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Arknights for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Yostar Limited. located at Room 06,13A/F.,South Tower,World Finance Centre,Harbour City,17 Canton Road,Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon,Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a brilliant PVE game. I will actually support it once I am able to. I just wish the grinding wasn't a thing when there's a damn CC and I'm supposed to hit a new tier and so I can't progress on all fronts because I'm barely making it through lowest levels of CC with the stuff I've got. At least I could purchase the new character, thanks for that I suppose.
PLEASE BRING BACK CEOBE'S FUNGI MIST MODE! It was so much fun. The gameplay in this game is great, but the little details make this a game that I'm happy to be obsessed with. It has a lot more heart and depth than most mobile games I've played. It doesn't clog the screen with constant real-$$ offers, it has great soundtracks, wide variety of characters in a fully-fleshed out world, and the strategy aspect makes it much more fun than these auto grindy games.
Excellent tower defense strategy game. There are so many different ways to beat maps with or without strong operators. As a F2P player I've been able to get most of the operators I wanted, as the Gacha pity system is pretty fair. (just make sure you know which future operators you want). Story is pretty good, dialogue heavy but it's written well (with minor translation errors). Artwork is beautiful too. Was never into Gacha games but this is the only one that I've ever tried and stuck with.
Love this game so much, absolutly f2p game. With ur big brain u can clear any stage with no SSR character (6stars operator), very fair!. Ofc if u spend ur money ull have many advantage with that (especially 'sanity'), because if u free player u need manage ur sanity as good as possible (for grinding material or clearing an unclear stage).
To me this game is what you would get if you took the original Plants vs Zombies mobile game and mated it with an Anime gacha game. I like it. There are a few things I would like to say could make the game experience better. 1. You are given a moderate amount of "sanity" (the currency spent to play levels) however if you reach that limit you need premium currency to play continue to play further, or wait for it to slowly recharge over time. So if you plan to play for a while every day it does kinda turn into a pay to play situation. I'd like to have a way to increase my play time without spending money. 2. After playing for about a month (not exactly sure) I have hit a situation where I need to significantly level my characters to progress, but to farm the resources to do that takes a lot of the aforementioned sanity, so you are really time gated in how fast you can progress without spending premium currency. Now for the good parts. I love the character and inventory management, very nicely done. I love the system used for upgrading characters and dealing with duplicates. I love the graphics. The game play is very nice I love a good tower defense game, and this fills that role nicely. Also just an extra item from my "wishlist" is for some English voice acting. Yep I know this is not an American game, but I'd still like it. Good game, room for some improvement but worth playing in my opinion. Enjoy.
Great game, very F2P friendly. Even the lower ranked operators that you regularly receive are fantastic. Lots of currency per week. I'd say the only limiter is the stamina system, it's a bit fickle. But there are enough recovery methods to have extended play sessions once or twice a week, so it works great for my schedule. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a challenging tower defense style game!
Yeah so, it's basically not a main game and should be like somekind of a side game that you can play like 15 mins or so. the grinding is pretty slow but it was easy. So If you have some free space, why not installing it? It's a gacha tower defense game (you know it's rare) so go ahead if you want. yeah the gacha system is pretty good too.
Was impressed when I first started this game years ago. Somehow it just keeps getting better. Art-style, storytelling, gameplay are all unique and incredibly polished. If you're into post-apocalyptic storylines that delve into interpersonal overarching relationships, this game is a must try. I find myself wanting to play to learn more about individual histories in this game even when i know I can't afford the time. This game has a lot of layers to it.
I love the character designs as well as the story. Each stage is unique and will challenge you to strategize well. For someone who plays casually and doesn't play too much, it's a game with a lot of content even for F2P players. The guaranteed 5 star per banner is a great thing for me. Overall, it is a good game. I look forward to how this game will improve over time.
I really like the game. Im the type of person that would typically drop a game because I would get bored of it, but arknights keeps on making me come back and enjoy it. Also unlike other gacha games, its actually very generous with the gacha currency which you could get from doing your daily and weekly missions. The only thing i regret is not playing when it was released. 10/10 game.
It's quite fun, the gacha system truly balanced, even though it might be a little bit disappointed for any player out there. This game has a lot of potential to move forward since everything seems okay for now. In the end, I'd say good job for your effort creating this game. Edit: p/s. I'd love to see a new feature where you can chat to each players or simply create a room chat. Edit 2: one year waiting, still no in game chat(25/3/21)
I was definetly suprised by this game. I went into it with the attitude that it was gonna help as a time waste in these times where we really don´t have a lot to do. Sooner or later I would hit the gacha pay wall and that would be it. I would drop it and think nothing more off it like I have so many times with other games. The story is okay, nothing special but enough to keep me from skipping it and the basebuilding exe added a bit of a extra touch to the game. The way you can earn trust, evolve and upg characters create some extra depth. But above all the combat gameplay is definetly fun. Placing out your characters to get the maximum dmg, best coverage for your healers and blocking the enemy on different maps stops the gameplay from getting dull and turning to a grind fiesta. I have heard that if you sink to much money into this game early on it will be extremly easy but as a F2P player I must say that this game can be quite challenging. Atleast if you like me wanna 3 star every level. A small mistake can cost you a life and guess what your three star is gone. I might come back to this review later and change it but for now it´s a solid 4/5 and by mobile games standard definetly a 5. Worth a shot.
