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Art of War: Legions

Art of War: Legions for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Fastone Games HK located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD WEST SHEUNG WANHONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game but Hero's cost a bit much. $1000-1200 for a lvl 15 Legindary Hero? I can buy a pair of new game systems for the same amount. I could spend less at a casino gambling. Good thing I like the game and have money to burn. And I'm for sure burning it. LOL 4.5 out of 5. All phone games are overpriced and not just this one. About as good as phone games get.
Use to work fine and be fun to play. Now it crashes right after I start a battle. It takes 3 or more crashes and me sending a report before I can finely battle anything. About to be done with this useless game. And yes it is filly updated.
I find it really quite addictive. I really enjoy the expedition section because it reminds me of the game auralux. It is based on the same idea. I have really got the hang of the expedition because of my playing auralux so much in the past. Really good game.
I like this game a lot. Been playing for 9mo or so, but feel like I'm still a beginner. Passed level 5000 and still just figuring out nuances of the game. I just want to know why during honor hunting. I can only seem to average earning 85 to 100 medals tops. Even though I quickly get up to 90 midway through the battle, it seems to just plateau and stop counting medals even though I'm still causing significant damage, before my troops gets greatly depleted. Trying to get those medals so I can continue to compete and raise my troop levels. And it is very difficult to raise hero levels also. Any tips or advice would be welcomed.
I really like the new player's experience system and the fact that we can save and edit 3 different army positions. Also the chest layout is cleaner and easier to keep track of. Im at the point of the game where the grind is a bit rough, so that's the only reason I gave 4 stars. Overall, great game, keeps getting better, a bit grindy but not terrible.
I can't understand the negative responses for this game. It's easy to play and satisfying. The ads are paying for your pleasure, shouldn't be allowed to criticize that. Only been playing for 2 hours.... Lovin' it for the moment! Easy to make more money in the side game territory. I'm rating it again cos the game asked me too. Same.
The game is decent, but the matchmaking for things like arena is TERRIBLE! 90% of the losses you take make no sense at all. Especially for a game with a "battle pass". Fix this please
the game is 100% pay to play, after certain point you're totally unable to progress on PVP because you don't have resources, even if you watch EVERY SINGLE AD after every battle you won't be able to compete with a player that spent money on the game. The in-game purchases are EXTREMELY expensives for what they give you and it's also totally random, you can spend thousands and not even get enough cards to upgrade ONE hero to lvl.2.
Deceptive. There is no good way to assess the opponents strength and you often face an opponent that appears your equal and ends up being far superior to you. You only get a limited number of attacks per day in the arena so you can't overcome bad matchmaking with more attacks. I uninstalled after lackluster explanations from developer.
Horrible experience!! I was completely hooked into the game, to the point where I even made purchases. Then out of no where the app no longer opens!!! It constantly crashes at the loading screen! I've restarted my phone and force closed the app and made sure nothing in the background is running and it still refuses to work!!! Please fix this as I really enjoy the game and wanted to give a 5 star review until this!!! Makes me feel like I wasted my money!!!
It is a fun game. But if you play it longer it becomes harder to get troops. I would love the fact that even without purchases, you can compete and fun. Kudos. I love the "Expedition mode" . I play it again and again. When are the other chapters are releasing? Is there a dedicated game made out of that mode? Reduced 1 star for false advertising.......
Literally why won't the troop boxes open? Otherwise, decent game to just waste time on. Edit: Even after contacting support weeks ago, my issue with troop boxes is still unresolved. I have deducted 2 stars from my rating due to this and the more aggressive pay-to-win model adopted following the new update, where excessive amounts of in game currency are required to compete whatsoever. I still give 2 stars because it is still a fun game to waste time on, but in no way is this strategic at all.
This is a well designed game but it is not designed for casual fun. It is well designed to make you a slave to the game clicking repeatedly on stuff for no reasonable benefit other than playing ads for the company that makes it.
⚠️ warning. kicking me out. Always buffering. Usually won't let me x3 to watch an ad. After I spent money on the game it started working correctly for a month. Now it's back to the same problems. Only start playing this game if you want to spend a lot of money on it.
It's nice to play without story stuff. However I don't seem to lose at all. I'm at stage 20. I don't know why there's a barracks either. Update after 2 days: I'm at stage 321. As long as u keep buying troops, it's easy. I liked the expedition more that the main game. It's a nice touch by the developers. I have question though, How am I suppose to upgrade my heros like Christmas tree guy or tarot card lady?
Warning: not the game in the advertisement. This is yet another place your troops in a formation and watch the game play out without any input game. Just like everybody they are jumping on the train and making advertisements that look like great games that I wish existed, then putting out this garbage. Edit: Before you even respond to me like you did others, developer, why would I try the game past realizing that you lied to me? I have to assume that the game is going to keep lying to me.
