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ASMR Slicing

ASMR Slicing for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give it a five star it's really satisfying, and I love the things you can slice it's a great app. Except for the fortune cookie at first it was fine but then it's started breaking it but it didn't give me my fortune and it didn't let me past to it to actually play the game, fix this glitch please and thanks
Truly relaxing. Is well thought out with sounds and colors. I like it. Ads are not to bad. You can skip them a few seconds in.
Pretty good game, If you play for a long time, you get money that you cannot spend because you have bought everything already.
I think this app is very fun and I woke up everyday I wake up every morning and play this game even but it is being was very fun to play so I think I should make more of like like different kind of games but it just like this
I love this game the shops and swords are so cool and the little missions and the cutting sound is sooo amazing and satisfying and calming I'm sorry but i would like to say there's to many adds but also when adds come at least this game puts some games that are cool as adds that i actually want to install and not some stupid games people put as adds this game is so amazing defendly recommend it
This app is really satisfying and i really enjoy it. Thenonly reason i didnt rate it 5 stats is because it gets a bit boring at times sndthe adds r annoying. Other then that , i really reccoment ASMR slicing.
It is an very good game because it is so much satisfying but the problem is that it has so many ads after 1 level there are so many ads so that's only the problem but it's so much fun playing this game that 's why i have given this game all the stars.
You can turn your phone on airplane mode to get rid of the ads. But after you play a few levels the game gets boring. The same things over and over again. Crossy Road has the same things but it never gets old.
If you slice something more than 5 times and the slices stay on screen, the game freezes and crashes.
I would rate this game on a 5 star rating. But the amount of adds that are on this game is really annoying. And also the game is satisfying but not enough to please me . This game takes a lot of space and honestly Its just a waste of time
It's a great game,really satisfying,nice sounds,But when you turn off challenge mode the fortune cookies don't work and you can't skip it.Other than that i have no problems or complaints
loved it but now with the recent most update the 'daily fortune' cookie does not get smashed completely and it's now stuck on that always
This game is SO fun!Idk why I love it, because you LITERALLY just slice stuff, but I like the little challenges it gives you, like "Cut this in half" or "Cut in three equal pieces" Five stars. Get this game!!
It *used* to be great... But apparently in a recent update they now made it so that you can't control the speed of the knife cutting. You used to drag it through the shape yourself and could cut as fast or slow as you liked. Now you just tap the screen and it cuts way too fast and they RUINED it.
This game is so relaxing. You can make as big or as little cuts as you want. I especially love the spin the wheel feature.
Only liked one sound from one knife don't like that sound anymore. Not many sound options from knifes and not appealing. Good that can play off line. It is satisfying to cut things with sound off.
Okay, soooo, this game is literally so fun and all but i wish they didnt make u sit and wattch an add literally like after every little slice it is every minute an ad i wish the ads were lowered, but honestly the game is amazing! Its satisfying to do the slices!
Love the game but i cant beat levle 60 it has no ada and i love it but it can be anoying now that i cant cut slow and whan i do try to cut it is so fast and it is getting boring i mean great game until levle 60 then it just gets inpossible i persanly think that it is satisfing but the daily fortan is stressfull because i cant staind when a fortan cookie gets crushed and not broken apart like omg it is cool
If your wondering why I gave this game one star is because there are to much ads and I don't now why its not satisfying.Sorry if i sound rude.And people o now u tried
I downloaded this game,thinking it was gonna glitch and not be satisfying at all...But,turns out...I was wrong!This game is enjoyable and a very entertaining game ☺️ Kept me playing for ages,and there aren't even that many ads!And if there are,it's worth it πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΏI love the special items,especially the Bathtub!Please download this game πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΏ
This game is very fun but it is very hard to break open the cookie with the hammer I can do it on challenge but I can't to it on ths free mode can you please fix that please other wise I like this game better now
I did enjoy this game until the daily fortune cookie was add. Now game will not go past fortune cookie with hammer. I've been waiting for a while to see if it was fixed. And it has not been fixed so I'm uninstalling app/game.
This game has a lot of downsides Everything you cut has the same sound too many ads etc. Don't really recommend this if you have anxiety or depression just watch a satisfying youtube video 😊 the sound just sounds like somebody scratching a chalk board and probably is. Another example: I don't expect the great wall of china to sound like cutting a cake
I really loved this game it's fun and very satisfying 😌 I would like less amount of advertisement though I highly recommend this game.
