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Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots

Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by FoxForce Games located at Россия, Воронежская обл., Новоусманский район, с.Александровка, ул. Молодёжная, д. 5/2. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game because it is so simple and easy but just try to upgrade something like the weapons, and how the robots look. That is all
Great like it but it's just so hard to get the mechs with a full body with legs and arms it's so hard to get that can you make it easier pls
I think this is the best stress buster and we make out build those mech ultimate , play online is best for making coins this is good 'Makers please give more things especially mechs and new areas ' we need upgrade more, these one problem some kind of bugging sometime make bothered it
This is so dumb you should remove all the enemies in the freaking offline game I would give this game a four star if you a Nerf greenbot and many other bots that challenge you to a fight and Nerf any enemy in the game I will change my mind when you do this other than that good luck I'm not going to do anything else but give this a bad review next time Nerf the things cuz my team doesn't stand a chance and I can't even defeat the freaking bot and you said remove green bot and many other enemies t
Creates read this:Really nice game it's exciting fun so many mechs and attachments I don't see how this is not five stars also nice touch with adding real people but add-ons I do have some like I wish there was more stuff for the people like cars trucks or bases that the people can walk in another thing I want is more maps also why not adding city's like a person can walk in a building and shoot at the mechs how cool would that be also side note how do I ride a teamate with a walking mech
I have had this game for more than a year and I love this game. I think you should add a new game mode though. (yes another new game mode) the game mode is: team battle. what I mean by that is like team death match except you and your real multiplayer teammates get to use your offline teammates like the bipedal mech and the wierd spider things with lasers and cannons(don't judge that's what my friends call it)
Edited (again).okay then,how about i instead request some bugs in offline mode (im an offline player cuz my internet sucks) that i would like for you to fix.bug 1.While your in mid air the impulse booster doesnt boost you that much in air. Bug 2.For some reason i cant equip 2 or more of the same allie in the "your team" thing (maybe its not a bug and i dont know how to do that)pease fix this! Thanks.
This is the best game i ever played good graphics but i only wish if i have taken the flag i can use the grappling hook without dropping the flag and i can put a sentry gun 2-5 and in offline i can take and drop the sentry gun please update that so i can hold and drop the sentry gun/dispenser. please please please please please please please please. But download this game so amazing. And also i cant realese the pilot in quick match and campaign please update that.
The reviews do tell that this game is addictive fun and you never feel alone in offline with those cute tiny robots fighting for you UwU and online well i havent tried it yet but oh well theres one problem it lacks map variety and alot of gamemodes as most reviews say so it gets boring being in the same map sometimes so i do suggest they add more features but till then the gameplay is solid lovely features well designed game indeed it just lacks a bit of variety but not the robot arsenal tho ☺️
It's nice, all nice. But you could add some weapon modes on battle on the humanoid robots, like, a humanoid mech holding a shotgun like a normal person, then switch to another weapon. Pls put it in an update!
The game is really great! Although when I play multiplayer. Sometimes I feel like im just playing with bots. First the "players" can't teleport on the gear pad. Second they always run back and forth. Third they don't do the tasks they're supposed to do. It just makes the game less fun. But besides that. This game is great :)
I never play this game and wow i like it that means robots wars at multiplayer of battle if you killed all if you start single player and you have more team blue if you makes happy and on character if you pro or noob so if you want play this and if you happy and if you chat all your friends and rate this app and you likes it and I hope you likes it but you stoles hat king in the multiplayer and you will killed and or noob or pro and click emoji that from chating if you mad this multiplayer bye
Make more mechs I have 6 million dollars now ! Make a new mode just for pilots like deathmatch but only pilot mechs and level 1 is pretty good I like how when u go under water with snorkel u heal your self. Add more stuff plz
You can't beat U-Skillz. The only thing I can suggest to the creators is; to make it better to use a blue toothed controller. Maybe some controller options.
This isn't the armored squad i all know and love... Because of updates the music is anoying, multiplayer crashes idk why, aaaaaannnnnnddddddd... SENTRY GUNZ DIE LIKE A SECOND AFTER YOU PLACE THEM WHEN 0 STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls fix these and ill play it alot more *edit* im giving it a 2 star, pls fix it!!! Its getting on my nerves 🙃🙃 edit: also add more levels, it gets boring fast, i mean FAST!
it's a really good game but it needs a lil extra on the online aspect and also you could add more challenges to the two u already have but most importantly could you add a Bluetooth or WiFi multiplayer update. awesome games by the way
It is a pretty good game, but things get so expensive (especially units, their price should have just increased by 1000 coins additively instead of exponentially) to the point where it becomes p2w or infinite grinding (at least it doesn't have lootbox mechanics). Multiplayer is fair (how does this game have more than 400 people playing online???) but having bad internet means you will automatically be kicked. Now only if I can get internet with an average lower than 250 ping...
this game is good but i would really need parts for the mech and i think you should add parts shop in the shop option and to buy it you need money and it change after a day
So good game but one star cut because when we shoot the right weapon in offline on the wall or etc it damages us so fix it
hi i really love your game but pls make more gamemodes like mech racing and also pls make more mechs so we can buy more robots or more weapons pls
your game is great but theres one promblem you should have new robots and start an event to make your game wonderful
I was general before but when i relogged my acc the game i was colonel and i got the lvl 7 mech before now its gone and i got good stuff on the lvl 7 mech pls give back my mechs and weapons pls i really need it
This game is amazing but when i play over and over again and im using a prime and after that i was just a 1 hit and then i died and they were not using a sniper plss fix this bug.