Damn... It is fricking awesome. The lore is pretty good, the musics are also amazing. And its kinda F2P friendly game. Yup... I'm not kidding, you can gather the resources pretty easily... With effort ofc. But yeah... Just remember it is a gatcha game... Meaning that you can get happy or frustated based on your luck haha. Anyway I highly recommend this game, seriously.
I really enjoy it. It is really fun and entertaining to play. But a problem i have is that it gives too many repetitive operators in recruitment . It makes me almost quit recruiting for a day or two although the game is generous for resources and everything. And another is that,when it says this level is required,you can't be sure if it's true or not. You get to the requested level.and you see that you will fail miserably even if you use your best operators. But i love it
It is a great game, you can strategise, have fun and feel accomplished when you pass a stage. The operators are also really amazing and each have different talents and skills to offer, the designs are very detailed and some have very cute outfits like sora's one. When I first started I was absolutely addicted to it, the new enemies you face in the higher stages get tougher to defeat and you will have to come up with new plans. I would highly recommend that everyone should try this amazing game.
Been playing probably since global release. I love this game for its characters, artwork and strats involved to perfect stages or challenges using various team comps. Gameplay is tower defense so build up a team and strat and get perfect. Music is great and i usually go to youtube to relisten to them while chilling. Artwork is simply 11/10. In game art is cute and alright with nice effects.
Really fun game and I recommend everyone to play it. Best tower defence ever. Very free to play and enjoyable without spending a cent. Characters are likable with unique personalities. Story is good and gameplay is amazing. Perfect for casual players looking to play for less than 2 hours a day. Gacha is fair and easy to grind. I've been playing for 2 months now and I found no issues.
I have downloaded this game at launch and am still logging in at least once every 2 days. The gacha rolls are satisfying. Whenever a new banner comes out (every week), you're guaranteed to get a 5-star or 6-star within the 1st 10 rolls. On top of that, every roll builds up towards a guaranteed 6star character to make sure that no1 is "unlucky". Nearly all characters are relevant and even 4-stars are sometimes preferable over 5 or 6-stars. Also, events that start easy but can get really hard!
I really love this game, the aesthetics and gameplay (when you're actually playing, and not grinding the same mission over and over), but I feel like the sanity system really needs to lighten up. It takes too much sanity per mission and the materials or rewards per mission is very limited. The game quickly turns pay to play after about 30 mins of gameplay. If you need to e2 a operator, it can take weeks if you're f2p, and the grind isn't fun.
This is one of the best mobile games I ever played. For a tower defense, it is amazing. The gacha system isn't horrid either! The events are amazing and the developers are very generous with giving out pulls. The best part is that you can best any stage without needing a certain operator. Which makes it even better for F2P players. Also I love the character designs and boy is Matoimaru so visually appealing. Another thing is that you don't have to spend hours and can play 30 min sessions!
I am f2p and this game is overly gracious and thats what kept me coming back. The story is a little strange but in terms of a tower defense it's superb. And best is the community is very nice and helpful. Easy learning curve and the amount of characters is a little overwhelming for me but every one is unique which is also fantastic.
If you choose this game to be your main game, you'll hate it, but if you play it like a side game, it's EASILY one the best gacha game available right now. Why a bad main game? Slow sanity (stamina) regen, high cost of sanity per mission, expensive to buy sanity with ingame currency. You'll either buy or wait hours for it to replenish. But this was a game design choice, it's intended because the game is meant to be enjoyed at a slow pace. Have this mindset and manage well your resources.
Probably the best gatcha game I've ever gotten into. Strategy based tower defense with a lot of options in terms of levels and "Operators". Music's also a lot better than some AAA games on pc, which is impressive to say the least. Not to mention events happen often.
for people who hates the stamina system, this is because of china rules, so kid not overplaying, and it really helps to fight cheater that uses bots to grinding aside from high quality gameplay and deep in strategy, it got many other quality event, really nice BGM every event, really good dark storyline. tho it got some issues with bugs, still good play. really good gacha game.
The game is great with an engrossing storyline. A storyline which possibly correlates with real life events. The art is great too. The game is F2P friendly. The gacha is decent. If you did not get a 6* operator from the banner, it compensates with a decent 5* operator. Do note that rarity does not often matter, its their placement and capabilities that matter. Resource management is a absolute must. Very helpful customer service. Is refilling orders on the factory a bug?
Pretty sure this is the best tower defense game I've played. It's always fun to raise your characters and watching them grow stronger is a bonus. Story is good but yea it's a little nerve-wracking going through cutscenes without a speed up button. Gacha is generous and will give you a guaranteed useful Operator (character) every rate up. Lots of side story and yes it does have a "dead week" but you won't notice since you would be grinding for materials. TL;DR 10/10.
This is the only mobile game I have played everyday since downloading. I downloaded it on release in January and it's now September. I love yhe characters, stroy, art, music, and gameplay. I never feel like I NEED to spend money to have fun. Though I usually buy the monthly sub and have dipped into a couple other purchases. You can definitely play all the game 100% FtP if you are patient. I feel my purchases are worth it considering I play the game 20+ hours every month.