It's a really good game I love it because it is so sadistfying AND it barely has any ads like OMG I definitely recommend this game to you 5 STARS!
I'd give it five or four stars but there is too many forced adverts. It's so annoying,sorry but I'll give it two stars.πŸ’” When it says to cut small bit of the sand and I did, it says it was too much when it wasn't. 😑 And when I was cutting the sand it would get glitchy.😭 When you want to change blades, it will give you to watch the adverts. It's is a good relaxing game but there are some minor issues in the game.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Ž
Relaxing as hell. 100% recommend this game. If this isn't relaxing to you, then you got something messed up in your head.
It's a good game but all the ads are bad it's not the actual ads I hate it's the type of them if you try to click the x button when the adds done it takes you to the play store and I find that really annoying if the game didn't have those types of ads I would have given it a four rating The reason it's not a five-star is because I can't really do a lot it's not and it's not really that satisfying
great app! love it and it's so satisfying! confused why it has levels... but it's still fun! theres not that many ads, or at least not after every single level. more like ever 3 or 4 levels.
fun and realaxing for me i recomend this app only thing i dont like is that its very hard for me to finish levels but overall very good app
It's not bad. Most probably coming later will become harder. But nevertheless still enjoying it. Adds so far are not as bad..
I love the game it's so relaxing and it's a lot of adds but love this game please make more of these gamesβ™₯️
This is a pretty nice game. However, like any mobile game there are of course going to be ads. I absolutely love the amount of ads you're putting in. It's not too much but there are enough to give you more money. This game is amazing in my opinion. If you feel sad just play this gsme and all your stress just goes away. I really recommend this game.
Once apon a time I was looking for apps and I found asmr sliceing It was so cool until...you guessed it ADS in each level there where so I MEAN SO many ads overall it's satisfying Asmr sliceing I would like to say great job overall
I really love this app because it helps a lot if I'm ever feeling mad, and I LOVE ASMR it's so relaxing an it helps a lot for you to feel better πŸ’
This game is great, it is exactly as advertised and it runs smoothly, however I do have some suggestions. #1 Allow the player to control the speed of the knife as it slices. #2 Have the "daily fortune cookie" happen once a day and change the "fortunes" to be actual fortunes. "You can keep a secret" is not a fortune. #4 Lighten up on the ads in either the gameplay or the knife selection. In my opinion you can unlock too many knives by just watching ads.
Dis game is like AMAZING IN THE BUTT it helps me sleep and it's really SATISFYING so you guys created the satisfying relaxing game ever but the ads don't really bother me idk what happened so there are no glitches or lags nothing it's really fun thank you guys for creating this game I LUV DIS GAME πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜šπŸ‘β€
I love it so much because there is a satisfying sound in this game so pretty pls get it it is free so what are you wanting for this is your game but one problem is that you have to get a proper slice so make sure you have a proper slice thank you for reading what I show up to you so go a head start up to buy it by emoji face time🀒☺️😭🀧😡 o ya.
There is something wrong with the game. I cant see what im cutting, only a pink blob. Please fix this, i would enjoy the game alot more if i knew what i was doing.
This game is very great and when I first used this game there's no add but it suddenly have tons of adds like when I'm done cutting something then an add will pop up and this game is great for asmr but please fix it
One suggestion, please after we finish slicing the things, do not make it so when we finish this option thing comes up and says cut it. Like after we finish directly bring in the next kinetic sand because its really annoying when I slice it then it gives me options what I want to do next it ruins my satisfaction
Good game. I like the mystery/special items. Love the credit card as a knife as well. Maybe devs one day add an unlimited item, that'll be pretty good.
So nice! It is actually relaxing and satisfying and there are hardly ANY uneccissary ads! It is a very good app that I play when Ibam stressed outbor bored. I totally recommend to anyine with mild anxiety!
The cutting table is the same colour as the things that you cut so it's not 'ASMR'. I'm on level 15 and they didn't give me anything so I have to keep going on the same kind of gift again and again. Don't anyone buy this.
0 stars. I got to the earth level, and as soon as I cut into my country, there was a loud noise. I switched on the news. Half of the earth was chopped off and fell into space, killing billions of people. Ok but seriously, boring, too many ads, don't download.