The problem is the wishlist for the temple of fusion. I have fused 150 troops over the last few days and have only seen cassandra pop up and give a troop on my wish list about 4 times. She is level 7, so I should have an added 12% chance of getting the wishlist troops, but that is not the case. About 2 weeks ago I got twice as many or more. Something is broken or has been changed. Please fix for a better rating. Update: Problem seems to be resolved. Will update if that changes. Thank you, devs.
This is a great game overall. Really fun and doesn't need a large money investment. However there's a large gap between new players and established players. You'll be playing an eternal catch up game. If you've played since early on this game is possibly 5 stars. But if you're new, goodluck getting competitive. If You're reading this Devs. Rank 9 troops without upgrading heroes and adding ways to get specific troops is a horrible idea.
I enjoy the game, but its another pay to play. You can play with out buying but you will spend a lot of time waiting on insufferable ads. And many advancements require paying. You reply no need to pay. You are right if you wish to take months or more to progress. Your stated rating to challenge others with equal rating are a joke. You must compete with other well below your rating to possibly win. And strange there are very very very few below your rating. You claim different. Experience differ
Game has been really fun since I got it a couple days ago. Unfortunately today trying to battle on level 171 seems impossible as it continues to crash and close. I cruised through 125-170 last night but this morning I cant pass 1 level. I hope you guys get this fixed soon as I want to keep playing. Thanks!
Love the game but the crashes make it unplayable. I play on Galaxy S20 5G and the game crashes constantly. I pay for VIP for the daily gems and battle speed ups and the speed ups seem to cause crashing. It happens to me in every area of the game. It even crashs while buying 240k troop packs. Give me a reason to keep paying for this game.
Fun to a point, then pay to win. Once you reach best lvl 6000 there is nothing for you to do unless you want to spend $$ . The top players do spend lots of money. And the game caters to these players. Fun to a point, after you beat what you can do for free. There is nothing...
Boring AF... Not a bad game... not a money pit... but it requires zero input/skill/strategy from the player besides tapping the battle button. I have not had to buy any troops or adjust my formation for almost 200 levels. The handful of free troops I get from chests and quests is more than enough. The enemy can have me outnumbered 20 to 1and my guys still win, even with "auto" mode turned off. I keep waiting to hit a level where I have to adjust strategy or purchase troops... nothing.
Playing it is great!! The prices for the troops is affordable so you can get an upgrade every now and then so makes it a great experience, 5 stars for a great game!! Keep it up and major thanks to the group that made this game
Game is cool, not really hard. Since the last update I am basically unable to play it. Always says there is a connection issue. If I try 30 times I may get in once. Not wanting to spend hours tryng to login just so I can play. If they do not fix I will unistall and fnd something else to play.
Yet another game that try to get you addicted before you reach some level (level 151 here), and make use of false advertising on youtube, since the gameplay shown in ad doesn't match with the real one. Nowadays, mobile games today seems to follow the same pattern again and again : a fake lying ad to make you install, get user hooked before a treshold level, get user money. The days when some developers were programming for fun a Mario-like on a TI or HP calculator seem so far..
Another pay-to-win game. The best part is expedition, the worst part is headhunt which asks you to do the same things day after day 80 times. Items are expensive and prepare to watch 30s ads after 10 secs battle if you want to x3 money. 2 third of the time is for watching ads. Uninstalled after 1 week.
Anything I give this much of my attention/time to, I have to give 5 stars. I love the updates so far, and all issues I have reported have been addressed or are being addressed, or fixed already. I hope then can be a compensation for replaying the existing expedition missions (which are fun) but aside from some of the prices I am loving this game, and loving the direction its heading even more.
Don't buy battle pass it's not worthy. I likes most before. But nowadays you can do arena attacks on others 20 times and 10 times with gems if you want . But other can attacks on us with no limit. Something 50 Times it happens to me yesterday. No need to buy battle pass because there is no advantage on your rank because developer wants you attacked by more people. rank will remain same even if you buy or not buy. really disappointed. It forced me to uninstall.🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬
Pretty fun. I'm enjoying it. Lots of different things you can do. Update 01/20/21: Gameplay is fine, good game for killing time. But the app support is terrible. There will be like days where I'm unable to even open the friggin app. That's crazy!! Especially with no announcements. WHAAAAT is going on with this game, been locked out for like a week
Help. Had a whole army. Then pressed recall button and lost them and have no idea how to get them or their money's worth back. Anyone ??? Returned to game and troops in barracks now transferred to the field ..so it may have been a glitch. That said a most enjoyable game . Thank you also for the rapid response.
