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Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker

Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIXIO located at Room D08, 6/F, Chung Hing Industrial Mansion, 25-27 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Idle is an understatement.. if you like games you basically dont play, I recommend this one. Devs, come on. I get it's an idle but people enjoy sitting down and playing for more than 30 seconds every 2 hours. Otherwise great game, interesting story concept.
I originally said something was wrong with the game but it just needed updating. I now give it 5 stars as its a fun and simple concept for a game,however its taking a while to get the caretaker as no one is offering to explore anymore.
Slow game. A real money making game. Takes a lot of coins to upgrade the museum. You'll not be able to upgrade to second level unless you spend real money. Waste of time.
I'm giving this a 3 because it's a good game but iv done the circus auction at least 20 plus times, I pick the ones that look EXACTLY like the image and EACH ONE has been a fake so I think I'm done playing this game...
The only reason that I havent given 5 stars is because I couldn't get any level 4-6 caretakers even though the game still used up my diamonds. I reinstalled the game hoping this would fix the issue but I found out the game doesnt cloud save so I lost all my progress and lost all the things I got during the Egyptian event.
This game was amazing. I have already finished this game except the explorations. The exploration chance is too low that I only got one artifact from exploration. Also the caretakers don't always give me the explorations. I hope the caretakers can give us more chance to explore and increase the chance to get artifacts from it.
I like this game a lot. But as some other users have pointed out, it hits a wall where it takes too long to progress and it's just not fun anymore. This is worsened by the new cleaning update that makes it even harder to make money. Also sometimes it just doesn't count the time you were offline, so you will come back and no profit has been made. Worth trying out for the first few levels, but not worth keeping.
Cool design nice concept but when I actually got started on the game I had no money and no means of getting money I waited on the screen for a while but nothing happened
You can barley get anywhere in the game without watching 100 ads or paying for in game money. In most games like this they let you like build up to getting some resources before making it harder, but I played in for 40 minutes And it I already had to wait a day and a half to make enough money for another art piece. The pacing is horrible and there's not enough opportunities to get resources other then waiting hours for only a fourth of enough money to do anything
Its a fun game that definitely entices me to play. The only thing I would change is the penalty for buying a fake item, instead of it costing 1 gem to recover over 1 billion dollars it should scale up depending on how much you lost, like 100 gems for 1 billion or something like that
I'm liking the game but there it keeps asking to be rated and has no option for "don't ask again" so I'm being petty and leaving a one star review. Add the option to not rate and I will change/delete it.
I really love this type of game. It's simple but effective. The graphics so smooth and cute. Makes it more enjoyable to play. Make anothe version for this type of game please~
Upgrades and art to expensive. You have to get like 10 million coins just to get one upgrade in the very beginning of the game. Its just hard to have fun when you have to wait so long to get the coins for art and upgrades.
Absolutely ADORABLE game!! However, the customer service is next to nonexistent. I had a problem where I bought the infinity 2x booster, was charged for it, and never received it. Sent them a help request and never heard back. Be careful with your purchases
Im at 15/29 in the new event, but the exploration cost is ridiculously high, 20.91T is it bug or what? Please help
Best game I have ever played in a long time 100% download. The auction is the best part about the game even though I bought some coins and the game crashed and lost everything but the coins
Very cute game! Have played many times and recently downloaded it again! The graphics run smoothly and the story is it's own. The characters are so adorable and I love the fact it has many paintings we all love and know. The art and artists mentioned is a nice feature if you want to learn about the said subject. This game is fun for all ages and I am very content they updated it from the first time I played! Would highly suggest this game; I am not one for mobile games, but this one I love!
Its fun, but it seriously gets expensive really fast. How are you expecting someone to be able to afford a 600 million coin upgrade in the early game?