It is really a wonderful game I hope you will also enjoy it playing I advise you to install it , but the reason that I am giving it only 4 stars instead of 5 ,because I am very tired of a lot ads in it the one who has made it I would say him plz do something of its ads otherwise this game is a very relaxing , enjoyful whenever I am tired I play it to relax myself .
I like the app it's not really bad.πŸ˜„ But good job πŸ‘πŸ₯³I love the app it's the best the slassifying sound is just is just so much mind-blowing
It was really nice and the sounds are amazing but at a certain point the game wouldn't let me pass the level even though I did it right.
It used to be awesome. You could drag, cut at your own speed, you didn't have to open a stupid daily fortune, and there were NO ads. None at all. But now you hold and it cuts super fast so you can't even enjoy it. And there are ads after every. Single. Level. Please give us the original version, even if it comes in a different app. Please listen to me, Developers! I hate it now, give us the old version back!
Love the sound it is so good ASMR and guys seeing this comment I reccomend you play this with earphones it is amazing not joking/lying this game is amazing!!!
Literally SO relaxing! If you are, like... stressed, you should play this game, it reileves ALL of my stress whenever I get stress, I give this game a 5/5 rating and you should, too! Thank you so much for reading this message!
It is a good game and very relaxing the only reason I've put 3 stars is because sometimes it only let's you slice a bit of the shape and not the whole thing which can make my anxiety worse but overall it makes it better as it usually let's you cut the whole thing
The game is good and I like it but the problem is ads I like this game It is my second favourite game I like fortnite more will I could like but games
You can cut the ! Coronavirus this game is so much fun and satisfying you can cut the Coronavirus!!! This game is so much fun I love cutting the coronavirus that was really satisfying and a bit scary because seeing the real coronavirus was scary I wish the coronavirus could go away just as I was cutting it because I do not like the coronavirus because it literally destroyed me going to my swim class my basketball class it also destroyed going to travel because I really wanted to go to Hawaii
I love this game..❀πŸ”₯🌼 It's awesome and amazing..πŸ‘… N the sound when we cut tht.. OMG🀩lovely... I don't have any problem also..πŸ€—
This is an AMAZING game! It's so easy and fun! I use it all the time and it's really,REALLY satisfying! So fun and easy to use. The gameplay it amazing and you get to have different knives to cut the sand. There are so many options and it'll never get old! The graphics are amazing and the controls are too. I love this game and would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND to everyone and anyone! I love this,and hope you do too! Thxxx β€οΈπŸ™‚ bye πŸ˜ŽπŸ’–πŸ˜Š
Don't bother unless you love ads. It's literally a few seconds of slicing. Followed by a 30 second ad. Wanna unlock stuff? Watch an ad. Skip the ad when the 'X' appears and it won't count.
I have enjoyed this game overall. However, after just playing the app for the first time in a few months, I am disappointed to find I am no longer able to control the slicing. The knife slices all the way down, then back up in one movement. You used to be able to guide the knife down and up at your own speed. Not as enjoyable to use now. :(
Its amazing! There's barely any ads! It sounds amazing too! I love it so much!!!!!!! I recommend it so much!!!
This slime app is great , but when I open the app , i have to squish the fortune cookie with the hammer and I try to hit it but it doesn't let me squish it all the way and it just freezes
I love this game. The ASMR sound is so much much good . ASMR Slicing.woooow sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice
I love this game very cool the advertisements don't really bother Me because that's how the devs make their money anyway yeah totally recommend and happy easter 😘
This game is really extremely satisfying sometimes I get all pretty I would say really stress because I cannot finish the level up it's so hard when you can't finish.
I love the gameplay! Its so relaxing and I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH! I recommend that all the people play this πŸ’– asmr is fun ❀️ Bye bye πŸ’–
This is a relly fun game and l relly like it but there are to many ads but overall a fun game l gave four because of the ads but if there was less ads l wiuld give 5 stars
It's very satisfying and I use it when I feel stressed and there nothing wrong but whenever I do the cutting my phone vibrates but it's ok I'll give it 10 stars πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Omg other than the adds this is soooo anoying i was doing a special level than it crashed so i closed it then when i opened it it put me on a lower level and you have to watch an add for everything😀 other than that it's a pretty fun game
I would have put a 5 star if there weren't as many forced ads, and when you cut. You are not given the opportunity to cut the whole thing. I think there should be a sandbox of just cutting untill you don't want to. Without advertising.