This isn't the armored squad i all know and love... Because of updates the music is anoying, multiplayer crashes idk why, aaaaaannnnnnddddddd... SENTRY GUNZ DIE LIKE A SECOND AFTER YOU PLACE THEM WHEN 0 STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls fix these and ill play it alot more *edit* im giving it a 2 star, pls fix it!!! Its getting on my nerves 🙃🙃 edit: also add more levels, it gets boring fast, i mean FAST! Edit: accualy its pretty dang cool idk why
a little development from online server will be great. if possible can you add wireless LAN feature,. i think that would be great. My total review for this game is great and stragic. keep up the good work,👍
Great game, the only problem is than when upgrading, it costs far far too much to upgrade any mech over mech level 5. A bit less price and I'll give it one more star.
Suggestions for game: ranked gamemode, new vechile the glider, modules, new weapon atomic sniper 200 dmg, new equipment Forcefield tier 4, new sentry sniper sentry shoots at far distances max tier 5, tier 5 tier 5 sentrys have a has a mini Rocket launcher attached to it, new mini gun sentry just like all sentrys but faster fire rate and faster bullets, New sandbox gamemode You do eneything you want, 1v1 arena attack players to win, 2v2 arena attack players to win just like 1v1 arena,
Its so fun all of the weapons and ranks are sooooo cool and the offline games you can make your very own army in offline mode and yoir the general you can even get rewards by watching ads
this game is like the best I've been playing it like 5 years from now and like wow I've never seen a better mech game
I love it but now I can't delete my progress so I can't go diffrent mechs unless I buy them I don't like staying with all these strong players so I try uninstalling it then installing it but it dose not work so I try sign in and sign out but now I can't sign out so it loads my progress please put a delete progress button! Then I would rate it 5 stars!
I really like how I can change how my mechs look and also buy any mech I want. The online mode is also really fun too and the offline mode can also be challenging wich is also fun . The problem is that you get more money playing online than offline and you only get the money if you're team wins or if it becomes a draw . But , you only rank up faster in offline mode than in online mode . You barely even rank up in online mode which is fine with me . But the game is really fun so give it a try.
The game is really fun and the graphics are very good but could you please add more mechs like level 10 or 11
I love this game i love robots and even mechs I wish this game has cyborgs and new robots cool right please edit them in the game 😣 but this game is still cool love it and I want a new map like build an army I love armies also I want a map like defeat the monsters were all players team up and fight the monsters also I want more space in the name box please also there is this bug sometimes I explode by my own and said you join red team it also it's so annoying please fix it its nonsense 😠😠
This game is just very good,good graphic and Low-End friendly So this game is balanced too. Because it had autobalance system, and can you decrease the autobalance chance,because i got autobalance 2 time in the same game.I suggest you to improve the Anti cheat system because there is soo much hackers spamming their ability and having Godmode, But 2 weapon you create can counter them It emp and stabber. So i want this game have better Anti Cheat system. I would give this game 10 stars
I love this armored squad this make me so so so good but all the mech and robots are cool and i just got bilionare and like so crazy and armored squad is the best app ever 50000000download armored squad ya boi
I always down my rank but the game still perfect i can make speed runs with grap hook or any glitches at two towers now this game is my most coolest game i played theres no 5 stars i have an bonus of 6 stars! Most glitches is the fish when slapped the alies burning fire will be gone! (Ice Commander) the most strongest mech! (The Demon Set) most fastest! (Black Ninja 2)
After futere fight it is also my one of most favourite game because you can make Captain America, iron Man , warmachine , thanos , Thor because this game has weapons like Captain America's shield , mjiolnir , stormbreaker , thanos's blade like weapons but I am waiting for updates for new mode better graphics and more levels and more mechs
This is a very good game but i think that you shall put a new update like new robots new boost and and climbing then it is going to be more exciting
Sorry for the extremely rude comment but I think you should add more robot and Nerf green bot and others and make sure that the grappling hook only has one grapple so you people can't just grapple all around the map and make it the cool down longer also new maps and a new map and boy its name is hydro the original weapon comes with the ice sniper and it can hold two weapons on the side of the robot so you can double heal your allies so basically you can have two weapons at once activated
I love this game!It has awesome weapons, good graphics, gamplay and controls,can be played online or even offline,robots and tanks are getting complicated and more better every update and the gamemodes are simply amazing!I only hope that the price of every tank and mechs must be lower.AND THATS ALL!!! 😍😀😀😀
Hello fellow creator of this game. I just want to say there is a bug with the online thing. Well you see, There is this issue where We randomly change teams even if we didnt use the change team option. Its messing up my chance of winning
A way to get more money easier like when you get a dual challenge and you beat the guy and green robot is so hard why couldn't it be the guy who is so polite the guy who says greetings friend and also why couldn't I be flying robots like all missions letter campaign and you can actually unlock them by paying for them now so why add in flying minions are minions that can move around on ground and for the flying minion packages fly wherever they want and you can do that the same it will be cool
This game is super you should try it but one thing that made me give 4 star is that it won't show the time ⌚ but it is a super game to play we can make friends in it that is best thing I love and another thing is that this is the best app to play with friends ads are so low this is another thing I like in this game this is best game i have played ever
This is the Best Game i have ever played but i have a suggestion can you add a multiplayer mode that uses hotspot instead of wifi ? Because my wifi is so slow and my brother and i automatically leave servers because of the slow connection. But this is the best game i have ever played.
