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Armored God

Armored God for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by EFUN COMPANY LIMITED located at Address:Flat/Rm.1 3/F ASSUN PACIFIC CENTRE NO.41 TSUN YIP STREET KWUN TONG KL Hong Kong Email:[email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very addictive game! Great graphics!! Don't need to pay for items to get ahead is the best feature unless you want to.
since latest update, I'm unable to go to border anymore, unable to to enter matches also. new update screwed up some stuff. Gear boss timer jumps from 2min to 0 when only 1 min had passed.
I like these. They're easy, you get instant gratification, fun and cool to see the hero changes, and time consuming with minimal to no effort. Lol
Hey it works!Thx for the help, and this game is awesome!I like the armor. I don't know why people are saying this is a "auto fighting game" .
I started with 5 stars but than I reduced it. it's too time consuming. It has too many little daily staff to do. Just have few god damn it. Or make it so that it can do automatically. Just simply doing all off them can take more than 6 hours, maybe 2 but only if you do nothing else.
Great graphics and easy play you can f2p for a while but things do get slow but only a 1$ will have you right lol
I hate to be a spokesman for a game like this. WELL WORTH MONEY SPENT. In 3 and 40.00 usd later. My character is 1.4 mill power & gear other add-ons are SUPER HIGH. The game is slow though... But, SUPER WELL WORTH MONEY SPENT. 4.99 pack WELL WORTH IT.
stay away from this game. constant servers for them to gain money on new start people. the game is only for you to build a character really nothing else to do. all auto its brutal.. do not fall for this trap. the support people do not do anything. avoid at all cost!
Good but too greedy This game is great in every aspect except for one... Developer only on money... All the events are asking you to purchase somethign from them and there are two different type of diamonds in game, one that money buys and one that game gives and those given by the game are actually useless in events.... ITS A PAY TO EVEN LOSE GAME
" I gave this game 5 stars because it was fun to play" I wish i could say the same thing now again after the update . I can't seems to install it again every time it download 100% when it starts to install it always fail . I checked my network but its not the issue. Have enough space in phone too, still ... What the hell is happening developers???
There are quite a few bugs in the game. Especially during cross-server events. Either it loads a black screen, freezes, or kicks you out. The rest of the game play is laggy and takes forever to complete the actions you press. Most times you have to spam just for it to open up a chest or go into dailies. The game also becomes boring fast.
I like the graphics but the game is auto. You cannot turn the auto function off so the game is playing itself at all times. I really had high hopes for this game because I love rpgs but this rpg was so frustrating like why would you want a rpg that plays itself. I would have rated lower but the lowest you can rate is 1 star.
Good game only problem not much of a story, main story is unlock after every 10 levels and doesn't give much xp points. Arena is a problem as defense isn't using your total pw level and alouds a lower pw to defeat you, example a 149+ million pw player can defeat a 316+ million player if they are defending their spot in arena.
P2W of course. Lags even on high end devices. No skill required at all. Lack luster gameplay and storyline. You can find better. Don't believe the ratings. Try if you must, don't worry google play will refund you.
The game could have been enjoyable if the servers would have been stabile, the constant disconnection from the server makes the game really annoying and not enjoyable. Fix your servers.Still issues with the servers.
Great experience.. have already spent hours on this game and fair to say I'm addicted to this. Would have been 5 stars but I keep encountering a bug where my player will just stand still and not do anything.
I love this game. I played this game several years ago and signed up using FB. I really forgot about this game totally but recently I came across this game within my friends circle. I thought it is a new one so installed it and started my profile. However with my fb log in. They still have my old profile. I was shocked and personified looking my old profile after years. For Developers: I played old one and started playing new one... U guys are awesome. U ppl did great job to next lvl.
Pretty fun, I like the progression and growth rate and how there are multiple types of ways of doing the same thing so you're not forced to spend an eternity trying to match with people to do any thing like every other game
the game steals your diamonds, and when you open a ticket asking what happened, they do not respond. this has happened to me and fellow guild mates. Its been over 2 weeks with no response.
a lot of things to do, great details in upgrade graphics, and easy to play, yet challenging enough to have fun!
Permanent bug making it imposdible to access the Border makes me think the devs dont care the least bit about their job. Inavle to PERMANENTLY turn off the music or sound or even graphic settings .. heck you cannot ever turn off sounds as there only a option dor music whixh reset each time you relog. This game is in a sorey state.
awesome game. a bit generic but usually good value for money. no where to really invest premium currency though.
