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Archlion Saga - Pocket-sized RPG

Archlion Saga - Pocket-sized RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
To the reviews complaining about bad controls, too short, no depth. DUH! That's the designed intention. It's explained in the developers comments. This game is perfect to play on lunch break where you can have it beaten by the end of the week. For me, trying to play through games like Chrono Trigger for the SNES, can be a chore due to my limited time in life. Games like Archilon Saga give me the satisfaction of completing a good story without overcomplicating anything. Well worth the install!
Too simple with very little customization in the game as well as very short. Combat was very singular and while technically a JRPG it doesn't feel like a very rewarding experience to beat the game. The combat was not very dynamic; your choices during combat make little difference between success and defeat. It's basically surviving the fight until you can deal damage. Give characters and enemies individual HP bars in the next one please. Need tanks, dps, and fighter to make the combat more interesting. The storyline was going in a decent direction
Meh. It would be a decent game, but the controls are painful, the combat is easy and the game is SOOO short. I mean, its free, so being short isn't so bad but I was just getting into it when I was suddenly on the home stretch. It's worth a few hours. I hope the devs build on this to create something more impressive for the sequel.
Cute game with a neat style. You're at the end pretty quickly and without great difficulty, which in itself isn't bad, but it makes it hard to get emotionally attached to the characters, that join your group one by one. A bit too fast paced imo. The fighting system is good, nothing too fancy and complex, but no mindless button smashing either. I liked the soundtrack, although there could be some more sound effects, especially for the dialogs.
Holy God, my very first time I CRYY.... πŸ˜₯ playing RPG game in android, this is crazy this is absolutely gorgeous RPG game story !!!! many unexpected things happened with dramatical story u will even cry to play it, super love !
It's short, I finished it in just under 2 and a half hours, but even so I really enjoyed the story. Nothing ground breaking, but theres something to be learned from it. I liked the cast although slightly generic, easy to understand and relate to them. Gameplay is really easy, definitely no grinding required, although available if you seem to feel the need
I liked that this game could be finished in just a few hours. The story was interesting and fun. Thanks. I look forward to more games like this one.
I can't lie the ending was sad. I wish I was able to say goodbye or thank my friends I met through out the game for they help. leveling up is super easy just simply never escape and fight every monster and by level 65 you will be unstoppable with new skills. the stars was a ok but I haf about 15 at the end of the game but they can be use just in case you die so yea. I enjoyed the the game great work
My experience was enjoyable. The game difficulty was not too hard, and at times I felt a bit lazy with the maps showing were to go next. But oddly, I enjoyed this feature since I have been paying my rpg dues since 1991, and have been thru tough dungeons. The translation was really good, but I struggle with how the orientals tell a story. At times I got lost with reading the story. I realize, like all great eastern RPGs, the story is above me and with a much deeper meaning than I can comprehend.
Great little game, did not take too long to beat. Low difficulty, some battle strategy involved. Decent story. Very few ads which I appreciate, could not ask more from a free game.
Be honest it was a short but enjoyable game and the best chapter is 3 we have to make a major decision. Only wish that it was a little bit longer
Actually i never expect this game woud be thia GOOD!! Its so fun to play and so easy to do so! I feel bad when i saw some of the reviews were a problem... But honestly! When i play this game there is no problem at all!! You should try it too trust me! πŸ’–
The gameplay felt very pokemonesque and smooth. It was short but it truly did suck me into the story and I wanted to make it to the end. My only critique is that the stars you obtain throughout need more uses in the game as I was left with about 30 at the end.
I loved it. It was short and nice. It even made me tear up a bit near the end, even though I don't cry often. The only downside, I guess, is that the combat is made a bit too easy for the weak ones. It was a bit boring. Besides that, such a lovely game! ❀
Great, controls are smooth, story is intense and gripping, the soundtrack is goodand The combat is amazing
At first it is a nice game with an interesting storyline. Chapter 5 is where things fail. The battles sudenly become very, very, very hard, as in you die. Again and again and again. It stops being fun.
