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Artisan Diaries 3D - Unique Puzzle

Artisan Diaries 3D - Unique Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Secret Test Lab located at Pärnu mnt 139a 11317, Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hello! Actually, I am very excited to play this game. But, when I open this game I receive a letter in the game and it open very slowly. And when it over, the game started but, the game is also very slow. I am very disappointed with this game. I will not recommend this game to all.
An excellent game to play when u have some extra time to spend, has an repetitive but very fun and enjoyable gameplay. The only problem is that reach a point that even though I completed all previous orders with 3 stars, I can't get enough stars to unlock the new ones.
Loved the game until the update when it wiped out ALL of my progress and now there is 1 level that is a horse that the pieces just float around and you can't complete it. Also, the energy never refills. I get a push notification saying its full, then I go in and it gives me 2 and is at 47 minutes. Fix the issues and I'll fix my rating!
Lots of ads and not much energy but really unique and interesting puzzles. Scoring is hard to figure out on some levels but super fun
It's a very fun game with a unique mechanic. The system to get a 3* however is really frustrating. Can't get a 3* even if you do it perfectly in a short amount of time.
Was a lot of fun, I love the spinning aspect of the broken puzzles, but the cleaning challenges are basically impossible for me to win. I can't progress further and I've tried so many times to just get one more star on the mask and horse levels but I just can't. Loved it before that, though.
I really sincerely enjoy this game. Ive been looking for something like this for years. I don't mind the ads cause it means i don't need to pay for energy. You guys are doing a great job!! ^_^
Fantastic game. Great puzzles. Having an issue completing 2 of the painting challenges as upon finishing, the item completely painted, there is no option to continue further and submitting the piece. When you tap the question mark it tells you when you are complete hit the button in the top left, which is the exit button. It does not save your work it just takes you back. I cannot get any stars on these. I want to keep playing but without these stars it's becoming increasingly difficult.
I enjoy the game a lot, got me hooked. Wish there were more levels, though. I seem to have gotten stuck after completing all the levels and collections in the order section.
Would be better, but there are 2 painting projects on shelf 17 that will not be considered fully painted.
I liked the idea of the game and also fine with ads but pls take down your compulsory star gaining thing and annoying cleaning level and make it more casually played thing without any energy bar.
It is a great app but freezes when you click the boxes for orders. Now I know that it can't be a memory issue because I have plenty. I also have seen a lot of other reviewers point this out, I really like the game itself it and the unique feel of it but it has it's a few hiccups.
I enjoy the game play. But the story and the rating I would rather not have. Makes it annoying. Will probably delete it because of annoyance.
In the illustration levels, how do you finish the level? The question mark tab says to hit the button in the upper left corner, but the only button there either exits the level with all progress wiped out or dumps you back in the level with the X Button and the Question Mark Button and no way to complete the level in the first place.
I absolutely ADORE this game. I would give it 5 stars but in the game, I have 3 stars for every puzzle (I should have 520 stars) so far but can't unlock the next section (requiring 520 stars) as it is registering that I only have 519 stars for some reason.
Well please include in your updates an explanation of how to complete the "efficiency" part of the game, because on the first few puzzles, I was able to get 3 stars easily, I know puzzles get harder, but I am not understanding how you have that part put together. How are you grading the player on the efficiency part??? I also don't see contact info for your company.
It's an interesting game, but the painting minigame just won't work. The progress bar never ever goes beyond 50% on any of them. After only about half an hour of play, I am stuck and cannot progress.
Too many ads, There's so many ads in this in every stage , it's so annoying. I don't want to play it again and I suggest everyone to don't install this app it's fully waste of time :-)
It's a fun way to pass the time, but the game won't let me progress. I need 520 stars to unlock the next batch, but I've done every single puzzle available, including advertisement ones and only have 519? Pretty disappointed at an impossible impasse.
This fame is still very fun i enjoy playing it especially after all the new levels that have been added all the previous things that where going wrong have been fixed but now there are levels that start but never show the stars bar or the paints or anything they won't let you mover the object around and it freezes the game making me force close the app and restart it
I very much enjoy this game, I only have one issue. I have 3 stars on each level and now have 519 stars, but the next level requires 520 stars to unlock 🤔
This is a fun game and a great way to make time fly. I'm giving it 3 stars because some of the things I have to clean take way more wipes than needed no matter how it's cleaned so I can't get the stars I need to pass the next level.
I rarely rate less than three but the energy constraint alone is enought to deserve 1 star in my book. The gameplay is satisfying with the cleaning and painting but you cant play after a few easy tasks due to the energy.
Very relaxing to play, good fun but would be nice if you didn't have to wait so long between puzzles for energy to refill
Very problematic. Freezes ALOT!!! It's very annoying because I love the game, but first you get very limited energy and then when you finally have energy it freezes.