Plz smooth the graphics and humbly request to add only vip1 for to experience vip priviledge thank you.
Horrible game with tons of bot/fake reviews. Ignore these 5* reviews they're fake. Google play is aware of this and will be investigating for fraud.
the game is great, nice graphics, good pacing for character advancement but if ur only going to give us 2 classes at least give us the option to choose the gender cause that would be awesome
great game. Graphics are pretty realistic and you actually want to keep playing. only down side is there are only two classes but that also makes it unique.
They said if I rate it 5 stars they'd give me rewards. Let's see. ;) Edit: And they immediately sent the reward! Keep up the good work. *-* Also please give us more ways to earn diamonds (not those locked diamonds, the other kind) so that we can boost Eudemons. I really need them but currently I've got none.
Fell in love super quick! No complaints as of yet, except I grinded for a few hours, and already came to a cap. Otherwise, very fun.
Great game, i just wish the supreme vip would be a little cheaper per month though. Starts to get grindy and tough to earn exp around level 60+. I also love the offline grind tickets which are useful but the only downside is that i seem to get warrior equipment instead of assassin equipment from offline grind tickets after coming back to game. Overall would recommend playing this game!
Very good game and it is very addictive. I started playing today for my first time an I'm already lv 77. the only thing is that it occasionally lags but then rights it self up. please make a bigger server
I love it! @EDIT is really hard to get at least 10 players on one server if everyday you create new server, there is literally over 600 servers! How players can create community if you put new server up everyday? Big disappointment, had to stop playing due to luck of players.
Game is cool but the amount of levels I have to climb in between each story takes to long it breaks down to 10 levels per story
The game is fun and very easy to just let it do it's thing. Too much junk on the screen to enjoy the game and graphics. If this game didn't have an auto fight option you'd spend half your time levelling and tapping stuff that isn't fighting.
this game is new and the events are boring,lack of people to play even in crossed server event if you want play with yourself then this game is for you!
This is a awesome game but I gave only 3 stars because sometimes game glitchs and it will not give me my rewards other then that this is a cool game, if you want to try it you can.
It's a great game, nice armor and swords but there is only one problem, there is lag one the servers but overall very good
I got to level 100 and, top of the leader board then one day I logged in for it to kick me of not letting me get on.
This game is very good. The developer and customer support are very good when there something wrong in the game And you need help to fix it. They are there to help Thanks for all your help
The game it's great. But the app it's very hard to use. The buttons are too much tiny. the game screen it's congested with little buttons. And tap them is very cumbersome. The story's dialogues are too fast for read them. The labels in buttons and items have a so tiny font that even in a 6.1" smartphone can't be read. There's too many loading screens and login the game is sluggish. This game need to work it a lot in the interface. I hope that you do it because I like it. Then I'll play it.
This is worse experience, I recently start playing today I spend 75 £ on the game everything was fine till 2 minutes ago where I can't log in anymore to my character..... This is just a joke I send email to customer service because this is just disappointing....... Stealing from the players is the new trend?
So far so good trying to get hold of customer services due a major issue with my account but nobody is getting back in touch with me so that's the reason I have reduced my rating from 5 starts to 2 stars if customer support actually get back to me I shall edit my rating because I love this game really enjoyable to play fair enough there is bugs in the game but which game doesnt have bugs
Ok lets start from begining game lagging like crazy what leads to disconects and kicks out of game( playing with PC with 16gb ram and GX 1070 zotac graphic card) only game what doesnt allow to get donation diamonds in any way even auction/market where you can but things ONLY with donation diamonds if you sell things you get paid in B. diamonds, even when your item is sold for donation diamonds, so means you cant gain certain items in game if you are not a donator.
The game starts off pretty interesting/the game play and graphics are pretty good. Once you get serious about the game and start to spend money you will move up the ranks and end up one of the top players on your server. Unfortunately that's where the fun ends. They will end up merging servers several times pushing you down in the ranks in an effort to make you spend more money. I have seen several players quit as a result but by that time it is too late and they already have your money
you need to stop adding content when the old content is incomplete. nearly all of the armor sets are duplicates. I have also seen at least 3 icon/pictures for world bosses that are from World of Warcraft, and the bosses look nothing like it.
