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Ares Virus

Ares Virus for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Qcplay Limited. located at UNIT A17,9/F SILVERCORP INTERNATIONAL TOWER,707-713 NATHAN ROAD,MONGKOK,KOWLOON,HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game but there is something that is so frustrating the boss heal full health it just make the game so frustrating pls nerf the boss heal
A very nice action and survival game, one of the best in the typical gameplay, however it is quite difficult and you need to be very patient and skillful to survive. The storyline is also really nice, bravo!
I really HOPE you responded to me DEV. So recently i decided to stop playing this and i really hope you fix the lag spike. Wdym by lag spike well everytime i get further into the game the lag spike instantly getting worse and i really hope you fix it like idc if the next patch there is no other way of getting a gold coins but all i wanted for the next patch is just fixing the lag ok thats it bye peace.
This game is pure gold still. It not a perfect game. It still have some visual bug and UX that can be improve but consider it as free mobile game this game really awesome. but to be honest to actually experience the best of this game you need to pay for extended backpack. 10 slots is too small just what I so called "always in backpack" items is took out 5 or 6 slots that why I need to cut it to 4 stars But it still very good game though
The graphics are nice but it should be in varient colours but the present colour ok.The gameplay is awesome in this game but one thing i dislike that is the backpack space should be increased,anyway my overall review is,it is a good game
I gave it 5 stars..coz..This game is Actually a very nice game...Good Graphics...Good Story...Good Controls.....yeah..I very like it.. And it has thrill...Plsss play this game.. I want you to feel on what i feel in this game...
You shold add creative mode so that you can do things like making wolds and putting furniture and items and other things!!!!!
I loved the game so far. I've beaten the entire game from Day 86. Only the final boss left for ending the game. but I'm scared I'll lose my progress after beating him.
Even without paying reasonably well balanced game. Boss battles are quite difficult though. The translations for quests are adequate in the beginning but horrendous later on.
This game is truly amazing.I loved it. The storyline is good. But i dont know why the butcher always get healed .But i discovered there is no blueprint of wood arrows so how can i craft any other type of arrow so you must do this in future uptades
Engaging storyline & mechanics. Option to pay for designs & supplies, but not necessary. Most grinding is to prepare for the boss fights. inevitably only to lose. repeatedly. some control lags due to boss speed, spinning blades & projectiles . Boss fights are unbalanced particularly with having 100 percent health resets when off screen. Also the awful issue of using a bandage for sprain/bleed causes a note box to block your view of boss during fight. Would recommend if issues were resolved.
I really love Ares Virus, it's everything (and more)you could want in a mobile game. It's challenging, has a great story line, no adds and it's not play to win. There is no multi-player but it is a awesome offline rpg with tonnes to do. Keep up the good work devs 😁
WHY CANNOT LOGIN USING FACEBOOK?! It's a good game. Might be even better if there is day/night rotation. You should also add raining days. 这个游戏不错。可是如果能够加入日夜循环会更加棒。你也可以加入雨天等气候。
I love this game because it takes internet when we have to start the game . I was searching this type of game and finally I got it. Thank you for making this type of game.
Though this game have 2d comic style view, but it is much better than other survival adventure games with a good story.It contains variety of tactics to kill or defeat a monster or any animal and I recommend to every game lover who loves to play a good survival game must include this in their playlist.
This is the best mobile game i have played so far. Story rich. Tight controls. 0 bugs.. And the art style and sounds.. Man i hope you make another game like this... I would buy it
It's really good 😊. Can you add some NPC's to fight with you? Because it will be a good feature to the game.
The game is good, graphics (pencil drawing) brings the game to next level, it doesn't have colors but that made the game original and cool, the controls are good, the aiming the attack the run is perfect, the details are awesome, highly recommend it, never thought a game like this exists.
I rarely review games, but this is the most well made free to play top down survival games on the Google Play store I have ever played. Very good performance, balanced damage and attack system. Crafting and combat are both challenging but fair. The English translation is a bit rough but still the story is still intriguing and understandable. An all around amazing experience.
I love this game. One of the only games where I'm going to be playing till end. But few problems. There is not need for internet but it asks for it. Second, to get a particular resource i have to repeatedly clear same areas mostly just wasted time overand not feel like it's a game anymore. So idea is, if I have the weapons and armour to clear an entire area in one game day then I should just be able to tap on an icon and get those resources without having to repeat anything. Hope they fix this.
After a long search for a fun survival type game i came across this. This game deserves 5 stars even with some minor issues. Some of the translations are not well done, but not impossible to understand. I would suggest fixing that. Really hope a 2nd part or somthing similar will come eventually. Or better updates and community stuff for players. Keep up the good work devs. Yall did a great job with this one
Its a good game but the problem is the enemies is are way too strong like the dudes with arrow are way too strong they have 300+ hp and 75 damage and its hard enough to get close to them.