Very solid game. Really F2P in my opinion. All of the character design in this game is really amazing and the OST don't get me started the OST is epic. Story wise is good in my opinion, I just play this game cause of the concept of the story. This game can be a little hard but overall this game is one of the best gacha in my opinion.
Amazing. A free-to-play game with NO ADS. You don't even need to spend money to do well, and the storyline is fantastic. Lots of original voice acting (in Japanese, with subtitles,) and beautiful art. Extremely addictive, habitual RPG addicts beware. Update: 1 year in, still the best game I've played on a phone. Can do F2P, but I've been buying the monthly passes, incredible value for $5, most other games give you 2 weeks of VIP for $7, or 1 month for $10, for less impact.
You want a good free to play game? Play this. I've dropped 3 other gachta games while stilling playing this. They don't even compare. It's been the only one I spent money on. It was worth every penny, but didn't break the game. Also I've been play dance launch and have 12 6 stars so yeah they aren't that rare.
been playing this game for over a years i think.and i think it is still the best tower defense anime style. the character and storyline are SUPER AWESOME. even for F2P player i almost collect all the 6 stars character. One suggestion i like to add is..please add skip tickets for level that we've been clear before so farming can a lot faster and not time consuming. keep up the good werk Docta!
Easily one of the best mobile games on the market currently. The gacha system isn't nearly as predatory as most games out there (there are both mileage and pity systems in place). Additionally, effectively all content that grants rewards is completable with low rarity teams anyways with some thinking and time investment which helps alleviates bad gacha rolls. Out of the dozens of mobile games I've played this is easily my favourite.
A pretty difficult Tower Defense game with brain squishing mechanic. While it is a Gacha game, most of the stage can actually be finished with free character that the game give you, although having higher rarity ones do help making things easier. Story' wise the 4 early chapter is too serious for its own good, the 5th and event stories are actually good though, especially for those of you who likes a distopian/war story.
After reaching level 50, this game is my favorite on the phone. It is a great game with good lore and is a lot fun. There are regular events, constant updates, good character design and good game play mechanics. Its basically tower defense and a good anime properly combined together. I highly recommend it. The levels aren't mindless and easy, it can be difficult and the stages with special tiles can change it up.
I've played this game since the end of February and it's the best gacha game I've ever played. The gacha rates are fair, and the game is generous with giving gacha currency through just playing the game. The gameplay itself is engaging and fun. The lore, character designs, and UI are also really well done. Another thing to praise is how they're continuously improving the game, something you can see with all of the new additions in the CN server.
A very fun game, can be challenging at times. Story is decent and has nice graphics. The game is very f2p friendly, you dont need 5-6* to beat the game; its all about using strategy. Give it try, and if it isnt your liking, you can carry on. This game is mainly about having fun, join communities on discord and make friends!
I simply loveeeee the story, the Character's their designs and skills also voice actors! The maintenance is fine by me and I don't mind it! Their maintenance is actually quicker than expected or is that just me? Ehehe Anyways! The game is addicting and really challenging, especially that you need to grind for orondum(? Apologies for my spelling x> ) so you can roll characters! Keep it up! Send my regards to all of the wonderful Artist's, developers and voice actors!! ♥️
It's a gatcha game with paying options, some might find that a huge turn-off. However on top of it being a fun and challenging tower defense game with an interesting story as well as fantastic graphics and music, absolutely no character is locked behind a pay wall. Everyone has a chance to get a character and thus far no character is a buy-out simply if you have money. Everyone has to roll the same dice, you just get more dice rolls if you are willing to pay for it.
In a large of gacha games, Arknights sticks out. It's a tower defense game as opposed to a turn based RPG or puzzle title. You cannot win by simply auto battling your way through. And in many cases using a large number of 5 or 6 star units can make you lose since it takes too long to deploy them. So you need to have a mix of weaker and powerful units along with a mix of classes to succeed. The art is nice and the writing is well done. It's worth playing that for damn sure.
Brilliant game with great story and writing! The levels are fun and the game gives you plenty of rewards just for playing without making you feel like you need to pay to play. The only thing I would suggest that should be added is a X3 speed for auto-play, when you're grinding levels for a while it can get a bit tedious and making it go faster would be great!
The game is great with an engrossing storyline. A storyline which possibly correlates with real life events. The art is great too. The game is F2P friendly. The gacha is decent. If you did not get a 6* operator from the banner, it compensates with a decent 5* operator. Do note that rarity does not often matter, its their placement and capabilities that matter. Resource management is a absolute must. Very helpful customer service. My request is to have a >2X speed rather than at 2X speed maximum.
I love the character designs as well as the story. Each stage is unique and will challenge you to strategize well. For someone who plays casually and doesn't play too much, it's a game with a lot of content even for F2P players. The guaranteed 5 star per pull is a great thing for me. Overall, it is a good game. I look forward to how this game will improve over time.
Really nice twist on the tower defense genre. The game itself is pretty fun, though there are a few things that hold it back. The worst thing is easily the tiny energy pool you have, and you get very little from leveling up. The second problem is how bad the servers seem to be (at least for me). Even on excellent wifi, I get interrupted in the middle of doing something with sudden reconnects that can take over a minute sometimes. Fix those things and it's easily 5 stars.
