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Army Men Toy Squad Survival War Shooting

Army Men Toy Squad Survival War Shooting for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Oscar Damian located at vietnam hanoi. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played this stickman backflip killer a while ago and it was fun. Ads were slightly annoying but I get that people need to make money and such. I came back to it after a while though. What Madbox has done with the stickman backflip killer made me uninstall. Before you even get into the stickman backflip killer you have to agree to 3 screens worth of text an...
I like this stickman backflip killer, its really fun and I could play this all day! really smooth and hilarious. So many characters to unlock. the two things I would change would be instead of once you finish a level you can't go back. And the grabber... it only grabs the one that is closest in range to you. It won't g...
Very good concept, rather original in my experience and very fun to play. However, there are some serious issues ( it could just be me) but the stickman backflip killer runs horribly if you're connected to WiFi, there is no sound FX or music and any music played off another app will stop as long as you have the stickman backflip killer ru...
I love the game but the is one problem there are not many houses Please can you fix it and for 4 stars to 5 Stars
So, I have played over 200 levels, beaten all 30 challenges, and done some races. I would describe my experience as fun, at times frustrating. After this many levels, it can just get repetitive. It's fun, but I don't think I'll keep it on my phone much longer. Possible glitch/bug: when I start the a...
The z stickman battle of dragon warrior really is good but there are issues that the creators refuse to fix. 1. If your combo is too high the z stickman battle of dragon warrior crashes. 2. The controls don't respond at times causing you to die. It seems like the controls are lagging behind. 3. Difficult level makes it almost impossible to achieve perfects...
It's an OK time waster but there are tons of issues. First: no sound at all. Pretty basic thing to have in a stickman games escape from prison. Second: the ads. Having ads is one thing; you need to make your money, but registering a swipe as a click is garbage and you're what's pushing people to adbockers. Third is the fact tha...
This is modern graphics design army man shooting game that provide you simple gaming interface. I can't stop playing this great game
Lots of fun. Challenging without being frustrating. Only real complaint, and it's a real one, is that the are way too many ads. No continuous play at all. Die or complete a level and you get an ad break
This stickman warriors is really fun when you learn special tricks on how to get through the level fast. I only had the stickman warriors for 4 days and already got to level 100. This is a really fun and easy stickman warriors. I love the racing and new skins you an unlock very easily. Try, you may be able to get to level 100 faster than...
I LOVED this z stickman battle of dragon warrior. I couldn't get enough. I was at peace when I played it. The last update made the z stickman battle of dragon warrior lag so much you can't play it. It LAGS so much yet your opponents can pummel you while you can't do a thing. Fix IT! Please.
I was stuck on a level for a really long time..I was so angry that when I got stuck there was no restart button! And whenever I pressed the skip level button the ad played..But it didn't work! I was having lots of fun until level 42. The VIP membership pops up way to much during stickman warriorsplay...I don't w...
The stickman dragon ball zplay is very enjoyable and fluent, however can be somewhat irritating as it is very fast paced stickman dragon ball zplay. The one big thing I don't like us the overdose of advertisement that repeat themselves often. Edit: another big problem is that the levels repeat themselves to a ridiculous degree.
it's cute and fun at first. After 100 levels you realize that they are essentially all the same. So it got stale very quickly. There are 30 extra challenge levels, but after you do those, there aren't anymore. I play very little every day and have only had this stickman games escape from prison a couple days and am almost at ...
The stickman backflip killer is fun. The smoothness is a 8/10, BUT THE ADS ARE BUTS. EVERYTIME I DIE, BOOM AND AD. WHEN I LEAST EXPECT IT, FREE MAN FOR AD. other than that though, its good. Try putting adds after 2 levels, or a revieve. Then maybe a free skin add every 5 levels then id rate this a 400/10
Firstly, I really enjoy this stickman hero. However there are a few flaws. Firstly, they need to fix the AWFUL goaltending. It is way to easy to score. Especially one way that is 99%, sure to score. That being pull up from one of the sides and when your near the goalie at the far end just shoot and boom, goe...
Gameplay is simple, fun, and very addicting. Level variety drops off very quickly, and it's possible to break them so hard that there is no challenge to them (but that's part of the fun!) Way too many ads--fall off the screen? Ad. Beat a level? Ad. When the unskippable ads appear, it's faster to clo...
• Amazing toy soldiers battlefield shooter • Wide range of different weapons with their own characteristics • Chance to improve your tactics and strategy skills
I love the game mechanics and how it all works well and no bugs! I also love that you get like over 12 billion coins and gems at the start of the game so you can practically make your own army and pretend to be different ranks and command soldiers and all the secret weapons and gizmos to find! I also love the red battlefield area where you can get choppa and catapults!
