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Army of Heroes

Army of Heroes for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Plamee Tech (CY) Limited located at 42 Dositheou, Strovolos, Nicosia, 2028, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Every time I try to go into battle it doesn't load or it takes a long time to do so maybe it's my device but when I log on I always have to reinforce my squads I upgrade buildings and it says they're still at level 1 đŸ˜’uninstalled
Hey there plamee tech i love this game and the ratings don't lie and i want a piece of suggestion?.can you fix something that make my phone or this app better because When i play the game for 30 minutes up and It get laggy. And stop or either crash And connection losses quickly every moment...... Also when the connection is lost and i am on fight my troops disappear Just because the connection stopped And i will buy troops again. Plss fix this errors i really love your game and put an active sign
Oh No! No not again, another Similar game like Empire and Allies, etc. Why can't you just Add More Units (Sea, Air) and More Buildings to Counter them. Make a Game so that one can Raid Bases with all kinds of of Units (Land, Air , Sea). Replace the River at the Base with a Sea Shore so that Sea Battles can be added for Raids. Air › Attack Helicopter, Bombers, Fighters, etc. Sea › Submarine, Destroyer, Cruise, etc.
Initially game was fine. But now really annoying. I am level 23. All my opponents are 44, 38, 40, 37... Seriously how are you suppose to gain lvl with such opponents... Am uninstalling today had enough...
Only works if you keep paying! Wipes out all your resources if you're doing well without paying for the game. Just wipes them out to make you pay. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
Game play is difficult when you reach higher levels because you get matched with much higher level player and bases and the only way to beat them is to spend money in your army to progress. Game play therefore is too slow. Support help is non existent
First of alll fantastic game!!!! I have encountered a minor error. whenever i try do the movie night the app freezes and i have to close it . go to app settings and force stop to re launch the game. Hope this review helps. This is the only issue i found by the way. If your reading this and are considering starting your own army . I strongly recomend Army Of Heros.
i like the game and i hate glitches especially when you try to attack another player the game restarts then your entire team got defeated even though you didn't release them on the field.
Once you reach level 25 you will lose. Every. Single. Time. Matchmaking is the worst I have ever seen in any pay to win game.
A horribly inferior clone of Boom Beach, and looks abandoned too (nearly 2 yrs since last update). Inferior graphics, poor sound effects and music, very similar gameplay (even down to earlier troops and towers, might as well play the original). Mysteriously, it has amazing rating, and the positive reviews are often too generic, it could be used on ANY games. Makes me think they're fake-reviewers, paid by the devs to increase this game's rating. Not worth it, play the original game instead.
So far so good.. More troops coming soon which I am happy about. Just wish y'all would add replays so that we can see what different strategies was used in attacks also to see how we did with our bases being defended to see where we can improve ect. Fix this and I'll give a 5 star.
Neeto game and graphics but the waiting is to long for building. Could you maybe put in the odd speed up under a destroyed building or in the chests. Update Nov. 7. ive noticed a few times that when ive scouted a base and then directly after scouting, go to attack that same base, that the level may change to a higher number level. Ive lost out on men and etc. because of this.
Overall game is really good. Production utilities are very less like wood production and oil production. And wall should also be come into existence to save the tower
The grafix of this game to much amazing then other game. And the action of this game to much enjoy able.
Great game, but support does not work. Have had a problem now where I cannot view bases on the map, yet when I send an email I get an error.
Cannot watch boat movies, or clips to receive rewards....kicks me out of game everytime.....not a good thing when I have spent money on this game..pls fix or check...tks...still cant chat
I gave only three stars for this game. But why in every launch of the game always has additional content in every loading. Please fix this. It is trying to waste my mobile data
This game is great an all but I'm level 15 with 84 badges and I have to go against people over level 20 so I cant progress and get up in the leaderboard and the only places I can attack are the AI bases. The others are over 10 bases with over level 20 players that are unbeatable(to me). So it gets annoying attacking 1 or 2 AI bases a day without all my hereos and troops dying. Otherwise the game is good. :/
Game now finally broken , you will face max Head quarters level 20 while you are only head quarters 13 !!!!! , Last update was more than 2 years away !!! I can't hit anyone now and the only way to do single upgrades is to wait for many days since you can't attack anyone on the map whom are all way stronger !!!
