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Ark of War - Dreadnought

Ark of War - Dreadnought for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by SevenPirates located at No.1 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty fun overall. Tho i have to agree that this is somehow pay to win to buy op commanders, the in game purchases aren't even that expensive too. But new users may rage not knowing the rules of the game, which is, hunters hunts the prey.
great game, no p2w here! Correction whales abound here on the maps!! Getting ass served unless I spend mullah to compete, but grinding is the only choice left to me...
Absolutely horrible. I literally just started and people won't stop attacking me. I know that's the point but that shouldn't be allowed until you are past a certain point like other games. Plus, once you send a team to gather resources you have to MANUALLY call them back when they are done. Horrible design guys.
You better have a lot of money and time to constantly be on. Constantly under shield and decimated by players you have no chance against when your not. Game itself is well put together but geared towards taking every penny you got to keep playing.
This game is hacked and support only blames the victim. Happened to me more than twice and all I keep getting is the run around and excuses. It is always my fault even though I show them the proof. I would look someplace else for a game worth playing.
Used to be a great game. The cost has become worse not better. They reward long time customers by screwing them over even more! And the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I used to love this game too and had previously rated it 5 stars. Seven pirates, you need to listen to your players and fix the issues or this game is going to continue to die.
was 4 stars now 3 since acct disappear and no help. after spending hundreds on game if acct restored stars restored if not I'm gone and star stays bad report. ๐Ÿ‘. I have since retrieve my acct. with almost no help from service.just be carefull and bind acct anytime it will let you and save receipts that's all that matters to them is if you spend...
Pure frustration! You literally go backwards if you don't spend money! My XP is lower and lower because higher levels obviously attack me, and it takes days for enough resources to be produced to train troops and upgrade! I stopped training troops because they'll be killed in a few hours anyway! You can buy a protection shield and resources of course if you spend half of your salary on the game!
This is the worst game like this ive played yet,you get raied by higher level players only way to sheild is gold only way to get enough gold rl money cant get enough recourses and at one point the only way to research higher capacity is pay gold because you cant store enough resources to do it, you cant make enough or farm enough recourses to kerp up at a decent rate, not a good game at all.
Game is so bad too many bugs and lacks infos about enemy troops. Lacks info market is also bad cant even change the ratio. Also expensive pay to win greedy developers.
RSS is very hard to get. You have to battle twice the power of you every time for it .pay to win.on top of battling for rss it takes way to much of rss to do anything. I updated and cant get update reward.now they merged new servers with old servers and the bad big guys have doubled in # and power so its even worse now.DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Previous review (1 star): Pay to win game, plain and simple. New review: This game has actually gotten considerably worse. Items that were easy to acquire (by standards of this game) are now almost impossible to get for the average player. The items to obtain the best gear cannot be gotten anyway except for spending real $$. They allow all of the strongest players to migrate and team up on the same server, ensuring that other players have no way to compete.
They won't fix glitches or errors, just a money grab as they have paid players they use to relentlessly attack to steal any purchases all players may make, strongly do not recommend, the way they conduct business is illegal n promotes bullying by their paid players, I encourage everyone to report this app to Google play support to get these kinds of thieves off this platform
Game is controlled by money. No matter how much time you spend the game, people who invests hundreds of dollars will always be ahead, thus affecting the gameplay experience of low level free to play players.
Your game is so dumb. A player can attack you 10 times. And if you dont have a random warp you cant stop him. Add a shield after someone attacks you don't be stupid. Ty
An awful game, there is no progression larger accounts will farm you once they drop your new player shield, I have been attacked multiple times an hour for the past 3 days. So if you enjoy logging in to see you have no resources to upgrade and you have been farmed by larger account then this is the game for you. Unless you want to waste money and even then once you lose a shield you will be zeroed constantly.
It is a fun game. It slants heavily toward spending players, which in itself is understandable. However, there are many, many players that spend tens of thousands of dollars and a HUGE monetary discount is given to Chinese players which let's them go around stomping non-Chinese players.