Man this game is the best! But pls add new campaign levels cuz it's becoming boring when you finish the game and please also ban the hackers they're to annoying and please also make the bots be able to talk sorry if that's to ask to much but pls consider doing this cuz the game is becoming more boring everyday and I think we need more updates so pls do this
I like it.But I cant play with online Multiplayer. It going low to Online players when I always level up.Sometimes,Online players is 0.So,I can Play with only Bots 😞I dont know why i cant play sometimes.
Using the other weapons that requires throwing makes it hard to use it in combat, the grappler is also hard to control, last time I played this game was really fun, but since the new update came up, I don't want to play it anymore, I don't like melee weapons that required throwing mechanism, and the options of the game are still the same, I have been playing this game since 2017, you know why I gave you 2 stars? Because the controls are too small for my phone.
It's a great game in the offline game when you died it should spawn the pilot so can you you put the the pilot in the online and offline games and also can you add more health to pilot please
good game oh and another when you get the flag drop skill the main screen flag battle, everytime a blue time catches red flag we can make the drop it right from the main screen it's so funny!! i would give 10 stars if that was possible anyways good game
This game is soo cool man! Even it potato friendly I can barely run this game at high graphic in my potato phone! You should improve the anti cheat system because there is too much people hacking. Also you should add votekick system That if there is a hacker we can just votekick it
This game is fun really cool updates but please change that graphics it's so blird see that graphics change next time ok?
wow!!!!! this is a great app!!nice graphics and no glitches,bugs or other distruction!! if you like robots you should download this!!!
Soooo. Why not add mini mechs that turn into trucks, cars, ect. If the main gets destroyd the mini mech comes out and its the same like the main mech but smaller can turn into a vehicle and has less health. If the mini mech gets destroyd the pilot will come out. It would be a great feature and add more weapons and armor same for helmets for the pilot. Please and thank u. (I like this game like infinitly) keep making games like this cause i like it :D
Love this game! I want you to put more levels and more game modes and more weapons!! so it will be challenging! Love the game also more of everything oh I almost forgot if you can make the connection the best make it then thank you
Hey i have an idea could you give some more mechs it seems boring using the same old mechs and robots over and over again put a new one so we can earn it and buy to play with plus how about adding more stuff and in offline more levels so this would help a lot in the future
This game was one of the best games I've played in a very long time and I still play it even to this day, but there are things that you can possibly do to the game. To start things off, I request that you add a room list for multiplayer that displays player count, max mech level, the current gamemode, and the name of the room (the name will just be the game id or you could allow players to set a custom name). (I'm running out of space so I can't type any more)
Good game, but except for hackers, that's why i rated 3 stars. Can you add some admin to ban those stupid hackers >:(. If You are reading this (developer) just add it pls.... I'll put it back into 5 stars <:3
why did you change the style of the first robot you begin with it looks so cool before and now you made it ugly can you please keep the original so much cooler
I love the game its very fun, also i got new friends many freinds, my friends list is almost full lol, and this game needs new mech pilots swords anything, and ill be waiting for the new update of this game. Good luck guys :)
OMG! Online, creating game is perfect. Problem, some players are too good for me. And making sentry guns bigg! This is just a funny game! And more updates please fox force!
best game ever fun to play and graphics are very very good and controls too!!!! cool robots so im really wish another update cause i really really want more robots drones guns too and maps 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍pls. so this game deserves a 5 star🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍
Your game sucks u know, the campaign is broken, the sound wave enemy unit is broken, it pushes u away you'll end up off the charts and it cant be repelled by the shield, the multiplayer is sometimes full of hackers, why cant u just fix the bug where people can spam their right weapons or equipment
Its so good me and my brothers cant atop playing it,Ive played this before and went back its still great but I dont see new robots I wish you will add more.No bugs have been experienced yet its all smooth not laggy its very competitive and fun.Hope you add more content and please dont abandoned this game and give more updates its really good
I love da game especially I can shoot and no cool down!!! I mean I love this and I can play offline too! For example (mechs,robots,tanks and guns too!) I hope you like it!😆😜
Add a chain sword!! Which catches one of the opponent and throw away from mech & it's giving an freezer effect.