Very very very boring game. Its the same thing for all levels. Press fight, watch it go then repeat. Ranking up your troops takes forever (120k coins for a level 4 troop which is what I require, while only receiving 3k coins per round, with 10k every 20 rounds). Not worth the time or effort. They keep saying that there's plenty of players that are top 100 that didn't spend, but the amount of time it would take to get to that competitive level would be insane. I Do not recommend this game.
This game ads don't match the game. Its endless taping with only a modicum of strategy. The most skill item: Expeditions is limited in number. I did all 5 levels in two days, and there are no more. There are too many troops and heroes to actually formulate a strategy... And troop formations don't matter much. Lastly, the payout for a monthly subscription is paltry. 5000 gold a day - can be collected in 6 clicks of the Battle field (two battles).
I'm at level 1500, and I can honestly tell you, that this game succeeds where so many fail, Well balanced between P2P & F2P. There are no paywalls on any troops or heroes, anyone can get them if you're willing to put in the work, to level up and get them. Battles are great, I've successfully attacked and defended against players with a power level far higher than mine. And each battle is different from the last, To the Dev's, I'd really like to see a replay feature, in the arena history log? Thx
The game can be fun but you watch relatively long ads to triple bonus awards. Inevitably, when the reward is very large, the video will freeze or lock up on my phone with zero reward. There are in game items that also boost the award and these are wasted when this lock up happens. Not very pleasing to wait thru 30 second video to have it lock up at very end. The developers get their reward from players watching the ads but the players hung out to dry.
Updating my review. It's highly strategic and fun, but very grindy and requires patience. I still maintain that paid players will have a big advantage early on in PVP, but at 4K, troop composition matters more. Best troops can be acquired free via fusion and recruit camps. Still, the option to pay for top heroes is broken. It's disingenuous to say that there many top F2P players. I've spoken to some and I can assure you they've spent money. Not alot but they aren't completely 100% F2P.
I already mentioned that.. The game is awesome now... Updating every time... Unlocking new features also... Just shared a thought of offline.. Before, if no internet, still possible on the game and play regular levels... Now it's completely online... This is not an issue.. Just a suggestion... πŸ‘πŸ‘ And thanks for quick response πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
*** FINAL UPDATE*** I uninstalled this game. Almost a year into playing and no matter how much time you put in, you can't get the troops or heroes you need to win unless you're a developer playing with everything unlocked or you pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Each hero requires shards to level up. Decedent shard packs cost $100 for each level or two. You need level 15 heroes. Serious lag, server disconnects in mid battle, and a lot of time playing the arena to never level up.
I would say good for them for not having forced ads, rare these days. As for pay to win, it is to a degree, not impossible to win without pay but extremely difficult. It's a great time killer but the gap in the arena is kinda ridiculous once you get to the top 100. I was battling people near my level but now they are around 100 to 200 thousand above me. It happened all of the sudden too, literally over night. Other than that it's not bad. Can you please check on the sudden level gap issue.
The expeditions are interesting, but you have to play the most boring and pointless battles in the "main" game to unlock them. When you complete three chapters of expeditions (60 levels -plus 700 boring battles to unlock them), there's nothing left to do except wait for them to release the perpetually "coming soon" chapter 4. EDIT: they released it, but it's too late for me, as I deleted the game after writing the review and buying a new phone. To play chapter 4, I'd need to do it all again...
This is not a strategy game like they CLAIM. It is more a game of luck. There are multiple bugs, with the game and troops, that really ruin the experience. I have tried to work with the tech teams and developers to fix these problems, but I guess they just don't care about having a QUALITY game for their customers. Also don't believe the star rating... simply scroll down and see for yourself how many people are unhappy with the game.
The game does not look a bit like the advertise! Most of the game is quite boring, so I have stopped playing after a while. There is one area that is interesting and challenging to play, but I can not enter Level2 before achieving Level 70... so I do not think I'll play anymore.
I think it's a great game, Ive had this game from the start. You don't have to spend any real money which makes it take longer but also more challenging. I'd say most ppl with negative input didn't give this game enough time. I've just recently got into a good clan of active helpful players. So completing clan base objectives are a lot more exciting when you know they are real people. And with the "Arena" matches becoming more PVP than the boring NPC "Story" mode. I recommend giving it a chance
Too many unresolved bugs. Changes in the game make it impossible to plan for medium term and invest for the future. Too many silent buffs and nerfs. RNG in the game is mainly the deciding factor in the moment as we speak. The heroes are not balanced, the old ones become trash. Poor and generic answers from support: will investigate, great idea... without any action. They promise something and some are delivered after 9 months, some are in pending state. Apply rule consequences retroactively.
simply put, this is not a strategy game. quite randomly unpredictable and boring LT. Arena mostly is little fun and obscure. expeditions are all equal. Levels are repeatitive. outcomes of battles unpredictable. uninstalled P.S. l do jot recommend spending on the game! l never did of course, but Heroes' upgrade is sluggish then.
