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Arrow Crossword

Arrow Crossword for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Havos Word Games located at 128 St Davids Road Otley LS21 2RQ West Yorkshire England. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Czech is very very very bad, most of the words does not match description, moreover the "ch" (single) character is not supported. It is so terrible as it looks like that developers used Google translator to create Czech vocabulary from English one.
Such a great way to keep my mind occupied when alone or on a long trip. I find myself opening the app when I can't sleep at night. I love getting my brain working rather than being on social media. Thankyou :)
I liked the puzzle,BUT cluesvwerevmicroscopic and impossible to read, too! The pop up at tied up the entire game for one hour! Damn politic advertisements! I,I'm be glad once we vote and I hope all political ads and pop up GO AWAY then , too!a realm shame the Ads tied to my puzzle play forever! I'm uninstalling because of damn ad freezing this APP😮🤐😣🙄☹😬
Very good game. A few wrong answers though. One of the most obvious was a question asking the two letter abreviation for a cars capacity. Answer - HP ! Sorry but that is HorsePower , capacity is CC ( Cubic Capacity)
Good game. Ads aren't obtrusive. Some answers make no sense or are two words without telling you. For some reason you need to be able to speak French? There's at least one French word a game. Also the odd one has two letters together that aren't a word with no clue, which is a bit lazy. 'What does Homer Simpson say while slapping his head? Duh'
Always love apps from this dev. But, WHY do some such as this one force starting on bootup and running in the background? Fix this, and I would give it 5 stars.
I will give 3 stars for now mainly because theres not enough levels and the next level keeps saying coming soon but it's been months
Since the last update it has become unplayable on my Lenovo Tab10, the ads cover the buttons on the bottom of the game screen.
In general the puzzles are quite enjoyable but I don't think it's for me. There's lots of "what is the 2 letter/3 letter code for this country or that language". There are too many words that are of other languages or old English that are not in current use, quite a few 'what is this word in a different language', I don't speak 8 languages. I thought that since I had to pick the region where I live and language I spoke, the app would give puzzles and clues accordingly, that was not the case.
The country code clues (of which there are a lot) let this game down, plus the odd really hard clue, even when set to easy mode. I've not completed a sing quiz without googling something yet.
Too much code words. I mean like language code, elements code ... But still addict to this game 😉😅
Have enjoyed playing this. It's easy to navigate, and edit grid size and difficulty level. My only niggle is that often unrelated letters with no clues appear in the grid, and some of the clues are a bit 'huh, what on earth has that got to do with the answer?' Other than that, this is a fun, free, game that will save me money on buying actual books.
It's ok for some quick play, but the general layout of the app and the puzzles themselves are not very good.
Liked this app at first although it has some odd quirks on the words and the layout. The most disturbing thing though is that it showed me an ad that clearly contained a virus and tried to get me to click on a download that was not safe. Thankfully it was blocked but chose to remove this app nonetheless.
The "report clue" button isn't always visible whether the word has been filled or not. Since I can't report the clue in the game, please note that the clue "messed bed artist" (Emin) ISN'T A STRAIGHT CLUE. Straight clues only were specified. Nor is "the boxer that ended (some other boxer's run of victories)". This is the sort of clue I hate. The grid is full of non - straight clues. I don't care that Ranitidone is one out of the thousands of pharmaceutical drugs in the world. To my knowledge "odour" and "esteem" aren't close enough to warrant one being a clue for the other. Just cr∆p. Uninstalling.
I like that there are loads of crosswords to complete. No daily limit etc. There are ads but these do not appear during a game. For this reason I don't find them intrusive. The game does not tell you when the answer is two words. This makes it very confusing at times. The reveal wrong is great. I struggle with my spelling and found that this has helped me greatly. Matches will search the dictionary for matches. I have found this useful with words that I don't use. Reveal Letter as helps.
This app is full of the French words, Roman alphabets, topsy-turvy abbreviations & unknown people's name. What's up with that?
What's not to like,if you like arrow words then this is all you need,fully customisable, very playable and it's free
Duplicate the questions after you seen them in previous puzzles; if you go from easy to the one above not medium which is below easy on the list; questions don't change on the keyboard as to sample basic demos!!!
Used to work fine on my old phone, but not on my new one, won't open properly, just opens a full page asking me to download 'Pic Quiz', I can't get out of that page, I have tried everything. My phone is a Motorola G7 Plus running 'Pie', I hope this can be fixed.
Very awesome, not too hard but enjoyable. Also love the difficulty adjustment. Im a beginner arrow-worder so this game is perfect. And when i get better at it, i wont have to download another app. Caters for all levels 👍👍
great game but since last update the ad banner cover the button panel. please fix asap! 😭 EDIT: since the fix (thank you very much) I can happily play on without issues! clues can use some more variety, I.e. the amount of times you get the roman numerals is a bit ridiculous. also, add some more GK clues which are more country specific, I.e. south Africans don't have a broad knowledge of American or European politics and history. great game, keep it up!
clues for words in French are bummers...pls avoid them...also clues to television series of the 40s and 50s are too contrived...could dp better...
Some of the clues are wrong! Example: Traditional measurement of a circle. Answer: Pi. Clue leading off: N. Korean President Kim Jong- Answer: Un. Doesn't work with the 'i' in "Pi". Found quite a few wrong and/or bad clues. Uninstalling.