Its ok,what I really don't like is all these missions like I just wanna cut yet it keeps giving us so many missions like find 3 fish,cut off this number of pieces,cut off this amount of weight and etc. It really should be modes like free mode and mission mode. Also after almost every 2 or 3 levels it shows an ad. Besides that its an a-ok game
Its great but i really dont like the daily thing its very bad the hammer is not strong enough and theres a glitch where i cant open the cookie and i cant play i really would like this fixed. And if not its gonna be a 2 or 1 bye
I like it then i hate it (50%like-50%hate it)i just downloaded the game then its suler laggy when i asked my family if their wifi is okay they said its ok then its super laggy and i dont like it i coudlent hear the asmr sound and i dont reccomend this game
I gave it 3 stars because at level 84 the challange was to find 5 worms when i found it all the game still said level failed but everything else was fine and fun beside some bugs still in the game but overall it was fun,satisfying and entertaining
My daughter loves this game, although the sound when you cut is not satisfactory but the game is fun.
The actual slicing is very relaxing, but the structure of the app is annoying. I don't want objectives and levels, I just wanna zone out and play with an object for as long as I want.
I downloaded this game as a way to kill time and relax. It works pretty good until I get those don't touch the red levels. I hate those and wish they weren't part of the game. The only other thing I have to complain about is the repetitiveness. Otherwise, it does exactly what I downloaded it for.
When I get stressed and I am going somewhere I go somewhere via ASMR Slicing then I am sooooooooooo relaxed and ready to go you should definitely get this app and try to relax when stressed play this game and you WILL feel better so give it a go. And if you do it with ear phones the better the experience is.😌😌😌 Once I am on this app I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE πŸ˜… You know you should. So try today
Love it! The asmr relaxes me, calms me down, and alot more! I recommend downloading this! Keep up the good work asmr team!
It's super laggy, There is always adverts so it's not really ASMR. You made it slice quick. Don't get this app. your waisting your time!!!
I have this on my phone and it showed the counter and the sand I'm cutting is pink, please fix this glitch if you don't then I'll rate this a 3 2 or 1, plss fix glitch.
I kind of like this game except for when it gets to the cute stuff it makes me very sad that cute things die
After the game mechanics was updated, the knife seems to not follow the motion of my finger and i could not directly control the height of the knife, so the action became clumsier, and not satisfying at all.
This game(App) is amazing! There are not that much ads at all, there might be if you want to watch the ads to get different stuff to slice(Cut). It is so relaxing and smooth. Most of all, it's very fun when you are bored! Thank you for this Game(App).
It was okay, but it kept loging me in and out and I checked my internet and other games were working so there is a problem with this game, it keeps loving me in and out so I uninstalled it
This game has everything I wanted like satisfying sounds satisfying visual and that is all so, you must download this game I promise that this game will make you satisfied😁
Amazing app! Devs, if you could make non-mystery items holographic too, that would be awesome! But besides that, I totally reccomend this game!!😍😍😍
It is nice app but I give only 4 stars because in that app sometimes they says us to cut earth if we can't what will happen and it is nice also because sometimes they also tell us to cut the Corona virus (COVID-19)
I like this game because your level go up fast it fun you can play evey game like cause it fun you can do any thing in slice any part it laget pereit that why i love this game so much
look, i consider myself a very ad-tolerant person. i dont mind clicking an X in the corner. the problem comes with being FORCED to WATCH ads. between EACH level, you are forced to sit through an ad anywhere ftom 3 - 15 seconds long. and to receive prizes you EARNED, you MUST sit through a 30 second ad! the ONLY reason i gave this app a 3/5 instead of a 2/5 is because after lvl 38, ads start playing every OTHER level, making it tolerable.
Good game. It is nice for helping kids learn colors and objects. Very cool kids game and would play again.πŸ’ž Very Good app. It is the app that will make kids happy. 5 stars
I love this game the time i saw it and play with it i loved it so much and who ever did this game i love your game and i really like it if you did not get it go get it NOW.
This is a really good game but there are a couple things that are really what I think is not a 5 stars. The first thing is the buzzing or vibrating that the game does it is not cool! So theey might want to fix it. The second thing is the adds I hate the adds the just keep coming in 1 minute I got like three adds in a 2 seconds the third thing is you get a prize that you halt to water before getting the prize and sometimes you don't get a prize like why? Huh????? And you get a cutter more adds ..