Contact crashing since updating to one ui 3.0. Samsung note20. At this point. It hangs on the launch screen at 75% log in. I've spent 30 dollars on this game so far. And I have not been able to play it constantly over the last 2 weeks. If I do get in, it will crash within 15 seconds. How long can this last for before I can ask Google for my money back?
Is an overall a great game been playing a couple months. I'd love to rate it 5 but I find it ridiculous that 1 hero can monopolize the entire game... when a level 6 or 7 can completely destroy a level 11 legendary hero with better troops and formation it's a bit ridiculous. About 70 to 80 percent of the arena is Chione.. takes away from what could be a much better game.
Was good game but now after it updated it only comes on for about 10 to 15 seconds then shuts off. All the money out of my pocket invested into the game i guess is gone. Could have been a 5 star rating. Feel lucky you even got one star now. Thanks for ripping me off
This game is an idle game and not a strategy game. Things like formations, range and so on have no effect on the outcome of the battle. Only the expedition parts seem remotely related to tactics and the like. Otherwise a mostly fun game.
Good game, enjoy, but in the end become hopeless with the AI so changes the star become 2 1. No respons for my problem for third times . 2. You have 40 batle pass but you attacked by more of 40. I reasech for last 3 days and attcked by 45, 43 , 44 With only 8 win indefense. My power only 21 meanhile the attacker 30-34 (75%) rest is betwee 20- 30... so basicaly we are become a "Meal" for the strong. Is that even fair? Maybe dev needs more schem to handle this...my be make an equal fight et
Had a good time with this one, but it gets repetitive fast so I've stopped playing. Theres plenty of daily quests to keep you occupied. Pvp is hit or miss.. the game scales your enemies to your lvl but sometimes they can be way lower power and still win. Cash shop is useless! I don't buy stuff in phone games to begin with but after a day or two you'll realize all the store items are extremely overpriced! $5 for a hero card and 30k gold? I can grind that in less than 5 minutes plus most hero suck
This game is a really weird game that I play every now and again but, if you can't resist the temptation of spending actual money on a Hero or Troop that looks like it might help you take the lead but never actually will, then don't play. This game is unfinished and so things always change constantly. It will only make you pissed off if you spend money on this game. They do that purposely! So Stay Away, and be happy!😊free2play=Happy!! It can be fun at 1st though if you don't spend money on it.
I've been playing this game for a while. Been enjoying it and it's a great time killer. However after the last update, I've run into some bugs. The main bug is that I logged in yesterday and all of my 3000 ( somewhere there) gems had disappeared and we're now 0. Another bug: during the progress of the DAILY QUESTS , it will suddenly show that I had made zero progress. Please fix. Thank you
Not much strategy involved! Good time killer game. Expedition is the best part of the game.They don't compell you to see adds like they do in most of the other games which is a good thing. downside is paid players definitely has huge advantage over f2p and with the release of new heroes and there is definitely no chance for f2p players to compete them.
This is a good game, it is a very nice past time game.easy to play, funny looking characters. But the problem is, it needs internet connection. So it annoy me everytime i lost connect to internet or data and cannot play it clearly. So now i have to look for another game that doesn't need internet.
This is a really fun and addictive time killer. Been a lot of negative reviews and comments over recent updates. Fact if the matter is if you pay you get what you pay for; spend money to get ahead quick or play for free and get there slowly. Just like every other micro transaction game out there. Play to have fun, grind out and just enjoy it. Dont get caught up in the silly drama, and enjoy the game for what it is.
The game is pure fun and very addictive. It might look too easy at first but later on you need to build your army wisely because there is no ultimate formation. But here is why I'm giving it πŸ‘πŸ‘: I logged out from my account (using Google) and then when I logged back in I lost my progress and purchases. Support was able to restore my account and the rep I communicated with was very understanding. Thank you for that!
Appears to be rigged, 2 of 12 spots on wheel are for the Hero to win shards so 1 in 6 spins or so you should hit the hero. Used more than 10,000 gems to spin 110 times and did not hit the hero once. You got some splainin to do!!! I don't think there is much of a point in playing a game that is neither fair or balanced.
A mildly amusing game at first, but it gets very boring, very quickly. Been waiting over 4 months for the next level in "Expeditions" with nothing but a coming soon promise. Keep your expectations low.
Do not download this game. It is broken. The algorithm make absolutely no sense. The Arena is THE WORST game I've ever played!!!!! WORST! I wish I could give them zero stars. Honestly if you have an army with a score over 700k you should lose to an army that has a score less that 300k. That means the losing army has a strength score over 400k stronger than the loser. Makes no sense. Plus you can have over 100 more troops and will still lose. Plus you can have the better hero and still lose!