Best Game I Ever Played I had too much fun with it but I have a suggestion, I suggest for you to make a custom paint for the robots so that we can make our robots more stylized... Anyways, there are still some bugs like when you finish a level some levels will get unlocked even if you didn't finish the other levels.
This game is fun,amazing graphics simple controls and it has no adds.The reason why i rate it 3 stars is that when i playing online game,if im i ln the game after a few seconds it kicks me back to the main menu and i hope you can fix it.
I finally found the sign out button I am very happy now I love this game a lot more now, I now play this game more recently. 😀 But know I keep getting my progress back when I want to reset my progress. 🤔
I like it but one thing i want there is offline mode,online mode but there is not local multiplayer mode i want it because some times i want to play with my friends nearby with out internet using local multiplayer mode so please give that mode to this game please. Then i rate full stars
Take it from me everyone this games pretty good They've added a feature for where your mech is destroyed In online mode of little pilot ejects out as long as you buy it But I do have a little suggestion for the creators Hey creators Why don't you add a feature for where you can also eject out of the mech in offline mode And Eject out of the mech whenever you want and recover the mech whenever you want
The game,controls,graphics is excellent!(but the graphics is not too awesome).It is fun to play this game.I am playing this for years and I still love this!.So I highly recommend this game.Trust me it is fun!So keep it up the good work!
I love this game but I can't play with my friends. The game ID says that the ID is wrong and the friend system says that my friend is never active but she's playing right next to me. I hope that they can fix it
i love armored squad is the best play the game and you will get a lot of miney and armor and a new robot play online or offline its fun in every way as possible and you will be invisible and create your squad it takes time play it and my name is Dravenj on armored squad we can be friends on it and my cousin blazethecat aka mickey so come and join us on armored squad gang gang gang
This game is the best mech game ive ever played! The game has amazing graphics, multiplayer, more! But I have requests for this such as a minigun turret, fix the green shields defense, and a new mech. Great game overall! But people use glitches and ruin the game, they use the teleporter to go places you shouldn't, they also use glitches to get infinite gold in cave by going to garage near the item, and last they move when the match ends by having main menu when it ends. Keep up the good work!
I like this game and can you add more robots in the garage that I can get more stronger robots that is stronger than the tough guy and my tough guy is like in the shop all he's stuff and weapon is red all red
I love this game, the physics of the game are wonderful, the game modes are fun, and the different combinations of robots and items are amazing, it's everything I could ask for in a game!
Best game ever, the robots, mechs, and tank was so great and the fights is good and it has 2 modes the offline and the online i love it i wish FoxForce Games create another game except ground operation i wish foxforce will update ground operation with multiplayer mode ☺😁😌
Love the game and experience you get out of it especially the pilot where if you're playing online you get a second chance but I do have a few notes not criticisms just suggestions like maybe you could also add a local multiplayer where instead of playing online with strangers you play with your friends I also think you should add something new to the pilot something's missing like try giving them more equipment or new weapons that sort of stuff
I love this game. And could you pls add more robots or more weapons for pilot? I would like to see and update like that. Also can you pls add more maps and gamemodes? I like to see that too
Good gameplay. Mostly, the reason I have 2 stars is that during evening to night to the first 3 seconds into a online game will disconnect. Even on my phone I bought 2 weeks ago.
I love the game next update add more stuff for the pilot like a upgrade button and consumables like bandage medkits grenades sticky bombs and more add more modes like mecha hide and seek and more plz and when you press the upgrade button it levels up the pilot and gives the pilot more guns but it's like a rebirth for the pilot so the more data that you add to the pilot it'll be gone for the pilot and more abilitys like summon a clone and turn invisible and add veachals (I'm a bad typer)
I love this game soooooo!!! Much, i have no problem at all, ilove it but please update so we can get new weapons and stuff i love, great game
I love this game and I am extrabot.This game is awesome.I am a billoner in that game.I can buy everything. And also do a new update is you can create your own robot and also added bosses in this game
game has potential. there should be a setting option and a gane control settings option where we can chsnhe the sensitivity , sound and stuff. i dont like the controls because it is fixed , i want to replace it with buttons and thats why need a settings option so that we can change.