Gameplay was great, restoring full sanity only cost 1 originite prime which is perfect for grinding, animations are smooth and well made. The only problem for me is when you're grinding materials on "Supplies" everytime you pass the level the higher sanity will be consumed which is hard for starters like me, 1 sanity restores every 5 minutes and my maximum sanity is 100+ because i'm only level 16, i can only play 5-6 rounds which is kinda sad because i liked the game. (Great Game 👏🏻)
The game is basically solo-play not any PvP elements. The game starts easy and progressively gets more difficult in strategy. My only gripe with the game is the sanity system is a bit unforgiving late game. Amusingly, I was going to reward the devs for this fine free game and buy something... but all the items were overpriced--- especially for a solo game. They were charging 1$ for 1 originite prime...one is nothing and I can earn 4-5 in their events. Make shop items cheaper.
I've been a fan of anime and Tower defence games like bloons for a long while. But I've never seen a tower defence game so unique and well put together such as arknights. Story is decent and events happen often enough to keep the gameplay fresh. The gacha is quite F2P friendly and is not necessary to finish all the content or get all rewards. A great game to get your husbandos and waifus!
Have played this game for a month now and I have no complainst, the gameplay is fun but challenging, the gacha is balanced, have had no trouble pulling the operators I wanted, even managed to snag a limited one at the early stages of the game. Plus it's very free to play friendly, if you manage your resources (I myself am f2p). 9/10 in my opinion though, while I have no complaints, the game is still imperfect, some translating errors and such, but otherwise just great.
Perfect. Many people find the sanity limit an issue but I find that it is enough to play casually at least. Clear a few levels a day and once youve cleared the campaign you wont need much sanity for just farming and events. Not competitive so theres no need to rush. Also, by completeing weekly missions you are able to refill some sanity. I have no issue with farming as events provide many materials as well. Interesting characters and gameplay. Please add claim all button for dailies though. ¹⅒
A decent gotcha with tower defense like gameplay. Character usefulness is strongly linked to rarity, but you can complete any map with common drop characters with some patience and tactical acumen. Pulls are common enough with some grinding to get a good roster of the best characters free to play as you go. My favorite f2p anime inspired game, but even I admit it lacks the depth and customizability of the genre leaders.
The game is good, but i wish the characters in the campaign/story line has voice actors in the future, and make the story a bit more interesting with a little animation in the future, and i wish that an event similar to Ceobe's Fungimist is available permanently, because that was a lot of fun.
It's been a year after the game launch. And besides the gacha being stingy time to time, it's a wonderful experience based on the amount of operators that I have currently. But the hype couldn't be felt by most of the players if there's no new event,so hopefully in the future there will be a lot of new and hype ops and chapters for us to get out hands on. Even so,5 star surely
This is the first game that I get addicted to in my life. Its event is absorbing and interesting. Every character is designed logically. Good game interface and F2P friendly. The game is also simple (not complicated). Everything is comparatively easier to pick up. Good job overall.
I'm a big fan of tower defense games and this game is the best in the playstore. The artstyle and animations are fantastic, the characters have great design and variation, and battles can be quite challenging but still fun. Figuring out a way to beat a stage is one of the main hooks for me. Grinding for materials can be tedious though so I hope they would implement a system where you could finish a mission a set number of times in just one go. All in all its a rare jewel of a mobile game.
been holding off playing this. I can now see the appeal. It does not hold punches when comes to gameplay and progression. Lots of retries and replanning just to achieve full score for a mission early game. Recommend use guest account until you rolled a good roster before binding. 4stars for now until i can see how friendly or predatory this game is towards player.
I've been playing this game literally every day since March. The amount of current content plus new content that rolls in and out makes it always a joy to play. VERY F2P friendly. You don't NEED to spend money on the game, but I will to support them for creating such an amazing, ad free game. Love the looks and feel of the game. The characters are story line is amazing, as well.
Tower defense Gacha game. What more do you want? It's a great concept in practise, since in most gacha games you will only use a handful of characters after finding you mains and never use the others. In this game with 12 slots waiting to be filled with strong, interesting characters is great for both gameplay and story standpoints by creating all kinds of new strategies and getting closer with characters. It's not pay to win, you can play full fp, like me.
Despite the gatcha elements probably one of the most enjoyable games I've played in years. My advice to new players: 1. Look up some tips for new players. 2. Don't be afraid to invest in 4 and 3 star units because you might get something better. 3. Only overlevel your favorite operator that you want to be able to use all the time, a friend of mine overleveled his operators too and now has to use different operator in order for the game to not be rendered too easy.
This game is really great! At first it was very easy but as the challenges get tougher the game became more fun. The game itself is more about skill and strategy than it is about spending money on high star units. You can totally get away with being a free-to-play player! The fact that it's not pay-to-win makes me more willing to actually spend money on the game. The story is great too!
I'm redoing my review since I reached level 103 earlier. The game is really good and have a lot of replay value. The sole complain I have is the sanity limit and recharge. At level 120 it seems like the sanity limit only caps at 133. Right now, all I do is farm for materials and for the most part, I can only do 8 to 14 missions a day. So yeah, increase sanity recharge and cap. It sounds less exciting if I tell people I only play this game for around an hour a day.