Super card pack is bugged it tells that'll it give me epic or legendary troops, ive already blown 1k gems for common and rare troops before i realized, it's still a great game, i hope that you can give me my gems back but that'll never happen cause you won't know if im cheating by lying... just fix this bug
I love this game... But why I gave it 1 star review? I haven't received refund on items that I bought in game and the game is now spreading them for free. Contacting the game makers will not make any difference. So before you install this game, remember that you have been warned, because the first priority is not player gaming quality, but earning as much profit for the game as possible. In my case this wasn't the first time, but 3rd or 4 th time of broke the trust in the game :(
It's a fun game but its a data hog. You watch a commercial after every victory to get 3x's rewards. Not doing this would make the game un fun and unplayable do to lack of resources. With in 2 weeks I burnt through 10 GB of data...… That's too much data usage. I am still playing, but I am getting increasingly frustrated with the games inability to allow more parity between the Pay To Play gang whom spends $100s or more a month, and between those of us who spend $50 a month or the free to play players. The game does spend to much time inventing new characters and not allowing grinders to catch up to their spenders. You would think spenders would like a challenge but they do not I have noticed that this game caters extensively to its whale$, and refuses to make the game more relevant for the majority Also the games discord chat is dominated by a few loaded with stupid memes and non sense chatting that usually has nothing to do with the game..... The games discord channel is annoying
Potentially a great game. But with all the updates, bugs and the gimmics to get you to spend more; the game looses its appeal. You can play for free but it will consume a great of your time to be an average player. To say there are Top 100 players who spend nothing... thats not true for a newer player.
Was fun until the update I can't beat anyone in the arena even if I'm twice as strong. The golems seem unkillable and the other persons hero never dies just yours even if you have higher level troops. They should rexamine the arena matches. It seems like they want you to buy but the main part of still fun.
If I could give -100000 I would. I have spent money and got nothing, I have played over 5000 levels, opened several heroes, and all I get is a game glitch that takes everything and sends me back to level 1. Nothing but trouble. Wasted over $ 50 dollars and alot of hours for your game not to work right and take it all from me more than once. I played this between cases. In and out of the courtroom and home. Im sorry I wasted my time.
This game is nothing but an ad farm. Press button watch lame animation win.. press button to watch ad for more points repeat. What game? You press a button watch an animation of guys fighting. Repeat. I played over 30 levels there was not a single puzzle like in the advertisements. Your animations are very different than the ads. Either way that's a game. Having your users repeat actions they could setup a drinking bird to do while waiting to play an actual game is unacceptable.
Worst Pay to Play game ever.. It used to be a nice strategy game.. But as the devs got greedy it is now purely pay to win.. Strategy part got thrown in the bin.. I played this game for over a year but got to stop for the greediness.. Damn shame greed ruined this wonderful game..
Love the game. If you're looking for a game thats you can take your time on, thats actually relaxing and rewarding to play. This is your game. The developers are awesome and here for the players should they need their help. Free to play actually means something here as well. Arena, clans, clan chats its all here. I highly recommend this game to all my friends.
A very good idea of a game... And that was all... This game is made only for P2W players. If you don't buy the best heroes you don't have any chance to win. There is also a chat available for the game, but as I saw, devs don't care about players opinion. They want ONLY to make money... They are encouraging even the discrimination by not punishing the guilty one's because they are P2W players... They also punish player's without reason, especially when you're F2P player.
It's a very nice game BUT it is very repetitive. The most strategic thing in it is the "expedition". However chapter 6 is not available yet. Not clear which hero is stronger. Sometimes a level 5 hero looses to a level 1 hero. It needs more challenges and more strategy. More sense. I dont get the fusion thing, realy unnecessary.
The Hero box has a crazy time to open and an even crazier price. I've been playing the game for about a week and now I have 46 Hero boxes that I can only open every 8 hours or pay an insane amount of gems which of course cost real money. You are CRAZY!!! Update: yes, you can watch 3 ads and get 3h waiting off per day. That's it. And NO, you CAN'T use coins to open Hero boxes.
1 star. I hope you give the players the ability to control where the heroes attack will land, because honestly speaking, random landing of heroes skill s*cks. So amateur, you need to hire young and fresh developers, get rid of your old employees, these old workers don't know what's new, they are sticking with this old tiring and boring trends.
My favorite part of this game are the expeditions. Game developers, please make this into a separate game with multiple maps. I would gladly pay a nominal fee for this part of the game alone. Update: Your recent update ruined the expedition area. The game is stacked in favor of NPCs, making levels that were once challenging enough now nearly impossible.
Its a never ending game of the same thing. There is never a sence of completion. You could pay $100 for coins or make that in 20 minutes of gaming, including all the time wasted on ads.
Great game, but lately it's been unplayable. Repeatedly crashing whenever a match starts. I have sent reports, waited for updates, no changes. It's been weeks of the same. Disappointing, really. Would change the rating if fixed, if not will uninstall.
