more of Shield Time Battles. Combat needs adjustment, since there is no point attacking same level players.
Been playing this for a few months now and I'm hooked. Its a pvp RTS, base-builder type game where you build up your planet and your fleet, with a simple aim of taking over the galaxy. Different mechanics keep the gameplay somewhat varied through different objectives and opportunities. But the core thing driving the game is the community, a shared sense of progression and competition, politics and dramas keep it interesting. I came for the game, I stayed for the community.
The game is great but the difference is huge between those who can afford tonspend thousands of dollars and those who can't. The new Collab event with LOTGH is pretty good for the new flagships. Rewards for sub events are good too. However what's not so good is the exytremely low frequency of getting event wanted posters from NPC.
I've been playing for almost a year now. I enjoy the graphics, teamwork, and solo play. I wish planets skins were available as obtainable reward without making a purchase, but other than that it's a great way to challenge your mind on how to beat your apponents. The most recent event has added some new activities and more flagships. I wish the event wanted pirates pirates dropped more often though.
The game is taking too much time to load and sometimes I need to reinstall every time I use. Apart from that. It's a amazing game. I wish we could send directly nuclear missiles to plannets as a final remedy and that will cause planet devestation and we have to use some coins , iron and thorium to re create destroyed buildings. So the attack feels real
Well, it's a great game but, it's pay to win. The developers don't care if there is a huge player bullying the galaxy. They just care about the money. We email the developers multiple times begging to help us with the overpowered player but they start to ignore us. The players can break rules and do whatver they want as long as they are giving the developers money. It's dissapointing.
I don't usually pay for games, but this is the first time I did in game purchase, just a small amount but I wanted to show my support to the developer on what a good job they've done. But of course, I still feel that it is pay to win as many high ranking player seem incredibly powerful, but it also give non paying player a chance. Good job on the balance so far
its a good game however for the most part it is pay to win, a single Player with huge level gap can wipe out your entire federation . Im only level 19 yet i have been raided by a level 44 player that almost drained my national power and resources.
I tried to dl it so many times.. I cant open the app. My cp is xiaomi k20 pro premium 12 GB RAM AND 512 GB ROM. WITH LOTS OF SPACES. PLS HELP!
Very p2w. Devs do not do enough to try and keep any kind of balance. The new collaboration event is okay. The drop rate is pretty bad. Can go 20+ hits and get 0 wanted posters. Devs let p2w players get away wit alot
Graphics OK, zooming in and out could of been better, more detailed close ups. I like figuring out how to play new games that's half the fun. I couldn't make it past the tutorial, bored me watchin a finger play the game and spoiled things I would of liked to learn on my own. Just not for me, someone else may really enjoy this.
Initially I was very interested in this game then suddenly the number 1 federation in my galaxy with 40 plus levels decided to attack everyone. With the constant attack from enemy more than 15 level different, and having spend crystals on shields, I see no reason to continue playing. There ahould be level restriction to help balance the game.
The players who want to pay can and those who don't.....don't. The non-paying players were able to grind out different parts of the game and still be somewhat competitive. The developers would run two types of events. There are the 2 day events that all players can do and finish with little effort. Then you have the bigger events that last 2 weeks. The 2 week events took a bit more work but worth the effort in the rewards. All were free Now you have to pay to finish the bigger events.
Update: after 3 weeks playing I'm now giving up too 😫 after 40 attacks by same player...I lost everything. 3 days shield and planet relocated by the game.....its too little too late. At £17.00 a month I cant afford daily shields. I can't keep building resources only to get back to Square one. Federation CER in game are nothing but bullies and even said they'd stop the 'war' if all players stayed out of public chat. Not a game for children or those with financial responsibilities.
Greatest Sci-Fi Space Game I've played in a LONG time. Pay to win? While there in app purchases available, they are entirely optional. I first found this game, after I played one of the Devs other game ASTRONEST for about 2 years. And then they released a NEW IN DEPTH game?! I just had to download 😂👍 This game is definitely worth a try.
The LGOTHxAstrokings Collab is good but can be better. The items for Exchange is great however the rate of token drops from the NPC is too low. Takes a really a lot of work to get enough tokens for a casual game.
Great idea for a game, extremely pay to win though, there is very little information available online in English about the game so end game consists of being dominated by people from its country of origin. Events frequently happy in the middle of the night for North America's since their is no NA server. Also unstable on many android platforms.
The game has a well-though design and the support is amazing. They are very responsive and quick to deal with issues. It is constantly being updated and the new collaboration event is an example of how much new / nice content they provide!
No point in starting this game unless you plan on spending a tone of money the devs made it so you cant win otherwise because people can att any other lv and there's no way for you to win. (edit, at least some effort has been made to offset the complete destruction of your Fleet by giving some free recovery resources and a very minor protection has been added from much higher level people attacking you)
Been playing for a little while. Game has a lot of con's, few pro's. Well I'll go with the short list the pro's; takes your money easily, they are trying to fix problems also changes game goals. Con's; communication between allies non-existent, navigating through your base, you keep on getting caught and moves to a different spot than what you were going for. Reset grahics as low as u can no help.! Game will lose connection often! More2cum
Koreans having half priced packs sale allows whales to hit extremely small plants without balance. We need a galaxy where everyone pays the same amount for packs. Koreans pay half what everyone else does. We shouldnt be forced to play in their galaxies. It's as if we're set up to be prey, permanently. Galaxy without Koreans (not because they're Koreans... but because of the distinct advantage they have due to AN's policy of unethnically-based price discriminat
The game is good. But it's pay to win. If you get hit hard and all is lost gonna take forever to bounce back even with money. No safety. What is astronest for , there is no safety in it? Higher-ups attack lower levels and when there is no bouncing back people quit and that will down the count on number of players in game. When there is less to play no way this game gonna be famous, atleast that's what I think. Hope the developers come up with a way to make this game more interesting.
Why are you allowing the big players to raid planets over 12 times, most of my friends stop playing the game due to the big players taking out smaller players I have spend money on this game, but its just a waste, because the big players just keep on raiding you
Developer does a good job of providing regular events. Current event Legend of Galactic Heroes giving out new flagships, heroes, etc is a blast! Wish it was easier to get wanted posters without burning through your AP.