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Asteronium: Idle Tycoon - Space Colony Simulator

Asteronium: Idle Tycoon - Space Colony Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Валерий Глущенко located at Россия, г. Краснодар, ул. им 40 - летия Победы, дом 60, кв 160. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
An interesting strategy with beautiful graphics. Be careful: after playing for a few minutes it's hard to stop :)
Stops working after I close the app once. It won't start again, just black screen. Recyclation is too expensive. I mean, 4 ads to remove one junk? And when you need to send a worker there 4 times for 10 minutes? It's obvious the developers want to make as much money from this as they can and can't.
Well the game put me in the negative at 9.87AB I DELETED EVERYTHING AND IT DIDNT RESET TO 0 RESTARTING I WILL LOSE EVERYTHING This game was fun but no after weeks of playing it is broken and unfixable No I went to sleep with money going up then when I woke in the morning I was -9.87 ab it happened once early on but managed to get back to 0 and watch 1 add to restart the cash flow but I was too far in the negative to bother trying to fix the issue. I enjoy the game but it is broken
When i looked to download this game and read the reviews and they said it was a money grab so i was like ok lets give this a try and i guess it kinda is with the piles of junk but its a good game so i recomend either making more junk but 1 ad or at least redusing the ads required also for the stations that remove junk have them remove the whole pile and if you want you can make it alittle more time (20min instead of 10min) but as i said realy good game so good job :D
Over a great game I don't understand why you can't upgrade your drones would give it five stars but I really see this as a downfall that I have to destroy a station to take it to the next stage
Waste of time. Money grabber. No real reason to play. Takes 5 mins before you max out and need to spend in game money. $45 unlocks game. What a joke. Its not even an amzing game
Game opened and played just fine for 20 minutes. I closed game and later when trying to open it just shows a black screen. Tried force stopping and restarting the game but no change. I've played alot of unity games and this is the first to let me down.
Was having a good time for a few days until the game glitched on me and gave me a negative amount of money. Now I'm completely stuck due to not even being able to buy the cheapest unit unless I restart and lose all my progress. Even emailed the devs and haven't heard anything back from them in days.
Some of the sounds are intrusive. While the ads aren't terrible, they're asking far too much to get rid of them. If it were a more reasonable price, it might have been a consideration, however, at the price they set and with the sound issues, it's annoying enough to cause an uninstall.
Very interesting asteronium game. We have to Manage our space energy mining business to earn price to become a tycoon. Too much interesting game.
Amazing space simulation game. I am enjoying more than my kids. My friends are also fan of asteronium game.
Would be a good game but it is too much of a money grabbing game to keep it with that in mind it will be uninstalled
if you are going to convince the players to purchase any items that had the remove pop up adds, you should actually do that. secondly the accession should come with perks and be progressive. ill rate higher as things are fixed. outside of that i do lime this game.
Fun idle for a while, but becomes pointless to play after you finish the research first time. Upon restarting you "travel to a new system", but everything is identical, including graphics, only easier because now you have a multiplier. There is no goal to work towards, at least not at the time of this writing. Hopefully future updates will add depth to the game. Ads almost entirely optional and not bad unless you want to rush clear debris, which is not necessary to progress.
It's a good game, I like the way you need to expand to unlock better things/mechenes and to use them you need to turn money. So it's like a triangle, I don't like that you have to save up so much money to unlock a new building play form.
Really enjoying the game...but, played for an hour or so and then took a break and played some other games but I just kept thinking about Asteronium. So I decided to get back at it, only the game wouldn't load....just black....no sound...no picture....nothing. no problem, must restart my tablet right....wrong......still nothingness....:( I don't want to have to reinstall and lose all my progress. Maybe its my tablet I don't know. But anyways, good game guys.
The bugs have been fixed n i can play. If the game works, its pretty good. Id give it 3.5 stars but since you cant ill give em the 4 stars. Solid fun.
Fun little time killer. Question for the devs: Is there some kind of ASCEND feature where the game restarts but you get bonuses on your next playthrough? If so, how do I reach it?
Really enjoy incremental games management games like this. It's really a smooth game haven't gotten very far as of yet but hope to. I do wish there was a function that allowed you turn off buildings instead of just removing them. Like if you're autonomous capsule is operating at a loss be able to turn it off until you can upgrade it. However still really enjoy it and haven't run into any bugs
Immediately money hungry, having to pay to recycle, shutting down 90% of the land space, just another sad money hungry Dev. Played for one minute got an ad and the first thing I see is just that has to have FOUR i repeat FOUR ads watched to get rid of ONE square, don't waste your time people, they'll respond here but won't do anything to fix it
It's a simple idle game that throws in progressive upgrades. My biggest complaints though: Removing junk for four ads or 40 minutes per piece is a great way to force ad traffic or Pay to Win, which is a shame as it's an offline capable game with no real incentive to spend the money. I also wish that there was a better way to view your in-game stats separate from the almost useless counters at the top. Being able to see my overall unit use would be nice. Overall, not bad for what it is.