I think needs a little improvement because when you click the gold it only claims the one u click I wish it will be changed that when u click one all will be collected and I'm suggesting that their will be a new building for the alliance called the WATCH TOWER it's like a CLAN CASTLE in Clash of Clans and also the WATCH TOWER can let the other players donate troops to each other and can be used as reinforcement in your Base. OKAY that's all I will be expecting that my suggestions will come true.AND thanks by the way my name in Army of Heroes is Arzeus I'm still HQ4 but I fill the game it's nice and so my last suggestion will be PLS. REMOVE SOME LOADING S THEIR ARE JUST SO MANY LOADING not all of us is patient. Thanks again wish my suggestions come true.
I had enough i was liking this game but the matchmaking was so horrible im now lvl 16 but you are giving me lvl 20+ players i even have lvl 40 enemy lol and since you dont listen to us might as well i quit
My loading of additional content do not go ahead of 28% though it still takes my data. I have also tried to reinstall but the problem presist. Play store does give me excess to give stars in negative otherwise.....
This game is very nice but no one is paying attention to this game. Its last update was ages ago. I am at level 13 and on map i get very high level players and resource bases of lv 28,35,44... How can i beat them?at such low level. If u leave game in middle of attack u lose all your troops to 0. Plz fix this.
Game was fun when I BOUGHT first two package offers. After I turned the next one down the game started hammering me with foes 2 and 3 times over my level. LAME!!
movie night boat keeps crashing my game when I try to use it! other than that game is good, basically boom beach but a little better to control.,,takes way too long to progress by playing without paying so it's time to delete
The game is too slow. The update made the movie time ship to stop working. It's nearly impossible to get a lvl 20 hq without spending money and the game as it is isn't worth spending money on
just like playing Narcos minus the "product". Still a great game overall. I give it a 4 star rating due to the movie boat (free money) not working. Fix that and you're easily a 5 star rated game.
Nice game but really need an improvements.. Challenging games.. Mind vs mind.. Its not just a game you will think every move you'll take.. Keep on playing
Good game been playing for yrs but now its acting up an ive spent a good amount of money who do i contact to fix the problem its getting even more terrible dont use this game people they basically robbed me frfr give me my money back
I give it 4Star cause there is something that you must to improve, and fix the problem for sharing into facebook.. I hope that there is more interesting in game when this game update, i think you be upgrade this game just like COC or THE COZi that have many interesting rewards when i log it in every day.. So that soon, i will totally give it 5star, im still playing this game, so i hope that you can improve it developer, this is so really great game that i want.. Thank you..
Not bad but cant play the game because everytime I start it up 10s later error 10002 comes up and have to restart. So you cant even play it!
a lot people play Army of Heroes but the developer prefer to ignore it and concentrate on the Narcos cartel wars game that has to do with a drug theme and the people that dont prefer that theme play army of heroes and the game is completely ignored by the developer because its not base on a drug theme.
many times happened with me( error 10004) , after i win a battle, an error occur and the game restarts... so i notice that i lost all my units and again need to reinforce them, to waste time and gold, totally unprofessional also that ur level let's say is 25, you will find all the players in the map is more than 40, you cannot win sources from any donno what to say. good game but hate those bugs, i will delete this useless game... errors and bad servers
I've been playing this game for 2 years now. It used to work fine until now I always have a hard time connecting to the server (takes about 3-5 min to log in) and sometimes i get this notice that I am logged in from another device but if I relaunch the app a different error shows up saying an error occured. Wth is happening to this game? It used to be good. :(
Good game. Only problem is I was in a middle of a battle then it said app was unresponsive! Went back on was fine but lost all my troops. Not really fair that like!