The game is cool but the campagin mode make me so angry And the campagin levels very hard and there is duels make the level impossible not impossible very impossible in control point levels And there is a bug secret bug in the game :-[ and iam in a big rank And the ranks or your level will be end and you start in a new rank or level in 9999 years thank you tor reading my comment (^^)... wait read this you can sit on other players if your mech look like this mech in the game picture :)bye
This game is soo cool man! Even it potato friendly I can barely run this game at high graphic in my potato phone! You should improve the anti cheat system because there is too much people hacking. Also you should add votekick system That if there is a hacker we can just votekick it.Edit:it updated and i love it even more,i would give this app 10 stars if i can
I have a reccomendation, add new animations walking,jumping,shooting etc the game is amazing ive been playing it for over a year and it is amazing best game ive played in my life so far also add new items that will help the games performance more Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk
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5 stars but please add: ·Team Balance ·Story Development in Offline Mode Thanks for making this game! P.S. people who rate the game 1 star are crazy.
please add a drone equipment blue can be 1 car yellow can be 1 car 1 plane red 2 car 1 plane and add a new humanoid robot that can transform into a car
Thanks for fixing it,i still think this is a 5-Star game no matter what,it's so fun destorying robots,reminds me of War Robots...actually this is better then War Robots
I love this game. Add a big update like, 1)New or enlarged maps, new gun skins, grenade, a in-game temporary scope for MG and SMG and add a stun gun for making enemies completely useless. 2)Add new modes like, pvp mode, battle royale mode(at least 20 players can join a match in this mode), practice mode, jet plane fighting mode e.t.c [Also add a different background picture in these modes]
i like the way when you play online you get payed well but I wish you can pick different maps and challenges both online and offline and vehicles are too expensive it's also too hard to login incase i got a new phone and let they have mini mechs so if the main mech get destroyed the pliot enter the mini mech and the mini mech can transform into vehicles of our choice than if mini mech gets destroyed the pliot go on foot and the game glitches sometimes when online plus i don't enter some battles
This is ridiculous. I can't level up, things are too costly, and on top of that you take too much damage!
The gliches and lags over shadows how good of a game it is.and it sometimes softlocks itself when trying to get rewards from those annoying ads and getting kick out (this happens alot ,like 1-3 games in).
This game is awesome. But the bomb delivery always stop in the middle in online mode. Pls try and fix it. And pls make new places like piggyback races 🏁 🙂 🙏
I don't rate many games, but this one is amazing. It runs smoothly and no lag at all. Also it is not PTW, the more you play the stronger you are. Possible bug: When I start the game I see first logo and after that black screen for 20 seconds. Adding "Now Loading" bar would be nice. Suggestion: Adding Main Menu button to garage. Or repeat stage or stage selection would be nice. Also during campain, when we enter to new stage would be nice to show like "Stage 11" or "Level/Zone No." Overall, absolutely great work. Please keep it up.
I rate four it is a good game but when u play a pvp game sometimes u'll switch into the opponent's team and u might lose
Hey owner the dual fights are very annoying cuz like and wait time like it just waste time like that and and it just do for you like a robot player just like only fights against players that's what it is cuz can you play like the dew fight settings like you can turn it off or turn it on can you add that in the game will be very helpful and maybe one of us are very annoying about that too
This game is amazingggg. But I wish you could login. So it will be easier to get your account back incase you got like a new device. Edit:Hi Fox would you consider adding any sorts of flying or gliding mechs? In the game?
Nice Game,FoxForce Games,But I Was Thinking Could You Put A Rino Mech Or A Chogonot Mech,Could You Put That,Put Another GameMode As Hide And Seek.Thanks Im Just Giving Suggestions.Or You Can Put StoryMode About Mech Autobots.
Amazing game easy to start out and pays alot I got 60k for one victory the teams are always balanced and competitive dont have anything bad to say about this one of my favourite things about this is its offline too not just online multiplayer sooo many levels!! More than 50
Finally a good robot game but i gave 4 stars because on quick match harder the difficulty the lower the money and easy difficulty higher and why. It just makes it easier to earn money
I like your game but the dolls are very annoying when you unlock all the robots for the pieces and stuff can you put give me like try to like turn off the door if you want no doors and turn on the doors if you want to do the doors I keep on saying doors cuz I can't even like typing the duel thing and even manner just at the end of the game add that
This game is so bad, I downloaded it so I could play with some of my friends but when I add someone as a friend it just adds them instead of sending a friend request which is how it should be. Also, there should be an option to make the servers just for your friends because the code one doesn't work, it just says the code doesn't exist when I, or one of my friends tries to type the code of my match. This glitch doesn't just happen to me by the way, it happens to one of my other friends too.
This littery god game lol this is no need pay game just watch ads and boom have money and my robot is so completely good all good suggestion more robot pls!!!This is good game Try it guys!!!!!
This a really great game. But could you guy's add map editor/creater so us players can create maps and play in our own maps. So if you guy's could add map editor/creator, that would be awesome.
I like this game because it has many games like playing offline. I found someone keep pressing the right weapon like no cooldown. I so hate it cause its a lot of damage. There's a new update a bit long time ago like their names, new mech, map decorating and more. And the rank, is legend the last rank? If not then what is the new rank after legend? Why not the new update "again" is that humanoid mech can transform to car and stuff. Or new mech. I know! Maybe do a armored squad 2 maybe.