Great game and fun to play. Only bit of a problem I have is trying to get a handle on what is the most intelligent way to apply my resources etc. . A simpler more direct solo adventure would be helpful or at least a game long tutorship. Thanks for a great game otherwise folks.
Barely played the game for a few minutes and already uninstalled it because of something so stupid as having auto "pathfinding" on all the time. It wouldn't allow me to go in the settings or anything else because it would just kick me out every 5 seconds when my character arrived at the destination it was heading to. Couldn't find a way to turn off auto pathfinding so I uninstalled. Maybe it has it maybe it doesn't, idk I could find it with the 5 second window the game gave me.
Soon as i opened the game i felt the game might have potential till auto play started going from the door. The Twinkle in my eyes went to twitching my eyes in a matter of 2 min. As a Pro Beta player i rate this game 3 stars. No need to reply back to my feed back. Thanks for the experience have a great day!
Only two heros to choose from and no hero customisation micro transactions every where and auto play . Its a massive skip for me other games out there way better
I get bored very easily but most get mobile games but this one has kept me interested for quite some time now I like it it's fun it's intuitive and exciting
I enjoy the game deeply altough it has some difficulties but nevertheless enjoyable game for me so far. Only few problems occured to me such as, i didn't saw the place where i could've picked my own name instead some random thing. Now i wanna change my name but i cannot which is ultimately saddening event for me. P.S please help me change my name in game I'm hating this char :(
I love RPG Games so much but there is no much good mobile RPG games I was so happy when I saw the ad for this game with that incredible music and the game didn't fail my expectations
Here I am again making another attempt to play this game. Two thing's are the issue my phone and the game's server. When I get a better phone, I'll definitely be back and with top up!
Ridiculous Auto- Everything game where you dont get to do anything. If I wanted to watch a cartoon, I would turn on a TV. This is just another lazy developer, who thinks that gamers dont like to do anything but stare at a screen. Developer: Try looking at REAL rpg games, like WOW, or Diablo. We want to be able to move our Characters! (There is also an EXCESSIVE amount of notifications. I'm getting at least 3 per hour on my phone. Did you think this was a good idea?) Uninstalling. quick.
Fun so far. Could use better game function explanation at the start of the game. Not to mention the auto move is on at the start and you dont know how to turn it off.
It's a decently fun game, heavily auto. There's always something to do, very much a grind fest type of game. The graphics are decent, voice acting is mediocre. Unfortunately, what killed it for me is the excessive lag. After a few days of playing I just couldn't take it anymore.
Game was fun and everything but suddenly it told me I've got disconnected, and I just can't log into my accounts, which are 80th lvl :)
thanks. tapjoy rewarded me. the game is not interesting sorry. because it looks like bots mining crypto. the players do nothing.
Love it, succubi monsters, my favourite, not money predatory so far, wanting to get powerful every single day
Very awesome time killer, I dont mind the top ups as its cheap and they make it worthwhile. Love this game all together!
Overall the game play is amazing, the leveling up system is quite fast to start with but after level 75 it starts to slow down and become very challanging in some parts. I would add in more character options however to make it more of my own character but that's just my personal preference. You can choose to be a pay player or a free player which is also great.
The games customer service does nothing to address cheaters/hackers. The game also does little to address the bugs in game. Complaints to customer support go unread and unresponsive for days and weeks. The game is a huge p2w platform. F2p players have little chance of competing. Unbound diamonds where high power and gain is available is only for paying customers. 75% of the game is locked to unpaying customers. Certain features are only available if you pay $29.99/mo, just to unlock them temp.
I have spent more than $40 in this game I have bought the 600 diamond pack twice and have not recieved the event reward for that purchase not once please if you can help me I would appreciate it dearly. In game name is Rahyuu. American server
I love the game. The only bad thing is the frame rate. At times the the game can get choppy. I also hate that you have to pay 10.00 bucks to make a guild. It should like 500,000 gold.
It is a great game, graphics is modest although some lag issues maybe due to auto play but rewards is great you just need time to grind and one more thing the top up cost please reduce a bit and give more discount. Plus add location where players can meet/chat and don't open another server in 2 or 3 days only the server becomes ghost town I know it's marketing strategy but please give more time before opening new one but over all great game and good job.
Great game but too long and when you reach lv100 it seems like the game has gone from normal to very slow and the story isn't that much just people asking you to kill
i really like this game justwish younwould sell exp cards to level up more and also sell potions as i canr find anyu.otherbthan that it is a real enjoyable game, it just need some sxp potions to help level faster.alsomif younwould make hp potions in shop available to buy would be great i still give it 5 stars.