Wrost game I ever played it contains many ads every level was get chance to reply only by watching ads some level can open only by watching ads
The actual puzzles of putting objects together is great! A good challenge and fun, but the cleaning portion is ridiculous. If I do it slow checking every part until 100%, it gives 2 or less stars. If I try to do it fast, it gives a worse score! There is very little direction on what the goal of cleaning is or how to get a full score. And the painting challenges are also vague, but not as bad as the cleaning challenges.
I'd give this a higher score. The game play is interesting enough and a good way to waste some time. However, 1. What signifies a turn? Its impossible to know how many turns it takes to complete a broken puzzle. 2. When cleaning an object, there's no counter to specify a "pass". It just says you had a percentage of extra passes in the efficiency. Auto scroll to bottom of order list. Clarify the painting orders better
Really fun, especially since the newest update fixed some of the issues I had. The previous star ranking system was called "efficiency" and seemed to be based on time, but how quickly you had to beat it to get 3 stars was really unclear. Now the rating is based on how many turns it takes, a much easier way of understanding what needs to be done. Keep up the good work!
Whoever made this game can go suck a fat one. They start you off by showing you this really fun game where you help out a town with their broken items then you can't play until you either pay money or watch an advertisement.
Was enjoying the game, unfortunately it requires watching ads to unlock levels and progress, I'm fine with optional ads to replenish energy and other unnecessary BS but I will not sit there farming add revenue for scammy companies just to progress through levels 🖕 And all they have to say is an automated BS response, don't waste your time on this trash
Getting rid of this game. Not because it's a bad game, it just crams way too many ads down your throat in order to play it... I don't mind the ads for extra energy, or special boxes, but also adding ads that play randomly throughout the game too??? That's going too far. Goodbye
This is a really fun and relaxing game. it also is a little challenging at times depending on you know how many pieces you're putting together as to the puzzles but for the most part it's really relaxing, I love the music that plays it's just really a fun game.
Wish I didn't really get judged for how well I do, and the energy system is annoying. Would rather just have fun and play a relaxing game
Relaxing casual game. But the adds might make it a lil bit annoying. I know u want to keep it alive using adds. But try to not make the adds pop up so often.
To be honest I was doubting this game thinking it would be like the games ketchapp make but no you've proved me wrong it's a good app great feel and everything it's not just bombarding you with ads or that stupid stuff it's actually a game that people look for! Creators of the app if your reading this keep up the great work
Loved the game, thought there are some problems. 1. You MUST watch ads to unlock certain portions. This would be fine if it was a new type of puzzles or even just more difficult ones. But they instead made it so levels you need to beat in order to progress are blocked by ads. 2. Ads can randomly appear when leaving a level. You don't get asked if you want them to play. The good thing is they reward you after you watch an ad. 3. Data wipe. Definitely annoying when I had around 300 stars.
Assembly part of the game is 5 stars, but I'm giving a 2 star review because of a few factors: 1. Bull assembly puzzle was buggy, required 3 3-star attempts before it registered as 3-stars. 2. Cleaning games are too unforgiving to obtain 3 stars, especially for low-end devices where the objects are spinning at 30 fps. 3. The painting games are badly executed, need a percent indication like cleaning games, and give us a preview of how the object should look instead of a pattern to follow.
The game is actually pretty cool, I rated it lower because it's not compatible with stylus/pen, that's important as it's one main thing I play certain games for. Also I've always despised energy based games, I wish nobody ever used it. I take my reviews very seriously, my before edit post talked about energy and it being a money grab, but I must say, you can watch an AD to refill energy. That's awesome and I hope it stays that way! the games cool it seems. I enjoy it alot, thank you all!
I like playing this game but there are 2 orders that are impossible to get 3 stars one where you color a peacock figure green I have don't it several times with the color it showes with the other lighter green color different colors patters everything and it showes after clicking done the accuracy is only 2 stars and it says the color is wrong another one where you paint the fish figure gold it will not ever let it be finished no matter how many times you go over every millimeter of it I havepic
Really cute game. Good mechanics. Not giving full 5 yet cause I just downloaded it and haven't played enough yet.
Now that I got it working I'm really enjoying it. The ads can be annoying, but that's pretty much any game with ads, so it's fine. I'm enjoying the stories a lot, and the gameplay is something I'd never seen before, it's super cool.
It's pretty nice game to be able to pass by time, unfortunately the game freezes a lot so you waste your chances (or energy in the game) on being able to play before you have to wait for it to recharge. The game freezes and stops working so you cant move pieces or color the items, thus wasting your chance and being back to waiting.