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Arrow.io for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Cheetah Games located at Unit 1309A, 13/F, Cable TV Tower, No. 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
downloaded this game and now I have a bunch of Chinese lettering that wont go away from the bottom of my screen. Even after force closing the game.
I really used to love this game and I used to think it was one of the best mobile games ever, but when I tried to download it again, Japanese text popped up on the bottom and my phone wouldn't work for a full hour. a really fun and addicting game!
bad ok so i got into the app and agreed to 2 of them then my device location i pressed no then it kicked me out went back into the app then pressed allow the it kicked me out tried again kicked me out i kept trying but it kept kicking me out BAD APP
Seems like your only intentions is to make this game more casual and money grabbing, how long are we gonna play the same map with the same dragons while you add more useless characters, also that respawn mechanic is the worst addition you could of atleast made it where only low levels can, just imagine a person with 4-5 speed upgrades running around with endless lives at max level, and don't even get me started with the connection. Listen to your reviews!!!
Editor's choice i am very satisfied from you ,your games are excellent,but there is one thing which is not good that every game of yours take lots of space,by the way every thing in your games are excellent.☺☺☺☺
The lagg in the menu and in the game too, is soooooo unbearable! I hate how I need to click on things at least 10 times to open a freaking window... And the searching for qualifying match is just awful... Please do something about the unbearable lagg, It's unplayable this way...
I love this game and play alot, however, for some reason on some devices it automatically crashes per the most recent update. P.S. To those who think the phone permission is fishy, it is to pause/stop the game during a phonecall..
Okay, um why the hell would you need access to my media's and phone calls, what the hell?! That's bs right there.
ĺit doesn't let me load into the game I played it a week ago it was fine I keep agreeng to disagree to unstall this game unless you fix the error
Omg this game like litterly sucks. As soon as i bought this game, i really could not get in All i saw was a logo. Please make another update about this first screen that you see when you buy this app...
when i open the app it asks for permission to data and phone calls, which is unnecessary. it then shows a white screen with chinese or japanese writing and a popup in the same language, not letting me play it. ive tried reinstalling but it still doesnt work. please fix this
I WONT LET ME PLAY if i deny everything its just a black screen and why does a game need my phone number like that more shady then the dark web and isnt this for kids 😡😡😡
GG. I just need to stop spawning next to other players, I get killed when I barely start the game. Also, why does it need acces to my phone number? lol, it is supposed to be a .io game
Why does it need access to my phone number? (Make and Manage Phone Calls) Cant run the app without agreeing to let it have access to those things. That is a big red flag in terms of security, so there might be something very fishy going on behind the scenes. Devs, can we get an explination as to why you need those permissions?
I played this game before and I really enjoyed it. Now it is everything loading one hour or more. Some servers does not work.I played qualification. We played five minutes and I was alone against all team. They killed me at the start. Then again. I thought that when one team gain 30 kills, they win. It is neverending. I have very good conection, so I do not understand, why is this game so slow. When I start online game, I spawn and suddenly die. This game was good before. Do with it something.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! BEST GAME YET!! I RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE THAT IS GONNA DOWNLOAD THIS GAME TO DO IT!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I would rate this 5 🌟 but when u die...theres a 20 second respawn and if u don't wanna wait u can watch vids or use diamonds...i want there to b no respawn time! but when u respawn u spawn where u spawned the first time u spawned. thank you for making this game! absolutely amazing!! i love this game soo much...i dont even know how to describe it n words..thank you!
The Advertisements in this game are unbearable. You need to watch30 second ads for each action.. and another 30second ads everytime a game ends. Not an efficient game at all, absolute waste of time. Installed and uninstalled within a literal hour. Not worth your time !
Arrow.io is tons of fun! A great time waster, however whenever I am on a kill streak for too long it kicks me out of the the game... I really hope this isnt an intentional 'bug' to keep you from being top player too long:/
I am so DISAPPOINTED with the ADs. ADs come out right after a match WITHOUT MY CONSCENT! This is terribly annoying. I understand the need of ads and I dont mind but please let me decide whether I want o watch them or not. Dont force me into doing things I hate. Fix this or you'll just lose another user. Same problem with your Piano Tiles... :( Terribly disappointed...
i honestly think they should triple everything in the game because when a great a player your going to get lots of kills and eventually you'll reach max level but u reach max level little to fast and the abilities are cool and all but they need to add more like it and they also need to add upgrades and perks i know for a fact it'll make the game so much more fun
Hi cheetah games!I haveva problem. I can't open the game!!!!!! WHY???????????????? Please fix it. send from nokai 1 plus.
When i opened the app, it froze right away and there is a message at the bottom of the screen that wont go away. I cant even play the game!
it asks for permission managing and making phone calls. theres no need for those controls. red flag in my opinion.
when I enter the game, it is stuck on the loading screen and has something in Chinese. don't know why
personally i really loved this game. but there's still a lot of bug with the skills, then i think it's just not fair to enter a dungeon where the other player level is already max and you just start from level 1, i found it weird, if the bug can be fixed, and can enter the dungeon the same time with the other that would be great
This app sucks! When i try to open it? it refused to open snd instead asked me if i allow it to use my location, photos and phone number to do something! i am so angry at this app! Please improve it!😡😡😡
Took ages to download, when I opened it was just a black screen. Also why does it need access to my calls and location?!
to me i think the character's are pay to win which i think is rigged when i downloaded this it would not let me join the game
This game is atrocious its just another money grab where you get an ad no matter how long you play. it used to be decent a fun little minigame with ads intermittently but now its just another adpocalypse. Do not play it.
I've played before and it's a wonderful game with fun action and an interesting level up system. I went to download it again and now it wants to make and manage phone calls and if I refuse a Japanese phrase pops up and the game won't load.
I like this game alot but can u please up the pace on the time on the stars & hearts respawning time. Please Developers, Please UP THE PACE!!!!🔥💣💯🎮
when I refused to allow this app to manage phone calls or whatever, a message (I couldn't read it because it was in chinese or something.) popped up and wouldn't go away unless I restarted my phone.
it won't turn on. I click on the app but it just put some Chinese words up and cheetah games. it's really makes me mad so please fix it. if the game does turn on then it shouldn't take 20 years to play on a game that's not even as good as some others.
everything is great but one thing. I have the galaxy s10e which is way more then powerful enough to play this at 60fps but its stuck at 30fps and it would look much better at 60. that's all, love the game