Was a little lost at the start of the game, but controls were easy to learn. The English ads of this game make it seem like you have to spend lots of money, but this game is really f2p. I usually just skip the story bc they're kinda long and I just want to get in to the stage, so I don't have a lot to say about it.Overall this game is running smoothly on my phone. But really the ads don't do the game justice.They nearly turned me off the game ngl. Maybe more people will play if they change it.
I've been a player since around the CN launch and ever since the NA launch and I must say that Arknights is currently my favorite game to play. Its a lot of blending strategies of what the current set-up for the area is (so you always know what's coming after a few tries) and changing up your team composition to match it. And there's not really bad units in the game (sure the best stuff will be, but you can do with less a large amount of the time). Coupled with a generous gacha, it's amazing.
A waifus strategy tower defense game, if you are into these stuff, I highly recommend it. I kept playing because I like the story and it has auto-deploy feature; after you completed a node with full rating, you just press auto-deploy without the hassle of redeploying all your units all over again. It is quite boring at the start since it is very easy, but as you go along it will be more difficult hence more enjoyable(imo).
A phenomenal game. One, if not, the best gacha game out there. The story is very interesting, the graphics are lit, the character designs are awesome, and the tower-defense gameplay is very fun; you'll need to wrack your brain out for strategies to beat a stage. The gacha has a low 6* unit drop rate, but pulling one is more than managable even for F2P players. The only thing bad about this game is the friend-system since it doesn't have a friend-recommendation tab. But, overall, a very good game
The game is fun. Really fun. Prolly the most fun I had playing a mobile game. Why the poor rating you ask? Gacha... I know a lot of people who get amused when they hear about my luck... But... I've been playing for almost an year now as a F2P and I have.... 4 6*... Yeah... I finished till the last chapter but can't do the extra stages. I just gave up at that point. It's sad but it is what it is
Out of top 2 gacha games, this is the most forgiving gacha game you could ever play. Well created story, sometimes you get player choice dialogue. It is a tower defense game based on how you invest in training your units. Over thousands of ways of designing a good strategy for stages (you just gotta get good, be swift, be precise and be smart about your decisions). Sanity is mainly what you use to spend to do missions, if you run out of sanity and sanity potions, take a break until they recharge
Great game. Excellent tower defense gameplay, fantastic character art, generous currency/microtransaction model, and an interesting setting. The story isn't very well written, with long-winded and clunky dialogue, but I suspect this is mostly a translation issue. It doesn't really detract from my enjoyment of the game, and I'm happy to drop money into it regularly since it's so fun.
After playing Arknights for more than 3-4 months, I gotta say I'm totally invested. The game itself is fun with how many ways you can clear a stage. Sure you would wanna auto the stage to grind and it can take days. But if you can stay patient farming for it, you'll realize how f2p friendly the game is. Why f2p friendly? Simple! Even with only using 3-4 star characters, you can clear this whole game. As one of the characters always say in victory, "with hard work, even an idiot can do it."
Phenomenal game. Gives me hope for the current and future games on the mobile platform. The controls are excellent. The character designs are very beautiful. Graphics are good. There are features I wish that are on the game, such as: 1. The feature to see how many times I used a specific operator. 2. x3 game time speed up, 3. Depot shortcut on the menu tab. 4. In the squad interface I appreciate it if when i click on a character, i can swipe left and right to different characters from the squad
A fun tower defense game. It is a gatcha game, but no single unit is nessary to do the majority of the game, you can make it through with 3* and 4* but you will need put more effort strategizing to do this. Once some time has been invested, you can get up to 5-6 pulls a week, rare units can even be found in the free pull and can be manipulated to increase those chances. Ticking down a star due to the Nian being exclusive (I got her, but I don't like the precdent of more exclusives coming).
Fantastic F2P PvE experience, bitesize gameplay (a few minutes), lots of small gameplay innovations (tag system). Very respectful of player's time because it's stamina based, so you can burn your stamina in a few minutes or tackled more difficult stages for around one hour. Post apocalyptic setting is great especially side stories. An excellent take in tower defense with minimal gacha dark patterns.
This game is addictive, that's for sure. Plot of the game is also great. Characters were amazing. Arts and Design was a masterpiece. But, I guess this game lacks... something? Probably if the player can edit more of the main menu, more player interaction, and some fanservice, this would've been a 5 star for me. Seriously though, we need the in-game chatbox.
At first everything will be confusing, things like contingency contracts I have no idea what they meant, but after you sit for a while you'll see that everything is super clear. Sure its grindy, but it's a tower defence game. The game is super free to play friendly, getting 'better' operators/characters is relatively easy depending on what you focus on. U love this game, been playing for a month and a half, you should try it yourself! (Be sure to link you account to prevent data loss!!)
I was pleasantly surprised about this game. Its very tower defense esc with heros that you level up and skill up. The art is really good and goes with the story telling very well. The only issue I have is how grindy it can get by story episode 4 because you need supplies and money to level and evolve heroes that can help with the puzzle at hand. I highly recommend this game towards people who like good art, story, tower def, idle hero games, or anime in general.
Full disclosure: If you don't want to think too much to play a game, then this isn't for you. Okay, gameplay is solid & unique, strategy is a must to beat harder stage. Story has potential, but as of right now has problem with storytelling focus, it's all over the place. Gacha is....better than the worst, i guess... Hey, you can farm the currency fairly easy. I'll admit that I'm struggling with some stages because I'm a dumbdumb.