Wow this is the best shooting and fighting game i ever seen and the best part is that there are no ads unless you want them. Even if you get a random ad it gives you extra money for watching it. So this game is very different from the other games. And So much thanks for the devs who made this game. And i recommended this game for everyone. Your gonna love this game
Pls add other weapons for example attack drones,a spear.Armor/gear spikes that let you hang on walls for a short amount of time.Equipment:Smoke bomb.Last but not least a mech that shield bashes it's apponents. This game is a lot fun I hope to see more things in the future.☺️
Very very addictive game spectacular graphics never done before unique amazing im very much in love and impressed with this game way to go guys!!! 😍
I like this game very much and that EMP cannon is soo cool 🤑.but 😔 i will also appreciate very much if there is an EMP sniper rifle!! 😍 whatever the developer wants to set it's abilities but make sure it shoud look COOL!!
I've played this game for a long time, yesterday, I redownload the game and not much has changed I really want for the offline mode to be more open like the number of enemy bots, also in offline mode, please make the difficulty much more easier to use like from easy to normal to hard etc. And you also get coins for killing enemies based on what difficulty you're on. The point is please add more content to the offline mode, it's because I barely play online because my internet connection is bad.
Hi! This Game Is Best But Just One Problem..... The Random Names Why Do You Set It Like That? ITS LIKE TOOTH BALLS SAD The Random Names Is Irritating A New Gamemode Could Be Good Like Tennis And I Hope That There Is An Anti Cheat On The Game! ONE PLAYER CALLED NINJAHUNTER IS HACKING TO FRAG ME! Thats All, Thanks
best game ever! Also could you Maybe add dino mechs like a velociraptor and a trex cause that would be awesome!
Wow this game is one of the best games that I have ever played ...BUT... this game can be more fun to play if there is a new sword that is for the robots that will be medium sized but can be rapedly used also its damedge will be decreased.FPS mode it is a very important feature that should be added in the game.this game is like war so you need to add reallife war features like for the robots crouching.most important part theyv are robots they need to be flying,sprinting,walking without gears
I love this game very much. But I wanted to & something is some robot SKILLS in this game kind of buy the SKILLS while upgrading the robot & also add some battle drones which must not be too short & Nor!! To big. It can has its own abilyti like, Self-Regenarate to robots and can costamise your own drone which can have 3 weapons MAX!! 2 guns will be primary and the 3rd will be kind of rocket deployer *Stuff* each drone. & must be many different kinds of Drones & i want more new robots😄😄.
I like the game but if they add all game modes classic and ranked it will awesome because we can see a player rank so we can decide he will play or not and small request add battle royale mode on both online and offline so the game will become *5.0 ratings
I love your games they are so fun i have some requests for armored squad could you make it so all game modes and maps can be played offline. And could you add a rising lava gamemode when you have to get to highest point of the map and not touch the lava and try to stop orhers from getting to the top
I LOVE this game!!!! Also, I think they could add some thinge called, "Juggernaut Mode". This mode takes place ONLINE and it would pair up 4 people. Three people would he working together to beat the juggernaut, whos stats would be multiplied by 2 times thier regular stats. IF the juggernaut is the same rank as the others. Otherwise, the juggernaut will always be the highest ranked person in the match.Everone gets 3 lives. I would love if this was added. Keep up the good work!
Game is good.i have a whole list of friends now.the friends list is so good.also I suggest new mech and more types of weapons. I like this game.also developers the ability to move the sentries from the Base to the battlefield is almost op.that turret wiped out about 8 people during the battle so pls I suggest less damage when carrying the turrets please.
It's totally cool game! And if you died the pilot com out from it's mech or robot and he has skin and the all equipment is having a. damage if your equipment have an black color it's have an high damage and there is a tool that if you throw it your gonna go anywhere and plss foxforce make the offline game allowed to use second skill of our skill.
Creaters of this game do not ignore this message the game is good I love it the only problem is that you can't be in the team you friend is in I can't be on his team and I hate it😡😠😡 so please let us be able to be on our friends team
Great game a good a game for me and my friends to play together its so fun! I have a suggestion could you guys maybe make a runaway game from the cave mode where your a pilot and getting chased by the cave guy the big one. were on a little gold bar floating getting chased that would be cool
Incredible not that much bugs lots of modes to try out I love games that requires team work I rate this 3 stars because you need to add more ways to make players spend their coins I have bought everything and have nothing left to do also another reason why it's 3 when I go to a quick game sometimes I join a server that's for beginners it's unfair for them to challenge people that are stronger than them I recommend you add a ranking system to balance servers
I love this game. I think the game is a lot of fun. I have 2 suggestions: 1, that level 8 mechs have 2 equipment slots, but they can only use one at a time. 2: a new turret: the absorber. When double tap the turret equipment, it makes a "damage absorber" this takes %90 of all damage in an area, but that damage goes to itself. When it gets to much damage, it explodes with %50 of the damage it obsorbed making area damage.