It is not as bad if you stay on and reach the stage where you could get more gold from investment...then you would have enough to buy shield to keep you shielded 7/24/365. Joining a stronger guild would help as stronger guilds would have NAP with other more powerful guilds. Btw, I have paid zero cent on the game though my power might be lesser, I am a tortoise slow but steady.
I played for like the 1st 5 minutes then they asked me to switch account which I am sure I don't have because this is my first time downloading the game. When I send email no one responds. It has been almost a week now can not even load into the game anymore keeps on saying switch account.
It's more pay to win but I still enjoyed the game and please in the next update can you in every ark hulls has its own theme?
I'll start off with this, it's a good game and fun when you understand the mechanism of play. But the developers have a long way to go in making the game easy to play for people just looking for a good game to play because the tutorial gives you literally nothing to work with. You'd probably start, end up in a bad guild and quit early. It's literally the community of gamers still playing this game that are keeping it alive.
This is a great game as long as you work as a team within your guild, don't try to go it alone you will get SLAUGHTERED!!! And won't be able to keep your troops safe!!!
I like the game, its getting better over time, I just want to see more alternative enemies ๐Ÿ‘ Just to take some resources ๐Ÿ‘if you need resources, you can always ask the leader or someone else to send you resources or with a commander to defend your ark๐Ÿ‘
A very cool game, despite it have a very importatnt stuff should be bought like the potion for example, it would be better if it's added to have it by chance from the merchant market, I hope it will not go more towards the pay to win or popularity will decrease.
I am battling now for how many months to buy equipment or send resources, but the game refuses me to do nothing. I asked for help from developers, but the only reply I get is that I have to keep playing the system will resolve it. I am still waiting for the resolving after 3 months.
STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. Terrible customer service. Multiple requests to FIX problems/answer questions or help AND VERY TERRIBLE RESPONSE TIME, IN EXCESS OF 12 HRS BETWEEN RESPONSES IN A GAME THAT IS TIME SENSITIVE problem. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. I will not take down or change this rating until my request is fixed. I will also be filing a complaint with the bbb & state attorney generals office. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY
I love it but it is a pay to win game and if you do not have a lot of money to spend then it is not as fun but still an interesting game,also if you buy so much gold you are supposed to get extra thing's but it will not give me the extra thing's and I have bought the(80,000 gold)dollar pack and it only gave me the prizes for 3000 gold and this is the 2nd time that this has happened, lesson learned and when you are attacked they some how kill all of you troops which is not cool.
None of those ships exist in the game, the trailer is nothing like the game at all. Costs thousands to compete in anyway. Some players genuinely have spent $250,000 to get near the top. Very poor game support unless you are spending real cash. Don't bother.
I have play this game for a very long time and have seen the changes in it. Before it was good. You could get items from events to make you stronger without paying a lot. Now only the people that spend lots of money get good items. 7p has turned into a greedy company. They want to make the game better for us but only if it lines their pockets with money. Dont play it unless you want to spend your hard earned money.
I have to much fun with this game.... I start playing this game for a voting reward I'm getting if l will reach brigde 17... until I got addicted its like this game symbolizes in reality rich powerful smart people will rule attacking torturing taking the resources but inpite of that it becomes a challenge to me that even I'm a kpopfangirl a powerless one can survive in a mens world.. perseverance in reality.... work to survive and be strategic even in a slower way.
Screw this game. Everytime you try to farm, higher level players will just kill your troops. What kind of game allows such bullying low level players. Nobody guarding beginners and those high level as*holes just picking on them. Make some proper changes and maybe I will change my rate for this game. Very awful.
Live this game not like most that makes you spend money just to get anywhere you can do tons of stuff without spending a dime. Kinda like clash only with ships and what not love it
The translation system isn't perfect but works reasonably well, gets grammer wrong from Russian to English or Chinese to English also struggles to translate from any language to Chilean according to a guild member. let's a lot of cusses through. The 50 percent gather boost doesn't work properly its more like 25 percent so don't waste gold on that. The game is massive be prepared to lose your self
Needs too many resources to upgrade too fast, within a day you stop being able to upgrade and you start getting attacked immediately. Grace period where you are invulnerable to attacks is practically non existant. Most similar style games like this are way better, move on pick a different game, this one is not worth your time.