Addictive and Good, however i hate how you need to pay for ammo instead or being able to craft some, so basically the guns i obtained are useless, i also hate how the gameplay's short its only about a story, finishing it afterwards just shows if you want to reset the game including your progress gladly there's a "later" button. A few spelling errors as well. Overall i still like this game, makes me feel coming back to it for another play.
If you could probably not have the butcher heal to full health as soon as he get to his little spot and not leave to go there literally 10 seconds after fighting him, then I'd probably be able to beat him
The gameplay is epic. The pencil drawn graphics are superb. The aiming system is my favourite feature. The enemies are adequately hard and each have a different strategy to be defeated. The storyline is a bit confusing because of translation errors. My one problem is the lack of enough backpack space. It's tiring to travel over and over again to collect the same resources. Either increase bag space or increase the stack size of an item. Overall, this is one of the best games I have ever played.
Awesome game ! Download it now. I know that it isn't colorful but it's such a beautiful game. It has a good story and tons of weapons and items to craft. But don't forget to save your progress .
Such a brilliant game i salute to a person who made this game with a Great detailing Waiting for more great updates with a more excellent ideas....
Pretty good but it would be better if it was a offline game. I need to use internet to play a game that's not even multiplayer so that's why I'm giving it 4 stars
The best survival game in the play store. I love this game and really a big thanks to the developer for making this. This is one of the game which is not money hunger. Ares Virus (The Game) made to entertain people and they will love to spent time one it. Really good job. ❤️❤️❤️
I save nick in the locust camp but after that i don't know where he go? Please fix it. I finish the quest to bring him back to the veteran but maybe its a bug.
I have been on a quest to find an actually good mobile game. My gosh I found it here. Don't get me wrong, their are some issues. The English translation is horrendous! I have stopped reading the dialogue because it's hard to understand. The gameplay however is puuure gold. Reminds me of a less survival oriented version of Darkwood. It's polished (except translations) and so much fun to play. Also their money model is very humble, although buying a backpack upgrade for 99¢ is highly advisable.
It asks for file access, internet access, and managing call permission. Surprise surprise, none of these are required. You can start with internet and just turn it off after it's asked for and it works TLDR; Don't get this, probably a data farm
can you please add multi-player to the game I want to play it with my friend, but aside from that the games perfect! (That's why it's 4 starts add multi-player and the last star is yours)
This is a great game. A lot of potential but it lags at random even with good cp. I hope we can control the graphics a bit. Also the controls for having sprains/bleeding/fracture etc are very clunky and very hard to use when pressured by bosses, the ones we need them the most. Please make it easier. Like when we press the "sprain" sign and we use our item instantly if we have them exactly how to use meds if you are low on hp. INSTANTLY which i liked. Will 5 star if fixed.
Amazing game other survival games when you like reach zero food hunger you die but this one doesn't make you die it only makes you weak.
I suggest you get a proofreader. The English in this game is so broken that it stopped me from playing. "You looks like infected".. if its small mistakes I can tolerate. But that sentence alone killed me. And its not just one sentence. There were lots..
Great game really no complaints until you meet the first boss and realise what the game makers want you to do to actually defeat the boss, then I couldn't be bothered anymore incase I find more bosses that are easy to defeat but painful to collect all the stuff needed to make something that you need many of to defeat the pain in the [email protected]
One of the best offline/online game I have played till date . good strategy.. good game play, no ads ..superb
Graphics aren't good enough And do something about pie dogs After less health they run away from us and then again come back
Solid game, but it asks for permissions it doesn't need. Doesn't need to see my phone calls, and external data means NOT THE GAME DATA. Screams "Malware" to me! I play this game because I like it but deny all permissions and it works just fine. This tells me they either are stealing your data or spying on your phone to make sure you don't send anything anti-Chinese. Since, you know, Chinese censorship is extremely real and oppressive in China right now. I'm guessing it's the second one.
Nice very nice game I like the story the movement the graphics and the gameplay so very very good game I like it very much.
amazing game. Collecting resources to fight enemies is my favourite part of this game. I don't think so I've played any better game than this on android.
The game is good. The need for resources demands a purchase to mitigate the prep → travel → harvest → travel → repeat cycle all these survival games employ. It became boring once I refused to buy new weapons. Nga mihi.
It is a good game and a beautiful one but for me it feels like something is missing, if you could please add something like pasimsive skills like "if you use your fist more often, then your efficiency and damage done with the fist is increasing" it's like a level system but for each skill. Overall I love this game :)
I give it a 5 stars because. I am a fan of Post apocalyptic games and I think this is one of the best zombie game Ive ever played. The storyline of this game is interesting and good, even the boss battles are so intense I even wasted my ammo to beat it, the ending is beautiful too and a bit confusing. Please make an Ares Virus 2 because the storyline is too good!
I am only at the very beginning of the game, but oh my gosh this game is great. I love the colorless feel of it, and then gameplay is great. Only the crafting system was a little confusing at first but now I understand it. The controls are amazing, and I enjoy the combat quite a bit. ======= Update ======= Finished the game, I like it very much. I still have not gone to the rebel building in the city, but other than that 100%