Yeah, it was quick and not the hardest game to play. But, it was exactly what I was looking for that day. Fun with a good story. Nice distraction for a little while. Good job!
While I knew it was short, I got to say it was disappointing just how short it was. Didn't really give much time to flesh out the characters or get attached. And the ending was pretty blatant after like the first encounter with the witch, so I say you should work on making your foreshadowing a bit more subtle. Other than that it was a pretty fine game.
Good small casual rpg. Straightforward linear play through. Not a deep or challenging game, but simple and light.
well game play was okay, truth is it was just too easy. Upgrades were minimal, i was playing a story and didnt have side quests to do , let alone be able to buy exciting items armor and weapons at the store. what about allowing each charater more personlized traits/ upgraded abilities. where is the fun in playing a story when it feels like the story is in control. its okay, but needs work. i enjoyed the ending, that was very good.
It was a great game, itd be cool if you could be the archilion and choose new heros with random traits or smthn and keep playing haha but great game thanks
That's was an awesome game and please note this make the game easier and thank you for your putting your time and effort into the game and plz make more
I think that this game is very unique: it tells a nice story with a shocking yet bittersweet ending, it's battle system is simple yet intuitive and engaging, and I enjoyed the worldbuilding and the adventure. This game gave off different tones for numerous atmospheres, different feelings/vibes for different characters, and managed to keep you engaged with all of the different plots that took plac3! My only criticisms are more variety for music and soundtracks, and some more moves and abilities for characters. Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game; it was a blast!
Wow, that was stupid. It starts out ok but the story is pretty lame and the dialogue is awful. There I was, happy to find an old school rpg, but the more I progressed, the more annoying the game became. Yes, annoying. The game is easy to beat, but the boss battles are drawn out and boring. There isn't much equipment to upgrade and you end up with a ton of gold and nothing to spend it on, as there aren't enough shops. I was probably on the third chapter before I realized there were skills to use.
I really enjoyed this, i thought the sprites were great and i felt a bond with the characters, on the downside though the gameplay is to easy and you make the characters overpowered, I also found the story a little lacking and i was also dissapointed on how some of the characters are completed over powered (Bram) while others are not (the MC). During my second play through of the game, which i started with my previous stats, i got to Lv.99 (Max level) and i was sad that i was never rewarded.
I love this game have a good story & i enjoy the gameplay. But at the ending of this game was very sad make me want to cry.
I like this game tbh, i have rebeat it 2 times because its good. Havent experienced bugs or glitches, either. Pretty good rpg
I've only completed the first 2 chapters so far, but I am enjoying what I've experienced up to this point. If it changes, I'll change my review. I really like that it give you directions to follow, so there's really no way to get lost. The only thing that I find negative so far, is the fact that I cannot manually save the game. Though it really isn't too bad, since the game automatically saves quite often while playing. So I don't forsee this being any kind of issue. Edit: I have completed the game. It's relatively short, compared to similar games, but it's enjoyable and I don't regret playing it. The ending is a bit of a surprise, and not at all what I expected. If you install and play this game all the way through to the end, continue letting the game load with the end credits. If you do, you'll get to enjoy a cute little end story, shown in multiple little clips, in between the loading credits. To the game developers: I thought you did a good job with this game, and I hope you continue developing similar games in the future. The only thing that I think could've made this game better, would've been to make it longer, to last more chapters. Regardless, I enjoyed this game and I may even decide to play it again, some time in the future.
Well the game is short but I kind of liked the plot. For a pocket-sized game it's done really well though, the game is very easy to clear in even with beginner gear. This game is more likely to be focused on their storyline instead of their gameplay and it's done decent. With only around 5-6 Chapters? it's managed to show some character development and I'd say it's a job well done. I enjoyed the gane :)
Enjoyed the simplistic gameplay and storyline didn't like the ending though feel like it needs a sequel where the ending gets wrapped up.