Fun game for awhile but the battle simulation is frequently ridiculous where you lose battle after battle to vastly inferior opponents. Troops are badly imbalanced as 75% of them are completely useless, only a couple of the heroes are any good, Seondeok in particular is ridiculously overpowered, and if you have the misfortune of not getting one of those pumped up you'll basically lose every time. This game is also impossible to compete without spending a lot of money.
From someone who has invested thousands in this game, the developers do not care and very little improvements happen. Glitches will happen but as much as this game revenues, problems should be fixed immediately. Problems include: 1. Constant lagging 2. Cheaters not held responsible and no comparable solution for fair player's loss 3. Rude customer service when problem arise 4. No consistency in Arena. And their response is a lie because I contacted from a different email.
I enjoy this but what I gotta say after hitting certain levels it gets repetitive. Also the false advertising cause I assume it be stick figures but no but still fine. Another thing I gotta say is the pvp, choosing anyone gets me matched up with someone more powerful than me and can't even win one match. Overall a good time killer but can't enjoy pvp
It really is a fun game....when your able to play it. CONSTANTLY keeps crashing. Would be a 5 star game if this didn't constantly happen. Will keep it installed for a little longer in the hopes that this issue gets fixed otherwise I'll look for something similar that's more dependable.
I've changed your stars from 5 to 3 becouse. You have changed matchmaking system in arena. I cannot find anyone similar army strength as mine. Until two days ago I could find only similar strength as mine. Now everyone's army is at least two times stronger than mine. I paid 4 euros for battle pass and can't win and find single match I can win.
I've spent a ton and I mean a ton of money on this game and yet again it's having problems. This time it's crashing and closing constantly, can't play at all I've emailed several times no response, messaged on Facebook no response for days now. If you can't provide a stable game to play dont take peoples money!!!!!!
This is my favorite mobile game. But unfortunately i cannot recommens it to anyone. The owners of this game is rigging the game trying to get everyone to pay insane sums to even participate. They have removed any fair play that was left and are trying to get people to fight with their wallets.
False advertising firstly. This game is a classic scheme. Get a player hooked, then make it more and more appealing to spend money. Except that loop would happen forever. Don't waste your money or your time with this app.
Although I like the game, I hate the system behind it. I travel a lot and would like to play during my travels but cannot. Everything, i.e the data is located on a server and unless you have internet you cannot play. It constantly crashes saying connection fail when I'm on a train because of no internet. At least preload the main part onto our phones so it can be played without a data connection.
Great fun game, easy to pick up and play. The downside is you have to watch ads to increase reward payout by 3x, which is almost required to get anywhere. $7/week is way too much for their VIP services. Thats just wack to charge that price for mediocre rewards. And you still have to watch ads which is unheard of. When you pay to play a game, ads should be removed. Edit: Ads are optional yes, but you won't get very far not watching them every chance you get. You guys are fully aware of that.
Fun game overall. Multiple game modes that can be unlocked by playing the main game. There are lots of micro transactions available, but they are not required to play. Expedition is my favorite game mode, and I can't wait for them to release more levels.
I'll be honest, I really enjoyed the game. However, after I made my first 2 purchases the app seems to have crashed and burned. If I'm lucky enough to sign in, the game will crash and shut down soon after. It takes 8 hours for a hero chest to open. Every time I open a hero chest now, the app shuts down and the timer starts back over at 8 hours and I don't get the hero. I've lost so many gems and hunting medals from not being able to sign in for sometimes, a day at a time. Disappointing.
Only fun part is locked behind hours of grind. The only part of the game that's fun is the expedition. Problem is there are 20 levels then you need to play 200 battles, then 20 more then 300 battles. The battles just involve pressing a button and waiting for your team to win. There is no challenge or fun to the battles. I also don't know why anyone would spend money on this. It wouldn't get you past the boring battles. Please lower the level requirements for the expedition.
When I first started playing this game, I was disappointed my the main gameplay, and how there is no real strategy to it. The expeditions are quite fun, but the amount of troops required to take a castle is unclear. There also should be far more. It's the best thing in the game. This game is a very good time killer. But again, there is no strategy to the main levels or arena fights, so they get dull quite fast.
Game became very unstable after 2 days. I emailed help and took about a day to get solution which was full uninstall ( which I tried) plus deleting cache. Game has been more stable since and for last 2 day I have been an active player. Game is fun
The new update kills the game for a F2P player. The introduction of lvl 9 troops isn't a problem, its the cost you have added to fuse them. F2P players will now have to choose to level up troops or save gems for leveling your hero. You won't be able to do both. You will also need to choose to spend HH tokens on troops or fusion. I have payed for 3 rounds of Arena and that will be the last euro I will ever spend on this game as now they have virtually capped my progression.