I LOVE this game but can you add the tall trout (AKA the red team tall enemy with 3 legs) can you add the tall trout as a mech you can play as? Also can you please add the super fast walker as a mech you can play as too?☺YO sticky grenade launcher,new masks and shields,and finally...SPECTATOR MODE!?!?!?😱
Everything needs to be fix especially glitch and bug for people go to Hill with grabber Idk why almost my weapons didn't do deal high damage on multipleplayers mode while with bots (private) I can kill them You need balancing the game tho Oh yeah and of course sometimes my weapons didn't shoot right direction instead of enemy I spent my entire day for watching ads so you can update the game (hopefully)
I like the game btw, again, and also I had a Good idea for this game, how about make A fighter jet that the pilot will use as a Ability, that will be a good idea, and also Hmm.. Make a trailer video about a pilot That is riding the jet, also add this update On 2022, I know the year is that far, but Trust me, release this update on March 18 2022, please do it will be cool If you don't do this, you have to lick a Toilet xD, I'm sorry to say that but it's funny So please, add it ok
I decided to redo my review. Pilots? Never expected that but cool! I suggest maybe a flew flying or hovering mechs. And you should rework campaign. Such as chapters where you can use only the pilot. Duels would be boss fights. And eventually it would let you use the mech. And you could also add cut scenes. I think you should also add more modes like king of the hill, base infiltration, and maybe protect the captain. You should also make it so you can decide the map, or make your own map.
Amazing!!! . Your desgine it so cool . i got a bug report the match is almost done but the timer is not moving . the best game amazing . and add more weapons and robot.
One of the most useless game of my life😠 The game is had soo many bug😡 And when you played online it automaticlly stoped.And yes i unistall the game because of it.😠😠
This game is si fun but there are a few problems can you please fix it this is really my favorite game 1:can you pls add a via hotspot to play with my friends offline 2:the slot of the team members is too expensive you will literally lose many money pls fix it 3:can we play the pilot in the offline game cause it can be played just online its literally anoyying pls fix it and 4:my connection is not bad but im literally been kicking in the online multiplayer game pls fix it this is my favorite gm
I really love the game but how come enemys get base turrets and we dont there should be button that says base modifications so we can add turrets to our base to try doing that In the next update
I WANT more robot and drones To regenrate our health fast So pls add new robots and drones 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏pls
I love your game keep working on new updates plzz I am not trying to offend you while you guys did a great job on pvp also known as online I think the offline does not get enough love I would like bluetooth but plz mahe it so that I can US it or just make a way to invite you so they can help/play the campaign with you/offline plz add more robots and items plus I have noting to play offline that is fun and no offense but the offline is kind of boring plz update offline #Armord squad 4 life😍😍
Best online game ever! But the reason i gave it 4 stars its becuz i see a literall group of enemies using sentries at theyre spawn and they upgrade it to level 3-4 and all of the enemies who use the lvl 3-4 just bust in to our whole entire spawn and camp like A-holes! Pls nerf the sentries so the enemie team (and ours) only use 2 sentries for a fair match and the second problem is that i get randomly kicked out of the server and i have to do it all again so please fix that bug (my mech is lvl 8)
This is the best game in my book due to the entertainment but its not the true best... thats because of H A C K E R S they are too common so plz add an account and fix the unli money cuz theres a hack for unli money and also add handguns to the arm based mechs and add more mechs i like this game as much as minecraft
Alright,let me make my review shorter. Nice game,but there is a problem with the offline money system in quick match,i came back to the game and then i kept getting 7k even if im on a high difficulty.I usually get 25-30k coins per win(sometimes 50-60k if it went up a bit)pls fix this.Btw can you add pilots for offline mode?I want to test them out,my internet is bad:/
Remove pity armor and damage. Sick of mediocre players thinking they're gods because I've killed them so much that my guns can't even kill before heal generator recharges. Extra cancerous when its snipers wiping almost all my hp in a single shot from across the entire map. You can't even return the favor cause the game nerfs your damage for doing well so you deal a tenth of their damage. Sucks when you lose domination and then get dominated cause desyntigrator starts to outheal all your weapons.
Your Ai bots get stuck i mean the big bot if they are at the edge they get stuck like one foot on the edge they won't move anymore :I
THIS IS THE BEST GAME! EVER I LOVE IT but I've been wondering when new mechs are going to be added I also wish you guys would add drones for mechs
This is the best! Now i can use faster speedruns with the grap hook and jetpacks. so i hitted my coins over 9 MILLION!!! Let this being the best game problem is the song. I wont give it a 1 star because i really like it! Can you add a Scytheme Sword at next version?
I like this game because its intertaning, fun and amazing please add in more games in the ofline and online. Dont forget about the mini mech OK and ty :)
I love the graphics im a pro in 4 days of playing this i want an update there is also a bug whenever you use the grapple hook and you are carrying the enemy flag and you grapple hook the flag dismounts of you please fix it!