An amazing little game. Super easy, the plot is short and simple, the translations aren't 100%, but it's a great little game to download and play if you want to kill 4-5 hours. It's not perfect by far, its a bit too easy, a lot of space isn't accessible, and the items are limited, but there is just enough to incentivize exploring. There's just enough there to make it a nice little experience, I just wish it was longer and had a bit more to do, but for what it is it's definitely worth 4 stars.
Storyboarding a quality retro RPG must be a lot harder than it looks. This game is graced with a beautiful soundtrack and graphics and also an interesting combat system (that could have been more challenging, but that's a minor complaint) but the world/plot are railroaded to the extreme and the dialogue is confusing as heck. I'm left with the impression of an intriguing story struggling to break free and never quite making it. Could have been SO much better if they had just made the world more open and explained a little better what on earth was going on between the characters and with the story in general. Oh well.
This is a great short rpg but there are a few things that come with it being so short. Since its so short you cant get emotionally attached to these characters or care about them at least so far (im only in chapter 3). One more thing the battle system is ok but i would like to control the characters seperately in battle.
so... I just beat the game and it was the shortest game that I've ever beaten and it was a fantastic game! the only suggesting that I've come 2 mind is change the name 2 the game. it should b archlion king. not archlion saga. and make ur games longer!
Very refreshing to see an independent rpg game that doesn't try to suck you dry every opportunity it gets through micro transactions. All together it was a cute game with actually decent turned based strategy. It is definitely a short game, but with what it is, I don't expect anything more out of the developers. They delivered a solid experience with a very climactic final boss. The end requires you to use almost everything you've learned in order to win, which is more than most rpgs do.
Just beat the game. I love the retro graphics. The story is pretty good. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because I really didnt like the battle system. Its simple to use but the "combined damage" that the group does is weird. It takes away from the individualism of the characters. Other than that I really enjoyed this game. Only took a couple hours to beat.
Overall, I love this game, but I would add some things. It would be nice if the game were longer and had alot more items. I would also add some plot twists and some interesting places too explore. I would love to get a response to this and maybe chat with the developers some way. I have lots of ideas I think you'll like.
So it is a very short game, and as such everything is sped up. I just beat the entire game in under 3 hours. They cut out the open world and travel, they cut out the need to shop at several towns for new gear, which honestly they couldve had one shop in each chapter and it would've been perfect. I dont like the battle system, but it serves its purpose in speeding up the game. There is also a screenshot button for some reason and I dont find it necessary at all and kind of obstructing and annoying. Now on to the story, what? Super confusing and I guess it's supposed to be a plot twist. but it was poorly delivered. Anyways, worth a try if you just want to play a quick retro with no replay value.
That was a sad ending.. but very nice game, i hope there will be a sequel where the mc reincarnates... and this time not as an enemy to the night, nor to the day .
Good game. I finished this game in just 2 days. But it was amazing, though I'm sad with the ending. Wonderful story line. It's just that maybe you can have a variety of armors and weapons to buy in the shop. To be honest, the coins that I've earned in this game had not been touched. Cause for me the things that are sold in the shop is kinda useless for me
It's fun and not hard i basically finish the game in one day but, i really enjoy it. The story is great and the fighting style is also great. Over all great game
Needs to be a lot longer I beat it in 2hrs 38 min just causally playing through. The mechanics are different but good. Just wish there was more to it. Not many phone games have good mechanics, Or play style, or art, ect. This one does that's why it's a shame there is not more to it. Only 5 acts and you gain an additional character for each one then the game end at final boss. So in all pick it up for time to kill.
Got to kick a certain 'knight' in the face, and the challenge ramped up enough to kill me on the final boss, so I can't complain. At about 4 hours, it's a satisfyingly short, yet competent, jrpg experience; exactly what I was looking for.