The stickman ultimate fight was very nice. A good challenge but not impossible. I was far into the stickman ultimate fight at about level 100. I rested and did my homework. Later, I went back into the stickman ultimate fight and started at level one again. I didnt press anything, but I still had to start over. It says no bugs. Im very disappointed.
It's very easy, and very fun. There are no problems that make this stickman warriors that make it bad. I wish we had like coins or something to buy skins, it would be harder, and make this stickman warriors better. The idea of everyone being spiderman is cool, i'll give you that. but beating really easy levels to get skins, ...
Would have given a 3 or 4 star, didn't mind the ads as much as others, *whispers* I just turned my wifi off and they stoppped coming up, but the thing that really irritated me was that once I hit around 80, if I got off the stickman warriors and back on while playing it would send me back to and old level still ...
Here's what I say about this game, first thing, bad graphics. I would have expected better graphics quality. Second thing, it's kind of odd how if you shoot at a toy, then get in the car, the toy stands up like nothing happened. But, other than that, it's great. Just make the graphics and animations better, then it'll be great. Overall, good game.
Army Men Toy squad is very amazing and outstanding game, it is working very good, its graphics and features are very nice, it is controlled very easy. I like this game.
I Like The Game,The Only Question I Have,Why Did The Game Gave Me Unlimited Money And Gems For Free When I First Installed It,Please Fix It Because It Feels Like Im Using Hacks And I Dont Like Hacking And I Want To Play The Game Normaly,I Will Be Happy Because I Like To Play Games Normaly.
So, I loved the z stickman battle of dragon warrior. Id brought fankenstein or whatever to life and was exited for the next level then it says this is all you get in the free version or something like that. Three levels. Come on guys, thats so not fair. I mean, maybe like half the z stickman battle of dragon warrior or something, but this isnt a free z stickman battle of dragon warrior...
Amazing game to destroy bad men with a little toy army soldiers. It is interesting and cool. I love to play this game.
This game is a very dun game you can level up by spending gems on book and buy guns you can also buy cars motorbikes and helicopters there is a battle arena to (over all good game)
Grand Army Men Toy Squad Survival War Shooting Grand Army Men Toy Squad Survival War Shooting It’s time to remember your childhood! Control the army of toy soldiers, use all your tactical and strategic skills and defeat your opponent’s army forces playing this fantastic game!
I really like and appreciate your work on this game but you should make it to where your character could drive a ambulance and help the concept of the stickman game escape from the prison and fun
this is a very good gameplay and update it with a soldier selection and oh,good quality and graphics your the best keep on updating and i will be more and more proud each year I play it thank you,and also your the best !! :)
not good, i have played thus stickman warriors for the last couple weeks and i can say that i don't like it. i play it on the bus, this means i don't have Internet which makes the level design uninspiring because it just uses the same assets over and over. when i go online the stickman warriors is filled to the brim with ads...
Army men toy squad survival war shooting is just an incredible game. The features and functions as well as graphics of this game are just superb. ❤️
Excellent graphics its so much nicer than another i like to use always never seen before that must install all friends and family members.
It is very good game . Kids also love to play. It is easy to play. It has best features. 5 stars from me.
Army men to squads is the best game. In this U got a chance to fight with gangster with your little toy army soldiers. It is very challenging and interesting. I like it very much.
This why i like this so when i frist played this game i was sooooooooooooooo happy about the game i got alot of money i will keep this game forever or I'm a kid playing this game or even a grown up =( I'm gonna have to delete this game =(=( =( =( ;(
I hate it! When I got this stickman warriors, I had to uninstall 2 stickman warriorss that I really enjoyed and I thought it was worth it, but no. When I went on the stickman warriors it was not loading, it was just showing me a black screen, saying MadBox, I thought it was a glitch so I tried again and it just kicked me out, and I didn'...
I think the stickman backflip killer is good, but maybe needs more concepts added. Like, I love the skins and the stickman backflip killerplay feels really nice, just it might need more dynamic levels and maybe a way to make them feel more comfortable having less ads. With a little fine tuning, this could easily be my favorite stickman backflip killer.
Fun concept and decently implemented controls. Needs some work on the node selction. Keeps grabbing the node behind you rather than the one you're moving towards. Also ads need to be culled considerably. One after every single level is absurd. Maybe one every 5 levels. And maybe think about lowering...
I've been playing this game for about one year but I've played it when I was about 6 or y years old. My experience with this game is so fun like when you can go to the peach skin toys little house or what ever you want to call it and get the tank and i like when you kill one of the peach guys and then the cops come and you can blow their cars up while there still in them so that's my review thanks for reading you should try it
This is very amazing game. They have many level. They nice weapons for using. Their graphic system is very nice. This is easy to use.