I like the game. But sometimes it won't load. And also the game would be better if on the arenas were seperated for people who pay money on the game from people who dont pay money. Because it will look like i will beat the oppnent but i end up losing a lot because they spend money on heros that may be lower levels than mine but are stronger and so it makes it hard to complete the arena daily at times.
Game crashes over and over. Can't even start a game anymore. I Uninstalled the game and then downloaded it again and I have the same problem. Update* The cause of the issue is that my Android OS updated to 11. Previously it worked fine. My phone is a Verizon Samsung S20 FE 5G. Update2. There was an update for my phone and I installed it and that fixed this game. I updated my review score to reflect that the issue was android.
Love this game but cant back on shuts down on loading after i bought the starter up deal to get the king first time after using game for a while really bumed out .Not a big tech guy but did what i could to get it going thru phone apps etc. My favorite game but will try taking off and reinstall it next day. Really down. 168legion and was part of masrrrs of steel signing of.
This game is awesome but there is some downsides to the game that I have been noticing. sometimes when I close the game and reopen it in the home screen the red team which is your opponent team comes in and it glitches out. like there's a problem with the image showing and then when I go into games to fight in levels all the characters are spazzing out doing whatever they want and I can't play the game and then I have to uninstall the game to then fix it and I've had to do this over 5 times dev.
I observe this game many time once's ill go to arena and getting battle/challenge and server getting error and then once i lose to battle even server error they decrease my battle point automatically. BUT once's i win in to battle and the server getting error also they did not counted my battle point. Gosh it so unfair... its so grrrrr..... another connection server error again gosshhhhh ALWAYS LIKE THAT 😑😑😑
When it works it's a really fun game but multiple crashes are making it unplayable. Soooooo frustrating. Also in the arena, (which is ironically the only bit that doesn't crash every 20 seconds) I find myself outclassed and losing every battle. It would be better if the players were grouped by power.
The only way you will advance well in this game is if you pay... and continue paying. In fighting other players, your strength ratings don't really relate to anything tangible... ALSO - you will need to watch a TON of adds to be competitive. This is like so many of the games now - hopefully pay-to-play will run its course.
I like the game. A nice amound of mindless play with an option for more decisive play. But the Arena seems wring to me. It's based on how much you play and not your power level so it's hard to find people to play against. And the power level calculation could provably use some improvement. I play plenty of players 25% weaker than my power level and lose more than i should. I am wondering if there is an advantage given to the defender. A 390,000 power level should lose to a 290,000.
The animation is cute, the game is fun, easy to play and enjoy. Although draw card is very exspensive but you can still gain a lot of coin. This game is great if you don't mind the bad movement, bad target choosing of the troops, bad desire then it's ok for you to play. Also I don't see any ads in the game which is great! I can still watch intended ads that don't distrupt the games.
Could be good, but not implemented properly. The mechanics are there, it could be something, but it just falls flat. Too many types of the same kind of troops, emphasis on collecting rather than battlefield strategy... With a weird merge mechanic thrown in that doesn't belong. The different mini games are interesting, and I think the developer could really make something great with what they have.
The game is very good, interesting, addictive and something you will love to play. *BUT THE GAME DEVELOPERS* use their power to benefit PAY 2 PLAY players... Pathetic and inappropriate decisions by game developers can make you feel, all time and effort you put on this game.... Was a waste
The game was great at the beginning, but the updates made the peltasts stupidly strong. It totally ruined the balance of the game. Lots of players get nothing but two lines of 8 level peltasts at the front, even you have a 15 lv hero and other legendary troops, you can't beat them. You have to make some changes otherwise people will get even more frustrated and leave.
The game is fun but certain heros like queen of sills is way OP armies with her defeat way more powerful armies. This is the problem with pay to win. Game comes out with a better hero some people spend a lot of money to get her then defeat players who have just played the game a lot accumulating a large army over time. It's frustrating way too OP for the only reason to make money
Very dull and gets boring really fast. The only fun thing in the game that actually needs thinking to play is Expedition. Sadly it's very short and you need grinding to unlock the levels. I just completed chapter 1 and 2 of expedition at max (60) stars and got to level 400 in the camping and it just won't unlock Chapter 3 of expedition, regardless that i did every condition to unlock it. So not only is it short and you have to grind to unlock but it also has bugs.... Great
I love this game. But I realized that it's not game that contains ads. But it's more to ads apllication that contains a game. It's like ads generator. Why? Because the ads is more longer than the game play. The game takes around 10 secs while the ads takes 30 seconds. For F2P, don't put your hope high playing this game. You gonna spend hours or days of watching ads. You can free yourself from ads, if you pay. And you gonna need money to win. It's P2W.