My Gala museum hasn't changed colors in the top left for weeks and the special event left even longer ago. Did you stop making updates? 10/13/20: I have sent several emails and have no responses from you about the Gala Museum. It has a gray striped square in the top left cornere where the diiferent types of art colors are supposed to change. (Red, green, blue, etc.) That's the only way to make cash on some of the Gala cash. I've not been making money there since August.
Game is bugged. When you find a fake artifact in an auction they tell you that you have insurance for fake artifacts. Then you pay the 1 gem and you get back just the cost of the auction and lose whatever sum of money you had before (which is at least a few hundred times more).
Something wrong. I go to art need cleaning but no stains and flies and I use brush everywhere even behind stuffs but nothing.
I have finished all the auction. Now the game have nothing to do. The rate to show up explore quest is way too low. Im so done with this game
Gameplay and graphics are both good and wonderful ... I don't see any problem here.. But i hope you guys will increase the time for choosing the correct artifact...😅 And also hoping that you guys will add A pure black design museum ❣️..
I get the pop up to rate the game everytime I login, it is annoying to have to close 2 pop ups before being able to start the game. The chance of obtaining caretakers have yet to change, I am still unable to acquire some of them despite maxing the rest. Rotating of museum takes too long, 2 week in between with no way to change except for paying $80??
Cute little game. However, there is nothing more to do on the first museum. The Gala Museum is kind of boring after you finish the main quests, its a slow process.. Events are fun and keeps it interesting. Good work!
Was pretty good when I started but a bit repetitive after a while and then newest update made it more tedious and annoying which ultimately ruined my experience
It's been really fun. I usually dont like these kinds of games but this one is enjoyable. I like art so owning some of the stuff in the game is fun. Auctions are cool too wish they spawned faster but it's ok. All in all well made
I loved this game a lot and had a bunch of fun but it's been blackscreening me for the past week and I can't play it anymore. I don't know what's going on but I'm very sad with it.
Yesterday this game is fine. Today when i want to upgrade, i tap and my money decrease,but level not +1 Same case with explore, i tap and my money decrease and then nothing happened. Whyy???
Fun game. Some artifacts looks same, but look carefully. U might missed out some minor details. But definitely there's difference
Reallt enjoyed it until it glitched out. All my pirchases stopped working, so i couldnt upgrade anything (art or the museum). Then I lost all my progress. So it was fun until it broke.
I'm just getting a black screen. Had that for about an hour tried restarting the game and then my phone and nothing happened still the black screen.
Great game loved it.. but i have the thought you're missing something. You forgot the "snake" and "goat" bronze chinese zodiac.. you could add that to the game for the next update if you want
Love to bid with people and vs them but i want you to add like a rebirth thing were it will start you over but you can get more art
Well 3 stars because I went into an auction for "the horse" and there was a fake and a real but they were exactly the same! there was no difference I couldn't tell which was which please fix that if it's a bug or just make it more obvious which is fake or real.
I Love idle games. Wish there was more artwork. Plus this game lacks competition. Maybe add some events to compete for artwork. There is so much potential for this game.
Great concept for ab Idle income game, really enjoy the game so far but I wish it wasn't such a jump from one auction to the next
I love this game's concept♡ But 1 start deduct from the last update which have no 'Exploration' anymore. If the developer team fixe that, you will get 5-stars from me.
I LOVE THIS GAME. It is an amazing way to pass time and it is fun watching your art museum grow. But if I like it so much, you may be asking, why did I give it 4 stars instead of 5? Well the maid bots which collect coins for you, are a little bit pricy. £4.50 to be exact! Please make these obtainable for free but maybe with lots of gems and coins so that buying them would be easier but f2p players could get them too. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and I hope you add my idea soon.
A fun little casual game. It is nice that you have access to expensive items as well as employees without the need to actually pay real money. With a little grind you can do everything in this game. Love it.
The was fine until I didn't play it for quite a long time. When I returned, ALL OF MY PROGRESS was gone!! Please help!!