Alot of advertising that says its not a "pay to win" game... playing this game for a few days determined that to be a lie. The only thing you can do without spending money on this game is be attacked all day by those that pay money.
็ƒ‚โ€ฆplay at your own risk. They can just deleted your account and ask you for some details you don't keep and tell you this is the house rule and that the end of your game. Don't bother to download and play. Only if you have no where to spend your money, then you can think of throw it to them.
It is a very hard game. But once you figure it out, it will feel good. Most of the mechanics you will have to learn on your own through countless defeat. You will soon know how to avoid higher players and grow strong to defeat any in your path. I have gone through this without buying anything. You are a fool if you buy anything but if you want to support the developers then go ahead. 4/5 This game needs a sequel. I can't wait for Ark of War II.
This game can be fun and amazing if developer not crazy for money. Game is too hard. Make your game more easier and people will play it... Otherwise they will forget your game
Will not load keeps freezing up. Would love to actually check it out looks good from the preview but I wouldn't know from the game play as I can't play it. I have a Motorola G(7) Supra.
Well this game is going down the recycle bin. After you merged planets you have to be shielded 24/7 or be zeroed by 80million power plus players hitting your 4 million. Really fair game now. Hope the coiners keep you going. I know i wont be putting in my money. Planet 1218. Player Merlin
this supposed to be a war game yet the enemies can see the dotted line where your ark are headed to. While the ark is moving, it shouldn't be allowed to get attack in motion. Also when the enemy wants to locate who were collecting the gas, food, electric, all they have to do is attack the tile(s) and follow the dotted lines to locate exactly where the ark are at. This game need to fix some of these glitches.
The worst game ever played. You have no chance to advance because every older player keeps attacking you. The resources take forever to refill and no one explains how the game works, so you have to figure that out on your own. You definitely need a ton of shields and the cheapest one is over 500 game gold, which takes an infinity to be earned and no mater how many times you upgrade "the bridge", you won't get any gold or shield as you do in other games of this type, so you can never advance
Great game been playing for four years and believe it would be for four more. Stuff in game and sorry to bad can not help you. To me that a game that will not last because they think of themselves before the people that keep this game afloat and moving along. We as player would like to be thanked instead of be look at like dollars signs. I lost 385k gold that in terms of about 4 $100 packs I understand mistakes are made but to say gold was put into event sorry can do nothing for is just not it.
Don't bother playing this game, there is only one strong guild that goes around killing everyone else senselessly. I've played similar games and there is always order, this is just a waste of time.
I had the game for about a year. If you want to be good you better have cash flowing out of your arse other wise have some good buddy's or be prepared to get frustrated quickly. It is pay to win you won't be able to get to far without spending the only reason I quit playing because after a year it wouldn't let me back into the game. I went to support, email and everything I could do so I wouldn't lose my progress but they never fixed it and I had to delete the game and that made me call it quits
Those who say this is a bad game just doesn't know how to play it. It's more of a strategy game. If your worried about your resources being stolen, only stock up when you need it! Don't go around with a lot of resources. You'll definitely get attacked. Focus on ranking high in daily events. That's where you get your gold. Join the guild of the most powerful ark if you can. If you can't figure our how to know the powerful guild or ark, which is really simple, this game is not for you.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS WILLING TO SPEND MONEY! Seen countless reviews say but I must emphasize. This game is catered to & only to players who pay actual $ or are in a big guild who bully smaller players. If you are just starting out/in a guild that is not top be prepared to have a bad time. Regularly attacked 12+ times by players for resources & to kill my troops who say "it's war game. ๐Ÿคช" Sheilds are expensive and no way to earn without $$. Don't waste your time. Most players are toxic btw.