I'm addicted! It is TD game but it's so different than the other TD games and it's so good! I just started playing 3 days ago. The story is really good, and of course, the anime styles with a different abilities. So.. great story, cool gameplay, great menu design and features, and of course great anime characters and cool abilities. If you guys see this review, I would recommend you this game!
I got bored with tower defense games because they're all the same and easy, but this one is new, it's not just put down and upgrade. Stages recommended level are over calculated i think, i played underleveled all the time, like way down. All about strategies. Absolutely f2p all contents, no ads, no paywall, no vertical difficulty spikes. 6 star operators are not mandatory, though strong but not by much. Would like to see them add chat system. Currently friend list is basically a list of people
This is a surprisingly good game for me, who never had any interest whatsoever in Tower Defense game before. The anime visual lured me to download this and never have I regretted my decision! The gameplay is simple at first glance, but the increasing difficulty and the vast skills of the operators will make you think of positioning, when to deploy an operator, synergy, etc, so much fun! So far, Arknights is a totally F2P-friendly game for me. I love Arknights!
I've played a lot of gacha games in my time, and Arknights has become the gold standard to which I compare them all to. The game is incredibly free to play friendly. It actually requires consideration in which units to use, when and in which order to place them. Grade A story and music as well. One of the few games I've played, including pc and console, that I can confidently give 5/5 stars.
Arknights is one of the best tower defense game. Gameplay is simply amazing. Character design and mechanism is great. No need to play it for hours & it even has auto mode for stages you've already done so that's even more convenient. You'll progress slowly but thats the fun of this game, it's not meant to be heavily played like FGO, FFBE etc. Game is really f2p friendly and can be completed using low rarity operators. Gacha rate is pretty decent and you'll get a decent amount of pulls as a f2p.
No ads. Solid, like really solid gameplay. Killer soundtrack. Great story (ableit they're too much into writing lengthy dialogues). It's not a pay to win game, because you'll be gacha-ing to complete your operator list. Extremely generous drop rate too. If you take pride at overcoming challenges, this game is for you.
TL:D, game can be like McDonalds Sprite. After playing this game on and off I can say that this game is well over worth a try. It has intriguing and interesting characters with their own uniqueplaystyles and backstorys. The art can vary from good to amazing. The story is interesting through out the whole game. Events keep the game rolling as well as new characters and cosmetics. The shelter system is interesting. And last of all it has a wide variety of gamemodes that all focus on tower defense.
This game really is great. First and foremost, the gameplay is very well refined and strategic, and the gacha is very f2p friendly. It's a challenging tower defense that depends largely on strategy, completable by nothing but low rarity units doing their job well, making it feasible for f2p. Not to mention, the gacha is very generous, normally guaranteeing a 5*+ in the first 10 pulls on a banner. The rates are reasonable as well. The art and story in the game are also quite good. Very nice game.
Not your typical tower defense game. Unlike most tower defense games, you collect amazing anime waifus to have in your team. The overall layout, art, music is phenomenal. There are many key aspects in this game like you being able to create your own base and daily/weekly tasks that keeps you playing day after day. I highly recommend playing this game.
Been playing this for months and it's amazing. At first, I gave it a try because I was bored, but it turned out to be far more interesting than I thought it would be. I don't know if it's endless or not, but I still didn't reach the end. The graphic is amazing, story is good, my wallet isn't missing any money - I highly recommend this game.
Its very fun and very addictive. I downloaded this game couple days ago and i cant put my phone down ever since. The game is pretty much a tower defense game but its quite challenging. Every operators got it own role. Even a 3 star operator can be as good as a 6 star. Not a p2w game. You can pretty much grind everything by hard work.
100/10, would reccomend! Arknights is not a pay to win game, and I apprecate that very much as a freeplayer! It's also pretty easy to get the premium currencies, but there is one thing. Once I completes all the levels, it becomes difficult to get more of the premium currency. Yes, I could get more from events and buying them from the shop, but events only come once in a while and theres a lot of freeplayer who don't want to pay. I would love to see other free ways of get more of the pc!
Definitely one of the best (if not the best) RPG/ Strategy-Defense based Game on Android. I had played a lot of games but this is really good. It's very fun and worth playing, characters' designs are amazing. No need to purchase anything to play the game, but because I love it I will gladly buy something to support the developers. I love this game!
I've been playing since a month after launch (~1 year). I've never bought any large packs, just the monthly card. I have no problems clearing any content and have a diverse roster of units to play around with. I really appreciate how even low rarity units are still useful in many contexts. This means that none are "useless." The gatcha is pretty generous and has a reasonable pity counter built in. You usually get the units you want with a little forethought and planning. :D
This game really is great. First and foremost, the gameplay is very well refined and strategic, and the gacha is very f2p friendly. It's a challenging tower defense that depends largely on strategy, completable by nothing but low rarity units doing their job well, making it feasible for f2p. Not to mention, the gacha is very generous, normally guaranteeing a 5*+ in the first 10 pulls on a banner. The rates are reasonable as well. The art and story in the game are also quite good. Very nice game
This game is so close to perfection. I absolutely love Tower Defense games and love the twist they added to the genre, the only downside to me is the resource value seems a little lower than most games and the resource requirement is a little too high. The only solutions I can think of are to either make the resources a little more valuable (by valuable I mean items have a greater effect on the things you use them for) increasing the rate in which you gain certain resources, or a mix of both.