This is by far the best war game ever, apart from art of war, try it out, it is really fun but I don't see how the toys stand up again after they have been hit or shot 😕 but amazing game 🤣😃😁😄😃😀😆
This is really addictive and best graphics design army men shooting game. This is smooth control game, one of my best game that I've played.
The stickman warriors froze my entire phone the first time an ad popped up. Eventually the whole screen went black, and when it finally turned back on it was still frozen. As soon as it unfroze I uninstalled the stickman warriors. I haven't had that happen to me before, and I have had plenty of other stickman warriorss.
Good gaym with stuff in it. So this stickman games escape from prison is really fun at least for me. Like that there is a lot of maps. It needs an infinite mode. Really like that you can speed up by grabbing over a bouncy thingy then bouncing on the back of it and the front and the back you get it. But sometimes you speed up an...
This is addictive army toy game. Once I've played this game, this is best graphics design as well. Best way to kill boring time
A great game to exagerate some of the battles I had between my toy soldiers. The yard could use some more detail, such as a street. You could also add neighboring houses you can travel to as you progress through the game, that way it doesn't feel repettitive after long term gameplay. Besides that suggestion, I am enjoying this game, and hope to see some improvements in the future.
Very easy and nice game. I suggest everyone to play this game. This game have nice graphics and vip controls. Kindly all install it and enjoy to play this game. Thank you very much.
The stickman animation was cool but it got boring after awhile. If you really want to make the stickman animation a whole lot better improve the customization. For example MULTIPLE colored stickmen with costumes (any superhero, anime character or anybody).Or we can be able to choose our victory dances after every stickman animation. Or like...
Army men toy squad survival war shooting game is an amazing game. Its a well designed game with advanced and multiple fearures. I really appriciaye this game.
Army Men Toy its best stickman warriors I owned and when you unlock new levels you unlock new characters and I like that for a stickman warriors.I love this game, especially the part when you thought you won the rank,
Like, the concept is cool, the music is great, the visuals are stunning for a mobile stickman ultimate fight and all and all, its just pleasing to the eye! But the difficulty is way too much but thats probably because Im salty but still, its a great stickman ultimate fight!
This game squad mission are really cool. I am loving its thrilling and totally fun gameplay. Recommended to all.! 👌
Army men toy squad game is so wonderful. It is such an amazing game. Great work by the developer. I like it very much this game.
I love the its so good you can play like a true soldier but the bad thing is graphics but the game is so good its like you are playing world war
Best game.in this you got a chance to fight with gangesters with your little toy army soliders .it is very challenging and interesting.i really liked it a lot.
Just in case my other one didnt go through let's add more rooms a yard another 2 houses like neighbors and with the yard I want a street plzzzz but everything else is good but one thing I want a power selection and I want bandits,military cowboys s.w.a.t team with police and the green army to all run around and sometimes fight each other okay itll make this game 5* star
I really hope you read the reviews. The z stickman battle of dragon warrior is so good that I put money into it. However. The CQC is messed up. When it greys out all enemies, they are all supposed to die from 1 hit. This is not the case though, many enemies require more hits to die and they doge you. And it's hard to kill them in hard mode since you don't know wgat their colour is anymore when its all grey.
i played a stickman animation like this but it was different in playstyle yes the base stickman animation is the same. i knew of this stickman animation because of a steam sale. I'm gonna buy it there but i came here to make sure if it's worth it. idk if the base stickman animation is made for phones or PCs cuz normally mobile stickman animations ain't good enough on ...
I LIKE IT! Its fun using the stickman warriorss physics to propell him around and build up potentiel energy using an initial swinging motion then yo-yoing action that builds up speed going from post to post and sometimes slingshoting him scross the stage. Instead of just going straight through to the end, you sh...
This is an awesome blend of army men sarge heroes, crack down 2, and you can parachute like in warzone. It is several of my favorite games all rolled into one and is really fun 11/10!!
Army Men Toy squad is very amazing gta v stickman crime clash game, it is working very good, its graphics and features are very nice, it is controlled very easy, I like this gta v stickman stickman stickman crime clash game.