I don't like that there isn't a way to collect money offline, but it's honestly not that big a deal. I really enjoy the game otherwise
SKIP THIS GAME!!! In todays age it is stupid of game designers to expect you to devote a device to a poorly designed/poorly functioning app. No time skips or advances unless you spend real currency as 2 hours in game requires app on screen for 2 hours!!! What a joke/cash grab application!!
This is a very nice game... But it has only 1 drawback and that is... Coin collection.. there should be an option to auto collect coin. Otherwise it will take ages to progess
(10-23-20 still no updates since my 8-20-20 review - Email sent with suggestions to PIXIO. - I've been playing this game now for about 9 months (albeit passively as of late). You will come to a point where you hit a wall in this game and until the designers put in an update you will sit idle. 3 things: (1) The Gala Auctions were recently introduced (nice) but the prices of the art pieces are to high. There needs to be a cash multiplier here. (2) game updates only happen every 3-4 months.
it gets very boring very quickly. you just spend fictional gold to upgrade things and then leave for another day.
Fun and cute little game. At some point, there's a bug where the screen freezes when you try to get Ms. White to appraise your Gala.
i love this game and also the art.the only thing i ask from u to lower the jumps from the minimium ammout of actions for example the second set of actions is 4 mil maybe make it 2 mil so u dont have to wait to get money as much and also the time between actions are tolonsgdo them 10 mins and u can play for a while. but ilovethis game thx for doing it
Devs don't respond to emails, so thats why I'm giving a 1 star, been reading that people were asked to send an email on the reddit but never got a response. Galamuseum is unbalanced (takes over an IRL YEAR to finish) next to that I've only played for a few weeks and already finished the mainquests, the sidequests are super repetitive I either have to click the visitors, or place down the same artifacts each time, would be more fun if randomised. At first it was fun but it got boring fast.
A bug/glitch, One of my crew members is permanently on 'busy' I've checked everything and I think it's bugged. Very annoying since I want to change him out but urgh
Good, some time frames later in the game I can see being a problem, this would eventually be a game opened 2 times a day I'd think...
Hi Pixio, Can you please fix the bug where the caretakers are busy after going to the Atlantis explorations. They have been busy after returning from the trip for more than 24hrs.
My caretakers in the Museum of Atlantis remains busy after going on explorations, eventhough the explorations are already over. And also, the appraiser in Gala Museum is gone. Is that normal? Another is, stolen artifacts remain stolen even after retrieving it. Hope you can fix it asap.
It's very satisfying to play! I love collecting and making more money in the game~ keep it up! I do hope for more story in the future :D
The game is better in my life but.. I loss all paintings even it didn,t give me 9999999999 a.b coin or diamonds 9999999 or paypal 9999999 or anything but i like it i wish it makes funny games
The majority of bad reviews wouldn't exist if there was a better tutorial explaining game mechanics. Caretakers are busy under various scenarios, not just exploration. If they're buying an artifact or giving a mission (display these, tap guests, etc.), they are busy. This isn't explained anywhere. There's also listed art pieces without any way of obtaining them (not just special events). That said, pixio is always great about ensuring free to play means free. No payment required.
Definitely need to implement a better way to earn coins, those hot air balloon trips were great please bring those back. Right now the game is damn near unplayable after you do all the auctions
Amazing idea! This game is fun and easy to play. Also, it works while you are offline! Definitely worth it. 🌟
Amazing game best art related game it's fun and I finished the game and I don't know what to do now? Help me:(
This sucks it looks like a good game but when u end up spending all ur cash the only way to get more is to pay for it theres no other way i uninstalled it and everything it sucks dont be fooled by the good reviews do not get this game until they fix it.
It's very fun and addictive and awesome and i like it and it has a cute art style and even my mom plays it and my brother jumped off a bridge to play it and it's cool
Super fun, super cute. Love the interface, easy to rack up points without being boring or having to buy anything ( though purchases do help)
It's a fun game to play. However I upgraded several things such as my gift shop to give me 53 million coins ever time and then when I went back on it only said its giving me 10. Glitches in the game and lost all my upgrades. Other then that it's fun.