Dow sides: All adverts are not accurate to the actual gameplay which seems to be common with mobile games (even the adverts on this page). The gameplay itself is okay although a very grindy vibe especially on the easy levels at the start. It's another pay to win game where you can get to the top of the leaderboard if you spend lots of money, which does detract from the enjoyment of the game as a "free" player (quotations die to the number of adverts I end up watching) mid score for mediocre.
Constantly crashes and locks up my phone. Sent in numerous complaints to no availe. Sad. It could be a good game but noooo. And it crashed again. Tuesday morning, crashed again. Tuesday night crash three times. Wed morning crash. Wed night crash. Thursday afternoon crash. Thurs night crashed twice. And took away 4 arena wins. And didnt get credit for the next win. Friday crashed twice. Saturday crashed twice. Sunday crashed again. Monday night crash.
Game is now fully pay to win. There isnt a single person in the top 1000 that isnt paying to keep up right now. Very unbalanced heros and only the top players get the chance to fully level up the best heros ie selene. Im giving a 1 star due to the greed this company is showing. It used to be fun and was competitive but now you have to pay a lot in order to just keep up with the top 2000 players, unless you are rich then you can buy your way into the top 100
Good app. The only problem is the players with autoclicker, that can farm more than 10M coins per day. These players are not banned and the fair players can't reach good arena rank because of these cheaters. It is pretty easy to find players who farm daily more than 5M coins (with no level progress) and ban them. but developers don't want to do it and it is problem of this game.
There's a ton of bugs like when I was at level ten on the tower game thing, I was attacking the tower on the bottom left and I had 50 people and the tower had 10 and I still can't take it over. Plese fix it i love that game ): and you need more things to unlock like maby a cat to fight with lol. Last add more game modes like where you control the warriors like a 3D thing, anyways plese fix the bugs 🐞🐞🐞🐞
Well I like this game and Ive been playing for awhile now until now soon as I start paying into the game the next day I wouldn't let me into the game and tells me to relogin and I do still won't let me in so I will give 5 stars if my problem can be fixed
Fun army sim with poly graphics. Menu and upgrade cards remind me of Archero. I was very excited to see the Expeditions mode copying older really fun flash games (Ant Colony) so +1 star for that. Needs Google Play cloud save and Google Play achievements. Only has Facebook for backups. Needs more content unlocked in the early game by level 100. Repetitive, mindless for the most part.
There is a serious bug or problem in the game.. Everything was ok before I did an update... I lost all my gems and coins after updating the game. Now I have to start from the scratch... I am at level 3271 and I had 4k something jems and 7 lakh something coins bit now I have nothing after the update... I will uninstall the game if I am not restored with what I have before the update
I enjoy the game but I'm giving this a one star rating because their hasn't been a update in some time. I really wish there was more chapters in territory to play. Chapters have been updated, but again waiting on more updates of Chapter. Sorry but I find that Chapter part of the game more interesting than push and watch like battling. The last chapter proven to be slightly difficult than the last. Make 5 more chapters with new update then have people working on more for later chapters.
Fun game. Some elements of the game are truly strategic (expedition) while others are 40% strategy, 60% luck. Yes, changing formation might impact the outcome, BUT, if I keep the formation exactly the same fighting the same battle and as a result I lose with enemy remaining at 10 troops, then 115 troops, then 42 troops, then 148 troops without me making a single adjustment? That's not a strategy game, it's a roll of a dice. Still kinda fun.
I was ripped off. I bought the hands of midas for one day for 4.99, but instead of giving me the 24 hours of extra gold benefits that I brought, it only gave me 9! What a rip-off! False advertising in their microtransactions? I was really enjoying this game but this put a bad taste in my mouth.
It's not fun. It's incredibly repetitive. It is not a strategy game and it is not exciting as the battles are all RNG based and you have zero control after formation set up. The extra rewards games are boring. Just pressing a button over and over again. It is full of pay to win players so you will never get anywhere near the top without huge investment. The updates are all money grabs. Don't waste your time, they just want your money. Update: they also obviously don't read the complaints lol
This game is advertised as a strategy game. Let's get that out of the way, it's not. The game is easy, so easy in fact that it doesn't have a tutorial. At level 25 i stopped buying any troops, opening chests or even using hero skill or spawning troops in the match. At Level 45 i lost the first time. If you can sit back and do nothing for 20 level in a strategy game, it's not a strategy game. Aside from that this game has everything, idle income, idle battles, merging, micro transactions, loot boxes. At least no mandatory adds. You just click a button, let your troops do the battle for you and then take the money. From time to time you open a new loot box to get a new unit, merge it together and start over. You can change the formation of your troops but so far i have not found that that makes any difference. My army easily mows through an army twice it size. In conclusion... it's a boring game with nice graphics and off the shelf mechanics. Nothing new, nothing exciting