I keep this graphics change to a ultra and traffic density and full graphics and is very helpful good but the rewards is like 2M
Amaizing Army Game. Choose your battlefield, be it a bathroom, kitchen, living room or even garden. Make a clear placement of your troops and rush into this epic battle of Army Men Toy War Shooter.
is the best game ever we have soooooooooooo much money and gem at first its awsome but please make a s.w.a.t one and please add a gas mask to this game and more clothes but i really enjoy playing and i love it thanks for making this game and guys if you seee my rate dounwloud this game i promise youll have fun
This game is outstanding the gameplay the guns it really impressed me but only important thing is missing why is there no ambush from the red soldiers and respect so you can gather other mens and guide them to vehicle and add 4 seat vehicle and a limo also if you granted my likes then i would totally love it anyways the gameplay is awesome :3
I want to 5 star for fun and addictiveness however this is the most ad filled stickman backflip killer ive ever played. It's really bad. A lot of free stickman backflip killers have them every 5-10 levels. This stickman backflip killer is every other level or if you fail a level and given the quick pace nature of the stickman backflip killer you are getting an ad every minute. ...
I really like and appreciate your work on this game but you should make it to where your character could drive a ambulance and help his wounded soldiers and add grenades and add more green men to the battlefield
this is honestly the BEST stickman dragon ball z ever. A little hack for any new players is turn your wifi off when playing. the stickman dragon ball z functions perfectly without the wifi and there are no ads. there are no bad glitches or anything bad about the stickman dragon ball z. it's fantastic and i definitely recommend 👍👍
It's fun, the levels could be longer and a level editor would be nice where you can upload and download other people's levels. The bad thing is that there's no sound, some swooshing sounds depending on how fast you are swinging/falling/flying upwards would be nice Other than that, fun and great to p...
Army men to squads is the best game. In this u got a chance to fight with gangster with your little toy army soliders. It is very challenging and interesting. I like it very much.
Im going to have to give it a 2, because it was really short but it was also fun. There was only 3 levels and it kept on asking me for the full version which bugged me because I bought the free one for a reason. I finished it in less than an hour, it was enjoyable but I didnt like that I finished ...
The concept of the stickman games escape from prison is fun, and I really wanted to get into it, but those ads are killer. I mean ads in stickman games escape from prisons is nothing unusual but good Lord every tiny little thing I do results in an ad. Complete a level? Ad. Change avatar? Ad. I mean come on, dial it back a bit. I really wanted to get behind...
There are way too many ads in the stickman games escape from prison. I couldn't get past one level without getting an ad, it's truly awful. The stickman games escape from prisonplay is mid tier at best, and honestly awful at worst. Another simple stickman games escape from prison pumped with three times as many as it should have.
I didn't like the stickman warriors at first.....to many ads like others have said. I paid the $3.39 to go ad free. Love the stickman warriors now...you only see ads if you want to skip a level. its a shame that you have to pay to really enjoy this stickman warriors....that's why I gave it 3 stars.....Peace.
Army men toy squad survival is amazing game. It is very nice gameplay and a lot of challenges. It is totally different from others games
This game is stupid you can't even like get a hit on someone because they run too fast and the game literally makes it impossible to attack them and you can only punch when you start and this game is just stupid
Army men ٹوی squad is very wonderful game . it has great adventure . it is unique concept game . i love this game .
I was fun but say no bugs huh? Well i buged my avatar was strech when i try the parecute from a high place
This is a good game ap.its easy to find out and easy installation.its have good graphics.its have many wonderful levels.its easy to play I play this game like very much.its beat then other game
The physics and the mechanics are really good but there's no actual stickman backflip killer in it. There's no story and all the levels are repetitive. I finished 100+ levels to support my opinion and I know what I'm talking about. The ads are super annoying and there's no action neither so it gets boring very fast 2/5
Good game but please make the graphics more better because it's horrible if you guys fix it I promise I will share this game to many people any thanx for this great game
A bland, empty stickman backflip killer with auto pilot levels that last 20 seconds or less. Ads play after every death AND after almost every level completion. They couldn't even be bothered for music in this one. Edit: I forgot to mention you can break the stickman backflip killer rather easily. Rapidly release and reattach to climb bac...
Nice game except that I can't aim well and that sucks the joy out of a good game like this. Your auto aim doesn't work at all.
I went into this with moderate expectations. i was intruiged. Overall, its a decently fun stickman games escape from prison. The ads though... after every single level is rediculous. Cant listen to music and play, because the ads pause the song. I think I see an ad every 15 seconds. I get you need to incorporate them, but this ...
Best game. In this you got a chance to fight with gangsters with your little toy army soldiers. It is very challenging and interesting. I really liked it a lot.
This is a fun stickman games escape from prison, but there is WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!! Like I'm almost to the end of a level or something, and then there's an AD! ITS SO ANNOYING!!! If you don't have much patience with ads and things I would NOT recommend this app. Besides this issue, the app is fun And a great time killer.
This stickman zombie games is pretty neat! It has quite the roster of Dragon Ball characters (although some of the cooler ones are locked behind a pay wall) that can be unlocked as you play the stickman zombie games. My only gripe is that the combat for each character is nearly identical no matter who you are playing as.