By the time you get going in what has potential, you realize this game has forced ads. No reason to play the game any further when without warning an ad plays. Worst decision to implement.
This is a pay to progress version of reactor. Don't download this game, it takes 40 minutes to get one spot to build on or you watch 4 ads. and the game has forced ads as well, the developer is out of his mind if he thinks he can get and keep a playerbase this way.
As soon as I close the app it will not load again. I enjoyed what I did play please can you do something about it. Looking at other reviews I'm not the only one. After a couple of updates since my first review the issue has been fixed. It's still an enjoyable games to pass the time
A fairly enjoyable game. Be prepared to watch a fair number of ads. Also be prepared that on many of those ads you will NOT receive the promised reward. The game will also freeze and restart after some ads, and again will not provide the promised reward for watching the ad. I truly dislike dishonest games. I cannot see why Google allows such things. --- The only thing I can really ad is my device type, which is a Moto Z4. Aside from that, I've described the issues clearly.
Fun game but I've gotten it to ascension level 38 and i can finish all upgrades in about 5 minutes now. There isn't much point to keep playing. Edit - Thanks AstroLab for responding, but I think you misunderstood. I can already build the biggest factory, "Giant Rocket" in about 5 minutes after ascending. There is nothing more I can do but to ascend and save 10 seconds the next time around.
Stop with the adds popping up while playing... It takes away from the playing experience having to sit through a add every couple of minutes...
it was good until I upgraded until I couldn't get selling anymore so I had to relay on drones to do the work
It is a very good game, however I encountered a rather frustrating glitch about 20 minutes into playing, the research would go up but the money was saying it was getting 0 a second and the bar for selling was not filling though I was getting money slowly. Would rate higher if this glitch wasnt there
Went to sleep with a really good positive collection rate, woke up with a negative amount of money and I cannot do anything. Can't earn money and now I have to restart. Game is waste of time.
Gotta love a game where you are negative 5 billion in the first hour of playing. Game glitched and now I am somehow so negative I can not catch back up. Fix your game devs.
It's a total graphical remake of other similar games. There's no actual game, no decisions, just a timer for which you have little control over. There are so many idle games with actual interesting choices for progression. The rating Windows only opens when you give them too score in-game which is hilarious. It's a cash grab, if you don't mind, have fun, if that is even possible.
Upgrades cost too much, being several thousand times more expensive than they give in return, requiring days to save up for with nothing else to do
Everytime I come back it says -12.8b cash can't figure out why everytime I get to 600m+ cash it just depletes it back to zero.. can't make any progress
It's an alright ad based microtransaction idle miner. I like the aesthetics and setup but the progression and obsolescence of earlier items are unbalanced. The original
Hi ive been playing for bout 4 days now ive Ive notice my money drop from $50 million to $30 every time i leave the game an come back its a really good game but can u plzz fix this thank you
This game has been pretty fun, but just when I've managed to get to about 5 million a per second income its glitching out. It will reduce income to 1.81 million and once I reach 600 million it takes all my money and swaps back to almost 4mil... also ads now launch unbidden, what changed? Without an update even..
I enjoy this game a lot and there are barely any ads. It's great that there is no limit to how much you can accumulate offline because it doesn't feel like it's forcing you to be on often. It's a great casual game. How do you ascend though? Is that a future feature?
Just a black screen when I try to play. Worked first day playing it then black screen...after 2 updates still no fix. Edit: The last update fixed my games issue, thank you for that. I like that this game has a good sci fi look and and a strategic element to it.
Played for a little bit. Came back 2 hours later and I'm somehow negative 3.2 mil cash and like 500k research points negative Edit No. all i did was close app and watch a movie on my computer. came back after the movie and the game was all negatives . Edit 2. i reset all progress and it seems to be working properly now. not sure if it was just a bug or whatnot.
Good game I like the concept very similar to another game sort of like it but that will GameStop functioning so this is an excellent replacement. I would really like though a module within the game that allows you to see statistics on everything in your mining operation. Like total mineral cell or total capacity of your drones as compared to what is being sold total across your network. That would be good I would really like to see that
Very boring with little to no concept of what the game is about. There was not any tutorial to understand the game or functions. Not impressed!