Don't bother unless you plan on shelling out money to progress very quickly to make progress. I can't make any progress because I'm being attacked constantly by other players way higher levels than me who come in and destroy all my troops so I can't use them for other in game missions that have nothing to do with other players, and steal all my resources so I can't build them up to make upgrades and complete missions. Games like this need to have an option to opt of PvP aspects of the game.
Game is good, you dont have to pay to progress. But i created a new account and my old one was connected through google play so I don't know if i can connect it to my new account please help
Finally the game has got better in the charts but why are players given limitation like most importantly players can't switch to another server without losing all there progress.there may be a big defence because I only play in one account only. But why I ask this is because I can't open my only account because the server is full and I am pretty shure that I lost my progress due to signing in.Iwish if this happens you would allow use to change server without losing everything.
Had an issue with using my google play account balance to make in game purchases. Twice. Took over 24 hours to fix the first time, and just under 24 hours the second time. This rarely happens I think, but it wasn't fixed in timely manner. So, 4 stars. The game play is pretty basic and fairly easy to learn. Plenty of experienced players to help guide you. Lot's of quiet non chatty players as well... Get into the right guild. Or take action, put in the foot work, and form one yourself.
Dont download this game unless you have 40,000 cash US to waste. Its nothing but a cash grab like all these games are but this is is the worst ive ever played. Its so imbalanced to its core just to make you spend spend spend. For a game that you make over a million troops and can only hold 12000 in your inferm is crazy to me. Its costs you 300mil to upgrade but can only hold 12mil in your ark can wont allow you to produce enough more after that is not right. You fight and fight to get nothing.
Game has always been a play to win game but its getting really bad now can't get anything with out spends big money for stuff I can't afford it . It's a shame really if they would lower their price they would probably sell way more
I Absolutely love this game, the only thing its missing is trade requests in the market. I would love if the devs added this into the game, its quite useful
Love this game. Iv been playing about 4 years now and I cant get enough of it so much to learn and build. If you think you have to pay big money to go anywhere in this game your very wrong you just have to be a strategist. See you on the battle feild ๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐Ÿป
Everything was fine and I was learning the game, then at level 7 my shielding dropped and I was raided for all my resources. Shields are far too expensive and you cant move to throw off attacks, they just lock on and come at you taking all you have. 7 levels isnt enough time to become strong enough to fend off attacks and the tebuilding packs are far too expensive. I quit.
False advertisement! The developers steal content from other games and pass it off as their own. Complete money grab. After over three years, I've had enough with the lies that the development team spins and the way they ignore the community.
Not sure why this game is rated above a 4. Graphics suck. In game map sucks for a mobile game. And unless you're dropping thousands of dollars you're not competitive.
Like the game, hate the pay to win aspect of the game, if you are not spending money you wont progress very far, pvp atacks should be improved or made avalible more , the power level between the attacker and the defender should have a bigger impact on the attacker, where either the attacker as a disability penaly for attacking lower player or or a HUGE limit to how Any troops lost or resources looted from defender, also a limit to how many attacks are allowed vs lower powered players.
Unfortunately I was placed on a server dominated by what appears to be Chinese gangs with ships and leaders at magnitudes above mine. Not a problem if you actually had a chance to grow without having everything torn apart several times a day. Plus gathering resources only to be attacked before complete gets real old real fast. I am done and will just abandon my ship so the a-holes can get their thrills killing a dead ship over and over since they donโ€™t have the courage to take on equal enemy.
It's good game, but you need to fixed the mergers, when we get to the new server, some guys got from old server and destroyed us with t12, but we can do nothing about it and then put the limit to be maximum capacity. It's really a problem because I saw it happened many times. Please you need to fix it.
No problem and the game is fun if you know what things to do from the start tho or else if u mess up u cant get success if you didnt think about of actions u will do on the game also watching tips and to avoid rookie mistakes if your starting but right now am on pretty good run (also i haven't spend a single penny on this game am only using strategies calculating and locating enemy players and more)
Cant even get enough material to level as ppl attack you 8 or 9 times a day. Sometimes more. It is difficult to play at first because there isnt clear instructions. I dont like these types of game, but some are fun, for me this was not. Got attacked 20 times in a row one day. Not wasting my time on a game that lets that happen. All it does is make you angry.
