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Armor: Color Circles

Armor: Color Circles for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Pixels On Fire Games located at Steven Böger 31855 Aerzen Am Todtenberg 26. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just love this game! Starts off quite easy then gets more difficult as you get through levels. Would highly recommend!
So far I'm only 30 levels in but I love it so far. It's a great timing based game that is good for killing time
It builds the concentration level and helps me focus when my mind is unquiet and relaxes me. I loved it. It is satisfying but I want more customizations or its fine in its own simplicity.
Very fun and simple gameplay. I was surprised that it has 4 game mode with 2 difficulty levels in each. The number of ads is tolerable but not few.
This is the 17th time I've reinstalled this game. I just wish you hadn't changed it so it won't exit with the back button like it always has. I liked it the way it was! Change it back!
Great game but guys play button is misplaced. I know it's there for the animation. Just make it tap to play.
Crashes constantly, "Armor is not responding" if you tap a few times in roughly 3 seconds, freezes. Optimized horribly.
I think that this game is the most intersted, most addicted. I can't stop playin this...it's the Best game I never played. Thank U to the one or those Who create it.
Pretty great pocket vortex better than old ipod one i had before yes sir its good one focus n the best
Fun little game, well worth downloading. The ads are a minor annoyance, but it's cheap to get rid of them. However, there is an issue with paying to remove ads. The game keeps "forgetting" that I've paid. The ads removal button appears every time the thing loads and if either i forget to click it, or I've got no signal for it to check online, the ads are back, which is very annoying. Dev - please fix this. It's been a problem for over a year now!
There is a consistent bug where the balls don't release when the screen is tapped, but then release randomly later. It makes it very frustrating to play at times; you'll get most of the way through a level, a ball releases late and ruin your progress.
The game is absolutely marvelous. Short and sweet yet challenging. Even the advertisements are not a problem. Helps with killing time. Hope to see it on every mobile phone without being commercialized.
Its a great game to play whenever you feel bored. every stage has a different pace so always a new style to complete. Plus this game increases your concentration level & helps your reflexes work actively!
This is less of a game and more of a patience indurance test. The levels are easy, but take too long. Waste of time. AA is a game similar in concept that does it better.
This could be specific to my phone, but this game just keeps lagging the commands every minute or so. When I tap the screen, it sometimes takes a full five to eight seconds for the ball to launch, at that point the rings are situated much differently from when I tapped the screen.
The game is very addictive and easy to play, if you mess up you get infinite tries. You can also watch a video to retry from where you failed. Ads pop up after a few levels and cover the whole screen, but the close button is easy to find and tap.
I have just started with but so far it looks enjoyable. Control over quitting is little stubborn in comparison with other games which is little enoying, but I like it so far and hope this can be improved
Great game to pass the time or unwind after a long day at work. My new, "damn stupid game I can't stop playing"!
It's a really fun game and I love it. I think that you could play it all day for as long as you want. Sometimes it is quite annoying when you die at the end but I love it.
Challenging at later levels. Gameplay is simple but addictive and the game modes add a good bit a variety. Also ads aren't too frequent or lengthy. Bought the game to support one of the few developers that doesn't try to extort tons of money for games that aren't actually fun.
Awesome! Ads aren't too bad. My phone gets laggy sometimes which makes harder levels impossible, but that's just my phone. Love this game.
The game freezes at random points during the game... I'd give it a 4 on generosity if it didn't happen so often...
It's a fun game but there is a lottt off interruption while playing the game because of these ads I request you to please stop sponsoring these ads and allowing them to keep appearing on the screen.Its good but it should be improved other wise I don't recommend it to people who hate ads it's just very irritate for some people and you don't understand
The game actually does not have many ads, I got through 9 rounds before my first pop up ad. The graphics and sounds are really nice and some games have strange sound effects that seem out of place but this does not have any.
I originally rated it 5 stars...really lovin it. Then at level 265 or so I noticed lag. Not too bad at that point. But now 2 levels to go and the lag is killin me. The gaps are so tight that any lag at all makes it impossible. IS PART OF THE GAME PREDICTING WHEN LAG WILL AFFECT THE SHOT? THE ADS AT THE BOTTOM PROBABLY DONT HELP WITH LAG AT LATER LEVELS...the shot is fine...it is the damn rotating pieces themselves. Randomly speed up before ball connects resulting in a frustrating gameplay.
GET THIS GAME: The gameplay is perfectly balanced, it's an enthralling and consistently satisfying challenge that rarely frustrates. It's all about timing and skill; frenetic screen-mashing will utterly fail you. Thankfully, the controls couldn't be simpler or more responsive (even on my old Galaxy Tab 2!) Rhythm can help - slow, steady, swift, even stuttering. And it's ADDICTIVE! On day 2 I'm already near level 200. (I sure hope there's plenty more!)
I'm totally addicted to this game and loving every minute of it!! The object is simple, yet challenging enough to keep you interested. Never had any issues/problems at all with any aspect of this app. Keep up the awesome work guys!! A game like this is a dream for someone with OCD like me. Thank you!!
It's a perfect game for those who are bored. It's easy and isn't irritating in the eyes. This game can run a long term because of the hundreds of levels it has. The level of difficulty of each stage is attainable but there are stages where you'd need a few tries. And the ads are bearable. All in all this game will be staying for quite a long time in my phone.
Dear Devs Game mechanics are decent but Absolutely Atrocious ads. I understand you need money for a living but what point is for a sane customer to play a game if s/he gets prompt by ads every min or every 4-5 lvls of the game. I just started and got bombarded with ads and over 10 of them, just for 5 min play. Devs, you have to adjust this properly. This will not work for you if you continue to have this act of "Greed" or "Begging" like this. Stop forcing people to buy your remove ads option.
The game play is good. It's free, and the adds are light. If it could benefit from just one thing, it would be to up the graphics just a bit.
Due to a car accident I had back in 2015 I have lost my temporary memory, my focus&concentration became real trouble. However, I am REALLY glad that I have found this app! It really helps me and motivates me to keep going. Thank you!¡!
This is the 17th time I've reinstalled this game. I just wish you hadn't changed it so it won't exit with the the back button like it always has. I liked it the way it was! Change it back!
Love this game and have played many times, but what have you done with the ads there are far too many! They are there at every turn, so please at least restrict the time limits they are shown!?!?
Starts easy, gets challenging. perfect for those who like a little reaction timing and coordination with their puzzle games. smooth running, no bugs so far, definitely going to spend a lot of time with this one.
Way, way too many ads. It makes the game very annoying. I see so many ads in the game, that I just click past them as fast as possible. Ad placers should avoid paying money to this game to advertise.