Review after playing for months: Great game. You have a variety of different missions to choose, with very different game mechanics each. Many levels are very tactical and require a lot of planning. Graphics are pretty great, drawn character pictures, storyline, each character voice acted and seems to have their own personality and may have an arc tied to the main plot. Cool game, would recommend it. Microtransactions are there, but are not necessary to play it. Tons of events and great fan base
i came back to the game and created a new account on august 3 after being bored during quarantine and right now what i can say is that, the game is a good one when consuming time, so much to do when sanity is up, and a non toxic community which is what i like other than the game "epic seven",arknights lately has been fun, but the biggest problem imo for arknights would be the stages being limited to a specific day of the week, theres nothing to do when the stage I want to grind is closed...
Amazing from the point of Story (realistic and interesting. It has it's own world views and it's not always so happy-go-lucky), Gameplay (tower defense style where all that really matters is your timing and placement), Characters (Gacha is still there, but you'll get a guarantee 5* up after 10 pulls.), and the whole experience of the game. Really recommend you to try this out. Hope it'll fit your tastes.
It's a gacha, let's be clear and upfront here. But there's no PvP, and you can get through the game with easily obtainable units. But you're definitely going to have some frustration rolling for the popular rare and ultra rare units if you try to tackle this as strictly F2P. As with all gachas, patience is a really critical asset. That all aside, the actual gameplay is fun and challenging, the story is interesting (if wordy and vague at times), and it has some really nice art and production.
Fun when it started, but the gacha is starting to frustrate me. It would be nice if they increase the amount of rolls in the recruit, add more upgrades in the base. Farming seems tedious with low drop for the material, maybe add a mode where drop is higher when stage is done manually to make feel less tedious, increase the annihilation cap since the operator pool has increased which lowers the chance of displayed banner which main problem of most gacha games(the rate up lie) . Eyja skin when?
Overall, a good game. However, I have a few dissatisfactions. First, the sanity refill rate. 1 every 6 minutes is too little. As later stages will need 15+ sanity (energy) to finish. Not to mention some stages require 25+ sanity. Gameplay is quite slow even with the 2x speed. And for those who said strategy but still need good units, you can ace later stages even with 3 stars units. You just need to know how (or YouTube it)
I love this game, you really have to use strategy and the right champs at the right time. Only started a few days ago but so far I'm having fun. Drops don't seem to bad, Orudum isn't that hard to find so you can summon pretty consistently. Story has me hooked in so definitely worth trying
I guess it is the best tower defense game u could find on mobile. Very cool looking characters. U can play it free just fine but u need to be patient because the 5 star character r very inviting u to pay. Story wise i think its not enjoyable for me to read the text only like come on put some cutscene at least. Gameplay u get what u expect with this kind of genre. I can't believe how u get all those seiyuu like wow, very famous on anime industry.
I've played a few gacha games in my time, and I can say honestly this is the only one I've kept around longer than a few weeks. The drop rates are actually fair and there's always something new to do. You also have to use your brain and switch tactics in order to be successful, but I think one of my favorite things is that even the lower-rarity operators are powerful enough to keep using in later stages.
The are it superb, the game play is simple and very mind stretching, and unlike these recent influx of gacha games filled with skimpy clothed characters this one takes the style to a different genre. You can revise your plans depending on who you have to clear stages. It's auto deploy is more of a reward once you completed a quest earning 3stars. Tho it still may take time it's good to leave it on while multi-tasking other games or doing other things.
I really enjoyed this game. It took me one month to clear the currently available 7 chapters of storyline stages. Maybe because I spent gained originium on upgrading operators instead of doing headhunting. It was quite a mind exercise, sometimes I had to repeat the stage many times while optimizing resources, and it felt great. There's not much to do now though, endgame is just events happening from time to time, so I'll just wait for another chapter of an epic story. Good game!
The best gacha game imo. Great aesthetics. Great music. The plot of the story also gets interesting in later chapters. I also like how you can farm for mats in auto-deploy mode, which makes it easier for me to multi-task. The sanity limit can be a downside, but it makes it a relaxing game, it helps me manage my time and not get too addicted in playing games. I love everything about this game.
This game is excellent they have thought it out very well from the gameplay to the animation. It is fun and has alot to do in it. ive had very few issues the only major one is resourse gathering. Edit: and currency gain. Originite is very difficult to gather when you can't progress as well as the premium currency which you can gather but most of the time it's being spent on originite. It would be nice if there was a constant or easier way of gaining these with out it being tedious
Easily on of the best Tower Defense games out there so much that it's unsure that any other can barely compete in the genre. Great storyline, great plot (both meanings), waifus and husbandos for anyone, and generally F2P-friendly! Can't go wrong with playing Arknights. Let's go, Doctor. There's much work to be done!