Adictive not for short play but hooked on it . I Have been playing daily for 1 1/2 years free play have not purchased anything.
Don't bother if you aren't Chinese. When fighting against Chinese players, none of your skills will trigger but they will trigger every single skill. Also, infantry is completely busted, their primary defensive stat is dodge, but every single comm can get a skill that ignores dodge.
The game is great but now there's problems with joining a guild and can't load my acount it goin but i still have my rid but does not work its a big erro the play this game fix you problems developes
so far fun game. but not for the casual player. and not cheap. expect to spend real money. just to compete, and stay alive.
This game is really good aslong as you with good team mate. Don't explain much but so easy and upgrade fast if you play smart you'll love it but not for everyone I don't like playing games like this but I'm addicted the we look cool nothing compare to the game. But it's still got me I've played for 12 hours and I'm lvl 10
Not a bad game you can play free but be ready to be jumped a lot. Edit . I started to play again found a good guild it a lot more stuff to do plz keep up the good work.
Event items have become more expensive to get, losing interest. Need more varied amounts of packs, price wise.
I don't get alerted from incoming attacks anymore. I have lost entire resource gathering armies because of this and reverted right back to square 1. The only way to win at this game is to pay through the nose. Not only does your Ark get relentlessly bully attacked, so do your resources tiles. You have absolutely no chance getting anywhere unless you pay. And the more you pay, the more expensive it gets. A lot if abandoned Arks everywhere, I don't blame them.
Used to be good, but honestly, the developers have gotten just plain greedy. It isn't even veiled anymore. 50 USD buys you a class A commander. Which you have to get 10 more times to upgrade. You do the math. Don't bother unless you're filthy rich or you don't plan on being anything more than a farm for the P2W players.
Really good game but like there is an eagle sound which makes no sense for a space game, also it's kind of annoying so it would be better if it happened less or not at all or moved the sound from the music part to sfx part of the audio settings.
This game is the biggest, "pay to win," fraud on here. If you want to get anywhere, be prepared to spend 100s of dollars...if you want to win, be prepared to spend 1000s. Then, when you spend all that money, you'll be smashed by players who spend more and your troops will sit in healing until you're willing to...wait for it...spend more money. Then again, you can try to do it without money and wait a month per upgrade (only 2 upgrades at a time), unless you wanna spend money to speed up.
ZERO STARS. Total p2w (pay to even scrape by, really). People spend $500-1000 a week on this game, and even then get smashed constantly by trust fund babies and chinese bot/hack groups. Events are entirely about spending money. Economy is a joke. It has potential to be a great game, but 7P redefines greed. You will never get anywhere unless you spend $100 per month just to buy shields. Stay away from this wreck of a game. A house fire would cost you less than trying to compete here.
Don't be cry babies.. its a game but it's not. It's about power and war. It has real life effects on you because if you lose it can cost you serious money. Same feeling zeroing out someone else. It takes a lot of time and a good chunk of change to become powerful. But its fun. It's exciting. It's both the dumbest thing I've ever done and my favorite mobile game. If you don't want to spend money you don't have to. Don't expect to become lord of the galaxy though that way. Been playing 4 years.
A dying game too many issues to deal with no one can join any alliance and now there seems to be another issue if you donate too many resources the game tells you to contact the developer through email and you cannot send or receive or donate resources until the issue is resolved which it is never fixed this game is about dead STAY AWAY RIP ARK OF WAR
If you dont plan to spend at least 100 dollars a month on it. Don't bother. Only the people who spend get stronger and event items. It's funny, the company will come out with an event saying you could get it free. However they are pretty sneaky. You have to spend alot of gold to get it. If you say the games unbalanced in world event. You can get a soft ban for up to 3 hours from said events.
