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Archer's Adventure : Archer of Legend

Archer's Adventure : Archer of Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by CookApps 106 located at 906-3, 1B, 660, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Connection drops out every 10 seconds of game play, giving me the pop up and getting me killed, I know its not my net or phone issue, I have an s10 and streaming net so you gotta upgrade your servers or enable offline play because this is silly :/
Its really good. Better than Archero and some other similar games. It has a cartoon art style that makes it stand out to.
It's a fun game but loses its charm quickly due to the poorly written difficulty algorithm. This should be custom written. Put more thought into the base points of the game not just all the added "possibilities". You will have a real winner that way. Also DO NOT expect a refund on anything. Even if all issues are met. THEY DO NOT HONOR IT. I know first hand. Also let us put the spells buttons where we want. If you have a big phone they are 4inches away. God forbid you use a tablet.
Games rubbish, i wasted 600mb downloading it, then I find out its online only, u need to tell people that's its online only. It took 5 times before it installed and now I can't play. Ridiculous.
Seriously addictive. Dedicated team comming up with new interactive content. It is a bit of a grind at higher levels if you don't spend money on the in app purchases. Watch adds for prizes which is annoying but understandable they need revenue to provide free game play. All round I love this game. If you have an addictive personality to games, and need some space from your phone, maybe give this one a skip.
Always better than the bad app "Archero" A lot more easier, a lot more upgrades, a lot more content NOT COMPLICATED, FAST PACE growth and developer is very generous with free stuff. Do not go to "Archero." South Korea's ARCHER'S ADVENTURE is far more superior and better.
Skin combination is ridiculous Keep getting the same green skin its hard to get one but 3 of the same one its annoying please fix this
I really like the game but with the 100% fusion rate of skins making the super rare cost 16 rares is too much. Unless you pay for the game you will never get there. If possible please lower it down just a little. Thank you keep making the game better and adding new updates also the jewelry and crafting levels are too hard to get.
Awesome game, the only issue I have is, I think the devs need to slow down on the new content and deal with some of the old bugs like the fact there are 4 elemental spirits fire, water, earth and air but there are 5 lots of tokens. Are you going to make an energy spirit or take the energy tokens out? And you released jewels how many patches ago and only now in this latest patch do we get the removal scrolls. Not a big thing but I think releasing the entirety of a new concept at once is better!
Greedy greedy greedy. Drop rates on gear is super bad. When fusing skins or quiver, one you barely get any to fuse and two, you need like 1000000 to get rare quality. Total pay to win garbage game with zero generosity in their items. Hell, even on the first anniversary they didn't give you anything but made you buy stuff to get anniversary items. Garbage game
Its a good game although the last 2 days it was not loading it was going to 10.23% and stops for some reason. 2 Emails already send first being a week ago, no reply still...
Love the game. For those looking at the reviews, here are some explanations. People complaining about the game being stuck at 10.23% 0r 14.27%, its because they were caught cheating and are banned. People saying support doesn't exist, is because they don't join Discord and ask for help. People complain about this being an Archero copy, look at the release dates, both apps in development at the same time. This game is just better. :)
I've played quite a few hours of Archero, and stopped playing due to the annoying energy system. This game, while far from perfect, doesn't have this same system, which is a major plus point for myself. I personally find it a lot more enjoyable in terms of graphics and gameplay, and would like to continue to see how this game progresses with time.
Amazing game! Loved archero but the energy cost and complexity are hindrances. Although, this game seems complicated at first, it is easier to understand than you think. This game is lacking a good guide to item fusion and creation. I really would like to see a better tutorial on fusing gear as well as a gear score for equipment. The game will auto equip a rare item over a heroic and this confuses me many times. I have many more thoughts but not enough room here, so those are my top issues.