It's ok, I even read the ratings to make sure this game is good but when I downloaded the app it was way to glitchy it glitched me out and then just stopped working so I had to Uninstall it.
I love this app but the fortune cookie thing is broken. It won't let me go past it...no matter what I do...it won't give a fortune either. Please fix this cause I use this app for my anxiety.
It's pretty cool. I think the sound affects could use work ( the sound of the blade cutting through objects ) but over all a 😎 app
I would rate this five stars, but it looks like there is a level of don't touch the red they are extremely hard! Please do remove them.
Game is REALLY relaxing, also extremely spooth, I recommend giving it a try. However, it still has the problem most mobile games have. Ad frequency. There's an ad after every level, but sometimes after 3 levels.
I cant even start playing cause it always says"asmr slicing has gone down" i was sad cause i saw such good reviews please fix this
This app is so cool you can do as much things as you want it you can cut and it makes it seem like it's real look at the game
I love this game!β€πŸ’―it's fun and easy and way to satisfying if anything deserves a 5 star it is this imma make sure this games goes viral❀❀❀
Im having a problem when i play this game, im on level 15 and im stuck. I cut one slice of it and then it does not cut another slice. Otherwise its a nice game. Please fix it.
i just dont like how some levels end right after achieving it's goal. and the shapes that we unlock by watching a video could be much more satisfying without that rainbow color inside. otherwise perfect game. EDIT: Just realised we can just turn off challenge mode to play the level without tasks. but i still don't like the rainbow thing.
The reason why I gave 3 stars is because to many ads like everytime you do a level an ad pops up like I know yall money but dang it ain't that serious like come on so if I get tried of it I just turn off my wifi
This is a rubbish game because you have to cut whatever you are cutting sooooo slowly and I played one level and I'm going to delete it after the report posts. But it is a bit of a time wasting game. It is a little bit glitch but not much. I don't recommend to play this.
This thing is soooo good...u better download it soo good..But it contain ads..All you have to do is turn of wifi or mobile data and play..Then it is fun..Crazy labs by tabtale games are super duper fun!Thank you Crazy labs!😊
Wow, such a good app, if you have a buzzing or vibrating sound, go to the three lines and make vibrations off, and if u don't want challenges turn challenges of for just a relaxing gameplay other than challenges on some levels. cool knifes aswell! And if you getting plenty ads, turn ur device on airplane mode or turn the wifi down, when ur done playing turn it on again, amazing app!
This game is good the only thing that bothers me is that the daily Fortune Cookie cards go away too soon. Like today I was looking away for a second and when I looked back all I saw was the card going away 😭but overall I like this game.
Way too many ads. Feels like more ads than game play. So intrusive. A reasonably priced, ad-free game might be better.
This game is satisfying I really like playing it in my mother's mobile but the problem is that when I start it in between the game stops and restarts .It has some glitches also pls fix this problem.
Played this game for a while. It's relaxing, creative with fun colors. I like the variety of the stuff you can cut. I liked it better when you can cut with slicing it on your own, without the one tap. And if they can bring back the option to remove ads. Ads after every cut takes the fun away.
Its a good game.but theres alot of ads.so if your a person who loves games woth a lot of ads this is the game for you.i give 3 stars for the awsome gameplay.
I LOVE THIS GAME 😍 it is amazing because I love the sound that it makes I just love the ASMR sound so I do recommend it.
I love this game ❀ this is sooooooo relaxing and there is no ads at all I have been playing this game and there is no ads at all I have reached level 33 and well no ads at all but still I think it's because I put it in airplane mode thats why so please when ever you play this game always put in airplane mode
Its a nice game but, one of the cookies you break says love is the world, the only fealing deserved to be fealt is pain and despare this game causes pain from to many adds, true despair... adds one star to a zero stars to much pain and repeat levels are in this game... pathetic give me robux now...
Goooood app, I mean it's not that bad.its fun but have some disappointments. The Adds are so annoying and the things start repeating after a few levels. You get an add after a level and before claiming any gift
I WOULD give it 5 β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† but after every single time I press CUT IT there's an ad. After I press LATER there's an ad. IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROUND YOU GUESSED RIGHT! AD! TOO MANY ADS. When I installed this before I loved it, but now there's too many ads. Tone down the ads and I'll change my review to 5 β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† . But other than that it's really fun