After playing for a month I'll say this game is very exspensive! After buying the first few packs the price jumps dramatically! You will be farmed by players who are way above your lvl. If you don't spend money you will not last. This is the most pay to win game I've ever played. It has now become a job that I pay to do. Not worth my time.
If you can get the game to login and use the redeem option for your card it might be a pretty good game but it keeps telling me the game is not logged in and I can't use my prepaid cards to get any expansions for it but every time I play the game it says cannot login so I don't know how well the gameplay is I hope they fix it soon
Absolutely horrible building game. The resources you use most you either have to gather or attack others to get. The game offers few other options. All the while you are being constantly attacked. Luckily I figured out not to repair my hull so I get moved for free and a temporary respite. Lastly, I played this game as a Tapjoy offer for another. I had a 60 day offer when I started. Yesterday, they dropped the timeline to 30 days. That's called a bait and switch honey.
Starting out it needs a tutorial. Click on the '?' Follow-up text helps explain. Join a guild because the game allows the top ranked players to attack and obliterate the low level players. If you are looking for honor you will only find cold ruthless abandon here. Shield with gold only survival. Getting boring as an unwinnable race to highest levels. Even teamwork unable to combat top tier. Update 1/7/2020 Shields only way to eak out survival. Remains unbalanced. 7/28 + 9/27/20 update-no change.
Best game ever even though you lie about it being a play 2 win game as clearly it is you have to pay to get stronger which is why I have a screenshot as proof as it's false advidtising.
its the worst game on app store. game makers only want your money and will make sure to mess with you to the point that you're either willing to give your ๐Ÿ’ธ up or ruin your mental health. WORST GAME EVER. i wish i could delete it from app store. games are supposed to be fun not torture.
This is such a fun game! I mean, the second i turned it off all my resources, gone, i gathered them for 2 days and they were just bop and gone, + p2w
When i downloaded on my PC i cant play because the tutorial is broken.. It told me to kill a level 1 monster but the arrow pointed to an empty tile and i can't continue the tutorial so i will cant ever play the game on my PC
Game is the best. Isnt pay to win if you play correctly. You skip events on first server and save plus invest gold and youll save up enough to get many good things in future. The more gold you have the easier to get gold becomes.
highly unfair. if you're just starting the game higher-level people will attack you relentlessly and there's nothing stopping them from doing it. you'll lose all your resources and troops it takes way too long to get resources. and the cost of upgrading may be cheap at first but get extremely expensive very quickly.and there's no cooldown to how many times someone can attack you. it may teleport you if you take too much damage to your ship but then you just be teleported into another 15 or 20 lv
I HATE THIS STUPID GAME.!! Its so freaking messed up ugh. I had 1.3 mil gas and electricity to upgrade my ark and this douche bag came as i was just about to upgrade it level 10. IT IS TOO HARD TO GET MONEY AND TOO EXPENSIVE TO UPGRADE THINGS. This game makes me MISERABLE. DO NOT DOWNLOAD it is really annoying when u work for your money and someone else gets the benefit from it. I will never play your stupid game again or recommend it to any of my friends.
I think it's a great game. I love the planet exploration theme. I think you guys can add more themes like that. Gameplay is good, but it is a p2w game so u know....
Since i updated today ive seen two issues, firstly i used 2 1.2 mil food resource crate and i only got 1.4 food when i checked my resources and no i didnt use them, i haven't seen any issues after that. The second problem is the warp gate, i have a entry pass and when i click it to release a commander it takes me to shop asking me to buy gold, please fix this
It is not as bad if you stay on and reach the stage where you could get more gold from investment...then you would have enough to buy shield to keep you shielded 7/24/365. Joining a stronger guild would help as stronger guilds would have NAP with other more powerful guilds. Btw, I have paid zero cent on the game though my power might be lesser, I am a tortoise slow but steady (PS: you would need spending if you go beyond T8).