Still waiting to hear back about my account, I have emailed several times that I have not been able to access my account which ki had all of the town levels unlocked several super rare skins legendary weapons etc. I had spent quite a bit of money as well for upgrades and this is how they treat me? This is not right and they need to fix this immediately 😑
I was really enjoying this game, until you hit a huge wall. No matter how high my luck is, I can't seem to get better gear. And making anything better is seriously hindered by unreal running of the daily dungeons, which I need better gear to do. And the fact that you only get 3 runs per difficulty, then you have to spend gems to restart them, which while they do give a good amount out, isn't enough to justify it. I know these games are created to make money, but it's become pay to play very fast
Everything was going fine until one day the game stopped loading. Fix and I'll add stars to this review. Update, Game is of loading fully again. Thanks for looking into the issue
I have a hard time supporting a game that is a blatant copy of another (in this case Archero). I installed cause I thought it would be a similar style and fun to try, but it's pretty much the same game, same skills, same features, but not as fun to play. It adds a few pieces of content that Archero doesnt have, but it's still not worth playing imo.
This game is a great way to kill time but the way they have the purchasing is totally screwed up, also in the game description it says infinite game mode but that is not in the game at all, leveling up needs to be faster because you get to a certain point and it is almost impossible to level without buying something. there is also a spot for coupons but I have never seen one. they need to put out a tutorial on how to read the items in the inventory. lot they could do very easily but haven't.
This game got bad if there was a new update the game won't load and stops at 9.09% please fix this and I will upgrade my review
Very good, it feels like you progress and its not overly hard. Graphics are cartoony but they look good. I would highly recommend!
Cheap clone of Archero. Takes too long to load, main character uses profanity, controls are not as smooth, etc. Uninstalled.
Terrible ads that doesnt have a close button, gotta restart the app . The shop is kinda annoying(keep pop up even though I pressed "Dont show again today")
Very good game thanks developers. BUT there is no difference in projectiles which fly straight , curve or homing . It cause confusion with same type of enemy doing different attacks . Also need some way to select multiple equipments and once . I do not need all rare equipments . Thanks again .
Uskipable ad everytime you try to play which ruin everything which a waste since it was pretty enjoyable overall
I dio not like getting hit by a trap when I am not even touching the trap. I also dio not like it when the controls stop working and it causes me to die. Not to mention why is almost every level set up to where you will get hit by traps and can't avoid them. I mean seriously, this game needs a lot of work. The only reason you got two stars is for the variety of abilities.
This new update is freezing 😨after downloading the additional resources the download completes but the games never moved on to the main menu. Please fix this
It's stopping at item 5/44 and won't continue the load since the update. Please fix this because I love this game!!!!...... Well it's been a long time since I played so I don't even know what my strategy was on my character build. So I sadly had to delete it. I want to say thank you to the developers for trying to trouble shoot the issue but I am not starting all over to level 1. Ssssssoooooooooo disappointing.
Great potential. Shop is for nothing but richy rich people and takes forever to get anything on f2p. Can't even spend $50 and get anything decent cuz most purchases only get you a 10% roll of getting what you're after. One discord channel with only 400 members ran by someone who kicks you out if you express a negative opinion of the game. Such a waste of potential. Discord owner is a jerk who plays God with his channel.
This game is great, it's like five games in one and they are always adding content. The devs have done a great job addressing pay to win issues lately. It's an unlimited play game, which is rare these days for the quality.
What could be a great arcade game, turns into a cash grab with pay to win mechanics. Ive played a lot, have enjoyed what I've played, but looking at the shop notifications, and all the ad placement every time I play, it's a big turn off from the game and a disappointment. It's unfortunate. I would personally stay away from this mess. "Games" like these define the awful state of mobile gaming. A shift or overhaul in the purchasing mechanics and rewards from playing would make this more enjoyable
The game crashes while im loading the dungeon and uses up my 1 attempt for the day. Money and crafting systen is horrible. It takes FOREVER to level up crafting and gem handwork. Im level 310 and crafting is barely lvl 3. Same with gem handwork.
Great game but I have an idea for the default skin can you make to where the player can add 1 of any skill to the default skin every 100 player levels? I think it would make sense because nothing can be done with the default skin it can't be changed sold or fused and plus since it is the players normal skin it should get improved.