Nice and easy game with moderate grinding. A bite-sized RPG that can be finished in under 10 hours, good for a roadtrip. Battle system uses a unified attack instead of each character having an attack, only one action can he chosen per turn. There are enough stars to get through the game without having to watch ads, but why risk it?
Short and simple but it is enjoyable and its a good JRPG for beginners and will leave you hungry for more in this genre.
A short but great game. Ads are optional yet helpful in shortening the grind for a bit. This is what I call a good indie JRPG.
Good attempt, but needs Improvement. I like how I wasn't pressured into making microtransactions. The balance of the game needs adjustments. The game is too easy and don't require that much thought which is the opposite of what I want out of a retro RPG. Make the sequel longer, add some combat complexity, and give me an option to just buy it so I don't have to watch ads. : )
It's a very short game with a choppy storyline that makes no sense at times. Also, the character dialogs ramble at times and can be difficult to follow. The good thing is that it has that old school rpg feel about it. It's almost as if it were an SNES game. It would be great if everything else was better. Lastly, this game is not difficult whatsoever. There should be a way to choose the difficulty for those looking for more of a challenge.
its hard to imagine such a beautiful well written story in a free game app. Thanks for the thought provoking story with simple yet lovely characters. I was totally taken in by it the entire time!
Genuinely good game, not really any issues except for how short the game was. It's so short to the point where most people can't really get attached to the characters. For me personally, I really like how the ending was made, made me drop a couple tears.
Fun and easy game. Good way to spend a couple of hours. It's a nice change of pace compared to pay-to-win games and giant multiplayer games.
I really love it!At the end,I almost cried. I wish there were more chapter rather than 5. Not gonna lie this is probely the best story RPG game.
I love this game so much but its sad how the hero just dies/disappears its so sad can you pls change the ending PLSS :(
A short yet enjoyable game. The storytelling is great and it is one of the most well-made mobile rpg I've ever played!
Not satisfactory enough for me. It was good in graphics, story was great, and it was easy. However, it was TOO easy. I like targeting 1 enemy at a time, not all enemies at once, lumped together like this. The story was FAR too condensed, and it was too fricken short. Would've been a lot better had I have had a little more to go on. An RPG that can only keep me occupied for about 2 hours until completion isnt worth it.
Enjoyable game. Somewhat short but fun. The story isn't really the greatest or the battle system but look, the game doesn't have intrusive ads or p2w mechanics. If you like short rpg games then try this game for yourself.
for anyone complaining about it not being this crazy elaborate game, it's an rpg on your phone. it's pretty good for what it is, and it's also free so unless you're purchasing in game items the developers really aren't making anything so for what it is its really good
alright, to be honest, this game is on the i don't know side, it was, OK, but the priest boss got me stuck, whenever i dud good damage either it doesn't do tons of damage or the boss heals himself!!!!! please fix the non-predictable AI, and turn down the enemy healing!!! -Logan
Four stars because it's cute, fun, and even a bit open to combat style choicesβ€”yet so easy (I didn't lose nor "grind" once) that equipment decisions barely felt like they mattered, plus the story turned into a weird, preachy mish-mash of contradictory ideas. Five stars because, hey, it's 100% free! $:^ D Plus, 100% clean if memory serves. Combining all party stats into a single action per turn was an intriguing design choice. Overall, I enjoyed; good job! $:^ )
The ending feels rushed. All of the storytelling around the serpent happens in the final area. The equipment does not get scaled well and combo rate is never explained, although many items have it in the late game. The battles all end up using the same set of skills over and over. This makes the bosses and enemies very boring, especially when they start healing.
Hi i liked it sooo much i finished the game omg it was so much fun and you need to make more awsome games like this one i loved the story i loved the character's i loved everything about it i just had my 18th birthday and can't wait for more for archlion you guys are good keep making good games ok i liked it cause it reminds me of the rpg games old school ones like fate the cursed king and i loved this game so much make more ok thank you for reading my review cant wait for more games bye
It was short but entertaining enough. The controls occasionally weren't as responsive as I'd have liked, but were well enough. Wasn't very fond of how you only got one action per turn, even with more than one party member. Game looked nice, the story was okay. Thought it was funny how anything would say "Ouch!" if you hit it, even bosses.