People in same level catagory way OP, defending attacks are impossible, lose tons of resources every time it happens. Just another pay to play... wouldnt bother
The game is excellent. But the way it is structured, newbies have a hard time catching up, and if one does not spend, then growth will be stunted. That's the reason for the three stars
Game has a lot of potential but it also has one main problem. Once you're above level 6 (which is very early) you can't go to another star (server), and if your server is ruled by some nasty guild who keeps attacking everyone else there's nothing to do and no reason to play. You can't defend yourself or make any progress. That's a shame because it's actually a good game. Byebye... Uninstalling.
As far as I can tell there's nothing wrong with this game, it's great and fun but it might not be for some people as it's not their playstyle. But as a player who enjoys games like this I really do love the game
Fun game. Requires a loooooot of time to pass for you to progress in general. And you can get wrecked by older accounts a big number of times. But it's still a fun game - it's got plenty of things to do once you progress a bit more. And yes, you can give it money and this will help you progress faster, but honestly you can still enjoy it without paying anything. And money won't give you much either - you still should take your time for evolving into it.
forgetd about this game.whales are totally ruining it. some of them spending hundred $ weekly. it is loaded with multi account asian player, cheating there way up.. so imagineif youre a free player or a low cash player, no chance to do anything at all. Also, the visual presentedis all fraud. noneof them are actual gameplay. Ijoin this game because theanimation presented it as no pay to win,... wich is a total lie and thegame has nothing to do with the animation. even the tutorial is a fraud.
I'm going to try and make this short and sweet. The game is clearly pay to win - Yes you can be Free to play but progression is very slow, and the game is EXTREMELY expensive. Dont be fooled by the fake advertising its as much out of the game as present in the game, make a mistake good luck getting anything from support. The community is what makes the game and keeps players there.
It's aight... expect to be totally raped by stronger players the entire time you play until you can do one of two things... 1:spend a shitte-ton of money to buff your ship beyond the higher players like they did. Or 2:play mellow with cheep soldiers and buff yourself up a little at a time while collecting enough gold that you can keep a constant flow of gold from the investments to always have your shields up. Just remember if you don't have a shield, don't gather too many resources w/o using.
Has always been pay to win, but it's worse than it has been. These last 2 events REQUIRE YOU to spend money or you can't get top tier equipment! PERIOD!!! There's no other way to be competitive in this game. You either pay a few hundred dollars for that gear, or lose. NOT TO MENTION THEY CHEAT you out of in game credit for items purchased on their coupon. I am over this game. I don't recommend it. 7P, DO BETTER!!!
Pay to Play kind of Game (Wallet Warriors) and this game went from affordable to ridiculously expensive like for real $1000 USD for the last New commander for S Class. MOST GOOD GEAR is also $300 USD ($298) triple from $99 USD when I started this game 3 years ago and most of the ships shown are not in this game like MT.Fuji, Dreadnought, Excalibur like come on use the real ships and do not Falsely Advertise content that is not in actual game.WORST OF ALL the Endless Events to drain your wallet !
Pretty happy with this game. I've been playing for over 2 years and the dev's keep adding new content. I like the fact they have new events more than they used to so more chances to get good gear and commanders.
This is so stupid made i hate it . It takes a very long time to upgrade stuff . The resources are very low . And everyone attacks for no reason! And if im offline i can still get attacked which is very unfair as a player because i can't just wake up from my sleep randomly to go save my ark just because they don't offer you a shield for free so you need to struggle to get money . After you're defeated you lose everything qnd just wanna give up . I HATE IT. FIX YOUR SHUFF OR TAKE THE APP DOWN
Just sucks. I can't get nothing accomplished because the resource production is slow, especially food. It takes daaaayyyyysssss to get enough to make troops let alone research and upgrade. If you don't have money or can play for 8 hours a day, don't waste your time. It isn't worth the frustration.
Good: The character design is super, i love the imagery used to create the sci fi devices and powers. Bad: it may sound subjective, but is terribly stressing. it requieres too much dedication so is not for the casual player, yes even with shields. many times i had to sleeep by the phone to hear if someone's attacking.cause the shield can't protect your tiles, and even with speed up items gathering and moving around is slow. So is kinda cool and annoying game tbh.