This game needs some serious instructions!!! No idea what's going on with equipment and how to deal with upgrades or anything else for that matter.
ive had many days of fun on the game and i know that when you get higher in the stages its suppose to get harder the one thing i think could use some work is the bonus system for the stats in fight in my opinion once you have cleared say 15 levels in a stage you should have the option to chose what power up you want out of a list with the condition that it only happens once per stage hope this get considered thank you for reading
I would change the side scroll for only bosses, but I like the game other wise and reccomend it. Why put a door in the levels if you don't even have to go thru the door way to go to the next level. I don't know if it's lazy programming or was that done on purpose. Kinda defeats the reason for a door if you can just walk past it. Again I like the game, just seems rushed and not fully complete. Other then that it has a good flow, and super easy to interact with. Semper Fidelis Ryan
Really good. I especially like how unlike every other mobile game it doesn't have some bs energy system.
Update did let me play, but after the first stage, got stuck. Was saying it couldn't connect... other online games work fine so it seems to be major server issues with this game, which is a shame cause the little I got to play was fun... :'( tried several times to retry connecting but it didn't work... T_T
Had my account reset again for no damn reason. Error...Error...that's all you seem to do when you update the game. Fix these issues and give us something for it or more people will uninstall permanently.
Hey since you're copying Archero. Can you do something that they failed miserably at? MAKE YOUR GAME TOO EASY. Archero is extremely difficult. I guarantee you that if YOU MAKE YOUR GAME TOO EASY. EVERYONE from Archero will play your app instead. I will also support and fund your app instead of Archero considering Archero being a scam. Think about it. 1 bill downloads and 4.8+ rating. Archero will so jealous. I spent 500+ and you guys did an amazing job with updates. I got lucky Wukong! κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€!
Game is broken. It sorta works the first time you launch it. Tapping anything other then the first mission doesnt work. It says you dont have a connection, even if you do. Doing the first mission, you can get to the end, but at the rewards screen, you get stuck, saying it wont connect. If you close the game for any reason and try to reopen, it gets stuck loading at around 10%. Reinstalling fixes this,but you still won't be able to get past the first level. Totally unplayable. >.< Please fix. :/
After update loads to 9.09% that's it, will improve rating once it's fixed. It has resolved itself. Ty for response.
Great game. Lots of fun. More indepth than the shorter cutesie other one. How do I turn off the notifications?
Stuck in loading circle after playing first match.I tried launching the game again but it still stuck
Great for new players! Content is steady, but end game comes at a cost. Still pretty good on the free to play aspect. Nice game.
Good game, few things could be worked on though like you should be able to put gem crafting on auto, id like to see elemental effects like burn,knock back, chill whatever to give the elements more satisfaction, crafting is such a grind i feel like some recipes need a 25-50% reduction, i have full strong lv500 at lv320 but the only thing worth crafting are the upgradable items that start at lv70 and require like 30+ run throughs of chapter1 p1 its annoying tbh.
Sad, after purchasing I lost all my data, even after consulting they didn't answer. I reached 500lvl with 53900+ damage and 133000+ hp. I opened my game and saw I was degraded to lvl3. WTH is going on??
Look, I genuinely love this game and the community. And the fact that the developers are doing more and more to make f2p easier. Except, recently, they've released several broken updates or things of that nature, and don't even bother to compensate players for the error that the developers cause. Most games give out loads of stuff for errors on the game makers behalf, not CookApps. People waste in game current and a lot of time because of these errors. The player base deserves something.
Game doesn't now what it wants to be. An archero game? An idle clicker? Tower defense? It just mix everything together. Even the skins you get doesn't fit the tone of the game. Equipment menu feel like it's unnecessarily complicated. There's little to no explanation on what each mechanic does. And also, the level design, traps and walls everywhere, yes the map is a lot bigger than your average archer games but ironically your movement is very limited
The game is looking great so far! It's fun and less frustrating than the other Archer game I've played before. Although.. there's one problem.. What does it mean when it says "After clearing, you can use the teleportation seat". I can't play more cause of this.. What do I do with that..?
Absolutely fantastic game. Gameplay, graphics, visuals, controls, characters - everything absolutely awesome. This is definitely my favourite game, as of now! Play for 3mins & I guarantee you'll love it! Many thanks πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
Great game potential here but so many improvements to be made. For example the town system, the further you progress the more it costs to upgrade the newest unlocked things right? Then why make the new buildings take longer to produce gold? Even if they yield higher amounts its still not as much as cheaper ones since those take less time. So just make all town upgrades go at the same speed. Its way too slow. Also in game remove impenetrable walls since they make go through wall ability useless!