Mediocre for a semi-modern JRPG, but pretty good for a Kemco JRPG. Would still like to see a remake of SotS.
The game is really fun and it is too easy. The story is short though but it really good with the animations.
The game is a simple and short but an amazing game in the JRPG genre good characters, great boss fights and a great story. The only problem i really had was the dialogue was lacking espicially in the beginning and i did get comfused by the story at some points but it did get progressively better.
It's a short game with an interesting story of sorts. I feel the game is a bit linear. It has a story to tell and it does just that.
This game is super fun. It is just the right amount of fighting, dialogue and free world type game play.
This is a Very good Game. not much to say other than it's a little short Please add a hard mode with 2 or 3x stronger enemies than before
The story really stood out for me in this game. The combat is not too challenging but I normally get annoyed that a game is too hard to enjoy the story. The ads are basically non existant. All round great game.
This game is enjoyable with great pixel graphics it is a good game it took me 2 and a half hours to complete you should make a sequil or a 2 game about archlion kings id be enjoying the next game if you make 1 😊😊
It was a very good game.I died a few times but the healing Katrina did helped me kill the Serpent so yeah. :) Took me 5-4 hours to complete and the story is actually really good. GOOD GAME FOLKS.
wonderful game. i truely enjoyed it. yes it is a simple easy rpg game but, it was very fun and a great game to get people into rpgs. Thank you for doing this game. The story was great
Very easy to play. I like the skills that were provided. Short but fun. If you grind and watch ads you can be OP! And it doesn't even take that long.
nicely done small 3 hour Rpg. it contains many elements of retro games that ive played as a kid while growing up. some: Final Fantasy, shining Force, phantasy star. like seriously reminded me of those in small ways.
this game is awesome but if it is deleted it should save to your cloud so you don't lose your progress. I got halfway through it in an hour. it is soooooooo FUUUUUUN!!!!!
Final Fantasy-esque type RPG, for a free game still took a day to beat. If people rate low for short story, maybe pay the people who made it or STFU and rate 5 stars...
This game is short but sweet. Simple controls and easy to understand game mechanics make this a very enjoyable game. The story is great for such a short game. Like others have said it's probably about 3-4 hours long. I explored everything I could and it was about 3 hours for me. There are optional micro transactions/ads but you REALLY dont need them since the game gives you plenty of stars. I personally loved that ads weren't thrown in your face ever. I look forward to the next game! 9.5/10!
The story is boring and predictable, combat is easy and gives no challenge throughout the game. Certain skills are unlocked too late in the game to be helpful. And yeah, the game is way too short. All of that makes me think that it's a game for kids, but the number of people dying throughout the story proves the opposite point. Giving two stars instead of one because I loved the monster sprites.
With the many complex RPGs that are in the arsenal of Kemco, such as Machine Knight, End of Aspiration, and the Asdivine Saga, among many others, this short and small little gem delivers on many things. A simplistic, yet cute battle system, an interesting premise, and small, yet fascinating locations. The ending is definitely a surprise to players, as it ends much like the tragedies of Shakespeare and Greek plays of old. A swift play, but an endearing one.....
Really cool story. Very short, though. Only took a couple hours to complete. Also very linear with very little in the way of exploring. The star system seemed odd at first, but they throw so many stars at you that they don't feel as valuable as they should. There was also little challenge or strategy until the ending. Translation could have been better too in some parts. There also needs to be more music. So many scenes were dead silent. Very good experience in the end! Excited for more!