Great game! There is an annoying glitch that kills your sentry when you die.....can you guys fix that? 😊 Thanks
Id give it 5 stars the one thing I hate about this game is the switch teams i was playing and I was on the winning team and switched me to loosening team and I had no chance winning so I left and I want that to be fixed
its good but its so stupid that when someone switches teams the player on that team gets kicked off i was going to win a match today but someone switched teams so i got angry and punched everything thats why its a 4 star couse if it wasnt for the team switching it would be a 5 stars GEET BURRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD IN YO FACE GAME
I'm starting to hate this game because of the sudden kicks while you are playing online even if I have good wifi. I still like it but please update the game so it doesnt suddenly kick me even if I have good wifi, also can you put in the update that you can use pilots on offline because I really want to use it offline.
I love your game a lot and i hope you don't leave this game and can you add more robots more maps and gamemode there's a problem with the grappling hook when i got a flag i used the grappling hook it dropped my flag so please can you fix this
I like this game.Also can you add car mode so that would mean any mech can unlock it but not for quad mechs,and third weapon slot.Please add these,other than that its a great game.🙂
Ya know, there aren't many games like this out there. Even if there were, I don't know if I'd abandon this game, though. This game is incredible. Simply put.
I love this game with all the action but i wish you could add more stuff to the game like a cannon that makes you to switch bodies or a clone machine justore stuff like that but overall lt is a really really really good game and i suggest you get the game
I would give it a 5 star but i give it a 4 star because the grappling hook does not work like when i try to grapple blak smudges keep coming when i click the grapple and it does NOT even do POINT BLANK RANGE PLEASE FIX SO YOU CAN GRAPPLE till then good game
my experience on this game so far is actually pretty good its better than any other games i have played il be waiting for new guns,maps, and an upgrade on the graphics but people keep cheating by changing teams when the other team or my team is about to won i think ypu should also remove the change teams..... i dont want to suffer by cheaters
This is the worst game I have ever played, Its so annoying how the game lags so much the debree of the other robots and glitches happen. For instense, when I play the bomb payload game the bomb gets frozen in place and IT DOSEN'T MOVE 😡, when I'm far away from the enemys, they come at me, even though I'm FAR AWAY🔥, and the duel challenge SO ANNOYING!!!👺 I want that removed. Please fix all of this problem I'm having.
I love it i got a copy of the big robot the one that has laser axe mis... never mind what i mean is i got a copy i made i did't purchase i copy it still have ads cuz i did't purchase i got stonger robot i love it
Really great game and the only thing to improve is keep the things we write on top of the player robot please fix this for me and I will love it and please just make a chat log to talk to your friends and don't still send notifications ok
Its pretty cool. I recommend it to people who love action games. But add a feature to make ur own game an play with any amount of players.
This game is very exciting, I like this game, there are super premium tanks and the Secondary can be upgraded
Really great game and the only 2 things to improve is keep the things we write on top of the player robot please fix this for me and I will love it and please just make a chat log to talk to your friends and don't still send notifications ok and please make the piolet swim in the water if they have a scuba helmet ok swim not walk in the water please do this and then this is a 5 star game for me❤️❤️❤️❤️
I rate 5 stars in it because the games is very cool but plz. Update the latest version can be played by any version of android phones and add some game modes like Lan WiFi hotspot then make the graphics Into low to high quality to make the performance of the phone smoothly.Thanks for this game and God blessed;)
Great game i hope theres more games like this also Fix the bots on online mode it looks like they have ultra instinct teleporting everywhere i cant even hit them. Also nerf the robot that looks fat on offline mode and acts as s spawn point for the enemies its almost impossible to kill using your own units because of its buddies rapidly spawning. I found a bug when you use Ram and die while still using it and get spawned as a pilot or respawn on offline you cant move till you use Ram again
It's a nice game if you have enough Internet connection. The offline mode is boring if you have really good skills. It's 4 stars for me. But it's a good game.Just more online gamemodes and improvements on offline campaign. I can really recommend that you play this game. If you are a person who can't have tf2. Some weapons here are similar. And I like it!. Like the stickybomb launcher. Best to use as a defence and attack weapon. Download this game because its a good game for online gamers
First time I play this game I was excited to play a new game,and still! I really love this game.The new update, means the dispenser can make energy shields,that was super cool! I really really love and like this game.but, there is one I can't understand...means I put a robot to defender mode but it still does not defend but it just try to captures the point all the time.Any ways we love this game from India! We want more games like it.🤗😌
Wow this is my favorite game since i am 7 years old now im 11 i like This Game Soo Good Pls Add A New Mechs I love This and i finished the game all the mechs are Purchased now but kinda hard to earn Money on Offline mode its only 15000 on chapter six pls fix that make it 5 or 4 i will rate five stars if yall guys fix the issue thanks. developers. all the haters :p
Hey can do something about online? When I play online sometime later my connection disappear then it instantly remove me from online and send me to starting screen.why sniper rifle 2 and 3 are weaker than 1. I hate getting killed by my own gun like in twin towers when I use grande launcher standing too close to wall and attacking not only wall gets damaged but I too get damaged.
Imagine that they added a one of those allies that is like humaniod and it can carry guns or a new plane allies/mech or maybe an ally that can let you ride on it like a horse.