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Artillerists for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by SolarLance located at Hidden. The game is suitable for Teen (Mild Fantasy Violence, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Entertaining and plays well. Wish it weren't quite so stingy with awarding coins, but liked it otherwise.
This is a great rendition of the classic "Battleship" game, only with air and land artillery. Refreshing! Graphics are great and it's a lot of fun. Great when you're feeling aggressive and you want to pound some things.
The game is simple and makes you think where your enemies exact position and make yours hard to find I like it
I actually like the play mechanics however I wish there was a better way to get the coins and a tutorial or index on the symbols and skills
Although not that good in terms of narration of characters like the Commander and the troops, the game is Fun! With a problem solving experience of where the enemy is and you need to be precise of where they are! Great time killer!
Very simular to battleship but the perks are not half bad... The progress is a wee bit slow tho Overall I would recommend giving it a shot
I downloaded again because its worth going through and playing again only problem is not enough missions good game I'm playing again we'll see maybe more missions still a good game
Purely a game of luck. No strategy, skill or effort required. The odds are stacked against you so that you buy your way to victory or keep clicking mindlessly until you get lucky. Enjoy!
It's a great strategic game... But can you add some new campaign and some new units, please? And also, it would be nice if you guys slightly reduces the price for consumables and weapons... Overall, it's a good game... I would love to recomend it to my friends... Keep up the good work guys... Thanks...
A different take on the classic battle ship board game. It can be frustrating, but when you get a hit it is exhilarating. The guys chatting before you can shoot is annoying.
It is what it is. As a Battleship style game it works out okay. The near miss indicators are barely visible to the colorblind, and some missions really come down to luck. Would be much easier if you throw money at it, but playing for free can at least kill some time.
Battleship type game.... Not bad.... Its a good game for quick time killing. Im just kinda starting on it so i dont have a good review yet. Read some others.
I love this game. Its a Battleship style turn -based game but with Arty 😀. Keep kicking that ass development team! Wooo!!
I downloaded again because its worth going through and playing again only problem is not enough missions good game
Addictive and provides mechanics to allow predicting enemy positions. AI is random when targeting howitzers, spgs, and rocket batteries that have been hit.
Its an ok game try and add more features like more graphic scenes would be fun to watch the bombings in a more realistic way instead of ground popping
Horrible, just another one of those potentially good games rigged by paywalls and bad mechanics. First of all, I have 2 mortars, it would make sense if I could shoot twice wouldn't it? Apparently not, it's a battleships impersonator with worse rules. Other than that, enemies are better in every way, from quantity to artillery sizes, completely unfair, as some levels have enemies where they already know where you are. If you are looking for a decent turn based strategy game,this is not for you.
The game can be fun yet frustrating. The progression doesn't make sense but I'm waiting to see how it works out. I will revisit this if find more to like about the game.
Could be better. Over all its fun. To the devs: Its fun, but honestly i think the computer may cheat a bit. Price of artilery needs to be lower, and mission rewards need to be higher, but DON'T increase the difficulty.
Update...Just finished the game.I LOVED IT.Is an Android game with an actual ending instead of going on endlessly.Its like battleship but with artillery with different regions to beat and plenty of side missions.One of the BEST games I've played on Android.Weapons buying and upgrades are quick.A definite 5 out of 5.Hopefully there will be part 2.Worth replaying.And no ITS NOT pay to play.They ask for a donation for a free goodie.Thats all.Donation is worth it to the developers.Such a great game.
Very nice game for artillery lovers. Could be more good if aspects of elevation and bearing are added. Movement of infantry can be added while the shoot is in progress.
Recommended to have number of shots relevant to weapons different sizes thus when you loos big unit your shoot power decreases relatively
Nice twist on the old battleships formula. AI sometimes feels a bit cheaty but not often. Great time waster.
Fun to play, more ads to longer you play. There is also a weird woman character that seems to have been written by someone who has never talked to a girl. It's weird to be in there at all and weirder how thirsty it is. Gameplay wise I wish there was a way to zoom in, it can be a little hard to play on a small phone, still doable though. Fun game, play it with airplane mode on and try not to cringe too hard when Booby McLookatmyboobs pops up.
Lots of luck needed and be willing to "donate" to the moneygrab and/or suffer a frustrating number of failed missions just to purchase a minimal upgrade. Greed ruined what otherwise might have been a great game.
Great turn based grid artillery guessing game with nice perks that makes it unique. As a grid artillery guessing game, pray for good RNG, else you'll feel quite let down for not having that much good luck. Is a bit grindy, but not too much for it to last way too long than expected. Overall it's a great game with decent mechanics.
It is a board-type battle game where you owned the various 4 types of weapons: Mortar, howitzer, artillery tank & missile. Missile is auto-targeting which requires no exact xy to destroy your opponent's unit. Victory when all opponent's units are destroyed. Upgrading weapon level is beneficial as it increases the number of shots and thus clearing all the squares on the board in lesser turns.
Basically like battleship but on land. Have fun destroying the enemy guns. Only started playing tonight, but i enjoy it so far.
Good game overall, definitely worth it. Can sometimes feel like the enemy units are overpowered though.
I asume its good but i never tried it. I deleted it as soon as a saw i could not move it to SD card. A few minutes after i tried playing it. It was ok and as good as i tought.
This game's pretty cool!! I enjoy the strategizing and placement's of your units and your shots. Like i said.....Pretty Cool guys.
Very entertaining but the price is high and the reward is low not balanced enough for the player makes them annoyed especially in the peak of the game. You want them to be entertained not to be annoyed at all.
Fun game only problem seems that enemy has unlimited resources while you have to buy more instead of keeping what you get during a victory
This is the first game like this, that I have played. I love the strategy involved, along with the weapons capabilities. Great job, well done!
Good Could have employed more options in terms of attack, an airstrike and multiple charge ammunition are not enough.
Crass pay to play scamming as free. Can't beat 3rd level without paying - enemy wins in 4 rounds, enemy takes >4 rounds (with radar and air strike) to find and destroy. Scam, ripoff, garbage, uninstalled.