A cute and fun pocket RPG that focuses more on the story and combat than exploration. The UI is simple and uncomplicated. There's no massive looting system like in Doom&Destiny but you do get sufficient chances to swap gear when fighting levelled up enemies. Combat is good and can be quite challenging the more you progress through the game. The story is based on Egyptian mythology of night versus day but is unique in itself. And there's no grinding like in MK! Loved it. Good work, devs! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
it's one of the BEST mobile games I've ever played but I wish it was more challenging and longer I ones beat it in a few hours but that shows how much I like the game because it was so good I didn't want to stop playing but definitely a five star game
For a simple little rpg game I really enjoyed the story and gameplay, and though it was something short I had a wonderful time playing.
if you are a casual turn based rpg fan you will enjoy it. the game is short and reminiscent of the NES rpg's. it would be nice to make a continuation to the story, but overall it was fun.
The game has a really good story and it's one of the best games I've played in a long time not only does it have good story but it has so much inside of such a small game and I hope one day they make like a another game just like this or maybe like a bigger game
The game itself was ok ...the story line sucked ..couldnt make heads or tails of it....it was to short..i beat it in 2 hours ..with little difficulty ...didnt even have to grind or nothing...witch is unuasl for rpg ...nwxt time make a better game if you want sumone to buy stuff...
I completed the game and I had fun playing it! The story was simple and short. The ending was quite something that I didn't expect, unlike any other RPG heroic plot lines I've played. Though the English translation of the dialogues were off and kind of awkward. The English translation needs some work and improvement so that the narration and the dialogues of the story can easily flow, and so it'll be more comprehensible. Oh and I'd also like to add up, the gameplay wasn't really that challenging.
Great game but i was expecting to see the ending like seeing the home part for every character before the credits.
It was amazing. The story was amazing, the mechanics were awesome, the game was great overall. While it was kinda short, it was great.*spoiler warning!!* the ending was ok, it was very bittersweet. I just wish there was some post game stuff so I could play with the characters and stuff more. Maybe a sequel or something? That would be amazing
After finishing the game I can say it is a bit lackluster. A great retro looking rpg but the game falls short with the story and fighting. Fighting is a bit too simple and the story is a bit all over the place and a little confusing. I just skipped a lot of it. Several areas can be improved on but I did enjoy it and would try the second installment. Give it a try
This game is simple and short. You can control the character easily, no need for grinding, no need for searching equipment (you will just get it easily in the game). It's a good game for relaxing time. It's very nostalgic to play old school rpg again. I really recommended for you to try it
This game was AMAZING. The first truly good RPG I've been able to find in a while. Wonderful storyline, classic gameplay; the fights are even *just right*, engaging but not too tedious like in some RPGs. Translation turned out great! At first I thought the controls would be a problem, but I quickly got accustomed to them - I really couldn't think of better ones for the game. And when they say you can play the game without buying anything, it's actually true for once! I mean, I'm sure it would have made it easier, but I enjoyed it without doing so. I played the whole thing in one sitting, over a few hours. I WILL be recommending it to my friends. The only thing I would have liked differently, is just a bit more of a tutorial at the beginning - it took me a hot minute to figure out that you can only interact with people/objects/etc. when they have an exclamation mark over their heads.
Great little RPG. Original story line, no grinding or pay to win. I actually think it was a brilliant concept, just wish it had been longer, I smashed through it in about 3hrs. And it was a touch on the easy side, I think almost impossible to lose. But I thoroughly enjoyed it
It was good but needs scaling some battles are WAAAAAAAY too easy or WAAAY TO HARD like the serpents are kinda hard compared to EVERYTHING ELSE or the fact that the game has been so easy I DIDNT NEED SPECIAL SKILLS UNTILL THE VERY END
It's a bit short, but it's good in a retro way. Crashed about four times during the whole game, but autosaves so you don't lose much. Fights are a little unbalanced, but easy enough to get through when you spot the "loophole". On balance, I'll give it five stars because it is fun to play, despite the ads you need to get through to level up properly.