Gather up everyone and be ready to play yet another, indeed another, p2w cash grab game. This game has everything, from the ever-present ways to spend your money to the same old controls system, and the revolutionary auction house that no one uses (I am the only person selling anything on there as of this review, just saying this before the devs say "we have a auction house, we're not p2w"), this game is GUARANTEED to suck out the money from your wallet, otherwise you'll NEVER get anywhere!
Most pay to win game i have ever seen in my life if your not gonna spend money just dont download it you wont stand a chance
another renamed copy of the same mmorpg you see floating around, this time with 100% autoplay, also blatant theft with thier use of the act 3 cinematic of diablo 3 as thier youtube ad, one thing i will be emailing google about directly for sure shortly after writing this review
I've came back to gave the game another try. Turns out it's completely unplayable; the lags are worse much worse and because of that, I'll never support this at all!
At the begining i gived 5 stars, cause its a fun game, but now im sorry to say but its full of bugs, please make updates, maintenance, do something more often, oterwise you will lose all the players. And by the way, we should receive some unbound diamonds from auction or missions, its impossible to make them if you dont charge in game. to much pay to win. guys give players something if you still want to see the game with players!!!
I cant find 5 star.. But i do previous for the 5 star outside..i see the real armored of god is fighting never endind on herself..he trying much better of carrying herself,,why did i absolutely get a power of damn itself..
Auto run game. My opinion is the Game a good game. with no Pay to Win, you can Play without paying single cent. But if you want to charge, then you getting good Bonuses!!
Good game to keep entertaining.. but too much bugs.. and dont think it going to fix any time soon.. my advises dont play or you will be pi.ss off cause off bug.. oh tell you on Facebook.. every CS link dont even link
It's an amazing game, the only issue I found was it lagged... ALOT. If you guys could optimize it better this game has potential
A superb game for both f2p and p2w players.. cool animation and looks love it all but... the servers sucks. Played till lvl 106 and in few new events kicked me.. and game started to get disconnected again and again. Doesn't happen on my other games. Tried for two days with patience. It didn't get fixed. Deleted the shyt !!!
So far a pretty great and addictive game with a lot of generous rewards just for playing. Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing what else this game has
It can be overwhelming at times there should be a auto option to turn on and off it does have lag spikes here and there but overall it's a good game
game is very fun an interesting it has a paying option but u get pretty strong without it an the vip players are not bullies like other games i played i recommend to play this game....
actually a good game so far And cheap *cough* vip 8 is mere 100 vip 10 50 more so far only see up 12 so not much balance is broken between wallet warriors and free to play.
As someone who played until level 320 I can wholeheartedly say that this game is purely p2w. Vast majority of the game is walled behind payments. Do not recommend!
I played it for a second and didnt like graphics! The fact u only get the choice between a two hand sword male and a double sword female with no options to be male or good character customization this game ide have to say deserves no star's
Self-playing junk, the kind of dead-copycat we get dished for already 25 years. Not worth the download, but pretending to be unique. DEVS should be encouraged to commit suicide ASAP.
Honestly love this game, the gameplay is cool. the auto fighting is kinda annoying and the game keeps glitching out most of the time...will give a 2 stars for now,but hope this bug fixs
Fun game for sure. But I've never played a game that actually lags this badly,it shouldnt the graphics and everything in the game are not on par with half the games I play.. doesnt make sence all, devs needs fix that... either then that it's a good game.
Decent enough. Lots of micro transactions thrown in your face, and the game is almost entirely auto pathed.
It's truly a great game but I would like if there was less laggy then it would be one of the best MMO but I am unstalling it for the time until the the next version comes out
Great all the time. Now my game is not starting up, I tried uninstalling and downloading it again several times but it does not work. This has happened for about 3 days. I am losing resources. The only thing that shows on the game is the wall paper, that is it. The screen does not even load. Please help me as early as possible.
I review this "game" couple months ago and gave it 3 stars because i thought it was pretty decent... God was i mistaken. Cant handle all the bugs anymore PLUS i tired to log on today and its giving me a blue solid screen an does nothing!!! Fix it now!!! Or else you guys are going to owe me every penny i sent on your P2W game...