Im having a fun experience playing this game, hoping to add more level ,skins and item, over all great game
I can't get out of the cafe after beating a boss and I have to restart the game till it lets me get out of the door
I love this game. It is by far the best of it's kind in the store. I like it so much I've become a whale just because the devs deserve the money!
Played and loved Archery so this was a great follow up with lots of shorter minigames to keep you entertained. Was great until I tried playing offline and it won't even start up. That dissapointed me and soured the game. That signals that the company likely data leeches so be careful of that
I can say this game has came along way. Devs listen to the community feedback! New content added all the time! No energy use is a plus. I would love to see chapter exclusive skins. I think it would help the on grind the lower chapters. Like add peices like u do to crafting gears. Also i would like to see a option in the gear inventory to be able to delete multiple items that we can select. Instead of going to each item an then delete it. An maybe a way to view basic stats when we do.
It was really good in the beginning but since I've put more into my towns for gold it hasn't collected any gold offline for 2 days.
I thoroughly enjoy playing this game.There is one problem with the game (I'm unsure on whether others have had this happen or not but) the game itself won't connect to my home wifi, it keeps stating that I need a more stable connection to play. The wifi I have has a very stable connection with my phone. And I can play games such as, cod mobile completely fine, but I can't play cod on my school WiFi, yet I can play this game completely fine on it. So can someone tell me what may be wrong with it.
I love this game!! At first the amount of ads was ridiculous but that seems to have changed. My new issue that when you leave a guild you get a 24hr suspension before you can join a new guild. The creator of the guild was inactive for 24 days when i left and i was pretty much the only one donating. But I'm the one who gets punished for leaving. That's silly. Please change that
An archero style gameplay combined with idle clicker features. Have some original skill, features, wider area than similar genre, fair difficulty, and cute characters. It's fun to play. I hope it will be playable offline
The new Dominion/Territories mode seems interesting but it's already completely broken for me. I created the wood and stone quarries, then built a wood storage, and when I came back later everything was gone, including the Town Hall and the Architect's Home meaning I can't build anything anymore. The "back" button no longer works either so I have to kill the game and restart it.
Fun coffee break game! Smooth graphics, simple, ad heavy for f2p but still plenty of opportunity to have fun without paying.
I like the game and it's fun to play but after the update to 1.7.7 I cannot open the app. It gets stuck on the loading screen and the bar doesn't progress at all. Will update review if problem gets resolved. Edit: I have already sent an email with a screen shot of where it stops. Edit 2: Thank you for fixing my issue with loading the game. Updated review to 4 stars. Would give 5 but the item fusing system is unreliable. I don't see how fusing 2 high quality items results is a low quality product
So far I love this game. Have been playing for several months now and loving most of the new additions. Pvp is a little broken, but it's still in beta, so we'll see how that pans out. The only issue I'm having is the game stopped opening after the 30th update, and I've tried almost everything I could think of to try to fix it. Please fix soon, I'm falling behind on my daily missions πŸ˜† **UPDATE** I guess the game updated and it started loading again!
The game is good, but you have 3 major issues: 1) You need internet in order to play the game. 2) You're not able to double click, you've to either walk or cast spells. There are times where you get stuck because It doensn't recognize a double tap and just stay there until you tap again to walk. And the place of the spells UI should be at one side, same for the walk, not in the center of the screen. 3) The walk UI reset to it's original place everytime you release the tap.
Amazing game. Better than Archero! Game has come a long way over the last year. New members now have an even better chance at getting better skins earlier in the game than before. There are also many f2p features now. Great Job!
The artwork is cute and all, but it don't suit very well in the game, I downloaded this game cause I saw the screenshot where there's a hot lady and dragon, that what I came here, but in the actual game just all cute stuff And the level up system unhelpful, I notice I leveled up but no ability to pick, unless the cloud thing from Adventure Time ask what ability I going to pick
Such an amazing game. I've been playing it for a long time. Recently got a new phone and couldn't get my old profile. But it's all good. Now to grind and it back to where I was with over 250k damage
My town which provide me gold is only working when the app is open. But when the game is closed it is not providing me gold. I thought it is an idle gold generating town
It's fun. Levels can be quite slow but it's good. The "do not show again" really needs fixing, I'd recommend better translators for better English here and there. When you change your name after joining a guild, your name doesn't update in the guild. A few more tutorials would be nice too, in places like crafting. Where do I get rare crafting scrolls? When is it ideal for rebirth? Etc. A graphics update wouldn't go amiss either, it's quite basic. Otherwise I like it.