Best game I played so far. The story and the gameplay are both great. As far as I'm concerned, the only problem I see in this game is that why is there no skip button for the automatic part? It's kind of boring and it wastes my time just watching the same replay over and over again. It took me about 30 minutes gathering enough materials to fully upgrade a single character. It kind of messes up my whole view of the game. Well anyways , all in all, it was a great game and hope you add the skip
The game is just Okay. The battles are interesting, and the story is fine. I find myself wondering why I log in though. The base building is boring, the upgrade system is annoying, and the "recruiting" system is so lackluster. Honestly, would it be so bad to have a tower defense game that had a dozen well written characters instead of this avalanche of non-impactful lackys? Play for a week and see if you find yourself coming back for the log in bonus, or the gameplay. Feels like a time sink.
This game is a really good game, good graphics, good story. You always get a hero between 3 - 4 star after playing a level. The story is endless? I guess, i don't know if there is going to be an end in this story. But, overall the story were good. Sometimes the story is just too long, so i have to skip some of the part. But the story is good, it's just too long for 1 level and another. Luckily there's a skip button. Worth 1 gb actually. There's so many waifus there. It's recommended :D
Great Game! You need to learn how to utilize your Operators skill set and talents to pass the stages, and there's a lot of combinations and tactics you could try, from bulldozing through the stage with full 12-man squad or you could just use 1 or 2 OP operator to finish the stage (looks at Silverash and Blaze). P.S: Platinum and Bluepoison best girl
The game could have more live 2d and end game content, but other than that this is an amazing gacha. I went into this game not knowing anything about it, and have enjoyed playing it for months now. Rates have been awesome and gameplay is unique for a tower defense, in my opinion. will be looking forward to future updates as they get released.
I've been playing since launch about 8 months ago. The game is perfect for people who don't have all day to play (if you have school or work) since the energy cap limits the incentive to play for hours a day. However, the devs also give free potions almost every event, so you'll have the energy when you have the time. RNG is RNG; if you're lucky, you're lucky. If you spend enough time in-game it's fun, especially during CC. However, if you don't like TDs, this game won't change your mind.
This game is one of the best game for mobile IMHO. At first it might looks like your typical TD game with Gacha, but believe me it is not. Looks simple at first but don't let that "easy looking tutorial" fool you. Also, Don't let the gacha scare you. if you are familiar with Yostar's other game Azur Lane, it's infamous for being F2P friendly. And the same goes for this game. The only problem i have with this game is it drains battery so much. Other than that, it's a great game.
Best gacha game in the world. Should've downloaded sooner. But the one thing you might not like about the game is that the chinese version of this game progresses faster than this version. Which means that a lot of operators (people that help you defend) won't be in the game. And there aren't as much levels to beat as the chinese but otherwise, this is the best game I have ever played.
It's a gacha, but a good one. Mechanics and gameplay are different enough, and it actually requires a degree of skill and strategy, getting to know your characters strengths and weaknesses, and learning the best ways to handle deployments. Also cute girls and sexy guys. Major selling point. I know what I'm into.
The game is amazing. I enjoyed it after i came back playing it. Its very good! Although i have 2 problems: 1. The characters : yes, the characters in the games are very nice. Waifus & husbandos! But...i feel like theyre lacking some/their personalities throughout the lore. 2. The sanity: when i started playing the game, i have ni problems for the sanity. Until im lvl 20 and im starting to have a problem for it. Its too long to charge 1 sanity. Overall, its a very good game! 10/10
My only criticisms are that the lore can be a bit difficult to understand, and there is a point where the amount of character growth items needed to continue the main story greatly spikes. That said, the main story is interesting, fun and presents a challenge, and frequent events keep things interesting while collecting growth materials to continue said story. The music is superb, and I haven't had to pay at all to get some of the best characters.
Been playing this game for almost a year now. I really love this game very enjoyable. The gameplay and the characters are also good. And the events are very good you can farm it so you can save resources to buy some good characters for your team. Getting a 6 star character in gasha is not that hard, I already got ten 6 star characters in my team without spending real money in this game. Playing this game is not so addictive plus you can just play it in automatic if you already clear the stages.
Excellent tower defense game, but not a "main game". The art and music are great. The story is somewhat confusing, but the lore is really good and the story does come together after a while. For the first few months, the gameplay is really satisfying. The levels tend to have a lot of solutions. As you get stronger (3+ months in), eventually you'll only find the 'Contingency Contract' events challenging. But, that's okay cause the daily commitment for Arknights is like 15 mins.
To all of you that saying this game is BS, this game is absolute Masterpiece and you can pass stages with only 3 stars to 5 stars as this game required strategies and timing, this game as well played only to kill your time a bit, it's all well balanced and time consuming yes, but that the point of this game, it's a "side" play kind of game, and all you need is patience, and this game support is amazing, I've contacted em multiple time and they responded within few hours - couples days.
Great overall tower defence game. Although there should really be a endless mode to keep the game fresh during down time when there isn't any events. Criticisms aside the game is hardly pay to win and the gacha system is good enough. Cute anime waifus and handsome looking husbandos to waste ur premium currency for, challenging stages and events that will keep you invested. Definitely a must try if you are interested in tower defence.
This game is a blast. I never thought a tower defense game could be so unique and fun, and I've played many tower defense games. While it is a gacha game, it is very f2p friendly and you can play the story without dropping a dime as long as you put some brain juice into it. Highly recommend.