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omg!!! Armored God is a MUST PLAY!! i stumbled across this as an ad i watched the trailer and i added this game. This game is BY FAR thee best dark themed rpg i have played. Amazing graphics and storyline! 👍👍
It's Awsome... Everything is so perfect that it's the best rpg I ever played.. If it's OK to ask a favor, please make more games like thsi
Hi pls let the team know to consider adding option to break down items/pets/repetitive eudomons/stones, etc that we dont need or want anymore just like the option of breaking down the gears we dont want. Its just taking up space and takes forever to scroll down to look at items. Pls add feature and fix bugs. Overall i love the game play and its not too hard for me to play as i multitask alot during my busy day. I love the graphics and the wings. Ty
addictive,fun,good people,nothing i could ask more in a game very well dobe its my go to game for two day straight ive been playing and it outstanding im lost with out words right now i keep repeating my self
Let's face it...in order to have real fun on this type of game, you will have to spend a lil money imo! That being said, it IS easier to level up by spending and by doing so, much easier to become a greater god and have fun with the tons of extras u can play with.
will say it has promise. To many glitches and it is not very clear on anything i.e fighting the wovles i fought the leader like 5 time and 50 wovles because of the respawning so i didnt know i finished my mission.. Walking through things, invisble players. I am going to unistall for now and revisit it in a few months. L
I put 5 stars purely to get the rewards for doing so, but I would give a 3 star due to game not being completely smooth on my honor play. But it is one of the best and not so clutters versions of this type of mmorpg game. I like it, addicting though
best app game i played i spend hours evey day on it and what good is you dont have to pay to win i made two chars it that much fun it has a good lar out easy to use i use it on my smart TV i cant move around to pick all items after killing boss but it is some what auto move so good and hope they look in to fixing move ppl useing TV app
100% autoplay. I bought 3 packs for 99$ and went to sleep. Next day morning when I checked game was already finished. I clicked only 3 times (to confirm mount, wings and transformation). Game was finished so I charge back my money and uninstalled it. Not worth your time, unless you like to pay and watch automatic gameplay.
The only reason I installed this game was so I can post this. How lazy can and stupid can you possibly be, you have taken a cut scene from Diablo 3 and are using it to advertise your game on YouTube. I've seen some sad excuses for adds on YouTube but this tops my list.
Love this game! But I would like to add some more ideas to you. more classes, more mounts and wings, more pets, marriage. Customize your character also. Thanks for the game though! It is fun
So bad.... this game is DISAPPOINTING. YOUR COMPANY can fix this game, I won't come back. (PROBLEMS : GRAPHICS DON'T LOAD ALL THE GAME TEXTURES. GAME SOUND CUTS OUT. LAGGING IN GAME [NOT MY INTERNET]. THERE IS MORE PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME I CANT FIT INTO THIS REVIEW.) Don't want the people who made this game tell me, "We would like to see you happy and thanks for playing." NO..JUST NO. FIX THE GAME.
i dont like mobile games. but this is good its esy to understand i have disleksere so i find games hard to understand . i love this game its eay to understand thanks you for a game i can play and understand
love the game it awesome but need more character like female archer and no customization. good graphic. addictive.
this version of the game is so much better than last one! good job GMs! On right side of screen in middle there are 2 small crossed swords. That is your toggle switch for auto On or auto Off. it is NOT an auto game only. Please get acquainted with your players screens. I hope this helps. oh how i love ths game!
so many glitches but the story is good I hope you'll fix this then the top up hopefully it could be via load
Honestly this graphics and everything is cool but the most annoying thing about this game is the damn auto-play where the game basically just plays its self and that's not even fun
Boring, highly unbalanced and they had the great idea of dividing diamonds in 2, one is normal diamond you get them ONLY from purchase and of course they are the useful one, other is b.p.diamond you can get it without paying but they are not used for anything. I can't imagine owning a game for all this time without even fixing the grammar errors in the name of some events, this should make you understand how poor is the interest and passion that they are putting in this awful game.
Where is the fun? Literally just installed and within the first 3 minutes went from level 1 -30+ on autopilot? Kind of defeats the purpose of a game like this. Absolutely no challenge.
cant even play it just shows a picture no loding bar no nothing just a picture and this is a game just a picture ya no thank you bye bye worst game because its just a picture
5 stars for the drops. Will do a proper review later. Edit/real review: mindless game in a pretty skin. It plays itself with no real input needed, but if you want your avatar to look its best, have your credit card ready.