At first I thought it's going to be fun, simple, cute character and clean game. However it's a bit disappointing with too many things going on. Should have the option to have the original skin but with the chosen new skin's abilities
It's an ok game I only play it for the BGM which if I'm not mistaken is the creepy map theme and the newbe town theme in the mmorpg Secret Of The Solstice/Xenepic/ Solstice Reborn/ Xenepic Revo.
Overall a really good game. Farming Crafting Materials is horrific. 80+ runs for 2 of the item I need. Stage Clear Rewards needs a massive overhaul and rebalance. Add this, too: once a stage has been cleared 50 times, watch an ad to instant clear it.
Well something is wrong everytime I play the tutorial I get legendary loot for defeating the boss and also I can't go past the cafe it's kinda broken
Good game with lots of updates being added often. *The tower was so nice when it first came out, but many good rewards that have been nerfed hard. Adding a timer to the tower is a huge mistake in terms of game enjoyment and progression. Score now reflects game enjoyment
Used to be good. Now this game is a whale magnet. I played this game for over a year and latest patches allow a whale to surpass my progress by a mile with purchases in a few days. Each update gives more power to whales. The amount of min-maxing is insane for this game. It is a timesink. You will have to micromanage dozens of stats over dozens of gear items and stat boosts for minimal increases to your overall power. You will have to play a few hours every day for those minimal stat boosts.
fun at first but gets really annoying because it uses too much mobile data. cant properly play it on low signal areas. you have to keep using wifi for stable gameplay, down to 1 star, this game suspiciously needed a very LOW latency internet for a simple brainded gameplay.
Changing my review to 3 stars. Even though I still find the purchasable skin system to be almost a scam (20$ should be 100%, not 10), the game is more enjoyable than most other games I have played. But, the enchanting system needs a drastic overhaul. There is no reason a S grade stone should give me at most 60 normal monster damage, or 20 defense. These enchantments are so negligible, they should just not even exist. At some point, the highest upgrades are less than a 0.1% increase to stats.
My new favorite game. Im about to buy a season pass if I even can. Or vip whatever This game is the new archero honestly. These guys did what archero has been missing and more. Muchhhhh love to these guys. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I enjoy this game quite a bit, but I do have some comments. The equipment fusing always seems to give a worse result (hoping the new production system is as good as what I hope). The rebirth stones are hard to find. There should be a way to buy them with gold. Finally, the coupon codes in the settings menu go unused. Still a really great game.
The greatest part of this compared to Archero is that you can literally play as long as you want. No pointless energy bar that you have to wait all day to refill. The changing difficulties is a great concept, along with the added "champion" and "rare" monster occurrences. I have had so much fun with the game since the start! Great job to the team that created this game!
This game was enjoyable until chapter 7. The game starts off with you vs the enemy and dodging. It later turns into forcing your way through traps and taking unavoidable damages. Instead of making enemies more creative, difficulty was lazily scaled by poor map design.
Update review. This game has taken decent strides to become less pay to win. But it's Stull ultra grind. And they added even more expensive pay to win options. Granted you get more for it, but it's still pay to win. Item boxes need to scale with current equipment/level. It's useless to watch an ad and open a box for it to be nowhere near the level of my current gear. Maybe make fusing skins just a bit cheaper? Takes around 40 super boxes to make 1 heroic skin. Seems a bit much.
The game is fun but some things are completely ridiculous. For example trying to get higher level gear or skins is impossible. I'm level 256 and I've only gotten a single super rare item and 1 single set item and both were insanely lower than what I was using. As for skins. Just a waste of time. Idk what the merge rate is for success but it needs to be wildly increased. When you can't have any way of improving you lose interest in playing.
I enjoyed Playing your game but im geting triggered because the dragon boss raid My Reason is Why dose the Dragon breath 1 tap but in other, The game is extremely fun I recommend downloading it