Too many bugs introduced in latest update - no fixes or communication. Get a refund on purchases while you still can. The Devs have given up on this game.
Bad developer. Buggy to the point of losing 3+ week game progress in the last update. New bugs every 2 weeks. Missing staff, staff remain forever busy after expedition. Update before last brought black screen right after company logo. Latest update brought me back to 3+ weeks ago. All arts and staff I got in the last event are gone. PS already contacted support by email on Oct 25. No resolution so far, only auto-reply message.
Great game, adorable artstyle, many references. There's not too much to say here, just a great time waster well worth playing. (My earlier issue WAS fixed, too)
I am very pissed due to trying to open for new staffs my diamonds just disappeared and did not give any new members at all. It happened not once but thrice. Then now when i tried to retrieve my money back when i found fake arts, i didnt give me back either when i use diamond. Extremely frustrated. Despite that the game was fun and challenging to spot the right art
It was surprising at first it feels like your going slow but as you go on it gets quicker and the artifacts get harder to see if ones real or not overall one of the best mobile games I've played
There seems to be a bug, when i am running at a boost multiplier for coins, the artwork accumulates the coins accurately but when i tap on a visitor, the money indicated doesn't add up in the bank properly (the unboosted amount is banked) 2m dollars is added as 400k tops
Love this game! Unfortunatelly though. The update for cleaning the arts is kinda annoying. Not because we need to clean them, but because the time we wait for the art got max coins is wasted. When i open the game even though only close the game for couple of hours, its become unclean and all the money i supposed to got from that art piece is gone. Please fix that?
It's hard to earn money in this game. You would have to sit and wait for your paintings/sculptures to earn money before you can even do anything else, making the game boring and a waste of space. Not only that, sometimes there is no difference between the fake and real art so to get the real art, it's almost like gambling or just luck-based. Wouldn't recommend.
Awesome game concept, you have to do alittle grinding to get to the bigger and better masterpieces. But I don't think it's asking too much. Would recommend to people to pass the time or to customize your own museum.
I had an issue due to my child accidentally purchasing the game's most expensive pack. Not only were they quick to respond to my message, but they refunded the money quickly. Excellent service! And my child has been banned from touching my phone ever since.
I think there's a bug in getting the queen chess piece because 2 of 4 looks exactly the same as in the reference photo like 2 of them are real but It always say i get the fake and the other 2 is easy to tell they're fake.
Love the game! Its soooo addicting,it makes me feel like if i had the money in real life i could win in an auction!
Latest update bricks app. App doesn't load after title screen, goes to black screen and does nothing else.
WHAT THE HELL I LOST EVERYTHING!!! even though (I connect to facebook and Google Play) after I encounter a bug a which prevents me from progress I decided to uninstall the game I reinstall the game to see if the bug will disappear instead I lost EVERYTHING when I reconnected to facebook I back to the beginning of the game with nothing (All My 53 printing & half of my caretakers half of them is Max my 9003 gem all gone) I been playing this since early access I DEMAND A ANSWER FROM YOU!!!
Ever since the update it won't load and wow allow me to get onto the games ive uninstalled the game and downloaded it and still wow let me on it and if yu tell me to send a email ehats the point as there has been several people that haven't even had a email back once they sent 1
Has so much potential to be a great game. But incredibly slow to progress. Makes it unplayable and not fun.
You can only get art from auction as every time I get a chance to buy art with 40% of success I fail to get it more than 10 times in a row.
Not just your average clicker time waster! There are great quests and an actual story line. Really enjoy playing!
Nice concept. Though the game is not connected to your mobile clock. If there is a box to be opened within 1 hour, you should keep the game on for 1 hour. Not to close the game and do your work. If you have to accumulate 1M coins in a painting, you have to keep the app running on screen for 2 hours. If you close the app within 5 minutes, and restart after 6 hours it'll continue from 6th minute.