Good game overall, has a couple glitches, you can actually make decent progress on the leaderboards without paying how ever you will more than likely not make it to the top 10 without some cash input. Also the pvp side of it is not refined in the aspect that if you are for example 5mil in power you'll find yourself fighting with someone whose is almost twice that during the cross server brawls which is just a slaughter of your character. You get nothing while fueling the higher powered opponent.
amended to 1 star because support doesn't answer enquiries. I've sent a ticket for not recieving the reward after purchasing diamonds but it seems no one even cares to look at it
Laziest game ever made I'm sorry I gave it a shot ignoring the reviews that was a mistake. Save your time
Game is good but pay player after 5 days 5 mil power and free player only 500k see that difference all free players left game including me take it seriously otherwise one server only one player left at last
I was double charged on multiple purchases. I made 5 purchases. But had 14 charges on my bank card to which I didn't receive any thing and when I got a refund for 2 of the overcharges. And my account got banned.
Don't even bother. No customer service at all. I have an issue and have been waiting days for a reply. The game itself is ok but the competition is ridiculous. If you choose the Americas servers you will be the only one on the server. Then 2 weeks after server is born they will do a merge and you will have 3 people on it. The global server has people that spend money in a ridiculous way.
Good game, very fast leveling until around 90 then super laaaaggggg, grind, grind, grind and pay wall.
I am enjoying the game so far. I am playing for fun now and not invested any money in it (yet). I wanted to have a feel of how it is. It would be nice to give a bit more chance to the ones that do not pay, as after a certain level the differences/advantages get out of hand.
Made a purchase, walked away for a second tried to log back in: now I click start on character screen and game just sits and never loads. Awesome.
good graphics, fighting is smooth and worth turning off Auto for. lots of dungeons and side content to sink some time into.
From first, i couldn’t understand what is this game about. But now my hero lvl is 88, enjoying game. Quite a different and good game. Excellent!
I need my refund.the game is a waste of my money i put into it. too laggy and alot of times it kicks me out in the middle of the game..and the gm takes too long to reply to my messages...please give me my refund.
Really good game, plus this game is not paid to win, for the most part but can still be a really good game to play during your spare time or when you are bored so I would recommend to download this game and give it a try.
1. Very laggy/unstable game. Game will disconnect you anytime or sometimes will not load. 2. Server Maintenance without notice. 3. Lack of PVP. all you are doing here is level up. You can't even switch to PVP mode in the farming area 4. Guild war is boring. 5. Server merge every 2 weeks 6. Border ladder keeps on changing season without finishing the previous and without giving the rewards 7. Chat is crappy. Chatworld is dead in this game. 8. More players leaving the game than joining in
No sense in playing a game that plays itself 100% played by computer just sit and stare at it while it plays for you... Not fun at all
Extremely p2w, laggy, and empty. Servers are abandoned there are like 13 active players and they keep dwindling down. Interface is bonkers, too much purchase banners bombarding the screen. App feels like a leech- even I who usually spends money on mobile games is irritated how blatant the money grabbing strategy of this game is. Shame, it's kinda fun since it really reminds me of my old MMOs but at this stage it's just a disaster.
Overall a great game u can pay to play or not and still do quite well. There's abit of autoplay but u can take that off when u fight. Right now theres only 2 avatars to choose from female blades and male knight. If only they had a female mage and male archer. U can aqquire alot of gear wings mounts but cant really add any personal touches to your avatar. Gameplay is smooth and nice graphics. A great way to pass the time. Also have peace mode and 4 others. So everyone has a chance.
5 stars for the reward. Game is alright, pretty fun. Controls feel a bit janky sometimes but it seems to be my network that messes it up at times. Loads of content equals loads of grinding, don't play this if you hate grinding.
great game... great afk system, i can still level up my character and do quest while at work. just the game i am looking for so far. thank you for making this great mobile game
One of the best android Adventure,strategy games ave played..Very diverse scenarios,awesome graphics,a game for real gamers..might seem complicated at first, but once you get the hung of it,reaching lvl.100 then things start getting very exciting.Download..download..download..Nice work to the developers.
pay to win. but not as bad as most you can still grow decently with out paying which is great. the growth is slow but steady. great game play even if it is full auto which personally i dont mind much. everything is simple to do and understand, graphics are pretty good as well and its a good and enjoyable way to pass the time. gave a 4/5 simply because of the pay to win aspect. growth is pretty limited per day with out being a vip which does suck.